The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 5, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1818
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.'IN CHANCSlir IN State of New - York, M. JL Me court, hearing date ihe 7U day of July ' lt, wi'l be sirfd at puMhj auction, at the - Ion - Hue Cuff House, ta (be ciiv of New - kert.Oiu - ttwili 4lr - '(i.fiof the suhtcriher. as - one of the asters ol this cosin, on wnatg, we s out wj cil January nest, atsrefeeo'clnck at noon, ail ' I. - ... - i . . t. Lr m not A ctM rrtint wf loll uorier water, to be made laud and ground, out of . the Aoctii or tivfioo'i tuver, situate, lying ana . bciug betneeu Wasliiflgtou - street Md k Certain rew sticet of ieventy t - et in tire ad lb, to be made Ironing oo tlie aid Worth iUver, called ww street, and is bounded at follows : north - easterly .widiaitcrly by Liberty street t north - westerly . and wi - sterly by West - street aforesaid i south - Westerly and westerly by Cedar - street, and south easterly end easterly by Wasbington - slriet: containing, ia breadth oo Waaiungtoe - - street and West - street one. hundred and ten feet ' six ipclm. and in length, along Liberty - street . one hundred and seventyseven feet, and along Cedar strectone hundred and teveuty - two leer: , "irwether with the nDDNrtenanres. subject never - - - O . . . f . J , HICK, iira fCll.P, LV'CilUMT IWMIi - MW" , agreement! to which laid pr mines are subject .''in favor of the corporation of tbe city of New - Tork, a Imposed, . reserved and createa - oy them. Dated Nov. 26th. 1817. . v. '.. JAMES A. HAMILTON. . ' - . Master in Chancery. - V NoTV - - Tiie above property will be sold in parcels. For iwrticulars afily at the master's flice, No. 3 Law Buildings, Nassau - street. m - JAMES A. HAMILTON, n.. si 1iJb.lia . . Motor in r'hanrorv. - LN La.SL - HV. : "iy porsaanceof a decretal order of this bono - rah a fAUrt. Iwirwf rlal tfi llllri fth V U Kn , Yomber, in tbe year 1UI7, will be sold at public auclion, at the Tontine Coffee House, ill the ci . of January next, at twelve o'rfock.noon, all that Vhcrrv ami Uorer - strtels. bounded northwest rl? in Iront on Cherrr - street, oortiieasterlr bv ' rround bel'iticini to Maria Oseood. soutbeasterlv In th fear by gr.ivnd ow or Fate the propmif' of ' a Iocor Joseph loune;, and southwesterly by I Jo . yer - stree - t : and ia now known and distinguished .' by house and - lot aumbi - r two' Cherry - strett, . abd hoasa aamlier ooe UoTer - sxreet con'ain inir in .Imnfllh. in frr.nt nnd tvnr tWMklT an. - Ten feet and sis inches, and in lenstb on each . lirieone hundred and seven ft, be th same m )re or s ; tirther .ivirh the appurtenances wtrtug Ueceiuber t7th, 1CI7 - . ' v ' " ' V ' ' Master ia Chancery. - dee ,7 lat30thD dts ..... ... IN CH.CKKV . MTATZ OV HEW - T0RK. I. PS pursiianr e of a'dccn tal order ot tins bmora - Me court, beariiu: date the sixteenth df rl t tK (. her lat,will be told at public auction, at the routine vllee Mouse, in the city of new tors, . iiadfrthedirecliirti of rhMif!criir, as one of the masters of this court, hit h'tdntidai the rctierWA day ff January nest, at twelve o'clock, at noon, all that certain lot, tru - t or parcel of Innd, situu - , ted in (he county ot Delaware, io tlte state of :. York, and ia Kvun faU - nt, and known br gfr allot thirty four and bouad4l as follows: be - gianinatastaiceandneapot'stonesiieara heeih , tcet , murketl lia. 24 and JH ; hoing the nurthfcast corner of lot thirty evcn ; thence along t: ie am th bound thereof south eighty nine drrees, west one hundred and twenty tilit chains und ninety six links to a heecb tree niaked No. 3 - 5 and 34 ; . beire lit southeast corner of lot (No. 33,1 nuin - her (Lilly three : thence along the east bounds thereof, north three degrees, east eighty one ' ckaiiis and twenty links to a beech tree marked Ho. 31 apd 34 tlf no along the south bound t of lot (No. 31) number thirty cue, north eighty nine de;rue, cast the distance of one bundreil und lour chains to a stake 'and heap of stmes t thence ' ' south thirty five chains ami twenty, four links to a btech tree marked No. S t thence north eighty " nine degree, eat twenty chains to the weft .' bound of lot thirty five t thence along tbe same south forty four chains and iiinety six links to tbe d ice of brsrinninc : containing nine hundred and ' fortv iiinu acre and thtee fourths ol an acre if . hnd, with tlte And also, all that cet'.aiu olbw lot, tract, or parcel of land, situa ttJia i he county of LteUwiire, in the state of 2fW - Viir!f. .in .ans fatent, and known by ' - .g.vat lot thirty seven, and is bounded as follows Bi jinninr at a hemlock tree mark - . ed No. 37 arid 40, - bcuij tbe norjheait corner of lot' No.. f 40) number forty J thence, along tbe north - bounds thereof, - south, eighty nine rftgree. west one hundred and thirty - knir chain and ten links to a tieech sapling jnarked Mo. 38 b. 37 l tbencn aortb three le - gri, east seventy eight chains to a Reech tree with stone round it i thence on the south bound ' Oftot thirty fourn'irth eighty nii.e dcrves, easi one hundred and thirty chains to a Dirch tree inarkad thirty sorcn aiid thirty - eight t thence on the wert boamfs ot lot thirty - eight, south seventy - eight chains to tbe pi are of beginning, contaiidng one Oious.iiHnnil tweidy - four. acres and one fourth ot - fitfuLre ofiiiod with tbe aupurtenuncei. - Uittd.DeJemierA Iftl7. . , V JAMES A. HAMILTON, Dec 3 lawli - lts Master in Chaucery. , ' IN CHANCERY , ' " ' Matt ef trFort s. IN pursuance of a docrctal - mil rof this honora hle'ourt, bearing date the Wth day of December, in the year 1817, will be sold, at pahlic aection. at tbe fontMie Coffee House, in the city of New - York, on Tuesday,. the thirteenth day of . January noxt, at iz o'clock at noon, mi mat certain lot ol ground and messuage, situated in the tV)urth ward of the city of New York, known and diitiiiguished by house and lot number four, in Cherry - street ; bounded northwesterly in front on Chi - rry street, northeaitarly by lot andhooe number six ia said street, belonging to Maris Ogood, southeasterly ia the rear y ground owned or occupied by Alexander ilamillon.nnd sooth - wetteily by other ground of the said Maria Os - ' good ; containing in breadth in front twenty - five ' leet ; in the rear seventeen feet five inches and . one uuiirter of an inch ; in length on the north - - ei - terly side one hundred and throe feetnine inch - es : and oo the southwesterly side one hundred and seven feet sit inches, be the same more or less ; together with the appurtenances. Dated "December Sid, ll7. - V . . WM. E. DUNSCOMB, f - JUasterly in Chancery, dec S21 a wtfnriSdts - Southern Ihtiricl of JWr Fort, u ,TZ IT KtilLAIBERED, that on ttie fifth . J. J dayor - Aavemberin the fortv - second year of the ladepcndence Of the United States or A - '.luerica T. I'billips, of the said Diitict, hath depusited in Ilia olSce the title tf a Bong, tiie right whereof he craims as author and proprietor, in tl.e words following, to wit : ' This blooming Rose at early dawn, a ballad, romnost.d and dedicated to Sir J. tpentuh. bv T. Phillips, as ii.tmduced hv him with the great - tst applause in the Opera of Love in Village, at the Theatre Koy;U Crow - street, and at the private concerts, - tsunoreiand - street." In cnotormity to the act of Consrcst at the U . sited States, eutitied w An Act for tlie oncnume'e - meat of Learning, by secBring the copies of .imf . viicii l, auti uvum io we au nors and proprietors ot torn copies, during the time therein mentioned.' And also to an Act, entl - tied " ao act, supplementary to an act. entitled an Actfortbeencourarementof Learnin'. h u. - curing the copies of fthips, Charts, and Uooks to . the authors and proprietors of inch copies, dur ing the time therein mentioned, and extending tbe beotfits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, ai d etching historical and other prints." Clerk of tbe Southern District of New - Y ork ncr !fl taw! w - FOuSALE, . fsxHE Dock. Slores. Dwellins House. Gar JL den. tic at th lower lauding in tbe village of Poohkaepsie ahout one ' acre, or there ab mts title iudisputable, and terms made ea sy to pur - harrs For further rrwliculars apply - tojaascs roster, seor. on the it . ite,orto - w . J. HOLTHUY.SEN, ... - '.. Grecnwisp, New - York. - - die :i DImtStt C4ir At a court of tLavfryLtlJ fort', sUle . of rv w - ,J(ork. nt ti ciiy oi'A'bauy, on ' " tl.e taentyieveuthd r of iinber, io i ' year of ourLwI UiouJiiirt tgl.t ' hui. :rcd and sevettceu;' - ; The Honorable Jane. Kent, mincc - ' cellor. .v - . . - f ' Gerard Beekiaaar .' Uaacv B. Cat and Come iHslia, bis wife, and the ' Globe lawirance Compa - IT apparint; by affidavit, to' the '' satisfaction of uus coortj mat process of suopoena uj appear and answer ra the above cause, iialh been regit' larry issued against the above named defendauta, Isaac B Cos and Cornelia, his wile, and the Globe Insurance Com Mii t. but that the - said de fenditnt, Iaac B. Cos, could not, upon diligent search andeaquiryj made intermediate tbe teste ami return of the said subpoena, be found within this state, to be served therewith. And it further appearing by the said affidavit, that the said defendant, Iaac B. Cos, is now within the United States, either in the state of Kentucky or in the state of Virginia oo motion of David Cod wise, Esaaire. solicitor for tbe complainant, it is or dered that the said defendant, Isaac B Cos, do cause his appearance to be entered and bis answer to be bled in this cause, within four months from the date of this order, or io default thereof that the complainant's bill or com ptamt he taken nro - ronfesso asainst him. And it is further ordered, that a copy of this order be pub ushed within twenty davs from tho date of this order, in one or more of the public newspapers IrriDieu io uiu ixic, lorcigiu wcea sucucvutb' y, once at least in every week. a vopy. . . ..... . ISAAC L. KIP, oVc 31 1a8w " - Awi.tKnt Retnster. . BYordrrof Aleaaudei tbxldon, r.ttjiiire, 6sl judge of the court of rommrin pleas in and for the county of Montgomery, notic is hereby riven to Nicbolaa Iierdme. now or late of (.'hurl,. ton, ihVaid county, an absconding debtor, & to all others whom it way concern, that on application and due proof made to hint the said Alexander Sheldon, pursuant to the direction - of the act of rite legislature ot the state or iNew - Tork,eotitleri u an act for relief against absconding and absent debtors," passed March 31st, 180 1, bs bath directed all the estate real and personal, within the county of Montgomery, of tbe said Nichohti Her oine, to r sen a ; and that unless the said Ktcho las Berdine do return and discharge bis debt within three mn:ths nf'er this notice of such sci sure, all hi rstute will be sold for the payment nuu aiiiacioo 01 ni cienip. MARCUS T. REYNOLDS, Attorney, doc 6 Iaw3m For attarbinr creditor. Treasury Depjrtmeut, lltn Juue, 11117. (YT NO'I ICE is herebveiven. that at a meet in'g of hie Commissioners oT the Sinking Fund, field on the 14th day of March, IK 17, it was dc - term ned that the provisions of the act entitled " An act to provide fur the redemption of the public debt," passed on the 3d day of March, 11117, should be carried into effect as far as the same might be practicable ; nnd thpt, in pur - u acn e of the said resolution, Lynde Cntlin, cnsh ier of the office of discount and deposit at New York, has been appointed agent, under the su - penntendance of the secretary of the treasury, to wake purc hases of stork of the - United States within the limits prescribed bv law ; and to whom all perioos dt - sirous oi ditposuij; or their stock win inane uiii'ii' umin WILLIAM H. CRAWFORD, Secretary of the Treasury. , Office of f Hscount and Deposit, t New - York, June 16, 1817. S Informati. - o is hereby given, that in pur suaace of the preceding notice and authotity.the 'nisi riber is ready to leceive proposals and to treat with any person for the purchase of Funded Debt of the United Status within the limits pre - scribed by the act above referred to. LYNDE CATLLN,Cad,icr. Je17 dtJl fclawtf EUUU 77tXV UV i OUt li, I N the various branches preparatory to colle - J giate instruction or mercantile butine, at Belleville, N. Jersey, by JAML9 S'IRYKEK, A. M. N. B. Boarding at a reasonable rate in a healthy and agreeable situation. . BICCQHM KNflATIOWt 0e The gentleman w ho publishes this rardii an Alumnus of Columbia Collfge, and received a considerable part of his education from me. I am therefore well acquainted with his talents and have no hesitation in dHclnrine him fully capable of fulfilling the task he lias aimcrtaken with credit to himself and benefit to the community. dec lawttw .. - P. IVILSO.V. . Ml.VERALCKiY k GEOI.OGY. ' The value of evory acieoee must rest on its utility, lit Instrurtive specimens of Minerals M one shiliinz each, "or one hundred varieties, arranged and described, five pounds ; more extensive col lections and specimen more select, includixga suitof pr'cioui st mes, from ten to fifty guinea, oy nir iYiAvvi'., io. M atrand, iKinrtuu, author ol travels through me irnlj and diamond mines. in South Aoierii'u, Tre.uiiio on liainonH, Minc - mlcgy of Uerbybire,and new deecnptivi Cata logue oi mineral', wiui plats and explanation ot tlie new hydraulic blow pipe, lapidanVs bench and apparituo. . . Mr. MA WE. proprietor of the Amethystine and T opaline Fluor Mine and Manufactory in Derby, so reputed for elegant vases ami ornaments, invites gfotlemeo to send any new orun - anown proouciioo oi iiwir minesio uis aeposir either for sale or exchange. nov 10 . - - lam6t BANCKER - STREEf NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to nil persons interested, that the commissioners of estimate and assessment anriointed hv the unreme rniirt of judicature of the state of New - Yoik, to per - iprm certain amies rt - mii in uwi eowreing, extending and improving of Bancker - Street, between Cliuton street and Grand street in the said city, have completed their estimate and assess ment, as well ot tbe lots and damage sustained o - ver and above the beuefit and advantage received by the owners of the lands and premises required lor the said enlarging, extending and improving of Bancker - street as aforesaid, as also oftlie be ncfit and advantage received by the owner and parties interested 4 and in certain lands and premises not requited for tlie said improvement And that we tlie said commilmrr, have deposited a true copy of such estimate and - nntene - ment in the clei k's office of the city of New - York, for the inspection of whomsoever it msy concern. And notice is hereby furthei given that the report of the said estimate' and assessment will be pre sented for confirmation to the supreme court of judicature of tbe slate of Sew - York, at the Capitol in the city of Albany, on Friday, the sixteenth day of January next at the opening of the said court on that day.' ot as soon thereailer as counsel can he heard thereon. Dated this S6th day of December, 1817. PETER HA WES, ) ROGER STRUNG. Commissioners bENJAMIN A. AKERLY. J dec 88 18C A .lLV.1Bl.t, FARM. To be sold or exchanged . for oronertr in :iew.Drs. 1 The subscriber being in a very low state of health, and having very little hopes of recovery, offers for sale bis farm at Barbadoes neck, county of Bergen, containing about one hundred and thirty ava acres of arable, meadow and wood land. J7us larm utson ine main road between New - York nnd Newark, about half a mile this side of Newark Bridge, it u in a very high ktate of Luliivation, and is not surpassed bv any other in the vm wily oi New - York, as a valuable and agreeable residence, either for the farmer or private gentleman. The dwelling hoase, though ibhIL i neat and well finished, and the fence. caU - s, barns, stables, aad other out - bouses, are in excellent order and well planned. In front of the re use. bordering oo the public road, is a handsome and well slocked garden, and on the premises is a yourg and thrivirur orchard, con taining a i section of the beit grafted fruit tree. A more particular dencripti of the property is thought unnecessary, as rb - ?se dinosed to (u'Limin: im rew me prrniises. I M title is indisputable - F or particulars, apply to tlie sub - senher. No. 183 Pearl - street, or. to "Mr. Andrew fciuitii, ow (be premises. I coy 14 1 ROBERT STUART. 1 f 8 J - TO BE SOLD. THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE PROPER TY,' BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF TH ATE DR. THOMAS J0NE4. r ; TlnTDwelHor House and pmnisei now vuuiJin the possession of Mrs.' Margaret Joaes, known as number 343 Broadwav, Uiog 3i feet inches in width in front, and 3i feet Q inches in the rear, and 140 feet iu depth ; together with Sin brick stable, and lot on w tan it stands, ia tbe rear ol the dwelling house, being about Z7 feet squareand the undivided half of a lot f rooting on Leonard street, beinr 25 feet wide on Leo nard - street, and 63 feet 10 inches in depth ; which uiYiueu kiii ikhj in common oeiweta n uuw Denning, Esq. and the owners of the property now offered for sals', and is intended for a passage way io weir siaoies ana yaras.. The above property is situated in the most eli gible part of the city, aad is, in every part, in the best repair and most complete order. : , - Three Lots of Ground, situated at the corner of Broad wai and Warren - street; being known on the map of the lands belonging to Trinity Charcb as Nos. 415.416 and 417. and contain, together, 75 leet in breadth on uroaa way, and in the mar 87 feet 6 inches on warren street, and 89 feet 9 inches on tbe northerly side Theie lots, with the buildings thereon, are now unner lease io various tenants, lor let ms wnirn will expire on the 1st May, 1C20, and nt sutb rents as amount, in the wiiole, to an nually, besides all taxes. T hese three lota will be sold in one parcel, and subject to the unexpi red leases. srt A Dwelling Hoose and Lot of Gromd, iAi knowa as No. 147 Wabr - street. - between Puie - street and the Fly Market, being 2 feet 10 in - hes ia width in front, and SI feet 7 inches in tbe rear, and 100 feet 10 inches ia length - This hoase and lot is onder lease for a term tndii g 1st May, 1819, at the annual rent of 550 dollars and all tnxes. - Ifm A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, tsjiuj known as No. 14i Water street, adtoiniug lite last above t twins' 18 leet 4 inches on VVatcr - street, 17 feet in tbe rear, and 84 feet 4 inches in 1 Ins house and lot are undor lease f r a term ending 1st May, 1819, at the annual rent of 250 dollars and all taxes. A LOT OF GROUND, frontins the Broad way just above Jones - street, and next but one adjoining the property of Mr. Martin Hoffman ; and tbe lot fronting oo Mercer - street, in the rear oi tne Broadway lot. 1 hese two lots will ue sold, together, add are 25 feet 8 indies wide and SOU leet deep. A LOT OF LAND, known as number 641 Bayard's farm, fronting oo Ryndurs - street, anj runnip" from that street to Oraoge street ; beii.g in width on Ry nders street 26 feet, and on Orai ge street 25 fe t 6 ini hes, and in length on the n .rth - erly side 145 feet 6 inches, and on the southerly id 151 feet 3 inches. All the iborr. punttoned property it held in fee timfiie. i nejvuotcmg ti heia unaerauaie jrom Co umbia College,. 64 jpart of hick Uae was iinnpirea on lit aeptemotr.latt. A oweiiing House and trot of u round, known as No. S17 Greenwich street, now unditr lease for the annual rent ol 2.K) dollars and all taxes ; lease expires 1st May - . 1821. f?r?i A Dwelling Mouse and Lot of Ground tiizaji known as No. 215 Greenwich street, now under lease lur the yearly rent of 350 dollars and a.i taxes ; lease expires 1st May, I nil. VevJ., A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, Vjuiat the corner of Greenwich street and Barclay street, under lease for 450 dollars and taxes; ieae expire 1st May, 18ZI. erl Two Dwelling Houses and Lots of um. Ground, known as No. tiy and 71 Bdrclay '.trcet, now uuder lease loflQOO dollars anounllt auJ all Uxes ; leaMS expire la t May, 18?!. '1'liese two houses beini! leased torcther. will be sold t'lgether. , A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, known as No. 67 Hun lnv street now un - tici .line for the annual rent of UO dollars and Uxs (lease expires May Ut, 1819 A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, known as No. b j Barclay street, now un - Oti .case for the yearly reut of W) dollars und the taxes; lease expires May 1st, lUl'J. i ins itasehord proptrty tunuoi conveniently be described within the limits of an ndvertite - uitiOt, hut tie sise and extent of each lot may be particularly seen oo a map thereof, at th olhcc ot Mr. JONE3, 44 Pine street. 'The title to all this proierty is unquestionable. the greatest part ol the property baring been owned and nossessed by the late Dr. Jones and his representatives for more than 85 years, now last ; and for such part as has been purchased within mat period we suusenners hold warranty deeds from tlie eraotora. 1 lie bouse and premises first above described is offered at private sale, and may be viewed al ter the fourth day ol January next, any nay be tween one and two o'clock in the afternoon. Il not told on or before tbe twentieth day of J nnua - ry next, that property will be sold by auction, on Thursilay, the 20 lb day of January, at tbe Ton tine Coliee House, at li o'clock at noon. Tbe residue ol the property will he exposed to sale bv auction, at the Tontine CofRe House, on Tuesday, the tenth day of February next, at 10 o'clor k in the forenoon of that day. ' The tei mi of sale for tl.e house and premises No. 343 Broadway, will be 10 per cent on tire liy of sale and one third of the residue on tbe brat of My nex. at wh'xh time a deed will be executed and possession given the re. niahiing two thirds to be paid in 2 annual pay ments, wit,h interest, from tbe first of May, se cured by a bond and morgage on the premi ses. Terms of sale tor the rest of the proper ty will be 10 per cent on the day of sale. 1 - 3 of the residue on the delivery of the deeds. which will be about 10 days after the tale, and the remaining two thirds in 2 equal annual payments, with interest from tlie date of the deeds, secured by a bond and mortgage on the premises the purchasers are to receiv, the rents of auch parts of the property as are under lease Irons tbr 1st ol t ebruary next. For all other information and pa ticularly in relation to the title of all tlie above property, applv to D. S. JONES, esq. at his office 44 Pine - street, where the title deeds, and maps ot the property may be seen. ... M A RU A K fcT J ON ES, 1 JMALTBY GELSTON.VExec'rs. MARY GELSTON. S dec 30 eodtds RE.iL ESTATE. For tale the fee simple af 132 feet front on Division - street sand 45 'feet front on Eldndge - street, makinff a front of 177 feet, under a lease of 5 years The dwellings are all occupied as retail dry good stores. This property is worthy the attention of a capita list who wishes to invest his rash in real es ute. If the Ivatet and houses was purchased will rive 1 1 per cent per annum. The terms are 1 - A cash, remainder on morttrasre for number of years .The title unquestionable, ana a wan emee deed will be given. For par tictuars, appiy to JAMES W. SHAW, No. 5 Bowery, ALSO. . A stock of Dry Goods, on liberal credit, for approved security. Apply as above, dec 30 eodJw - X FOR SALE. ksI By order of the executor of George Stanton, deceased, tbe two story bouse and M No. 18 Harrison - street. Said bire is brick front, contains four room with fire - places. cellar kitcln, cellar, and a fine vault ia tbe eel lar. Tbe lot is eighteen feet 8 inches in width. front and rear, and eighty seven feet us inches .l . i i y . .. in lengm a uesuaoie siiuauoa lor asmau gen teel family. Fi r terms, tc apply to ' JONA ' HAN LITTLE, 218 Pearl street, Or, HENRY STANTOt. Brooklva. ft" Should the above pfifrerty Dot be disposed by the 141k Jaaaary next, rt will on tint day be sold at tlie Tontine Coffee House, by Messrs t lot: man it ulass, to cl'r (he concenrs of the estate. decSl 3Uww .FOSTCnAISCtlNX. - : rntt PHILADELPHIA. A POST CHAISE will leave the Ciijwosei every day (Sunday excepted) at SEVEN 'clock in tbe looming, oy way - of Newark, and m the same evenins at Philadelphia, by laad. The Mail Coach rnoi will leave toe vuy n - felftvervdav. f Sunday excepted) nt haifpastl o'clock. P.M. by way of Newark, and arrive at Philitdeliiiiia at 4 o'clock next morning:, hy land. i For wsti in the above lines annlv at tlie Post Chaise and Albany Mail and Diligence Office, 7n i aonuowKr. orDoiiie ina viit iivici. fjj - All goods and baggage at the ruque of the owner. - . JOHN N.CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK C SONS. Princeton. STOCKTON 42 HOWELL, Philadelphia. .V. a. xprwe tent to my part of the (Mum. ru t 27 . ' " 7X) LET. a r likr. rswvr oiunb, west wc . mnr toofrv cTiin YT - . .1 of liurliuR - shp, No. 34, next door to the' corner or south - street, from tins date to may ist wio or to May 1H 1819. Enquire next door at the corner of South - street, Or J A 11X3 V3 dec 54 2w " , grr - T STORAGE. . - 4j .Storage may be had oa the first floor of the store No. 29 Sooth - street, which wQl save the expense of homuug. , , ., . dec 28 . TO LET. si;i And possession immediately given, the HOUSE No. 349 Broadway, corner of Leo nard - street, with coach - bouse and stable. Fob sais, the bouses 849 and 351 Broad way Enquire of HENRY MEIGS, At the City - Library, No. 16 Nsssau - st dec 6 im NEW TWO STORY HOUSE . . ' 70 LLT. Possession immediately replete with every cooTenience, ana uniuiuu in a geuu - Bi iuie no. Hand in new street, very near io wall street. Inquire at No. 55 Broadway, or to CHARLES OAKLEY, No. 14! Front - street. fjy Also, the stores and cellar apartments for iiomgs of those new and desirable homes No. 10 and 12 Broad - street, which are ready to receive an occupant. Tbe dwelling part of those houses will be ready to receive tenants about April next - Persons desirous of such a situation are invited to call and view them, at any lime before the first of February, at which time they will be offered to let - or lease. dec o im . FOlt SALE, A Farm situated on the east hank of Hud sou's Mirer, nve nines norm oi ine village oi l"ou;hkeepne, in the county or uuichcss, von tainins six hundred and seventy acres, having i front of three quarters of a mile on the river, two hundred and thirty acres ol winch is a one plain oi great lertiiitv, tne residue is aranie oi a ainereni quality, pasture, meadow ana woou, oi wnici, Un re is a great abundance of the finest kinds. There are upon the premises a good farm - house. a ham and extensive sneds a large and excel lent dwelling house nnd a variety of out - build ing, with every convenience for a large I'armii eM.ihiiihment.. : The farm is very well watered and in eood fence, and has upon it two tbrii't) young orchards ;nud the garden is filled with i great varit - ty ol lh best fruit. It is in the neigh hourhood of an Episcopal and a Presbytcnai. Chvrch. and adjoins an academy for the educa lion of bovs, under the direction of Doctor Allen, and within a mile, of Hyde Park landing t froo. whence sloops sail every week to New York, arwt where pasientrs are taken anu lanueo oy ine pasiiis.stf am - bosU. This tract may be divi ded into three convenient farms ; 200 acres m iv he taken from the north and ZOO Irom the south fleavins 270 acres, with the principal buildings. in the centre) on both of which are fine situation, commanding neauuiui ana exirnsive views o Ihe rivtr and adjacent country. The above will be sold altogether or in separate parts to suit the purchaser. . Also for sale, two Farms, situate in the town of Washington, in the sume county, lying alioul twenty miles from the river, one of them contain ing 211 acres, me oiner joj acres; on com oi which are new and commodious dwelling houses, barns and out huildinss. and good bearing or chards ; die soil fertile and tbe farms iu excellent knee. A considerable part of the purchase money for the above may remain lor several years on inter est. For further particulars apply to the subscriber. Hyde Park, Nov. t7tb, 1817. dec I ' ' eodOw TO LET or for SALE, r.ill And possession given iinroediatelr. a convenient two story house, fumhed in the mod: ern stile, now occupied by the subscriher. dec 9 tf No. 23 Provost - street. FOR SALE, rfal raorF.RTf tn thi citt of iikw - tork IOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - street ,aud House and Lot No 39 Vesey - street. A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollars. do and da for 750 do do and do for 450 do On valuable property in tlie city of New - York. The interest has always lieeo punctually paid - For particulars incite at the office of aitriit,. r. LiAtout, dec 10 If No. 27 Wall - street. PAThJtT EMSTIC RAZOR STHOPS. jf1 EORGE SANDERS, lately from Loudon, Jf once more addresses the public, thanks them for past favors, and once more ventures to recommend hi strops as one of the most comfort - giving contrivances that ever blest the chin of man. He will instruct any self - shaving gentle man in tlie use of it, and when once nossessed of tbe secret and a box of composition, he may say with the poet or nature, " I o shave to sleep perchance to dream while in the operation - and who would bear the tweaks and acU of bar ber base ; who would grunt and sweat onder a loathooie beard, or a dull razor use, when he tniirh! bis quietus make with a simple Saander's strop?" Come then to his manufactory at the corner of Reed - street and Broadway, and there you will nod tne subscriber always ready to re ceive the commands c hu customers. dec 5 tf ROOSEVELT STREET NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons interested, that the commissioners of estimate and assessment, appointed by the supreme court of judicature of the state of New - York, to per ioral certain duties relative to the eolarring aad improving Roosevelt - street, between Batavia - Lane and I ront - street, in tlie said city, have completed their estimate and assessment, as well of the Io and damage sustained, over and above the benefit and ad tan tags received by the owner ol tiie lands and premises required for tbe said enlarging and improving Roosevelt street, a a iort -, as also oi tne beneut and advantage re ceived by the owners and parties interested of and in certain lands and premise not required for the said improvement t and that we the said ccmmiHroner have deposited a true copy of such estimate and assessment intoe clerk' office, of ine cny ot new - 1 nrs, ror me inspection or whom soever it may concern. And ootice is hereby farther given, that the report ol the said estimate and assenient will be preentet for confirma tion to the supreme court of judicature of the state of New - York, at the capitol, ia the city of iinany, oo t noay, ine sixieenin day ol January next, at the opening of tlie said courtron that day, or a S on thereafter al counsel can be heard Ihereon. Dated this 29th day of Decern Der, low. (Ory) - ROGER STRONG.) JOHN FORBES, Commissioner, N0AHJARV13, S. dec 39 ' lot t: L - '"VI' nil i II " i POST COACH LINE for PHILADELPHIA. . USPoaTABT TO FAS&HdXm. . No copaecliou with the post chaise line or tbe steam - boat a - Tira. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, ANDOPPO - 8ITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Post Coaches on Springs with rverr convenience for nasseneers and bas gage - THROUGH IN ONE DAY - betweea New - York and Philadelphia. The Post Coach Line will start from New - York every morning at 6 o'clock, (Sundays excepted) ia the Steam boat Ataianta, ana arrive at rnuaoeinnia ue tame evening, in the coach, fare dollars. Ine Steam aoat L.VM j.iLfl'smi, wiu start from New - York every morning (Sun day excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Ataianta, from the north side of the Battery, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 10 o'clock ; r are through $5 50. The United States MAIL COACH, on springs, with every convenience for passengers and their bagaget starts from No. 1 CourtJand street, 2d office Irom Broadway, New - York, every day at I o'clock, and arrive at Philadelphia next morn ing at 6 o'clock. Only C passengers admitted in this Coach. Fare 10 dollar. . . Passengers are, requested to be particular in taking their seats iu the Post Coach Line, as the coaches belonging to this establishment are of a superior quality lor the accommodation ol pat - serurers. For seats in tlm boveiamed Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at tbe old No. 1 Courtlandt - slieet, the second office from Broadway, New - York, or to ISAAC BROWN, Steam Boat Hotel, No. 1 Washington - strett, corner of Markelfield - itreet. Rear the. Battery. ftfyAll goods and baggage at tbe risk of the owner. , JOSEPH LYON, SONS it CO. N. B Expresses sent to any part of the Con tinent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. nov 8 i NEW ARRANGEMENT. It PHILADELPHIA. fXT Tbe public are assured that there is now handsome coax her, on springs, equal to any in the V. Stales, now running on this line. Passengers Ibrthe U. S. Mad Coach will leave New - York every day at 1 o'clock Din at J. Lyon It &oa't hotel, at Powle's Hook, and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Onlvsixpas - rengers admitted in the Mail Coach. Faro $10. For scabs "Pl'ly to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established coach and stage office, old No. 1, Courtlandt - street, second office from Broadway, New - York. All goods and bngeage at the risk of the owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS & Co. . N. B. Exprcfscs, coacher, extra stages, &c. furnbhed Io go to any part of the United States, :m the shortest notice, by Tho. Whitfield, No. iTrfitirtlamlf - 'freet, New - York. nov 5 ,V SMITH PKKNTIS8, (jVephev and Sureeitor of JHr iifatheniel Smith) C 11 Y " A L P E R, UM E ft, AT bis wholesale and ra ' .' p. nuuie manufactory , sign ol the golden rose , .so 14 Broadway, New - nffur n tKn lurtia Xj f entlemen of tlie city of iM ew - York.his Vegetable Shaving Li - uid Alnli,, bavl;,i cakes Violet shaving rowder, Antique oil Carbonic or charcoal dentifrice t'hymical dentifrice Aromatic tooth paste Abstergent lotion Lip salve of rose Rose, violet and plain hair powder Oriental powder, for polishing gold and silver plate Nervous esence for the tnolh ache Metolic paste lor razor . strap Ci - smetic wash ball Milk of rose Cosmetic cold cream Vtgetable rouge Pearl powder Almond paste Almond powder Corn planter . Hard. and soft turns poma - Pomade de grasse Also, a laree and central assortment ofperfu mcry, fine soaps, fancy and other articles consisting of Best double distilled ROSE WATER. The real odour of roses ior smelling bottle Essences of burggmot, leinoo, lavender and musk . French and Enelith essences, pomatum, &c Lavender, honey, cologne and bungary waters Fresh Tooquin beans , . The celebrated Naples shaving soan, warrant ed genuine - . . , . . , Rose, palm, violet, jessamine, paimyrene, ir - auil. tdmond. brunswick. lily, ceylon, platoff, cowslip, oraoee, transparent and Windsor soap Marble wash bans . Fine and common rarort, in cases or single Britannia metal, glru aud wod shaving boxes Bator strops of ll sizes and quality Ladies and gentlemen' dressing case Gentlemen's shavingcases & travelling pouches Needle cases, complete furnished Morocco pocket books, thread cases and gill purse . ..'.!.' 1 ' Ivory and box wood line comns Tortoise shell, ivory and bora pocket combs Tortoise shell and horn dressing comb Morocco case for dressing combs Durable ink, French chalk, salt of lemons Toagu scrapers, tooth picks, tooth pick cares and tweeters . . A superior assortment of 6ne and common hair brushes, among whicb are, the justly celebrated patent penetrating bair brushes, far tuperior to any estier description of hair brashes heretofore invented . Clothe brushes, shaving brathet. (with or without cases) silver wire and common tooth brushes (a superior assortment) very fine and common nail brushes, comb brushes, hat brushes, whisker brushes, with glass plate brushes, and flesh brushes Pen, pocket, fruit and sportsmen's knives, a complete assortment r inr ana common scissors ana Kissor.cBees Hair pins, and curling irons, fine swan and silk puffs, powder bags and powder boxes rhospboric lights, portable boot doom Visiting cards and card cases Pencil case, and black lead Pencils A variety of very fine cut class perfume bot tles, smelling bottles, with volatile salts.aromatic spirits ol vinegar. Sc. Sc. r in urange t lower water. storekeepers supplied wholesale, and mer chants for exportation ALSO, JUST RECEIVED, A very handsome assortment of Ladies MO' ROCCO WORK BOXES, well calculated for Christmas and New - Year Present, from 30. to Kjueacn. a variety or elegant cot glass eomes, ruieo with the real Persian OTTO of ROSES. A tew cards of superior PEN and POCKET KNIVES, perhaps the finest in tbe city. A complete aor(ment . of gentlemen's real nonaiiociiiLUVt,:. A Quantity of COLOGNE WATER, warrant ed from Cologne. Tbe admirer of this elegant aad valuable article may rely upon this being perfectly one. dec TZ xw VO LET, . The Store No. 134 Front - street; an ex celleat stand for a Grocer. For further particu tars inquire of , RIPLEY & WELD, - nov II . 192 Front street, IV LET. ts! Ana immediate nnaseuina nras. the ... ... - . .... house No. 9 Pearl - street, together with the ita' Me and Coach House ia tlie rear on Bridre - sL . The premires are in complete repair and have every convenience necessary for the accommo dation ot a family. For particular apply to c.28 . teRllDISH. 0 M M i i A Ciunltg pkbKf know hew to &,ti.iLC. . A tweea thin ets that dirr.. DOCTOR HORNE, forme.t, nwmber of tbe faculty of pliyv. and surgery there, deems it &Ji ty to repeat tpmejoservations ca the abuse of MERCURyTVs rash, indiscriminate, and i ded we thereof, baa been vrndJZ. ' tire of infinite mischief: ' 'njT isnd are annually jnercurialized out of eitul Bill.. IT.lliun.. I. - 1 : . - V - . i b 'waw Ksimiin view owes It fa. tal retnlu chiefly to this source. What a DilT that a young man, tbe hopes of tils cosntryftif the darling of hi parents, should be uxtcneds ' way from all the prospects and enjoytneni of lift - by the consequences of one unguarded momett and by a disease not in it own nature fatal, saZ which only proves so from neglect or imnroDn . treatmeo . : A gentleman, (late Dr. H pa. Uent) now perfectly hearty and weUhadbeea ' under pbyskiam of general practice, lix years, and repeatedly sali vat. d j when recommended ts Dr. H. (by a gentleman of this city) bis hoses were carious, and hi tlesh dropping from them i bit friends declared be cculd set possibly urviva two months longer. Thousand experimentally know with what ease and safety Dr. If. feradj. catcs the severest cases, and coufirmiibe coeiti - tution. The Doctor' plaa (advertising) is a, cesrary to guard the public against the abuse si mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth. - Persons, therefore, having contracted - private disorder, or suspecting latent poison, are ' admonished not to tamper with their com firs - tion, or conceal the disorder, till past recova. ry i o tiiers having the remains of an old case, or other impurities of the blood, as well as other complaints of a delicate nature, in either sex. should remember posterity, and do justice to their consciences, by tusking apniicatioe' to Dr. II. at bis old and respectaLle estab. lishmeaU No. 64 Water - street, four house west of Old - sup, to obtain that prompt assistance a. lone calculated to prevent disclosure. , Aad hers let me claim your serious attention Re memoir a superficial cure i no cure stall unless the bo. siness is radically done, you will certainly have tbe disorder break out again witn redoubled eqi . ligaity. at some future period ; perhaps then will he too late for remedy. DuoH Von often meet is the streets miserable, mutilated beings, without even a bit of nose on their face I Take warning, 1 beseech you. ... ,s, .,. . Dr. H's. character for skill and stubborn integrity being universally known ia this city, since 1804, guarantee to patients that delicacy and ss. crecy hitherto unknown, and having confined bit practice for years past, exclusively to the cure of diseases of the blood system, they may safely cal culate on the most decided advantages in cos - lulling Dr. H. Gleets eradicated in twe or three weeks. Stricture! removed witltoat bougie rv any other instrument ; and all debilities i likewise sj old ulreralions, fistula's tie, . A plurality of eflket are prorided, and to sits, tted that tienUare not exposed to each other"! observation. Open till half past 9 ia tiie evening. All persons concerned are invited to be free is ailing, and sneaking with Dr.H. which is tree of cost And here the Doctor cannot avoid tbs expression of gratitude for innumerable recom mendafions, and for the decided preference fit it presumed with just cause) long given him by a 'udicious public. . . , , All letters must be post paid. Dr. Buchanan. . . ' i Ana 27 1v Nt.UU Hi (tUALXKHX AVRLVtOHl - TION. - ElR. EVANS' superior 'method bfeurins; a cev tain Disease, isaow universally acknowfodgnd in this , ,,IJ rawe oi ueauneM periectly mild, sale, ex - peditiou. nd hi chargti treasonable. .Ia .'every is - Stance he warrants a curs. 'ItfV i tauJ Mj return tbe pay if h Jr,. ; 5loe not perform agresabe . a iiK - - - vv.. ii j airvayv uoservea. There are many person id thi city and its vicinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, such at cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofult or kines evil, fistulas, diseases of th rtl,ra. bladder and kidnies, old complicated complaints of a certain nature, bilious aad other obstruo ' lions, rheumatism, itc, which they consider iocs - i rable, they can certainly be cured (in genera!) by applying etDr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No, 9, Peck - slip,' bavine;' practised in e4rrvs hospital ia Esrope Ix years, nnder some of tbf first Surgeon - and Physicians in the world, an made those obstinate diseases hi constant tudi for 30 years. Oct 12 ftV - WHEATON St DA - Vis, Fancy Chair Manufacturers, No. 153 Falton - sjtreet, opposite St Pauls Church, oner for sale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of . Curld Alapls, plain painted and ornament ed in gold h hronee. Bamboo. Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Convent - tion Chairs, Sofas, Settees, Loungeet, Music Stools, Sc. Orders from any part of the continent executed with neataes and dispatch. . ' Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented. oct 13 - - - - r - j CURE POR COUGHS, COLDS, tic ; : A severeign remedy for colds, obstinate cougbtj asthmas, sore throatr, approaching cxmumptieB, and most dUorden of tie breast and lungs. - 1 he celebnty acquired by this median tare'. th U. States, for speedily removing cougM, colds, hoarseness, &c. exceeds all former ex amples. - .. - - ; ; Sola at L.tt7J nedicme store, no. so iuw den - lane. Druggists and country itore - keeprt supplied on liberal terms. , . is 'L Cerlifisd cases ol cure may be seen aj piacs ale. .deC3; A GREAT ATURAL C lift I O 8 I T T. THEpoblie are lar Medthattbu botb kg was landed the forf expected FEMALE EL. rpil A T ul is too seen at No. 296 Broad - way, near WaswjgttJ u.ll Tk. are of tin animal u about leei mgu, df long from the end of the probotci. to the end the tail. She is to beseen from o'clock A - io v ia me CTCuiug " rr tf VCUISI STEAM BOAT NAU11LVS. NOTICE - Therroprw - tonoftbefinehf f stesa boat NAUT1UJB. ITii 1 1 1 s i. i isT W1W a view accommodation of the public, have determine" to aster tbe hours of departure from Ihe 18th a 'ii S a. jlsw snswiut leave Staten - bland every seorninc, tt lZ. for New - York - ana leave nw sor f Island, at lOo'clock, A. M. leave Btatee - Wj at hair past 1 o'clock, r. ra. for rww - - leave New - York for Statea - lsland, at half P" 3 o'clock, precisely. ' ..i'L - deJ frt - Every attention wifl be given ,9Jfvw tlpatuiag short and comfortable. dee T?NGLISH Cannon and Musket Powder, w JQs tale by LEROT, BATARD ft CO. dec 9 NEW - YORK:.. - I PRINTED AND PUJiLlSHKD MICHAEL BURXifAM A CO. N.i. 42 PiiK - STnrr. 1 1 iocs In

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