The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 6, 1944 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1944
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

'4 Thandar, Jia. «, 1H4 KASOK CITT GLOBE-GAZETTE NAME OF 'WAG' IS ASSAILED Psychologist Claims Title "Unfortunate" ntteburcb, (UJS--The name WAG "sounds I' 1 "* a Bronx cheer no matter how sweetly it was intended," Dr. Donald- Anderson Laird, internally-known · psychologist of Middle-Haddam, Conn., told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette when questioned about the failure ol the women's army recruiting program to attract more women. Two senators in Washington ·charged that the uniform of the women's army corps was at fault. But Dr. Laird referred to his public statement early in 1943 that the name WAC was "unfortunate" and would likely hold down enlistments. "Developments since fhgn have borne out my prediction," he said. Dr. Laird told the Post-Gazette "the nickname WAC must have been concocted by a man who calls his wife the 'drudge of the ecullery.'" "Men don't like to be called by downright unpleasant names such as 'stinkey* or 'pukey" or 'the squirt'--but some men thought ·women would like to be called yfACs," he said. The psychologist praised the names of other auxiliary services, and added that WAC uniforms are line, and "so are the women wearing them." With regard to the charges against WAC garb, he said, "it is far easier to change the name of the women's army corps .than to change the uniform. Anyway, it's the name that matters." WACS DECLARE THEY AKE PROUD OF NAME - . Des Moines, (U.PJ--The WACs at ·Fort Des Moines are proud of their nickname and they have no patience with theories of Dr. Donald Anderson Laird, 1 internally known psychologist. -Dr.-Laird contended that the name ""WAC" sounds like a Bronx cheer and is responsible for failure of the women's army recruiting program to attract more women. "I think it is nonsense," said Cpl. Lola C. La ' Faugh, Seattle, Wash, "The term WAC is short. It is distinctive. It means exactly : what it is intended to mean-women's army corps. No other word could tell the story so simply." Pvt. (F. C.) Doris E. Mincher, : Oakland, CaL, asked: "What would become of our navy if men refused to enlist because they would be called 'tars' or 'salts?' " Lt. Marie H. Eichelberger, Olympia, Wash., head of WAC recruiting for Iowa, said: "I have interviewed personally · thousands of women. I have talked to groups of thousands more and at no time have I sensed the slight- ·est reluctance about joining the ' corps because of its name. In fact · this is the first time I have heard * ci any such reason." NAZIS DECLARE WAC : RECRUITING "INADEQUATE" ! BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The German radio boasted Wed' aesday that the response to re- quests for volunteers in the WACs * and other women's services "has ·been totally inadequate." ' Berlin said that Time magazine had quoted Col. Oveta Culp Hobby, WAC commander, as saying that requirements can be filled only by compulsory recruiting. BIGGEST VITAMIN BUYS QSCO DRUG OFFERS) You Highest Quality at Lowest Prices DEM1LL.E, JB., WEDS--Sign- Ing up for a marriare license in Los Angeles are Richard DeMUIr, 21, son of Movie Directory Cecil B. DeMille, and Bosalind Jane Shaffer, 24. Family in Auto Mishap En Route to Wisconsin Hntehhu--Mr. and Mrs. Harold Perkins received word from their ' son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Perkins, stating that while enroute to their home at Madison, Wis., an accident befell them near Claremont. Their car skidded on ice in the road and upset off the grade, turning over twice. Luckily no one. of the fam- , ily was seriously injured. Mrs. Perkins received several severe · ^ body bruises and the older son, Glen, received a gash on the top of his head. Mr. Perkins and the baby, Dennis, were uninjured. The car was damaged to the extent of $300 or more. The family ·was able to complete the homeward journey in it. ESTABLISH AIR ROUTE TO CHINA Brains and Bravery Mark Supply Lane By PRESTON GROVER An American Air Base in Northeast India, IJP)--The brains, bravery and Brilliant organization of American airmen in the air transport command have been largely responsible for developing the new 600-mUe aerial supply route to China to the point where it is a worthy substitute for the Burma road. The upward spurt of deliveries over the hnrap coincided with the arrival of such civil airlines experts as C. K. Smith of Dallas, Texas, former president of American Airlines, who now is a brigadier general, and the appointment of Brig. Gen. Earl S. Hoatr of Sioux City, Iowa, to take charge of the India-China wing of the ATC. Scores of flyers have been downed in the"dense Burma jungles while helping to establish the new supply route. Some have died and some have been rescued after incredible hardships, but due to the secrecy with which the ATC, for obvious reasons, surrounded the operations, the story of their heroism has been a closed book. Now that the route is'firm- ly established some of the tale can be told. The story of these flyers is one not of split second bravery that develops under sudden emergency in battle, but the kind of courage and nerve that must be sustained for many hours or days and sometimes many weeks. Sometimes the planes do not make it and the crews most bail out. Sometimes Japanese pursuit planes dive from the Himalayan clouds to down such easy meat as a lumbering transport. When anyhody gets out of the jungle safe it's something of a miracle. As an example, take the case of the plane piloted by Lt. Ted R. Carmack, Brewton, Ala. Those with him in a plane loaded with gasoline included Hadio Corporal James King, Eugene, Ore., and Cpl. Muriel E. Sampson, Oakland, Cal. A Japanese zero attacked, forcing them to jump at 10,000 feet One of the airmen landed in a native village and sent out patrols which brought all the others into the village within 2 hours. Then began a 35-day hike. On the 17th day they met an American missionary, Allen B. Cook, who fed and doctored them and turned them in the right direction. They reached an American air base in China, Dec. 9. To handle such situations an elaborate air rescue service has been organized. Fanners Creamery Pays $200,000 for Butterfat New Hampton -- The annual meeting of the New Hampton Farmers C r e a m e r y association was held Wednesday. Harold Utley was elected president; John Snyder, secretary and Walter J. K e n n e d y , treasurer. H u b e r t Laures was elected director. Other directors are Herman Ganger and Walter Kleinfehn. The report for the fiscal year «nding Nov. 30, 1943, showed patrons delivered 1,294,288 pounds of cream which had an average test of 26.9 per cent butterfat. A total of 349,980 pounds of butterfat were purchased at an average of 5.6 cents a pound with an over-run of 24.3 per cent, producing 435,266 pounds of butter. Of the total butter manufactured, patrons purchased 21,469 pounds, New Hampton residents purchased 46,350 pounds and 367,447 pounds were sold on the eastern market Patrons received a total of 9199,642.49 for their butterfat. University Theater to Give Old English Play Iowa City--An old English play, "The Faithful Shepherdess" by John Fletcher, will be given in the University of Iowa theater this month under the direction of B. Iden Payne. It is believed that this production never before has been presented in America. Described as a pastoral fantasy, the play is scheduled for Jan. 12, 13, 14, 17 and 18, with a matinee Jan. 15. DECLARES DIVIDEND Alta Vista--The annual meeting «f stockholders of the Alta Vista State bank will be held in municipal hall Tuesday. Election of directors and other business will be disposed of. A dividend oi 8 per cent has been declared for the part year. SON IS INJURED Nashua--Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ferguson received a letter Tuesday from their son, Pvt. Perry Ferguson, serving with the fifth army in Italy, and who received a cablegram Saturday stating that he had been seriously wounded. The letter was written Dec. 17, stating he had been hit by a shrapnel between his shoulders, and was in a hospital. Rectal Soreness G«t N«w Easy Way ^^ vfT M COItVlOf ff FroUnon RtcUI l» a Quick. dep«n1« ielirer of Itching, pxinful rectal »oT«n«« -- symptoms which may also accompany puce and hcBorrfcoid*. Brings aoothinc ·COM of comfort upon contact, forms protecting film over tore area, help* destroy Infections cents, aid Natar* heal up raw, broken Uintea. K» oD -- no grease to »ta!n efoUiior. Sold on m«ncy back rcanatec. Get this modern relief today ... ask for PROLARMON RECTM. AX OKO lELT-IIKTlCX EN TOWN Jam/eson's PENTA-B-PLEX HIGH POTENCY VITAMIN BCOMPLEX CAPSULES , P E N T A -B - 220 CaP , u $2.89 Penta-B-Plex, 100 Capsules.. AtiX Squibb's. 80 Vitamin A fir D Tablets 89C One-A-Day i Grove's B Complex OvJLCl 40'Vitamin B Complex Capsules Squibb Halibut 5 o \.» er on c OP s U i« 79c VS VAAMC 7 Important, Super Potency ** 211 ¥ !· ft CCllS Vitamins, 30 Tablets, Box... y3O7 4 ; -. · * Super-A-Concentrate ^r hn ..$2^5 $2.79 I Navitol Squibb ^c^ .67c Ironized Yeast Lm $1.00 Package., Sayaan's Salve J^cEsT*. 59c fP . B"^ ^ Buckley's Canadiol Mixture For Coughs Due to Colds, Bronchial Irritations. 85c Bottle 500 Scotties, by Scott. (Limit 2) Pkg SANITARY NAPKINS. (Limit 1) 60 Regular Size, Box CLEANSING TISSUES 23c 59c lOc 5c Playing Cards »,, c ...... ^ 2jc JEWS HAIR TONIC Kr auk's 25c. Brushtess Shave Cream/ (Limit 1) Tube lOc, Krank's, Bottle Natola Liquid Parke-Davis, 50 C C, Bottle. BREWER'S YEAST, 250 Chem Test Tablets, Bottle Dayamin Stams A, B, C, D, G Vitamins, Abbott, 100 Capsules... 96 Vitamins and Mineral Tablets. Box. 49c $7.19 $1.69 90 Vitamins, Liver, Minerals. with added liv*r fraction ·ad iron, in two tiny caproJea one* daily Multi- Essentials 4 Vitamins Plus 5 Minerals-A Month's Supply BOX '1.29 MULTIPLE V I T A M I N CAPSULES, 5,000 units A, 25 units B, 400 units D per cap. Average daily dose 1 capsule. 100 Capsules.. Original Formula. 75c. (Limit 1) (Fed. Tex 10% ) 8-eu.tce Bottle DR. WEST'S TOOTH BRUSH Exton Bristles. (Limit 2) Each NO R P L E X i. 1. f *l. on. T H E E N T I R E B - C O M P k E X Rich natural bate-fortified--provides all factors--nutrition experts recognize the importance of the ENTIRE B-Complex. E C O N O M I C A L 25O T A B L E T S Abbott's A, B,D 250 Vitamin Capsules, Box Dl CALCIUM PHOSPHATE, 60 Wafers With Viosterol. Box. Vitamin Bl 100 Norwich Thiamin 49c $5.59 .«9c 59c Unicaps 100 Upjohn A, B, D Capsules Nose Drops 50t . v^, v,,,.,.,.... 39c v · ^^ voiu Taoiets Give's, eoc BOX 43c Crea-Lyptos Sot c t,e° U9hS ! r : up -.. 29c W K - ^ Toilet Tissue Sheets 3 RO..S lOc Carnation Milk (Umit 3 3 c Qn ,25c SM A Baby Food One Fo und Con 93c Dextri Maltose 75 , i., b Con 6Jc JOHNSONS BABY OIL (Fed. Tax 10%) $1.00, Pint Bottle SttdS (Limit 1) Large Size. (Limit 1) Large Size Pkg VITAMIN B COMPLEX, Lederle, Orange Flavored, Vz Pint Bottle. Super-eUs th Iron $249 8 Vitamins 50 Days' Supply With Iron-- Contains all 22 Vitamin B factors 30 UKULK ___----.~ a oft 5H.""~~" '""^ J»»O 1MUKUUS '4.95 Economy Six* Crysto-Vibex HEPICOLEUM COMPOUND, Lilly A, B, C, D Vitamins. 100 Capsules. COMBEX KAPSEALS, Parke-Davis, B Complex, 100 Kapseals MULTICEBRIN LILLY Gslseals, 100's Vi-MAGNA A, B, C, D Vitamins, Lederle, 100 Tablets With Cod Lirer Oil, Pint. $239 63c $3.69 $4-59 $7.19 $5.69 Magic Washer Bird Seed """" Pkg . (Limit 2) 10-oz. Package. PETERMAN'S DISCOVERY--KILLS BED BUGS. (Limit 1) 60e Quart Bottle. 19c 19c 19c lOc 4Jc Malted Milk Carnation. (Limit 1) 5-lb. Jar Cod Liver Oil »,.«·,. ,,. B «,,i 8 A*D*D 500 Super Vitamin Capsules... $1.09 Make Your VITAMIN Selections Here From the Most Complete Stock in North Iowa-- AND SAVE MONEY Mail Orders Filled Send Us Your Order -- Add Tax and Postage DUST MOP, Complete With Handle GRAPEFRUIT, Juicy, Seedless. (Limit 1 Dozen) Dozen MtlCES EFFECTlVf FROM THURSDAY THROUGH WOODBURY Face Powoei with Matehin« Rouge awl Upttick Bayer Aspirin 100 Tablets 59c Relief From Sore Muscles, Chest Colds. 50c. 2'A-or. Tube HOT WATER BOTTLE Year Guarantee . . . . . . IRON CORDS Size. Approved;- 98C Standard (Limit 1) A Super Value at. More Than a Laxative Is Often ' ncrvousandsuffeifromhead-l aches, pis and upsclstoniadh| -- ihe troabJe may be d ue to faulty digestion and I EuT.ciJoiul constipation. That's when your cue! calls for rnorc Una just a laxative. \Yhat yon I may need 13 to pep tip both the stomach aadl bo-.^da in their digestive and elinriiulirc work,! Get Dr. Peter Fahnicy's Alpea Krauter--- the! lime-proved stomachic tonic medicine. Con- 1 tains IS selected medicinal rootsv hcrt* and I botanicals. Gently and smoothly Alpen Kntuter I activates the bowels; increase* clitnimlion by I way of the Vidneys; helpa the Etomadi function; 1 aid? and xpeeds digesUon. Be wise-- h«lp row! stomach function while rcticvine coastipaiuoB.1 Get ALPEN KR.VUTER. today ' 51.50 Bottle. $1.29, ORANGES ?88'». Full of Juice. (Limit 2 Do».) Dozen. 23C

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