The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 6, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Tuesday, January 6, 1818
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IN CHANCERY,, ' " ; ' IN CH ANCERY. - V " . - i Suit of New - York, ss. IN pursuance V a decrtiUJ order of Ilia liouor. iiU court bearinr dMa the 7th day f July . hut will be ioM at mUki paction, at th Ton tine Coffee Howe, io iba city of New - fork, oa - cVr u direction of the ibcrirer, a one efthe , natter of (tut eoart, 00 Trsday, th . 8th day of January best, at srcfre o'clock at Boon, all tliat rrfain hiork. Of nieC of rrOttad Bad tOl) under water, to be 3 land and ground, out ofl tbe nortnoriluasoe - sruver, tiruaus, lymji moo being between Wathingtim - street and a certain net ttreet of teventy feet in breadth, to be aiade fronting oa V4 said North River, ended Wet - street, and it bonnded at follow : north - easterly and easterly by Liberty - street ; north - westerly and westerly by West - street aforesaid; southwesterly and weiterly by Cedar - itnret, and '.south - easterly and easterly by WashJngton - itreet: containing In breadth on Weshinjrtoo - ttreet and Wett - tlrtet one hundred and tea leet iT inches; and in length along Liberty - street - one head red aod tevenfy - eeven fcW and along ' torether with the anoarlenaaces. abject never theless to the rent, covenants, rertnctioo and agreements to which said premises are suoieci. " in favor ef the corooratioe of the city of Nee - York, at irapoted, reserved and created by them. Uate4Nov. TOth, iui7. , JAMES A. HAMILTON - ' - " - Matter in Chancery. Not. The above property will be told m parcel, f or partteiuar aprny ai ine mascr - Cjco, no. 3 taw Biildmrn, : - ireei. . - J AM to A. HAMILTON, "nov 1aw4w?dt Matter in Chancery, W CHANCERY. ' - , Slot 0 Mic - Ymk, . ttt tmrsusnce oft decretal order of tbia boaora 1 ble court bearioc date the 90th day of De cember, ia (lie Tear I&I7, will he told at puntk aortion, at the I'm tine Coffee Huate, ia the city of (few York, on Taetday, the thirteenth day of January next, at It o'clock at anon, all that cer taia lot of ground aad messuage, ti totted in th fourth ward of the city of New - York, known and diitineuisbed bv bonne and lot number four, in "Cherry - street bounded northwesterly ia fronton Chrry ttreet, northeasterly by lot and bout number til ia taid itreet, heloaginc to Maria Osgood, oothea8terly ia the rear ny ground 0 wood or eccapied '.ry Alexander Humifton.aad sooth - 1 weteily by other ground of tb aid Maria Os good ; eoalainuign breadth in front twenty five leet In the rear teTenteen leet eve tncnet and - one spinner of an tneb; in length on the north eailerl r tide one bundled and three feet nine inch at t - and oa t! toatwetterrr tide one but d red and pv - n feet sis inches, be the tame more or e ; together with the appurtenance. Dated December ttd, 1817. - - ; - . ... WM. E DUNSCOMB, , Masterly in Chancery. - dec tt lawtJanSrti - - IS CHANCERY. Joht B. Morrty, i - f . State of New - York, tt ' - JaeaetT. Wttrjn. S 1 IN partataee f a decretal wder of tliit hn. not.rt'jle omiii, mmle 10 tbe abov eaate, will be told at nubli aaation, at the Tontine Coffee lloate. ia the aitr of Vew - York, under tbedi - reatioa of tbe tubatriber, a one ef tba atattera r ' . 1 it. I J W . Ol Wit wmw, on 1 anuaj ui jxmn uaj ui pep - teqiber aett. at tvelve n'tloek at noor, all that tra.'t of land toiniaf on the toon of Lowville, tod lying ia tl eooaty of Lewia, in the ttate afore - aid, befog part of treat lot No. 4 of Maeomb't purehate, end eompritet all rhe Iota known 00 a eertaia piri or map made by IJavkl Uronum and B. White, in the year tS, from No. Ill to 34? ineluriTe, aontaiaing together 15,000 a ore of land, aith the appartrnaneet thereto belong - iag or any vita appertaining. Dated June 30, 1X17. (Copy) JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jr Jawtwdtdt . ..Matter la Chauterr.' ' Tbe tale ol ttm ubovt property it pottpooed to the lit day ol Novembrrneit, at Die tame boar and place. JAMLS A HAMILTON, teoStawtt " Matter in Chancery. . ' lhV tale of Uie above property it pittponed to Saturday , ttt tun otf 01 ioemDer,ai the tame hour Bfid pince. Wn 1, 1817. , JAUW AHAMILTOJf, Matter w Chancery. o,1 Sat Mon Cri 3t Tbe tale of tbe above property it pottpooed to To tday. the win mij 01 rxi.emrr, loitant, at the tame hoar aod plxre. NotR JAME3 A., no? 8 3 W M 17 3t Matter ia Chancery. T!. - tale of be abore property 1 postpon ed : the 4tn .1. r or uccenuxr oczt. ttatea 3foemberl8,18ir - JAMES A. H AMILTON, wot 87 H '. Matter in Chancery. Tbe tale of tbe abVve property it pottponed to th ii'cond day of Janoar nett, at the tame hoar and pface. Dec lit. I U7. JAMES A. HAMILTON, decSlawtdt Matter in Chancery. The tale of tbe above property it pottpooed to Thortday, the t2d init. at tbe auiae hour and place. Jan. 2, ISP. , ...... JAME3 A. HAMILTON, jan 3 dtt ' Matter iu Ch&ncery. r . - tjf CHANCERY The Eagle Fire Company of New - Ydrk, ) at. - ' 1 .' ' George Barnwell, and other. ' ) - . . .' State or jtawToaK,. IK ajartaaae of a decretal order of thi honourable t oort,made iu the arme cause, will be old at public aetioe at the Tontine Coffee House, id tbreity of New - York, under the direction of the subscriber, a on of the Masters of this court, 00 Tuesday, the 4tb day' of November nest, at twelveo'clock at noon All tnat piece or parcel of land, situate, Ivsntr. and fronting 00 Walt - street, in tbe city of New - York, and kaowa by aamlier twenty one, being bounded at follow : Beginning at tbe south east corner, adjoining the bouse owned and occupied by the Manhattan Company, and running from thence on a straight line northeasterly along the line of the taid boast aad lot of ground one nuodTed and twenty two feet t and thence running on a straight line westerly along the ground belonging to the taid Manhattan Company, Edmund Seaman 4Z Co. and Mrs. White, seventy bv feet, to the comer ot Samuel Verplanck'a land ; and running thenre oa a ttraight hue southwesterly along said Ver - plancki land, seventeen feet t thence running easterly adminuig the land formerly of John Reese, eight feet: thence running southwesterly along laid Reese's land five feet t aad running from thence easterly along taid Keete't r round, tea feet nine inchet. and ranninx thence on a starting line southerly along said Keese1 land thirty one feet aii - l thence running oa a straight line along taid Keese land and boase, seventy feet to VVaii - etreet thence rnaaiig aioog waii - txreei, eignt teet,to 1 r Kermirt house . aod runmox thence Henry Kermit's bouse and ground oa a straight line, northeasterly, sixty feet, to a gate way : and running thence along said Kentnt' land c easterly, nineteen fet; running thence along laid A.ermit'1 noose on a nrtigni tine southwesterly ixty feet, to Wall ttreet ; thence along aaid .W'al! - street, twenty one feet nin inches, ' to the place of beginning" Excepting and re - ervsntrtb privilpr of using the runaway from Wall itreet. eight feet wide and sixty feet in Isntrtb. as the same wa craated to Daniel Bnl. tm, hit heirt ud assigns, fcc.n With tb appurtenance ibereuato beloofing or iu any wise ap pertaining. Dated the tid day .f Sentewber, IS17. . AfltS A. . en K Iaw4wfedts Matter in Chancery ' Tbe tale of the above propeity it pottponed to Wednesday tbe t8th day of January next, at the tame uour ana piare. JAME3 A. HAMILTON. "noy4 I a wis Matter in Chancery. FIVF. DOLLARS REWARD. AN awty from, th lubtcribrr 00 tbe 23ib M.t December, a colored man named Cttsr, z.i years 01a, aooui a leei z mcnes bu;li 1 any person steering bim, or leaving infornratioo at Mr. George Little's, near the Navy Yard, man receive me above revrard, aod all reaww - aide iiwdmi paid All persons are forbid bar ' boring or trailing ni! negro, ndr the penalty m uf.OiW I1.L.IAM DLKnl, 1 JW3 ' ISCIIANCIRY. , , .; State of New - York, u. IN iKiretiftnce of an order of thii hooorable coart, nill be told at pabtic aactioo at the Too - Doe Koote, latnecityolKewlorKtea der the direction of the tubtcriber, eo tlw tweniy tetenthdayefNorember instant, t ELEVEN O'CLOCK aa lb forenoon, ail that certain lot, piece er parcel of ground, wtaata, bring and be - n n we duo warn 01 ne cny 01 iuw - oi, froottnff on Laigbt - it (HUDbON SQUARE,) boanded aortherly ia tbe rear by Vettry - ttreet, aaitertv bv the boata aad lot now for late) occv mo ay Alt. Murray, wetterrr oy a noate aaa lot late of lonard Liipenaid, deceaaed 1 Containing an breadth, in front, and rear 31 feet iecbee, and ia depth oa each aide 175 feet. . Said nroatitr be in held under and bv virtue of a certain demise from tbe rector and inhabitants of the city of New - York in communion of tho r rotes) ant bmtcoDal Church ia the ttate of New - York, for the term of ainety - aine year from tbe 15th day of Marco, 180$ tubject to the yearly reat of J15, and to the provisoes, coven acts and arreeinenU cootained in taid lease : together with the hereditaments end appurtenance to the tame belonging or ia anywise appertaining uatea nov. , iui7. . , ... - THOMAS BOLTON, . Master in Chancerr. Tbe termi of tale, which will he liberal, mav be kaowa by enquiring at the. office of tbe mat ter, fto. 41 rinettreet. m4 oawtlSthidl : . Tbe tale of the above property it pottpooed to the t3tb day of January neat, at the same hour and place. Dated Nov. 7th, 1817. THOMAS BOLTON, " ' . Master ia Chancery. ov rriawt;wdtdt IN CHANCERY. . . .: StaU of JVenw Yart tt. IN pnrtuaace of an order of thi bonorable couiu will be told at public auction at tbe Tontine Coffee Hoate, in the citr of New - York, un der the direction of the tnlitrriber, on tbe S7th dar of November iart. at ELEVEN O'CLOCK in the forenoon All that certain lot, piece or parcel 01 ground nwoie lyrng ana oeiog in tne lounn warn ot ine ciry 01 new - xorit, conimea cing 40 (eet from the southwest corner of new market - slip (late Catherine - street) and Cherry' street, and runuins weiterlv alone: Cherrr - ttreet 40 feet, to ground now or late the property of jonn nonmaa 1 loence aoutnrny along taid ground I tO feet to Water - street ; thecce easterly almig W ater - ttreet 40 feet, to ground now or late or Hollo Moore, Wen nortlierly a kc taid ground 130 feet, to the stace of besio nmg. - Alio, all thnt certain other lot. niece or 1 ... j. . 1 ( . I. 5 . imruH 01 arnivna, Miunie, lying oiki Deiug m ine (bnrth ward of tbe city of New - York, directly in ine rear 01 me trove aeacnoeo piece or parcel of ground, - aad commencing 40 feet from tbe soutb west corner nfnew - market - itip, and Water Hi, and running westerly along Water - street 40 hut, to ground of John O. Cotter ( thence southerly along taid gtound 160 feet to South - street, thenre easterly aloni South - street, 40 feet to (round now or late of Bohut Moore, thence northerly along tud ground 160 reet, to the place of beginning. Together with tbe hereditament! and apDurteonncet to the tame, and everv cart and parcel thereof belonging or in any wise ap pertaining, iaiea fov. in, 101 1. THOMAS BOr.TON, Matter in Chancery. The above will be told io teperate lots. The terroi of tale will he liberal and mav be known bv emiuirint of tbe Matter. No. 41 Pine - ttreL 'where a map of the premise can be teen. qov 4 lawtivtndti The tale of the above property It pottponed to the S8th day of January neat, at the tame hour and place. Dated Not. t7ihv 1 817. . THUMA.1 HULaTUN, Matter in Chancery. ' novS7 lawtJanSTMbi IN CHAMCERV. , Stole of JYne - Ytrk, tt. IN pursuance of an order of thie bonorable court, will be sold at nublic'aectioo at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of Ne - York, under the direction of the subscriber. 00 the 7th day ol November, instant, at ELEVEN O'CLOCK, in the forenoon, all those eertaia lots, pieces or par - ctlt of trround. tituatc, Ivuiz and being in the hTlhward of ihe city ofNcw - Y.irk, at the south - west corner of Waihineloo arid Laieht - streeb.and unning southwardly along VV a hni ton - street 62 iee o im - nct, 10 grounn, m jonn jacoo Atior, thence wettwardiy along taid Astor's ground 100 kit, to the water t thew e northwardly C2 feet 6 inches to Laight ttreet thence east wardly along Laii;bt - treet 100 leet, to the place of beginning 1 hounded northerly by Laigbt - street, eastwardly by Washington - ttreet, tw,.Yw - rH.W try ground of John Jacob Astor, aad westwardly by the water. And also, ail mote certain otner lots, pieces or parcels of ground, situate, lying and beins in the said fifth ward of the city of New York, at the southeast comer of - Washington and Caieht - streets, and running southwardly tlong Wailung - ton - street 75 ajet, to ground 1. 1 Jobajacoti Astor 1 thence eaitwardly along bis ground 80 feet, to otiier ground of the said John Jacob A'tor ; thenre northwardly along taid ground 75 feet to Laigtit - rtre't 1 thence westwardly along Laieht - ttreet 80 feet to the place of beginning t bounded northerly by Laight - ttreet, weitwardiy by Watti - ington - street; southwardly and eatwardly by ground of Joha Jacob Astor. Aad also all these eruun otner rots, piece or parcel 01 ground, situate, lying and being in tbe taid fifth ward ol the city of Nenr - Iork. 75 feet dutnat from the the touthwett corner of Laight and Greenwich, ttreet thence running southwardly along Oreeo - wtch - street 50 feet to ground of ; tlieace tvestwardly along said ground 80 feet to ground of John Jacob Astor; thence northwardly 50 feet, along taid Attor't ground, to other groan J of the taid John Ja - ob Astor; thence eastwardly along taid groued 80 feet to Green - wicn - ttreet, we place 01 beginning ; Doanoed lortherly and westwardly by ground of John Ja cob Attor, souUiwardly by ground of 1 , aad eattwaraiy oy ferteowicn - tireet. And alto all those eertaia other lot, piece or parcel of ground, titaate, lying and being in the said tilth ward oflherityef New - York, at tbe northwest comer of J reel wich - street and Beach - street; thence running northwardly along Greenwich - ttreet 100 feet to ground of Joseph Ttewton ; thence westwardly along tbe ground of taid Joseph Newtoa 160 feet to. Wathington - itreet ; thence touinwaraiy along wasniogtnn - atreet 1UU feet to Beach - street; thence ealwardly along Beach - atreet 160 leet to the place of beginning : being one half the block whichliet between Green - wtcn, watnuigion, nuoen auo ueacn - ai. And also all those eertaia other lots, pieces or parcels of ground, situate, lying and being in the taid filth ward ol the city 01 .vew - iorat, at tne northwest corner of Washington and Beach - streets ; thence running northwardly along Washington - street 100 leet to ground of Joseph Newtoat thence wett - wardl v alone: the rroui.d of the said Joseph New ton t - ii met I inrb to West street ; thence south - ardiy along Wett - atreet 100 feet to Beach - street c thence eastwardly along Beacb ttreet 234 feet to tbe place of beginning ; being one half the block or square which liet between Wash ii.jrton, West. Hubert, aad Beich - strrets ; together witli the hereditament! and appurtenan - rrs to tne tame, ano every parcel tnereoi neiong. .' . 1 . . M inz or in anvwise apprnaininx. , Laira nov. 4lh, 1817. THOMAS BOLTON, . at asier in v. nancery, For t - rros pf sale which will be liberal, enquire ol the master, No. 44 Fine - street, where a map cf the premises may beeeen. The above will be old in separate lots. ' nov 4 lawtl9dt The sale ol the above property is postponed to the 10th day of February next, at tbe tame hoar and place, uateo nov xw, 101. ITftml . L? D4 - kl WAV . JUIS'I.AC DUL11.1, Matter ia Chancery, nov87lawtFSdti - II V order of the Honorable James Gould, I J judge of the tliperior court of the ttate of xuufiri.ucui, BOUCe is unr 1 j 1 vcu w uie creditor Of Isaac E. J udson, of the peodency of bis petition before the honorable superior court, to be DoHien at i - Uc tin Id, io and for tutcbbeid Couu ty.ontbe firstTuesdayof Frbraary, 18l&pray mg for an art of insolvency. Litchfield, 16th Oerembor. 1817. dc20iw3w rix urter ot tne booorable Jame Guuld, as ij Ndfctof. the superior Coart ofthe ttate of Lnnaectu - ut, notice it hereby given to the creditors of Roswell Taylor, of Uie peodency of his petition before the honorable superior court, to be boWlen at Litchfield, in and for Litchfield couaty, on tbe first Tuesday of February. 1818, pray - if. siara Af its, :t OCT t - ate conoucw of the business of Mr. HATHABiELtMrrai. aod th only fecolar bred Cbymical Fentmer in New - York, whs carriea oatbe busueat, (haviae; lor tbe last liiyra.sw.aoe Cbytaal Perlumery i ttady, tilteea of which were under the partica - mi direction of air Na thaniel South, conridert I iiattlf intitl'it ' a real chymiral perfumer, and having Uken A!THONY W. TRAPPAN into partnership, will conduct the bonaeai noder tbe Arm 01 N. 8. DAVIES 8 CO, At. No. 136 Broadway. New - York. Where they offer for tale at compleat and at general aa assortment of perlumery and fancy soar at were ever before offered to the public ; and they hope by attention and punctuality to receive a share of their patronage 1 among which are tbe following : Rote, violet, jessahin, pink, jonquil, marchalle, and rexeda uoraatunu Jessamin, musk, rote, a by si ni an, orange, naplet and paim toapa Bin and red niarbla, carnation, lavender Herb and cosmetic wash hall Essences of la vender, bergamot, Uaogary Oraoga, violet, Ac Rote, violet, and plain hair - powder Carbonic, chymicai, coral and rose tooth - powder Opiate for the teeth Jloth, shavinr, hair, aaiL comb, hearth and wbukfrbrusbet - Ron and pearl powder, Milk of rote Coldcream, Almond paste Antique and Russia oil Pomade de rrastee for thickening the hair Balsamic lip - salve of rotes, Alpiue shaving caket Transparent sharing liquid, Pads for the neck Gentlemen's shaving case, complete silver mounted ... . Tooth brashes, Needle case, Scent boze Aioulets, Tooth pick cases, 8par snuff aoxe ', Pocket books, Ladies thread casta Lavender bags, Fresh tonquin bean Writing desks, Night taper Raaor ttropt, Japan - war Russia pocket books, shaving boxes Ladies' dressing case . Pen and pocket pec - knivet . Fine scissors anu raaor ' Tortoise - shell and bora dressing comb Pearl, ivory, tortoise and bora pocket comb Smelling bottle, silver pencil case, tweeter ivory and box - wood combs, fine durable ink Salts of lemons, volatile sal t Tongue tcrapers, ire. . They have also just received : - Ladies work boxes, from 10s to $40 Eleeant bottle, with odour of rote A romalic vinegar (for th head - ache) Cologne water, warranted from Cologne Orange, IRwer, and rote waters, ef excellent qualities , Spar smelling - bottle An assortment ol nair brushes, equal to any heretofore offered to the public 1 and A great variety of other article too numerous to mention. dec 31 BANCKER - STRLET NOTICE. VTOl'ICE is hereby given to all peraont inter L v rsted. that the commissioner of estimate and assesnient aoDointed bv tbe luoreme court of judicature of the ttate of New - York, to perform certain dutiet relative to Ihe enlarging, extending and improving of Baocker - streel, between Clinton street and Grand ttreet io the said ity, bave completed their estimate and assess ment, at well of the lots and damage sustained o - ver and above the beaeCt and advantage received by the owners of the lands and premises required lor 1 he taid enlarging, extending and improving of Bancker - ttreet at aforesaid, as also ofthe benefit and advantage received by the owners and parties intcn stud of and in certain lands and pre mises aoi required lor the taid improvement And that we the aaid commissioners, have depo rted Mrue copy of such estimate and assess ment iu the clerk's office of the city of New - York, lor the insprction 01 whomsoever it may concern. And notice it hereby furthei given that the report of this said estimate and assessment will be pre sented for confirmation to the aoreine court of judicature of the state of new - York, at the capi - tol io thecity of Albany, on f rid ay, Uu sixteenth day of January next, at the opening of the taid court 00 that day, or as soon thereafter as coun sel can be beard there on. Uated tint seth day of December, t!7. PETfcK HA WES, ) ROGKR'STRUNG, CommitsioDer bENJAMIN A. AKERLY. ) dec 28 18t VALUABLE PROPEKTY von taxs. e WILL BR SOLD, At public auction, on the premise, on Thursday, the 22d day of January next, atone O'cioca, r. m. A SMALL FARM, containing about ten a - cn 1 of land of the first quality, lying in Brooklyn, anout two mile irom uie terry, im we premi ses is a handsome new dwelling houte, standing on an eminence wiiicucoranmnus a m'vi ucauu - ful and extensive prospect of New - York Bay, Sfatea Hand, c. and 'or pleasantness of situa tion is not exceeded in Kiog't county jand anew Bare or Carriage Houe. auo. A FARM, of about 17 acre of upland and 8 1 - 2 of Salt meadow, adioininr the Drooertv be - kore described, having a good bouse, barn, &c AUO, A IF ARM, containing about twelve acrtfs of ooland. in a high state of cultivation, and 8 1 - 2 acre of salt meadow, adjoining the ternrike leading from Brooklyn to Jamaica, on whih is aa excellent y ruing orchard, a good dwelling house, a Grit - rate barn, lie. tc. LrHWISK, Four lots of Woodland, of 7 acret each, lying about a mile from the above described farms. The above property wiM be sold. separately. r Any Person within! to purchase is invited to call 00 the subicrihcr. by whom the premises will be shown, and nny farther information Riven, which may be required. jun.i t. iiaiu. laa 3 Ids orooklvn. IV LT, For a term of year, the bouse aad lot N. o Broadway, at present occupied by the diss Kinsey't, a a boarding boose. For parti culars enquire of KOHtUT L. LIV1.G3TUJ, tlermont jan 3 tFl t'OK SALE, The House and Lot No. 101 L.iberty - f. Depth 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth ofthe lot 107 feet Those who may wish to purchase proper ty of this discription, can at any time view the premises, and terms 01 sate may rx agreed oe, by application 10 , run BrM.i.r, dec 31 66 Snuth - ttreet. UiKLTtD MAfS uF TUK VMTLU STATES. L T. GOODRICH k CO. No. 124 Broad - L. way, corner Cedar - street, have tbe plea turn of announcing to their friends and the pub lic that they have just completed a new and ele gant map Dissected Map of the United State, which hat long been a desideratum m this conn - try lor domestic instruct 10a and juvenile un provement. A. T. ti. K ixs. intend to complete a senes ol mefnt and correct dissected maps, to which they will respectfully solicit Uie public attention, jan 3 tw SUPER F.VE CUA TS. AMLT.L PAXTON k CO. hive reee'rved mail contienment of best siipei fine Dublin made Coat, both straight bodied and surtouls. The cloth and the workmanship are ot uie hrst order and the prices low. . . dec 31 lw 73 WilUtreet NEW WORK. T09ES THOMAS, PhuanVlphi. njot XIX received, and will imnvrdiately pot to press, 44 Narrativ ef a voyage to the Yellow Sea. of II. M.thipAkwtt and her shipwreck 1 by t. U'Leod. , Jan 4t A riRE PROOF STo'RE. Wit idde of barling - dip, No. 34, next door to the of Soath - street, from thi date to Me'y 1st, 1818, . . , (1 in . or tomay its mis. - laquirenext uoor soetn - tfreei, or v vanu dec4 tw 1 - blOKAGE. LJ Storage may be bad on the int floor of th store No. S9 boo IB - street, wmcn wul save tbe expense of bflntmg. , doc 20 r TO Lt.'l'. la. ,! And potsctsion immediately given, the HOUSE No. 849 Broadway, corner of Leo nard - street, with coach - house aad stable. Foa .e, the houses 349 aad 351 Broad way Enquire of HENRY MEIUS, At tbeCity - Library, Ne. 16 Naasaut dec h im NEW TWOS10KK HOUSE TO LET. Q Pot session immediately replete witb every coDYtnience, suhi nnisoea iu a gcaicei line ; 1 :.. j - ! no. v ana 11 new - ireet, very near to wall ttreet. inquire at No. 55 Broadway, or to . CHARLES OAKLEY, No. 14! Front - street 03" Alto, the (tore and cellar apartments for ttorare of those new and detirable houte No. 10 and 12 Broad - street, which are ready to receive aa occupant. ,Tbe dwelling part of those houses will be ready to receive tenant about April next Persons desirous of such a situation are invited to call and view them, at any rime before the first of February, at which time they will be offered to let or lease. dec 6 Im . t)H SALE. A Farm situated on the east bank of Hud sou's I sou's tuver, nve muet aertn 01 me vuiage 01 rougoieepiie, in tne couaty ot uotcne, coo - taming six hundred and seventy acre, having a front of three quarter ot a mile on tbe river, two hundred and thirty acre of which i a fine plaiaof great tenuity, tne residue 11 arable or a duierent quality, pasture, meadow and wood, of which tiiere it a great abundance of the finest kinds. There are apon the premise a good fann - houte, a bare and extensive shed 1 a large and excel lent dwelling house and a variety of out - build ings, with every convenience for a large farming establishment. The farm ia very well watered and io good fence, aad bn upon it two thrifty young orchard; and tbe garden is filled witb a great variety of the bet fruit Iti in the neigh boerhoodor aa Episcopal and a Presbyterian inurcn, ano adjoin an academy lor tne education of hoy, aoder tbe direction of Doctor Allen, and within a mile of Hyde Park landing ; from whence sloop tail every week to New - York, and where passengers are taken and landed by the pasting (team - Doni. - j 01s iraci may oe divided into three convenient farms ; 200 acre may be taken from the north and 200 from the south, (leaving 270 acres, with the principal buildings, iu the centre) on both of which are fin situations, commanding beautiful and extensive views 01 the river and adjacent country. The above will be told altogether or in separate parts to suit Ihe purcnaser. Also for tale, two Farms, tittiate in the town of Washington, in tbe am county, lying about twenty mile from the river, one of them contain ing 211 acre, the other 383 acre ; 00 both of which are new and commodious dwelling houses, bams and oat buildiners. and rood bearing or chard! ; the soil fertile and tbe (arm in excellent fence. A considerable part ofthe purehate money for the above may remain for several years on inter est. For further particular apply to the subscriber. Hyde Park, Nov,27Ui, 1817. dec I eod6w a 7TJ LET r for SALE. ' And pometsion give immediately, a convenient two story hcese, finished in the modern stile, now occupied by the subscriber. LLUtKl A.Ut.rU3U., dec 9 tf No. 28 Provost - street. A VALUABLE FARM, To be told or exchanged for prorjertv in ;ew - iorx. Tbe subscriber being in a very low ttate of health, and having very little hopes of recovery, offers for sale hii farm at Barbadoe neck, county of Bergen, containing - nbout one hundred and thirty five aero of arable, meadow and woodland. This farm lies on the main road between New - York and Newark, about half a mile this side of Newark Bridge. It is io a very highst&ie of cultivation, and is not surpassed by any other in the vicinity of New - York, as a valuable and agreeable residence, either for tbe farmer or private gentleman. The dwelling house, though small, is neat and well finished, and the fences, gates, barns, stable, aod other wit - houses, are in excellent order and well planned. In front ol tbe house, bordering on the public , road, is a handsome aod well stocked garden, and oa the premises is a young and tnnving orchard, containing a choice selection ofthe beit grafted frail trees. A more particular detcrintionoftbe pro perty it thought unnecessary, at those disposed to purchase win view ine premise, i iie title m indisputable. For particulars, apply to the subscriber, No. 188 Peari - stree't, or to Mr. Andrew Smith, near the premises, nov 14 tf ROBERT STUART. FOR SALE, usal rmorcmTi iir the citt of jew - tor. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - atreet .and House and I - ot No. 39 Vearv - street A. BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollars. - l A I e mmr. I UU HI U, IOC t - OO do and do for 450 do On valuable prriperty in the city of New - York. iw interest uoi oiwujs uvea poncioaiiy paia. For particular inquire at the office of bi trtifc r. L.AMOINE, dee 10 tf No. 27 Wall - street. PATEJfT ELASTIC RAZOR STROPS. GEORGE SANDERS, lately from London, once more addresse the public, thanks them for pest favors, and once more ventures to recommend his strop a one of the most comfort - givmg contrivances that ever blest the chin of n. He will instruct any self - shavrng recti man in the use of it, and when once potseesed of the secret and a box of composition, be may say with the poet of nature, " To sbave to sleep perchance to dream while in the operation and who would bear the tweaks and acts of bar ber base; who would grant and sweat noder a loathom beard, or a dull raaor ate, when be might bit quietus make with a simple SaunderV strop?" Coma then to his manufactory at the corner of Reed - street and Broadway, and there yoa will find the subscriber alwayt ready to receive tbe command of his customer. dec5 tf ROOSEVELT STREET NOT1CE. N UTIL E it hereby given to all persoot interested, that the commissioner of estimate nd astessmeat, appointed by tbe supreme court of judicature of tbe state of New - York, toper - form certain duties relative to the enlarging aad improviag Rtosrvelt - street between Batavia - Lane aad Front - street, ra tbe taid crtv. has completed their estimate aad assessment, at well 01 uie loss ano oamage susuwed, over and above the bemfit aad advantage received by the owner of tbe lands and premises reqmredior tbe mid cniarting ana improving noosevelt street, as a toresaio, aa aiso 01 ine benefit and adraatageje enved by the owner and parties interested of and ia certain lands and premise not required for the taid improvement : aad that we tbe said commissioner have deposited a trae coo ni rh 'mtimat and assessment in the clerk's office, of iui;n(wi or a. tor uie intpecuon ot whomsoever it mav concern. Aad antic i n - p - h. further given, that the report of the said estimate and esft - tMnent will be presentei for confirmation to the supreme court of furtirtur .J K. sttteof New - York, at the capitoL in tbe city o(1 "'"Ji nmj, ue nxieemn oty 01 January next, at tbe opening of the said court, oa that oy, or at a oa tDereafter at counsel can he heard thereon. Dated this 29th day ofDecem - ucr, io . ROt;F.R STRONG. 1 JOH FORBIW, CoajusjioDert.' NOAHJARV1A MauasuMMn - .v;' - . f. . POST COACH LINE ron PHILADELPHIA. iMroRTART to rasixacxiu. No conaection with the post cbaite Urn or tbe steam - boat Arwa. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVKD, AND OPPO SITION KKVIVtU. ANEW Line of Poet Coaches oa Springs witb everv convenience for pasteneert and bag gage TliROUG H IN ONE DAY - between New - York aad Philadelphia. The Post Coach Lane will start irom n ew - iork every morning ai 6 o'clock, (Sunday excepted) in tbe Steam Boat Atalanta, and arrive at Pbimdeliihia the tame evening, in tbe Coach. Fare 8 dollars. ine aitom jtw L,m$ usuubiki, win start from New - York every morning (Sun days excepted; at 10 o'clock. 10 the steam stoat Atalanta. from the north side of the Battery. lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 10 o'clock ; Fare through 6 50. Tbe United Mates MAIL COACH, on springs, with every convenience for passenger and their bagnge, nam irora no. 1 ijouruand - sireei, xu office Irom Broadway, New - York, every day at ing nt 6 o'clork. Only 6 passengers admitted in mis uai..i. r are iv uuiiart. Pattengerr are requested to be particular in taking their seats in the Post Coach Line, as tlie coaches belonging to thi establishment are of a superior quality for the accommodation of pat - senerers. For teats in the bove named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old no. 1 tjourttandi - ttteet, the second omc irom Broadway, New - York, or to ISAAC BROWN, Steam Boat Hotel, No. 1 Wathington - itret t, corner of Market field - ttreet, near the Battery. (CT All goods and baggage at the risk ofthe owner. JOStPH LYON, SONS i CO. ti. B. Expresses sent - to aay part of the Con - . m w a - v a.n lifi 1 m nm sr - w W v imeni,Dy .. juuxhas vvuiiriia.iA nov 8 J - NEW ARRANGEMENT. U.S. MAlL - COACHfAiBKTHEEJtXEW - YORK k PHILADELPHIA.' 07 The public are assured that there a now handsome coaches, en springs, equal to any in the U. States, now running on this line. Passengers wr the W. S. Mail Coach will leave New - York everv dav at 1 o'clockDine at J. Zvoa It Sou's hotel, at rowle's Hook, and arrive at rhiladel pbia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only six pas sengers admitted ui the M.til Coach. Fare CIO. For seats, apply to THCS. WHITFIELD, at ine old ettablithed coach and stag office, old No. 1, Conrtlandt - itreet second office from Broadway, New - York. All good and baggage at the risk of the owner. JOSEPH LYON. SONS Co, If. B. Exp reaves, coaches, extra stares, kc lurnuned to ro to anv parrot the United State. on umtnonesi nonce, oy 1 Dos. wmtneiu, no, 1 i - ourtiandt - sfreet, MeiV - York. nov 5 iN. SMITH PRENTISS. (tftphew mdSneetuor of Mr . Jfrntkonitl Smith) j n 1 1 . a l. r . n f u k n, A Thwwholeaaletadra xl mi' periume mauafao tory, tin ofthe golden row, No 149 Broadway, New - iTventlemea of tbe city of r ew - York, hit vegetable BhaMng ia uid AlpiiiK shaxiiie, cakes Antique oil Violet shaving powder. MetnJic paste ibrraxor Carbonic or charcoal tuap Ccmetic wash ball Milk of rote - Cosmetic cold cream Vegetable rouge Pearl powder Almond paste Almond powder - Corn piaister dentifrice Chymicai dentifrice Aromatic rooth paste A bsterstent lotion Lip salve of rotes Kose, violet anapiain hair powder Oriental powder, for polishing gold aad silver Dlate - Hard and toft poma - Nervous essence for tbe Pomade de g raise tooth ache Also, a large and general assortment of perfu mery, fine soaps, fancy and other article, con - sitting of Best double distilled ROah. WATEiv. The real odour of rote for smelling bottle Essence of burggmoi, lemon, lavender and musk French and English essences, pomatums, tc Lavender, boncy, cokgneaad b angary water Fresh Toequin beaa The celebrated Nantes (having aoap, warrant ed genuine Kose, palm, violet, jessamine, palmy rene, lon - auil. almond, bruntwick, lily, ceyWw. putoff. cowslip, orange, traotparent and Windsor soap marble wain nans - Fine and common raaor, ia case or single Britaaoia metal, gUs and wood shaving boxes Baaor strops of au sixes aod quality Ladies and gentlemen's dressing case Gentlemen's shaving cases Si travelling pouches Needle cases, complete furnished Morocco pocket books, thread cases and gilt partes St a 1 vory and oox wood line como Tortoise shell, ivory and bora pocket combt Tort oil shell and born dressing comb Morocco cases for dressing combs Durable ink, French chalk, salt of lemons Tongue tcrapers. tooth picks. tooth pick cases aod tweeter A tuperior assortment of fine and common hair brashes, among which are, the justly celebrated patent penetrating hair brushes, far tuperior to any oilier description of hair brushes heretofore invented Clothes brushes, thavins brushes, fwith or without cases) silver wire and common tooth brushes (a superior assortment) very fine and common nail brushes, comb brushes, hat brushes, whisker brushes, with glass ; plate brushes, and fieth brashes Pen, pocket 'fruit and iporttmen't knives, a complete assortment r me and com moo sensors and tensor cases Hair pint, and carlins iron, fine iwan aad silk puffs, powder bags and powder boxes rrKiepboric ngnts, portable boot book! Visiting cards and card cases Pencil cases, and black lead pencils A variety of very fine cat class oerfume bot tles, smelling bottles, with volatile talts,aromatic spirits ot vinegar, 4lc. tic. r me urange t lower Water. storekeepers surmKed wholesale, and mer - chants for exportation. ' ALSO, JUST RECEIVED, A very handsome assortment nf I .kHim MO ROCCO WORK BOXES, well calculated for Christmas aad New - Year Presents, from 20s. to $20 each. A variety of elegant cut glae Bottles filled witb tbe real fersiaa OTTO of ROi - r.S. A few cardt of tuperior PEX and POCKET " 1 v 13, pernapt the Duett in the city. A complete atortmeat of gentlemen's rea w ood stoc k U LO v ES. A qaaetitvof COLOGNE WATER, warrant ed from Cologne. The admirer of thi elegant ana valuable article may rely upon tbte being Hmcviij nog. oec tz xw a 2YJ LET, Tbe Store No. 134 Front - atmr. an t. telirnt stand for a Grocer. For further oartica lars inquire of , RIPLEY & WELD. . 11 t Front street. 2 LET. And immediate nauuiiw mrtmm th b?UM 9 Pearl - street, together wiih the tta ble aad Coach linn. in flw pn Tbe premise ar in com uie te repair aad have Y"' v , ,7"elr rjclfy 'or Uie accosnmo fiJUCalan apply to I . tween'thingthltdater0' DOCTOR HORNE,formerf, member of the mcnlt - i. " and surgery there, deemt it LidZ tv to repeat soonservatiooi c, the abuse of MERCURY, a rath, iadiscrrminate, and anonili. fed use thereof, has been DrodaT It ZZi - live of intuit mischief. Thr - T rVands are annually mercurialized n r twee, lie disease we have in view owea ittfiL tal results chiefly to this source. " What a mtT that a YOUnr ban. the horiM r.r hi ... - i Ihe darling of his parents, should be snUcLedT. way from all the prospects end enjoymeaU of life by thecoown4eofone unguartled momaL "J. J ,eaj not in iu o - vn nature total, taJ which only proves co from neglect or imp rot, treatment A gentleman, (late Dr. H'si!. bent) now nerfecUv bearrv and wall. hA ilT under phytiuami of gertei J practice, six years! and repeatedly seJivat d j when recommended te - ur. n. i.Dy a gooueinaa or, this city) hit bone were canons, and his flesh dropping from them hii friends declared he could not possibly survive two months longer. . Thousands experuiMAtaD know with what, ease and safety Dr. H. eradicates the severest cases, and confirms the coniti. tntion. The Doctor's plan (advertising) it n. cetsary to guard the public against the abuse at mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth. Persons, therefore, having contracted a pri. vat disorder, or suspecting latent poison, are admonished not to tamper with thair tion, or conceal the disorder, till past recove ry uuiciauaviiig uie remnint 01 an old cat, or outer impurities of the Mood, as well as ether complaint of a delicate naUre, in either sex. should remember posterity, ami do justice to their consciences, by making application, to Dr. fj. kt his old and respectable etrab. lithment, No. 64 Water - street, four houte west of Old - clip, to obtain that prompt assistance a - lone calculated tb prevent disclosure. And here let me claim your serious attention Remember a superficial cur it o cure at all; unlets the basinets ii radically done, you will cetlainly have the disorder' break out again with redoubled ma lirnity. at torn future period ; perhaps then will be too late for remedy. Don't yoa often meet is the street miserable, mutilated beings, without even a bit of nose 00 their face I Take warning, I beseech you. .. , Dr. IPs. character for skill and stubborn int. grity being universally known in this city, tinct IH04, guarantee te patients that delicacy and secrecy hitherto unknown, and having confined hit nrnitir (hrnun nsaf. Hii,lflv tt t. . ' . LCt 1.1 1 , 1 , J ' iv.,BI uinciBcs ui w viuuu tytwHUf uieyjnaytnieiy calculate on the most decided advantages in cot. swung ir si. Gleets eradicated in tw or three weeks. - . Stricture removed without boueiet fit anv nth. er instrument : and all debilities: likewise all om ulcerations, fistula's Su, A plurality 01 offices are provided, and so lit. ated that patieatt are not exposed to each other's observation. Open til) half past 0 in the evening. . AI) persons concerned are invited to be free ia calling, aod sneaking with Dr. H. which is tree of cost And here the Doctor cannot avoid the expression of gratitude for innumerable rarom. meadaflomi, aid for the decided preference fit it presumed with iust caasel Ions riven him ht. judicious public. i.i. au iciiert man oe pott paid. - Dr. Buchanan. Au - 27 Lv . If EITHER qUACKtkl' AUK J.MPOSU IIUJV. TAR. EVANS' raperW rmeinod orcunng a ces - . taurDiteatn, it now univer - ally acknowledged ia thi city ; hi mode of treatment i perfectly mild. safe. pediriotrs. and hit charge reasonable. In every instance be warrant a cure, awl will retire the pay if he doe not porfona agreeable ctoco&tract T be strictest secrecv alwava ha.,..j Tbere are many peraont in this citv nA it. cinity, laboring under various chronic diseas s, such at cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of the nr. thr.. bladder and kiddies, old complicated of a eertaia nature, bilious and other obstruction, rheumatism, Ac. which they consider incu rable, iftey can cenainiy be cured fin general by applying atDr. EVANS'S Medical StTNo. 9. Peck - oliD. haviae eractited is .TtA. . botpitati in Europe lz years, under mm nt tk - first Surgeons and Physician in th world, and made those obstinate iLtease hit oonttant study for 30 years. Oct 11 jryaEAT0! DAVIS, Fancy Chair Manufacturers. No. 153 Fulton - steeet. opposite St Paul Charch, offer for tale, wholesale end retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornament - ed ia gold fc hrooxe, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Bail, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chairs. Sofas. Settees. Lonngees. Matte Stools, ate Order from any part of tbe continent executed with neatses and dispatch. Old Chair repaired, painted and oro amen ted. oct 13 v CUKE FOR COUGHS, COLDoT" A sovereign remedy for colds, obstinate couch. asthmas, sore throats, approaching couumptiont, aad most disorders of the breast aad lungs. , The celebrity acquired by this medicine thro the U. States, for speedily removing coughs, colds, hoarseness, kc. exceeds all former ax - ample. .bold at Lr.fc - .2f Medicine Store, No. 48 Mss - den - lane. Druggists and country 1 lore - keepers supplied 00 liberal terms. 1 - Certified cases of cur may be seen at prac ol ale. dee 3 . A GREAT NATURAL CURIOSITY. THE public ar informed that this mom - icr was landed the long expected FEMALE ELEPHANT, and it to be seen at No. t9 Broadway, near .Washington Hail. The site of this animal is about 7 feet high, and aoouiieiw loog from the end of the proboscis to th endot , tbe tail. Sheii to beseen from o'clock A.M. to t in the evening. Price of admittance Ji centi. V - STEAM BOA T JfA UTIUIS. NOTICE - Tbe Proprietors ofthe fine - taibng itcam boat piAuiiuua, ,it, . u,w In uvsj peuer llr. have determined to aker the houm of departure from the 18th inst. Tbe NAUTILUS, Captain Deforest, - will leave States - Island every morning, at 8 o'cioea. for New - iork aad leave wswiora ior , a a . ni wm I Ca.l.. I larul island, ai iuoxiock, a. m. ieae j at hair past 1 o'clock, r. m. tor - n w 1 ora, leave New - York for StateaJtlaad, at half put 3 o'clock, precitely, J tvery aneniioo win oe given "'''' E NGLibtl Caaooa and Masket Powder, to sale bj ' . U.nui,plAiiva w. dec 9 ' ' is: . NEW - YORK 1 PRINTED AtfD PUBLISHED men all BvhatAM co "to. At PTWX - TT.rT w . SAAa(H, a I t' , -

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