The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 21, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES '^^ .* Published Daily Except Sunday Times Md New* PaMiahinc Company V LAYEKE HAFER, * " Secretary mnd Treasurer. PHILIP iL JB1KU5, PHILIP B. BIEUS, Editor Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cemt* per _ 1 outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per moath. HATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. N Xedical Advertising. . SKIN ERUPTIONS Evidence of Impure Blood and a Run- Down Condition- When the blood becomes thin, poor, devitalized nature cries oat through such external evidence for .help, and the safest, surest and most helpful remedy Tve know is YiaoL This is because It. is a combination of the two most world famed tonics--the medicinal curative elements i^------ ·· o' cod liver oU (·sviibut tne oil) and % orJS ^ ^ P S« «ftefyS^^y 1^ Reived at The Times Office. . cseaws a hearty Appetite/ purifies and E.t««i 16, 1904, at Gettysburg Pa. as second-clMi Congress March 3, !*». ; uxger TAX GOLLECTOR SLAIN A e s je» gf\ :px "Z Q 2 *S^ I LL AiOlGAli MRS. JOHN P. MITCHEL Wife of Newly Elected Mayor cf New York City. Murderers Confess and Lead Expected lo Rssiga Presides Vay to His Be Hter ViGTIMll'iSISG TWO WEEKS' 816 IHGREllSES H TAXES T«,n*rP SS£r cormer UNITED PHONE -K1S PAPER REPRESENTED FCS ADVESTlSlrSG BY THE GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO 3RAMCHES Ti A i - ·_-,? '«··»' »"*'' ·" esrlches the blood, creates sir--«.,-. 31rs- Hele:i Wingare,- St. Xoais, Mo-, savs: **I was in very poor health, nervous and ran-do-«vn, anu'sothing in the way of medicine did me any good «n-1 I til inv druggist recommended Vinol. It f 'built"UD niv health, restored strength/ \ and I fee! that I ov.-e rny life to YiaoL | I cannot praise it too highly." 5 | We sav positively uiere is nothing! ' like Yinoi to puriiv and enrich the i Was Found Buried in Lonely Woods · Dictator Doubled Some and Also Au After Slayers Accompanied Authorities to the Spot. 1 21.--S. Lewis PinU- ! thcrized Banks to Issue Paper Men Sbiood asd build up weak, run-down neople.' If ?£ should fall'in your case \ve will return your money. People's Drusr Store, Gettysburg, Pa. Wkmtsd*. One cent p«r word each insertion. Two cents a TMrd if FoStfoT Isolation, of respect, poetry *nd memorimm* on. TO OUR HEADERS The Gettvibcrg Time* takes absolutely no part in polMc*, beiner ^xg**** S i^ociaiii*. £K3 UV^L ^ *****.* ..--.-- -- j - * i .* Oor kdv«nxsinE columns are open ti all candidates ot Media. Pa.. Xov ericu. il*e resists: tax collector, si: i Delaware coamy ey. Mexico City, Xov. 21.--It was r\ Sarded here as not entirely inipss! sia:e that Provisional President Ku! In a strip of betv. een head h Dariiagtoa caten until his MI-O-HA STOPS ALL STOMACH DISTRESS! r, am ""-" saper!ntead-j e^--,, a f te r fc--..:^, uifougu the rati _ v/as found murdered and buried j fitatlou oi the new congress, relieve^ f lone:y woodland aalf-vay j himselt" trom the danger of beiiig ealJ-j ~ " '"" ed to ac-c-cuin for his acts by some iu | rare administration, might he broughtj lo tlie noint G£ sell eliSiiaatsoE j powers supporting the Uniied States j si generally expected thaij President Haerta on th£\ il'.S tea-' anu! bis amis and body truied. . The body whkh bad been buried I by the murderers, lay in a sbanow grave, where it had rested since the Sight'of Xovrrtber 7. when Piauerion been slain. Or. top of :t was It was not Provisional convening of the new congress much o£ the obs:ru.uoa:sil @ JSJi by American Press to tiaj tns reeiQFj pel NEW EAGI£ HOTEL 400 SOOHUI with bmih « flam A McCoHomy, Prop's. I Trimmer's 5- and 10 cent Store. ·;u j:-": i ' ." .'· : Whfle they last! Very .special lot » of Ladies' collars- · ~ - WILLIAM E. ZIEGLER Expert Electrical work. Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 Y- RICE PRODUCE "COMPANY ' Highest Ca«h Price* Paid for all CHAS. 8. MUMPES .- --Fire Pzoof Storage-Warehouse for Furniture and Household Goodi - stored any length of timc- W- H. TIPTON , Wilson. « !at «- . _ . . . I rsi=t^^t i^o^^T Hannum, of D?Ia- There is no more effective stolen, ^~^ n ~-°^ b-Too'e, a deieaive renietiv than Mt-o-na. Besides cuicsiy i " -e co«_o, -nt. v i"«- . " the di^-p^^ Mi-o-na soothes! v,-ere led to the piace waere Ae ucd, t5-e i=--itateti '.vuiis of the stomach.! had been hid by tiie confessed si:ur- They are Roland S. Pea^ng- ttventv-yeir-o'.d farm hand en eorge H. jiarch iloyed by \vil- -- --s-.- ^-- - - , , . - ^ nn as a cairv-ra.3.. Both are aov.- Do net suifer anotner cay--get a : - ' . . % t ,,i;_ --^ii box of ili-o-na Tablets from People's i confinec in Jie^-leaia jai Drugstore. Take them as directed ! The arrest of Pea-^ngton and -.-.a* -n and. see how quickly you get relief. t:.e irrivateu T.»*iiii ui. *.i_t^ ^twiii^-^-ii. i ZKIAL «t strengthens and builds up the tiiges-1 derers. tive organs, thus assisting- na'cure i n j tca _ a i- K - el iiy-T.c^.:-^.- ^^^ the oron5pt digestion of the food--j j., e \\--jsoa place and Geor your entire system :s beneiited, you i fc hj rr ..-. two years old, esnplc \vill enjoy good health. I " " ", »,,. ers i.-hich he iias enjoyed si"ee the; uispohfiioa of the two Houses early ·ast month. One of the first steps the new eOiv gress was epecced to take -.vas the^ ratification in eutireti- of the c-hie:: executive's acts as dictator and thatj the two houses would be asked to do this -.vas plainly indicated :a Ms sies-j The securing ~.f ths raUficatioa otj PROFITS 4 Tr!"*f Ppr» j HUM UUSh New York Xov. 21.--The recent ex PERSONAL NOTES' AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News TeHiog of the Happenings in and about TOWP People Visiting Here and Thost Sojourning Elsewhere. - - Mrs. Laughman and three children .have returned to New Oxford after spending- some time at the ,Jvsne of I Mr. and Mrs. G. R- Thompson on High street., Mrs. Mervin Bender and children, of Xev.- Oxford, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. 31. Seeder OH Carlisle s'treet. MIss Mabert Musselma'n, has returned to her home in Fairfield, after spending some time with Miss Ethel CuJp, of York street. Miss Ada Williams and two nieces, Mildred and Anna Eden, have returned home after visiting friends in New Oxford. Mrs. Charles Markley and son, of Williams Grove, are spending several itiays with Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Gulp, cf South Washington street- Miss Bessie Everhart, of Philadelphia, is spending a few v.-eeks with her brother, Curtis Everhsrt, of Baltimore street- Miss Mary Rosensteel, is visiting in Hanover for a few days. Miss Myrtle Waltman, of Abbottstown, is visiting Miss Marguerite Tip- ten of Carlisle street. Miss Nita Waltman, of Abbottstown, is visiting- Mr. and Mrs. Waltman on Carlisle street. Rufus Sheads vrer.c to Baltimore this morning to spend several days. Charles S. Duncan 'Esq. has accepted an invitation to deliver the address '-Office, - Gettysburg.. Gettysburg Soure«irs Ayer^s Sarsapaniia Oldest, Safest, Strongest, Best- Standard family medidne. Nb alcohoL Sold for 60 years- Ask Your Doctor. 'iROiraW Heart Disease i-^«*«- j ! O'Toole had wormed the narrative of 1 the murder out of Pennington. he ^ i agreed to lead the men to the body. ua , Garza Alrtape, former Minister cf · Both Pennington and March had been - - at the Ciearneld Elks* Lodge of Sor- tra cash «:r.-jcxut:s declared by former her daughter, Mrs. Samuel know to nave been persuaded that be ,:;st- resiga ana to- have named ilaa- Soon Cured .- f HARVEST to SHOES BUYERS You will find on our Bargain i ables shoes of well known lines which we have dis-conlinued. W. H. Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.48. . Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.83. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. Kitzmiller in tie stable where the ^i-muraer caa taken place, ana from i tbere the fcjr. in a motor car, startec 1 on tiieir ghastly =earca. Pe^niagton £13. the directing, and tae party srarrei to-follow the route traversed by -Peaaington and March v.-ith the boi? on- tae nigat of the -jr. The course ied. first to "\Tawa ^ tfcere "Fermiagton toid. Lee tc remarkable cnrativej drive over toward Darliagcon. about ·re. Spsciai j three miles flisisnt- By tbie Great Specialist in Treating vVcak and Diseased Hearts, FRANKLIN MILES. Ivi- D., LL. B. · . j Who vHIl Send S2-25 V/ortH of SpetSaij Treatajent and New Book Free. j To prove the powers of his new and comple Treatments for heart disease^ short i Petuiingron's eyes - were- almost Sis-head, and;ae scanned ^j-.^*v*^;i-j.-. i 4 *^_^^..^. t *i.«.v.. ^...-^.^.^.^-- | ~-^Q ro^ci'va 1 " ahead revealed in. the sraothering. puffni- of anldes or arppsy, · ~ ~ ^ ' motor s , ^-^ H s h ls ru. -r-^-u-iU=fcnd to every arrUetedi-er- | =d --~ ^ "--^ JLlC^LlCUCillA -VI i l t t l . t ^.IC^liC^ ^II-'JIL | ±'SIiIl-IiS'-V-i S breith. pain in side. shox'Jder or arm, j - DUrs tina from H! oppression, irrc-suiar pulse, palpitation. { ^^d^a ; ^rnnrnonn^. rni!:nr or ankles or tiro05v.; - " ... Dr. Mii_ . . . son a §2.50 Free Treatment. Bad soon relieved- _ ' | These treatments are the result of 3y j years" extensive research and reuiarkubi'-· SUt-tess in traitin^ variou? ailments A ] the heart, stomach and nerves \\ bk-h oft- i en complicate each case. So"astonishing! are tb.e results fn most ca?es, th;it he o;- : fns all sick persons a nvo-i-nnd Trial J -TM_ -,, ^ fl followed, the-first treatment iree- Do not tail to try it.; u ioo-e d._-.^-«c^^-«. ^ eron^ 1 Few n phvs-ciI"ns 1 'havc ^chcon j The 5" crossed t li.ltsioe in their tr^atmenus. AH aiH-ctcd ! tate. cohering: auont na^ a mue o_ Arsons should avail themselves of thi^ | Self!, meador.- ana woodland, scraaib- i ; beral otler. as they maj never liave! lins: over fences and SLtimblin" ca£es ; About a mile aaL a half from "?rawa "We're getting near it now/" Tie muttered. "Stop here." The motor halted, and the four mec got oat. . Pecjungton led the w: ~ith a lantern held hisa orer his _ Hannam. en-. cc2:-)r-r.y. .igasnst 52 per cent, de- tie Interior, as the man he desired to clareil in jl:2. Standard Oil Company of Xev Jersey, the parenr com- -j nar.v naid 40 per cent, yearly divi- succeed him, when the insistence o,, - ^^ tfee lzsv _;_ vcars previous John.-Lind, chft personal r e p r e s e a t a . - - . . ^ ^ . ; . r - 'Utlc^r* unri-n · Trte: . . . , ~ r Dividends UisLursea up to tae pre^=more .than the "eoianan- ave of President Wilson, noon · tie: abolition of the new Congress, csused] - . "'eut th\3 vear .aggfezate hin to change cis atrituce and rejexu ^^ rr4 ,j 0lS . -several " the iclea^ot resisting. - 1 C s ^ re yc-t"-io One of the last acts OL Provisional President Kuerta as dictator, before the new congress places a restriction os his powers, was an e'licit of be Heard from on their y dividend declarations. "Up to the end ol Septembgr e:gct i of tne con:pin!e3 cistrifcated FtO';k Fayetteville. A regular meeting of the Royal Ar- cancm will be held this evening at 8:00 o'clock. . Send for Reraarfcal) le Cures in Your State En'erir.? one strip of lonely woods. o scopned, swung his lantern Snally kfcsed at some he said to O'Toole. - -, V 14 ;r V- ,\ ! \- - i - - - ' -D ; S he:e" he said to O Too iailei!. Mr. Ira Dexter, i nendalup. _v. ; ,^° .r,.^ , -.^To'-nev =tood V.. aiier 2 failed. I\Ir. II. L. D:i\enport.-, i " c a s r!CC « i - a ' -^ ~"-^ Conneantvillc. Pa., alter 4 failed. Mrs, j over the two prisoners, out axe no nee^l. uxere w^ P--3ninston ana J.larcn stood rebate par vaJ \~as heavily increased. The marl-red manner in which Pro- Visionai President -Kberta displayed his cordiality tovrapi Nelson O'- Sfiaii2iir.essy- the American SK-.000.0.90, was Sighest Siv-dena rates bv the Solar Refining Company, the . ... , CHURCH NOTICES ' -RSF'ORMED'- i- Sunday Sehool^lS a_- .m.; church service. 10:30 a. m., subject: "Service Rendered unto Christ,"; church service 1 p. fn.. j subject '"i^aw Heavens.'" The ·jasior will conduct service in St- 4 S I S - GETTY-^UEG U. B. Sunday Sca5ll 9:30 a.m.: "Woman's Da~" anniversary service 10:30 a. m. A special program trill "be "rendered r-resent. General Haerta did not con- jfttreka verse at length with, any of the diplo-1 mats except Mr. O'Shaughnessy, -withi ·^hora he spoke privately for a quar-| ter of an hour. ; At the same time, Senora Huerta great c-o^diaity in her reception of -.Irs. O'Shaushnessy. BAZAAR Xavier Hall NOVEMBER 22 to 29 The Bazaar for the 1-cnelU of ST. FRANCIS X.YYTER CHURCH will oi-ru ai Xa\:er Hal'., SATURDAY. XOV. 22ni. Attractive i.-.^tl; have been ertxi^-I for the oct-a.-ion and e\-ry attention cri\on to letail in order u taak-j l3ie t\enir!g? p3«-,a=ani for all ·wi.o atiend. Bi-ginnin«r v.ith Monday c \enir.g v.lien the LADIES" MINSTRELS w:ll hold tha l-r-ar.;=, there TKill ie a Fret V.:;:dvi"le Slio;r «-a«h erecin? at o"«-lu»k. On Thanksgiving a Turkey Dinner will be served at a cost of 35c a-.tem^or. w:ll b^ tlevtieS ^ rt the eit:ta"nn OJ th- children. A POPULAR LADY;S CONTEST Trill be ori-u t,n SatHr.L-.y E\- r.:r,^ f.^r ti.e Vcgt P.".r.-, J^.lv in 5?.e Congregation. TLePn.'e T\:" :-a Beautiful Gold SIGNET RING. Tl:-^ ballots for tliecon:e=.t »;ii :,, , f ,\.\ 3a j" f . e ^j a 3; at ;i. c ,-.^f of 1 CFNT ; for whor.-; vo", T.kas--nnd as ,-.."i c r. n ? jr.*.; ;-!'\ K\rry . will coa you one otr.t, C'.n:"«i to or.e week. The re; the vidiscr will !· IIT:',":-].^! :n tin hall erch cvesin 1 "' Don't fail to visit the "Catacombs" or the Mysterious Chamber : : : You will be deliphiftl with die trip and exj-ori-nc.- a thrill yon wiil no soon forget. Xavier Ha",i in fa-: N-; raii 5 fo n n-.l Itr.-. .1 -,. -ntable COUNTY FAIR where evervbo-Jy. jouns an-! old. will ;,.:\ :l n o-^porcnnity to enjoy themselves. Refreshments and Lunch served in the Hall every evening. ADMISSION FREE EVERYBODY WELCOME m 3 * e 8 V" e o VZ ® ^fastened Tnrr.rr.- -:r,on Slarch. -K-O had so to .^, to 57-3 Main .St. Elkharc, Ind., a i j Ion -- Si - : - £ ,, , ..nee. for Free Heart Book, Examination i Haiia'i.Ti. iogetaerthey Cnart. Opinion.. Advice an-1 Free Treat- j thin? or, or the hole. Pmsertoa s iT't-nt. Li-i-rio^ yj-ur disease. I body Ir." 1 ' r-efore them. · " · · " » Son~o:ri"~ droppefi hac"k into the Efiectivc November 16, 1913- j j, o ; e as :-r body was removed. It was WESfEBH IARMD BAIL?AT ] cJS' _ The Western Maryland Railway; ^J 1 ' J l ^~. l t-^-t: sis. -:·. S:5G A. M. Daily Except Sunday for j Tnrr.rr." Baltimore. Hanover, York and] this fi-r.e iramtained that Intermediate Points- | *** '^ '· : ~- TM confession, the District 10:2S A. M. Daily for liagerstown. j J^^ 7;"^ ^SliS mS!^ TV avrsesboro. Chambersburg. | * "~ Hancock, Cumberland, Pitts-1 bargh and Chicago also Eikins, i W. Va. ! 12:2-5 P. M, for Hignfield and Intermediate stations. . 2:55 P- 31. for York, Baltimore and! t='n^. Or.:., get ine awa? Intermediate Points. j ^iS^l*^ 5:36 P- M. Daily except Sunday for', "Js-'^'tt B. and H. Division PoinYs to I Hisrhfield, also Hagrerstown, j .. ,, · t ie onitilated body March ·c\o ~.'j. r.. "Tes." ".,£· -..-afspereS- *"Gez me on r---' . I did it- You've got the I'll admit It aH. I" it; I'll tell you every- frora here: .;e get tne away!" Aciomey Hannum still be l2evc=; i - n t March has not told all ths tmth. T;-.- nsan still maintains thai --^ , -, , robbery ~as not tiie motive for t TVaynesboro. Charabersbarg and j criirc. T- -.nington declares it fras a *"-' ' I motive ar.c Hiat the money fonnc or | P;al:er;fn. -s-sih his signet ring, tverf i tarten ~,v t^eui and division made Pinkertorj had between |S^O arid S60C hira when he disappeared. Thinks Husria Rie CrumbHrig. 7,-asainston. Xov. 21.--Prssiuc-nt Wiiscn, it ber-ame l-rno'nrn. interprets the s:tuatir-n in Tuexlco City to intU- cate thai the Hnerta Government is disintegrating, and that though things m:ght move very slo-wly. Huerts eventually will be eliminated. The President let it be known that no summary instructions had beer. sent to Charge O'Shaughnessy, anc that no positive ste?s or actions not already published had been taken. :ce Bacfeeye ^r.t. each by the r*.ar'.I Oil cu IrrJiiaaa, th^ Souih- om Pire Uno. tie Infu?r,a Pipe Line, and 31 "--- per ceat. by the Standard oC Kansas. Ons:-" fcnr of the Thiity- fcur FOj-.-cscr.te;: coiipanics have failed thas far ro at-dare div:Jenci5 : ^the Ai- Isatic R--f= :ii:,s. Colonial OH, Tnioi Tank Line nn\ the P.erce Oil Corporation. vast iiriportance'to every member of thB.caarch.3TTos;ipnblic is invited. Junior C-flfistiaa Endeavor meeting, 1:30 p. m.;-' Senior ^.Christian Endeavor meeting. G:00 p. rp. J. Chas. Gardner, BIG TUBKEY_FQR WILSON Members of Cabinet wiil be Presented With 25-Pound Bird Washington. Xov. 21.--President Wilson. Secretary Joseph Timulty and the members of the President's Cabinet, with the exception of Secretary McAdoo. who is a widower, will be presen r e3 by South Trimble. Clark cf the House of Representatives, ~i'h a P^re nred pfdJgreed bronze turkey raised on Kentucky Blue Grass, for Thanksgiving. The President's turkey, it was announced, will be a yearl- h alxrat 40-pouads. j \ BATHiNS AT ATLANTIC CITY Tberrr-crreter Registers 75 Degree;. and S'J^-rriar At::re is in Order Al!a-t:c City. X. X, Xov. 21.--Baia!ar here. Ai: ·res for November -ere sr.iasfc^u ivnen tise ir.errscai ."ter nt the Uniied States Weatiei P,nrea: r"5; : rtf--e": 76 degrees, one de ^r=e ?i:z3cr that the best previous i^ecru, c^fsh ; 5Flsed in IS*"^. i Tho teri?erati:re tras sull soing up "- that ho'ir. and -t "was predicted ^jjit 73 decrees vro-ild bs reached be- f.jr-3 ihc-re vras a decline. \lon5 tns boarcv:al!c visitors are .^ r - ;,, si.mmcr tons? and ^vhite rlan- nel trousers ^rere cc Can't 3--v5m Panama Canai. ^-iriama, Xov. 21.-- Col. Goethals ·KTli rot let Alfred Erovrn swira the Panama Ccr,ai because ne'd nsalce as mnca trouble as a ship ~ould- The obbler others ill weigii about 25 Shippensburg. 6:13 Xe-x~ Oxford, Hanover. York, and intermediate stations- Kills Mother and Himself. Chicago, Xcv. 21.--Albert Zinkle forty-four years old, shot and Idl^ec his mother and himself. A note found by the po*.:ce said that the deed was committed because Zirtkie and hs;j , mother were "hard np and better oS port n.a-le to Director of tie George T- Hobevts. Eggs Preacher's Reward- Baitimore. ild., Xov. 21.-- Rev. E. E. Bas'-.y. pastor oi the Twenty-fifth! S-reet Christian charcn. received a j ssaehelful cf sggs frora bis eonsrega-j t;rn. Ke bad concluded a suc-j cessiui revivs! and the congregation { wanted to thank him in a -useful -way. j . . T'-eft Found ! After 30 Years, j 21.--An oScial; count o," ai! the silver .dollars in the J Pan Frrnclsro mint has revealed that ; twenty-two dollars trere stolen, prob i r.Wy aboat iSSO. according to a re-S WEATHER EVERYWHERE. , FOUND carrier pigeon \vith silver MRS. Xorbeck wishes to extend her band on it« leg containing ir.ftials and thanks to those who have been so kind number. Eugene Althoff, R. 0, Gettys- to her and her sister, Eva, during their burg. Owner may recover by paying illness.--advertisement this advertisement.--^advertisement Obserraiioss of United Stales weather bureaus tafeen at S P- m. yesterday follow: Temp. "Weather. Albany 56 Atlantic City.-- 66 Boston 62 Buffalo 5 2 Chicago 66 New OrlesSs... - 68 New York 64 Phi iadelph ia 68. St LO-KS - 68 Washington 64 Clear. Clear. Clear. Foggy. Clear. Clear. Clear. P. Cloudy. Clear. P. Cloudy. The Weather. Clondy today, probably rain, tonight or tomorrow. " "Sunday"Scnool.3:00 a", m.; Divine ·worship. 7:00 p. m. The Rev. J. R. Kutchison will preach the sermon. J, Chas. Gardner, pastor. METHODIST - Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.; Epworth League at 6:15 p. m.; preaching at 7:00. A cordial invitation to all services. L. Dow Ott. pastor. FAIRFIELD REFORMED On account of rainy weather two weeks ago the Communion service will be observed this Sunday, November 23d, at 10 o'clock. Union Thanksgiving service a'c Fairfield will be held In the Reformed church Thanksgiving evening at 7:30. Hev. W. tL Fleck, of the Lutheran church will preach the sermon. YORK SPRINGS M- E. Bendersville: Sunday School, 9:30; sermon. 10:30; Epwofch League, 7:30Wenksville: Sunday School. 1:30; sermon, 2:30; Epworth League. 7:30. The iparterly offering; will be lifted. Luther Vv". McGarvey, pastor. BIGLERYILLE LUTHERAN Rev. C. F. Fio'to, pastor. Benders Church: Sunday School at 9 a. m... and congregational, worship at 10 a. mBlglerrille: Sunday School at 9 a. m.: Junior Endeavor ax 6V Senior at 6:45, and congregational worship at 7:30 p. m. Subject: '·Temperance." QUARTERLY JIEETING Friends' Quarterly Meeting will be held at Menjfilen on Sunday. November 23d at 10 a. m. ? followed by conference at 1:30 to which all are cordially Invited. PRESBYTEPJAN Rev. F. E. Taylor will preach a'c the morning-church servicejaf 10:30 on 'What is My Life?" an'd'in-the evening at 7 o'clock"on "In Remembrance of-' His .Mercy." Sunday DS$^P J 9:30 » Christian Endeavor 6:1-5- ST. PAUL'S X M:E. ZION Preaching service, 11 a. m.; Sunday School, 2 p. m-; Christian Endeavor, 7:00; evening sermon, 8:00. W. O. Cooper, pastor. LOST gold watch fob, on Tuesday: ^- ov _ 21-22--Ba2aar, Mishler Building. afternoon. Finder please return to j ov . 24--Lecture. Dr. J. H. Sieling Times Office and receive reward.--ad-' Broa Chapel. vcrtisement Nov. 24-29--Bazaar. Xavier Hall. RARE opportunity for business. Complete outfit -with machinery to make canvas gloves in good order. Will sell on easy terms or exchange for farm stock etc. What have you to offer? Victor W. S. Duttera.--advertisement :WSPAPLR|

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