The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 6, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1818
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4 aft. BktAnnAn, Dec ' Low . j... TrAM Fonaana ' another cnr oJ"v - - j. ... "1 beingfoP - 11 h.n nearly 4 month ltkr. W'ar'"rtnDitT of making the coast, winu .accession """ffiare iwterially injured ber if - fh the wart of Nova Scotia, ana ume.. Packet. Luce, Barton. &t; horded Cape, of Vi:! frof 18 pint ; by'theboat ofalarge i - atnoi 6 fr0B tn.oficer"bo f Baltimore, - 7. - jn ght; botnap - rrA.uua tot. French .loop of war. from laver - and SWUr. ffltf - fTW carper 1 - L. 1 nrnartiff. ICC. . vhr wdlv. Allen, from Salem. 8chr Reindeer. l.VToa Turk. Wand. C . Dnr France, obl - . rom o . nlrfi, Ma. - I.LJ "fi - Stn - for J arnica; chr Vigilant, Grimes, iS rCU Porter, jjTerpoot. ti Sailed, tjchr. - Ambuecede, aW"m"S Colonel IBIUU 1 ";.r off Hatterass. ipm re, 14 day.. iouim. cbr from ew - xork, ii v,. i6ti nt. bwind to 8t Ma? 'krriA .loop Victory, NOKJ UL.iv, aec ' r , J' ?P.f.r,ork bound to Richmond. THEATRE. Oo WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jan. 7. WiU be prentod. rbe Tragedy of the Charle. de Moor Mr" f FrS Amelia Mf - Darlpy To which will be added, the Farce of THE DEAL) ALIVE. "fer The Lady who adverUied in thw paper for ropil. foe me ruwu, r:r;... mention thro' the ame meaium mx""'"rr Sooe bet Ladie., and all r1hajjd - i0g hou. are informed 1 1 Uiemec ve. and tier nnnecenary low . mined not to attend to any, and that she cannot at present receive any more iui. , JanB 3t : i - "NEW - YORK FIREMEN LNtiURAiNCh. COM? ANY - . ' - - . Q u rh rnmnkAV hAV (CT - inc pA? :..,r to th inc by a new uoicniuwn uroi " . . fu5 aim of Auwire1 AuwnW iWter which i. amply secured, are now ready to receive ap - " r. ..j f. u.uninra at their i MSfl. No. 56 Wall - street. The Office solicit the natronaeeeftlie publiein the confidence tnai adequate proiecwup o - . - - . ed and all losses be promptly adjusted. By order of the board of Directors, Jan 6 lm WM. M'NEAL, Sec'ry. ffr - Tbe creditors of Wm .Wells deceased, Vs . - j - , . ih. . nf Mr. Blake. it 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of proving their accouna. j an o xHjot " A CARD. - rrr Tat GAT Pitixi 8. if M. - . Allen . (FT: ... ik., h. have I hi. KCash - .wi.i'c vrii 'I.' . . . ... inir...fM in. or ' - mrrlv. which remains unclaimed m ffpohLPa?ci5efi r - onestodto make proof before the 20th dav of February next, a the ""VX? be sold and tbe proceeds paid mto the city Tress - rl8WAWRNER.') .". JAMES HOFSON, Special JestiCM. menu urnnrv The other f rioters for the Corporation win invert the above in their sespective papers once a week for.ix week, on account of the Corpora - tiea. Jsn6 law6w SOUND STEAM - BOAT LINE. rt - r The Cormer.ticut, Capt. Bunker, wiU lew New - York for New Haven on Monday, the l?h hut. at 9 o'clock A. M. and will leave New - Haven frr New - York on Wednesday, ibe 14th hist, at 6 o'clock, A. M. . Tbe Passen8er will lodge cn board tbe Boat at New - Haveo, 00 Friday evening. . ; Jan lw TO LOAN ON BO.ND fc M.?11! KTi fit No 40 Wall - street ... .r Tif.Vi TV . Xf XT - tor WW Jtijl&IJ. tr J , VI. . ' t Thr achr. LENDER,apiain Ncl, T 'living at Peck - slip j will sail cn Tnum - day next - For fright or pajsage, apply board, or to R.&C. W.DVEPORTACO. iaa - ' Fm - fiaght or Charter, . Jff The brig ATLANTIC, capt. Bailey, V ' jLhnrthen about 1 400 bbls ; it ready to receive a cargo, andean be sent to sea without delay. Apply en board, or to jan6 R ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. t" SHINGLES ftc 100,. HXj - ti mcb Shingles, J 11.000 W. O. Barrel Stas forsaie by R.ftC. W.pAVENtORTCO. . Jan 6 fflOBACCO 28 hhds new crop Tobacco, of JL excellent quality, lanuins; iro w - ui. . fromRichmond, for ealeby D. BETHTJNE ft CO. Jan 6 9t Coffee House slip. F LOU Kit TOBACCO IM) barrel mniid .epf Flour, llaxall'. brand - 80 do do do Country do 5 hhd. Leaf Tobacco laaduig from fter Koiia and ruunx owe .Jn Sfere, 109 bbls Richmond Flour. City brand 60 do do do C wntrydo 250 do Philadelphia do 9 hhds fin old Leaf Tobacco 100 kegs Manufactured do for sale rf0nl - UeCt,TROKES, DAVIDSON ft Jan 6 lw O riLOUR M.AXSEED - 100 bbU iaper, r Flour rrom. - fc, wle &U cw g. M. WILSON, , by .. . tw Wates - street. At 0 W bale Deer Skins packed to dim - ..r..a rutin. &C U5?'T ; fresh and ery fine Muscaiei - yo . . - j0 , iM pw - 1 r pocer - YVitn a genera iw - foraajeoj FRANKLIN. No, 115 Soutb - itreet, weit tide Peck - slip :. - 1 a TLOUR TOBACCO.! bbl. Hour, P branded (Richmond Mill's) 200 do Petersburg do Rich - Kho - v i ICHVIO.VD TOBACCO ft FtOUR. 6X8 bbls. Richmond supf. Floor at 106 COj paDy large and IciJy, now landing from cbr Thomas, and in store, lor sale by Jan 6 BOORYAH ft JOHNSTON. . . iiurii' TWO Hundred and 8eventy bags SL Domia - go Coffee, received per rhr. Sparran, for sale by ie. iwi, m Jan 6 ; " r - nrr.lM. rnWE.YTY bale rrime Upland Cotton, for TdV.ViSfOKT ft Co. 1.. A LOUR ft TOBACCO 100 bbls Richmond Mills Flwr " 300 bbls. Petersburg Flosir. PnHes brd 5t cask Flaxseed, will be l - mde Ithis day, and for wle by PAGE ft TRlf LETT, Jan6 3t WCoflee - h wise - slip. NE Hundred Ream. Co velioia FooU Cap Fapr, lor sale by ... - - ..a - r ' .vif net b mtf ti. Jaafi .... . .. . t - . . , . No. 2J0 Pearl - street 1 ",a J fcranrf - d - IIP ana & GALT.A6HER, - a 66 bCKim - Mreei. jaa v Celebtionofth.DaU.eofNew:OrW ng a Dinneron TbVrJay the 8th int, to ceTe - brate the annirerm, of the Battle of Atw - Ot bw, where the , dehjac of the dhe , m fj at the neaineii ana ercgBi.; - - - MeMn. weieira otmuuuovu, 1" . citUciu of note, miiuary genneineu, . - r" . petuatethii memorable day. and the honor aou 5f lLnLted.te7.? inWted to call and leave their t..fh boveliotrl. . The price of the Dinner will be 5 MtaL iac uding n.ual wine. - All kind, ofwwe wllTOf0rnlihed,but will form Jperate TO be wld at public auction fr the 20th February, 1818, at the City Mall, It wir. vvuiiain n. iiaiuwnv - i - - - - from the city, containiiig together nearly nny a - cre. of land. It will be joio 1 w 10.. .r - - . ..ok .if Bared on the 6th. 7th, 8th, 9Ul, C Tk . - .uL. . h ih Utter atand the dwelling vu itnn avenues , . . j - ,., . house and out buildingh but a .bort dittante from the tluason rviver. . . . ... ThiTproperty U wortl.y the attention of those ....... , ' i,.... rnnntrv seats : as wno wisn iu pinaiiii...v - . - f iU contiguity to the city, commanding views ot he Hudson, retired .ituation, and choice quality ofseme otl,. .ground, ioddIv of wood, renuer ii uo w u . ble objects of purchaie. . . A map of .the premie, may ,fS ther particulars koo", 1 ii. See. City Hall. 3n 6 dU "I CO W strayed from tbe .Ublew m Slow - A ev, 31 John - street, oothe 30th Dec. of a B - ht red color, slit in both ears, avut 7 years old. w hoever win oruiB inc - any information thereof, ehall receive acenfrou. reward. Jan lw Statuary Alabaster Ornaments, hr. . PL. M1L.LS S CO. will sell to - morrow ,n JriZl at Messrs. Kirk it Mercems n .ai.ii . .nnorh rnllartinn of Mar ble Statuary Alabarter Ornaments, Time I irfs. Oil I'aintingi, coiorea r.uiro,iu. if Jano it i'OST UrlAlSE LINE. It if - ' i - i irt - similWi - v n R H H I h A ft K I. P H I A n. POST CHAISE, with every convenience TItZuZ" T i i. the lariest prize ever sold , " . ."j .iT.;? kY - V fhroush in one .in l - . Jandlt , d. - T (Son - dni, raccpieiii . w - . ... . way of Newark, and arrive the same day at Fin ThblMAIL COACH PILOT, in orpoo to tht Mail Uoncn, witn superior . , - n .,u ikir ht - rjre. will leave ?b? City ote. ever, day hall mbi i o'ciocik . t . " f . - .T a v. A at a I Km aMfmnAwntanrA OI man, ana nu suojr - i. ; ,ri" j stopping at the numerous Post Offices on the road, opt every accomroouu.i. veller, and arrive some hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. All litter ana paper carried free of expenie by the Coache. - . For seats in the above lines apply at the rost Chaise and Albany Mail and Diligence OiBce, Q3T All goods and baggage at the ruque ol j tbe owner. rK,Wr.. Nawark. bia. JOH N GULICK ft" SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON ft HOW ELL, Philadelphia. K. B. Expreuei tent f my part of Bit union. JanS ' ' " WILL be sold at public sale, at No. 44 Market - street, Philadt Iphia, cn Wrdne - day, January 14, 1818, by order of the assignee. , in.': . .11 I... .tfW in ImilM. ( fin - 01 jood " arruijiou, mit u. . - - - j Gold and .ilver patent lever and plain watches Gold, gilt and steel chains, seals and keys Gold and gilt finger and ear rings IV. 3n timarhel Spring and other brushes 8 day and 30 hour movement Do do bras castings Do do and musical bell . Da do forged work and pinion Sheet brass, pig brass spelter Black lead antTsand r roubles, Rolliftg or flatting mills Planishing stakes and hammers . imL ..J w.fili iliali unA main SDMUTS And a large and general assortment of Clock and Watch Maker, and SUver Smith's Tool, L. - t m.A (..'..I. .,! Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. 1 rma at sale jan 5 lw TiHlLADELFHlA LO0 600 barrels su - .. . ika arlinnawr Colum - a pernor, lauuuif u u. applying to 160 barrels Richmond soperfine flour, ifj and Country brand.) For aJe at No. IOC 7 S tbqKES. DAVIDSON, k CO. ptOTTON 20 bale prime Upland Cotton, W ,0f rC C. W. DAVENPORT k CO. dec 31 - ' WIN E, RAISINS, ftc - 20 pipes Catalonia Wine; 80 do. Coimenar do, ava l tlr HA. 200 qr. casks sweet malaga do. the above entitled te dbntur . 1300 boxes Bloom Raisins sale by HUBBARD, GREENE ft CO. decgflw I3t Frontrreet. FLAG HDKF3. ft CRAPES. , - sr 1 1 J k r. t cim mr null . . 3 case Cantoo Crape, landing and for sale b jost.rn usDuaii, j'jO 28 Soetir - strect. . . hi . vt7i - r ill m. Hlue Nan1 keeo, fw sale et No. 2 Maiden - aee, (aorth nde brGEORGE PALMER, enbtkd iode - henW. Jn 9 SOUCHONG ft KAMTOY TEAS. ia boxes and caonistm. 33 and 24 Ibe each, entitled to deoe.t,e, ?.l"?bJ . in S " ' JAMES D WOLF. Jnn. will Ieorward coa - tioae to transact Coeseuswoa sme to hi owaaame. aciai OElVnS. An Tttmen offic mireaad hair O feives, AH Wbt. RidJ e ot s - penor Wy, forgery " , ovW 78 Pearl - ltr - et. dec 27 heral jan 5 MimAM ill nlltM." I - iJT! m.. pivnniTV.. H - H. Fuhet V3 limatter. Ivina Ifct wharf above DoyerU SmheVllOO barrel., 11 moathi old, rbilaJel. phia built, now readj to receive a cargo. Apply 1 to the CBptainon board, or at 92 C. H. aUp, to j mi o . - j - or freight or Charter, Ax Tha ratatarjlial brur tu. - it, now, T7t. nMQctnnt. 12 month old. . U - LrinrveMel and ready to receive a cargo. Ap ply at 67 South - rtreet, to I r . unnri pn 1. PC ARSON. r uiviKi . ei .. Vm. - i MARIA. I IIC Mill. wifl'M - t ... 1 .J.u lRainey, master ; wm.aii on iuurj t vw iuium or treicrnu wnicu will be taken low, appiy no uc " board, at Feir o. o, worm niver. or G. G. & S. HOWLAND, j,5 77 YV.aamgton - .ircct. for - Sreight or Cltarter, rTZ Ti.. .to.mrh uhotantial ihiD DRUM - 32moND. capt. R. Quarlei, wUl be ready to receive a cargo in a lew aaj f or wrm. r i 1 Pi.. W 17. nr tn i. 66 South - it u,. iJ In Charter. a .,wwl KirOP nr 8CHOONKR, 5.:n .kniif nn harrel. for a vovage to Bermuda j immediate dispatch will be given, npytj " jan 3 . - 29 Eouth - atreet " for Wilmington. W.C. .. i Theachr UNION, lying at Fly - mar. iMMket, u cleared out, and will positively saanntwind. ' Fieight will be taken low. : ply on board, J. - . urr.n 1TK dec 30 Jvi"i" """ ' : t ' - . MCRMUDA. j - rciii J 4 hnnivl to Bennnua. may IWwmI Bhnnt 300 barrel on freight, bj l . m mtru TiTr.KF.R A; LAURIE. 29 Sonth - st. rrft A Britiih brig of about 200 ton, to Aload for a port in fcngiaua or stnw" - ApT. CAMBERLOU I r. decB ' rf aaf I'; ' rfe r The Btauech good' tbip ANGELICA, iuii".j r - - , tin if... knrihen. one vear old, twain idSun complete order to receive a cargo, stows about 2800 bbls. a very fast sailing ship, ban large accommodatiocs for pawengerr, and well calculated lor the New - Orleansj Lrade - Ap - DlV tO K.LuK U. UlVl - 3" w.jy, dec 4 8G South - it. IJFK The substantial coppered ship B - n... maatcr. to sail in a few days. SffreighC which will be Uken low, or pas jin2 26 South street. 45lv The fast sailing ship 8ILBNUS,206 tXlJt K..rihn huilt at Rochester, (Mass!) lie at Steam - boat - wharf, Fulton - slip. For teims, apply to dec 31 lw 204 Front - treet. u.ui J fllakelrv. iH The elegunt fast sailing new packet f1Ur, Tumi q SHIELDS, cant. '.... ir as - hntrlriff inerifir aCCOiTilT10llltlOI1 lOf m ut - vi p iuf, "i . .fL.. .w.rr.i l.ekinrr1 n. cabin pas.engcrs lnost ui ucr vibvM.g trVTA. W Itl lAlv.h wva " For freight or passage, apply on board, west aide01dnp,orto ,r u ni.iuuvn, dec 30 29 Coentie - slip. " Y3 JtEIV ORLK.1.VS. The shin MARIA CAROLINE, U - t 1 . . . . 1 . .1. .inc" at Joiies - wnan, wui oeuiapw." - ed in all Uiis week he is a very fat ailor, nearly new, and has elegant accommodations. For freight or passage, apply to - JONES ft MEGRATH, dec 30 83 South - etreet. ' r or HA VAX A, The fitie coppered ketch fARIA, . . o .1 . master, to sail 00 cunun j m with what freight may offer before that time t for which, or passage, apply to g!g. ft S. HOWLAND, dec 30 77 W ashington - sc ' A'ar CrI.IHJ.titt'lVA, lilv Tbe fast sailing packet chr. MA - VyyRIA, P. Latham, master, having one hall of htr cargo engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For freight of the remain - d. - r or passage, having excellent tccommoJa - tio?, apply on Doaro, east siuc vAiiicc - Muuas - slip, or to JOXES & MEG RATH. dec so 83 Sonth - street. Dutch and Encash Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brosbes, fancy and common Head do do do Cloth do do do I Weavers do Whita Wath Aa Shoe ft Scrubbing do Paint Breshc and Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Bros he Bed Cords Clothes Line - Sash Cord, Trace R Wrought and Cut 1 j n ,i M A PATER) OLIVES, HATS, fcc. ... 9bU Bale Italian foolscap paper 1 vrn. l DO sumuiuiiai buirivu a..i MONT. Meurou, mastei ; wdl sail on the 3il January next. For freight of few hundred barrels, ot passage, having giod accommo - dMions, apply on board, at pi1" p rivr or to P. RE vats eto. dac30 26 So nth - street. DOMESTIC ft OTHER W ARES. THL subscriber keep constantly 00 hand an extensive assortment of the following goods, vis Gunny Bags, c. ropes ueaus Crumb Brushes ' Bellow, fancy and common n fnr Blacksmith Hall and Entry MaU Pail and Tubs Wheel - Barrow. Fine Wire Sieve. Do Hair do Whip of every description Seine, sewing, hairing and ball 1 wuie FishLires Shoe k Sadler Thread Dearborn's .lain BUU pnan I ., 1: Which they wiU sell wholesale or reiaii on u .r.ii.m..' CEBRA A CUMING, . terms. 76 reari - sireew " " i FLOUR. 120 barrels superfine turnm - iou (mayo mills) Flour, landing from schooner Rising - States, for sal by GR1S WOLDS ft COATES, 86 South - street. IN STORE, 150 bale prim Upland CottoA 10 bhdi. retailing Molassee. For al as a - i , dec 6 ijy - - ..Ew - EXIXQ TVlTlOJf. nt K. Ui - poarj .jvel notice that he ha. O - r pened an everung schcA, athis academv. NO. Cf Ink. fnr rtia tnitrartioa Of VOUOZ hrmert, more especially in Engbab Grammar ad Geography. , ' A cibsi in eacn oi ine - onmira "" ti . : nta nf iaatractlO Will enable tbti unraesht as well a those who nave a partial knowtedge of torse suuiecw, m pece of time, to rrfrcttheelve these ete - Inr, Penmanship and Arithmetic Hour of at - tendance from tf to 9 o'clock. jan34f - .... . mrrrr c Klula. fine rrcee Jamaica Coffee, entitled to dr - wbaek, for tale by i . 29 BOBtlMUWt, IS , . do letur paper i: , , t. 15 cawe liquorice paste .: , ' - v I box otincb feaUien, t do chip ba; 1' J do preed tup. .tiaw do from Bo 32 to 54 1 ' 3 do manaa in fluke j v" :. ' ' S3 cae. veined and .talnary marble Alabt, aaaorted size, tor pier laoia, u;. 200 boxe. ancnovie, iju oo chtci 10 boxe. anchoviea, 130 do olive. O V" pipe and 12 hhds red Catalonia wine 100 quarter cask. coimenar up. 20 do. weet Malaga do. 500 keg fi - esh rakins , 750 bote. do. muscatel do. 330 do. do. bloom do. ' 100 bale of Lady soft .bell'd almond 100 jar. of fresh grapes Now landing from brig Charles, from Mala era. at Dover - street - wharf, and for ale by b otpwan fc MAfrriER. and dec 27 7t 633 M'CREA & SLIDELL. I NUinO. SUGARS. Ac, v.n. .nit Rmlnnrorie Susars. the latter verysupenor quuiuj, um woruiy iuc iiuciiuwiiwi"'".'. t cases Bengal wumw jm r'.t sirina. larae size and noe Quality, iust ree'd per .hip India, for .ale hy J P. REM SEN & CO. jan 3 ' "O BOUUi - aiirtwi. "SftRM CANDLES ft OIL. inO boxes new Spermaceti Candles, ofan - JlVr "proved brands , 1000 galls. Gewine Wmter Oil, pressed from head ai.tterj oon g&an 152 South - street, 2d door above Feck - .lip. 2O00 call's. Whale Oil, in hand - ome slnp 600 o fall strained io uiu 350 do winter do dec.291w l9 O COFFEE, bUUAK and OS UIUU. A lO bbl.nnd20 bags fine greehConee 3J hhds, 1 tierce auu ou fiogaf ... 41 ceroonsCaraccas Indigo I.n(iine from the schr. Greyhound, from bt. Thornaa, lor ate by ... fc fn .1 aeu arf aiaw aenaair - i. a - .e was., r - a. wla ajaw - fe - v r . v Jlfa isllinvi . - A fan3 74 Waihington street an 3 '4 WaihingtonsUeei. " TjLUE GOODS, aic 17 bales company uiue j Mamoodies, fine qual 4 bales Company blue Baftft., do ClA - ibi A lew taes superior quaiuy vas - .ia, for .ale by R0G.RS k P03T, H,C 30 St 51 Soom - Mceet. .iliii - L - ii uri77l.K l,ni"a . " . 1 .AinnU ff fri V.' I'ZOi iimaii' 1 . . 1 cjuDCOMCJuir jTrrismsoTom PrTHLlO S AiLEb. ' r.,u. .trrrt. have manufkc - 1 1,...' a conntlion in tured and for ile, the above ingemou and a. reairl - street, under the firm of icr nits uiui .'I musing article, which still continues to be the faviirite and fashionable amusement. Price ol tlie two book and the box 01 ni - JioBiiy ..m race wood blocks, $2 25. Jn3 4 oop vi ill .V nRKSSES. ftc . - - . . - , , MRS. BARBER respectfully inform, tne i.i: r v..VArk and its vicinity, that he has just opened an elegant assortment .01 . . s a er.!MM.Mei at .tssembly ureases ana v,i iiiu.u....f., . inn n.ila. - dec 31 lw IV J j LN CHANCERY. State ofJiewiorK, . r . l :. uHn. v - . ...,'1. "UCllon, bi inn iuuiiiiovm. ty of New - York, ou Wednesday, the eventh day of January nexr, ai v.uv, - - - ?. I.i .f..r. .it.mtp in the fourth OLniXCUl linrvcivifciw.' - i" , ..t." - . r v nn tha r.nrner of ward 01 me cbj 01 - " - . " - ViT". 10 the rear by Doctor Joseph Young, and southwesterly by Do - ver - street : and is now known and dwtinguished by house ana 101 numurr n J.A house number one Dover - street ; contain - i - ME - a a. HAMILTON. Master in Chancery, dec 17 2awt30thD dU . IN rii ANCKRY tats or uew - toric, is. IN pursuance of a decretal order of this honorable court, bearing d.ite the sixteenth day of October la.1 will be told at public auction, at the 1 1 ontine Coffee Home, in the city of New - York, nnder the direction 01 tne suoscriuei , . .r.i.:. .nnri nn WtAnttdav the teventn day of January next, at twelve o'clock, at noon, all that certain 101, irnci or puui - , ted in the county of Delaware, in the state of No. 3 1 and 34 ; t nence along the south bound, of decrees! east the distance of one hundred and four I . - ... ...i ..J a atnnaa thance cnains, io a aiase n. '" - - r - - - - - - - - souththi:ty live chains and twenty four Imkr to . ..... innpiiBn r n. n I aifKiiaE aaui as cilusi nine degree, eat twenty chain to the west bound of lot thirty live ; thence nionx ine inai .i - r - - A r. . .1..:.. mnA . i links to the ISOUUI FJnj 1WI - - - - - - - - I ..... r kiuiii.. rnnininina - nine hundred and ttn tr ik. mi sar raws inu uiira iu. - - i It 1 i.. eantitHn.nri. And aUo. a'J Uiat ! rrJl i. ,ra - t o - narrcl of land. SltU I ... " ,. r" I. .K. :iul. nf .J .K IKa onainTW I'll A W aWirE. ASA CAI - B asseaia vb l Jan 3 lw haul.. ... .1 " z . ' ' . - rrst m b MRS. MO RAN. (from Dublin, repectfuUy beg leave to announce to the hvlie. andgenUMenolXew.iora, ' r wm laae place w uwun nuarye,! - ., r Overture, fufi orcbertra. J' " - ' ' Boor, M Bruce' addre.," Mr. Jieen acoica air. Echo - duet, Mr. B.eene irir.Timuu, " - - I ne H ihe then failed in her trutV lr - I Wall. Buhop. . .'. and for ale V v My ' Lou'wa Cecelia, from Leghorn, by dec27 ABR. OGDEV, Waihington - et.; Xfk COTTON. " O cf bale, prime Vpbwd cotton, landing from sen. South - Carolina for le by O. SUlCI'l it 93 line - rt w o... u t?;i Fwn W Mrs. Mono. Iruh. Soni) II wa fam'd for deed of arm,' Mr Song, "Had! a heart for falielwod framed" Urn Vn lmh. ' Air, piano - forte, Mr. Moran, Gelinek. Act Secoud. . Overture, full orchertra. ' Song, Fly soft ye ef byr,' Mr. Moran, Bi Dnet " If thou canst live on humble fare,' Mr. Keene and Mr., moran, vinue. Concerto, piano - forte, Mr. Moran, Dusjck. - Duett, Rert weary traveller, - air. ucu. Mr. Moran, Rraham. Hunting ong, Mr. Wall,' Dibdin. SCOlcn "W, mn. niwau Song, " Home love and liberty," Mr. Keene, HUhoD. ..... Floate, full orchestra. , . ' Leader, Mr. Oenui. rano - iorie, nir. i ran n - F. h H. SHELDON ft CO. " " NOTICE. rrj Thcpartiiership of A. S. Gnswold ft Co. is dissolved by mutual consent. The business will be hereafter conducted by A. 8. Oris - wold and Kneeland Tewmend, under the same firm A. 8. GRISWOLD, VKl'(l.lNDTOWNSE5D. Jan 3 2w' ELIHU TOWNSEND. fVT - The subscribers have loriued a con w ion i: - :n k. in.. umicr inanriu w wivr... w v ...... a f n drrratnl order Ol tnis nono - id inc 1'L"""1"" " . , u ....l ha haIiam f tnn 1 nniint iiuurv iiu"sw " 1 . . - arT a vj Hum nn A M .... F jan 3 cod3t GABRIEL F.MOTT. NOTICE. have formed n co Cherry and wover - siree oo - - - . - ; rrj - 1 ne - . rr - The subscriber eriy in rroni on viierry - uivi, ............ ' v ismnip i nershiE sround belonging to lanauigooo, souiiica..., r tKCxaxn. . i... .r.... ... nr Utp the nronertv of ground now or late the property of jan 33t JOHN F. ELLIS, WM. FLECKNER, No. 20 Fulton - street pVTOTlCE hereby given that a ,n "" . . . . . . . S tai.nlv 1 M III l.a lie. v;i v - - - - - . is ing in breadth, m iront "J'" - vrm "tho last six montrt of four and a hupe ven leet ana six inuin, - " - - the cao tal Stoc, 01 Uiis t - ww'"" side one hundred ana sevea " s fjafiared. and will be paid to the fctocxnoi mreorle:ter th the rP'l'lrigiiU. oersonine ' - ""'"v - Dated Deccmbe" r". ion ..rvro a.. Jan 5 1m JOHN i. air.11. - - .k.i... ... n'... r' lutretelure ll 2 - ki. ifa. nnitrr the firm of If Wolf, Packard k D'Wolf, is thi day dusol vea oy niiiuarciMr - ii. - . j - . J. . . l. : . . . .m Mnii.lm1 ,n settled acconnis wiui biu ui, - i - call at 57 Front street, for settlement New - Ywk VeC - '""JAMES D'WOLF, . nimra on lhAAU rAA.lvnni, JAMES D'WOLF, Jun. dec 31 TTR. and Mr. MELINE wilfully Informs lyl the ladies ana geniiemnu - .ii.v.l. ink nlace oa ...w.w.j . - r . , New - York, and inilvansli'atent. and known oy ,hftt their concert wil - .rent lot thirty four, and bounded as follows: be - Tuesday the 13th i rinningat a stake and henp of stone near a beer h r0OD,t tity jiotel, of i ? ..rW.H rn. Si and 'Jfl i beinc the northeast .. oc,i hv most i .r . .. - inftl meir cmiTi. s " .u. nr.hat I ' . s. j u marxea q. oe - - a..i - u j tost, at tne cuy b,u.j r.n.l and tnttrumentaJ mu r,ha nrnfpuora and ama tree, ?;".": vr IILV sic, - - .Ji.. iima. raniar nr lot thirtv seven iinenccBKiw I ol Uiis rn v. i Biii.u.a.. m. - - 1 1 jiu..( .n..ik ail.iv nine desrrees. west I r.. i ax uuwiu ... ... I an., v - . iuj ..j i.mi. Mffhr rhaim ana diir - iv six links to beech tree marked No. 35 and 34 , arked No. 33 and 34 NOTICE. ;l ..,:n kan.t,Jnra avitti'te under I - . ,. ,ih...t rnrorr of lot f No. 33.) nom - I ".r - Sr'a' ','r JK ,'a V - 1 r a u N n e ni. nUwVtbr r tjince along the east udunds I - ' ' - - S " - AB " ' .l ...t aiirhtv oneiric j - "'ji."J - .7". .Jr.ttZJiati cerus of tbe siid Ormwn, ne se . uv rRR.114 i I.OOVI3. AtNo.47 8ouUntnet. Who has in store, for wde, . , . i n, v C nests in penaj ... ,... ..j B do Hyson dof of first fmalities aod fid do vounehTsondof entitled to oeowi. 56 do Hyson fckia doj 11 casks Palm Oil 66 ream Fool Cap Vellum PP' 6 do Copper Plate . do A small quantity Cayenne Fepper. jan I, 1818. HnrrACF. LEARNED, Isle ef Ht f .. . . . .flu - . MT J New York, .in Ean.' Patent, a" 7 iprpi. of transaftm? coaa - ereat lot Unity seven, and is Dotiooea i n.i..iAn hntiness. V lows : Besnnmnx at a berolocK tree mara - i - ; . .Vsueum. LTn. 37m.I 40. beinc the northeast, cor - , mU tUgartuhAuuin, umukum. aln reV' - .Wh apl,ng V.VSZ marked No. 36 ft 37 thence north three de - D0W ;Miumbng .r "r" rXork. Sr";! building, such a Willi lu - nr, . . . .1 . . . .,..hli - ari.tu - a. .. - . aZC. W'WAML'? trV, rZ vTaKiBSS Meek, ot re nmorra - . r.r" - ., . ik,n,. a. - s7 rakin sirnr. C"'tiw r'.. Ve. kC. ..J Hnreawnatlt I UVeOCB 00 aork. patking wrr, c - i'Htig ', Vi . . ... - tha west hounds of lot thury - eight, south seventy - tisht chains to the place of bteinmog. cooUudn . I . arrva aad one ooe iDCUsaoa ruu - - fourth of in acre of land with tbe apDurteaaace. Dated, uecemoerz,, 11 De31awJtdt Master uCbancefy. A View of ?oBth Aka. The fix V BY P. ! MILLS CO. v ; - ' . ; Thurtday, i , . - A eencral aortmetof dry goods. "' . " BIT FRANKLIN & MlSTURJf, , , ' ' ' - Tr.urday. Jan. 8. ' XII o'clock, at the T. C. U. ' ' That very ptea.ant .ituation, on the East Kav - er. about 6 mite, irom the city, adjoining the . - d c..i..a.Uia Inn. tin Hell known KSI in i, eimtiiwii. ' 1 1 . , a. the property oi the late Ann tiardenbrook. deceael, coniainnij; ni'uui m - . TliurtJ.r, 15th inU XU o'clock t the T. C. II that very eligibly - aiwated tad valuable State and Lot US reari - st. I forineriy occupied by Palmer, NichoU k co, at present uj Lveriy, omiwn i. about xt ft - et on Pearl .t. with a privilege in r - - .u. q r.. '.nnli.. In tha tleDth of the Store, 24 feet 10 inehe. in the rear, and . 1 16 1 - 2 feet in length, more or lr, having the . ri... inin' The .tor u a most nnni . .r ti.;. ....a . fuwii'afii. oe ftie neni ieuir ... - - - - - - - . . anmrnitef which is BCMUe,strong firtiflcd;rob - jars cave in in? uctiot ui ius bo"""i Door open from 9 o'clock in the mormnrtiii 19 in tbe evening. jan 3 rw 4 - ftorr lub tanUal lire - proof builiLng, Sti f Jeep, compleUly fitted for the dry good buu - nets, Willi iron .aw, ineiYc, - "'"" and boor case ; Unow renting for 1C00 dullar per annum j 15000 may remain on mortgage Th purchaser mar take a deed and pay the residue on the nrst oi . . . a rM tli Hiv February next, receiving tne rem irum - or on Uie first of May next, when powcsaKXi will be civen $6000 U insured on the store tor 2 fmm the 28th February next. Tea per rears irom m u. . ; - - i i . ." " ,., I cent of the purchase money to be paid on the day r - .ln.ridathalfpat6.andtheper - CCDl.,u,e r wv w w awiii. Inf wain formance to begin precisely at 7 o'clock. , Tue.d.y, Jan. 20. ' - 'Jl TickeU to be had at Washington - Hall, tthl xil o'clock, at the T.C. U. by order of Wra. mnsic - stores, and at Mr. Moran'sf No. 71 Blai - I 0tnnin2 iurvivilia executor of Thorn nj Smith, den - lane. ' . dec 31 ai K5(1. deceaed. Uie Hoifte and Lot, Vi vau - u " ft - r - The public is re - pcctlully informed, that next to the City Bank. the Continent rfJbuop. by Ue apH.ation of - "2 RIQ lne ; it DtvruB ' .n,i ttn Rivimrtnn - iireett the lots each 3S feet is now on a totir through tiie United Slate, and fltint an(i 50 deep; the houses two - story, with . iur ivfrks in the citv of I ,... - .11... rHar kitchens, ftc. 2 rooms New York. The sinRularity of this interesting Jn the Rn BooP wilj, pantries between and wide Female has attracted the aUent'on and adrnra. fc j room wilk 2 pautrie ti(nofthe Royal Family, NobilityandGentryof 7 tach hoose has an alley Sr'". .Ti.. ;;r.!.ri,.HfSaieCobourc. cisterns, &c. 4c. . versnlly acknowledged Iter to be the most aston - UhingrrienomenoneveriLnuwB.. - She will rei:eive the visit of Ladies and Gentlemen from 11 o'clock in the forenoon till 3 in tbe afternoon, attlte City Hotel, Broadway. iJmistinit fill rent!. tnhffhftflkitthACar. Janflw tw Vnk VVMn Inmranrf. C'fJlflTJtlftty, J'lWJ - raj if im - - " a . . . R nnlpr of the board. orE.,No.34Wall - str!t. WM. M'NEAL, Sec'ry. Notice. rrj MELICK ft ROGERS having taken into 11 11 . - r" . inres er und under lease to the present occupants for a term of years. For par. tkulars apply at the auction room. Br J. P. DIKTEH1CH & CO. 1 Tomorrow. At half past IX o'clock, at the ladies Auction n w 7 p. rk. Trv reneral assortment ot sea - onable dry goods, ntw furn.tnr and fancy - e a - - . 'flHs first instalment of the second sun - - T .... srrrr: . ,i.. s, - ir of thi, comrjanv. wiU be I articles, among which are fine napneu aiwriea niil'WI CVRUKGHS. IJUCri. Kc s J oaie, itni .iv..., "r - - u. 11 .1 ....r.i;M. .urwiflna blacn oroaucioui .1 v.. a. " - - 1 . . bolts Kusiia liucn 30 pieces fine French Cambric 5 cases brown tia'illas 50 cak dry White Lead . 200 boxes Chcew, entitled to debenture, forsa - eby - - - - - .TbffiSEU. " nn :i ... wr. . of 10 and t o'clock. Jan tf copartnership Samuel D. tvogers, sou 01 ,1 .1 .. T . !n r". - I, n.i.wt.ii 1... j .::i, iiiwifliia linen cambncs, uo Rogers, tne ousiness wiii in iiur - 1 auu - - j . uefirmofMehck.IASon. J - uetmuslin, M - Sot DAVID ROGERS, merino sliawls, 8 - 4 do angoh do, angoU robea erino iiwwii, - - v s . . ... a iw terVs, mV.v6RK UICK tVMU lel . . . . . r 1. k I a tk. ... - M...f anit ilirrlnr have this dai Tha nr dmt and directors have mis uay ree'd per snip tnaia, p jjgjjjj & CO, : - , o6South - treet declared a dividend 01 nve per ccm on m - ." - (al stock cf the company for the la,t six mouths, payable to the stockholders, or tVeir legal repre - vntaUves, on and after the 12th instaut, at the jan 6 lm - c. J. atiu witw, - 'y ft5 - FRtDEKlCK. bHELDON, HEMIY Dullness at iw sorted colours and qualities, 7 - 10 and 12 - 4 rote - blankets, bomtnaeis aimow r - eij qualities, black IrUh poplius, lri linens, an cle - eantaMortment of thread laces, silk do, M black " . ... it. 1 .L..L .nit lafft I - X and wnite suit iac iu 1 - - - - - - hlkf.andnoe veil, ladie. and gentlemen's black "indKiiaau 110 - 0 vn, - ""r, . . ...l.nn, AMnrtinent of plaid Silks. black florence do, garaiture ribbons, m U., nVC stripe veslin - , callicrs, gallw.n t)iudm caw ladies and misses braver hafts, with f airier, j. .i..r. u.wl la.lips fine worsted hose ry, London pins, sewing silks artorted, black do, with numerou. other articles. ' ' . .. .. r .i i. n.a, rurntvura. sucn ii I elegant side hoard, ladie. work tables. burCu.,and tablts, leds and bed.led.ndi Want ett of curtan., elegant large looking - . . ... j. ., uvMiil imallerdo. 1 Slasies, I mainieu", .. - . ose hdies mnrco work boxes, .ale. adjourn at 2 and nxommince at J o'tioc. , , 1 In. evi nine;. . . .,i i. n CKnthnm.atraat. corner of Dirine - strert, a valuhhle collection of books and statiowy. among which are some rare and al - uable works. ' . riuvaiii ij,w... 1 eleeant natent hanging lamp, suitable for an awnibiy icom. . ti.T?r,Hia Rnnd. a vr rr Imndsome ruuntry - ...7" VJ....i.., i,n.. a.Ml out build - sesi. wiimcrj .. ., ., . mgs, commanrling a fine view ol the north nverj would be exchanged for merchandise ; term. ac - commodaiini, For paitkulars apply at the auc - tiou room. BLFXCKF.R ft BIBBY, ' V WedneiKiay, Jan. 7h. Four lots of ground on Walker street, 25 feet front and rear and 106 fr et deep earn - Aifo m lot of ground , yvhitr - sireet - Terms will be advtagaou. to purchases - At wme Utna three " t A I a '. r ra AH lhl tlnnil lot of ground oy i " - . : 1 ? . , . . 1 ... fnnnnl anil aide of L.eonaranre - 1, Ww. . Hudsoo - .treet two of them enclosed, Iwnr to gether, and on m occupauouw Termatsale. Those two lot of ground, no,. io . it,.h Sanare. io Hudaao - street, and one ios from the comer of ueacn - streei, auu feet 9 Inches front and rear by 17& ieei each. The greater pan oi tne puruuu - may remain on mortgage. Terms will oe auvaniageuu, dec 27 8t Mi l If T' Refamling of Internal Duties ' cember, 23d, .. .hlut V bomber. ?eriodsexteiKjiog , . " k. rpf.,. 817. and for stamps not used, are to be rc um - rd by the respecUve collector provided tbo Itamp. shall be'returned previous to the firrt day of May, l,8 - ,n - .TMA! THOMPSON. Collector of the Kcvecue, New - York. w.Vrk. Jan. 1818 - .' 6 NATIONAL lXaURAE COMPANY, . i"".1 . ... j n'.. f the Nation - The ti eswen. .iv.. - , al Insurance .Company, have U JrtJ ' "SS S. to the SMdeortheirre on arid after Tbunday xuc w fun S tFehl JOIN J - JEa' aecrr " mi. w OKK CIT ' DISPENSARY. iSiii i hereby given that oa Mid. the 12th day of January, Instant, t; twA hourVof twelve and one, th.r. .1I ZTA 1st office of the New - York City Dis - . rlsary, L Tryoo - row, in. the rr of the City IML the annual election of thirteen trustees, iccZ&BS to the provisioci of the charter. J3y order of the Board, ' ' .... i .. . i t . jonatnao uoouuun, . rranrisB. Wiotbrop, Committee. Edm'd.H. Pendleton, V jaaS 6t rrT - 71 - Slortnoiocr rr. - - - - r, Vbtf r . . . n.wim, will be hehl an fclectKw Me "V IL - . ih. at the Oftice 7io. v aii - r - , - 19th instant, toccmannc at 10 and liloie at x ivtock. By ord - .r of the Board of Director. n&iiHi.v"i JanSUOlh - NOTICE. of Loudon Watches, for ai by - i. e. " . dec 23 M".

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