The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 6, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1818
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iiriimiN PACKETS lilt A!" .J. - nrlrB - ronx - u Liverpool. Softer to furrn.h , taqamj t end '"gTO I .ore for GOODS and PASSENGERS, tne &OUtodf"" each place on a certain day KB, bar then, Lave been fitted out lot nut r - 1SLL M1TT Jftha Stanton.' BUtoTf fSjioNRoii 'jeoWatkin. ,f ffifffl owner, that one ship l"iK '"J? Ahl tart materials, aad are coppered New - York, and cop - remarka - hftrtSlVrf "no1 their accommodation ft bry 'a - - .i - ..tensive and com - SoTtelF nearly new except the Sr! .tJh been Mine vear in the trade, The commander, of them are - all men of great power to render these Packet eligible con - vam (or paiwneert. iti alto thought, tiiat SSrVof thefr time.ofsailing.nnd the ex - ""."e" - 4.1 - 1. hr i - lir their car - eeHeCTimii.w - - w . met, will inane men crj - rr i; for the conveyance of goods. ' tHiuteoded thVtthi. tefl" - ' narlnn of the JAMES MON - 7. front NEWVYORK on the 5th. aod the SotKIER fronUVERPOOL the l.t, of Tint Montn (January j mm eli will nail at the tame periods from each place AcTAibnTtsoN, ' FRANCIS THOMPSON, .., BENJAMIN MARSHAL!, JEREMIAH THOMPSON. 10mn24 tun mLK AT THE SHlt - XJlKU ue rttK SUBSCRIBER, k SIDOP. now buildiwr of the best material, about 100 tons; timber of live b. locust and cedar: bottom flank Jerky white oak, built on purpose for the All 4 iany trade where dirpatch, burthen, an J 2uLeasy draft of water i required. A periagua SCHOOAErl, oi w ions, .1 - . knl l.lll. volar With ! liiiboard through the centre of her keel, aud it expected to sail very fast. AUo. a Stlir 01 30U ions cascuiaieu f - r iif.MuiAl w I Mfatvi trl e. f tHat 525.can be finished to cuit the purchaser.) nv Spam, timber ard plank. Abo, timber tawed to bills for house building. pot flu CHARLES BROW a 31 ft. for Saie. Freighter Ckarttr, The staunch, gqpj, iai tamo; ont JuNYMPH, 167 tont burthen, one year old, in good order to receive a cargo Apply on board atStephon". wun, , or - jcc 17 ' B6 South - rt. For SALE, The rervfast auirine tloop PARA LGON. Child, master burthen 66 tons, it Mlddletown. (Conn.l by Mr. Childs, of the best material, has made one vovMre to the West Imiies, one yearmu. im Ca i be tenttoaea immediately. For terms - n1v to the mtcr, on board at nurlin - slip, T to UK13WUUU3 fit UUA I Ci3, . dec 18 68 South - ttreet For SoJt, Freight or Charter, Th.ivl fi.t mt - .UnvMn MIRROR. iiii325 tons burthen, 1 1 - 4 year old, strong veatel, well secared and m good order to receive t cargo Apply on board, cast side Fly - market slip, or to Bi. L. k u. UKlswuuu, dec 17 Ho boutn - ef For GIBKALTAR, The fa - taailinsbric LAURA - ANN. ,P. F. Collin, master: bat fine accommo dations tor passengers, r or treignt or suu barrels or pattage, apply to the captain on board, wett side isurunr - tiip, or to L. KM - iltlWUI.L. dec ?0 86 South street. For&ALRm . "The new and fast sailinirbrijrF.IME I built of the best aeasoned timber, and . faithfully put together, her tigemg and tails ar of excellent aualitv. this vessel is well calculated tor Southern Packet, having hand - tome accomrnodaliona. f or terms and a view of her inventory, applv to URISW'QLDS & COVTES, dec 15 - 68 Sbuth - street. For Sale, freight or Charter, The brie - AMERICAN, burthen 200 - , - Si.i - tons, tails fast, n well tound and can be l VTJ - - - - sent to sea immediately. - This brig is eoe year la, was built si Un best materials and was em ployed the last year as a packet between this port and Savannah, lies at Murry's wharf Ap ply to . UtlliWOLUb COATES, dec 15 68 Sonth - tt. , - . for Sate, freight or Charter, The excellent briz RISING SUN. JaSa VVm. Napier, matter, burthen one hundred aud five tons will ttow about 900 barrels, two years old, sails fast and can be tent to tea immediately Apply to the captain on board at tne toot ot Harnson - nreet, or to JOHN BYERS. TFao hat for Sale, 1500 bbls eround plaster of Paris . 600 tons Nova Scotia plaster 120 do French do in lots to suit pur - ensserj Apply an above. dr 11 tr ; for BORDEAUX, rm ami' uurLn, t. auui), lLZL master t a first rate shin, will meet Witli immediate dispatch. 'For freight or paa - 8e WJ w uie master on board at Fly - dec 29 tf B. W. ROGERS St CO. FORlLiLk. The elegant pflot boat built schooner AL.Z.IVI. 128 tons bortlien. eonnrd and copper fastened, stowt to great advantage, is a very first rate taller, and is now in snnH condition as when aha came off the storks For larms apply to A. WESTON. dec 26 2w 39 Borliny tlip. for DUBLIN The substantial fast sail in ir anln .NEPTUNE. R. Field, master, will commence (oading on Monday, havinir nearlv th vkni. r k.. j.. . . r - - wt; vi - IC.UI U (HI ooaru, will be dispatched without delay. For freight of about 230 casks flaxseed, cotton, or cabin ana steerage passage, having excellent ao - commoaauons, apply to . THOS. S. WALSH, dec 13 - 118 Front - street. T T FLAN D COT FON. - 21 bales Upland Cot - ton, landing from the schooner Milo, from Savannah, for sale by . - Kt'iiLH T lit IX tS FIE, ec l7 - lit Front - street, BRISTOL BROWN STOUT. Ieirkcaski BrirtW Drown noni, warranieo mtX f Mnal to r arer imported, in caiki l.tloenbot - ( . dec 10 535 Pearl - itreet. i 1. 1 I H - I.J, . l.A.u ' ' " D V " balee CalcntUCoode, raatUtins of. AUeabad . - j , . Lnckiporel , . . Jugdet VBAFTAS, Canapatty)' . - , ffil CHOWDAOAET. ? . .. AJleabad, J . ' Ozioghur, and MAMOODY. Joicinfrpora y . , AUeabad, ) Khoirabad and EMERTT. Lowheipore , Fine Jallalpore - aod Muddon Sawn ' Fine Chandnore, Conaa Beerboom Gurraba Commute Mobaraguoffee Uandanna ad i HeKFg. Lunge Aubdy oint) Jutt received and for tale by GOODHUE & CO. dec U 44 South - ttreet BLOOIVr RAISINS 1,506 boxet bloom tiai - tne. landing from brig Cornelia, for tale by K.L.SO. GRISWOLiU, dec Ite 86 South - rt. ttil'slA fiF.LSKINd ft DUCK. 500 large Xt ekumandlOO bolu 6rtt oualitT duck, lor tale by JOSEPH OSBORN, HURD & 8EWALL, No. 65 Sonta - ttieei, offer for tale 200 tont PSl old table iron 60 do GAD and COND do 30 do Swedei tquar do S5 bundletSwedettteel 100 bolU half duck, or heavy raven 160 do Ut quality ravens duck 100 pt. do Ruauatheetinge t5 bnlet Deerboom gurrahs 16 do Calcutta and Bernagore cbecto 1ft do tooty romallt, and giHa hdktt t dobluemamoodiee ,' 5 catet gam benjamin, 5 do gam cdpal 1Q00 gunny bagt, 6 balet tenna leaf 4 catet beadt, necklace, kc. calculated - for the, N. Wett nnd Span. America 3 do Englith writing and letter paper A doiuperf. London made hats 6 do domettie ttripea, ginghamt and ticks 6 do Bohemian picture glatt J50 kegtcut nail, atanrted sizes 400 boies American window glats, assorted tises Ac. dec 7 COTTON. nnR SALE. 52 balet of Un und Cotton, m I crop, landing from the rhoon,r Maria, from Charleston, inquire t4a t ean - iueei, u imi - dec 29 "1ARPET3. a bales Mirzapore CarpcU, just received, and tor sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, dee 89 55 I'ine - street. FLAX3EED & FLOUR. 28 tierces Flaxseed . 250 barrels superiioe Soutnern t lour, iu re ceived, and for nle by dec 27 81 Fine - street. rpROKLS, DAV IDSON 41 CO. offer lor sale at 106 Front - ttreet, 9 pipes one old Madeira Wine 10 casks niassware, assorted 60 crates Earthenware - 5 catet low priced Fowling Pieces 3 do Irish Linen 1 do dark diced Cotton. dec 23 SUUCaONU TEA. THIRTY boxet Souchong Tea, superior quality, Caaton's cargo, for tale by w. cel. nuu, dec 23 , 65 South - street. N AVAL S I ORES. i07 bbls Soft Turpen - tine, for sale by rui t Oi ni'iuimr. dec 20 66 South - street. PAIN l'l.MGS. .1 case Flemish Paintings, received ncr Janus, from Rotterdam, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, asc 17 l IT r roni - sirri. ODOR OF RObrs. A FEW pound bottles of Odor nr noses, just received from Smyrna, awd for sale by fire 22 ROBERT LENOX. ORA.NDY, VV1NE, RAGb, ic ili pipes MJ cette Brandy 150 qr. casks Coltcenar Wine. tup. quality bO do sweet raahtga, very old 40 bales Italian Rags 300 chests Florence Oil, 30 betties each 100 boxes do 12 bottles do . 3 bales Italian Writing Paper 100 do Gazette do 1 box French Kid Gloves 1 do Easravings. 9 cases Felt Uatt 10,000 Gunny B, for sale by Vlll . mTI.M . v - n.3. l. uiipr.n, ana ABM. OGDEN, Washington - st. nov 23 c IO 11 ON. 35 bales New - Orleans Cotton 20 bales prime Upland do. new crop, just received and for tale hv WALSH 4C GALLAGHER, dec 20 66 bouth - strreL DUTCH GOODS, kc A small invoice consisting of Marbles, slates, slate pencils bnuff boxes, violin, violin stkks Tortoise shell rork boxes Tortoise shell tea caddies Cornelian ear rings, coral do gold seals .Silver purses, lead pencils Porcelain tea and coffee cups and saucers Cologne water, ftc. received per brie; Janus, from Rotterdam, Rr tale by " ROBT. GILLESPTE, ' ' dec 80 '112 Front - ttreet. LANiES, TLNS, AvC A few bales as - JL - sorted flannels, white, red and yellow Do fine and superfine white do. very wide Green table covers, from 6 qr. to 8 by 10 . Men and women's cotton stockings Do do white silk do A few cases London mix t pins, in 1 - 2 ft 3 - 4 Q) Do pack pun, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2 and 6 1 case mourning pins, 1 do short white do White chapel needles, assorted, No. 1 to 10 1 case hooks and eyes 1 do brass and steel top thimbles ' Brast and card wire For sale by ATKINSONS ft FLEMING, dec 22 1m 167 Pearl - t. COLCOTHA - for sale by dee 23 4 casks nrstqaaUty CoJcotha, TUCKER LAURlES, 29 Sooth street TURKS 1.LAND6' SALT Xotfcl butbelt salt, direct from Turks Island, will be ready for delivery alongside any vessel en Mot daj monuiij next t or l by . dec 27 9Soutb - t - . FLOUR, TOBACCO, te - 1200 bbls Rlch - snotHl, Petershertand Fredericktber; FIoct 1 hhda nritne fr Tottacco 33 balet Upland tx)tto, of very toper joequali - ty, trading froea dierett vessela, ami or taie oy . , UAWa uabuaiin - B, tUcSa l out - tUrt;t. TATENT 6HOT. - - AfewbagofNa. 6 f M. & 9 for sale by t TTt'KER ft LAURTES. dee 12 1 Mft fi.aihJiv'tawt' FLOUR St COTTON. 158 bbls o.perooe Virginia Flow. . - ' 5 balet prime Upland Cotton, of (he new Crep, received per sloop Jay, aod for sale by tlO'i'l'ON. 48 bales Upland Cotton, ol the new crop and of a superior quality, landing from tbe ship Cotton Plant, from Savannah, for sale by TOWNSEND WHITE, nor 27 ' 82 aoutft - srreex. RUM, GIN, 4c iW hbd. first proor new Rum, . '..'' 25 bbls. first proof Country Gin ... , 20 small boxes Imperial Tea . v . . 1 1 2 cbestt Young Hytnn do. 100 boxes J. Wait's Chocolate ' 60 bagt Race Ginger, (entitled to debenture) 100 kect (Peru) ground do , . 20 bale Prime Cuba Tobacco 25 do do St. Domingo do - 1 case Bengal Indigo 5 bhdt and 50 bbls Loaf and Lump Sugar For sale by JACKSON WOOLLEY dec 16 r 75 Wall - street. "t U AM P A iiiii fc. A le w cases mil and spark - umr r,Jimnin. af in d. nnal. inst receiv - dee 11 ' ' ' ' ' 1 oi nne - sifCTv COTTON. SIXTY - FIVE balps prime new crop Upland Cotton, landibs from schr. Milo, for sale in loU to suit purchaser, by dec 15 68 South street. COLOUR 350 bbls. supf. New - fork Flour, C 25 do. fine do 18 do Middlings For sale by TOWNSEND tl WHITE, 92 South sheet. II mo 29 m it a m hi.... Snnr - .hAiiir 'IVa. auDenor .J. quality. Canton's careo, for tali; ;by dec 15 65 South - street. MUSKETS, INDIGO, &c. 60 boxes Trench !t German muskets, entitled to debenture . 7 ceroonsfirstquali'y flotant indigo 13 boxes well assorted tapes No. 11 to 25 4 do flaxen linnea . 2 bbls white lead 9 do Orchal (or Litmus) - For sale by J..C. ZIMMERMAN, oct W , 72 Waahineton - street. UlCTUREaod WINLKVi GLAsSS. 6 caes I Swedish Picture Glass, 18 by 21, 19 by ft, and 20 by 24. X boxes Window Glass, 6 by 8, to 10 by 12, for sale uv ' HURD &6EW ALL, dec 15 65 Soutli - streel, CI KLE TWINE. 8 casks trine twine, ol O superior quality, received per ship Amity, from Liverpool, forsale by dec 19 D. BETHUNE fc CO. rflLA 85 chesu young hyson tea, cargo of JL - ship Nancy 24 chests yooug hyson tea, cargo of snip Natchez 9 do young hyson, 3 do hyson, cargo of ship Phoenix, all freib and of superior quality, for sale by - GEO. W.TALBOT, dsc 10 , 55 Pine - st. DUTCH GOODS, iicw - A tmall invoice consisting of Marbles, Slates, Slate renciis, Souff Bones, Violins Violin. Sticks, Tortoise thell work Boxes, Tortoise shell tea Caddies, Cornelian ear rings, Coral do. Gold Seals, Silver Purses, Lead PenciU, Porcelain Tea and Coffee cups and lancers, Cologne Water, 4c. Received per brig Janus, from Rotterdam, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, dec 17 1 1 . r reot - sireei. rLD COPPER. 4 caskt old Copper, jutt J received, and for sale by TUCKER ft LAURIES, 29 South - street. dec 19 SAND and LI M E - STON E. WANTED, 100 to 200 tons of Uemarara Band, aod . . .. A1 tn li m tons of Gibraltar or West India Lime - stone, if application is made immediately to CAM - HELEN U e rtAriSU, jjrc 20 6 BiMitn sireei. T ANUrAC t UKEU TOBACCO. a IV I ketit. now landiox from schrs. Rose in Bloom and Cyane, from Richmond, of variout braods, vii. . . 86 kegs nr. V. R. Koas, its. JNos. 1, Z anu 72 do. P. Holts, GV Not. 1, 2 and 3 57 do. J. li. Kge, 8's, Not. 1 and 2 43 do. R. Cantor, 8's, Nos. 1,2 and 3 35 do. B. H. Brady, 8's, No - 3 M An. J. Franklin. 8's. No. 3 ALSO. 12 bbls. Jones' Philadelphia Scotch SonR. warranted, tor sate rv . - Xamt mtAAf, dec 30 1 w uuduij. f lOBACCO k. F1X)UR. 9 hhds. prime old JL leaf tobacco, landing from schr. Sea Lion, from Rtchmood. nr irons, 1030 bbls. Richmond superfine flour 75 do do fine do For sale br ilWatS, XAVIU5V1V at dec SO 106 Front - street. Q TOBACCO tt FiMUti. Odt bhds new Richmood tobacco 20 do old do do 13 do Petersburg do tfVI hhl Philailrlnhia snnerfina flour Iiulin - (rem brur Riiia Sun. and schrs In dian Hunter. Sea Lion, and Brothers For m h - KOUK.UAN tL JtJtl.NS 1 U.l. Also, in store 00 bbls superfine Richmond . - . . . . j. - nur t Tit) do fatarroniv on. aec z i rilOBACCO. FLOUR ft COTTON. 18 JL hhds prime leaf tobacco 500 bbls Virginia flour ' ' 90 balet - nnme rrpland cotton.' reeeVved per sloop Cashier, from Petersbiinr. and "fur sale by WALSJl ft GALLAGHER, dee 83 oo soum - sireei. LOURa; COTTON 1200 bbls. Richmond 1 Flour . 4 bales prime Upland Cotton, forsale at 106 tToot - sireet, ry decX3 1BUM.S, uiiiuau. a. ,' CiHOT. WHITE LEAD, etc A few tons O Patent Shot, front BB to 10 . A few casks Ury White Lead 3 tons best do. in oil, in 23 4! 661b. kegt 25 casks best Red Lead . : 29 rolls Sheet do. i 10 hhds Paris White, of a superior quality 4 caiks Yellow Orbre. drv Red. YeUow and Black Paints, in kegs of 1 cwU each A fewcasksFig Dine Rlark Varnith in Icee s of 4 sraUont each Window Glass 7 by 9, 8 by 10. 1 1 by 9, and 12 by 10 lor sale ry ATKINSONS 4 - FLEMING, dee 22 1m 167 Pearl - street. I ON DON MUa l'AKU. 50 boxes first wall Li tr, fresh London Mustard in boxes, contain ing 6 dotea each, for sale by TUCKER 4 LAURIES, dect 29 South - street FLOUR and TOBACCO. oOO bamls topf Flour, find 28 trn ManltrtuTd Tobarc, branded Wen ant) lwui. laadinx from tckra. Cashier, Cc. from I'etersr - irg, tor taie ry DIVIE BLTHUNE ft CO. dec 94 Vt C. H. Slip. JAMAICA RUM, 4c. 17 puns. Jamaica Runs. ! . . - '' - . ' i, - - - 2 do. do. very old, and of superior quality 2 hhds. Molasses. . - 1 do Castor Oil, t. bag Pimento v m . 4 casks Copper . . ... A quantUy of Lance wood Spars ' ' Landinefrom schooner Rover, from Port Ma ria, and for tale by . ' run c m'ai;ini, tJecIT ' 66 South - street. IjSLOTANT INDIGO. 13 seroons Flotaot Indigo, just received and for sale by . G. G. & 8. HOWLAND, eel7 ' 77 Wathington - street. T" ' - Canton silks. 'FEW cases Canton Crape Shawls, for tale iec19 67 Soutli - rtreet. MADEIRA W1E. L.P. MadetrWine A superior quality, in pipes, qr.caiks and hfqr. casks, for sale in quantities to suit purchasers, by ';ivr,jMVbflruai w. dec 12 THIRTY tone St. Domingo Logwood 3 do Red Wood . 3 do Nfcaragua ; 2 do English AUom , 4 do Copperas ''..' 3 do Dry White Lead j 1 do Ground do 2 do Red lod Spanish Brown, Venetian rUa ' Whiting, Paris Whitend Litharp. 2000 lb African Gum Copal .. 1000 do E. India do do - jSilK) do French Verdi)rris 2C0 do Chinese Vermillion For sale by RIPLEY ft WELD, 1 92 Front - street, corner of Fulton - stteet. nor 14 'I OBACCO tl FLOUR. 17 - bds Irish mar - X ket Tobacco 5 do prime new crop 'o 87 liblssuDerf Flour. Landing from schooners Native and Remit tance, tor sale by xj. lir. inuisx. a. vvy. dec 20 92 Coie - J:Iouse - slip. MARSEILLES QUILTS. ONE case superfine Marseilles quilts, from 5 - 4 to 14 - 4, for rale by MARCH & LOW, dec 19 ' 210 Brondway. CAMitRELEiMU tt EaRSON, otler lor sale at 67 South - street 500 half chests Kampoy Tea . 500 do and4Vmisters Souchong Tea 1 1ll hno'fl fin 1 1 hl hniled Calcuttn Susnr sn tons Russian end Swedish Iron, fiat and tniisr ' AMnrtld 100 tons plate Stoves, Pig Iron, Iron Wire and sheet Iron ' 60 pieces heavy bear Ravens Duck 6 pipes and half pipes Madeira Wine 14 do Sicily Madeira , do 150 boxes Florence Oil inn kn.oi finrrnnn Anchovies 200 bags Salt Petre, very superior quality An asmrtment of Glanware, Apothecarits) sniin r urniiarr. an:. A small invoice of Drugs ' Boston Beef No. 2, and Mess Dutch Slates, Box Wood, Beads ' Toilet Glatses. and Tovs. dec 22 I JO.VIBAZbl d I ense black aud col'd, O just received, and for tale by ' D. BETHUNE S dec 20 92 C. H. Slip. T lUNUMVTl At.. 10 tout urst quality Lig - JJ nemvuae, tor sale ry ... iUtKbn Av JUAUIlir.C, Arc 19 29 South - street. CifANlSH' RAiU. HO pipes ppanuu Jjrandy ofgood qualitv,,rors!e tiy - M. L. O. UUI3VUL.U, dec 16 86 South - street C1ATALONIA WINE. 10 pipes superior J oualitv. Catalonia Twp, entitled to draw back. Tor sale by uuuunuiiin - u. OeC lo 1 DiMiui - irccu UNBLEACU'D SHIRT1VGS, GINGHAMS, Kc. Kc. A FEW cases of Unbleach'd Sbirtings, jun received. Also, handtoroe patterns oi Gin - hams, made Iron Sea Island yarn, from No S to 32, and a general aisoruucni oi couon anu woolen domestic goods. Also cotton yarn, particularly low numbers, for sale by tbe ntU.JIDDIOU finjDivv den 23 148 PeaiUtreet. IL. 95 boxes Florence Oil, 12 bottles each landing at Old - slip, nnd for sale by CAMBRELENU K rEARSOW, dec 23 67 South - street RISH MARKET TOUACCO. - 50 hhcit prime Tobacco, an entire parcel, hndins this day from the sloop Mechanic, from Richmond, roraaleny uivibnr.iiiUiii.Nvu.. .a . n - . dec 7o vz ..onee noiite - snp. sTftHILADELfHIA FLOUR. 300 bbls su JL iierfine Philadelphia flour, landin from brig Rising gun, for tale by llOUtvIViAiV It JUM.131U.1. Alto in Store, 500 bbls Richmond superfine flour 200 do Petersburg do do 19 do Richmond fine do dec 26 OLDM ADM RA WlM E. 16 pipes film old London Particular Madeira Wine, which hat been in the West Indies for improvttnent For tale by. TUCKER 4 LAURIES, dec 30 29 South - street mi l. bright Turks Island Salt afloat, and ready ror delivery, lor sale ny TUCKER ft LAURIES, dec 30 29 South - street MADEIRA WINE. LONDON Particular Madeira Wine, of the most approved brands, io pipes, hogsheads ana Quarter casas, tn lor itumraiaie vse, war ranbKl pure as imported, and well worth the attention of private families i will be told at rea tonahle prices, and la quantities to suit pore ha ten. by . . 1 IIVUCA OC LiAUIULS, nov 28 No. 29 South - street SALT". rxHE cargo of brig Atlantic, lying at Peck' JL slip, consisting of 4000 bushels Turkt - U - land Salt, of first quality, for sale by K. H C. W. OAVEistAJtt I K VU. dec 23 35 Per k - slip. r.RESH MALAGA FRUIT. 75 casks Sun F Raisins i t50 boxes Blooca do. 100 do. Mus catel do. of the brig Neptune's cargo, for sale by . HOWLAWU, nov 25 ' ; 77 Waihington - street OyACCO, FLOUR, 4c 1000 bbls Rkn - mood, Petersburg and Fredericksburg flour . 18 hhdt prime old leaf Tobacco - 10 hhdt new do A3 k - ra LabbvV common Tobacco 38 bales prime Upland Cotton, laadinr, and for sale by WALSH 4 GALLAGHER, dec 30 66 Soeth - vtreet. FLOUR ft TOBACCO 246 bbls Flour, 16 hhds. crime Virrinia Tobacco. 50 kees sweet scented Manufactured Tobac co, branded Dunlop 60 kegs common quality do landing from schrs. rjixa. and Ann liarv, loraaie ai wis. n.sup, . " a - av - vn sr . - M wt txt tn V - trt by uivil. litiriue. a. w. dec 4 ' . . . GROUND PLAbTiR Of PARIS. t Rlin bbI roodphister of pans, suibv JLUKJKJ bit for tbe southern marttt. . For sals by JOHN BYERS, dec 27 lw Footef Ilarr'ttca - rtreet. NOTICE. fry The Subscriber, id behali of himself and his attociatsi, gives eolice, that an eppUcatiof will be nade to die honorable the legiilatnrebf this rtate, at its next setslhn, for an Act to incori. porate a BankwHh a capital stock of Five Hoa drsxl Tbotuaod Dallars, and with leave to in - create it te Ona MiUioa , to be located tiortk east of.Beekmatvttreet in the city of New York, and to be called " The Franklin Bank el the city of New - York." - - :s - - Dated New - York, 10th Dec 1517. . By order of the Associates ' . dec 30 tf . . NOAH BROWN, Secry. ft7 - P. MAVERICK. Encraver. ci 'Newark.' nan recommenced lousiness, in paw - iors, un der the firm of P. MAVERICK ft DURAND, corner of Pioe - ttreet and Broadway in the rear or tne Literary Rooms of Messrs. J. Caatburn s Co. - Orders received by Messrs. Eutburn ft Co. bet 16 3m DOMESTIC COOKERY. Bi A LADY. Tbe third American editien, (with ananv re cent tteceipts tor uooxery ;oi mis vaiuaoie work. itjutt puDinnea ny ' ROBERT M'DERMUT, nov 19 6w No. 222 rearl - tlreet. INtsTliVl AbLE DlaCOVERY. HEALTH preserved - and - restored without Medicine or Qaarkery, which often dtv s troys ths delicate consntution and debilitates ths strong Colds bring on the most alarming disorders, with those torturiiif rheumatic pains, lumbago, gout, Kc. which all the faculty have not been able to eradicate. To prevent is better than to cure. - , . - i R. YEO has prepared (from a receipt of a very eminent physician) leather (of which he makes shirts) of the most vital and nutritious quality, which will prevent all tbe above men tioned complaints. I ney produce' an animai heat to the bodv.wliich cannot be obtained from bannel, patent fleecy hosiery, or lamb's wool Ifley BOJoro an perspirnuun, uiu, I crun utc humidity that injares the human frame they are soft and pleasant to wear and do not produce that irritability thnt is so unpleasant in flannel. Those who have favored him with their orders have declared their astonishment at the benefits derived from tlienv To be had of RICU'D YEO, breeches maker and leather dresser, 165 Water - street ; where alo may be bad leather pantaloons, doe skin vests, all kinds of gloves and mittens of the best quality, wholesale and retail, at tbe tnortest notice. dec 31 jcw ijVDlOKSTlok OR SOUR XTOAtACH S acknowledged by medical wntert to or a compliant of stubborn kind, and at all timer very difficult of cure. I bis is sumcientiy tuut trafj - d In the disappointment of those who unfor nately suffer under it, aithey, for the most part, nnd that alter navMK iriea muoy uuns 10 imie or no purpose, they treat last obliged to use (for eriiaps tne rernainorr 01 inei aco uniun can at best but palliate the disease. Under such circumstances, anv medicine capable of remo - ring the complaint, must surclr be an article M,l - di - wrvis the attention or all those who areumicieu who h ; ru.ii a luuiuiniiuu w met with in Or. MMirs JUrTI LiXSCW - TIC or STOMA CH PILLS the success of which has never vet been eaualled. for tbe cure ofdvanentia inittmost complicated form, such ki to. of annetite. nactea. heart burn, flatulen - ry, Jcnawuig pain in uie siomaca. pain in uir tide, treat .ostiyeness, paleness ia the rcunte. nance, languor, lownett of tpints, pain in Uie head, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep Whoever applltt tnese pun 111 ine anove aiseas - , accordiur to tbe directions, will never be disap pointed, as they have nev - r been once known to rail in producing a radical and perm an em cure The nteof a tinerle box will convince the most unbelieving of their efficacy. They will most eC'actually remove all sourness or the - stomach, not merely by neutralizing the acid, but by correcting that morbid Mate cf the secretions which givet rise to it, and at the tame time will restore in tlin debilitated oreaot of digestion, that tone and vigour which is absolutely necessary to the well heii'g 01 tne animai economy. To lie hod at Brook k Carle's, Pearl - street, at J.C. Morrison's, Grrenwich - street, end at Hnll 4 Bowne't 146 Pearl - street, where drug gists and country dealers will be served on libe ral terms. Price one dollar per box. dec 24 6w NEW PUBLICATIONS. FANCY ARTI CLES, TOY ROOKS, lie. TUST published and for sale by ELIAS VA eJ LENTINE. at hit new Book - store, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - ttreet, a Print of Mr. PbUipps, in tbe character ol ount ueiino; the ballnnce of comfort or the old maid and married woman, a novel in 2 vols, by Mrs. Ross the itinerant, or memoirs of an actor, part 2d, by S. W. Ryley, 3 vols : letters from the South, by tbe author ol John Bun aoa.croiner Jonathan ; grammar of sacred bistorr, together with a treneral assortment of standard works Also, complete assortment (50 different kinds) of toy books lor children, wiui a neat coneciioa ot inn - cy articles Visiting cards and cards of address, plates, coats of arms, ftc. engraved and printed atathort nouce. ueezi KIIAUII. A number of gentlemen can be accommodated n with pood boardint? from the 1st ol itovtm bar next, at No. 91 Cherry - street. ocuozawu CORDIALS. RASPBERRY and Cherry Brandy Martinique and Italian Noyeaa French and American Annltseed, and Old Metheglin. ALSO, In'.k Wtilikn ami nld Paarh Brands' Lime Juice, liose - Water, Ketchup, bpket, n .1 I . r: . m. ivaisina, Aimomia, iiinm wiu t if. - Fn - lnh nH A merican Cheese Sperm and Hartford tallow Candlea, with a general assortment 01 grocenea, ror taie 07 MILES HITCHCOCK, 23 Maiden - lane, corner of Naetervat dec 23 10t IsLAA'D cocoa. ' nnWENTY - FIVE bagtof ve7 luperior qua - JL. lity bland cocoa, for tale by TUCKER k LAURIES, Jan 2 29South - et PONGEE. 6 cases to per tor, cotored, Pongees, for batter's use, just received and for 1 1 1 11 n n I - 1 I'ifln ' Dl i no saie oy VAaioivj..w m 1 cancrn, dec 23 - 67 SoutB - etreet LONDON BROiVN STOUT, ALMONDs, 4c C rk casks Hlbbert's Brown Stout of very su - ejl perior qaality, in fine condition and it rt - commenaeo. 25 balet fresh toft shelled Almonds, of fine rmtntifv '' 80 boxet Prunet, assorted sites, froaa 4 to 12 lot each, very superior Italian Wat Candlel For sale by .. . A. BININGER ft 80N, 12 Maidea - Lane. ALSO, Harp berry and Cherry Brandy M ai Unique and French Cordiah I'Jiiiimafflt. Front urn af. With a large assortment of seasonable goods. dec v it flOTTON ft HIDES. 29 blrs prime ia Vr Ulanu uottrm 8 do do Upland do and 1000 dry oiliia for fcUeby . SAUL ALLEY, dec Z 9t pjne - trtreet " - It SNI ,KIT. ttr Notice Is her bv cKen Jo.llie Stocknold ett 67 the Bank - of America, that 4 dividend of tern dollars and fifty cent oa a share, for six months, eodingen tbe 3lst wist, will be paid at lie Bank, on Friday, the 2d January next. By order ot the Bqard of Director. '!'"'' - . GEO , NEW BOLD, Cashier, dec 20 1m . - PHEMX BANK. Vcy A dividend of three per cent, bat beta thir day declared en tbe stock of thit Bank, payable on the 2d January next. The transfer book will be closed on the 24th instant - vy . By order of the Boahlof Directors, dec 20 IX 1.. GREEK E, Cashier." ft - 7 - " If PATRICK DILLON, wbolelt Tra - . kw, in the County of Kerry, Ireland,' in tie year ISU3, win transmit Mrs. iiuncrry, - o( jsaiee his address, it will be a particular ail vantage to both parties." Tralee, October, 1815. - The above is inserted al the request of Mr. Dillon's friends. - . - . Any communication on the subject wOI bo ' thankfully received and transmitted by v - dec 16 - BENJ'N. W. ROGERS It COY ' lp - l&AAC .F. RH.AGU, iale teacher o( writing, in fhs Adelphi School, retpectiully an aouoces the opcuinsr of a seminary on his own. account, iatlte upper room of the building lately occupied by Holmes ft Loofborrow, l Ihtf corner of Eldndgt aod Pump streets,' where be purposes instrncting pupils ia reading, orthography, English grammar, writing, arithmetic, geo - graphy, the drawing and colouring of maps book - keeping, tlie asathesaatks and drawing Tbe success with nbicb be has hitherto taught penmanship in tbe A del phi School, and in Mrs. smith's Boarding School, ftc. emboldens him to solicit tbe patronage of an enUghtened and discriminating public, with a confident hope that Lie. industry will meet aa adequate eacouragtment and at the same time that be leels all the anxiety incident to anew and important undertaking. he looks forward to the progress of hit estabTiihA meat with a cheerful determination te use bis t - most efforts to make it satis lactory to his l utroat, tn each branch of a liberal English Education. N. B. An Evening school is now open at L P.. B's residence, 122 Haiman - streeL , . dec 17 is. (Jy The United Insurance Company having been dissolved agreeably to sn act of the legislator of the state of New - York, all persons harinr claims against tbe same are requested (o present them to the subscribers, at the office of E. El meod9rf.N0. 143 FoJ ton - street ; and all persons indebted are requested te make payment at the same place. Dated 31 Nov. 1817. . , r,' i XDM. KLMRADOBF, ' i , muaoLPmcs eooxaT, VTmteei, auk9 r. fair aoajs,) - - nov 4 2m,. NO 1 ICE. - . flT Public aotice is hereby gin a that tbe. subscribers intend to apply to the Legislature cf tlie state of New - York, at tlieir next session, for an Act of Incorporation, incorporating them and their associates by the name aad style .of the. Franklin Insurance Company with a capital - cf Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for the" purpo - scs ol making all kinds of inturahce againtt ore, and on a lie or lives, and also 00 the inland transportation of goods, ware and merchandize. t STEPHEN WHITNEY BENJ. L SWAN, ' ELISHA TIB BITS, V - dec 4 tf JOHN ADAMS. 1 , . t . . NOTICE. . ftjT The nndersigtied give notice, that the intend to apply to the Legitlersre of this itate at their next session, for an act to incorporate themselves snd their ntsocistei into a company, in the city of New - York, under ..tits ,lvla of The North River Steam - Boat Company," with a capital of six hundred thousand dollars, for the purpose of navigating with Steasa Beat the water of the North River. Dated the 224 day of December, 1817. - ' ' . EDWARD Y. LIVINGSTON, a ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, . ; CHA9. AUG. DALE, ' jS D. LYNCH, Jew. ; " n dec 22 d6w j EAGLE FIRE COMPANY. . fKr Notice is hereby given, that an elecfioe for thirteen Dirwton, lur tbe ensaing year, will be held at the OiCce of tlie Company on Tuesday, the thirteenth inst, from 10 A. M. until 2 o'clock, P.M. JNO. D.MEYER, Sec' nr. JantUan13 . EUTIRPEAN SOCIETY. , QCj Hie Annivertary Concert of thii Eocie ty, wilt be held at the City Assembly, on the 15tli of January. The members will receive their Tickets by applying at No. 206 Broadway, or at the practising irom tfiJie Society, dec 15 lm JOS. KNIGHT, Secretary. ' NATIONAL LNaUKA.NCE COMPANY. THE Stockholders are hereby notified, that tbe annual election for nineteen Directors will be held at the office of the Company, 4? Wail - street, oa Monday the 12tb January neit. Tbe poll will open at t and close at 2 o'clock. dec27 JOHNJ.JONES,Sec'ry. . NEVA - YORK INcUIUNCE COMPANY. TH E stockholder ate hereby notified, Oat lhe annual election for twenty - one Directors, will beheld at the office of tite Company, 34 Well - street, ea Monday, (he 12th January next. Tbe poll will open at 10 o'clock ia the forenoon, and close at 2 o'clock. . .i m C. O. SinPMAJI, SecVy. dec 23 3w - - .... . . . - ,: Pi.lllYl.llC.. ..i .. , . ( , T'AtTILL be received at tite ofllee f the Corja - V V tnissary General of Purchases for supplying materials of Domett ie M tnufsctore for roaaing tyiouiing tor tne Army .ot tne. uotwq Slates, for the year 1 8 18. at follows, vis t Grey Clotb, 0 - 4, for great coats . ' . Blue - do do for coats, dyed la Indigo Black Cloth, for Gsjthers, 6 - 4 wide - - Grey Battinet, 3 - 4 for jackets ,; Flannel, of wool and cotton, for shirts, Samples of tbe ebovt will be rurnhhed, on ip; plication to this office, ia person ot by letter j a? - so forshoes, leather caps, Waakets, short stockings, wings of worsted, epaulets of worsted, and for iron camp kettles asd meet peas. Samples of then articles may be seen en tppkcaUoa W the Commissary Geoeral, at Pbiladeipfiia, or td the Deputy Commissaries, at ew - Tork. utji and at Newport, Kentscky. . : . ' CoeimUtary General's Otfice, Pbilatfla. 4th Dsjcember, 1817. - CALLCNDE& IRVINE, dee 28 3w , : Comm'7 Gen. of Perchaeee. MUSIC V ALL tbe Sofiga. Duetts, as sung by Mr. flit Sinn. Al k V.Vrk TIimIm. In mml St VTk. DUBOta' piano TorU and Mark Stgrei No. 126 Bsoadway. . . Behold in bis soft expressive feci ' , ' ' The love is wares awhile " " . Titbat faorvVakMch ' . Is there 4 heart that sever lov'd Is vain ma v that bosota lost quite depfote My early day what yojs was thiae 1 Lcvt's yoemsj dream Tbit blcomiat; rose Ueerrr daw - .y Robin Adair . r Beautiful Maid ' ' Let fame sound the troapet Had I a heart - Evtleen's Bower . i - Dear staid I rove Uwe Ah sure a pain was sic set seea baidasatiieto a tear :. Sigh not for (ove M y heart with krre it heating . Ths celebrated serenade ef " L0!s come cVwd Bird Duett ... . Itoks' Flora's wreath. - ' ". With a large tsortecat of new aatic aec i ' 'si: : ' 1 - 1V .VI; M I. , i 1 Hi. Hi,' f.1 - ,L1 i ft'; ; 1 t ;1 : t : t ' , r 1 . - 1 1 .

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