The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 4, 1937 · Page 1
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1937
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I S H E M f i £ i V Dtp T O F I t-i 1 · r s M a i M £,?, i NORTH IOWA'S DAILY PAPER EDITED FOR THE HOME "THE N E W S P A P E R THAT MAKES ALL NORTH 10WANS N E I G H B O R S " H O M E E D I T I O N VOL. XLIII FIVE CENTS A COPV ASSOCIATED PRESS AND UNITED PRESS LEASED WIRES MASON CITY, IOWA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1937 THIS PAPER CONSISTS OP TWO SECTIONS SECTION ONE NO. 104 Plans Stir Discussion Labor Secretary Seeks to Force Better Relations. SEEK BASIS FOR NEGOTIATIONS By CHARLES T. STEWART w ··mv TPT A S H T N G TON, 1 1 / (CPA)--Even .,,,,,, u »_i»^-i__ j£ L a bor Sec- j » / » / 1 i-etary Frances K W W * Perkins a n d L f f 1 Senator Hobert M. La Follette get all the legislation t h e y desire it is not altogether apparent h o w either Mme. GOV. KRASCHEL OPENS PROBE OF THOMPSONCA Perkins or the Wisconsin solon will be able to compel bet- t e r relations between big industries a n d their workers. Secretary Perkins' plan to force employers and employes to get together when they clash or threaten to do so promises to "tie in" effectively with the La Follette committee's disclosures of employers' alleged infringements upon their employes' civil rights. That is to say, the secretary's plan and the senator's disclosures are complementary. But what can they actually accomplish? Public Has Stake. Secretary Perkins says quite truly that the public has a stake in capital and labor disputes and that, when one arises, each side should be required to appear before an Impartial board arid stale ils case. When summoned, however, one group or Ihe other usually balks. The secretary, then; proposes that the recalcitrant be subject to subpoena--subject also to a term in jail for its representatives if they don't come and answer all questions put to them. This should make a lot of witnesses, pro or con, tell many things that they would prefer not io tel). Yet even so. Suppose that the party which is decided against answers, "We don't accept the verdict anyway." What vail Mme. Perkins' tribunal do about that? Amendment Needed. Similarly, suppose It is' revealed (as perhaps it HAS been revealed) that employers have spied on em- ployes' organizations. What of it? It may be unethical, but is it illegal? Competent authorities, n o t alone of capital's but on labors side of the argument, say they cannot see any illegality in it unless and until the constitution is amended. An employer's spy upon his em- ployes.may, indeed, be required to register as a detective--which would advertise him and make him useless as "a secret agent--but that is a matter for state, not federal restriction. It has been tried repeatedly and invariably it has fizzled, because of the federal- stale dislinction. Value of Publicity. Publicity does signify. An investigation by an executive bureau or a congressional committee may uncover facts which are loo damaging for an industry to stand out against. Secretary Perkins principally desires publicity. This frets other publicity seek- Cairo Flood Watch May Last 2 Weeks Alleged Torture Murderer, With Month to Live, Denies Guilt. DES MOINES, (A 3 )--Responding to a death cell plea that "I am innocent of any crime," Gov. Nelson G. Kraschel ordered an investigation Thursday of- the guilt or innocence of Tony Thompson, sentenced to hang a month from Thursday. Because "I want to be sure in my own mind," the governor sent his personal agent, Frank Moorhead, to Fort Madison penitentiary to interview Thompson who, unless Kraschel grants clemency, must die for the torture robbery murder of Martin Wolz, Oakville farmer. With only a month to live unless his sentence is commuted, Thompson wrote to the governor "my own story" of the crime which placed him in his death row cell more than two years ago. Warden Discusses Case. The condemned prisoner outlined in detail his version of the j murder case which has been Ozark Farmhand Blames I "Nighthawk" for Murder Declares Mysterious Man Forced Him to Write Ransom Note. KANSAS CITY, (/P)--A gaunt young Ozark farmhand, charged with first degree murder in the kidnap-kiiling of Dr. J. C. B. Davis insisted Thursday the 67 year eld country physician was abducted and slain by a mysterious hill country acquaintance he dubbed "Nighthawk." The slim 20 year old prisoner, Robert Kenyon, who led officers to the doctor's bullet torn body in a thicket near Willow Springs, Mo., Wednesday clung stubbornly to his alibi that "Njghlhawk" forced him to write and mail ransom note. Held in solitary confinement here for sale-keeping before his arraignment, Kenyon said he never had seen the doctor, Willow Springs civic leader, whose kidnaper spurned family offers to pay a demanded 55,000 ransom. Garbcrt in Coveralls. IS WITHIN All of North Iowa s Main Roads Clear Army Engineers Confident of Victory; Five More Bodies Found. CAIRO, III, (ff)--Cairo's walled in flood fighters, holding s o m e claim on victory but still on guard against disaster, entrenched themselves Thursday for walch duly that may last nearly two weeks. Army engineers- charted - the peak at less than ii quarter inch above Thursday's stage, but Col. R. G. Powell, chief of the Ohio river division, said "the river is spread out over so much territory that the present flood stage may be here for 12 or 13 days." At f)!).G2 feet, Ihc waler was less All main highways were being kept open in North Iowa in the face of a strong northwest wind that was causing the snow to d r i f t , according to a survey Thursday morning by the office of dislrict No. 2 of the Iowa highway com- 'inission. The report covered 18 counties from Emmet .to Allama- kce. From 2 lo 4 Inches of snow fell over lliis t e r r i t o r y . This snow of a light and dry character, was drifting readily. Four snowplows were placed i r operation out of Mason City Wednesday n i g h t and resumed wort Thursday morning. County Engineer H. E. Hobertson planned to put county plows into operatic: as soon as the wind subsided to the extent t h a t the snow would not be d r i f t i n g back. Mason Cily had a m i n i m u m , o 3 below zero early Thursday. No Trains at Forest City. There have been no passensc than six inches from the top of \ lralns UumlRll Korest Cily the concrete seawall. A tcmpor- Will Not Contest G K O U G E A. WILSON shunted about Iowa courts since the night the elderly farmer died, July 22, 1933. Col. Glenn Haynes, Fort Madison penitentiary warden, drove over icy highways to Des Moincs to discuss the case with state officials. Former Gov. Clyde L. Herring set the execution dale a month ago after he decided a purported c o n f e s s i o n , which declared Thompson was the victim of a frameup, was false. Herring decreed, after state courts had refused to relax the death, penalty, that Thompson must hang March 4. In the hands of the governor was Thompson's "Inside story" declaring that two men conspired with Paul Hake, under life sentence for the murder, "in this frameup." Taltent Signs Statement. Thompson said of the purported 'confession" of Eddie Tallenl, also under life sentence for the murder that "1 don't know what part of it can not be found true." DR. .T. C. B. DAVIS Xidn.ipcd and IHunlercfl. REJEGFcHftNGES IN MORATORIUM Senate Refuses to Accept House Amendments by 42 to 2 Vote. EES MOINES, (/P)--The Iowa senate refused Thursday by a vote of 42 to 2 to accept house amendments in the bill e x t e n d i n g - t h e farm mortgage moratorium until March 1, 1933. The upper chamber sent the bill back to the house. If the house refuses to back down from its stand, the bill must go to a conference committee. Senator Sam D. Goctsch (D) of Decorah, and Senator A. E. Aug- Garbed in oversized coveralls j higher, and munching hungrily a meal o f ' scrambled eggs and bacon, the youth recounted his weird slury in typical rustic idiom to and newsmen. "This 'Nighthaw-k' f e l l e r knowed I stole a motor car over by Roila (Mo.)," Kenyon drawled. "He said f I didn't write the ransom nole he'd turn me in." 'So I done it. Then the federals bulwark stood three feet Lcvel About Stationary. Another d a y o f d r e d g i n g r r i l i I I brought f i v e move levee workers' u bodies from the spillway downstream in southeastern Missouri, raising to 20 the death loll of a Saturday night barge accident. With the Mississippi holding a level about stationary, more Hum caught me in the postoffice mailing it. And that's all I had to do with the business. I don't know this here doctor and I never saw him." Kenyan was imme T dialely after the doctor's body was found in. mountain roadside brushland 14 miles southwest of Willow Springs in the dark dawn of yesterday. The victim, lying face downward, bore two bullet wounds in the head and four in Ihe body. Stunned by Crime. « . , m i l , ' 1 J^m.wiciii, cllilt ovjiirtlltL ri. *." f t U K ~ Two months ago Tallenl-signed U n e fa ( Oska i aoS a were the a statement saying he and Hake lwo acna i ovs w ho voted to suppori alone committed the dime and m- -, m n,,rt m TMi c TUP TM»\, · ers. Nevertheless, what irritates them !K the superiority of her competency at getting w h a t they desire. Secretary P e r k i n s " demands more compactly, for example, what the La Follctle committee asks t h a n the LaFollette committee lias demanded. If she obtains all that the La Follette-itcs demand plus her own demands, she will have all that th'e La Follette-ites demand and more too. It makes them wild that her publicily is so good. Neverlheless, her program is so good that it overshadows Ihe programs of olher groups. The Weather FORECAST IOWA: Fair ami rising temperature In western portion Thursday niftht; Friday, increasing clniirtlncss with risiiur temperature. MINNESOTA: Generally fair, colder in northeast, risinsr temperature In west portion Thursday niffht; Friday cloudy, snow In northwest portion, rlsinjr temperature. IN MASON CITY Globe-Gazette weather figures for 24 hour period ending at ! o'clock Thursday morning: Maximum Wednesday 22 Above Minimum in Night 3 Below At 8 A. M. Thursday 2 Below Snowfall 3 Indies Precipitation .15 of an Inch Wednesday ran the gamut of winter possibilities. Starting with fa balmy condition in the forenoon, the day developed in quick succession a f l u f f y snow, then E stiff south wind and lighter snow then a really strong norlhwcsl wind and d r i f t i n g which brought snowplows into action. Thu dawned clear, cold and with brisk northerly wind, volved Thompson, who had been Iheir superior at a St. Louis factory, because Thompson caught them stealing from the establishment. A Louisa county district court jury found Thompson guilty of the murder after a trial in which Mrs. Susan Holcroft, housekeeper of Wolz, identified .Thompson as the man who fired the death shot. But Thompson, in his "inside story" Thursday, said: "Picture Was Perfect." · "She had previously leslified before the grand jury that she v/as so. excited she could not identity anyone. When she was put on the stand at my trial she said Ihe reason she did not i d e n t i f y my picture was because it did not look like me, yet the picture was per- pport the house amendments. The m a i n house change would have exlend- ed provisions of the measure to cover moiigages written before Jan. 1, 1936. The senate insisted the date should be Jan. 1, 1834. Criticize Campaign Soliciting. Republican criticism of the "practice of state officers soliciting campaign funds" from em- ployes flared on the senate floor Thursday but action on a bill to prohibit the practice was deterred. The house adjourned- for the day after a morning of routine legislation. Discussion of campaign funds started when the house debated a b i l l by Senator E. P. Donohue (R) of New Hampton, prohibiting solicitation from state employes. Donohue said the "practice should The condemned man, through- Several democratic s e n a t o r s out his district court trial more than two years ago, staunchly maintained his Innocence. He claimed he was al a parly in St. Louis 4he night of the crime. The state supreme court refused to reverse the sentence after its pending-action had delayed the execution, originally set tor Oct 20, plea to the governor Thompson asked that an "un- prejudicedjnvestigator" look into - · · the district which, he ilaimed. state witnesses contradicted themselves. 1D35. In his Ihc case, and read court testimony in FASCISTS STAGE MALAGA DRIVE Spanish Insurgents Launch · Land, Sea, Air Attack on Seaport. quizzed 'Donohue on the bill, asserting they'believed parts of it unworkable. Action was deferred to permit Senator T. F. Driscoll (D) of Farraington, lo prepare an amendment. Senate Passes 3 Bills. In its morning session the senate adopted five bills, including one to require counlies lo pay Ihe costs of election contests in which incumbents lost. The house finally decided to vote pay for extra help it previously had hired, and passed two | bills, one providing for issuance I of r e f u n d i n g Davenport-Rock Island bridge bonds, and the other lo legalize a Story county transfer of funds. The senate adopted a b i l l appropriating S424.41 for expenses of the i n a u g u r a t i o n of Gov. Nelson G. Kraschcl, one restricting the power of guardians of veterans in investment of funds, and one to legalize payment last winter of 562,684.30 by the city of Sioux City for snow removal. Shocked Willow Springs -- Dr. Davis had faithfully attended its 1,500 inhabitants tor years--was stunned by the b r u t a l i t y of the crime. Since J a n . 28, when the physician responded lo w h a t proved to be a false medical summons, the peaceful Kill town had hoped he would return alive. But calmly, without show of remorse for his admillcd part in the plot, Kenyon held up Thursday under the continued qucstionin of federal agents and state troopers. He refused chewing tobacco but puffed on a cigar given him by an officer and said: "Sure Mielily Generous." "You all sure are mighty generous fellers around here but you all can't help me much unless you catch this nighthawk feller." Officers turned to science ii Iheir hope of piecing together rational reconstruction of th crime. The mountain hoy's clothe were scrutinized for possibl blood and mud stains. His back-1 ground was investigated closely. Federal agents seemed little impressed by Kenyon's claim he was only an accomplice. Al Washington, J. Edgar Hoover, di- reclor of the federal bureau of investigation, said Ihe case was closed and no other suspects were being sought. Met Him In Cafe. Kenyon said he met "Nighl- hawlc" in a cafe at West Plains, Mo., near Willow Springs, last w e e k. "Nighthawk," he said, threatened to disclose him as a car "thief if Kenyon would not write and mail the second of two ransom notes in the case. Thus intimidated, Kenyon said he carried out his part. lirec feel below lljc lop of I foot levee at New Madrid, Mo., hat area's batllc against inunda- ion resolved into a lookout for eaks or breaks. A radio network as set up to speed warnings. After surveying the Cairo situation, President Roosevelt's Hood relief c o m m i s s i o n proceeded Thursday to Evansville, Ind. Harry L. Hopkins, a member of j .he commission, said WPA workers would help with the cleanup ob and "you can be sure we are landing by. until the end." 140 Boats Heady. From Cairo lo Hickman, Ky., 1-10 coast guard boats stood ready since Tuesday noon, it was reported, allhough the s t a r mail route d r i v e r is able to get through. Heavy d r i f t s were reported on the highways but m a i n roads were open ' w i t h plows al work. The minimum at Forest City was -I jclow Thursday. At Garner, h i g h w a y s 69 and 111 wei'c reported passable Thursday with plows forced to work slowly. County plows will go out when the wind subsides, it was slated. Sidcroads were reported badly drifted. A minimum temperature of Ii below was reported. "We- aren't expecting much of n 'warmup* until Friday," the weatherman said as he announced increasing cloudiness with vising temperatures is anticipated for then. 15 Bclo\v Expcctcii. The mercury was expected to WON'T TRY TO OUST KRASCHEL Wilson Says Contest Woulc Impose Heavy Burden on Citizens. DES MOINES, (/?}Wilson, unsuccessful -George -A republica register 10 degrees below zero in northwest Iowa tonight; l!i below in northeast; 5 degrees below in southwest, and zero in soulll- casl. While snow fell t h r o u g h o u t the I t U CUl:,L M l l t l i U U l j t t l ^ ^ l u u l l 1 UCIUJ , . , , , , , t r . 1 1 for rescue-work. In Cairo itself sli ", c Wednesday . I o w a f a l l s re- barges capable of holding 1,000 persons each were ill line on Ihe Mississippi I c v c c, with gang planks down. Army engineers who are directing the nation's greatest anti-flood offensive remained confident of victory but pointed out the crests now passing Cairo will hit hundreds of miles of burdened, untested levees before they reach the gulf some two weeks hence. Danger lurked al every bend in the 1,000 mile sweep from Cairo lo New Orleans and there was no relaxation of effort among the 120,000 pick and shovel laborers working day and night on the embankments protecting the sou Ill's most fertile farm lands. Officers said one of damaging pieces of the most evidence ascist a n d i GIBRALTAR, socialist troops, contending for oc cupation of the southern seaport of Malaga, clashed Thursday in fierce fighting along the Mediterranean coast. Reports reaching Gibraltar said insurgent soldiers, driving eastward from Marbella, occupied Ojen, a town five miles north. The fascist forces launched an attack on land, sea and in the air in their campaign to take the southern port. Their fleet of warships steamed out of Aigccir'as shortly before d i T c- j to "Horror Parade" as _ Lesson to Drivers JACKSONVILLE, Fla., (JP)-A five mile "horror parade" of wrecked automobiles, ambulances, hearses and floats.showing "dead" and "dying" -will move slowly through Jacksonville Saturday. A f t e r the parade, the city j a i l w i l l be t h r o w n open lo visitors. O f f i c i a l s said t h e a f f a i r i s dawn enroulc to a position off t h e ] planned as an object lesson to I socialist controlled shipping point. careless, reckless drivers. against Kenyon was a writin; found in his pocket which the imprint of the second ransom note. At Willow Springs, Dr. Davis' broken family found consolation in the soothings of their country neighbors. A sister begged tearfully: "Why, why, must he have been murdered. He was the kindest of men." Edward O'Neal to Speak. DES MOINES, (.'P)--Edward A. O'Neal, American Farm Bureau president, will discuss the f a i m tenancy problem at a national farm institule here Feb. 1!) and 20, DCS Moincs Chamber of Commerce officials announced. T . i i l h r r In Hear S:mlllnirs. DECORAH, I/I')--Carl Sandburg. Chicago poet, will l e c t u r e a l Luther college here Monday night. LOOK INSBDE OZE SIMMONS Simmons' Cage Team in Auto Crash; One Killed OK PAGE 13 $2,300 Verdict Given in Algona Damage Suit ON PAGE .1 Iowa Hardware Dealers Prepare for Convention ON PAGE 11 ·Hi ireatcst amount, the weatherman said. Keokuk reported the highest oinperature in t h e last 24 hours, !2 degrees above, and Sioux City ind Iowa Falls both reported 4 degrees below, the lowest early Thursday. In the extreme eastern portion of the slate Davenport reported 'some snowfall" Thursday morning. NEUTRALITY AND TARIFF LINKED Some House Democrats Aid Republican Opponents of Reciprocal Plan. candidate for governor in the las election, announced Thursday h w i l l ' n o t contest the vote .becaus "the filing:of a "contest' would in pose a heavy burden upon tl ordinary citizens of the slate." Wilson lost lo Gov. Nelson C Kraschel, democrat, by a 2,43 majorily in the o f f i c i a l canvass votes by Ihe legislature. He h; until Feb. 13 to fine a contest. In n formal lypeu'rillen stale- menl issued Thursday Wilson said: 'I have delayed a n n o u n c i n g my decision in oi'der lo give f u l l consideration to the views of those loyal men and women who have desired t h a t I contest, as well as those e q u a l l y loyal men and women who deem a contest inexpedient." The statement continued in part: " I n v e s t i g a t i o n has been made of sonic irregular practices' indulged in in the recent election. As a result of that investigation, many citizens of Iowa believe that I was clccled governor. * * " "It (a contest) would continue for two or three months. 11 could not do otherwise than delay and hinder legislation. It would involve a large expense lo the lax payers. "1 caiinol escape Ihc sincere conviction t h a t an election contest w o u l d not serve the best interests of the whole people of the slate, and. a f t e r a l l . Dial is much more important t h a n the person- AUTO WORKERS' LEADERS, G.M.C, CHIEFS CONFER Corporation Lawyer Holds Up Petition for Writ of Ejection. AlJTO-T,AHOIl AT A GI.ANCK By the Associated IVess General Moloi's and s t r i k e eaders in prolonged ccinfercni-r- seek basis to negotiate strike settlement. Corporation attorney w i l h - nolds petition for w r i t to eject strikers defying i n j u n c t i o n by occupying two body plants al Flint, Mich., saying he believes union "will ask its men I" leave the plants peaceably.'* Flint police chief deputizing several h u n d r e d "reserve police to remain on call "tn maintain law and order." No indication of pi-ogress by conferees in closely guarded Detroit court room. Both sides increase representation, William S. Knudscn, Donaldson Brown, f i n a n c i a l officer, and John Thomas Smith, legal counsel,- appearing for corporation; John L. Lewis, C. 1, O. lender, Homer M a r t i n , U. A. W. A. president and Lee Pressman, C. I. O. attorney, lor strikers. Governor M u r p h y presides. Authoritative sources say current negotiations arc seeking "truce/' not f i n a l settlement. Civic and union representatives at Flint, Midi., sign "Iviice" to lessen possibility ol" violent outbursts. Auto workers strike, unrelated to General Motors dispute, settled at Canton, Ohio, reopening jobs directly and indirectly to more than 5,000 wovkers. CONFERENCE RESUMED-'" -"AFTER BIIIEP KECESS ~ DETrtOIIT, (/P)--The,,' conference Irom which Gov. Frank Murphy hopes to restore peace in the General Motors a u t o m o - tive strike reassembled at 2: to p. in. (C. S. T.) Thursday afternoon after a brief recess for lunch. The conferees -- W i l l i a m S. Knudsen, Donaldson Brown and ohn Thomas Smith lor General Motors, John 1... Lewis Homer M a r t i n and Lee Pressman for the strikers--declined to say w h a t progress had been made during a four hour session before the recess. Governor M u r p h y alsn declined to be led into an extensive discussion of the negotiations, l i e said thai progress rapid as Wednesday, long meetings were added not been as when t w n held, but "everyone is t r y i n g WASHINGTON, f.l'l --House| n l a m b i t i o n of any c a n d i d a t e , leaders studying proposed oxlen- i "Governor Kraschel lias my sion of the reciprocal t a r i f f law best wishes." heard life administration trade policy closely linked Thursday I i ^· r\ with neutrality legislation. Man Resembling U Bernard M. Baruch, financier mau l\eaeiUUWJg W and war time c h a i r m a n of Ihe war industries board, lold Ihe house military affairs committee belligerents should not be barred from buying commodities, other than munitions, on a "cash and carry" basis. He said a ban on sales of all commodities might influence na- tion.s to make trade agreements with countries olher t h a n the U n i t e d States in order to be assured of n o n - m i l i t a r y war lime supplies. Some Democrats Opposed, l l a n l n n l n w n Here. Consideration nf extension nf Hie reciprocal t a r i f f law for three years was the principal business on the house calendar. Some democrats joined the militant republican minority in the house to oppose extension. Despite objections by Representatives Connery (D-Mass.), Wilcox (D-Fln.) and others, approval of this trade bargaining power for President Roosevelt by early next week was taken for granted. Shoe imports displeased Connery and Wilcox found agricultural imports from Cuba not to his liking. Senate Takes Day Off. The senate took the day off, after sending the $050,000,000 relief- deficiency bill into conference with the house late Wednesday for adjustment of m i n o r differences. This measure, awaited by the WPA to replenish Its f u n d s for a i d i n g flood sufferers, will have right-of-way tn the w h i t e house once Ihc conferees' agreement is XJ Sought in Kidnaping Is Held at Hamburg HAMBURG. Iowa, (/P»--Police Chief Will Stacy of Hamburg, Thursday said he had arrested a man "resembling in some respects" the description of the suspect sought in the Charles Mattson k i d n a p i n g and slaying case at Tacoma, Wash. -Stacy said the m a n , arrested on the street hei'c Tuesday night, told a cellmate he left Kvcrctl, Wash,, a month ago, but declined to answer questions asked by Stncy. The d e p a r t m e n t of justice, bureau of investigation office at Omaha, dec-lined comment. to be helpful." Always Optimistic. Asked if he was optimistic, he replied that "1 am never anything else." The entire ntiion board of strategy kept in close reach nf the conference room Thursday. A m o n g those outside Ihc conference clirimb'nr were John Bcophy, a direirlor of Ihe Committee for I n d u s t r i a l O r g a n i z a t i o n , a n d Wyndham A l o r t i m c r , vice in'csi- f l e n l of Ihe United A u t o m o b i l e Workers union, who .joined Lewis md Homer M a r t i n , strike leaders, as the meeting recessed. The four walked f i v e blocks from the courtroom to a comer drug store where they lunched on sandwiches and coffee. To all questions Lewis said: See the governor." Pending result of the conferences, General Motors was w i t h holding a petition for an e v i c t i o n w r i t against sit down strikers at Flint, Mich. Seek Basis for Peace. As the conference was seeking a bnsis for peace negotiations Police Chief James Wills at Flint resumed Ihe d e p u t i z i n g nf "poUre reserves," hut e m p h a t i c a l l y demo- Hits Man Hit by Car Dies. DES MOINES, f/Pj--John, C. Pollard, 83, died in a hospital of injuries suffered when struck by a car Tuesday night. Ernest Millslagle, 21, DCS Moincs, was not held a f t e r reporting to police that it was impossible to avoid striking the clared the action was not a bilization of vigilantes." In he was supported by Mayor H a r old Bvadshaw, wiio said " F l i n t i* holding to ils truce agreement "I last night 100 per cent. The men are being deputized, but they am not being issued arms. Arms w i l l not be given them u n t i l a grave emergency requires it." "Flint, said Wills, "wants no repetition of the H e r r i n , III., massacre. We want a force available capable of coping with any emcr- acceplcd by both branches at the capitol. The senate rejected an amendment to make cities and stales prove their i n a b i l i t y to care for the jobless before g r a n t i n g them new federal aid. Senator Vaiidenbei'K ( R - M i c l i . ) joined Senator Bailey (D-N. Car.) to support Hie requirement. jeney." Discussions of inarlial he possibility nf in Flint h a v e been c a r e f u l l y avoided by officers of the national guard on duty there as well as by Governor Murphy from whom the order for such action would have to come. It was known, however, t h a t Ihc guardsmen are prepared to make it e f - fective on FI moment's notice i should Hie order issue. i E v i c t i o n W r i t V'Tpjiml. I Roy K. Brmvnell, Geneivi! Ain' t ors attorney, said a petition for

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