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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, January 6, 1818
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awfeitw. xifr.roRK srtNpra rcsT. TUESDAT, JASUARY 9. r Q7Tb Ho. Corporation, as wa ere authorised to state, baring, lad evening, Wo pleased, Xj a untuiimoet aiul tuuolicitad vot, aalbn ; two of Alderman Buckmaster, to add the Even. i . in f ott to the cumber of raper whidj arc da : aigaated to publish their ordinances, oy r tubacrt - m ara Infcraiad that they will thenceforth fiad 1 our column every thing relative to city a fain vhich it concnM them to know. , BALT 1MORIV Jan. S, 1818. fef ar '.:. - - i, ; - ; ' ' i i ? I returned yesterday from Wadiingtoa ; while tun, I could not laara mack of general JxJilica, Tta pauisb affalri seem to ba ia au. ' .ycnataipraaeati but it nmjd Clay wUl porta ,tiaubjact . 1 wru aorpriatd to hear while ia ' , 'jTaabingtna, thai airangeaeaa vera making to ' giri th fovprcaUaot, Tompkins, a place ia . . jrtfur city I mean the pine now hclj by David OeMon anfl was cradiblj informed that several : Mvtton - lad been aaaadad, to aecertaia their fsalicgs, h cat of aominatton. h watbeBar - ;; 4 that hi appointment by (ba teaato would b ' dtb(fnl it wn taxi he wai in arraara to your - tate to a lentils, and faastUl larger to to United .State V bdaad, amaator waa named to am, who would coll for ttt account, iacaaaofa ' nomination.' Cat) it be possible that hit account arawthiatitaaerfUiatthMnMbaAfailMi, that while vice - president, he could solicit an of - r - ficetotheewtomhouta? frthkfetra,' I vary aaochrtrtit. ; Whather he waa expected to ; , resign Laplace as vUa - preiideat, 1 could aot laara.' p' - : j v it". i :... 1 certain aemand of magnitude. Mr. mi JStt. Jtforan't concert In few instau - within our recollectioov have we teen to j ' troduced to tbe New - York public en thit occa - alrt, retawctinf - the meritt of whom we have dunrd the moat fhvorable rporti. ' ) FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT, Office of the Norfolk Herald, ) - - .' ; December 31. J CiAce our paper was pat to press, arrived, thip of Oct 1812, for thia port was trp at Kingttoa, to aail to a few days. Spake aeralit treated with torn degree of justice - ! a oa paaapniei aat drawn tram a moraine; writer u.llu.l.L.U m . " uumir ap a uengn opon Ameri caa genius, liberality and understanding, 'that I ahouid hardly tre expected from ao rnam i this eooolry. I'aris ts uadoobtedly the teat of """S tcteuce, aoo geoerai information ; but uu tor t correct Knootedge oT American aflairt, I thonld lookearer home. I hare before me a geography, (afao ia 4 volumes octavo"), pnb - ,, ....... . ...... li,v ' 1 in 1318, al rarfe, ry t toffi'rujy of tat? rp a itesdy r end ss lid anlerel tha ; iw I anted geiiUem,. aTt( j I er.rpoaa 8cv and thaa tha fort asd tha brig Saranc .hecott; lr in qu - !ti t aybc - a. ' Its i ena - f d three tfeobttth; the Ut aSot fired by the al afibn. j moch at jane e a a feia - oftta y - raaac after the priaa e&tared eonuderably hv Ur blaeUere 1 will aacatico. t ciU caiae wboee to thr harbor f roelia.' Q. Did yoa behere abtardityiaOuailiarto wa all. la Cemacticwt, tha 6arBM to ba ka tbo Epaatsh or aaaricaa lhi tocirty of f eoraj)bri barl raada New - Leav - watonf A. I balierad bar to be more than don a cfy of tha fourth rank to Um U. 8tate aix kali way errr tha cbaaaat of 8L Mujh Am, uleafron tha ocean, with 6,000 Mtabitanta j and of coma what waa originally called Epaniab and New - flareo, 1(T kulea weet," biScatod by vUara; ' Q.' Do ytfa thick, or are yod certain ita oaroe, and lu ttreeia at rijht aogtoa and wbatner tha tchr was in tha roericam or 8pn - pburtad with traea, to hare been tattled, like k watora Whan fired npoa f A. I ara certain Naw - Loadon, by HoQaaden t In New - York, aha waa ia tha Spanish water. . Q. How do yoa Uy nuketheUtlalBracoaMetof aaanat of know that? A. From tha experience and know - t4 aaainbare and aiie - ablr of 70 1 taaaorenar ledre lhavaofthoaa watara. havin? been a uilot choeeei (or foar yean, with a eooaca of fear n - laaTaei yean or thereabout, and have known tha lectM trt tba aanato t freeholder of 9fi nU Mac for thirtrfonr nm. hrlnr native. O. foraaaambly, aad 480 foraeoaton tha men - 1 re yoa a reetiUr pOk noder the mericto fo - oeraafconrreee, judge, fee. are rUaeen ia the I veraaMBt, m well from tha (tate of Florida t A. taaato and anMy. Bndeoa ieritoaUd fire Teat havina; had my Branch for about wren or aix leaguee north of Albany, and Kingston jraan, rrom tha .4 aerieaa commiteioaert at tha or ire league north ofHadaoa. CaUkUI, port of Bt Mary'i. tha top of a aaonntain. contaioinr aavaral acre. Uo. on tha aama dar atmeaMd before me rank 100 feat, with a lock of tbaep. wkhont In. I Mr. John W. Johiuon. wha beinr Hul worn. jury, in 1796. Tha chief town in tha atato arel the following teetimooy. Q. Were yoa Harvest, Laoneau, from thu hit tachment of U. A. troom. KI - n Acnm retre nxe. Dort. with a di arrived at Point Our correspondent hat alto anclotodoa the anp rrometheht, United States1 armed bri - s. I iwviiuuiuii general AUry. It Wat nrintiwl tn.l aaftlllmjl an m. w.ut.l.A ;iauch public expectation excited, aa rercecting form. vv . IWm Varvar (baa Km awarmm UU HtM - 1 luf - A REPORT OF TtfV nntfirr7TPP tolormauoo relative to the transactions be tween uut Kepublic and Jno. H. Elton, etq. commander of tba United States' brig Sara - V. PAZOS, chairman. . , J. JkTURDEN. L. COMTE. REPORT, kc. The committee appointod by thit honorable wemDiy to eotam uuormatien relative to th lermun, Mr.C.p time hen, to the tr,). ,k1 J ?!" ' M' EItoo , ' if wmmuiw, HI I aWf , vm WITV W rVDOn X which be saatateed the exalted character of Jko - telH Imparted to U a degree of deep inter - of which we coaiem w had little conception. It called forth all the powera of this admirable baftdtaa, and aaorded one of the most splendid i oat in ooedience to th tnt nmi i - . - - - i au mem, iney nave eoaeavored to procure every information, and have toe honor to lay before the iwun copy oi me corraipeadence between tb Republic oi the Floridat and J. 11. Elton, esq. ; alto tha affidavits given by respectable and wor - artrtitioBaafwhicI. M....i . Jl"' " w w.r.aCT.oauJ the ' - """""i vewei wnen attempt U to be boarded. mfapable. V By these document! it it proved beyond a ; ,l" ' ' " " ''' - 'Jr ' aubt ,n opinion of your committee, that ... roret MeritaWe received lately an ana - chr Tentative wat attempted to be boarded. Rjmoua aeto, cautioning at againtt adrertitinr by the boat sent to intercept her fired tv. i - m t. .. ... l upo" m the very water of Amelia. . Whatan - - - .. conuary toioe pro - ! hare been the motive rf th. - ,m.u. - 1 TMwni Of our atatota, and intirn - iiriF that the I the Saranac in orderinx or acorovbir mrh l.LI. - a 1 a I Uttu t a . I . . S vio - uw,omui aooB d orougM before the rrand , w rifcjnu. a) tneycan, in the Jury, rretummg tne writer it to earnest, nad .A"r.h7i - aeast to puma the matter, 'we readily observe U4 caution be hat been so friendly at to The ship james - Monroe, Waltintoo, one 'of! almeef packota intended to ply between this pert and Liverpool, to tail on a given day in every month fa the year Trota each port, started on bar fin trip veefeiday, and got to tea about 4 . - r j , ui w K BDOU14 w . - "'"") by the enlightened government which hat itseli contended againtt the right of search on board their own vessels, crcn when out of their wt - tart. I low then could captain Elton, certainly unauthorised, take upon himself to board oar vetselt ia our very waters ? What author! t. ahy president of the United States, expos - Or. Tb Nancy was bound for Philadelphia, berJone to - Fernandina. and tailed oa tbe tlstintt with a cargo of dry fcoodt and saolatse. fo (ha same night, off Bar - mrfat, eiperieaced a be ry gale,' which carried way ber main, boom, mainsail, foresail and gib; ia this disabled ttate tbe was compelled to bear war. and ralnaeia with a Mint r K - wa ay nut bowed toto Out pork Jonn Austin, prise - master of the achr. Ten ta ardved, aloop Enterprite, Mytiic, 8 dayt J tira, being duly sworn, replied at follow. Q. from rortlaMj. ' Itti eera coaacirorBfTr. - Charleston turicr - Oflice, ? Dee. 28 5 Airrred, BrHitti tch. Friendship, Wiiley, Port Antonio. fJam.l 14 dtva. The ah in What day did vou arrive at tha nnrt nf rni.. dina? A. I arrived on th 8th of this muoth, m th armed schr. Tentati? a. prire to the Mexican uui jtoihu, i taw anomer Doat full uf 'en attempting to board my vestel again, hot if thit bar, on Fndsy last, Hamburg hip Elbe, "uam; her they caaght hold of tbe boats that from Horn burr, bound in. were attorn; then cut the painter, upon which Bch. Mary - Ana, af orris, N Haven, via New - tijt officars jumped into the boats aud hailed, York, 6 day from tbe latter. ying, To heU, you d d r&tca we shall Below, Hambur;htoElhe.Patt - im. r Are into yoa," which they did. and tha Ani.ri. Haaibunr i brirs William. Wilam v vv , can fort and Earanac then immediate! flea1 a9 - k 4ay i Holland, from do Clytus, 21 davs from tbreeahot. Q. What did you afterwards . A. InfllMtfl Ml. .Mw WMmm..m. ATI J . - Winer, icu a.y irem Boeton t a tea from Rhode Island t a ship, three farigs and a Kb. unknown , Cleared, ship Cerea, Callender, Liverpool. - a. C f"1 lgPo. Mr. Editor Since I wrote th article, con - taiomr tome remark ou Mr. D. B. Wardau't toteoded work, I have received a pamphlet, in Which the pronoa of tha sua aWni r,.i .. p.iisu wBiers. The aama Amm . . - , , "'i Tiria oeiore me, Mrmarlet rrawo, wno oeing duly sworn, depweth at fol wws. uld w u,, Griioeaman Kboooer .vui uiio ponr .i. id il - Ct li. i thebwt. when they attempted to board tbe Khoooer .' A.tioi but !n k.. .w , .. . . ucnauewu TH ODa n - ,ontor point of .4o.Ua, cfote tntn IK. nl. I. . i i wai u wnere ibo DnaTi rrmrm ...l d.d prepared for defence and fired two muskets, after tha officer of the boat, who I believe fired twice before tbe men had fired. Q. Wat tha vessel then in tha American or Spanish waters . A. Sh was in the Spanish water t at I had carried her to close into Amelia beacb, that bad I Fnm the touShA letter to tha editor, dated "T e?uT Te"! 7oulJ v ground - .varvl, Utc. 19th. fatforma. th th. lTn;. - J . 1 wual uaianca irom we oeacn was frirate John Adam, aod two I Tn "..u'TZ come"a A. wt, vi uicmwuui m(. ft uh saranac lying in th American or Spanish waters ! A. To the best of my knowledge, in the Spanish. On tha tame day appeared before me, Wm. Price, captain of the Britith achr Better. de tained bv the private armed achr Brutus, cant. 1 1 I l .. ' bjoined Report and corrmdnr. .t - fT whn h w boarded by th Baranac's boat . CJPt.Xlton, of the Saranac and tha EnUmri .Y' s U boat boarded first when outside of the mm i it - - j ... - r - whicb the captain or priae matter not thinking proper to compW with, ther fired one musket : the prize - matter then called for armt to defend himself, upon which the boat fired another musket ; whereupon the priae - matter returned the nre twice, What wm the distance between the vetael and the beach. A. About t wica har own length j for I heard the pilot tay, if he weot any nearer the would tou the Amelia beach. Q. Waa the Saranac in the American or Soanuh watort? A. ffaring no knowledge of thete water, I cannot my. Head Quarter, Fernandine, Amelia Island, Lecember 10. 1A17. And 1st of tbe Independence of the Florida. to the correspondence that hat taken nlar h. tween thit republic and Capt. Elton, commander of the United Statet brig Paranac, and also the proceedings of the court of inquiry, appointed to investigate carefullv the conduct of Capt. Austin, verifying the diflerent statements which have oeen oaaae. I have the honor to be, ici" (Signed) AURY; Hon. V. Paxos. J. Murdea, I. Comte. No. II. United States brig Saranac, Cumberland Island, . November 3d, 1817. air I haveju't received a note from B. Faro - nam, mentioning his confinement at Fernandina, and requesting my interference at be conceives bit line in riaorer. At ha im an A m - imm - ;n. ren, and tituated at Femnndina it, I am hound to make that requeft, and hope that hit oft nee could behave had to detain Ahote veteela, to mo - "J10 BTe but that he may be delivered to aa lest our commerce and threaten us, if we should officer.f? . ""i for purnote. If he reacuefromWm or protect a ve under our Wjilfi? ??? LIDI.,iff7 LaTr regulatiuo, and hat broken them. I shall own flag and at anchor in our own harbor, he - not ar. gue ttiis request ; but the life of a citisen being too . " - 1 - - ii" - ji . nisei rieinrioo I would enna idmr n hi,!.. - .t ... e'dockP. M. rTb.foUowgendem. went SISt president of the United Statet on th subject, and pasteogsrt u ners Messrs. John Large and Lewis Wain, of Philadelphia j S. Sweeter, jun. of Baltimore A. 5pooner, of Boston ; Daniel Fisher, of Montreal Hugh M'NeilL of Ken - tacky and William Stanley and fl. Graham, of nsw - lork. Ithority i None other than that which he must nave uajusunaoiy astumed. These ar not the only observations that are to be made respecting hit correspondence, but tb committee wdl dispense with entering upon further details which are but too plain to the ho - uoraoie aaiemDiy to admit of additional exula. nlLu.. fl 11 I . , . . ""reioro, ueg teave to present ue .The Dutch shin AnriL T.C. - l, '""f ""x, tb'y strongly recom - . ... ' ' ' menato oe put mto immediate aiecntinn. ai Keedyaland from Amsterdam, with 550 pat - 1 Resolved, That th correspoodeuce and other Iuocinaenu reiauv tnereto, now before the house, be immediately printed. Resolved. That these documents with a rial.. meat of the tranaactiont that have taken place I ka C II a . . - a a ... v utucidkuj axtwnuiiea or tne earliest oirnorto - aUw la tk .U A - .L W . . . ' to the expert until hit determination ia kw... ih.t hit life it not injured. If he hat aot subscribed to any military law, it would he well to cni - der the right to try him, at no declaiatioa of Independence hat been issued or acknowledged by the United Statet. I am sorry to trouble, and u.r uk irwur io oe, aX (Simed) J.o. H. ELTON. Gen. Aury. No. HI. Head Qsartert, Fernandina, Nov. 4th. 1817. . ano itt oi the Independence. our letter of yesterday, relating to cap. aia F araham, or Varnum, a prisaeer to thit place, and accused before a general court mar. tial or tedittoq, and as a ring leader in uuttooot acta, was duly received. I am sorry to slate to you jo aniwer, that the ctrcunitUacet attend I w1 n res&Ii behiftd haSd ia gvrinf titfact'oa that ia Jart. - - j, T'f inr tha iniiutica ant irhimn a..T7JL1 I individual ara venr dirTmni I ln" Pfenuent of the president of ng i lie case oi put ,nS the case of thit aioon Raacv. Gmh. A. w...v. - w i - FUnn , ..11 i ,k.. .7, from what be hit reported to roe. Mr. r.ra. pUmenU of the Doc 12th. 1817. (a) See Art 2d of the treaty of friendship, li - 1 mitt and navigation, between th United States and the king of Spain, Oct S7th, 1795. j lAJCUiHfcHTS. No. I. MKPUBLtC OA' FLORIDA S. FERNANDINA, Nov. 8th, 1817 me to enter mto tbe present Jno, I hare the honor, Ac. arnw (Signed) d) , 11. I EJtoa,Etq. I. e i. N - IV - i U. B. bng Saraaac. Cnmherlaad Wand, rtoremhar 1K 1017 ' . Sir Lett evening a trhoooer panted into Ame - I fired two mus keU and prepared to defend my 1 7aarmlt l t. people of Feroandiaa raa aire tbe . ' property. Q. Why did you fire at an American ,7;; ??,''F neat, mowuij tnat we ar at peace with the L'aited Stotet ! . . A. I did not know whether that boat wai American or Spaauh. Q. How can you tay this, when tha Amarimn mlm dnplaved in the boat . A. TheT Sprniardt could have dnoe the tame to decoy and take the re a. el. Q. War yoa to th Americaa water, or - ! . . vweu ucur tne c pa nun waters f .1. I WHS as Close to tha haarh nf lha I.U. I I C0,,U le; M l of coarse I was in what they gene - rullv r - all . a ' " io nnnt; ner over to Ame - ncaa waters, provided i objection was started. If she is refused or protected. I than consider that r ernandina has hoisted the flag of defiance, and act accordinely. ' I have tbe honor to h :c. GerirafTary.. JN - VT KO - V - Head Qourfer Fernandina, Nov. 9th. 1817. . aiidlrtoftheiiiderndence. rir I hare receiwMl m. at;.i i... . . j vumw Klici Q um day. A. it content, relate to matters of ao uuciiiino, i nare ornered Uut tha cetary icvettiatio. of the contact of Cw pnxa - mav - rtje made. I mar h - rree. tnf' ptmnSed eceording to tbe law of aauont i at ILU eoverameot hat no other iaa th.. i. 1 tain rood uoderatandihr aad haranaa ;k telf or acr utter oficer of th United State., it i cava tot aoaor, aw. ' . . (Signed) 'V 'AURY,! f jDo,U.itoD,Xaa. 1. ' ' ' U. S.brig Baranac,CMberland Wand, ffovember 10, 1817. ;kt bM. at Mt4 wm dulr receiv ed. I cad boped mat u rnjng neP""1" - "J , Da would Doc anaertua io namour vene atight commit tbenielvea, nartknlariy wh the lawaoftha United State were conceraedi but tappeeed it would comport with the honor and mtereat or Um place, to tan aay tucn veatei rrnm their water. Yoa tar that tba conduct of the prixe matter aball be exanioed Mto and punithed if found rmltv. I had meationed the intalt offer ed, and wiuSed the oflence to be tried ia tbe Uoi - i fall ia with the sloop Attrea. without tbe iuris dictioaal Hmitt of the Florida, the will be teoed for a breach of tbe revenue law. I have tbe honor to be. Ac. fSarned) JNO. H. ELTON. General Aury. No. VII. Head - Qaartert, Fernendina, Nov. 13th 1817. Sir Your preventing vessels from going out and coming into port, in consequence ofynur boat, bar iag frultlenly attempted to board the echr. Tentotira, prixe to tbe private armed achr. of the Republic of Mexico, the Brutat, within our water and aot more than ISO feet from the beach of thi Island, ha induced me, in order to avoid all difficulties for the present, to content to give ner p io Ton, ia Dopes mat the government of the United Statet will do at that justice which occomea a rree ana great people. I bar the honor to be, &c t te AURT - Joo. U. Elton, Etq, N. B. Letter ao. 4, wu prevent ed by aa officer of tbe Saranac, who intimated that the answer mutt be riven within an hour. P. S. Other Documents to be continued. The British echr. Betsey waa detained, as hat been reported by the captain of tha Brutut to tha court of admiralty, on the ground of beiog uupucnea oy u intenueot of Havana, with a JolW, who being duly tworn, gave the following cargo of munition of war, for gen. Morillo. on Ural 1 ftSin V O WaM wftva ai rvntwl lU uL.. I al a . , m j , , van vai vumtau um mvMJUQ - f UJQ OPWIUII BlmJUm - bar, anJ hailed m f ery politely ; after ctomd; the bar, and being on tbe MiddleGirid, another Oi..M.. Tu Ai ui circulation i and aubiecta the branche the United State' bank mthu etate to the tame Ui paid by the banks chartered by the legislature, via. thirtv - one and a Quarter cent. on ereiy hundred of the capital stock. Take ecre of your frs. Two hortei were poiaoned by eating a apeciea of pt a that growa upon me common and in Tamacrow, and died from 20 to 56 hour after. The weed U .. Ume you receive thia, you may calculate that I am m Fernandina. . . mui i u c 4uun Aoams u sight beating up, F rem the Wathingten City GaeeUe. Jan. 1 in A mongit ftte general salotatioas aad rreetinirs which tbe PrtniW nl iha I r.i. a c. JT. I j . . . v , ".w.aica naa KJ.IS j .riTO udbb loreiga muutters. we feel a real reproschoa aatioaa lattice and liberalitv. mat tne fydAmyti minister of a titter rembljc r!n" - .1d """PW to be rorerned by law. enacted by flto'rf.E k. . k.r i I"H"ru w or Mcnmi uy laws enacted By the voice of hmrni ? ?nTl?7 t?1'0" H Slriac She fired people, aad la every respect di&di3 at tbe boat : ila.trinJ. tt zT' y"9 It ia with muck regret (tay the Utica Ga - tovs by fire, on theStth .e.u . li. ... , - , - vi me vaiiia - ble Woollen Factory belonging to James beiarproan,, r - cuedTro - T ,a learned thafolldiriDj barlicttlara of tha Joel of! the acbr. Mann, ,capU jaavat, tauuig rrom the city of New - fork, and owned at Stocketta ou Loug - liland, but by whom our ioJormaat knowt not He reprueenu her at a ttaonch built new veatei, of nearly on hundred tout, navigated by tix handm, vis. the male called George, (whether hit turnama or christian oame he koowt not,) t white teamen, one named Tack Lewia, the other Jack a negro called Jack alto, and him telf, who alone aurvived, to tall the atory of their woe. ..... . y Tba Maria tailed from New - York about two month tinea ia ballatt, bound to Barbadoet; ar rived there alter a plaatant paatage of eight dayt ; una; in a cargo M oraoget, umout ana rainai, and tailed these incomplete order about lit December, for Ldeoton, N. C, fbout the 17th TrTvlrbtJ me - ageretureed brth. offloer of IJ.1! ""V0 our tba Saranac, itnottuchatl expected. I did not "Z"?T7 "7 ",m7e7, umKS. 'oma Deu,5 reqaeat you tordeliver tba vemel to me : it waa a , ,w V?" uaiiaras, a terere belief that you would, on bearing the offence, re - PXe w.muced (irom duo east ho think,) and fin her a harbor : other refponiiqihty I would uicreatea in a lew boon to a perfect hurricane, take oa mraelf. Yoa have hrtrd - mv individual which contioued five dart without intermissiaa. opinion aa regarded the Patriot caute $ with the I On tha firtt day the Maria tustained little other Niagara, o.araioga, iWtenacUdy, a antarea Uut port on tbo evening of the 8th ZZZZZtiTTSiZ: "'..' .uJ;7?. . J g "! were Untingbargb, Albany, Uodton, CattkilL Kioe. mttf A. I watt bcintrher nilot. O. Whatdid iton, and New - York. Tbiadty cootaioed (io I the officer of the Earanac1 boat my or atato 1814) 50,000 aoab ! Gen. VVaihiavtnn . whan thar attemirfMl u tvnl tK. i fwora taw emoa our alegaat dty halL The! They attempted to board tbe achr. without tay. other principal tows ara aaid t K riatK.v. Jamaica, BrooklTn, Flutbirand Utrecht. stZ teavitland form tha county of Rutland uranuet m mo aoue, Kc. Sc. Thiait a lair iDeciman from th mm. f opened thia moment, of Urn authenticity and ac iog a ward until aha bad patted, and tbey had hold of tha boat attorn. The carpenter of the achr. then cut away tha painter, and they being adrift, jumped up in tha boa taying, "You d d ratcalL if vou do not heave to. we will fire into you and immediately fired, being at curacy of tha geographical knowledge of this I dittanco of about the reoel lenth, or within country powattud in Parii ; audi pretumo an Ptol ahot Q. Whatdid the prize - matter an - wiawwenoM reaaon tor importing our hittoriet er ia return? A. He made no reply, but from that quarter. St Jljmni ( American literature. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT, . City Gazette Office, Charleston. I State corvette armed brig were lying ufftha bar of Amelia llakt t Aa a a! . . - Eioce racaiving tha above by tha inorniogH I force, would take powemion of Amelia.Wun.1 amau, a rumour naa reacbed ui, that a certain xm (Monday lain and that tha ach " great pertonag hat lately been tarred with U - . . gal pracem by tha tbariffof Richmond, to appear' . at Albany oa tba 17th of February, and answer tatters, and with the vard. btow from the matt, and the rigging generally much damaged. On the third day, about an hour after tnn.rkut. the gale still unabated in jtt fury, and the aea maiung continual Dreacnet over her, discovered Shell - Cattle light, about 7 miles ditUaU llay - iug subsisted the two previous dayt on raw pro - tuhjui mm ueuig ouaoie io max a are, our in - formant wai endeavoring to kindle one for the purpot of cooking tumething, when all hands were called to consult on the best mean of tav - ing themselvet from impending destruction, the tract uouig woa ouiy nana uuie (Tom Ocracock bar, with uo possibility of keeping clear of it but by letting go her anchor, wbeu, from the tremen - aoot tea wen running, toe would inevitably have sunk. It waa determined finally to run her ashore on the shoal, and endeavour to ear a tbeir livee by twimming, both of her bolt havins iuui msur k in me earjy part oi the day. Wbout 11 o'clock A. M. the ttrut - kl in 4 leet water, and immediately split open forward, when her foremast went over and every mwuijj wiu to rnui tor nimseii, tn captain, with the two white and the black teamen, jumped overboard, leaving tbe mate and our inform ant on the wreck, the former doubting bit ability to swim so for, and tba latter being unable tb iwun ai au. onoccing nowever to relate, they uu scarcely swam xu root irom the schooner, when a heavy tea struck and overwhelmed lb em au, never to rise again. The Laritlatnre f Georgia, adjourned fine die e . Don.!ll.v mmuUaJUr witnetsiugthtf horrid on Saturdav morning Usurer a session of two I TT . . P", me vessel I lAmtm ' l?J D, w Tt.ciwu, . word, con taint the poiaonoua pea. contain, th; nnian The evmptoms of thi disease are aimilar to tho:e of blind tUrirei or tnonleir. Thehorae Gentletnen - ln conaeesKVofyoor letteTof Ze rfJ - T tr?D'"'"a te ?ot - yetterday.l have the honor of enclMing yoi a 'inrf chang lu poaiuon. The pain ap copy of the documents in my possession, 'relative Pf" V be Hlfined to we head and atomach. HMrl.. .l In wofe mm Mr. Mora., and which b to take plac. at Wad. - Al&.'! the honorable aasembly, to obtain jf?. CJ?l EFt.?0 doB' for !he Tear 1818 , a section in thi. V1 " m.erCT of the officer stood to the boat, jpgtoa. Hall and not at the City Ilotol, at erro - neoasly mentioned in one of the morning papers. Jo lest than four new performers, Mr. and Mrs lforaa, Mr. Keeoa and Mr. Wall, are to be in - rrL . , , uul mining momna. Among the number of act passed r f - m main - matt went over, her, caught hold of the boat towing astern up - during the tession, i an act to incorporate the cVtTU w,' od our informant, on which, the captaineave order for tha ear. nt..m n. n - C ' . ... I who, appalled with the convirtlnri that h. k.,i up desiring the cap - t impose on the note of unchartered bank v!d Proid!. ! some cloathing in " V? u TDUU.' ur" mu .cnr ; a Ui of t wo and a half per cent, on the amount Z nggier. and clineinr to tha matt. rewlvl in vwooui uut wrtunet to the wares, and to trust to their driftinr them to Soma nnrfr rf ur - t - IT : , ' " me snore upon (he mast within about a quarter of a mile, the mate put off from .W.U" to becb whjch he "athed about Ir o'clock. Our informant, being unable to "i """5 we matt, and about 1 o'clock in the morning (having been about 14 hour at the merey of tbe wiudt and waves waa drifted bout five feet hirh. bear, a vello. fl.,e. . - t L"".00 Vcracwt oeach, almost in a state of produces a nod about i rh Inn. f "a benumbed with cold at to be upon aitacction, tne stomach and pylorus were found in a high tt:.te of intUmation and contained three or four quart of the peas in an undigested stale, one or the horses died a la a ahnH ume a readied a ftouie a small iliatanca A - tbe beach, (the raUauceoc" mM pUots) where w Bunuy twceirea, ana loanU the late companion of hit aufferingi sinking under tba effects oi me com ana ratigue which he bad endured. The ensuing evening, at 4 o'clock, the mate expired, audwat buried oa tha bearh bv th. nlW. leaving no other historian of their disasters than tne youth whofuroithetuswith this ttatement ll mi i t.i . ... boutfTtouMdtb thettnto tlie first anuearance of dueiue. I t f.sui w iujiiu; meat. From the teulh Corvette John Adams, brigi Enterprise and Prometheus, arrived off Amelia bar on Saturday but. General Gaines it at romt retre hem to be present at the taking of Amelia ; alter which he will return to the command of th army, now at tba Creak - enc and march against the hostile Indiana. SAVANNAH, Dec. 96. . Last eveninr.' despatches from John C. TaU houn, secretary at war, wer received by the post - master of this city, directed to the commanding 5cer of the United States' troops at a ii i . . ... nuwivuniiu, wiin inn ructions to the pott - master to forward them on by express to their place of destination without delay. They were despatched thit morning at aa early hour. me little ttir was apparent to - day at tbe arrival of uwe uetpaicne. Their contents, however, time only will nufold. From the Xaiumal InUUigencer, Jan. J. The charminr weather of vetterdar. ennirt. buted to enliven the reciprocal aaiutatinn rj oip uoion, conway. of Boston, passed Kedge d . . ,u,r " aortt - - omp Bayard, Kicb,ol Duiwo, itconaemned at Calcutta, at unaeawor - - d be ahip Criterion, Turner, from N vora, in uarden reac 8th Sept. Lat 40, long 71 rlr C It I'. - 1 .... ' W ;T " " namax, lor lorK. I he tiuenaperiorojed ber ynyare io nine months ouu vue oar. uica on tne passage Dec. 6, of a r, a.u. iut spangiey, teaman, bom in Am - tterdam, Holland, aged tt. Capt Tucker po - favored us with th perusal of a number of baiu papers, as late at the S3th Ave. The folloing are the only article of aay interest we us, vv avaaaau alt UJCIU I CALCUTTA, Aug. SO. It appears from tbe Madras papers that con'ti - ateverynrn of New - TexrDay. I Decern. Gen' liwoo wu at auont wu li. rZXZ Z?Z, UT unCe brT Head Quarter thrown onen for therana - lat Hvdraberf. imi uhh ujibu wur uie - mm reception of visitor. f rentlemen and ladies : amonr whom t be found th foreign ministers, beads of depart ments, senators, representatives, and other of our uittmguitned citiaent, residents and ttrangert. It was rratifrinr to be able onca mm - tn th United .Slates with th com - eaeou, ia ba appropriate resi - trregalar a the crime of which ha it a - Du.l. I un" appearance. thinr Lu lh. IK. J;.....i 'j T . ' . I ofsocial order, our right to try and punish Bml of a letter from a gentlemen at St accotdins to the laws of the United Ki.Im. k I Mary, dated 18th Dec. 1817 we have momentarily a don ted. raa ia aa a. I " The troop ar all waiting th i eu ru i. . . " uwni, m ail. hi. rv7'.d hP Ghue, Samocl Tucker, matter. rrom aicutia, V i irom tbe band Head. JLeft at vsicuua, oepr. v, snip Salem. Harrod, for Bos - Z 1 i . H""5pr s ong riodort, ca - rb f05alt ""certain ship Athens, Brumler, oi new iora, uncer. to touch at Madrat ; thip Cadmus, Davit, just arrived from Boston. - - were makine in tbe about to depart to put t. It was thronred. frnm I The thiD Weltoa Watlar. frnm f It was thronred. from IttoSo'clock, by aa unusually large concourse Thursday while at anchor near Hos river. o jourwiay wnne at anchor near Hog river. I . - M vaaiii wu aMtuaa ui ur riiMn ni oiu uaal LUUUIJUAIHW DI I nan rraiar arnri UM vvu vaij nfvi crew larea On the 18th of Aug. lat 19 40, N long 87 E the brigZephyt, from Somboy, spoke tbe American j tup ucraon, oi DOIIOO. Extract of a letter dated Batavia Roads. June JL - mm. Kill . " For the information of those concerned and ' etfcyrfeoatmubgr the pension o balfp... thk widow of Capt. Jarnea Ltw - Tence. dr!L e4 during ber wVlpwhood ; or. in Woft aooner termination, to hit infant daughter ill riff - mmvrm Tn in. er i , ! . - . - I, - w. . j Kre What ha become f ttu ...i - - vd ieu oy we corporation tome time ago jj never been paid ? POSTSCRIPT. Kner1. "rlT.f I lt,,ha' f!1' M far " bay. h j., f40 ton. burthen, c Snow, Baltimore, ia i. 7;,; , L ".V"u mw "S "Ota in ami - cutoff ' r. V w iua a I'll inKnuBUUWVOe. ZrZ. '"rHLr tVrl oa the occaHo,, behario - r Bende. thia, the nature of made foie wUarabc. through tbe machinations of the Sultan of ww eaaaaeisatm. a late a Jimraannus ant n v . Mr tM.ft?l,a, Soperctrgo.and about 25 i .im auira. beputi.que.tion. This is, right comma, to I the John - Adam., captain HenW. to commence I Pl - mler whatever r.a - " but, n x.. c .i i D, r . r vt"" m uicttbocs oi wnicn we arooperauon t uieotner veasels have urittA at deeply interested aa Ki. i w. i. c j .... U,TC armed. an.linl.H K ':.a "ZlfrV tc It Five US but little uneaainaa . !.. armed achr. Brutut, capUm J0ly, at about eiffht I Public lookt forward to every thing that interests o'clock in theeyeomg.. Q. Whathappend to e'Shboortand brotlien of tneUnited Statea. staM L mm .t a i - ' L. I 'l H tSeaavA (siJiwul A a . . ' c - iuld have induced you wnen coming into the harboor ? A. Between nve and si o'clock of that evenior, I was board. Jamevfc Agnes, MDougal, for this port, aai.J(, b Saranac's boat ouUideofthe Bar, and ed f om Kinnton about 4th lnt - .Tha Bet. treated politely: but after naatinv tha ntlnv in i:.v .vu a.v .rn.. ... ... 1,1.. l n - . ' .. . . ti etih ri . . . . . i ue gaotaa na since armed the vessel with 10 ""nneu ner; and Will it is expected cauue on Sao and dlacco rivers, to tekeaod i oe v wu only a few dayt from Manilla." CONGRESS. IN SENATE Janilanr O Agreeable to notice. Mr. Saninnt h.:n.K tained leave, introduced a .int resolution, di - v v.6 - ,7 uiniai f the Convention uiba Kniuea ujc nretent rnmi imu. r .u. . , I ui UJC United Sutes, now remaining in the office of - .,..7 oi otate i and all acta and pro - b - vuinaiuoi, wucn are tn the poesetsion of the Government r States, be published under the direction ofl ujc occrciaiy Of OLttc. i oe resolution was twice read by unanimous content, and committed to Messrs. SanFord . . Hiniir - .r - ,mMCTnrRIDK UfltntlhMl lul il. Kins" Um.. I . . - a " wnaierer rtaivbt - Km I in. .l. : - r ,. . . - . n - 6. wra. utn whatever character aha rk.. 1 k. . . .. r . ii .uaiiiunjiia raaiVHinaiiihart I u. n i, . - TmZrSZ?:1 t.. th. "elves, with a v.rt mrf mott valubler nfLt..,. u' ' m.olM,.n' Wetted on tVedne. v. ..a wm.aeru otNiCV. CSnnOt MllfTe that! 1 11l6 SmMI h at rftemmmrw ayra.1 lV m - enquire jmo thnvi:tw - M T e. I . wieweaj up iiyinr in mra. i i a - .j, y va at - rttZZSmV. 9 .w UpTander. - li'0 her iu entireabolition, - " n.qoa, we hope, will not long tuner thu iavidaou ditOoction. iT.r.M.r ."? imerestintf de! .... : .leiciea in our next Pa - nnatnnneH 1 1.. . .. . r ' I r - kkjiuuop ui Aiondav IN THE HOUSE OF RKPpr - rv - iTTTf HE HOUSE OF were mrtructed to inquire in.tothe etpediea - - rncn, esq. at Home. We h.r. i : t i - ut CVflf in. - ...n i. thepartieniw,, but we ..jZi: '.Tv .T" ;,"'"6 - compentation of the . . 'npentation of the .ii.i.: i l .; . umaara - uic aortnern I? - .VTl " w a - yncn, cannot be leu I make KnRrnt r - n n 17 rear of ara k; ir ii,.,,.... . UV wbo acted .a. cook oa boc.rd ,h. .hoonTr 7. j i REPRESENTATIVES. u , r,uy. Jan. a. Mr. Nelson, from the tame crnimiiiM a. , una veneruev tvarnl... k LI u, I j - . .. mar - district of Vra.V al rarWar unL. t I . . V. r - .,. - JJ ' WOICO On IhAt Ion a .. , r aumadge, after a few nmZilZ .li' - .ithout tome ,ch ' ,""",,'' TT w e lamented Law. ZVJmXPJZ 40 Vcw roooUu utterl dwt 5 A sloop belonging to Mr. Coit had alto jutt at. rived. :' ThepaUiot achr. High - Flyer, formerly ofl Charleiton; had also arrived with a priae h ving on board 120 tlavea the wai immediate ly taken possession of by the authority in command at that place. MARRIED, On Sundav ereninr laat. bv the Rev'd M. M'Clennen, Mr. Joseph Goldsmith, to Mr. F.ii! tabeth Martin, both of thit city. Un tvedoetday evening last, by the Revi Mr. Lyell, Mr. ALEXANDER LEDENTD from Bordeaus, to Mis SARAH MURPHY "f thit city. . ' At Bloomflcld. f N. J.) on the 23d Dee. b Rev.CyrutGildertleeve. Mr. Coot A. Othom. student in Divinity, to the amiable and hiat.1. accomplished Mis Abigail Davis, daughter of Joseph Davit, Esq. all of the above plac. DIED, T Tetterday aftcrooon, Andrew Raymond, Eta. in tbe 53d year oi' hit age. Tbe friendt and relations oftlie dectased are reqoctted to attesd bit funeral oa Wednesday at 4 o'clock, P. W. from bit late dwelling. No. 05 Veiey - ttreet without a more particular invitation. . . On Sunday, Ann Van Horse La Boy, dauek. KfEJfLffO POST MARIA'S LIST. CLEARED. ' - Ship Citiieo, Hobbell, East India uoyt k J om Amiable Matilda, Myers, Sordeasi H Hammond Debby k Elita, Roger, Ham J H. Howland Brig Americaa, Aoner. Brarih Brig Active, Bowers, Hannah. Clearv. Schr Gazette, Salby, Faany, Barker, Sloop Driver, Fraxer, ralmers Hamilton St. Thomas, and a market Demarara Brexilt Palmer It Hamilton Havre D G Gillie - Narfolr ARRiyED THIS FOREfOOJf. - . Bnr Commodore Porter. Do toe. 10 dart fran Amelia, with thip lumber to H Eckford. ' Cchr Julia t. LalOTPtt. S in frnm wtth flour and tobacco to S. L I. Smith at Co aoj to order. New srhr Star of f Jhartv. Hrf. A Amm. from Say brook, in ballast, to the captain. Brig Canada, 20 hour fnm Philadelphia, One thip in the offing. - . . . One schooner. ' . ARRIVED LAST EVENING. ' T.7,vf i i h,' Vockeodor''. dayt from llX 'fe'f "t N Porter, o li - Portland, to tail ia 2 days; ship Grand Turk, toading from the Hawk'a Nert, to tad lor Cha7 - Hartford, was lost to th wtodsVard oftte l.r Nrtt. Nov. 8 caDtaia mnA rr uX IW tS, spoke a thin, a Arise, hnuail to Am. I.. I.. land. t3d, lat. 30, long Id, spoke brig Juno, Talbnt, 70 dayt from Marseilles. Same day, fell in with the tch Hibernia, Pieree, from Fort au Prince for Wilmington. N r. with ar. t Ci? i l00 ci" ,,aT'DtT pning aleak in a gale on the 16th, and being in a linking ttate, took off the crew, 100 bagt coffee, tome tails, risrtoe, &c. Tbe weather at th tim. hni.i.T and was obliged to abandon her supposed she tunkina few hour after. Scbr Weymouth, Davis, from Petersburg,' and 48 boon from the Roads, with door anH toi,vn to C. Dubois, Divie Bethune b Co. Wiltoa k 1 homnaon. RnKsrtof Ar V.I.. D a. Johnston, J M Lowry A Co.and W Oiborn. Jan. 3, met going into Norfolk, Lothair, from Liverpool. Pasxenper. I U - 8. frigate Conttellation. Schr Mary, Johnson, 8 days from Frederick - burr, with done - anH iK. - in ri i. u. Co. "J'"s " Scbr Gen. Scott. ChaJwirV. i).h .. tel2.',B?wit', flour tobacco, to g ft J Smith ft Co Robertson It Kelan. anH Rnnrman Jr 1 - - ton. The sloops Trio, King, and V igilant, Corn - stock, both tailed ia co for N York ' Olooc Alliratnr. HnrS r.A c;.... U7:..i both frvm Norfolk, with .hir.i r i, c Serine. " of American vetsele left at Cane Henry. Hayti, December 11th. , , . Bng Pedlar, Nasb, Bottoo, uncertain when to days ; brig Washington, Jones, WUmtogton, N C shortly ; ship Clio, Gardner. Eurone t achr. Ea. nice, Robbins, Portland, to tail about the 18th Success, Adams, just arrived, uncertain t Mar. faret, Wilton, Philadelphia, ditto j Rachel and Sally, Errin, Fbiladeluhia. in 10 dan t naniah tch Mruia, Durant ; and seven Engiith vessels and two Swedish. SavakjTab, Dec 24 Arrived, shin Jack - ixm, Harsen, N York. 8 davi British bng Ann, Brace, Barbadoet 21 daya, Brituh brig Hope, (of St. John's) Potter, Rio Bueno, Jamaica, 1 day. Markets at R'oB'ieno, sugar 9 a 10, rum 56 1 - 4 and coffee 80 shillings Jamaica currency. Brig Monserrat, formerly the Globe, of Baltimore, pme to the Lynx, M'Coney, priie master. . e B - ig Eliaa, Adams, N York 12 day. . Brig Roderick, Harden, N York 18 day. Brig Levant, Wood, 5 days from N York. Hermaphrodite oritr Gen Jackson. Pearce. Providence, R. I. 9 day. . British schr Anollo. Jne. Si rhn'.innhera 14 days. Markets at St Kite, pork 28 a $30, flour li, sugar 7 a 8, molasses 35 c ents. acnr bally Ann, Lumbard, Boston 17 day. Sch. lively, Peirce, from Boston. Sch. Despatch. Folenm. Newhunmnrt. 9d days. ' - . - r,r, Sch. Ariadne, Pendleton, N York 14 day. Deo 22, Charleston lirht . a. w. 6 lea. di. tant, supplied with provisions th shin Pbo - . ckm, 0. Congar, master, 63 dayt from Liver - Pool bound to Wilmington, INC. Schr John, Lovelarid, 6 day from Middle - town, Con. ' 1 - v Sloop Earl, Cashing, 5 days from N York. Cleared Br e Hero. Cbaae. Boston i ahio Martraret. M'Lellan. Livemool , Homer. BeU. . do. ' , . . A'erilkm Vec SO, la HafflDlon Roaita. hri H Prl'.rrt. S7 day from Liverpool. Spoke, Oct 39, off Cape Clear, thip Fultia, Lewis, 27 dart from Boiloa ir LiieiDool. Ilec. 94. rrT Ca sioop Harriet, from iv London for SaraDnab, 4 dayt out, all well. Came into the Caret about the sometime with the schi Friendship. of BaltH (Bore, 12 dayt from St. Euitatia bound. to Sttn , ' U Amelim hlaai captured by V. S. reap. I cpt. tvoan, oi ma img IxiannoOore Porter, k, dayt from St.. irtary't, we learn that l:iand was tummoned - by capt llenly, of the D 5. ihip John Jams, torarreoder oa the J uecemoer, and on the 23d, at S o'clock P. M. k. took peaceable possets ioa at the head of the U.J naval andnilitary forcea under hit command. Tbe patriot privateer Congretro bad jutt ani vrd at Amelia. . - , The schr Maduonbad arrived in 17dayifroB. New - York. . ' '

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