Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 24, 1931 · Page 22
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1931
Page 22
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 24 1931 What This Country Needs-- I __^; By CLIFFORD McBRIDE ' J A law making it possible to lock up ail acrobatic autoists on slippery days. LIVESTOCK MARKETS DULL AT OPENING v ___ ___________ ·'_ : . ; · : *· flATTI C H D I O r O ^ « · - ^ K ^ «.73is:7; average cosfMon- l l j r T l l n j T * A PI · 11 I " ,, '' ~ TT7I ·» « · I · J* M «h ft · W l K I · 1 V I V TUTORS DEFEAT PENN 58 TO 17 $tate Teachers Hand Foes Their Ninth Defeat p in Row. CEDAR FALLS, Feb. 24. W~ Iowa State Teachers last night administered an overwhelming defeat to Penn college 58 to 17. It was Penn's ninth consecutive defeat. The Tutors soon overcame n. narrow Perm lead and led 31 to nine at the half. Captain Lloyd Haberichter of the Tutors led the scoring- .\vith 15 points. ; Summary: PENN (17) FG FT PF Bollman, f ....._.,,.. .2 '0 2 -Cownn, f 0 2 4 . J. Hihbs, f 0 0 a Bell, f I 0 0 Graft, c 3 1 1 Rhihhs, E 1 0 0 Pcmberton, g ·.-...-.·... .0 0 0 Totals 7 3 9 STATE TEACHERS (58) Cooper, I G 0 1 Hargcr, f 1 3 1 I,ambert, f ·. 5 0 2 Sleewcs, f i 0 1 Haberichter, c fi 3 0 Willert, c 1 0 1 Campbell, g 1 0 2 BccUmun, jr 1 0 0 Anderson, g ......... il' 0 0 Mscn, g 0 0 2 Totals 20 6 10 ·-.Official--North (Highland Parh) referee. « HANCOCK TOURNEY The following is the result of the Hancock county basketball tournament held at Britt: First Komul. : Garner 61, Corwith 7. - Britt 33, Klerame 10. Kanawha 24; Goodell 8. ; Crystal Lake 22; Haylield 15. Second Round. Garner 20; Britt 16. . Kanawha 25; Crystal Lake 24. Final Round. Garner 13; Kanawha 8. Consolations--Second Round. : Hayfield 24; Goodell 8. Klemme 18; Corwith 6. Consolation--Finn!. ,KIemme 27; Hayfield 15. DOTJBUSHEIADER WON BY SHEFFIELD CAGERS. ' SHEFFIELD, Feb. 24.--Sheffiel high school boys and girls basket hall teams won a douWeheader her last night by defeating the Nor Springs combinations. The loca girls won 39 to 13 and the boys 2 to 16. GRAFTON LOSES POUBLEHEADER. GRAFTON, Feb. 24. -- Grafton lost a doubleheader to Plymoutl here as the leaders strengthen their hold on the Cerro GWorth ti tie. Plymouth defeated the Grafton regulars 52 to 18. Grafton was han dicapped by the loss of three regu ]ars and the fourth went out of th game on fouls soon after play started. Plymouth also won the cur tain raiser 24 to 9. The present holder of the Lonsdule'Belt, embTematic of tho middleweight boxing championship of the United Kingdom, is a two-year-old infant, * * * t- Len Harvey, rangy young: British middleweight, now conducting a drive he hopes will carry him to M i c k e y Walker's middleweight throne, has presented the Lonsdale trophy to his baby son, Terry, now waiting in London for his dad to bring back more fistic'honors. Harvey is the first fighter ever to gain permanent possession of the Lonsdale Belt for the 160 pound class. By successfully defending his title three times he forced the donor to put a new belt up for competition. * v * * MARVIN OLSON, WHO PLAYED ON THE LUTHER TEAM FOR FOUR YEARS, WILL BE WITH THE BOSTON RED SOX THIS SPRINQ. * * ' » » » Spring football practice at the University of Minnesota means more than ever before as the March thaw and April winds come around again. Right up at the front of the 1931 schedule,' looms the return game with Stanford at Palo Alto, Cal., on Oct. 10, only a few weeks after the gridders have purchased their text-books. * * * *' During the recent scmipro tourney at the V. M. C. A. there were two Deims and one I'cnncy on the floor at the same time- in the semifinals Saturday iiftcrnoon and about $30 in the tin box at the doorway. * * * * WHICH IS HARDLY ENOUGH TO NOTIFY BUTCH KIESTER ABOUT. * * « * However all anglers should have been warned that Fish was going to meet Trout in the semifinals aa well. This was "Mountain" Trout that Fish met also and not "Brook* Trout. .There were two Trouts in the tournament. * * * * In Illinois the press tables shall be moved baclr four feet from the ringside, according to 5 the decree of the state athletic commission. The move was made so that fighters who dive thm the ropes may have an uninterrupted full to the concrete floor Instead of to a. soft spot in reporters' Japs. * * # * Steve Anderson, former Univer sity of Washington, hurdler whc tied the-high stick.record of 14. seconds eight times, bought a pai: of shoes in Helsingfors, Finland last summer and stepped out anc tied the world's record the first time he wore them. Upon leaving Helsingfors, the manufacturer askec Anderson permission to name th type of shoe the "Steve Anderson.' * * * * TOM PERRETT OF ROCK FALLS WAS AGAIN IN AT TENDANCE AT THE SEMIPRO BASKETBALL TOURNEY AT THE Y. WAS THERE EVER A TOURNAMENT .TOM MISSED? * * * a Famous last lines--Referee: Mur ray, umpire: Hemphill. CATTLE PRICES SHOW NO CHANGE Hogs, Sheep Under Pressure and Tending Toward Weakness. CHICAGO, Feb. 24. (/Pi--Dullness marked the opening of the livestock markets today because of the continued-indifference,of buyers in cattle, hog's and sheep to any sort of offering except the few specialties on sale. No change in prices marked the early trade in cattle but hogs and sheep were under pressure and tended toward weakness. Bids of 57 on good to choice 220 pound hogs were too low to fimj a seller and the same was true of 56.50 offers for 280@290 pound heavy butchers. Weights under 220 pounds had no action at all in the first 'few hours and the best were offered at $7.60, against a top of $7.65 yesterday. A small run of 6,000 cattle helped to bring out those buyers who needed good cattle for the early trade, but few'steers or she stock moved to the scales_thru these channels, and slaughterers indicated t h a t without some better outlet for beef they would not buy heavily. Shippers picked up an odd load or two at around $10 and shortfeds were offered at $7.25 to $9. With 13,500 head of'lambs to be disposed of. after 2,653 of the run today had been sent to packers direct, commission men faced a lower market. Bids at $8.50@8.75 for well-finished medium-weight lambs were high enough to take most of the better grades on sale and nothing appeared to carry quality to sell as high as yesterday's top at $9. Hogs closed (airly active find strong at early decline. Cattle finished steady to strong and s h e e p mostly steady. Losal Hogs MASON CITY, Feb. 24. -- Best sorted liphts, 180 to 230 Ibs., $6.50: best medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 Ibs., 56.10; best heavy butchers, 270 to 300 Ibs., $5.80; best prime heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs., $5.50; best packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs., 55.20, best heavy sows, 360 to 400 Ibs., S5.00. THOMPSON WINS POUBLEHEADER. THOMPSON, Feb. 24. -- The Thompson boys and girls teams won a douWeheader from Grafton here Monday evening. The boys won 2530 and the girls .won 19 to 35. Thompson is scheduled with Bru- mous for its final game of the season Friday. You can buy fake hotel labels for your luggage, but alas! your store bought towels give you away.--Mid- .west Review. .-.**(- While So.v x '\wnlt Vveather, SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Feb. 2-1. C.T --Manager Donie Bush and hi squad of Chicago White Sox bat terymen today hoped for better weather than greeted them for their opening practice yesterday. Catcher Moe Berg and Pitcher Garland Braxton failed to appear, but werp not classed as holdouts. Illini Card Eight. CHAMPAIGN, 111., Feb. 24. (-T)-The University of Illinois baseball team will play eight games on its annual southern trip this spring. The schedule: March 28, at Mississippi A. M.; March 30-31, at University of Missouri; April 1-2, t University of Alabama; Apr , at University of Kentucky. CHK'AGO LIVESTOCK ) CHICAGO, Feb. 24. (.T)--United Slates department of agriculture-- HOfiS 27,000: Including 6.000 direct: Sir 20c lower on weights above 250 Ibs., others lafa'Siic, lower: packing sows steady; top 57.40: bulk 140-210 Ihs. S7.10W-7.30: 220330 Ihs. 5ll.3tlW7.00: pips SB.ttOHte.50; packing sows JS.TrcTj fi.OO: Iteht Hunts, pood anl choice. 1-10-160 Ibs. $7.10^7.25; Ilpht woipht 60-200 Ibs S7.10W7.10; medium weight 200250 Ihs. S6.GO^ 7.2r»: heavy wej'pht 250-350 bs. ?6.25r!?fi.75; packinR sows, medium and Rood. 275-500 Ibs. $5.60i?G.10; slaughter pigs .00-130 Ibs. SG.OO'g'fi.85. CATTI.rj 6,000: calves 2.000: peneral m a r - ket very slow; mo.itly steady on better prade steers and yearlings; others xveak; killinR quality medium to Koort; best weighty fed teers around S10.001M0.25: bulk promising o sell at SS.75 down to S7.00; bulls weak o 15c lower and vealers 2. r »c or more down; slaughter cattle and vealers, steers, pood and choice 600-000 Ibs. S3.00-i 11.25; 9001100 Ibs. 58.25^11.25; 1100-1300 Ibs. SS.2!)^f' 11.25; 1300-1500 Ibs. S8.25{fll.riO: common nnd medium COO-1300 Ihs. S5.50fiS.50: holt- era, good and choice 5SO-8SO Ibs. SO.25'?' 0.25: common and medium S4.riOTt 6.7fi; cows, good and choice S4.25®6.25; common and- medium S3.50*ti 4.50; low cutter and cutter S2.75W3.50; hulls (yearlings excluded) i;ool and choice CbeeO 54.75^6.00; cutter to medium S3.75T! 4.60: voalers (milk ted) Rood and choice J7.75Ti9.!iO; medium S7.00©7-75; call nnd common S5.00tfi7.00; stacker and feeder cattle, steers, good and choice, 500 1050 Ibs. S6.755T'8.25; common and medium $4.75iT7.00. S1IKEI- 16,000; not fully established; few- sales weak lo unevenly lower; good to choice lambs SS.OOtfi 8.50; around 105 Ib. weiRhts at Inside: htst held around S9.00; slaughter sheep and lamhs, lambs, 90 Ibs. down, m * and choice S8.00W9.00; medium S7.25W8.00: 91-100 Ihs., medium trt choice S7.00'fi 8.90; alt weight. 1 ?, common S6.00S7.25: ewes, 90150 Ihs., medium to choice 53.50^15.00; all weights, cull and common 52.00^-1.00; f e e d - ing lambs 60-75 Ibs. S7.75W8.25. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA. Feb. 24. I.TI--U. fc. d e p a r t m e n t of agriculture-HOGS 14.000; 197 direct; very little done: shipping demand narrow; early sales j bids 10-25c lower; early top Sfi.75 on 170190 Ib. lights; 170-210 Ib. weights SS.85«j 6.75; 210-210 Ib. butchers 56.301?6.65: noth ing done on heavier weights, packing sow; steady, mostly S5.40'1715.60; average Monday 56.53, weight 2IS. CATTI.K 5,000; k i l l i n g classes general!! steady with action improved over Monday stockers and feeders scarce, about steady fed steers and yearlings mostly $G.75S'8.25 several loads alt weights 58.50^9; choic* 1.14B Ib. weights S10: heifers mostly S5.5' W6.75; bulk bnef cows S 4 W 4 . 7 5 ; few choice $5-fi5.oO; c u t t e r grades S3f*i3.75; medium bulls S3.7nif4.15; practical lop vealers SS odd head 59; few lots stockers and feeders S6.50S7.75. SHKKP 11,000: all classes steady: bull fed wooled lambs S7.7r^8.10; early top SS.25; best held around SS.40; no choic. ewes i n c l u d e d : m i x e d fat anrl f e e d i n g lomb.s to dealers S7.75«i 7.M. STOl'X CITV I.IVK.STOfK. SIOUX CITV. Feb. 2-1. (.TV-- U. S. depart ment of agriculture-- rATTI.K 2,500. calves 100; beef sleerh end yearlings draggy. few around steady at Monday's extreme decline: flit she stock steady to weak; bulls fully 25C lower: stock era and feeders scarce, little changed: ocl« tots steers and yearlings up to 59; good mod him to heavies held aliove SO; plain kinds $6.50; and below; few fed Heifers up to S7 most cows 53.75*4.50; b i d d i n g down f 53.75 on heavy beef hulls; vealer lop S9.50 odd lols stockers 57 down. HOGS 13.500. fairly Active, I r r e g u l a r mostly 10-15C lower for butchers; packing sows about steady: bulk 110-190 Ib. butch era top S7 s p a r i n g l y ; 200-230 Ib weights mostly SS.3.T8 6.75; 240-230 111 weights Sli.lbtiS.40: 290 llis. IIP 55.S5ff6.10, packing sows largely S. r .2r,{r.VSO. few S5.KO S I I K K I * 4.000. o p e n i n g weak to .shippers doubles 88 Ib. led wooled lambs SS.25; hulls best wooled o f f e r i n g s held around S8.25: oth er classes scarce, quoted steady. "H SOCTII ST. rAI.T. I.IVKSTOC'K. ' SOUTH ST. PAUL. F«h. 21. (.11--U. department or RRricuUnre-- CATTLE 2 200: rcpenlnK alow, prospects about steady wltn Momlny'a averse; fcv lots matureil steers held aroum] SSffS.BO Imlk all weiRht.i shnrt fed salable S7... down; little clone as yet on she stock; ter* moderately acllve, larE«ly S2.riOff b i d d i n g weak lo 25c lower on h u l l s , or mostly J3.7S d o w n : o u t s l n n r t l n B m e d i u m jrriules occasionally reached S4: feeders nnrt stockers celling fair n c l l o n . Calves 3,300; vealer? Fteariy to w e a k : I m p r o v e d q u a l i t y considered; cood grades largely S7.r0; choice k i n d s SO.r.O. HOfiS 11,000: f n l r l y a c t i v e m n s t l y l, r i-2.c lower limn .Mnndliy's a v e r a q e ; h e t t e r ir."- 220 Ih. welRlils S a . S f J W 6 . 7 R ; lni Jfi.7.'i: 220- Ib. welRhts 56.73^:7; average cost-Monday SO.57, weight 226. SI1KKI* 1,500; late fal lamb market Mond a y steady: numerous Ioad3 of fed westerns Al SS.25;. talking around 25c or more tower toduy: part of run back; Indications ewes steady, salable £4.50 down. KANSAS CITV MVKSTOCK. K A N S A S CITY, Feb. 24. I.-TI--U. S. de- p a r t m e n t of agriculture-- UOGS 5,000; 70 direct; mostly ]0-20c lower on 230 Ibs. and d o w n ; top $7 on 1SO-200 Ibs. Good and choice 140-160 Ihs. S6.50|i 6.85: 100-lBO Ibs. $6.GO!i7; 1SO-200 Ib3. S 6 . C O W 7 ; 200-220 Ibs. $6.5097; 220-250 Ihs. SG.40iF6.9S: 250-290 Ib3. S6.15ff6.60; 200350 Ibs. S6©C.30; packinB sows 27n-aoO Ibs. Sn/JS'ffS^f): stock pigs, yood and choice 70130 Ihs. SC,25'i7. (rATTI.K 6.500; calves 500; killing classes slow, steady to weak; most bida lower on S7.25 1100- Sleers. gpn.1 ami cho'ice 000-000 Ibi. ((i 10.50; 900-1100 Ihs. S7.25if 10.50; 1300 Ib3. 57.25^ 10.50: 1300-1500 Ibs. S7.25^ 10.50; common and medium 600 Ibs. up STi fl7.25: heifers, good anu medium and choice S3.r0'if4.50; low cut ter and c u t t e r S2.50ft 3.50: vealers fed) medium lo choice 55«9: cull and common 53.50T/5: sl6ckers and feeder sleers, Bood nnd choice ( a l l weights) S6.25fi 8.75; common and medium (air weights) S4ft' 6.75. S U K K P 10.000; early sales killing classes steady to w e a k r best fed Iambs held around SS.35. Lambs, good and choice 90 Ibs. down S7.25it 8.35: medium 90 Ibs. down S6.25^ 7.25: common, all weights S5'@G-25; medium lo choice 91-100 Ibs. SG.aS'ffS; ewes, medium to choice 150 Ibs. down $3.25(54.75. LIVESTOCK FOBKCAST. CHICAGO, Feb. 24. (.-VI--Of ficlal estimated receipts tomorrow: Catlle 5.000; hogs 20,000; sheep 12,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO. Feb. 2-i. .T--Representative sales as selected by the U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of agriculture-- CATTI.K. Steers-- Heifers-22 1358 JO. SO 12 740 8-01) IS 1367 10.2f, 19 111- 7.25 1358 1367 ll.SS 1-157 1138 1200 11-17 1210 781! 9 I U 1223 870 12 Xalive Lambs-218 SB 117 S9 92 90 12.5 2-t.i 115 92 78 91 9-.BO 9,'JO S.fiD fi.OO 7.25 7. on 0.05 6.00 SHKKl 1 . Fed 210 150 son 4011 216 Fa I Cows-12 14 16 6 740 ·U1-- 679 813 its? 1210 1012 815 3.00 9.00 S.S5 S.75 S.75 s.ur, ,t 100 93 130 97 US 72 230 ~r, 33 102 9,1 112 60 Heavy-21 351 42 312 ,3 2S9 61 275 56 263 7-1 2.'..'; Mediums-19 250 39 242 2 22S 62 217 SO 209 63 202 S.40 R.25 8.00 7-:'o 7.on 6.5B Westerns-SI £3 00 99 10. r . Ewes -116 100 12(1 1S3 190 9.0fi S.ST) 8.7.1 4.75 4.50 4.25 4.00 fi.'.'Tj 6.10 6.511 fi.OO 6.6r, 0.70 6.7!i 6.SI) 7.0U 7.0J 7.10 7.15 Lights-33 61 87 47 30 40 LiKht uir, 183 1S2 172. 106 Lights-- ISfi 117 T.25 7.20 7.30 7.-10 7.25 7.25 7.10 7.0(1 6.50 Hog Markets By THE ASSOCIATED I'RKSS Hog prices at Iowa markets Tuesday: CKllATt RAPIDS--Prime hogs: Mediums SG.OOfi 6.2. r »: heavies Sit.SOT/ 5.30; lights 5G.20 G . I O ; packers $4,00-1(5.25. ' DES JIOINEK 2,100: steady to JOc lower; irime lights SG.flO^t G.85; prime mediums 547G.7ri; prime heavies S5.75!i 0.40; good lackers 55.00^5.75. OTTUMWA--5c lower: 120-luO Ibs. S-l.60- 150-170 Ibs. SG.OO; VTO-220 Ibs. SO.55; 220- 2GO Ibs. SO.30: 2GO-300 Ibs. JS.OO; 300-3.')0 bs. 55.70; over 350 Ibs. $5.40; good packers S5.20: f a i r packers S-l.20. \VATKIU.OO-Prime hogs S6.20ff6.50; mediums S5.905t6.40; heavies S5.60CG.OO; packers S4.7nW5.25. COMItlNKD HOG HKCEIl'TS. DKS MOINES, Feb. 2-1. (.pi--U. s. depart- m e n t of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 23 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. loday were 1-1.000 compared with 21.000 a week ago. Market uneven, hogs scaling around 220 Ihs. nnd down mostly 10 to 25 cent 1 ; lower; weightier butchers and packing sows weak to 10 cents lower; lfiO-230 pound weights largely S6.40^i6.75; 210-290 pounds, S5.90W G.40: big weight bulchers downward to S5.tiO Quotations for good and choice; Light lights. 140-160 Ibs. SH.20WG.85; light weights, 100-1RO Ibs. SO.SO'ti 6.85: 180-200 Ihs. S6.50'o 6.S5; m e d i u m weights 200-221) Ihs. 56.40516.8."i: 220-250 Ihs. SO.05^ 6.71); heavy weights. 250-290 Ibs. S5.8rjiiV6.40; 200- 3aO Ihs. S5.60TJ6.15. Goo[ packing sows 276-350 Ib*. 55.25^ 5.75: 350-425 Ibs. S5.10'a 5.10: 125-550 Ib5 S-l.-5ff5.SB. M O O FljTL'KKS C H I C A O O , Feb. 21. (.VI--Hog f u t u r e s : Light hogs to arrive tomorrow o f f e r e d at S7.75; b i d d i n g S7.50: mediums S7.2f S7.10: h e a v i e s 50.75 and S6.60. O f f e r e d . LIGHTS -Feh March .. iS.7.' .. .8.75 April May MEDIUMS-Feh March A p r i l May HKAV1ES-- l.'cb. . . « March A p r i l May Bid. 7.50 7.50 .7.50 .7.35 .9.10 .8.10 ,r,75 .7.00 .7.25 .7.25 7.00 7.00 s,r,o fi.7. 7.00 MISCELLANEOUS MI.VNEAVOL1S FLOI'R M I N N E A P O L I S , Feb. 24. (.-Tt--Flour unchAtttftMl: in carload lots, f a m i l y patents quoted $5.106 .VSO n barrel In 98 pountl cotton sai:hs; shipments 3-1,816. Bran $H $:U.SO; standard m i r f i U l n K S S III. 50 ^j 11.00. I 1 OTA TO .MARKKT. CHICAGO. Feb. 21.f.pj-- U. S. D e p a r t m e n t of agriculture--Potatoes, 300. on L r n c k :t75; lolal U. S. s h i p m e n t s S a t u r d a y 1,010; Sunday 35c^ MomJny 341; about .steady; trading r a t h e r .slow; sucked per cwt,, Wisconsin round \vhi tea 31 -25 l o 1 .-1 o; ungraded Sl.l." to 1.20: Iclalm russets N'o. 1, $l.t0 to 1.55: few $ l . f i u ; No. l , 51.IS to . i si.'j, r i; f e w .shade h i g h e r ; Colorado McClurcn lrnnded $1.70 to 51.7ft; u n b m n d e d §1-50 to Ji.rifi. 'KW VOKK si;r;.Mi, NEW YORIC. Fell. 2-1. i . V -- K n w Vul advanced '2 points to 3..12C. spots d u t y p ran- l u l u res at m i d d a y 2 to -1 p u l n i a higlier; r e f i n e d unchanged at IIA V M A K K K T . CtUCM-,0, Prii. 21. i.ll--il; TOLEDO. Feh, 21. f . T i -- C l o v e r seed, cash oinestic 'dil S14.25: n n w a n r l larrrli .511 SO; choice cn.iH 15.00. AMkr--nnsh M.ircfl St-l.tlO. AVERAGE GRAIN VALUES LOWER Drop Caused by Increases in Visible Supply of Wheat and Corn. CHICAGO, Feb. 24. 7P_United States wheat and corn visible supply increases tended to make grain prices average lower today. Furthermore, reiterated reports were current that federal farm board alllies continued offering wheat to Europe at lower prices than private firms. There were also late advices of heavy snowfalls in Canadian wheat territory. Wheat closed heavy. -unchanged in l',ic lower, May old S2c. July 66%c. Cora ft if,I W e o f f , May old G3 3 ;« -,ip; July,65«4@-«c. uals v a r y i n g from lie decline to Sc advance, and provisions u n c h a n g e d lo 15c up. P r o f i t - t a k i n g sales " o r corn broadened out when wheat suffered a break a f t e r an early advance. In ensuing tumble carried May corn down IVic In a few minutes 'from G4^ic. Primary receipts of corn totaled 1.407,000 bushels against 903,000 a week ago and 994,000 at tills time last year. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO. Feb. 24. (.pj--Wheat, No. 2 red 78c; No. 1 hard 78?T'79lc; N o . o hard T8\-.rjvie; No. 1 mixed TS'STS'ic; No. 1 northern spring 7Bc; No. 2 mixed 78c. Corn. No. 2 mixed G O ' / i S f d l c : No. 3. mixed 57 Vi STSD'.'i c: No. 4 mixed SGi.lTiSSc: No. f, mixed Mile; No. 2 yellow C O ' i f f G 2 c i No. 3 yellow 58 \i fn 6 0 v i c ; No. 4 yellow 5GV- (^SSlic; No. 5 yellov; 55T'56',!ic: No. 2 white C2fi'(j2^',c: No. 3 white 59?; i? 61 l i e ; No. 4 white 571.4*600; No. 5 wfilte M'.isT 55'-;c: sample grade 50c. Oats, No. 2 white 32t?32»ic; No. 3 white 30132C: No. 4 w h i t e 30c. Timotlly seed S8.7rs9. Clover seed MS'iT 20.75. Lard SS.10: ribs S10.75; bellies 510.37. MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, Feb. 24.-Barley 3ic Oats 23c Shelled corn, No. 4 43c Ear corn 40c CtoamFuiures T U E S D A Y CHAIN CI.OSK C H I C A G O . Feb. 24. old. . new. o l d . . new. May July Sept. ... \VHE:AT- May old. .. n e w . . July Sept OATS-old. . new. Mar. .May July Sept RYK-Mar. o l d . . . M a y o l d . . . . n e w . . July Sept I.AKD-- Mar May July BELLIES-May Julv Mar. old. .. . new. . . n!d new., . July Sept WHEAT-Mar. old. .. . n e w . . . o l d . . . . n e w . . , H i g h . .(ifi'i .66 It .79' .?9-.82 ..LI'S .33 . 3 3 ' , .39'i . 4 1 = , S.12 S.47 .60 7 .61 ': .f.3 ' , .04 " .791,4 .82 . S3 ' i .31 'i .31 -··; .38", ,41'i .43'; .42'; .4:1 -·; G R A I N (U'GN CHICAGO, Feh. 24. Close Close Yr. Ago. Sat'd'y. May M a y July Sept OATS-Mar. o l d . . .S8-; .88 1.10'; l-13'..j .64 i.' '.66' .7911 old. . . . n e w , . . May July Kept R Y E -Mar. old. . . n e w . . Slay o l d . . . new. . J u l y Sepl I.AHD-- Mar May July BEJ.LIKS-- May (.VI -Close. .lit 1 ! .61 « I .82 .S3',; .lif.'l .33 .32'; .3311, .42 .13 '. .42',' .-I-M S.12 s.r.o S. 12 (.n-Open Today. .65 U .79U .sail .831.1 .68'.i · BS'.i .32'; .31-; .-IS V. .43',', . - l l - i . .10. H) . .10.UO . .10.82 July 13.00 S. U) 8.27 8.45 10.45 10.55 .MI.NNGAFOI.IS G R A I N . M I N N E A P O L I S . Feb. 24. (J'l--\Vlieat. receipts 555 cars compared to 162 a year a^o; m a r k e t unchanged. Cash No. 1 n o r t h e r n 73',i;!jr 77!£c; No. 1 dark northern 15 per cent protein 73'.-iff77lie: 14 per c e n t 73'.i iC 7T',ic: 13 per cent protein 73Si fi 7714c: 12 per cent protein 73A'ii,77Vje: No. 1 darii hard Montana 14 per cent protein 71V2'T 73'^c: lo arrive 71!£*?73VjC; No. 1 a m b e r d u r u m 72 !i ^7:iUc: N O , 2 a m h e r d u r u m «9i.Hji73.i,c; No. 1 red d u r u m fillic; May 76!-.c; July 70c: September t7'.(:C. Corn--No. .1 yellow 52f/r»l:. Oats--No. 3 while 28,i 1i 20c. Barley--3Mc55c. Rye--No. 1. 35i,ifr37 1 ,io. Flax--No. 1. S1.53'.i«tl.5T.i. O.MAIIA O M A H A . Frb. 11. l.Ti--Wheat--Dark hard No. 1. 70',^c; No. 2, 71c: hard No. 1. (i9',£'-;· 70c: No. 2, fiflfrfi.oc; n o r t h e r n spring No. ,1, C O c ; d u r u m No. 2. ii5 l -j fi 66Hc; rrixcd Ni. 2, I J 7 V j C ; No. 3. 67-fi 69c. C o r n -- W h i t e No. 3. 5I'ir.2c: yellow,No. 2. . M i i f T s r i p ; No. 3. SOli.VJc; mlxp,l"'No. 3, t 8 ' i 1 i 4 9 c ; N o . I , 4 7 T r l 8 c . O a t s -- W h i l e No. 2, 30'/, c. K A N S A S CITV O I I A I . N . K A N S A S CITY. Fch. 21. l . I ' l -- I V I i n a t -- I U 7 cars; u n c h a n g e d ; No. 2 d a r k haul 7 0 f a 7 1 c : No. 3 nominally OSif.-ii 71 i.c; No. 2 hard F.9fi71c: Ko. 3. (isi-ifi70c; No. 2 red nominally 71 1 ,-jfi73c; No. 3 nominally 70 l ,-'.-l 7l'.4c. Corn--171 e a r s ; u n c h n n c e d to ic lower, No. 2 w h i l e 54 ',(,-Ti 5. p tf; No. 3. '»2i(.^ 5-1 -'-c- No. 2 yellow 5-I 1 ,i«r-55^c: No. 3. 5 i ' / . r i i M c No. 2 mixed 53',.; f, 5ln; No. 3. s n f i f i m c . Oals--21 earn; down I c ; No. 2 wlUle 3'lr.- Nn. 3, 32i-:c. M l l o m a i z e -- Q S c f i S I O l Kafir--S3c. R y e -- N o m i n a l l y 4 3 ^ - l l r . B a r l e y -- I I ft 42c. ISrldrjc Ili'pnirinfi- Starts. HAMPTON. Feb. 2-1.--Work of repairing the Squaw creek bridge on highway No. 65 which broke flown in November, has been started nmi it Is expected that the highway w i l l be open to traffic in about two weeks. Market Notes BY TICKER TAJVE Wltli money cheap, industrial production low, s e c u r i t y loans deflated and a year and a h a l f r of readjustment completed, short sales can serve no purpose except I n c u r r i n g a large risk for the possibility of specula- liv« and u n c e r t a i n gains, the Alexander Hamilton Institute points out In commenting on the securities markets. "Fundamentally." the review says, ."conditions are those which have preceded advancing rather t h a n declining markets. Industrial production has b e e n d e c l i n i n g for the past year; consumption has undergone a severe reduction. In m a n u f a c - ture and trade, business has been readjusted to a rate of activity reflecting depression, with these adjustments, stock prices have undergone clenttllon: the supply of credit Is ample; security loans have undergone great shrinkage. The Imminence ot a buying zone has b e e n indicated by these r e a d j u s t m e n t s The one certain factor lias b e e n the market i t s e l f . A f i r s t indication of the d r y i n g up of necessitous or forced l i q u i d a t i o n was a f f o r d ed In December. The action of the market since t h a t t i m e Is a f f o r d i n g more corrobor- atlon for the conclusion t h a t is at hand.' a buying zone Fresh from a 15-day vacation in Cuba. Schwab has returned lo New Charles M. York with a message of optimism for steel I n d u s t r y and business In genera] The chairman of the board of B e t h l e h e m Steel sees the steel i n d u s t r y gaining slowly. January reports showed Improvement over December, he said, and February will show an Improvement over January. Mr. Schwab, tanned and vigorous, was much more willing to comment on business conditions than on Feb. 7, the day he sailed on the Caronln. He declined then to be Interviewed. Now, however, he Joked briefly with reporters. "Of course," he said, "you know I am an established optimist. H I were a pessimist, my optimism m i g h t be news. However, I do believe that business Is progressing It is progressing slowly, but surely, and rd rather see It come back that way than by any spasmodic rise. The steel business Is barometer of the nation's right now it is steadily on more or less condillon. and the Increase." A. T. AND T. KECO.MKS .MOST I'OrUJkAK .SIl'OL'K American Telephone and Telegraph has displaced Consolidated Gas of New York as the stock held by t h e greatest number of poup or investment companies d u r i n g the last year. The telephone stock at the close of 1330 was held by 32 out of the 48 investment trusts included in this survey. Mr. Nichols finds. It was the fourth most popular stock a m o n g such investment organizations included In a similar survey a Gas now holds sec- year ago. Consolidated ond rank. Electric Bond and Share, which a year ago was tied with Union Carbide and Carbon for second place, dropped to t w e l f t h . and I/nlon CarbHle Is now in sixth place. while Genera! Motors has come up to s i x t h place. Issues which made distinct sains in the fftvor of investment company managers during 1930 Included the following. accord- Ing to the survey: Allied Chemical. A l u m i - nirm company, American Gas and Rleclrlc. American Radiator. American Telephone. American Can, Bordcn. Caterpillar Tractor, Commonwealth and Southern. Corn Products R e f i n i n g . Drug. Inc.. Du Pont, Electric Power and Liglit. General Motors. International Nickel. Kennecott Copper. Liggett and Myers Tobacco. North American, P a r a m o u n t - Publix, Public Service of New Jersey, R. J Reynolds Tobacco "B." S t a n d a r d Oil ol New Jersey and Indiana, Stone and Webster, Inc., United Corporation. United Stales Steel and Vacuum Oil. The portfolios examined. with two exceptions, are as of Dec. 31, 1030. MII.WAUKKI: WILL BUY STKEI, RAILS II. A. Scandrett of Chicago, president of the Chicago. Milwaukee. St. Paul and Pacific railroad, announces that his road would b u y 23.000 tons cf steel rails this year. In addition. It Is considering purchasing additional locomotive*. The program for additions and betterments, excluding the able orders of new engines for budget allowances have been Scandrell said, would 000,000. prob- w h l c h no made, Mr. approximate S15,- LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER GUA1X MARKKT HKVIKIV. CHICAGO. Feb. 2J.~ VHEAT--Whnnt prices cased allglUly today due to rains in Ihe trouthwcsl. W i n n i p e g was weaker on ,«no\vs in Ihe nortluvcsL, this caused a sharp break in our market, late in tlic session. This Is Uic first moisture western Canada has had Jn weeks. While tem- poraLnres are ejected to be lower t o n l g n t nnd tomorrow in Canada and in sections of A m e r i c a n northwest, there is no indk-atmn of a rcul cold wave. Chicago houses wens reported na good sellcra in W i n n i p e g . HX~ port business continued slow, only a half m i l l i o n beiriK reported today by the sc.i- lioard. According to a New York message there has been some farm brmrd wheat soI.J abroad Hint brokers recently, hut quantities were not Riven. Meanwhile, the f a r m hoard denies " n n y transactions of this nature. The visible, supply increased 1,180,000 bushels for the v;eek and is now 195,68^.000 Imshuls against IfjT.-H-I.OOO bushels last year. Liverpool \vaa wea It, d u e to the fact t h a t t we- Argentine, afloat cargoes of pnor f-rade wheat \vere b e i n g diverted lo the f o r m e r m a r k e t . With the weather removed as n» I m m e d i a t e influence, think prices win bave in depend on forelKn news for their trend. TORN"--The tronil of trorn wtia lower wiUi wheat. Receipts here were not large for ttit Hiri'o days, and this encouraged ihe bulls early in Ihe .session but Ihe m a r k e t we c ncd \v h c n when t h vok e a nd th ft ci ase wan lieavy, bookings to a r r i v e were 162,000 hush- els. I n c h K l i n p 140,000 from terminals. *ShI[j- ping sale. 1 ! were 4S.OOO bushels. An of 1^012.000 was shown in the visible s u p ply, which was somewhat larger tlmn ex- peetetl. Corn looks lower unless w h e a t im · proves. Liverpool due =Js fj? ^c lower. MASON CITY, Feb. 2-1.-Cosh Quotations by E. G. Morse. KGGS Eggs (current receipts) l i e rom/TRY Sta« s 1X^- Leghorns, spring .lie Heavy hens, 4 V[ Ibs , I3c Light hens lOc Old cocks, heavy Sc DucUs Oc Geese 7r (Vlerrtiiints Quotations, Egg;s, in trade 1-lc Eggs, cash 12c Butter, Plymouth 3Gc Butter, Clear Lake 33c Butter, State Brand 3Gc Butter, dairy 30c Potatoes . .-lOc and 50c a pecli C H I C A G O . I'Vb. 2-1. l car. 3d t r u c k s : nliout '2ft.:; sprin^K 2Hc- N'u. d u c k s We; t; 1.1, Butler, 10, slendy; c r « n m e r y -- exiniy C92 strore), 23 £ ,ic; a t n u r l a r d s (00 score C F I I - (.Ti -- I'miUry-- A l l v s n i e a d y . fov/is 17 \n . ITjc; Hirknys ^.'JIT. 2SUC:; ''Xtra (t0 lo 01 score) Jn 2 7 ^ i c ; fir.sls 8fi lo 89 score) 2llc Vlc; HCoondM (flR to S7 score) 2. r ji: lo lio; sernnds fS8 t o 80 scor^) 2lc: lo graded firsts 17c; orllrtfiry flr.sls 16*:. I n t s , to a lo Sfi C H I C A G O . Fob. 21. l.-n-- Ki close: Fresh graded f i r s t s , Feb. K » T ; c - sjor- nge packed firsts. March 19%c; slnrai" 1 packed f i r s l s . April 20'.!·: r e f r i g e r a t o r s t a n d a r d s . Nov. 23-';kc. n m i e r f u l u r r s close: Sloragr stiyiilanls. T-'nh. 25^ c; u t o r a g c n t n n d a r d H , M a r c h 2 Hi f u t u r e s BULLS CONTINUE TO PUSH STOCKS Oils and Rails, Sluggish at . First, Join in Upward Movement. By CLAUDE A.'jAGGEK NEW YORK, Feb. 24. '(JPi--The bulls today picked up the stock market where they had left it last Saturday and sent prices to new highs for the year in a broad and active upward movement. Oils and rails, which had been sluggish during the first outburst of buying enthusiasm in the busy early hours, later joined the rally. Coppers and chemicals were particularly strong, altho utilities and industrials shared prominently in the market's exhibition of courage. Shorts in Westinghouse fled rap- Beth st' idly as the stock soared 7 points, Eorcien STOCK LIST NEW VORK STOCKS. N'Ru' VORK, Feb I I [ M l Ql A i r Rcdttc 1D7 '.i A l l e g h e n y 12*4 A l Ch Dye ITS 1 ,! Allls C h n i M f R ;!S'i Am Can t-'Sfs Am Car Ftly 3.V; Am Coml A l 13't. Am For Paw 51 !a Am l u l l 25 Am Loco Zti*i Am Pow I. IK) r ; Am Had Si San 19 v Atn Roll Mill Am Sm A neC Am Sterl Fdrs A m Sug reef A T T Am T«! B Am U'nl Wks Anaconda A n d e s Con Arm of III B A tclitson A t l K e f \ u h u r n A v m t i o n Corp B t O ";irnstlall A I !?Entl1x Av which was also the extent of Case's gain. Allied Chemical, Columbian Carbon and Union Carbide rose H, j Cal H- among the chemicals, and were i S 1111 !?' y joined by Wright Aero. Eastman Kodak, and Industrial Rayon. Auburn Auto rallied 4 to a new high lost its rise and" then recovered. U. S. Steel, opening- at 150--its best price since last October--extended its improvement moderately .but frequently dipped under the initial quotation. American Telephone, grossing 201 for a 3 point gain, was in the company of Radio, American Water Works and Lambert. Bethlehem Steel, Anaconda, Cerro Do Pasco, feranby, the American Tobacco Shares, International Telephone, du Pont and Air Reduction gained 2 points or more. · ! The opening was very active, wit! 1 , blocks of 1,000 to 5,000 shares nurr- erous. The turnover in the first half hour, 900,000 shares, was the largest for that period, so far this year. Since there was nothing in the week-end news to stimulate the market, the rise seamed based largely on momentum. Bonds were slightly ii-regular, but j ' activity in that market quickene.l ! ! as the trading day'wore along. I s - K sues governed by stock prices moved ' upward. i Money was a shade firmer. Buffi- ' cient withdrawals were . made l o ' stiffen the outside call rate to I 1 ,:. I per cent. pfd 2R 45 62 I Curb Market 111- JOHN I.. (.UOI.KV Associated 1'rcss Mnnnrhil Writer NEW YORK. Feb. 24. l.Vi-- The curb mar- xet moved higher In active trading todav pausing now nnd then for a bit of prolii- taking but able to go forward, again a f t e r tlie small recessions. Bidding for the utilities was not [ U i t e s-vigorous as last Saturday, altho a few stocks in that group made considerable progress Electric Bond and Share pushed to a ncv. high above where it was up more than a point." Niagara Hudson was strong and su wero Biazlliafi Traction and Tnmpa Electric. American and Foreign Power warrants rose about ,1 points. U n i t e d Light "A" nnd Middle West Utilities lagged. Oils failed to follow the trend of Ihe pen- era! list. G u l f s i n k i n g more t h a n a p o i n t . Cities Service was steady nround the closing quotation of last Saturday. Call money renewed at 2 per cent. Kennocotl 31U Kresge 27 4i Kroger 27 I.chigh Port C 18 Ugg £ My a 91 Loew's 61H Loose Wiles .W, I.oiillard 17»v Lonis G E A 34 ·.',, Mack 42% Math Alkali 28H May D S 31% Maytag 8 57 McK I?ob 15 30 Mcx Sea Oil ill's 56 Mid Cont Oil 15'i 200S M K T 2-1 » t 1211 Mo Pac 42 77 Mont Ward 25'.i 42'f. Morrell f.6 1S'= Mot Wheel I'J'-i 21; Nash 3S14 202 Nut Bis S'J'i 23 Nat Ch Keg A 37 '·: 209 Nat Dairy 46T, 5 ' « Nat Tow I- -1-1 Vi SliVa Nat Tea 21 1 .-; 13 H ' N Y Central 13Mi 24'.i N Y N H t H 92 Vi BS'.l Nor W 213'i 74^ No Am S!) .. Warn 29, No p ac go's, Briggs 22i Oliver F 4 IS Burr Add 30 oli , st -15.^ J25f Fac G E 50 J5'- 1 Packard 111-j ,";! Para, Pub 49 Patlie 2 ii Penick Ford 45 Penn ti Pllil Pet IS Pills Fl SOii Proc Gam 70 Pub Serv N J tt'l'.i Pullman 52';;. Radio ' 26'Ai Had K O 23-;, Rom Rand IS Reo 8'i Rep Stl 2-l r -i Rey Tob B 47 Roy Dutch -11 H St L. San If 5S Sears R 55':; Shell U 0: :i Simmons l y ' i Sinclair 1^'n Skcily lO^l So Pac 107 So Pr Sug I 5 ' » So Rail K2-.I, Sand Brds 10"» St G K Sll'', St Oil Cal SOV St Oil N .T M = l St OH N Y 25'i F ' T W Warn 20 Stnne Vcli -IS Elude *24T1 Superioi- Oil T-;l 'I'cx Corp 35 Tex Gulf Sul r i l " » Tim Roll B 57~i I ^ n i i H i Caro TI Ij'n Pac 2l»l U n i t A i r c 35»; Unit CIs .'.i-', U n i t Corp 2r--, U n i t C, K. K :f2'J II s Ind Ale 76 U S Riib I I J ^ U S Smelt 21: U H Steel 119-Ii L't P Lgt A ^0 V a n a d i u m 71 Wn basil Ward Bak A Warn Fix ;'.-;. W Mary :;i'^ West Air 5S West 10 M 1!* Willys Ov :18 Wonlwortli 75 V- Wriglnv ·13 Veil Tr 13=i Votlnc S W A ( i o ,STIX:KS. CHICAGO, l-'cb. 21. (.-Ti-- Can Pac Case 129* Cc-tro le Pasco 29 1 , Ches O 45^ Chic nt w T. .M:Ur XH W O t N W n R i t p Cc.:a Cdla OoL 1'nnl _ roi a K f'o! (Jrapho Coml Solv romu-tlh So f'o:ii;oteurii C'onf-nl tJas Coutl can Contl Ins Conll Mot Corn Pn«l C u i l a h y n.-riiss Wr 3014 42 U 58V- 51 :i;» 8fi -16 4 I-'. rv,w T, ··; Pub ser I-'nmlB r.!ol«ra T'lib Ser i M C-nt I Ir.-l Her I 'nt f'oril, Enc In:l l i a r Ti' r - N:ck Can I T T -lolins M a n v K C So K e l v i n a l o r 4 4 ' i 20 ?; 19 =1 f j t l " , 4 ' ·'- K-:\ 12% Cen Pub Ser A Cities Service Dexter Co t:r A i r c lirii;-- by-r, ruiiow li^'dl Ut I n v I.ihhy McNeil llM.lcstlc ll'hold M-\\ p cst l;tj[ Mid U n i t pf Nat stand N W Bane Quaker Oats Std D r e d g i n g S t e i n i t e S w i f t Co S w i f t I n t l IT S tiypsum IIU1 t Ind Zonith 3-1 lGo'{. 1 " 2'j ·; 35 \; ·K S - , Bond Market NBW YORK. Feb. 21. (,VJ-- The t r e n d n f honds was obscured today by irregular move- m e n t s In both domestic and foreign Issues. As the P took m a r k e t Ijollcd traders appeared to have little interest in fixed income securities nnd the volume of business was lit lie changed despllc tlie prolonged W C C K end. i The apathetic altitude of Investors w a s ' reflected In the hlj;h [jrade rails am! utilitii:». ' Foreign loans wove irregularly liigher. | British .Vjs were very nctfve around ilr. ! blub level of the year and other standrml I Kitropeaii eovernments displayed n steady 'c* J firm lone. v I \Vhlle p r n l i m i n a r y anno^Jn^emP^l of a nrvv United Stales treasury o f f e r i n g of s e c u r i t i e s has l3cc.n sent to hanks, details of ihe issur wilt not be disclosed until March 2. Because of t l i e ease, in the money market the t r e a s u r y called the 3'.;. per c e n t notes for March ir», a year in advancR of m a t u r i t y and is e.V[iectet( to e f f e c t a sut- s t n n t i a l s n v l n y In iuteresi i h n i r e f u n d i n g itu 1 debt. S n n i t i i a r i z l n p tlie prpweni coniJition of the bond m a r k e t , Moody's says In Its weekly review tuday, that tli« .stagnant crjn(]Ui»jn wilt wear o f f ^mdually and that in their opinion forces arc in the o f f i n g w h i c h will bring about a considerably b e t t e r s p i r i t ami .n genera ity satisfactory bond market as ]9.'J1 itONi) QI:«TATI«XS. NI:\V Y O R K , Feh. 124. f.Ti-- L'niti:il titatri' government bonds closrtl : Utterly 3 l '.s 101.IS. Fourth - ( ' ' i s 103. lfl. Treasury 4\\s, N K \ \ ' YORK P K O m r C K . X R W YORIC, Feb. IM. ( ; i»i -- Butter. fi/JSl ; w e n k ; creamery h i g h e r than extr^. as 1 .* ^' 2Qc; extra (92 .ncorc) 2Sc; Tirst (SS-91 score) W/j f \ 27'^c ; p a c k i n R s t u c k , current make. -\'o- 1. 2 0 ^ 2 0 ' , - r ; No. 2, ^Oc. Ch^e^e. 121, 4-t'^; -ileady; s t a t e wln.le milk flnts, fresh, f a n c y to f a n c y .ipeeiiil 17 'ft iSi: : do. held 21 '.'· ^i'22 i«c, Kggs. 1-1 ,Or»G ' steady : mixeiJ colors, regu- l a r s , packed, clrisely selected h e a v y 20'-*" 2 ' U i c ; exlrns 10 ^ ^\ 19 r -.c: extra first lS' : -i Tf'lOc; first I S f j i ' l S ' l e ; seconds Ifi \^ ^17 ] ,'.-c; m e d i u m firsts 16 *i lfi',ic; r e f r i g c r a l n r SPT- onrlfl 1311; Tf ir.c:' medium f l r s l s 12i/ IS'.-jc; nearby hennery b r o w n e.strn. S O ^ U f l V i c ; , ext r a f i r s t s I S ' t W I9,ic. N o n r h y n u d nearty w p s t e r n hennery white rlo.sely selected extra 23'^j 2Ao; aver.iKe extra 21V' '" 2^ic; nearby white; merimins 'JO fi 21.-: P a c i f i c const w h i t e , extras 2 r . ^ i 2 r . ^ c ; exira f i r s t s 22 'itf '2r\c. Poultry -- Dressed' steady. Chic U r n s , frosh ml auatVfl l f r o z e n 2fi^( 39c: f o w l s , fn-ah or f r n / e n I8 r t f 2 TIP : old roosters, f r e s h H r ; t u r k e y s , fresh H I ft ;t8c; fro7en .l^'tf-tSr: rtuckn. frozen IS") 24c. P o u l t r y -- Live Irregular. Chickoim by f r e i g h t l"ll^21[r; by express 2 K / 2 S r ; broilers. frfiu;h1 "2i-i express not quoted. Fowls. f r e i p l i t 21) ra 'J2r; ^xprp.i^ 2lKi 2.Tc; roosltrs. f r f i i f h i Me: oxpress ir.v I6c; t u r k e y s , f r e i g h t ?.0c: .-xiirr^ 2,'i W i n e ; d i i r k s , T r d h b t 21V, 2Si-: SUPPLE :;;TARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied hv LAMSON BROTHttllS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beclj Building. Telephone No. 7 KAN:AK OTY I'K AS CITV, Feb. 21. B u t t e r -- Creamery 32r ; in f.Ti-- Kgw -1 20. targe quantities 31c; b u t t e r fat 2(V'f2rc; n n c k i n g b u t t e r 12c. r v m l l r y -- ll^ns H ' i / I T o ; broilers '27 c; roosters Hfi 12c; springs 27:. ftirnistifil l) U'nlf Uros SOS Pifth [forac liidcs Cured liccf liiilcs n r r c n lircf hides; sln-rt M i n t l i x v P H t S1.7J3 3!{:C ....... ?.'.',· N K W V O R K STOCKS A h l P t P Co 11 '4 I n d i a n Rcf Am Bank Note (52 '/i Am Reel. Sugar -PLA m Brako Shoe 37 Vj Am Car Fdy 36 r i Am Metal 231-j Am Tob 120V. .Vrn 7, I, .?- Em 6"i Arm *. Co B III -\', n.ilrlwin I.o '11, ^-rirg-s M f g TSr-Bn-Col Kurr Add Mach "-nrh T e r m i n a l rmte Cnp ,t V, Cal Pi'.'Uins -im Credit Com Solvents *opt Motors Cont Oil Co 22 1 31 21 I n l a n d Steel 70 Kelv-inator Corp l::~i I.umhert Co 85'^ Mn Carl) Corp H3 \ Math A l k a l i 2S'; McKcs Rcibh 15 Nev Cons Cop 1-1 !; N V A i r Erke 21 Otia Steel 15-1 Palhe E-:xchange 2 ' , Oil Co 10^ Pur Uak Corp Hn Orande Oil I'"c Molors f t . 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I S G R A I N M A R K K T ~~''' CASH S.VI.I'.S Flax i n s ' 4 to I M ' i Crenm or Wht (-nrl Wri pfd Pnvidsrm Chcm First N ' n t l Sirs l-'Isk R u b b e r Hers Clioc Co "o:'!« A u t o Mdse '1 r c f u r c s t Radio :.' L [J;irant :,fotor 2 Kisl.T 1:1 -i^i El Bd Sh fil ' Ford Mo of Can 27»; Ford Mn of I-:ng 173; Fox Theater.? A 5 = : CHICAGO Allied Mo 1ml 24 A u l t n r n Au Co 2117 F.cndix A Corp 2-1 Born-War Corp 2 ! i ) Butler Bros 5H Cont Chic Corp 8'-j Chicago Invest 3^ Cord C o m p a n y 11^ ^1 Lakes A i r c r a f t 2--; - ·IR ·:o in 115 74',; 67 M H 2n \ II . 8 3:V-; 231, I '·'· 111-4 Trensury jinii (Jiistnms Hcceintq WASHINGTON, Feb. 24 ('-Pi- Treasury receipts for Feb. 20 wera .50,130,913.0-1; expenditures $7,896-. XTS.O.l; balance ^158,608,810.01 ' Custom receipts for the month including- Feb. 20, were $10,186. 363.97. Visits in DCS iUoines. BEL.MOND--Mr. and Mrs. W. R Ramsay visited relatives in Den Moines Saturday. / Hoover Vetoes Indian Bill. WASHINGTON, Feb. 2-1. / B _ - Presiflent Hoover today vetoed a bill designed to allow Chippewa Indinns of Minnesota to submit claims to the court of claims in suits growintr oul of the sale of Indian lands in Minnesota and interest paid by the treasury department on money -from I C M f h o o l n o

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