The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 3, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1937
Page 14
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iiros^g^jaaLaa.^^^.,^. FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 3 · 1937 ll LIVESTOCK PRICES KEEP GAINING HOG TOP GOES UP TO SI 0,45 Swine Advance as Much as 10 Cents, Fat Lambs Rise 25 Cents. C H I C A G O , (/P) -- Livestock pi-ices continued to advance Wednesday when receipts showed no signs of expanding. Hogs gained as much as 10 cents. Top rose 5 cents to $10.45. Fat lambs rose as much as 25 cents in instances and sheep shared in-this upturn. Sellers held their best lambs at $10.60 to $10.65 and upward hut early bids were slightly below these figures. The choice cattle trade was more or less at a standstill, with the supply of highly finished beeves slightly excessive considering tlic reduced shipper outlet. Prices tended lower although choice steers and yearlings were held at 514.50, which matched the 12- months peak established last week. Some early sales to order buyers were unchanged to a shade higher with best steers selling at $14 to $14.35. 'After taking severe price cuts on stock last week, producers demonstrated they were unwilling to market and sell with a loss in view. The remit is that receipts o£ cattle at 20 principal markets so Jar this week have been approximately 25 per cent lighter than a week ago. Hogs show a 44 per cent reduction and sheep are 32 per ceut under last week's volume. ' Wholesale beef carcass prices showed no change at 10 to 19 cents a pound but pork loins gained V'a cent a pound in instances, the range being 16',i to 20 cents compared with 16 to 18 a week ago. ome .sales 25c higher for ihc week; fat stock steady to easy; cows du;:; ockers and feeders slow, about steady; lad trboice to prime 1050 lb. fat ycar- ngs $13: prime medium fed beeves held bove S13.50; few other sales Sll£d2.rO; mall lots good fed liei(ers above $8; beral showing short fcils $7.7aS9.50: rictly choice quoted up to Stl; most cef cows S4.50f'G.2a: f e w 57117.50; cutler rades largely $3.055/4.23; load lots good 25 lo 7^0 lb. stock steers 5G.50; current ocker and feed cattle captations: Steers 50 to 800 Ibs. sood and choice S6.2jft8.25; ommon and medium S-lfiC.25; 1(00 to l.OaO )s. good and choice s(j.£5fl?8.25; common ul medium S4.2STiC.25; heifers Rood :mtl liotco $5.256i ili.50; common and medium 41(5.25; cows good S43f'l,50; common anil nedium $3.501/4: calves (slcer) good and rioice SG^af'3.^5; medium S4.;iO'UG.25. HOGS 4.500: stow; scattered Kales toady to Ifle lower than Tuesday's best; aril* (op 53.50; Rood a»(l choice ISO 10 50 lb. butchers S3.75S9.90-. packers $5 S3 own; ICO to ISO lb. lifihls S9.25fiO.75;" 40 to ICO lb. lisht lights 5a.750.2i: aURlitcr piflE S71J 8.50; stags j$9.50 down; ceder pigs 57^3.23; eood sows S9.GOQ9.B5. K E P 1,800; no early bids; asking ighcr; best fed Held around S10.23; load ols fed ewes lield above S5.50. Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Wednesday Fifteen cents hishcr on boss. Good light lights ··· 1W-150 S '·!- ··»? Good lislU lights ... 150-160 S 7.13- Good lights 160-110 Good Hants 170-iBO s o.uo~j.3j Good light butchers 100-200 S 3.4o- 3.15 Good light butchers 200-220 S 3.0=- !).9a Good me. wt. Hutch. 220,251) S B.B5- !).0 ? Good me. wl. butch. 250-270 S 9.C5- SI.9; Good me. wi. butch. 270-230 s J.C5- Ufa Good heavy bulchers 290-323 S D-Go- 3.»jj · Good.heavy butchers 325-M | J.aO- ».au Oood heavy butchers 3=0-400 S 3.JO- tt.M Good packing sows . 27D-3=0 S 0.15- 9.« Good hi Good big Good bin .......v -- - ·. · . (The above Is a 10:31" truck hoe murKcl for good and choice hogs. The djticienct in cries Is for short and icr.i! haul hoes.I UATTLK ·SUKOO-llsflO S 1.50- S.SO S 5.50- 7.00 S 4.00- 5.00 S 9.0U-10.0Q S 7.00- li.OO S 5.00- 7.00 S 4.00- 5.00 S 7.00- 8.50 S 5.00- li.50 S 3.50- h.UO S 5.00- 5.75 S 4.50- 5.00 S 4.00- 4..-10 S 3.50- 4.00 Good-to-choice steers .. Fair to 8°°d steers Low grade steers -'Choice to prime yearlings 'Good to choice yearlings Fair to good yearlings Common to fair ycarlmss Good to choice heifers .. Fair to good hcifres Common- lo fair heiEcrs . Choice to prime cows ... Good t ochoicc cows ... Fair lo good cows Fair to Good cullers ... Common lo tair cutlcn .. Fair to Good canners Common lo lair canners . Good to choice bulls .... Calves "go-So' 'choice' IW-iti S iSo- 3.50 Cn vcs med lo good 130-100 s 5.00- 7.50 Calves' Inter, to cd. 130-100 5 5.00 down ' I-AJ1HS . S 3.00- .'·.SO S 2.75- 3.00 S 2.50- i.lS .5 4.50- 5.50 S 4.00- 4.50 Lambs, gd. to choice Lambs, med. to good Lambs, fair lo med... 70-90 10-30 10-20 S 8.25- 9.60 S 7.25- 8.23 S 4.25- 1.25 Lambs, common § 4.25 down Cd 10 ch. 10-90 * 5.W- 6.00 Ycarimes; medium to good S 4.00- J.OI) Yearlings, fair lo medium J ; !.oo- 4.00 Vcarlmgs. culls J -""· Nalivo ewes, good lo cholco * i-UU- Culls, cwcs I J'XS -° Bucks ,.......... ·- * i.uu Wothcrs."2 year olds | 5.00- 6.01 Wethers, old -· * ·*·«· 6 '°° Buck lamba Si lows. No dock on lambs. Quotations subject to market (luclua lions. C H I C A G O LIVESTOCK ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, Ijn--U. S. detriment o "^"oGs'^ll.OOO: including 4.001) direct strane to lOc Higher Dion Tuesdays cragc; top S10.45: cha " Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS. Hog prices at midwest markets Wednesay: CEDAR ItAIUDS--Good hoas 140 lo 150 bs. S7.(iOS-7.SOi 150 to 160 Ibi. S8.10«jB.40i GO'to 170 Ibs. S8.liO$i 8.90; 170 to 180 Ibs. 9.20ii9.30; 180 to 200 Ibs. $9.50t59.8[); 200 o 325 Ibs. S9.65fa9.D5; 325 to 350 Ibs. ,$!.5CJ 9.CO; good packers 275 to 350 Ibs. $9.I.T© 45; 350 lo 425 Ibs. S9K9.30; 425 to .iOO bs. 58.B5iSO.15; 500 to 550 Ibs. S8.70ffi9. WATERLOO--Hogs ]0e higher. Good to hoicc 140 lo 150 Ibs. S7.4097.70; 150 to Gl) Ibs. $T.90fffl.20; 160 to 170 Ibs. $8.50® '0; 170 to 180 Ibs. S3.15S9.45; 160 to 200 ;. 59.455I9.75; 200 to 325 Ibs. $3.6339.95; 25 to 350 Ibs. S3.45WQ.1o; packing sows 75 lo 330 Ibs. 59.1565.45; 350 lo 425 Ibs, 91519.30; 425 to 550 Ihs. S8.85OO.I5. OTTUMWA--Hoes steady to lOc higher; 40 to 150 Ibs. S7.S!)^7.95; 150 to 1GO Ibs. 8.10IQIM3; ICO to 170 Ibs. S8.C3B8.03; 170 ISO Ibs. 59.25ri9.55; 100 to 200 1U3, S3.50 3.80; 200 10 325 Ihs. S9.604r9.90; .125 to 50 Ibs. S9.4.1I89.75; 350 lo 400 Ibs. S9.2.)«t 55; packers 275 lo 3."jO Ihs. 59.10^ 9.n[); M lo 425 Ibs. SO V 0.30: 425 to 550 Ills. 8.B5 V9.15. AUSTIN--Hogs lOc higher; good to loicc 180 to 200 Ibs. S9.55O3.85; 203 lo SO ]ls. S9.75'(T10.0S; 290 lo 325 Ibs. S9.6T)(? 93: 325 to 330 Ihs. 59.55^9.85: packing 3WS good 275 lo .550 Ibs. $8.9089.60. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. ( W e d n e s d a y Market) KANSAS CITY, [TJ-- U. S. department f agriculture -H O G S 2.00f). no directs; closing fairly ctive to all interests: mostly steady with uesday's "average: extreme lop 5c lower t $10:15 paid freely: good choice 190 to 10 Ib. Siogio.15; lad to 100 lb. $9.25ffi 0: sows strong lo lOc higher, 50.25^0.60; .ock pigs scarce. CATTLK 3.500. calves. 500: opening ·ade on fed steers and yearlings.'stearty; ome buying interests, however, bidding oak lo lower; other klllinff classes 01 ittle, about steady ill ratlier a slfw rade; vealers and calves, little changed; oekurs and feeders, in narrow demand, lout steady; early sales short fed steers niO; choice m e d i u m weight held up to 2; good to choice vcalcrs $S([i:10; a few city butchers SH. 7.000: opening sales lamlis round. 25c higher: sheep, ste. early 'P and bulk fed lambs S10.25; good O M A H A LIVESTOCK. (Wednesday Market) OMAHA. (,T|--If. S. dcparJmont ot ag- culture-H O G S 5.000; steady to inc higher; top 10; 190 lo 300 Ibs. S3.75CIO: 110 lo 1DO bs. 5D.50rfi'9.90; 140 to 160 Ibs. 58.75fi9,GU; 00 lo 130 Ibs. S7.25rFi,8.50: sows SOLO'S 9.50. CATTLE 4.000; calves 500: steady, steers 10«i 1.1.73: heifers SD.SSrcows Sfis/7: cu.- crs S3.50S4.50; bulls S5.05fi6; vealers lop 11. SHI;EI' 5,000: Iamb undcrlonc strong; tllk S10.25 and above. L I V E S T O C K FORECAST. CHICAGO. (.T)--Official cslimaled ciTtK for Thursday: Cattle 5,000; hogs 9.000; sheep 11,000. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS 600 CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS AWARDED EOURCC- fw. MD6E CORP. COUPlLtO FflOU ACTUAL CONTHICI RECORDS IN THE 37 STATES E«T OT THE flOCKV UQUHTAiMS «NQ ESTIMATED TO REPRESENT ASOtjr 91% W THE 4CTU4L CQNSTRUCTlCW VOLUME 111 THE UNITfD STATES. 'NOH-fiESlOtHTIAL" IHCUJKS COMMERCIAL, EDUCATIONAL, faCTORf, HOSPITAL B INSTITUTIONAL. PUBLIC. RELIGIOUS 6 UEUQfliflL. SOCIAL RECREATlONftU BUILPIHCS. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS 600 25 26 *27 '28 29 30 31 32 33 34 CHICAGO WHEAT PRICES ADVANC Gains Hand in Hand With Reports of Big Buying by Europe. CHICAGO, (/P)--Around 3'^ cents a bushel soaring of Chicago wheat prices late Wednesday went hand in hand with reports of big European buying. Germany was staled to have purchased 1,468,000 bushels of Argentine wheat and 2,400,000 bushels of Argentine corn, with other European countries also buyers from Argentina. In addition fully, 1,000,000 bushels of Canadian wheat was also estimated, to have been bought for export. At the close, wheat was 218 to 3'/i cents above Tuesday's finish, May $1.31'/i to $1.31^, July 51.14'/4 to $1.14%, corn 1% to 2",s up, May Sl.OTVi to 51.07V., July .?1.01 r !a, oats Va .to 1'/i ad~- vanced, and provisions showing 5 to 32 cents gain. C H I C A G O C'ASIl ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, C-TI--Cash wlicat: No sales reported. Corn: N'o. 4 mixed $l.t}9'A mainly-wlillc; No. 3 yellow $1.10$ 1.1HV, No. \ VR'low Sl.Ori^iiil.tlB; No. 3 yellow Sl.tUViftl.OliVi: latter outside wciRht: No. '\ white 31.12; No. 4 white S1.09;iTi l.ll'.V; N.i. 5 white Sl.07'.^; sample Rrndc 34c. Oats: No. ^ mixed 52?';3c: No. 2 v/l:ilc oUrTriH'Ac; cereal 52!-jc; tCo. :l while i^c. No rye., Soybeans: No. 2 yellow Sl.fiO. Barley: No. 3 lllitini.s malting S1.4I, Tlmotliy seed SSfi.liS cwt.; new So.75 *2G c\t't. Clover scctl S27!j?:H oivt. Lard--Tierces, 512.lij; loose. bellies, S15.C3. Stock List XK\V YORK STOCKS. OVe'liiesilay Final Al Ch Dye 240 Am Can liKHa Am Sm Ret 94',a Am Sugar He 55 A T T 1B3% Am Tob B 3D 3 ,* Am Wat Wks 20!i Anaconda 5GV* A T S F 74^, Auburn Auto 34',j Avi.ilioii Corp 3^a Ball it Ohio 2:i'.i Barnsdatl ^3T« Bcndix Aviat 27 T 8 Beth Stl Maylag 14 r 'a McK i; Rob 13U Mid Cont Pet Ji'.i IMontg Ward j3'. : j Nash Kelvin 231'- Nal Biscuit ul'/H Nat Cash R 36 Nat Dairy Pr 23 3 a Nat Distill 27=*'i Nat Pow S: Lt 13 N V Central 43=. Northern Pae 2u 3 ,A Oliver Farm 59'ii Borcien Borg ^V,-^r[ler Can D G Alo Canad Pac Case Chi S: N W Chi Gt West C R I P Chrysler Col G El Com Sou 27/» 70 li Packard Mot Param Pict IHi 27 K 100 87 ·13 69;; Cont Oil Eel Corn Pi-od Curtiss Wright 7^, Deere Co l2:;Jr, DuPont dc N 1731', Gen. Etec ltt!- Gen Foods 4-1 Gillette ID'.'i Representative Sates (Wednesday M a r k e t ) CFIICAGO. fit'i--U. S. department of agriculture--Representative sales: -Icavy-- 17 309 261 25-1 Mediums-- lil 243 80 231 i8 2LFi 35 205 nor.s. |Li Ellis-- . l.2.i| 1« 190 184 173 IS9 I Li gill Lights- 10.40JJ5 1I1.3.11GO 10.35197 10.45120 II). 25) 1G.40J 15,1 H2 111.40 10.25 10.35 111.15 10.00 Mason City Grain Good'r T II S5 Hudson Mot 22-V Illinois Cent 24='» Int Harvest 10lv!» Inl Nick Can G^i Int Tel Tel IHi Tolins Many M" Krcspc 27'i Lib O F Gl 76^, Penney Pcnn R R Phillips Pet H.-ulio Roy Tob B Sears Rocb Shell Union Soe Vacuum. Sou Pac Sid Brands Sid Oil Cm Std Oil Intl Sid Oil N J Stewart Warn lU'A Studebakcr IfiTa Ssvilt .t Co 26T1, Texas Com S'J'.i Tex G u l f Sill 41 Timk Roll B 70 tin Carbide 107V2 Un Pac 99 vjnit Air Corp 30 United Corp 7 l 't Unit Drug 14»1 U S Ind Alco aStl U S Rubber If S Steel Warner Pict West Un Tel v/est El ^ IvI Vv'oolworth STOCK MARKET Business Cheer Revives Slight Rift Appears in Labor Clouds. NEW YORK, yp--A slight rift in labor clouds, in addition to a further revival of business cheerfulness, spurred selected stocks on a elimb to new recovery heights Wednesday. Steels, along witil a wide assortment oC rails and specialties, vere among the favorites. U. S, bteel, just under par, and Bethle- lem posted peak marks for the ast 6 years or longer. There weer a number o£ Kesi- ant issues near the final hour, and q u i t e a lew losers, but gains of 1 o 3 points were in the majority. ?he trading pace was compara- ively slow after a speedy open- ng. Transfers were around 2,400,300 shares. 95'.i C H I C A G O STOCKS. ( W e d n e s d a y Final Q u o t a t i o n s ) Cities Service ticilmann Brc KnU Drug Kelloeg Switch l O ^ I S w i f t Libby McNeil ITjii Utility Miriwcsl Corp ISV^Zenith N'atI Leather 2','al 4-%jNatl Standard 32'/i 11 JNorlhwcst Bane 15 HlL-IQuaker Oals 121 MASON CITY--For Wednesday No. 3 yellow shelled corn... .51.03 No, 4 yellow shelled com ..$1.01 Ear corn White oats No. 3 .. Barley Soybeans, No. 2 yellow SllKKP. Fed Western iN.ilivc Lambs-Lambs--134 R2 IO.."iO fl(i 10,601121 7tl 10.JO Kl 10.liO|47 71 10.35 R7| 11 ' (IB 10.23 10.50|3laushler Ewes-- 120 315 200 190 i an . . no to 300 1°., S10.23aiO.40; eomparaDn. 145 lo 110 lb., mostly 39.653 10.30; inos nanrt sows sa.40irO.75. CATTLE 3,500. calves. 1,500; best sice market more or less at standstill; fe\ early snlcs on order b u y e r account sleaoy lo strong ai $14(0.14.35; supply lng.jlj finished steers and yearlings apparently excessive ' considering narrow shippc millet; undertone barely steady; commo and medium grades weak: cows slow all \vcak b u t heifers strong to shade higher: fairly active; bulls steady at SC.50 down: vcalcrs weak to unevenly lower nt *I(l lloivn lo 58; most lifiht heifer offerings SS««9; very liberal supply steers and yearlings here of value to sell at SH upward; prime offering* being held at S14 50 but all interests opposing tnc market o n toppy calllc. . . . . .,, SHCEP 66,000; none direct; fat lambs In Jalrly broad demand; undertone strong to ·'Sc higher; sheep opening mostly ijc up; good to choice native and fed wcs\- ern lambs bid S10.23filO.40; now asking S10 60«i 10.05 and upward; early lop slnliBlitcr ewes 50: scattered natives i.iQ 6; dipped lambs and yearlings scarce. SOUTH ST. P A U L LIVESTOCK. (Wednesday M a r k f t ) SOUTH ST. PAUL. OVj-- U. S. department o( agriculture -CATTLE 2,100: slow: slaughler steers weak, yearlings anil heifers jnoslly 15-23C lower lhan chrly Tuesday wllli cows -:ic off- hulls 15-Mc lower; plain and medium yearling steers $5,5nifi.50; good steers lield up lo S10 or more: most common and medium lieKers $5(17. SO: bulk bnlch- cr cows $4.75rfi5.50; good kinds S" or Steers 14 more: low cutlers and cutters m a i n l y ; common and medium bulls S1.15 5aSO; stnckcrs slow, weak; calves" 3^!00; slow mostly $lTil.50 lower for Ihe week; good vcalcrs S8PO: choice grades up lo $10; cull and common around S4fa6. I t O G S 5.500; market very slow, enriy bids and a few sales mostly steady; pood and choice 200 to 300.Ibs. S9.75SHO: nlrt- rtlnE mostly S3.50Sj9.15 on IGtt to 200 Ibs. largely $9(79.50 on 140 lo 160 Ibs.: biddina mostly SO.50 on packing sows; trade nol yet estahlishcd: average cost Tuesday 59.10: weight 213 Ibs. SllF.KP 3,0(10: run Includes 200 ewes: balance largely slaughter lambs: nothing done early: undertone strong to hicher on slaughter lambs about steady on other classes: bulk good to choice lambs Tuesday $9.l5fllO; good to choice cwcs fsr,t 5.15: good to choice feeding L lamns S8.50S? 0: dairy cows about steady lo weak: most plain and medium springer cows S40'i755; few close kinds SG05170. SIOI1X CITY LIVESTOCK ( W e i l n r s d a v p'j--U. S, d e p a r t m e n t of calves 20fl; plauchtcr · steers and yearlings uneven; well irt kinds slrong; others about steady; SIOUX CITY, apriculturc-- CATTLE 2,(100; '..^i ion 72 1144 1121 U34 1312 1242 127B 11S2 1054 972 1.142 1142 1054 inro;2(i CATTl.K. Illellcrs- 14.50110 14.40! in 14.S5121 H.251i7 13.50^9 . 12.0I)]5 11.0011R a.75'!7 o.ooj ;n f i n l i e 12) 141 180 904 930 87G 733 B42 102)1 1142 1174 1082 382 ·- 887 fi.03 10.40 10.00 0.51) 7.50 6.50 7.40 7.00 fi.50 fi.OO 5.25 4.T0 4.00 94c . .47V-c 60-90c ...$1.45 W E D N E S D A Y GRAIN CLOSE WH8AT- - · C - HICAG °' May Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Olfice in Bagloy-Bcck Bide. Telephone No. 7. Sept CORN-May new ... May old J u l y new .,. July old Sept OATS-May July Sept. SOYBEANS-Mav- July RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-May LARD-Mar May July Sept BELLIES-May July High 1.31'.i I.M'ii 1.11 (i Miscellaneous . CHICAGO POTATOES. (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO, (jFj--U. S. department 01 agriculture-Potatoes 75; on track 2GO; total U, S, shipment* G24; old stock steady, f i l m undertone, supplies ralher liberal, trading .slow; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1, $3.3,Vii 3.50; Colorado Red McClurcs U. S. No. I, S3.20ii 3.r.0; Maine Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, $2.75; Wisconsin Round Whiles U. S. No. 1, $.1.^3 «/2.45; Michigan Husscl Rural*. U. S. No, 1, S-'.45; North Dakota Dliss Triumphs partly graded S2.G5; new slock steady; supplies moderate, demand light; track sales less t h a n carlols Florida bushel crates Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, 52.10; U. S. No. 2. $1.75til.83 a crate. NEW NEW Y O R K SUGAR. OVetluesday M a r k e t ) YORK, (JTJ -- Raw sugar changed at 3.(i5c. Futures No. 3 May September 2. lui- ind .51 1.01 l .01 ', .12.82 .1:1.05 .1,1.30 .13.50 .15.57 Low 1.2!)'A i.ia'.i 1.09?k l.OS'.i l.nliV 1.56 12.5.1 12.80 13.00 13.25 Close 1.31',» I.H 1 ,1.11 1.07U" J.Oo'.i 1.57H 1.11' l.Ol'.i .SC 12.B2 13.0.1 l.l.'.IO 13.50 C U I C A G O STOCKS Butter Bros IS Tvlarsll'l Fields 22 Cord Corp 5V. Walgreen Co 401' N E W YORK C U K B L: El 44',j Ford M of Ens IT Hum Oil Co rtfi Lockheed 11? Niag Hu Pow Hi? Pcnm' Corp 4? S O Ky Co 1'J'A Un Gas Co 13 Un Ll Po Co 3 Ulil P it Lt Co 1 Am Gas . Am Cyan B ^.T.a Am Su Po Co i'.-j Ark Na Gas A ll)ii As G El A Ui Can Ind Ale 0% Can Marconi 2',^ El Bd Sli 2r.Ti Ford M o( Ca 27VTM M I N N E A P O L I S G R A I N ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) MINNEAPOLIS, (/P) -- Wheat-- 28 cars: I* cents higher: No. 1 heavy dark northern spring, fid Ibs., Sl.SO-li'ii.l.ofl^a; No. 1 dark northern sprinpv 59 Ibs., Sl^O^i-Sfl.aSli; SO Ibs-.. $I.Wi%I.57?i: fancy No. 1 hard Montana, 14 per cent protein. S\M J Afil.W*; grade of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Monlann winter, 5l.37'f?1.39 : !B: havd amber durum, No. 1. Sl^S'.iffll.eni; No. 1 red, $1.27Vi Com -- No. 3 yellow, Sl.l7!i(iil.lO', j; li cents higher. Oats -- No. 3 white, 50'.iii5Hi. OMAHA GRAIN. (M'ertnrsday M a r k e t ) OMAHA, l,Ti~Wheat: Dark hard No. 3, Sl.29^1.30; hard No. 1, 51.38SL39; No. 2, $1.37'.4. Corn: Yellow No. 2, Sl.l9'u'51.20; No. 3, 5U7'.iW1.19'.b: No. 4,'l.ia'.i; No. 5. $l.l5',i©I.17',i. Oats: White No. I. 55c: No. 2. 53Tr56^c; No. 3. 54K'ii55'.ic; No. 4, SlSl'.ic: sample white Slijc. NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Jun 15 Inll CarrLers Allegheny 4 Allied St lll'.l :\m Fo Pow 12 Am Cr Su Co 32'/, Am C F Co 70Vi Am Pou- Li 14 Am Ilnll Mills :I5 Am R S Co 20 U Amcr Tob Co W*.* Armour Co 10V4 Arm Co pf 3Dlk As Dry Qds 21 Si Ml Rcf 3!V» Baldwin Loco lfl?i» Briecs Mfg Co iisii Bcndix 27!k 3ndd Mfg Co 131b Burr Add 35 Bycrs A M Co 29H Cat Traclor S3 Ccr dc Pasco 7n Clies Oliio BlHi Chi Gt W p(d 15'.!i Cocn Cola Co 13;i',\ Com Credit r,5'.i Com Solvents 20'/« Cont Motor 3% Cndahy Pack 4l ] .j Curt-Wr Co A 211,b Dist Cp Seag 2.', Douglas Airc ln~' a Easlman 174V* Eaton Mfe Co .15'., Rl A u t o Lite 44''» Kl Pnv.' Li 2.T/i F.vie R R Crv I:l'i Fire T .t Ru 34-', Poslcr-Whrol S3'i Prccpnrt Tex Z9!« Gen Am Trnu Brt'a Gliddcn Co 49''i Gnhel (··', Gold Dust 13 Hides unchanged to 1 pi-int Q u o U t t u n i F u r r i i h t d by Wolf Bros- lower; No. 4 July 1.15c. Seplemhcr I.lGcrH or !« to 1 point net higher. Refined un- | changed at S.GOc for fine gi NEW Y O R K PRODUCE. (\Vedncsctay ^tarket) NEW YORK, (fPt--Kess 35.4DO, tinsel- , . , tied; mtxcd colors. /Irsis 22'R22 ; ic; refrigerator firsts j n ® IS^ic; other mixed colors unchanged. Butler f),-)33, f i r m e r ; creamery h i g h e r than extra S-tfa^Vnc; extra 192 scoicl 34',j^343ic; firsts (B8-91 scores) 339| 3*t',ac: seconds (84-87 scores) SlGSaVvc; ccntrnli^cd OO scorcl 3-lc. Cheefic 3CO.U16, quiet but firm and im- rhangcd. Live poultry steady; by freight: Chickens. Rocks lie: colored mi.vcrt with Rocks uncuioted: Leghorn 12 c: fowls colored 17 ff?I9c; Leghorn J l ^ l 3 c ; roosters loe; turkeys 1523c; ducks UGlGc. ' tnc.. 3U8 F i f l h Sired SoutbtvejL m- j noCSCIUOES " Uorschldcs 54.00 . · G R E E N BEEP 1111JE3 Up to 25 Ibs ....JO'.ic 25 to 45 Ibs. B c More lhan 60 Ibs K c Bull hides "Cured hldej hail cent more a pound. (On above prices o ccnl higher lo tvbolcsale dealers in wholesale lots,» D0YTMTI FORGET READ THIS FIRST: Janet Paynter, newly married to a second-rate actor, Joel Paynter, whose show has just closed, obtains a card from an old friend, Harry Devanter, a film scout, re- qucsiing a screen test for "the hearer." Because of his pride, Joel first refuses to permit Janet to continue working and then conceals the fact he has been playing (he role of gigolo at a cocktail bar because he can find nothing else. Joel is elated when Janet tells him of his chance for a screen last. He does not know that the card was intended for her--not for him. Janet proves to be Joel's inspiration during the screen test. Anxiously they await word from the studio. Joel receives word ol a six months' contract in Hollywood. Now Go on With the Story. CHAPTER 11 "WHAT TIME is It?" Janet Curb Market NEW YORK, (.T'j-- More optimistic tcel- s over motor strike developments was ranslalcd into n narrow Ijitl general acl- ·anL-e in tlje curb market Wednesday v i t h shnrcs up Ir.iclions to nroiicid n 'Oint. Utilities displayed considerable strcnstli. Electric Bond and Share. United Lt^ht ind Power -A," and Aincrieim Light and Trnclion gained InrRe fractions. Among the specialties consistent improvement was noted for Shcrivin Wil- inms, PUtsbm-sh Plate Glass and IMc- Villiams Drodping. MontRomcry Warn 'A" was lip a point on lipht volume. Oil and mining shares improved frac- ions. Bond Market Gl North Ore IB'i, Grabnm Paige 4'.n Gt Nor nfrt 45H Houston Oil 15=4 Hudson Motor 22 3 i Hupp Motors 2t* Indusl Rayoti 37'.: Nash Kelvin 23'.; Lambert Co 22',- Lcliigh PI Ce 49 3 .: Liciuid Cb Cp VJ J . Lorillnrd 251, Mack Truck 49!: Mathiesou Al ^Q 3 , McLellan Sirs II" IMinn, Mot Im l.n Jl K i T T. No Pac 3 Mot Products 3(il No Amer 31', No Amcr Avi ItiV Otis Steel Co 11'. Owen 111 Gl 161 Packard Mot 111 Park Utah Cop 4» Pillsbnry Fl .IB" Plymouth Proc Gam Ii2' Pub S cf N J 51 Pullman 71-^4 Pure Oil Co 24 Puritv Bakery 20'.u R K O R'.-j Jicading Co 44 Rcm Hand U7 3 i. Rco Motors f75 SI- Joe Lend 4." 1 i Simmons Co 55 1 /* 50 Ediion 30 Snerry Corp 1 22',i 51 G R li'.i Tide W A Oil 21'.i U S tnd Alch M'.i, U S Smelter fi7 U t i l P Ss Li A S'i, Vanaditm\ 31 l ,i Un Oil Calif 27 Un Gas .^ Im In'.i Wnrrcn Bros 7 l n Western Slyld !)'.i Western Un 7.1'.^ Worth Pump 4,"/4 Yellow Truek 23 Youngs S T S5li NEW YORK, (F-- Although corporale issues stiffened in tile bond market Wednesday. U. S. government loans were somewhat uneven. Gains ot fractions to ,T point or so were illrncd in by Chesapeake corporation 5s. 51. Paul Os. North Western 4 3 ,4X, Goodyear is, Hydro Electric Gs, Northern Pacific 4s. Western Union 5s and YounKslown Sheet and Tube 3'.-jS. The American Typefounders Convertible Loan of 19jU jum[)Cd about 5. The shares 01 this company linv£ been active and high- Great Northern 4s were up around 2 or so. In the U. S. treasury division smalt sains in 3'A.s of 194C and Ihe 4s of 1. contrastcd w i t h limited losses in Ihe 3s of 1943 and the 211s ol 1953. llalian obligations continued strong, the Milan fllis £alnhl£ about 2 and the Ronit. fi'.js netting about a point. Investmrn circles said a more stable political otit look on the continent had stimulated lc mand. Most other foreign loans wen steady. Banking 'quarters expressed concert over the reported failure of rccenl long term new issues lo sell more readily. asked for the fourth time in five minutes. Martha didn't even look at her watch, she was getting to be export in gauging the passing of time. "Exactly four," she answered in the patient tone of a nurse to a nervous patient. Janet drew on the straws on her glass and looked at herself in the mirror back oE the soda fountain in the drug store at Grand Central station. She pulled her beige hilt down a trifle over her right eye so that the jaunty green feather was straight in the air. She approved the fit of the beautifully tailored shoulders of her twill suit. Her smart brown suede handbag and gloves were at the right o£ her elbow. "Do I look like'a movie star's wife?" she inquired dreamily. "Have I an aura of success around my twenty-dollar hat?" "You look like a little girl with her angles twisted around a stool, and enjoying an ice cream soda," Martha said practically. "Well, that isn't what I feel like," Janet said gaily. "And I'm not really enjoying this soda. I'm rahtic! Where is Joel? He said le'd be here now and . . ." Martha fished for coins in her andbag. She refused to be rufled: "Joel is undoubtedly exactly vhere he said he'd be--in the barer shop. For goodness sake, Ja- iet, you'll have me on edge if you ceep this up. Your train doesn't go or half an hour." Then suddenly Joel was there vith a young man in great horn- immed glasses witli a brief case under his arm and a manner of etng harassed beyond all bearing vho talked about "the office on .he coast" and seemed to be giv- ng Joel directions as though he lad to repeat the performance a lundred times a day and had to 3e off to more important things. There was uo red velvet carpet for Joel and Janet albeit there s the usual dusty one for the isual collection of celebrities and others who make the trek on the Twentieth Century Limited to Chicago, for connection with the ,os Angeles train. And there were flowers and magazines and candy and books and even a bottle o£ spirits in the Paynter's drawing room which had been provided by well-wishing friends. The last half hour sped quickly and, when the train pulled out, Janet t h r o u g h blurred eyes watched as long as she could see the dear, familiar dumpy figure of Martha Colby. She and Joel sat like two children in their drawing room, looking out the "windows as the train emerged from the tunnel, taking their last look at the tenements that flanked the railroad tracks. They said little. They were feeling a trifle awed, now that the adventure had really begun. Someone had sent them a collection of the screen fan magazines. Joel didn't give them glance but Janet, with a furrow on her clear brow, read them from cover to cover £or the first time in her life. "Look, darling," she said passing one of them to Noel, "Mrs. Franchot Tone--Joan Crawford to you--gives a reception for Stokowski. Will you just look at the list ol guests! Dear me, I can see where I'm going to lead a busy social life." She thumbed through anothei magazine and held up a picture of a famous screen star and his bride The couple stood beside a swimming pool. There was a magnificent house in the background "And look at this. You don't suppose we'll have lo live in a place like that, do you?' Joel stuck .out his chest and favored her with a black look lha would have been terrible if Jane hadn't known he was having fur "You married me and you'll take what I have to offer even if it only a 30-room house with a rancl Produce MASON CITY--For Wednesday Cash Quoiaflons by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts IBc Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over 13e Under 5 Ibs fl Springs, 5 Ibs. and over 13. Springs, under 5 Ibs 10i Stags 8. -.eghorn springs ............ 7i Cocks Oi All No. 2 p.iultry 4 cents less iMnrcIiants Quotations Sggs, in trade 18-13c 2ggs, rash 17-lBc Butter. Iowa State Brand 39 3utter, Corn Country 38 Butler, Kenyon's 38c Butter, Very Best 39c Butler, Brookfield 38c Potatoes, russets, peck 75c Potatoes, cobblers, peck 52c "EDITOR'S NUTS--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. WOOr. MARKET, BOSTON, vfi--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of aR- r i c u l t u r e -Domestic wools were mostly quiet in the Boston market Wednesday. Small Quanlitics of f i n e Ohio Delaine wool sold at 4G-4J3 cents in tile Rrease. Other grades of Ohio fleeces were offered without takers n! 48-30 cents for s t a p l e combing; '.i bloort ^T»^.-*SCW3tv. INVESTMENT TRUSTS. (By The Associated Tress) Bid and asked Wednesday: Corporate Tr Sd 3.1j Corporile Tr Sh AA Mod 3.84 Corporate Tr Sh Ac Ser .T.tlO Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod,3.fl4 Dividend Sh 2.07 Maryland Fund 10.50 Nationwide Sec 4.91 Nationwide Sec Vic 2.21 Nor Amcr Tr Sh 2.34 Nor Amcr Tr Sh 195o .... 3.82 Quarterly Inc Sh 13.34 Selected Am Sti Inc Ifi.t4 Super Corp Am Tr A ... 4.3! U S El L. P A 2fl.S75 U S El L, .t P 73 3,28 U S El L P Vie 1.2.1 11155 5.01 21.1!) 17.59 2H.B75 3.38 f i O V E H N M B S T B O N U S ( W r i l i i e K r i n y Q u o t a t i o n * ) NEW YORK. HI--U. S. lionds closed Trcasmy 4',.js. 47-52. 120.5. Treasury 4s. 44-M. 114.f. Treasury 3=i,3, 40-43. June, 101.10. Treasury 3^iis-,^ 43-47, 10!.fl, Treasury 3V»3. 46-43, 108.7. Treasury 3s, 51-55, 100.22. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE ci CO. Telephone 1301 Mason City Bid and asked Tuesday: Cent SI El fi pel pf tS2^ par) 10 12 Cent St El 7 pel pf IS25 par) I I 13 Cent St P L 7 pel pf lli'.i 18 Champtiii Ref la 7 pel pf ... 100 Creamery Package c'om 23'.i 23 Hearst Cons A 23 211V Gco A Hormel A pf 104 107 Gco A Hormcl com 22'.;: 22? Interstate Power ft pet pf .. 16 Interstate Power 7 pet pf .. 19 Iowa Electric Co f\'* pet pfct ^3 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd ,. 54 la El I.t ,t Pow t! pet pfd 1211 la t:i Lt Si Pow GVj pet pfd .. TOi la El Lt Pow 7 pet pfd .. 78 la Paw Lifiht fi pet pfd .. 11)2 la Pow Light 7 pet pfd ,. 103 1,1 Public Scrv 6 pet pfd .... 99 la Public Scrv li'.-i pet pfd la Public Scrv 7 pet pfd . la South U l i l fi pet pfd la South Util GVi pel pfd .... la South Util 7 pel pfd Minnesota P L G pet pfd . Minnesota P St L 7 pet pfd 100 101 7B (10 84 04 100 Northern St Pow 6 pet pfd .. 01 Northern St Pow 7 pet pfd .. 37 N W Be'.l Tel KVj pet pfd ... 105 N \V St Portland Cement com 25 n n t h Pnckine fi pet pfd. 100 rtalh Packing 7 pet p(d 100. Rath Packing coin 321; Sioux- City Gas i El 7 pet pfd 100 U n i t e d Lt Bys C pet pfd United Lt ffys C.Sfi pel pfd U n i t e d Ll Jt Rys 7 pet pfd ... Wc-stcrn Grocer pfd AVcstcrn Grocer com l 21 55 ·5li 741.4 75 '.i BO 104 105 101 102 103 CO 82 US 36 102 ·M 9!) lOB'.i 2fi'i called called , .1:1 102 90 91 on 101) IB in the back yard." "Oh, Joel, 1 will you buy me a ten-gallon hat and a gun to pad on my hip? Then, when the servants get unruly, I'll scare 'em t death." The servants were, ot course purely a subject of conversation Janet had no dreams that spread themselves to servants 'and towt cars. But she did have one little happy dream of a house that \vi vaguely like something in a musi cal comedy. It would be white and have a very green lawn and prob ably rose trellises. At tirst, Janet knew that sli and Joel were going to stay at hotel and then, surely on the grea sum of money they had for an in come, they could find just the lit tie place she had in mind--on that would cost so little that the; could save gobs of money. Along with that dream was th half formed picture of her days Days that began with Joel walldn down the little walk between th green lawns i,n the early tnornin sunlight. Then for the rest of th day Janet would have her littl house to care for and deliciou things to cook for Joel. He woul return for her at the end of th day. He might be a businessman so happy was that plan. No mot disordered days and lonely eve mugs while Joel was at the the ater. In her spare time she won! have a garden, would cmbrotde petit point, knit, read and leai to play golf. She and Joel woul read together, swim, play golf an tennis. Oh, life could be so beau tiful for them now! There were no brass bands an no reception committee lo welcom them when they reached Los An Seles but there was the countc part of the worried young man New York. This one was possibly a lilt more rushed and Janet felt tl Paynlcrs 'had done him a personal injury by arriving on a Sunday afternoon. She was so completely overcome by his manner that she did not protest when he mentioned an expensive hotel and suggested that they put up there for a few days until they found what they wanted. Th'eii- first night she wanted to dress for dinner and was sure that they would find the grand dining room filled with stars. But Joel dismissed the idea, saying that they would go out to see the town after dinner. They walked and walked with a sort of breathlessness, hand in hand until Janet insisted that they return to the hotel since Joel was to start his career the, following morning. She was awake at six and had a sleepy, protesting Joe! up and at his breakfast before eight. "You don't want to be late and ie clerk said it was an hour's ride ut to Federal City." That was the ame o£ the location of. the stu- 05. She saw him off as though he ere going to his first' "day in rhool. Then she bathed leisurely, rawing out every minute because ie day stretched long before her ntil Joel would be home at diner time. She dressed and took erself out into the October sun- ght that was warm as rnidsum- ner in New York. She dawdled along the broad treets, gazing into the windows o£ le shops, killing time until she ound a tea-room where she had inch. She went to a movie in the fternoon and delayed her foot- teps back to the hotel. Joel was there when she ar- ived. ; I've been here all afternoon," e said crossly. Janet was immediately worried. What happened, darling? Don't oil me there has been some mis- ake about your contract!" ·No, that's okay, but I guess hey didn't think another Gable ad arrived. I sat in an outer of- ice for a couple of hours and then !ot in to see an assistant casting irector who looked me over and aid he'd call me when the studio vanted me. So here I am." And there he was £or nearly hree weeks. Then they found a message that Joel was to report lo he studio at six-thirty the next Ttorning. The next night Joel came back o the hotel with a huge box under lis arm and a grin on his face. "I've been given the second lead n Jarrett's picture so I'm celebrating with a present for my bride. Open it!" Janet opened the box and saw-with consternation--the loveliest nink coat she had ever seen. "Next time it will be sables," lie (To Be Continuea) aross Revenues of Rock Island Lines Show Big Increase Gross revenue for the R o c k Island lines for the year 1936 was $78,066,706, the highest since 1931, and an increase of approximately SH.OOO.OOO.or 10 per cent over 1935. Its operating expenses were increased S7,i500,000, the major portion of which, of approximately $5,000,000, is due to increased xpenditures for roadway and equipment maintenance and rehabilitation. Taxes accrued for social security and railroad retirement acts approximated $1,G40,- 000. Net operating income for the year was $1,000,681, as compared with a deficit ot $939,198 for 1935. Its gross revenues for December of $6,898,016, are the highest for the same month iif'lhe last"~si5T" years, and an increase of 22 per cent over the previous year. Its net operating income for the month of $865,849 is the best since 1330. and compares witli a deficit of $212,759'for December, 1335. C G M M I X K D H O G DES MO1NES, irt'j--U. S. deparlmcnt of .lyricullurc-- Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards ana 9 packing p l a n t s located in interior Iowa and ^oiilhcrii Minnesota" lor the 24 hour period cntlecl at a n. in. Wednesday were 17,000 compared with 10,400 a week ago and 4.900 a year ago. Prices mostly lOc to IOL- higher; some hlds packing sows-steady; t r a d e undertone weak at. the advance; loading indicated some heavier. Quot.ilioiiK follow: I.iplit lighls 140 to 1GO Ibs. fiood and choice Sft'iV 1 ! light ·.veiiihts Itflf to ICO Ibs. Sfl.fir,@ 9.70; 1EO In 200 Ibs. SU.CO^i 10.10: m e d i u m ' w e i g h t s 200 to 220 Ibs. S9.aflr r 7;lD.2j: 220 lo 2HO In*. S9.80iilO.2o; heavy weights 230 lo 290 1D=. S9.Hllfl .10.23: 290 to 330 Ibs. 59.GOfrlO.2n; paClliliR SOWS 27.~ lo 35l Ihs. ROOfl S9-3.ifi! 3.7.1: 33t) lo 423 Ibs. S9.20riiD.50; 415 lo 550 Ibs. S9fl9.:i3. 150 Shares UNITED LIGHT and RAILWAYS COMPANY 6% - 6.36% - 7% P R E F E R R E D STOCK A. AVSchanke Company 208 Foresters Building; Telephone 1300 C H I C A G O PRODUCE. ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. - la-i -- P o u l t r y : Live. 25 trucks, steady; hens over T» Ibs. 17c; 5 Ibs. and less 17Vic: Lcchorn hens I2c; colored springs lEte; Plymouth and White Rock 2(lc: colored broilers 21c; Plymouth Rack 21e; White Rock 22c; Leghorn ctiickens lac: roosters lac: LCKhorn roosters lllc; lurkey hens IBc: young toms IGc; old i:ic; No. 2 turkeys I3c; clucks 4!^ Ibs.-up white and colored 18c; small white and colored ISc; capons 7 Ibs. up 22c; Jess than 7 Ihs. 21c. Blltfer 3,830, firm; creamery spccfals (03 score) S-K-Vfl-Mac: extras 192) 33 r ,i,c; nxtra firsts (90-91) 32 : !4'u33c; firsts I G h 891 32^c32^c: standards (90 centrall^ec carlols) 33',;jc. ECRS 3,037. unsettled; extra firsts loca Sl'.je; cars 22c: fresh graded firsts loca 21'.'jc; cars 22c; current receipts 20',ic. (Wednesday .Market) CHICAGO. W,--Butler f u t u r e s closed: Storage standards. February 3Hic; March np;,c; November 2!)V R c. E£U futures: Tlcfricerator st.-mdards, Oc- lober 2-^ic; fresh graded firsts, February Potaio future.*: Idaho Juifwcl. 1 ; Man No. Lr)£3.5; March grade A $3.58. Lamson Brothers Market Letter C II I C A G O -- WHEAT--Our mar-_i afiain received a slronp. impetus from abroad, Liverpool cables hemp, slronu. on indicalions of improved f l o u r demand and somewhat bel^r inquiry for actual wheat in the United^ Kingdom and the continent. Prices in Winni- pcr and in c.ur market were sharply lifihcr at the opening and made f u r t h e r advances d u r i n g the season until al one lime, prices were almost 3 cents higher than Tuesday night's close. One million hushets of Manitoba:; ·ere sold over nlfiht and ii.tles of one and n half cargoes of Australia wheat were made to the United Kingdom. It was also rlcportcd that a lar£c business in Argentine whenl and corn had been worked to. the continent. Germany being the principal buyer, heir corn purchases being reported at about one and one-half millions bushels of wheat and two and one-half bushels of corn. Somewhat warmer weather was present in t h f j southwest and reports from Ihe Kansas state a g r i c u l t u r a l college said in their opinion wheat in various areas in Kansas had not been damaged by the rccenl ice covering. Corn--Corn prices were steady early hul later there was a good advance due partly to short covering and partly to small commission buying, the strength in whcal being a contributing factor. Oats prices too, rallied from Tuesday night's close and commission houses altio bought Ihls grain. Prices were Ic lo ) 2c higher in corn, most of Ihc arfv«ir.ce .roll being In while com. Industries And feed 1 people were the beat buyers. GUARANTEE Aj.lnit Damaio by Rate and Mice. A 1-Year Guarantee with each oil- Inllob. Ncatslcnc contains real Fish Oil which waterproofs, and Neatsfoot Oil w h i c h softens, strengthens, and preserves leather. WHILE THEY UAST--FREE KNIFE TO EACH FARMER WHO BRINGS ONE OR MORE SETS OF HARNESS FOR O I L I N G . 16 South Delaware Are. Mason City, Iowa i. ri V jTrr-^vj-TTM^T*

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