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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Monday, January 5, 1818
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. .. . - - - t '"TT'AxSEEl). o 1 - rvrrf cask flaxseed, Baltiawj . TrFA r. Hinm. for tale by land - - "" - Vm WILSON. 130 WalfeMt v e We. Dr Skin, packsd for sbtppin. . e' "WANTED "' f Tohu - e or purchase, a good two tory - k7Skhoue, situated on ineweiniwui u ?Ev bTween liberty & Chamber - street. - - pWssion o b m ? I TiTw ?7,. r m. next Apply at No.. 148 Wa - UIK IBh wa j w Jan 5 eod6t ttr - ttreet 1 TILL be Mid Pnc,"K, " : W Market - treet, Philadelphia, oo Wedne - dav January 14, 1818, by order of the assignee ' if John Warrington, all hi stock in trade, con - '. Go?dand lilver patent lever and plain watches ' . it" l Ki. AA Gold, gilt and steeicnains, seais nuuij Gold and gilt linger and ear ring '. - Do do broaches Spring and other brushes ' , 1 8 day and 30 hour, movements " Do do . brass castings " Do do end musical beus , . Do do forged work and puuoni ' Eheetbrasi, pig bran, spelter . - ' Black lead and sand crucibles, " Rolling or flatting wills ' Tlanishing stakes and hammers Clock and watch dials aad main spring . And a lanre and general assortment of Clock - and WtchMakers, and Silver Smith's Tools, Piles and Materials. ' - ' ' ' ale to commence at 10 o'clock. Terms at le. j" 5 TO - MORROW afternoon at 3 o'clock, will commence drawing at Union - Hotel in Wil - - i:.jfrL tha Medical Science Lottery, No. 4, when the first drawn number will be entitled to . 41000. The capital prises, are ju.uuu, iu,uw, ' 10,000, 5000, 6000. Tickets will be advanced - to $9. They may be bad this day at the lucky lottery office of . JUDAH Ic LAZARUS, i 74 Maiden - Lane, Where have been sold in former lotteries most of the highest prises, at eight and a half dollars. Foreign bank notes, prizes in the Surgical now draw ing, and in former lotteries will be received In payment for tickets. A correct check book kept. uec a u rmO - VORROW the Medical Science Lotto A. rv will commence drawing, when tickets will be advanced to nine dollars. CAPITAL PRIZES. 30000 Dollars I 6000 Dollar 10000 do I 5000 do 10000 do 3000 do fresect pire of tickets f8 50 for rale by 13G,Broadwy; JOO.OOO DOLLAR PRIZK O & M. ALLEN have the pleasure of announ to. cing to adventurers tuid the public, the very siugular good fortune attending their cilice, in the distribution of fortune's most splendid favors Agreeable to the scheme the fiit drawn number Mew - 1 ears day, in the bure,u al Lottery, at Bal timore, was entitled to the grand prize of 100.000 DOLLARS. ' - Being the highest prise ever drawn or sold in the United states or America. N 3.320 Was the firtunste mimi - r, ic - rt was sold nt .A.EiEaE&sT TC3 TK.LI1.Y I.LCKK OFFICE. No. 122 Broadway, opposite tha City Hotel. to two ladies and a young gentleman of this city, to wbom iir. At.t.t,iva win this aay pav the price io GOLD. Every day's drawing of this lottery has produced to those who adventured at their office, some of the highest prises ; and where it is with much confidence anticipated that the h iliiaat prises in the Medical Seience Lottery, which commences drawing tomorrow, will also be distributed. - This lottery contains many comfortable prises. wbich are floating, and may be drawn the first otdi drawing. Those who intend nunhasine ought to apply immediately, as but few tickets remain unsold, and the price will soon be greatly Buraocoa. . SCHEME. 30,000 Dollish ' 10000 Dollar 3000 Dollars 10000 do 3000 do 50M do 3000 do 5000 do 2000 do 10 of 1000 Dollars. N. B. All prises sold at ALLEN'S win have their names printed on the back, and will be paid i ucir I'uicffi No. 123 Brbadwitv, New - York, . South 3d "street. Philadelphia , 151 Market - street, Baltimore 449 Market street, Albany. COUNTRY SKAT FOK SALE. The Farm known by the name of Cas tie Howard Farm, handsomely s tutted I 1 - 2 miles from Princeton, bounded in front bv the main tnfnpike road from Philadelphia to New ' iork, and jn.uic.rear oy Millstone Creek, it land, 80 acres lying 2 miles from the firm, and I - w WHICH II WOOU - a beautiful lot of 10 acres within about 300 yards or the right wing of the house. Besides ornamented trees, it contains a a. riety of fruit tree, consist ingc - f grafted pears, of the beat quality, 17 different kinds; che.. ries. 10 different kinds, the most of them eraf - cu ana an orcnaru oi inr Dest apples, besides a young and thriving orchard of crab apples, making tie cider so celebrated, also, one vi ine iwtn appie tor utting nogs. The house is pleasant and commodious with an excellent garden; the out - houses and fences ail in good condition. The above is a delight rul summer or winter residence. For further particulars enquire at No. 127 Pearl - st, New - York, or to the subscriber, on the premises, who will give an indisputable title for the S Z. MORFORD. jan 5 tawtf NOTICE BY a decree of the honorable Court of Chancery of this state, will be sold under the di - reLuon oiooe oi uie Master, on the second day of - ebruary ext, ut U o'r.x:k, at the Tontine toffee House, is tl city of New - York All that certain tract, piece or parcel of land, situate Iv - g and being in the county of Green and Scho - uurie ana io toe township of Bristol d Free - ol on (be west side of the Hud ton, River, be - iinning at a water Ah tn marked with the letter and figures, S S. 1768. for the southwest wnuer of a iract oi land patented to Samuel Stin - p, from thence south eifihty - six degrees, west i. ; I. ,l "J. um Qnul 01 a tract oi land patented to John Mori. Scott, Esquire, and others, thence south fifty seve. chftinTand three rood! roerice north fifty seve chains to the south line of the tract of 141 patented to the said Samuel fcl'l!" V!t y,b ift,tI - - degrees, west y the south hne of the said Samuel Stinge land, Bileen chains and three rods to the said water .ii JrT't bounds first menUnoed And als, all that certain part, tract and piece of land situate, lying and being in the town of Freehold, county ot Green, and state of New - York, and contiguous to the land above mentioned, begin - - ww une oi sampei acovuis laid, where iwb ntenecu ute turnpike road, ruonins hence north one rWr. .i L. i I'""" lo we souui line of the above (.ranted M, the. on the tame westward two chains aad .JV'okS aonth one drgree east ten chain r ' 'J iinas io toe turnpike, east two chains, wxy - two links, containing two acres, two roods " wnich togethHr with the Brit tract Matains about one hundred and fifty acre, which mises wer mortgaged ti Thomas Willisms if. c"y of w - Vork, Pilot, to secure the "7, 1818. J5 MST&tds. n. smttii DAvua,; . .. v yr lau) coBaacew of the bustaes of bit. BAtaiAJiUk MtTv and the only regular - bred Chymical i'ertumer - .in New - York, who carries on the buniness, (having (orthlastl9yeiinade Chymal Perfumery bis study, sixteen of which were under the particular direction of Wr Nathaniel Smith, considers himself entitled to the name of ffi& perfumer, and having taken AN1HO4Y Vy. TRAPPAN into partnership, will conduct the busussonderthenrmof DAViEg&c0) At. Do. 136 Broadway, New - York. Where they offer for sale as compleat and as general an assortment of perfumery and fancy oaps as were ever before oflered to the public ; andtbey hope by attention and punctuality to receive a share of their patronage i among which are the following : ... ,1 Rose, violet, jessan in, pink, jonquil, marchalle, ana reseda pomatums . Jessfliuin, musk, rose, abysinian, orange, naples and palm soaps Blue and red marble, carnation, lavender y Herb aad cosmetic washballs Essences of la vender, bergamot, Hungary Qrangs, violet, tc. Rose, violet, and plain hair - powder Carbonic, chymical, coral and rose tooth - powder Opiate for the teeth Olothj shaving, hair, nail, comb hearth and whisker brushes Rouge and pearl powder, Milk of roses Cold cream, Almond paste ' Antique and Russia oil Pomade de erassee for thickening the hair (ialsamic lip - salve of rose, Alpine shaving cakes Transparent shavinz liauid, Padi for the neck Gentlemen's shavinr cases, complete silver mounted . . ' Tooth brathes, Needle cases, Scent boxes AiODlets, Tooth pick cases, Spar suuff boxes Pocket books, Ladies thread caees i.aveuder bags, Fresh touquin beans Writing desks, Night tapers Kazor strojw, Japan - ware Russia pocket books, shavin boxes Ladies' dressiug casts Pen and pocket pen - kuives Fine scissors and razors Tortoise - shell and horn dressing combs Pearl, ivory, tortoise and horn pocket comb Smelling bottles, silver pencil cases, tweesers Ivory and box - wood combs, fine durable ink Salts of lemons, volatile salts Tongue scrapers, Vc. They have also just received : Ladies' work boxes, from 10s to $40 ' Elegant bottles, with odour of roses .1 roruatic vinegar (for Uis head - ache) Coloim water, warranted from Cologne Orange, flower, and rose waters, of excellent qualities x Spar smellinz - bottles An assortment of hair brushes, equal to any heretofore offered to the public : ami A great variety of other articles too numerous to mention. dec j TO PRINTERS. - lOLLf.VS & II ANN AY, 2J0 Pearl - st reet, Vy' have for sale a quantity of Printing Type of various sizes viz. Pica, Small Pica, 1 .01 Primer, Nonpareil and Pearl.' The alxne type has been but little used aud will be sold low lots to suit purchasers. ' Orders from the coun try will be promptly attended to. dec 17 DlwClm MhJtLVO WOOL, COTrofYAttNSAr . J lJrt. I I S, c WANTED, a quantity of merino wool ; also, cotton yarn, particularly low numbers, Proposals will also be received for making of sat - linelts. The manufacturer to be supplied with the materials, and the busincrs to be rendered, probably, permanent. A contract is alo wanted, for the running of a cotton mill, of from 1 to 4000 swindles; the cot ton to be supplied, and the yam to be received at a stipulated price. Apply at 148 Pearl - street, upstairs. . . oct23PCH rftX FOKT EDWARD. stil I u it,A9t, about twenty eight acres of in the village of Fort Edward. The Whitehall ami Watert'ord Turnpike runs through me same, ana me canai conneciing cake L.nam - plain with the Hudson is to be brought out iu its immediate vicinity. This property has been laid out into building lots of 175 feet Iront those 00 the river reserved for the lumber and rafting bu sincss, bich yields a handsome income to the present occupant, and it is presumed, from the growing importance of the place, that no village in the northern part of the state possesses great - ter local advantages. 1 he buildings consist of two dwelling bouses, a blacksmith's shop, and an extensive barn, with sheds attached to the hotel, at present occupied by Jasper Duel). For particulars, respecting terms, to apply to Or jonn Liawrence, ron cawara, or to N. A. M'KINNON, decMdGtCptf 73 Fulton - street TO QUA RHYMES. COUR experienced Marble Qusxrymcn are m. winieu imnieuiaieiy. ione need apply out mose penectty acquainted with - the busi ness to such constant etnploy and liberal wa Ml 1 - . I . gci win dc given. Appiyio EZRA LUDLOW, 34 Beaver - ttreet. tTW TO LET. 'Km3 A small 3 - story fire proof STORE. No 27 Moore - street, next to the corner South - st Possession given immediately. Apply as hove. nov 12 Pfclltf rpiCKLENUURGHS. DUCK, fee 43 bales - 1. ot I lCkltnburehs. or browo German Linen, of an excellent Quality, suitable for common sheetings, tc. . , . .' 09 bolts Russia Puck 30 pieces fine French Camhric - 6 case brown rla'illas - 50 casks drv White Iad $00 boxes Cbeese, entitled to defVntore for sale by ' . . fl.Cl). TALCOTT, j D nouui street, OI. UK GOODS, tc 17 bales company blue mj .namoooies, one quai. 4 hale Company blue Baftas, do - 17 do India t - alicort. sup. anal end new pat terns, selected particularly lor this market, just rcca per stup tsuia, lor sate oy r. rvLMsrjv tx tu, jan 3 6 South - street, pillLADELPlllA FLOUR - 500 barrtU.u - M. pcraoe. landiur. Uom tbe schooner Coluns 01a. IN STORE. 160 barrels Richmond snmrSna floor. fCirv and Country brand ) For sale at No. 106 Fniot - street, by Jan 3 TROlwES, DAVlUSON. ic CO. piOTTONV - SO bale prime Upland Cotton, lor sate ny R. & C W. DAVENPORT k CO. dec 31 E, RAISINS, tc 20 pipe Catalonia ine; 80 do. Colmtnar do. 20 qr. ca.ks . do do. 200 qr. casks sweet aalaga do. the above entitled to debenture 1300 boies Bloom Raisins for sale by HUB0ARD, GREENE ft CO. octt lw 132 Front - street. fy H KONOMEl EHa. iic.i superior Loodon dronometers 10 cases, witn a small invoice 01 Lodoo v alcoes, lor sale oy N. U D. TALCOTT, dec 23 sV.oth street SUPERFIXE COA TS, SAMUEL PAXTO.N CO. have received a small consignment of best superfine Dublin nude Coils, both straight bodied and surtouts. The doth and the workmanship are of the first order and Uie pice low. - dec 31 lr 73 Wall - strert. ' . for Drtighi or Charier, . vfK The stauuch, substantial ship URUM - TMOSD. cape R. Quarles, wUl be ready lu reaiv a cargo in a few day i or terms apply on board, at Pier No. 7, or tu. : - jan 3 66 South - st. l f. tVanttd 10 Charter. A good SLOOP or SCHOONER, that will carry about 500 barrels, for a voyage to uermuda t imrqediuic aispsicu will be given. Apply to TUCKER b. LAURIFS, jan 3 ' 29 Soutn - streef 'For Wilmington, N.C The schr UNION, lying at fly - mar ket, ia cleared out, and will poiUvely sail tirst wind. Freight will be taken low. ply on board, or to . dec 30 MrAiKAlM, Freight for BERMUDA. A good vessel bound to Bermuda, may have about 300 barrels on freight, by applying to TUCKER. & LAURlfcj, dec 27 S9 Southt. WANTED, A British brig of about 200 tons, to load for a port in England or icolland Ap.iy to CAMBERLEftli K rtAM.SU.n. dec 6 67obuth - st. For bale, Freight or Lharter, fffv The staunch good thip ANGELICA, ?"otii tons burthen, one year old, sheathed uud in complete order to receive a cargo, stows about 2800 bbls. a .very fast sailing ship, h. apcnmmnilntinm far tassen?err. and well calculated for the New - Orleans trade - Ap - ply to . u. Oi vr. unionuiLf, dec 4 86 South - st. The ship PACIFIC, capU Holden, will positively sail ior t almouUi, Jamai ca. on Sunday the 4th inst and can still accommodate two passengers, if application be immediately made on board the vessel, lying at Rotger's wharf, or to " Jan 2 2t . ROBERT LENOX. FUH JfKW - ORi.KANS, The substantial coppered ship E - fi - f.rn. Devoe, master, to sail in a few day. For freight, which will be ttken low, or pas sage, apply to P. REMSEN k CO. jan 2 . 26 South street. FOR The fast sailing hip SILBNUS, 206 tons burthen, built at Rochester, (Mass.) lies at Meam - boat - wharf, Fulton - slip. For tei ms, apply to J. St J. CODDINGTON, dec 31 lw 204 Front - street. tor Mobile and Blaktttu, l The elegant fast sailing new packet schooner THOMAS illlKLUS, cunt. T ucker, having superior accommodation for cabin passengers 1 most of her cargo being en gaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For ft eight or passage, apply on boai d, west side Old - slip, or to PETERS & I1ERIUCK, dec 30 29 Coeuties slip. FOR JtElV - ORLEANS, The ship MARI A CAROUXE, ly ing at Jones - wharf, will be disuaicn ed in all this week ; she is a very fast sailor, nearly new, and has elegant accommodations For freight or passage, apply to JONES & MECRATH, dec 30 83 South - street. t or tlA F.iJCi, The fine coppered ketch JlfARIA, master, to sail 00 Sunday next with what freight may offer before that time ; for which, or passage, apply to G.G.&S. HOWL AND, . dec 30 77 Washington - st. For QHARLF.yiOJ, The fast sailing packet schr. MARIA, P. Latham, master, havirnr one half of her cargo engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For freig ht of the remain der or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board, east cide toffee. llouse - slip, or to JONES & MEGRATH, dec SO 83 South - street. The substantial coppered ship VERMONT, Meuron, master ; will sail on the 3d January next. For freight of a few hundred barrels, or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board, at pier no. 9, east river, or to P. REM SEN &Co. dec 30 26 South - street.. 40 16 PAPER, OLIVES, HA l b, tc. Bales Italian foolscap paper . do letter paper - ' 15 cases liquorice paste 1 box ostrich feathers, 1 do chip hats 1 do pressed sup. straw do from No 32 to 54 3 do manna in flakes 557 marble mortars 23 cases veined and statuary marble slabs, assorted sizes, for pier tables, see. 200 boxes anchovies, 130 do olives 4 jar oil lavender just received per brig Louisa Cecelia, from Leghorn, and for sale by CHAS. L. OG DEN, and dec 27 A B R. OG D E V, W ashington - st. 59, COTTON. bales pridie Poland cotton, landing from sen. soutn - larolina tor ssuo by S. ALLEY, dec 13 W Pine - st 60 WISE, HA lSlJf - t, ke. pipes and 12 hhds red Catalonia wine 100 quarter casks . colmenar do. 20 do. tweet Malaga do. soo keg fresh rawina 730 do. muscatel do. 330 do. do. bloom do. . 100 bale of Ladys soft sbell'd almonds 100 jars of fresh frrape Now landing from brig Charles, from Mala ga, at Dover - street - wharf, and for sale by . STEVENS & MACTIER, and M'CREA & SL1DELL. dec 27 71 633 INDIGO, SUGARS, Ac. bags Benares and Radnacnre Soears. uie laiier very superior quality, oaro grained svonny ine auemioooi retailers 17 cases Beeeral Indieo 4200 Goat Skins, larxe size and fine onalitv. just rec'a per snip main, inr snie ny )sn 3 26 South - street. SPERM CANDLES U OIL. i 1 1 boxes new Spermaceti Candles, of ao - jb w proved oranus 1000 calls. Genuine Winter Oil, pressed from beaq matter, now landingaaod lor sale by 152 South - street, 2d door above Peck - slip. WHO MAVB I STO - Rt. - 2000 gall's. Whale Oil, in handsome ship - 600 do fall strained do fping order 3Mi ao winter ao dectUlw (fsy Cot FEE, fcLGAH aad INDIGO. i O bbls. and 20 bags fine green Coffee 3J hhds, 1 tierce and 4 bbls Muscovado Sugar 4 1 ceroons Caraccas lodiso . Landinc from the schr. Greyhound, from St. Thomas, I jre by - jan 3 74 Washington street. FLAG HDKF8. & CRAPES. ryiK. case flag Udkfs. 3 case CaatjQ Crapes, landing and for sale rjy vuibiii uDunti, dec 30 3 SouUt - streeL . I . I ' 1 1 1 1 CDrOM CI . - FO SALE, ... ,1 ' Tl lloose and Let No, 101 Liberty - st. lp.n 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth of the lot 107 teet. Those who may wish to purchase property of this description, can at any time view the premises, ana terms 01 saie may ue axreeo vu, by application to - ,. v . lui 1 ac m aiiini , dec 31 i 06 8outh - treet. CAPITAL afoM ton HLltl r - t TO LET. fni.u. - No. 1&1 Greeuwich - streeL one door south of Vesey - treet;posesion may be bad imue diately tf required. Enquire on the premises. . Al SS. jan i 2t - Q TO LET, For a term of years, the house and ht N. 6 Bmadwav. at present occupied by the Miss Kinsey's, as a. boarding house. For parti culars enquire of KUbbrvT Li. Liviuaiuni, ciermooi. jan 3 tFl . ROBBERY. THE store No. 28 Front - street, was broken open on the morning of the 1st inst. and 4 boxes voun? hvson lea. London Traders cargo, 7 . . . . . - . . . . 1 box citron and 1 box raisins taicen uereirom A liberal reward will be eiven for the recovery of the property and the apprehension of the uueves. . a w wur. jan 2 3t n ' NEW WORK. "MITOSES THOMAS, Philadelphia, has just 1TX received, and will immediately put to press, Narrative of a voyage to the Yellow Sea, of II. M. ship Alceste, and her shipwreck ; by J. M'Leod. . Jan 2 4t FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. T) AN away from the subscriber on the 29th A December, a colored man named Caesar, 25 years old, about 5 feet 2 inches high ; any person securing him, or leaving information at Mr. George Little's, near the Navy Yard, shall receive the above reward, and all reasonable expenses paid All persons are forbid harboring or trusting said negro, under the penalty or the law WIL.L.IAOT 0&KH.1, jan 3 . Wallabout, Long - Island EALYG TUITION. VT R. UFFORD give notice that he has o 1VJ ncned an evenine school, at bis academy, No. 53 John - street, for the instruction of young gentlemen, more especially in LAgushurainmar and tocography, A class in ech of these branches isoow com meocing. His improved mode of instruction will enable the untaught as well as those who have a partial knowledge of these sublects, in a short space of time, to perfect themselves in these use lul" branches of education. Instructions will also be given in Book - Keep ing; Penmanship and Anthii.etic. Hours oral' tendance from 6 to 9 o'clock, jan 3 41 A etc and iltgant trUibUton, at Vie old Museum, Chalham - ilrrtt. THE TOWN OF BOSTON IS MINIATURE. 11 BUCHESiVE respectfully informs the la L . die and gentlemen of this city, that he has now exhibiting at Uie above place, a complete model of tne town of Boston, in block work, which represents the public buildings, such as churches, stores, public edifices, &c. A - c. Also, a View of a Sugar Plantation, blacks at work, packing sugar, cutting cnne,&c. sec. A View of - south Wales. Tbe most promi neut feature of this view is a mountain, on Uie summit of which is a castlc,trungly fortified ; rob hers' cave in the interior of the mouutain, etc. - Admittance 5 cents. Doors open from 9 o'clock in the morning till iu in we evening. jan j zv - UlsSEUI ED MA HU OF THE UNITED STATES. AT. GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Broad - . way, corner Cedar - street, hav the pleasure of announcing to their friends and the public that they hav just completed a new and elegant map Dissected Map of the United Stales, which bas longeeen a desideratum m this coon try for domestic iuetraction and juvenile im provement. A. T. G. ti Co. intend to complete a series oi useful ami correct dissected maps, to which Ifcey will respectfully solicit tbe pubjic attention. jan3 lw NEW PUBLICATIONS. IUST published and fur sale by ELI AS VA J L EN TINE, at his new Book Store, 104 Kroadway, 3d door below Fine - street, Binglty's uselul Ruowlcdge, 3 vols, price, in boards, 4 dls ; T he White Cottage, n tale, price, in hoards, 1 dollar i The Hero, or the adventures of a nisht, a romance, 2 vols in one, price, in boards, 1 dol lar ; Tbe Knight or St. John, by Miss Porter, 2 vols ; price 1 dol. 75 cts in bottrds ; The Itinerant, or memoir of an actor, part 2d, by S. W. Kyle y, 3 vote in boards, 3 dollars ; Balance of Comfort, or the old maid and married woman, a novel, by Mrs. Rues, 2 vols ; Nanc rede's abridge ment ol Urola, oo poison, 3 dol. in Boards, together with a general anortcseat of standard works. Visiting and address Cards neatly engraved. jan 3 ' 1,000 DOLLARS, ON TUESDAY NEXT. . Commences drawing in this city on Tues day evening next, the 4th Medical Science Lot tery, and the having disposed of an unusual number of chinches (whole and share of tickets) to their numerous patrons, flatter themselves that the laudable attempt, at wealth and happiness, of the many fortunate adventurers at their olhce, will be crowned with u.iusual success on Tuesday next, at which time the first drawn number will be entitled to - 1000 dollars, and the following floating prize may be drawn 10,000 Dollars lWO Dollar 5,000 do 3,000 do 2,000 do 1,000 do 6 of 500 do 10 of 200 do 50 of 100 do 1,000 do Ticket advance to 9 on the 1st day's draw. tng. The first drawn number 9th prawing of Surgical Lottery, received on Monday morn ns. will be entitled to the high prize of, 100,000 dollars, Correct check books kept and tickets ex aminert gratis. jan 3 FIRST DRAW NN.V1BER "N Tuesday will be entitled to ore thousand dollars, which mav be obtained lor eight dor lars and a half, if imotf diately applied for, at . Lottery tod Exchange Office, 54 Maiden - lane. On Tuesday nrtt Tickets will advance to9. Tbe following Prize are floatinr. and mav vajuc vvi ui tin; nucvi vn uiv uni aay, Til. JU.UUU IJoilnr , 1,000 Dollar 6,000 Dollar 1,000 Dollar - 3,000 Dollar 6 of 500 Dollar 2,000 Dollar 10 of 200 Dollar 1,000 Dollars M)of 100 Dollrr STATIONARY PRIZES. 30,000 Dollar 2,000 Dollar 10,000 Dollar 7 of 1,000 Dollar '5,000 Dollars 4 of 500 Dollars 3,000 Dollar - f Present price of Tickets and Shares Whole . 8 50 I Quarters 2 12 Halve 4 25 1 Eighths 1 6 All prize will be paid at Waite's Offce. with their names printed on Uie back of Uie tickeL tan s THE White Cottage, a novel, price 1 dollar, just received and for sale by ,. v, b. oin.iM, at u roadway. ' W. B. GILLEY bas this daf received and put to presi m Els me re and Rosa,'' a novel. jan j . ' II ALL. rrr" MR. b MRS. MORAN, ((mm Dublin,) respectfully beg Uav to announce to the ladias and gentle mm of New - York, that their concert will take place on TUESDAY EVE.MNU, J noaryS, 1818. . ., - .?.;( f':.. Act t u - sL v Overture, full orchestra. . - ' ' ' Song, " Braces' address," Mr. Keen, scotch air. Echo - duet, M.r. Keen & Mrs.Moran, Braham. Song, " Hu she then failed in bcr Uuth," Mr. WaU, Buhop. " Song, " Exile of Erin," Mrs. Moran, Irish. ' Song, " H was fam'd for deeds of arms, Mr. Wall, Corn. Song, " Had I a heart for falsehood framed," Mr. Keene, Irish. - Air, piano - forte, Mr. Moran, Gelinek. - - - Act second. Overture, full orchestra. m , Song, " Fly soft y xef hyrs," Mrs. Moran, Bi - thop. . - Duett, If thou canst live on humble farey" Mr. Keene and Mrs. Moran, Virtue. Concerto, piano - forte, M. Moran, Dussek. Uuett, " Rest weary traveller," Mr. JLeene K Mrs. Moran, Braham. ' ' Hunting song, Mr. Wall, Dibdin. . Scotch song, Mrs. Moran Song, " Home love and liberty,". Mr. Kaene, Bishop. - . Finale, full orchestra. Leader, Mr. Geutil. Piano - forte, Mr. Mo ran Doors to be opened at half psTst 6, and tha per formance to begin precisely at 7 o'clock. Tickets to be had at Washington - Hall, at the muMc - stores, and at Mr. Moran's, No. 71 Mai den - lane. dec 3 1 5t New - York Firemen Insurance Company. ft7" The first instalment of Uie second Sub' scription, to the Stock of this company, will be received at the uoice, XV 0. 00 vv all - street, on Monday next, the 6th tntant. between the hours of 10 aud 2 o'clock. - By order oi the board, WM. M'NEAL, Sec'ry, Jan2 tf NO 1 ICE. rCT MELICK ti ROGERS having taken into copartnership Samuel JJ. Rogers, son ol David Rogers, the business will iu luture be conducted under Uie firm of Melick, Roger & soa. r - B. P. MELICK, DAVID ROG ERA', dec3l lw SAMUEL D. ROGERS. N O'iiCE. - The Copartnership lierelulore D' Wolf, Packard ic WWolf, is this Hay dissol ved hv mutual consent. All persons having un settled accounts with said firm, are requested to call at 67 r ront - strect, lor settlement mw York, Dec. 31, 1817. JAMES DUVOLF, 1 ISAAC PACKARD, JAMES D'WGLF, Jun. lec3l CONCERT. T R. and Mrs. MELINE respectfully informs 111 the ladies and gentlemen ol iNew - xork, that - their concert will positively take place ou Tuesday the 13lh inst. lit uie city nsxcuilirj room, City Hotel, ol vocal and instrumental mu sic, assisted by most of the professors and ama teurs of this rity. - Particulars in due time. Jan 3 4l NOTICE. 'YHE co - partnerhip heretofore existing under s - tliellrm oll.uuwiafijur.AMntu, ezpi red yesterday, hy its own limitations. All coo cerns of the siid firm will be st - ttled by LEBBEU4 LOO VI 13. At No 47 South - street. Who lias in store, for sale, . 24 chests lmieriul Teal 8 do Hyson dof of first qualities, and 86 do young hyson dof entitled to deben. 56 do Hyson bkin doj 1 1 casks fatm Oil 56 reams Fools Cap Vellum Paper 6 do Copper Plate do A small quantity Cayenne Pepper, jan I, 1818. HORACE LEARNED, late of he Arm of Ivoonus Jr Miarneii, has opened nn otbee at J'J Burling - slip, for Uie purpose of transacting coin mission business. jan o iw VALUABLE PROPEH TY ron SAl.k. f - X WILL BE SOLO, 4JjJ At public auction, on the premises, on Thursday, uie sia aay oi January next, at one o'clock, f. oi. A SMALL F4RM, contnming about (en a crcs of land of the first quality, lying in Brooklyn, abouttwo milt from Uie rVrry. un the iirciui - ses is a handsome new dwelling house, slundihL' on an eminence, which commands a roost bcauli ful and extensive prospect of New - York Hay, Staten Hand. Sic. and or pleasantness of situn tioius not exceeded in King's county ; and a new uacn or carnage nouse. ALSO.' A FARM, of about 17 acres of upland and 8 1 - 2 or Salt meadow, adjoining Uie property ne fore described, having a good house, barn, Sus, A '.so, A FARM, containing about twelve acres ol upland, in a high state of cultivation, and 8 I - ? acres of salt meadow, adioining Uie turnpike leading from Brooklyn to Jamaica, on which is an excellent young orchard, a good dwelling house, a Drst - rate narn, &c. uc. LIKEWISE, Four lots of Woodland, of 7 acres each, lyinc about a mile from the above described farms. - The above property will be sold separately'. Any person wishing to purchase is invited to can on tbe subscriber, by whom the premises will be shown, and any larther information given, which may be required. JOHN C. HAM. iea 1.1. I - RrnnUIri, Bronklrn. IN CHANCERY. John B. Murray, i vs. State of New - York, ss James T. Watson. IN pursuance of a decretal order of this ho - noi rtbls court, msdein the above cause, will be sold at publie sneiion, at the TouUne Coflee House, in the city of New - York, under Uie direction of Uie subscriber, as one of the masters ot this court, on Tuesday Uie second day of Sep. tember osit, at twelve o'clock at noon, all that tract of land juiniag on tbe town ot Lowvile, and Most In the county of Lewis, In the state afore said, being part of great lot No. 4 of Macomb's purchase, and comprises all the lots known on a certain plan or map maoe oy isaia oroason anu a. White, in tbe year ISbl, from No, us to 342 inclusive, containing together 15,000 acres of land, with the appurtenance thereto belong ing or soy wis appertaining. Dated June 60, II7. (Copy) JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jy 81 Iaw4wrhds faster in Chancery. The sale ol Uie above property is postponed t the 1st day of November next, at the same hour and place. jamlj a, iuiV, so21awt Master in Chancery The sale of the above property is postponed to Saturday, the Ulh day ri rvoveniDer, at the same hour and place, nov Iiui7. , JAMES A HAMILTON, Master in Chancery. noy 1 Sat Mon k Fri 3t Tbe sale of the above property is postponed to Tuesday. Uie 18th day of November, instant, at Uie same hour and place. Nov 8, 1817. J AMES A. HAMILTON, nov 8 3 W M 17 3t Master in Chancery, j The sale of the above property is postpon ed to Uie 4th Jay of December next VUta November 18, 1817. JAMES A.HAMIL.IUM. nov 27 dls Master iu Chancery. The Ml of the abive Dmncrtv is postponed to tbe second day of Jinoar v next, at Uie same boar and place. Declrt, 1817. - ... .... . uiut, frya tWc21wtds Master in Chancery. The sale of Uie above property is postponed (o Thursday, the ?ri in:, at toe same boor ud place. Jan. 2, l.'U7. jan 3 dts Master io Chancery. AMES L' WOLF, Jnn. will henceforward con tins to transact Commission bsniac in his own name. . . . - oac 31 . 1 . BY P. L. MILLS k CO. : V t - MHi Tuesday. ' : At 10 o'clock, at Messrs. Kirk t Mereein'a . room, WaJi - st. a moet superb collection of sta - - tuary in murute ant alaeaster, selected in Ita ly ny at artist or that c - ouotry, and considered as some of Utefiiest specimens of sculpture 1 a - , mong them are a Flora in marble, ol 6 teet in height ; hurt of Alexander, A super. of Russia, j a troupe representing Income and bis two son ; a Minerva, Venus, ate. ; an elegant marble pier 1 - 1.1 - 1 - L , - ' . ' . won, auu m nuwoer 01011 paiuuugs, a.G - BY FRANKLIN k MINTURS, ' " T morrow, . II 'clock, at oler No It. E.B. alone side tha brig Eliza Anu, 100 cask claret wise, of superior qaalitr. - . i ' 12 o'clock at the T. C. House, , A two story brick house and lot of crouod No. 140 Mulberry, near Grand - street, in excellent repair. The lot is 2a feet by 100. Also, a bouse and lot ot ground No. 16 Spring, nr. . k ,. l,aH, .,..,,.1 i. UM.piimi mi f 1.I. Rowe. The kit is 23 feet 9 inches in front. 3 feet 6 inches in Uie rear; average length 117 feet. Also: 3 lots of rround in Collect - street, next to the corner of Pearl - street ; each lot 34 feet 8 inches in front, and in length upwards of eighty . leet. . " . Information as to the title, property and term of sale may be obtained by applying to tbe sue .. tioneers, or of Cornelius Bogert, 14 Cedar - street. JAMES VAN ANTWERP, Junr . . PETERAYMAR. t VT CORNELIUS BOGERT Tl.ura.ln. Jan. 8. XII o'clock, at the T. C. II. That verv nleasant situation, on the East Riv er, about 5 miles from Uie city, adioining the seat ol rv ociierinerhorn, Jun. Ksq. well known as Uie property ot Uie late Ann mrdenbrook, - deceased, containing about 19 acre. - . " 1'iwkflav 1 n A XII o'clock, at Uie T. C. H. by order of Win. Denning, surviving executor of Thomas Smith. Esq. deceased, tha House and Lot, 40Wail - st. m next to the'City . ' PRIVATE SALE, On liberal terms, 5 valuable LOTS, situated between Second and Third - streets, on Division - , street, making a front of 172 feet, ail occupied a retail dry good stores - ground under lease to the present occupan's ior a term oi years, r or par - i ticulars apply at the auctioo room. BY J. P' DIETERICH St CO. PRIVATE SALE. 1 elegant patent hanging lamp, suitable for an - assembly room. Also, about 6 miles from tlie City Hall, on the Bloomingdale Road, a vtry handsome country - seat, with very convenient bouse and out buildings, commanding a fine view of the north river ; would be exchanged for merchandise j term accommodating, For particulars apply at Uie auction room. ' ' BLFF.CKER & BIB BY, Wednesday, Jau. 7th. Fonr lots of ground on Walker street, 25 feet front and rear and 106 feet deep each Also a lot of ground on White - street Terms will be advantageous to purchases At same time three lots of ground 25 by 91 feet, lying on tbe north side of Leonard - street, between Chapel and Hudson - streets, two of them cncksrd, bring together, and one in occupation of Benj'n. Odell Terms at sale. jan 3 3t , Tha - c two lots of ground, Nos. 18 and 19 liuiUou i'quare, in Hudson - street, and one lot irom the corner of Beach - stroet, containing 28 lot I 9 inches front and rear by 175 feet deep, each. The greater part of Uie puichaie money may remain oo mortgage. Terms will be advantageous to purchasers, dec 27 8t fjr - FKEDEKICK. SHELDON, Iii.NRY NATHAN LEAVENWORTH, have (ornied a connexion in business at 140 Pearl - street, under the firm of . F. fc II. SHELDON & CO. Jan 3 lw THE LADY " ', 0 Whoso recently advertised in this paper for pupils for the piano forte, returns her most gratelul acknowledgements t6 those amiable fe - - maks who first patronised her feeble exertions to support her infant family. White - street, No. 3. jan 3 gt NOTICE. - rC" The copartnership of A. S. Griswold ti Co. is dissolved by mutual consent. The busi - uess will be hereafter conducted by A. S. Gris wold and Koeeland Tewnsend, under the same firm. A. 9. GRISWOLD, KNKELANDTOWNSEJCD, ELIHU TOWNSENDi Jan 3 Sty . - NOTICE. JOHN ABM. WILLINK has formed a commercial establishment iu this city, with Messrs. DANL. tl J. A. WILLINK, of Liver pool, under the firm of JOHN ABM. VVlLLtNK ft CO. . jan 3 tt ifr I'lie subscribers have lorned a comn - aion io tbeprintingbusiness, under the firm tf ORAM hi MOTT. The luiuess will be conducted by them, v fib accuracy and despatch, on Uie most reasonable terms, at No. 68 William - street. . A GABRIEL F. MOTT - - jan 3 eod3t ' ' NOTICE. - ftV Tbe subscribers have formed a co part nership in trade under the firm of and - Flecks kr. " , . JOHN F. ELLIS, . WM. FLECKNER, ja 3 St - No. 20 Fultou - stret - t. frT - A meelinz of the New - Vork Irish Eiw - grant Association, will be held at Harmony Hall, on Mouday the 5th inst. at 7 o'clock, P. M. iiiiim iii itfrrr Irlm o .! Jan3 2t MEDICAL SOCIETY. JJ A quarterly meeting of Uie Medical Soci ety of tbe County or New - York, will be held at Washington - Hall, on .Vooday the 6th Jannary, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Jan 3 2t C W. EDDY M. u. Sec'ry. rrV - Tha mililic it tvinectfullv informed, that . Uie celebrated Female, known in England and on . the Continent of Europe by Ue apiIIaUoo of the - ALBINE3S, is now on a toor U.rough the Umted State, and purposes remaining a few weeks in the city of' New York. The singularity of this interesting s'.moio h .timrtid the attention and admira tion of Uie Roval Family, Nobiiity and Gentry of DnhGa and Edinhursr I she has been lion - ored with the presence and f pioval of the Prince) Regent, the Princess Charlotte of Saxe Cob - jsirg, th rutcJwu of Oldenburgh, the Emperor of IUi - . tia, King of Prouia. Duke of Wellington, nod 0 - iher illustrious peisonaeress Sir Joseph Banks. and Uie first thsrfacters of the faculty, have ani - versa 11 y acknowledged her to be Uie most aston - ithiiut Pnenomeoon ever known. She will receive the visits of Ladies and Gen Uemen from II o'clock iii the loreooon till 3 in tit afternoon, at Uie City Hotel, Broadway. Admission 60 reals. Tickets to t bad at the Bar. Jtn21w.' CH I USE PUZZLE. A'T. GOODRICH fc CO. No, 124 Broad - ( . way, corner Cedar street, have tnamiLic tured and for sale, th above ingenious and a - - . i i 1 1 - . . i . i musing arucie, wntcn iuu cimimucs u uc uie . favrite and fa - ihsooable amusement. Price ot the two book and tbe box of mahogany and , race wood blocks $2 25. jan 3 ASSEMBLY DRESSES, fce. MRS. BARBER frefpeclfuUy - inform tha ladies of New - York and it vicinity, that sh has just opened ao elegant assortment of AsjemllyJresse and Ceat TrimsfePgs, at No. 192 Broadway. - . dec 31 lr

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