The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 22, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 601. Gettysburg. Pa., Saturday, November, 1S13. Price ' HAVE YOU SEEN THE New Short Stiff Bosom Shirts? We are showing them in the Corner Window; the new feature about them is that the bosom is set underneath instead of on the *op, thereby making a practicalle summer shirt minus the starch. The bosom is small and short and will not catch on top of the trousers. The newest sh?des of P ink and Brown, also the staple colors. The cuffs attached or detached. The Price $1.00 and $1.50. ... BALL KILLS TEACHERS TELL COLLEGE STUDENT THEIR DESIRES GROUP FINISHED FOR MONUMENT · Homer Wray, Student at Gettysburg! College, Dies as the Result of; lojuiies Received at Dickinson! Three Weeks ago. Favor Practical Training in Public : 6roup of Figures for the Virginia ECKERT'S STORE, -Qa the ·*··* OBMM»II» As the result of |a game of" foot bail ! Homer H. Wray, a Junior ac Gettys- ; School Work. Don't Like th? idea of Paying for Institute instruction. Resolutions Adopted. Before the 'teachers at the institute Monument is Cast in Bronze and Attracting Much Attention at Tiffany Studios. The group. . f _- The group of figures for the front of injuries suata:nes is, a( jj O urned on Friday |faey passed re- j the Virginia monument on West Cor.- 11 three weeks ago : 3O : ut j ons exoressing t^eir aDDro\a! of fed oractical education ippr suggesting f burg College, died at six o'clock Fn- ;thaj . they be reileve! contributing to | day evening at the home 01 President; , he sa?porE of vhe inst jtute. The re^oi- Granville on the campus. Vritn him ati utjons sajd COKCe rni3S these two sub- of his j an( j fcj s barker. Ali were his K classes at the; ject J " WALTER'S THEATRE : i school were suspended to-day and thej a n d lhe r e 7 O re shill · game of foot ball with Johns Hopkins } stadv of affric .. Itar 1 University was car:ce!led. "We believe in practical education encourage the ag!~ iture in our r-jrai TO-NIGHT KAY-BEE FEATUKE THANHOL'SER '·The Flame in the Ashes-'' A Kay-Bee failure in 2 re*L3- A thrilling story of Military Life in the West, with Superb Dramatic Rendition. j ^ Presenting Scenes of Battle and seosationaiistn. i THE TIE THAT FAILED A man makes life unbearable she will find happiness in strives to have it appear thst tin ^ I schools, and domestic science in a!i the I The injury which resulted in Mr. j schools, and whatever else may make I Wray's death v.-as received at Carlisle j t he work done in our public schools a ! on Saturday, November 1. As a mem-, better practical training: Tor the future ! ber of the Gettysburg Scrub team he \ citizens of Adams County, i took part in the game with the Dick- j -We recommend that our school irves which was played in' j aws {j e so amended that neither the S federate a\enue has been cast in bronze and is being viewed daily by many persons ac the foundry Tiffany studios, Corona, Lo The group is the work of F. William Sievers. who was selected out of a field of forty contestants as sculptor for the montnnent. In the composition of the group the sculptor has intended to suggest the several branches of the service which composed Piekett's brigade in the wheatfield engagements of July 2 «nd 3, 1863. He has employed se\en characters. A mounted color-bearer carries rning- He received an injury on ( - t . esc bat it was not considered · fc .eachers nor the superintendent th« in- Show starts 6:45 Admission 5 cents. COMING. TUESDAY NOVEMBER. 25. A PSay of Today "WHERE IS MV* WANDERING 30Y" CHART AT PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE. j'che mor: i the cnesc bat it was not considered | oe forced to pay any part of serious and in the afternoon he stood 1suture expenses." \ out on the field and watched the game jv.t oresent every teacher in the \ between the first teams of the rival in- j county pays a registration fee of S2.50 stitutions- It was a cold fall day and, v .-hich also includes a course ticket to soon after he returned, symptoms of pnenrnonia developed. the evening entertainments. The resolutions covered the usual NEWS FROM THE DEER HUNTERS LETTERS Fftil COUNTY TOWNS Brysonia Carrp Gets One. Cumber- j Correspondents sead in Many Items land County Judga Rutesthat Deer \ of jlnteresting Hews from their Belongs to Man who Shoots it- Two Kurt while Hunting. Respective Towns. Personals and Manyf 8ref lieras. Cietus Gulp, of the Brysor.ia Beer Camp, shot a buck OK Thursday. When several deer shooters have stalked a deer for hours, tramped LITTLESTOWN Liulestown--Mrs. Ira Zeigler and daughter, Anna, of Gettysburg, visited at. the home of her mother, Mrs. Mary aloft a banner with the State emblem and the mot'to: "Sic Semper Tyrannis". Over at one end is an artillery bugler. The artilleryman next might have been an artist in civilian life, judging from his aquiline features and negligee dress. He stands beside a mechanic turned soldier, with his musket gripped to s'crike an advancing foe. The ry of the i through undergrowth and up bald | Long during this week- ing Island, cliffs--in fact, meeting all of the ob- j Mrs. Howard Slultz and two sons stacles that n:ay be encountered on a : are visiting at the home of her par- shooting trip--and when at last they j ents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Harry Stover, have got a fair shot at their quarry fat Hampstead. and raise their guns to get aim, if j Mrs. Harry Flickinger, of York, they then hear a shot and see the deer ! visited Mr. F. P. Hann and family and fall, with a bulle'c in him. where do j other friends and relatives in town, they stand ? According to Justice i during this week. Heineman and Miss Sara o\ er, spent Wednesday A few days ago David MLHer. of ! ^s the guests of the la'tter*s sister, Shiremansrown. saw a buck running i Miss Maria Nace. As soon as his cc-siiitioa became i grounds, thanking the instructors, the \ attitude and features of the figure at known he was taken to the residence j newspapers and others who assisted Hughes, says a Carlisle dispatch, they ] Miss Mary don't. They just sit down and ween. i Xace. of Kan' William D. Moist, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Reiffe, D. A. Moist, all of York, and carcass awav. P H O T O P L A Y BIOGRAPH KALEM VJ EAGRAPII THE CROOK AND THE GIRL -The heiress fails in love witn her new gardener, an! he i.- 2. crook who has been paid to get employment a= her house in or-Ic-r to steal an important paper. TOOK HISILIFE TliE LJl.iN'I* ItA^K-ETWKVVER Kalem , - N«-»t ns,M :i .sp"-:a'i-t re-c-;rci hit. sight does be realize the depth of sei?- COMIXG-JfEXT TUESDAY, A-PKINCB-OF EVCL VTTAG3APH in 2 Re Show starts 6.1o P- 3L Admission 5 cents to all niANKSGrVTNG DAY ' * GOOD THINGS ere not all -limited to thing? to however · enj«yabls they n-y be- There are _also good ih:ngs xo xv^ar, Mpectaiiy those included in Xi-t;£o es- ·entials i:Ke cravils, glovss. hand- fcerchiefs, faiscy vests ~ar.d hosiery Thich all go to raake up the line of j»oods as sold as furnishings- Selig- · tan's cave an exceptionally fins line. The Quality Shop WILL M. SELIGMAX The Cash TaEor of Dr. and ilrs. Granviile where he | wi,.h the sessions of the week and cal- iwas given every attention. For some-iing particular attention to the Lin- itiaie he continued alternately to irn- f-oln Day celebration!^ and Superin- ! Drove and then to get worse and this tendent Roth's work: in arranging I week he became critically ill. On Fri- for it, and commending: him for the !dav afternoon Dr. George B- Kunkle of organization of the boys' agricultural I Harrisburg examined the patient and league and the girls-" domestic science | found that the injury he received at league. 2- '· Dickinson was a broken bone in the j chest which was pressing down on the : - · * " edges causing con- Several large abscess- and Dr. Kur.kie operated immedia'ceiy- The operation showed further the extreme seriousness of the young man's condition and he lingered but a j few hours after ic was performed, i dying at six o'clock. The college com| muniry which had been vratcning with j intense sympathy the ·Sghc of" the bey (for his life was cast Iiito :-the deepest j gloom, by the announcement of his ! deatl-i Friday evening- ±C --as at once j announced that all classes would be · suspended to-day and the A'chletic [Council immediately announced the 1 cancellation of the game with Johns ! Hopkins at Baltimore to-day- or trained to business life. the further end indicate that he fol- settlement- lows one of the professions 11 hen free t Patrolman William Davwalt. to do so. and by his side stands a man j Waynesboro, was shot in the hand and | legs while hunting, but noc seriouslv did not bushes, and ploded shell are intended to identify I when he blazed away at a rabbit, the the scene as one of recent desperate patrolman got a portion of the load of A shattered cannon, broken wheel, j hurt. One of his companions iscarded knapsack and hat and an ex- j see him. because of some bt TO TEACHERS: To our already large line of Correspondence Paper and Cards we have added lhe very best numbers from the leading shops of the country and -have them on display for you this week. Your Inspection is invited whether you buy or not. Peoples* Drug Store r= ! up The funeral exercises this morning- were most touching and impresslve- The entire student body attended the services which were conducted by Dr. A. R. Wagner and Eev. F. E. Taylor. The heavy mist which had hung over Uhe ccllege grounds ail morning sud- I cenly lifted just as the casket was carried from the house by members of his f ra'ternity and class, and bright 'sunlight flooded the solemn scene. ! Led by the college faculty, the stu- jder.t body in two long lines proceeded! ^ m ~^ c trouble, and that Washington street, taking tne j j pavements at either side of the road | land when they reached tne Readin j station stood v.-ith heads unco\ ered as j j the body of the young raan and the j Man Suspected of Firing Buildings Takes His Own life. S" Theodore Walker, colored, suspected of having set fire to tba- buildings on iss property, near Bark HOI, not far from. Taneytovoi. recently sold, to Samuel T- Harman, commi'cted suicide early several days ago, by hanging himself v,-ith a trace chain on the farm of William J. Banksfd.Tt-is said thai; the State Fire ^Marshal- and the State's Attorney, in their ' Jons relative to the origin of the fire. had secured evidence which pointed to Walker as guilry. Public sentiment in 'die neighbor- locd appears to be against the idea »hat Walker fired the buildings, bnt .-ather that in some way he was an in- locant victim of circumstances, and oerhaps of the work of another. Walkar himself met a considerable loss of personal property in the buildings, on vhich he is said to have had no insurance. and it seems to be diincult to out how he could have had any encounter. As a whole the group is represented as on rhe defensive. Students will find it a striking example of monumental realism. It also illustrates well the excellence of modern casting. The pedestal, which has been in position for many months, will be surmounted by a s'catue of General Roberr E~. Lee on his horse, Traveler. toward him, and shot him. Mr. Miller \ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Loucks. Mr. was looking ID over much pleased, j " a -nd Mrs. J-C. Brant, Mr. and Mrs. when several men arrived, said they had been stalking 'che deer; that he was their lawful quarry, and took the Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Keagy spent last Sunday as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Keagy, and family, near town. Syhania Lodge, I. O. O. F., of this place, will confer "the initiatory degree ·.spon a number of candidates on next Monday evening, the 24th. Delegations from Taney Lodge. Taneytown, and Mason Dixon Lodge. Harney, are expected to be present on that evening to witness the initiation, and a most profitable and enjoyable evenrng is anticipated. A full attendance of mem- oers is desired. The justice' ruled that the deer belonged to the man who shot him, and the men who took the carcass were told to re'cum the deer or make a cash MUST READ THE BIBLE State Superintendent Schaeffer Tells Franklin County Teachers- shot in various parts of his body. Six shots entered his right leg and five bis left and one imbedded itself in his left hand. One shot has been removed from one of his legs. The o'chers are in the Seshy parts of the legs, where they can do no harm. John DiehL of Pleasant Hall, rested the muzzle of his gua on Ms fooc and,, the trigger being touched, his or.e toe was shot off and another toe__neariy severed. personal interest in causing the fire. Walker had a good reputation in the Dr. Nathan C- Senaefrer. State Su- t perintendent of Public Instruction, made an address to the Franklin county teachers' nicy-nintn annual institute. He told them in his usual plain English that t "JOSHUA SEVIPSINS" -. Coming the Old Thriller for 3Ielo-drama- ~ The sensational rural comedy drama, "Joshua Simpkins", will be produced at Walter's Theatre on Friday Novem- TO HOLD UP MONEY Decides to Go Slow About Paving Noxious Animals. for ten verses of Oie teachers must read' faer 95. The play contains an inter the Bible to their pupils | ing and j nle ni^bie plot, but i: is :erest- ^..^ __ not every day or resign. There is nothing j al f owed to interfere v .-ith the fun. el^ left for teachers to do. They must| _ hlch is ^^ _ Q bg -^ abundance _ observe the law and set a proper ex- j Dur ing the run of the piece some scenes ana situations are ample for the boys and girls or resign and go to Illinois or Wisconsin. | sgen _ he plinc £ pal of -which is said to ' where there Is no such law and where' the Supreme Coui't, excludes the Bible, ; from tne schools. Dr. Schaeffer said it! T V n; jj er -j-he p-ade little odds which version of the 1 ^",_j c j e t i, e Bible is used, although he prefers the lhe ga^mjnin the third act. shovrn comple - ie operation, cutting up real " sav ,- used is the genuine as B3oa ii y se en Ln The suit to determine the cons'ritu- .lonality of the act appropriating all revenue from automobile licenses to .he State Highway Department for road improvement will also decide whether the income-from hunters' licenses can also be applied to payment. Df bounties ,011 scalps of wildcats, -"okas and ho:ious animals and birds ·ind for propagation of game. The jrinciple involved in the two actions is fsclared to be-the same by the Auditor jenerai's Department and no pay-" i Tien'ts from the money rolling in from ranters' licenses "will be made until -he automobile action is determined- The hunters" license act, which it is expected will yield over a quarter of a nilliori dollars, divided the income fae- ween the Game Commission for pro- Dagation of game and reimbursement )f counties for payment of bounties on -calps. The Auditor General will hold ip these payments until he gets a d»- :lslon In the Srst case. large country sawmills. An excellent neighborhood, bu'c it is said-that in the '.Revised, because many words in King bnd and . fine Orc f, e3tra accompany sst few years he had considerable!Janes edition have changed their th ; s attraction . The band will oarade at rimes } meanings. There are 200 or more such at noon , vhen some good m _,_; c may be mind was slightly atrected. = i carriaere with his mother and brother · = ! . . . . . , __ , , ! = i passed oeiween vne lines, u hen the ; jE j train started the college bell was toll- } ·Icuntain CYRUS BACHTEL Died at iv.-ords in common use which mean jsomeihirg else now, compared to the ers .__ advertisem e M j time the book v.-as edited for the good 100 MILE JAUNT fiigh School Boys will Come through Gettysburg on Long Hike. British King. Fruit Grower Home. his; COMING SHOW Cyrcs BachteL a well-known LIBERATED PRISONERS f y c s t :ree Men Arrested. One Gets Bail , and Frees Pals. iooked for. all being dressed as farm-^ A number of York High School stu- · '.znts in charge of Prof. Elmer StoufF- ! sr contemplate a slgat-seeing trip j foot the latter part of nexc week to ! -ettysburg and points of interest in ! | ne Bine R.dge mountains- Leaving ; fork early next Friday morning, the i r.a^y \vili walk to Gettysburg, then to Ion; Alto and make an inspection trip Play at Walter's Theatre Tuesdav Evening. in ' The Emmitsburg ·,.vo prisoners, one jail was reHe\-ed j You can't airwrd to msts it. enjoy a real treat, v.-r;rten by If you an au- J hrough the state forestry academy at thor of real v.orth ar.d acted by a corn- hat place. They also expect to visit r»any of actors of real abiiity jou can't jor.e of che deer camps in the mountains afford to miss "When; Is My War-Jer . md sper.d a r.ight- The party is plan- in? Bo". which to Walter's I -.:ng to return home Sunday, walking YOUR - TURKEY - DINNER Will taste better if you have a N E W S U I T OR O V E R C O A T on Thanksgiving Day. We have a large variety of choice fabrics at prices to suit everybody. J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. |T\\o members of his fraternity ac- i -bich he died and lived there all his j of '-.vo prisoners, one night recently, j companied the bod;-to h:s home in S ars. He was popular with al- his i by Charles Hess, who was arrested ! Leechbsrg, j -.eighbcrs and esteemed by everybody, jvvith the two but furn:«hed oail. and j Homer H. Wray came to Gettysburg He is survived by these children: j afterwards removed the hinges on the Thiatre nex - T ucsday msjhu The plav! a « far as Harover. from where they 1 College in tne sail or 1011 ana haa .Mrs. Calvin Trumphour and Arthur doors and liberated his t*o pals. They a s to eve _. fath ' c , ^ mo . hcr a r.d i «u take the trollev car to York. The j completed two years 01 his coilege j BachteL dgernor.t: Mrs. Lulu Beam, j rad been arrested or: the charge of n the Junior class} -.Taynesboro. and Miss Sallie BachteL J house-brsakir.e. The fugitives from 1 this fall. He ~vas a memoer of the Phi | a j home. i Kappa Psi fraternity anu was iveK I j known in town where he had a large 1 number of friends. Another brother. j Stanley 31- Wray. is a member of the j Sophomore class. 1 j He leaves his parents. 3Ir. and Mrs. j 1 K. H. Wray and several brothers. His [ xhe excursion to Baltimore ' father is the editor of the "Leech- j -nornir.g took 212 people from Gettys-) | burg Advance." 1 3arg. It was run by the college ?ooc \ j Further services will be held at his | -,.-] j home. i justice v.-ert: ail re-arrcsied. arc! two i. D'ayj-ng to more ycti^g men and - trip ir all as planned will total 100 voung ladies than any oiher attrac- j n::ies. t:on. E-. cry situation in the p^ay is :n- . REAL ESTATE SOLD LARGE EXCURSION Large Excursion io Baltimore Run bv College 3Ianasrement. j -vf them were sent to Frederick jaiL t rest j ng .- every sce r.e in the play mag- ] Hess again giving oail. ;r.;f,cer.t. mkinz in all one of the -.err | - ^ j -- hc^t attractions, on the road to-day. ! Berwick Township Real jcstate Sold at tnisj Miss Winifred McSherry. to-nn. Married in Chicago. \ The tone of the play is; and up- , " lifung. It tells a beautiful story we!! I Wedr.estlay. November 12th. in St. ] oaH management in \iew of the Johns ] Vincent's charch. Chicago. I!?.. M:s^ nookirs game at Baltimore- As r.ote' i Marie W:r;fred McSherry. youngest McEVILLY--McSHERRY of LUJlcs- cons trucied, depicnne the life ar.d strueglec. o: the "Wandering Boy".-- ( n - estat - ° 3 . "-T- : iiar.over, so! »»j-»^-jat-*i crrvm^tr* . 7 Public Salc- advertisement For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. OLDFASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY Almond taffy, 40 cents lb., Butternut Taffy, 50 cents lb., Peanut Tafly,:20 TAKEN TO HOSPITAL Another Foot Ball Player Suffering from Injuries. Blood Poisoning. elsewhere, the game %vas cancelled a- '.cr the death of Wray ar.d'fe\v j Littiestown. u-as married ' college boys went the number being i cents lb., "P'eannt Brittle^ 10 cents lb. n.iily at. Ice Cream Taffies. 10 rents lb.--Fresh GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN George H. Schaeffer. of Leetor.ia, Ohio, a member of the Senior class at college, was taken to the Harrisburg Hospital this morning suffering from blood poisoning, the result of an injury sustained in the game with Mt. St. Mary's at Emmitsburg ten days ago. Schaeffer had not been in perfect health before the game and in the contest he received an injury to which later became infected. his foot f, i daughter of Mrs. Sara A. McSherry. or McEviily, of Chicago. The bride has Horse FcH into Trench on New Oxford Street. RIdc-r Unhurt. Alvin R. Nisrfy. administrator of £ John H- Barnitz. late of old at public sale the fol- "ov.i-:g real estate: Tract No. I.--A tract of woodland, situate in Berwick township, contaia- ;ng 4 acres and 116 perches, was par- chased by Alfred Wi-dasin, of Blooming Grove, at §13.75 per acre. Tract No. 2.--A tract of woodland, composed almost entirely of tow?, and many friends in Gettysburg where the, A hor ,. e hejorgir.g to Peter Long, a i country people- j lived for several year.-. The past year, \,e - vV Oxford mason, fell into an open | "ituaje in Berwick towr.ship. contain- j she had been making her home with | trenc - n on or;e o f the streets of the i r g 3 acres and 2S perches, bought by SPECIAL to-day. Oysters 25 ceitsr the family of her brother. Joseph B. J o w n p r idav eveninar and died soor ; Reuben Altlar.d. of Abbot»io-jm, a" per quart. Buohi and Shaitz.--adver- I McSherry. tisement IF you are looking for style, quality and comfort, bay the Crawford shoe at Kirssin's.--advertisement A fine line of candy on display a'c the Department Store. Special prices to teachers.--advertisement town t riflay eveninar and died soor j Reuben Altlar.d. of | afterward. Mr. Long's young son. who · §13.75 per acre, was riding the horse, was unhurt. The SPECIAL to-day. Oysters 25 cents ] which extended more than half per quaru tisement Buohl and Shultz.- 1 adver- j vray across the roadway was insuffi- MILLINEKY reduction: ha'ts and fancies greatly reduced. The Misses Chritzman, 137 Baltimore street.--ad- ciently lighted, it is said. 1 , vertisement FURNITURE auction, Saturday, November 29, at one o'clock. See advertisement. Chas. S. Mumper and Co. ' --advertisement 1 ] SPECIAL: we have received a large line of children's, ladies' and men's winter coats also boys" and men's fall suits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x 12, linoleum and sweaters. G. H. Knouse, Biglerville-advertisement. 1 FOR SALE: horse, carriage and buggy. M. K- Eckert.--advertisement 1 LWSPAPLRl

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