Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 12, 1936 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1936
Page 16
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SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 12 1936 30 YEARS GIVEN KUTINA BY JUDGE Sentence for Man in Manly Shooting Suspended on Certain Conditions. NORTHWOOD--A suspended sentence of not to exceed 30 years in the penitentiary at Fort Madison was pronounced by Judge M. H. Kepler in district court here on each of two charges of assault with intent' to 'commit ' murder placed against William Kutina. on county attorney's. information to which he pleaded guilty. The sentences are to run concurrently. The charges grew out of the shooting by Kutina of his t.ife and William Rappath of Grafton shortly COMPARE THE PRICE OF THE COOKING FAT YOU ARE USING WITH CRISCO-[RIS THE "DIGESTIBLE I--SHORTENING 3 Ib. can * lib. can 59c 21c Lawrence Grocery Phone 2137 402 12th N. W. after midnight of Dec. 13 when Kutina followed them from the dance hall near Manly and fired at them as they were silting in a car in the edge of Manly. Rappath was not se, riously injured but Mrs. Kutina's life was threatened for a time and she is not yet entirely recovered from the wound received from the bullet. The court order stated the victims of the shooting and a large number of the residents of the community where the crime was committed recommended that the defendant be paroled and that the recommendations were concurred in by the county attorney and sheriff of Worth county. Three physicians appointed by the court stated it would not be dangerous to Ida Kutina or to the public to permit the defendant to be at large. Kutina is to report at least each 30 days to the sheriff of Worth county and is also to make payment of all hospital, nursing and medical bills and expenses and to comply with a number of other restrictions Among these are that h; shall not remain in Worth county so long as Us wife or her mother, Mrs. Caroine Raub of Manly, reside in the county, that he shall absolutely re- rain from the use of all intoxicating liquors and shall not have possessions of any firearms or weapons if any kind whatsoever. . As Kutina claimed to be without unds for his defense, Mayor E. M. Sabin of Northwood, was appointed o appear as his counsel in the hear- ng of these matters. More than three thousand unem- jloyed writers have been 'given A jobs compiling the American uide, a book which is designed to be a handbook of the entire country. --United States News. GROCERS MEATS,FRUITS.VEGETABLES 10 IND ST. N.E. PHONES 41 44 REMEMBER W£ fififVfff' KIPPERED SNACKS, per eon 5c the quick-digesting · shortening · 3 ib. can 59c Fancy Salt MACKEREL FILLETS BARBECUED SALMON ORANGES, Good Size, dozen GRAPEFRUIT, each Be 5c COFFEE RICHELIEU, HILL'S, ATWOOD'S, FOLGER'S, pound. 29c 'A WORK-J^f SAVER », ^ "EVEWTTHTNG IOC BRITE-IZE CLEANSER, 3 cons 25c HIGH QUALITY MEATS FANCY POT ROAST, Ib.. FANCY SLICED BACON, Ib 32c FRESH DRESSED CHICKENS BUTTER-NUT COFFEE, Ib 29c Bring Your Butter-Nut Coupons Here Try Mrs. Osborn's HOME-MADE BREAD and Mrs. Rogers' HOME-MADE PIES, CAKES, ROLLS and DOUGHNUTS I. G. A. MEAT AND GROCERY The Only L G. A. Store in Mason City PHONE Z414 WE DELIVER 1452 N. FEDEKAL Leaf LARD, Ib. Cottage CHEESE 12c Dairy BUTTER, Ib. 32c Ib, .15c Ring BOLOGNA Ib, .15c All Beef HAMBURGER Ib. lOc COMPARE THE PRICE] OF THE COOKING FAT YOU ARE USING WITH CRISCO ·· [RI5CO 3 Ib. can * lib. can 59c 21c THE DIGESTIBLE ^SHORTENING Liver SAUSAGE Small WIENERS Ib. 15c T-BONE SHORT CUTS Ib. ISC Beef KOAST, Ib Pink SALMON, 2 Cans 15c 25c Jersey Cream FLOUR, 49 Ibs. Bring Old Broom, NEW BROOM .. 29c BUY DECKERS' MEATS Packed with HASH'S Toasted COFFIE A Knife with 4Mb. jars, per Ib. A Spoon attached each 2-lb. IK, A Fork attached to each 3-lb. jar, Yokosuka Marines Stand Sentinel at Imperial Palace f -S- J 1 This picture, brought by China Clipper airmail to Central Press association at San Francisco, shows armed marines from the Yohoguka barracks, outside Toldo, who were hurriedly summoned to the defense of the imperial palace and the naval minstry building during the recent uprising of "Young Officers" in Toklo. The office building of the overseas affairs department may be seen in the background. The marines stood guard in the snow covered street fronting the Imperial palace, which Is separated from the Ginza, Tokio'g main thoroughfare, by a deep and wide nioat. The revolt of the young officers and their followers resulted In the assassination of several government leaders and serious injuries to others close to the Emperor Hirohito. (Central Press Photo) Thin Man Burglar Is Sought at Waterloo WATERLOO, UP)--Police Thursday were looking for the thin man who broke into the Little Dutch Mill, a tavern, Wednesday night and stole $100 hidden in a beer case. He got in by breaking a window pane nine inches wide and several feet long. Principal Danger of Floods Aside From Drowning Is Disease COMPARE TKE PRICE OF THE COOKING FAT YOU ARE USING WITH CRISCO... ire 01 *TM · B am amfm'jV THE 'DIGESTIBLE ·'SHORTENING 3 Ib. can* lib. can 59c 21c CHICAGO "o^erf Phone 996 626 S. Jackson COMPARE THE PRICE OF THE COOKING FAT YOU ARE USING WITH CRISCO ·· THE DIGESTIBLE -'SHORTENING CRI5LI 3 fb. can ^ lib. can 59c 21c WILLSON GROCERY Phone 241 404 loth N. W. DES MOINES, (m-- The principal danger from floods, outside of drowning, is the disease that follows in their wake, the state health department warned Thursday. Persons residing in flood areas should protect themselves immediately against typhoid fever, the department said, by immunization. The gratest danger of contracting disease, the department bulletin continued, lies in using water from flooded wells. 'If a well has been flooded." the bulletin said, "the water from it should be boiled until the well has been cleaned and disinfected." The department suggested the well be pumped until "all turbid water" is removed and then treated with chlorinated lirne, following this with a bacteriological examination. Waterloo Transfer of Funds Approved DES MOINES, (£*-- State Comptroller C. B. Murtagh Thursday authorized the city of Waterloo to transfer ?3,000 from its genera! to street fund to repair pavement holes caused by winter storms. the quick-digesting' · shortening · 12.21c.-3 Ib. can Kropman Grocery 19 Ninth St. N. E. Phone 1723 281 Cases of Mumps Reported for State DES MOINES, (JP)~The state department of health said Thursday there were 281 cases of mumps reported in Iowa last week compared to 114 cases for the corresponding period a year ago. Lee county reported 77 cases and Black Hawk had 61 cases. There were 155 scarlet fever cases reported last week. REQUEST FOR 20 REA LOANS SENT Farmers Responding Well to Rural Electrification, Says G. J. Long. AMES, UP--Iowa rural electrification officials have forwarded to REA headquarters in Washington about 20 requests for loans to finance rural electric lines in the state. G. C. Long of the federal REA development section, here recently for a conference with college officials on progress of REA work in Iowa, termed the work "a dream come true'to farmers." Response Is Good. Asserting "farmers are responding in a splendid way" to the rural lighting work, Long said the REA has no definite goal, other than that "we want to extend electrification to as many farm houses as possible." To receive REA loans, Long said individuals must be incorporated. Co-operative groups of farmers, private utilities, municipalities or any other group which the REA considers competent is eligible for loans, he said. The REA executive estimated that $1,000 a mile is the average cost of extending rural electric COMPARE THE PRICE) OF THE COOKING FAT YOU ARE USING WITH CRISCO ·· THE DIGESTIBLE -'SHORTENING CRISIS 3 Ib. can* lib. can 59c 21c Horse Shoe Grocery 219 N. Federal Phone 209 SUGAR 10 Pounds 4C BUTTER-NUT Coffee Drip and Regular Grind REDEEM YOUR BUTTER-NUT COFFEE COUPONS HERE! SOAP, Big 4, 10 bars . . POST TOASTIES, package , Guaranteed FLOUR 49 K"! 1 $1.69 ths quick-digesting · shortening · 1-lb. can 3-lb. can 21c 59c BROOMS, each .. Guaranteed COFFEE, Ib.. 19c CHOCOLATE COOKIES, 2 Ibs 29c Leader Grocery 230 So. Federal PHONE 969 10 MINUTES t.ATe WAIT! THATS THE LATEST KIND OF , "NO-SCRUB" GRANULATED SOAP -OXYBO1-. TRV IT BY ALL MEANS SCRUB, SCRUB! OH DEAR --II O'CLOCK ALREADY-- AND I'VE SCARCELY BEGUN! AND LOOK! THE GROCER SENT THE WRONG SOAP THINGS ALWAYS GO WRONG ON WASHVW. HO! HO! VOU'LL BE TIRED AS A DOG TONIGHT FROM ALL THAT SCRUBBING. ISMItft/TES LATEX IMAGINE-THROUGH II YOU SEE, OXYOOl'S MADE ALREADY! AND MY $ BY THE IVORY SOAP HANDS AREN'T RED H PEOPLE. IT'S A COMPLETELY ORROUOHATAIL! *. NEW DISCOVERY! AND DOHT WORRY ABOUT YOU SAY IT SOAttS OUT DIRT IN IS MINUTES-WITHOU SCRUBBING OR BOILING? ITMUST BE TERRIBLY HARSH '. THAT'S THE AMAZING THINS ABOUT OXTOOL! IT WASHES SO FAST-YET IT'S SO SAFEANB WILD. AND IT GETS WHITE CLOTHES *TO 5 SHAPES WHITER, TOO. COLORED THINGS. LOOK-IVE WASHED THIS PRINT DRESS SCORES OF TIMES IN OXYPOU. ISN'T IT BRIGHT AND FRESH ? WHY HELEN-IT'S THE WHITEST WASH I EVER SAW! AND ONLY IS MINUTES'SOAKING! SAY, YOU LOOK FRESH AS A DAISY! HOW ABOUT STEPPING OUT WfTH YOUR HUSBANB TONIGHT? ...AND JUST THINK, BOB, I WAS THROUSH WITH THE WASH SY NOON! YOUVENO IDEA HOW MUCH TIME AND WORK OXYDOL SAVES Changes All Past Ideas of Laundry Soap Performance "The makers of gentle Ivory soap now bring you this new "no-scrub" soap that's really safe!" So now millions who feared to use old-type harsh "no-scrub" soaps before, are finding new freedom from washday drudgery in this amazing discovery, OXYDOL. OXYDOL is theresultof a patented process which makes mild, gentle soap muchjasler acting--a formula which makes it 2 to 3 limes whiter washing than less modern soaps, by actual test. It soaks clothes clean in record time ... just J5 minutes' soaking to the iubful! And white clothes wash so white you'll be amazed. Even the "grimiest "spots come snowy white with a gentle rub! Yet OXYDOL is safe! So safe that every washable color comes out sparkling, brilliant, fresh! Even sheer cotton prints, soaked through 100 consecutive washings in OXY- DOL. showed no perceptible sign of fading. And--your hands stay soft, lovely, smooth! Get OXYDOL from your dealer today. JESIED*m»mOVai«aMB»DilSDiE£flKIIBIITllIE lines. The loans are designed to be self-liquidating in 20 years. Most Along Kivers. Long said a proportionately greater number of projects requests have come from counties bordering the Missouri and Mississippi rivers than from other sections of Iowa. He said some of the requests are for countrywide projects. Only 14 per cent of the Iowa farmers possess electric service, he said. Long declared electric power is an economic necessity to the farm. "The farmer," he said, "has a greater need for electrical O jrvice than city people, due to the many mechanical uses of electricity for the farm." $618,427.92 Spent on Iowa Highways During February, Report Says DES MOINES, UP)--The state highway commission spent $618,427.92 on Iowa highways during February, the report of State Comptroller C. B. Murtagh on the primary road fund showed Thursday. Of the total expenditure $344,123.30 was for maintenance. Receipts during the month included $2,869,708.52 from state funds and $143,276.78 from the federal government. A balance of $2,211,918 at the beginning of the month mad* the total available $5,224,803. The balance at the end of February was $4,606,475.90. Hancock Com Show Is Postponed Until Fall GARNER--The committee for the Hancock county corn show met Tuesday night and decided not to hold the show until next fall. The show had been postponed several times because of blizzards and bad roads. COMPARE THE PRICE OF THE COOKING FAT YOU ARE USING WITH CRISCO-- onsen 3 Ib. can* lib. can THE DIGESTIBLE ^SHORTENING 59c Burmeister 21c Meat and Grocery 516 S. Federal Phone 770 United Fruit Co. 33 East State Street PHONE 749 . FREE DELIVERY CARLOAD POTATOES RED RIVER VALLEY EARLY OHIO Guaranteed Good Cooking . . . Especially Nice Baking, Wonderful for Seed. 15 Pound Peck 30c 60 Pound Bushel $1.10 100 Pound Bag $1.65 FANCY FRESH VEGETABLES--Complete assortment Mushrooms, Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts, Avocados, Broccoli, Water Cress, New Red Cabbage, Wax Beans, Green Beans, Peas, Parsley, Young Onions, Cucumbers, Head Lettuce, Celery, Tomatoes, Romaine Cauliflower, Beets, Turnips, Carrots, Parsnips, Mango Peppers, Spinach, Endive, Oyster Plant, Mustard Greens, Rhubarb, New Potatoes, Diced Vegetables, Fresh Pineapples, Anjou Pears, Golden Delicious Apples. SWEET ORANGES Full-o-Juice, 2 Dozen 39c FRESH WALNUT a A MEATS, Pound .. 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