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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, January 5, 1818
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( i ' ' i ! 4 V t.Y SEX.: - ., & Tue Frewdcirt of tlie aecom iionicated free the Secretary of the Tre - ury, is obediroce ta tuoratio f the Senate of the 24rh lost. tte - eel of a government at peace with the U. Sutes, and at war with any colony, district or people With whom tbe U. States are or mav h St n. The qoestpn to lav the resolution on the tabic, after considerable debate, wax decided in the amr - roauw, iy 10 aoout ou votes. e", to shew that the prevision rroponed for bus ia the bill, vm ioadeaate; and, 'tiiat the subject a. Jit b asfiin examined, and more correctly get. ik - u ov uic seied commute bo could Oo so wHu toettf of the amount of duties o. unoorted salt ao - l """ f" 1 facL.ty than could be dun in the rine the years 1816.1816, and 1817, and a state - 1 wwiit lr the same year of the amount of draw - ; berk paid to vessel employed ia the fisheries, and oa pickled lull exported ; which being read, . f Sir. Smith moved that the said statement be re - "rVrred to the committee on anance, with iosrruc - tioas to intjuira iato the expedienrv of repealing the law laying the duty oo salt. Thai motion lie a the table. The resolution yesterday s ubmitted by Mr. Tait. to instruct the eonunittee oo the militia to ionuirel committee of the whole bouse, Mr. P. moved that the committee rise and report progress. . The eommittee of the whole then roe and reported prorre and, oa the surest ion of Mr. Poindextcr, was refused leave to nl again, and, oo aiaaantioa, the bill was 'thea reepmmitted to the committee oa the jodioary. ' After refusing successively to take up the bill te authorise expatriation, end the biU respecting tbe ciumt ot ine mate or ueorpa tor nuuua services rendered m ITOt and 1795 ' Ike House went into a committee of the whole, "'r'P" ?' W ' Mr. Wilkla in th. ti - .. - iC to Pbc militia wbe. called into the servios of ih. United Z' Z" !" me ruecr certain recorasaad . , wa. Uhe. - p and agreed to without oppo - Zr The followine, bin., amort other., were receiv - ' t."H "J2f!iuru W U ' d from the 1W of Kemti. VL 1 . rectiroA tome amendment, and con - ' rallv Passed to a second rradmr. via , ' I aucu"ia?t P1 - A"i .i - i.. . I wiucn Jlieurt. rindalL awnm. sn ' iw cwmujniung aouiuoaai UM otDcea A hm .h - i - i - - rroor Speocer, and Bcecber joined. After the .... uJ 'I'lr;: r: . T" """'""'"lco!mnittw had .Dent ome time on the aubiect - . wY'LT","usi,lno. ; - . Mr.CUr.fSDeaierroaodoi - errioeth.tM liner irom hi oeing tbe last di tv. 1 1.: 1 1 . j .. - , i i ww ommt oauae, ne hm from tome other bause, he VIaS. XZrHlL""!: Houto eemed le. intere.ted intbls wbiert than "TTI J. third time, and tbe blank therein tilled, ao aa to make the further time allowed for location bm meat of the cultivation of the vine and olive." Al - I knew not what, the tinWni. milhary.mnd warra - U, wa. read a rie ; which bemg agreed faW Mir, and the time for retarninr cooiei of the an , " ro.rrporwa progrem, oDtained . Upland offlr rtr jawi"; ad the biU wm " , paaaea, ana tent to toe tlouee or HepreienUtiTe ; for eonrurretice. Mr. Daggett .ubmitted the following motion tor '.' onideratioa : ,. Reteind, That tlie Pretidrnt of tbe V. State be requested to cau to be laid before the Senate , . a (tatement of the proeeediur which may hare been had under the act of Congrem neued the 3d - of March, J817, entitled " an art to art apart and dipoe of certain public land for the enrnnr. Tbe Howe adjourned to Friday next. TaTi this cityj NtfT.YOHJC trtXlXQ POST. MONDAY, JANUARY. 5. Tbe BMtoo Daily Adrerliw obaerre., tba The death of the PrioceM Charlotte of WiW yo, that the PreaMleat be reouetted to give to the be vera ditappoiolment lo tbe hope of Senate auch information M he mavpouen in rel the Rriti.h . - . ' 4 lation to any location of land, or KllWrn t aX IUtl00, " U nn4m ll ltreny " - i . 9J f mwi'iuimu unaer ue aioresaid act." I v" wuw win on ue tuccnor of. the Prince .. .aujourneo. .,, Regent, to the throne. It i. remarkable that al - A bill waa received from the Howe of Represen - 1 U.H,, ,h tweve eWwt Ue preienl a L' 0f!reu? 'r "w and Henry Lewi, I HI Uving, til s aeven wm and - five .Ka for "' rtf - than comideration:' , tony year old, sot one of them ha a legitimate r ik .il ,1 J!.:., T 1 "i1 of cw,a llvlDS - "CceMion goe on tbe death Columbia be instructed to enqnire into the exne.1 ATik. d - .. n a. . . diencyof comiwmcmgthe eooTthe Cntr K P"0 RSent to the Puke of York, who . Duuiung - oi ue l apiioi, u oi making provision for ui"'cu " aaugt.ter oi tbe late king of Pru - btti any children apartmenu can be had there, in tbe Capitol for " BOw 60 Jr'l,, 0,d Tbe tw "xt tout of tne reception ana accommodation of the Library the bag, the Puke of Clarence and Kent have ot tumgreM ; nd, in case uch apartment carmot nr k.M m.:.i , oe Dad to innmre into the exnedirrrcv of uirrhn I vuite w umnerland CTCT - uMga ivurcuivu i ouuaiiig tor the L.i - . Mr. Burrill alio submitted for comideration the following motion l w ivuhiuubc w wnom wa re - ... married out hu no children. The Duke of aaei wai married in 1793 and had a ion and . I M . daughter, but hi marriage wai not according to I the fornu rennirft ha 1i i... i . - MenrSocietrof TZSmWr? f " "' . be instructed u enquire into the expediency of so I Tbe Duke of Cambridge i not married fB!?0',,??nw,,, e United Sutes on the sub - aodaluoueh the youiurestof the bin rcnoiue Aincan slave tmrip. i . . . - to prevent said trade from being carried on byci - ' ' 1 h e,de,t tbe daughters of George t5",i f lif1 ,i,itedute' undftr fo",ef,, i n1, " widow - The Duche. of Gloucester was . vt:"" - 7 v. me unuea states married in 1810. and nih i,... . . .. , takrag measures, in concert with other nations - rT l either have any children, for the entire abolition of said trade. ' ne ""ee other daughters have never been mar - Mr. Sanfqrd gave notice, that be should on Fri - ried. Tbe king bas one nephew only who ia a 1 flay move a resolution for tbe publication of th r . omy, wuo u 41 Journal ot Proceedings of the Convention of the ftuot 6e nd oae wece who is44, and is un - UJKedBtatesiiow remaining in the office of the Married. nVutio'ywtorday offered, were taken Tbere J courequeace of tbe death ol the tmaiMerreedto. . . ' wu Frmce. Charlotte, of some political importance ..remit the duties on the piu,?pZ'M I bv Mr ',im0VM t a female, will pro West to the Peunsvlvania Hnaoitul th. hln bably remain united wiih h. .r.u t: j , the relief f S. - l' Atk. - . .k: i , . " r . .. " " Ol L - r e i Tr j . . '. V ,u u,e rw - 1 uocai oritam." hef of Joel Kanrmwl anit ths Mil r .....i.i:.l - I additional land offices in the Missouri territory, 7'V,""J accvuu ume ana committed. Asa the Senate adjourned to Friday. : : . .House of representatives. . "" ' Ttmdmi, Dtnmier 90. , ' Mr.Mdler, of South Carolina, submitted for con - tUeralion the following resolution j " Rrtoirfi, That a committee be anoninii! tnm,. Tea Ilioarn Paum avxa soto nr Airsa ica. Messrs. Aliens, of this chy, received by express yesterday, from Balt.more, the pleas - Sett&IS DOLLARS. Tib fortunate entitled - An act more effectual, v to breserv. th.'lT,cket old bT Messrs. Allen's, to Mrs twice read : and. oa motion of Mr. Mn to ores, noae hail rnm in fmm anu referred to the select committee to whom a com - ' 1!rrt"qui'7 JY" to'ty referred.' From t!u Norfolk Herald, Dec 29. The enjrnxned joint reolution introduced by Mr u, xcc.. ti - yoI;!Ni Yn - t'SiBf 1,18 Commiiooer of nfrram - Dy the V. S. frigate Constclla Si". r. - FT'i.P!? Weod at Gibraltar ha, poh'tely communt Irtjol 10,iAA to ixHjjCjO dot un worth or property oo board. , v ' - ' "' ' Bo to a. Ian. ' Mr. bledoa mad bi Grit appearance oa the Bo too Etaire, on Wednesday evening, and bU receptioo wai such a was duo to hi ac - knoa ledged talents, and must have been grat ifying to bis best feelings. Ths Theatre va crowded by a most respectable audience, and bis songs were received with great but dts criminative applause: ' DisTBSssixe airwascK. The brig - Mary, capt Thomas McCriy, bound to Lubec, from tbe Gut of Csnso, with a cartro of plaster. consigned tr, Wm. Mory, was lost on Ue night of the 13th inst. in a Snow - storm near Blanch Island, in the townibin of BarrimMon. countv of jlielbure. There were nineteen Irish Da - sengers who were coming to this country i of whom ten were lost j the others, together wiui UIC CSDUm ana hands. fhrtimte v rat on shore. , The Wellintrton Bedstead, advertised in England, it made of wrought iron tubes, plated with brass. The weight, with bedding nd curtains, is ouly 45 lbs. and is prepared for ue in one minute. . . , ' ' PoaiXAarn, Dee. 20. Semdaloui Outrau - We are inCrmt h.t on the evening of the 18th inst whUst a son of r. james woster.or Gorham, was returnine - v.... ..vm uiw uiwii wuii an empty team, on arriving within a mile and an half of Saccarap - pa villiae - e, was suddenlv alarm! K. tk. a. charge of a pistol and imagining he had felt someibinar strike hk hat. immMl inmna off his cart, and upon examining it found the crown of it had been perforated by a ball with - in one or two inches of bis head. Having thus narrowly escaped with hi life. h r.i. . .!.. . . " i cannon ours who pass that road bve of tha unfortunate Enrluhman h k... desirous of brincinir hi I a O ww uue vvuuu y eVT Xh mnilt fnsif1i:M a . t. 1 linUrmnnt w.. : . ' - vviuiiu iw uetvr, navo Dccomft r " vyt. wuLosKHur uiLQCUitT in pro very irregular. Yesterday it was past 1 o'clock 5 P'"onior itt eiAumat.00. IC .iih.. .. Mllfu .2 ... . . ... .... . LONDON, Nov. 1. Tbe bitt from the SemseTforextendintr the Ume "JTT ...T . 7 . . . ! L V ""l.w FvaU com tor tocaUng Virginia Military Land Warfaiits. was wua o cioca, wnen tms paper went l" no we puDhc prints, tbat the typhi lever continues its ravaees in Iraln patentneeaner to be niurd for land sold or aftemnnn in . this. .., ....T rranted bv the United Statra. nf . ..: .1 . .. t, "u""' twwery, . - . . - - vwaiiaiuiicawu the ascoT the United State, ai M .ZxTil "I agreeable to thescliemc, entitled to Fifty " ms Dngers. i - .wNwm mreri. .... i ia i . - H.I.1M IB UU1UBIH1 I Mil llf. ' Wl mines I uousami Dollars Oa mntwo of Mr. Himtlagdon, it v Retotved. That the Secretary of War be directed to lay before this Hoose a rttara of tlie arms and ii7 .iic luiniMieo to tne respective sum i - sSi On I hm n , Mn.. was one aroons - the tn ",r ws "uaa dead in ha bed. with . tickets forwarded to you on the 19ih Oct. last." T.rk of hi having died from the effects of the I tie above ticket (w.Ui lour others) was soon ruT. rm o,n much in darned. alter sola by Kalpbliuntuiiruntoairentleman.l uucness or Parma, bas is mad a few miles in the country. , On the 11th inst a. irbdding ber subject, to kneel to ber inruistiinr arm and military equipment to tbe ol mr' 1nl - fion 10 examme the tate of , luB ciergy m tier domin - wholebouyof the militia ofthe United Sutes," hu kkeU, and found that one of them had 1 . "r h subjects seosibl. of thi, which .i iniorm mi tiouse oa wbt principle urawn a prue of f 50 He then proposed to . . " "name to do. the dirtr.buuo. ibath been le. seUlhem. Ms Htuitinirton ofirrlt lVl, stxi ...h" omewhat curious that the earl nf.fl S.M.L"untm"' lo,rtwss for Uie ticket, and th, Vmcsat, at hisadvanced .tare oflito. b oa th. RastaiIasMi TKal tv ...i. . . sa.7rt.Z accented the ofTer. Mr. T Hi. lordshir, j w75" maples. voyage to Naples. I u. ' T . . .. voiisjaerauon i r. . .. - "" some vears tum in tl .k . o.. - ,: r. - I expeoiency oi provKiinr by law to uthoriel T ui iir. ucnjajiiin r.aton, Jr. otk , ' . ,T " - " oruer Ol I tbe coventor of states and territories for the time uwn' Ik "the ionunate holder of tbe T 8 Ti - T Tan"ut, turmicti the post of - 1 pnzc Mr. taum has once before drawn Iscej, all ofc - 1 commutations free of portage - J prize of f20,000. The Home then reinlnvl iiu.lCln, :.? . of the whole, Mr. Pitkra, in the chair, on the bill to iiwuirwrine oue execution olthe lass of the .'nited Stale in the state of Mississippi. juuish prvvEuow oi me oiu wnicb Axes the sal Nswatraea, Dec 50. As rivals. On the 20th and 21t' th. ... treme cold weather filled the river with ice rv tne vtstnet Judre, a reported bv the Ju - ami destroyed the navigation, ililder weather snSaTl - Sn intervenetLlmd our ckiwt" u ever.utemenu.exh r. . , 57 vithl aobdity by the kinr of Xa nlM. mrkik k. k. c . i. . . . . v i vcm j tne pnoce regent LONDON, Nor. 3. oo great is the demand (or iron, that one ad .ciuuowianotnermuuicKtarfMn. .1 a month since tbere was an advanr. .r an. . i. . u . . . - " iV 1., . " wn ? Mother took place. It is a truly charming si - M to witness. evemng, a the neirhboarhood of I),..ri.. c.i (too, Vc. where so much oWm. i "!: lately prevailed, (he iauaciu osmber of fires us DruryLane TfualnA successor to the ma - nagemeulaf this theatre, in tbe room of the lamented Mr. Raymond, bas at length been ap. rwintit Mn.t 1.. ..1.1:. - . . . . 1 " - - t uum, we luuiK, wul De satis - ueu wan toe nomination. Yesterday the com. bounty hW in the territory irfIlliimb,nK tlie following mittoe announced to Mr. Henry Erskine John - - . . a a. . . 1 . m . 1 m V r bssji r v a a lAflar laa w . r a I aS - it a I a . came id c pnniea six nuuared copies thereof. I - 1 " rrteiveu irom ca - mat ne was selected 6y them to fill the of. ktaa m1 oka IihI I ' I ill IS nnil An tit iMAanln .f si. - a .a. t. 1st a" . w , ' wv Mm wuw,nu ncgsiuvca, dti large - " "'"w'wi u govern - 1 oi iiag maoagtr. auu uut Diifht the iuUlli 0rniLv. - nfl - r..J - ..: rr'BtoulMto"ftf. lienc. was officially promulgated the green. inrir."uow - L.;"".,ulnwo' - ,BI7 - room otu.. theatre. AttoeeomatiS 0,81 ?lrwoS circumstance, In fox bunt fthemeinof.jM!Amern r.V. not b doubted : About five day. .ince, the wg, took place iu Berwiciuhire. .Yr. Ilav. Society, be instructed to enquire into tlie expedi - ,T ?' , ?Pan,?u court, arri v Dunse Casth - , in tbe course of last summer, Lad ani,if m.i n...ui. r..k .1. : .. I ad here fmm .Vfaitri.l uml hi. l.;....i :. . I ... .. v "..r""wv "rr " icriiou in me law. 1 - . ,. : , v. w - yvi. w iv twin ,ii expense ana irouDle collected a prohibiUiig the citizens of the United States from hu w" who expected here iu a bort time a number of fox - hounds, ami kv .t cn - Minr in uie AJncan fLav tradn. osi mnv mr. I uaaMDifer ia one. ai thm H ntaiftn flossf nr..iui i mli( Qn.1 mi.A I a. f 7 . 0 equally secure their intended operation for daUy, ot i Tn. T of baU. Z K V"7 MLTJ S leave toreport by bill and nin.Vrigates afd transport, wt ft r vrkTSb.. hadicl;!! fffi The 1 louse, on motion of Mr. Jhn.nn r tr - tan J1 - . Bucn " 018 from authority to his own saUsfacUoo. and likewiu t th.t r resumed the consideration of the biU to commute 081,001 doubl nd ,h rench consul say, be ha the gentlemen who were out with him On miv uuuuij .uuui ui aoiaienot tne late army I : " " o" ouu oere uout "auuesoap weex, ne threw off at a cover nr T. .7 ,, , T ircnumeuis re - i " m . iirociauons nave u CAiriogion, wnere be uutautly found . tha fa, tMrted to the House bv the mmm tM r th. hiMn ,i v. - . .iT. . . 1 1 i. .? . ' . " "uu toe iox ..LUku. Rw.rt. :f I r - k 6 vwu iim cpauunann "a ai view, anu alter a run of fire or sit - o whicn Mr. .Kobertson, of Louniana,offrred an Russian courts for anm tint. rin..hti... v: L;ii . u:i. . .... . . . or x amendment, which wa ordered to be minted, and ix, .k. .;.i d .... I . .".."r" L - T . . w ".".u woe ol ine nver .... .. , , , o - uim nver the whole subject to Ue on tit table. Adjourned T iT , ' u " nerco,onial " ,ITdmJ2, j)li AflJumed - g has made over some equivalent in tbe Ante - Mr. Edward, offered the following resolution "5 but WDaf " u conjecture. The Span - Resorved, That the President ofthe United State ten u'horiUe. are makiog sxleudid entertain - be requested to cause tobe laid before this House "nU for the Russiau ambassador: the first is ".'.Iw ;DVmtSr,of 8u,e which bRV Pa bJ wr'0" department ofthe idles." WbiUdJer i the hounds bain. rU. nn diuhedovera .helving rock, and nine couples and a half of the best of them wero killed dead on ue spot, and a couple and a half rendered useless, so tliat tfr. Hav had tha of seeing bi gallant pack, which at tea o'clock taStUKT SMStSSSS . he vernnTeThrvah! i W f lL retaining any tide of nobility, penMon, office or rnve at any Sianish port ' Thi regulation Kosciusko, tbe venerable pa ' - 1 n . , emoiuroeut, without the consent ornnnn. fr causes treat uneaiina mmnni ih Cn.n;...i. iha sir fiimm nnmt or mwh.. JLv.1 I r li Mr. Eda ard skated, th that hi motion wa indu - Fiom we Dot Ion Cenlbul, Du. 31. uie cato ot hi country, died oo the 15tb October at Soleure. Among the many eulogies with r'.i f i.:. . j - . .. . . , eedbydoubt.wheUH.rme.rtklereien to v..: .. Z T V .. " . ""' . . the ' naaoeeu ratified bv a.suSk - Hn nnmW r .1..I .r suipn iiununrum. received i" iwceiyiau uncollect tha vr , States, to make ita part of the Constitution, al - ' ,etler f,om Mr J - Cohen. Jr. his corres - 1 ,'''nJ',, of Campbell, thoorh H aitpeared as such, he perceived, in tlie Pont ent at Baltimore, giving him information Thursday the 16lb alt died at Bow - wood. CODIeS ruitrd fttw thj. r.f k ...... k. r .t I ..r kja t.n..'. ...II .1.. . , . .. . hh. ..n .r .1 . . . Tv r w - - - r . . . . 1,1 .inu awHi me irreaiest rrize ever "LtlJJZ 71 f7 America. The foUowing i. an ex. ttonwasarreed to without opposition. . OnmotioaofMr.Storrs, it was "BALTUtoas, Dec. 25, 1817. Resolved. That the I " Mr. Ralph Huntinirtoii. Itiuton. Um Iiue seat m Lo maruuis of Lantdown. Mr. Broad, for nearly forty years steward in th. .unruua - lamiiy : Demr OUt in tha nark: . Ik. preveuuig nay with a party of ladies and gentlemen, he found a dead addw, which be took lands be instructed to inquire into the expediencv I " Sir I have the pleasure to announce to 'atni, nand nl opened the mouth te show ?i?ZZ 5. Zlll". e nr'uctKr4 into all you that No. 1181, the first drawn yerterdav h be? P"on creature lay : in doinr up 111 K Id keseal A Sal. ' : I. . C L.T ...... . - IU. L.. 1 .. ' " .however, th. Ml. rT. III i 1 II III II II B I Ill f Vl - 'r. 1 9 behold so much activity prevail throughout ths uw trad a at this time. - . We are also happy ia being able te commoni - cats to our readers, ths gratifying mteUizence, that tbe demand for goods of every description, this fair bu exceeded the most (anguine expeo tatioa. Yorkshire cloth have met with a ready sale, at rather advanced prices, and Irish linen hare been much called tor. Sheffield - and Bir - miaghaa goods (which were a mere drug last iairj nave oeen tola to great quaouues. ' We lament extremely to observe, that in the last week, (ever has much increased in Strabaoe and neighbourhood, and that the contagion is preading among tamilies of the most respect, able description. Tbe number of patients for woods auuuuonce u sorted te our hospitals S I from hi. cart, whilst hU team "wmSodb to help . Vermont teamwtoV.tmte J mg a perm climbing over tl7e fence, wd mis - .s"1'" weBro"A,exanUer wv. i m tuui Mufc, t il e'er defend The precions boon t be ir valor gave '' - Sor let our dearest rights desccad, . ; : Vi'ithotita itreggle, to tbe grave t : ' ' ' Kew - Enlaod, sad ber rugged coast, 1 v Shall ever be oar pride and boast. ' V . - . - ' . . ; , '.. . Ftr is the west, oer heart noite To celebrate this happy day ; ' ;'"' - Conscious of pure, refiad delight, - Our vows at friendship's shrine we pay ; O I may the flame that's kindled here, ' Illume with jog Lie's dark career. , " Where'er we roam, tbe sacred tie ' s . ;. Tbat chain our soul to those we love, , Which itill connects, when hope shall die, ' .'. lo noble happiness above ; . . Uosever'd by the band of time, - Shall still exist in evVy clime. not less than S or 0 each day, and a still greater Ne w - Eoirland ! should we meet no more . : number are taken ill, whose situatioo in life ea - 1 Tbe Irieod that cbarm'd our early days auieuiem to forego that resource, and await i oe magic iweeuofyooin explore, tbe reult of the disease in their own houses ur n' "J BelfattjrtvtUtter. Some persons who died of Typhus fever have name in nobler lays t Still shall tbr plains and rockv coast Forever be our pride and boast been opened by the medical gentlemen of New. I The evening closed with a thort and eloquent it. Water wa band in their head. Tha head I address from r'rancis A. Blke. sa. which we oi one coniainea a pint of water. In another. I cannot una room tor at tms time. about an ounce wa found. Dr. Milh, of Dublin, has opened a number of patient who died of this disease, in whose heads were comideraWe quantities of water. There is a manifest deter mination of blood to tbe bead, in the Dresent fa. tal disease, and therefore, it might be advisable to open the templar artery or juglar vein in many cases. - , it is an afflicting fact, that on the 6th nit Halpait one o'clock. The Easterm mailbas just arrived. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Exchange Coffee - house, Reading and) News Room, Boston. Jan. 3. Arrived this morning, schr. Boston, Wire, 59 there were in Uchcsterjail alone, three hundred from Amsterdam, with 118 bale hone and sixty - five prisonen ! ' hideti Hon. Wm. Gray. Passed a Boston . LONDON, Nur. 5.. hip Soiiig in as he came out Left at Amster - The Paris papen of Saturday arrived jester - dam Nov. 5, ship Rulus King, Chew, of ew - aay. I be king, following up the other proofs 1 1 or" l0, ",u ,bout lourteen days for India, which he has recently given of havict aeaiu ad - 1 Ltft at New Deep,1 ships Mary Ann Butted fmnca TalUvranit J v t a vmomvm aaaitiajT Bajrvi WW ' F Lt S Sf U I , m ' V him on Friday with a private audience, at which ?!for,, nttoa 'A".0 Harn ?f me prince presented to bis msiestv his brother - - - , "" - - 7 " iumiuj suuun, .1,. Vr j V.i? . Di ' I of Portsmouth J Eaele. irom Bait tlVinifred. disbolical outrage. ' 2Lt a f.TUeTrand WhaUver Talley - Gelton. forNYor Since writing the above, we learn that on riZull? TZt&& 1 . . " . " m.i Wl I . mm mvninff iruin.l. i. . u. I 1 . ii 'a 1 rk. ready to sail. Left in the Rh3ri - Hiiii.rrf rnPk;i. .i. . . rrKiay evening last, not far from the same h. fca - tl ..iI T'":.'"'Tm'' wmll sfS. Pej0T wiaifw, I7,iengll, lace, the same lad was robbed of three chains. r iv. " " . . : 'i " J"luV5 " mont mp ' ames, zo aay irom tiueoec, bound pair and.eve?!i otJnac had. 1 .noLbe" l.h "tarir ?, Co?.don - VS'tW 4 "on o0, .poke .hip sing hu cliams. tlie lad pursued and ovrtnlt iv u " ... .. . Schr Fair Play. Perkins, from sr. York. a person creeoinir un the hank - k: - k i" tjemaiew me Bntanma, came paswd bvHolem'. Uoli Jn. l.Shin filohe. called two person, to hi. a LT.n.L "'. lcoau auo.ul.a ,ortn,eM "P. "ring for Nantuctet 90 days from the Coa. tof " Peri nunJin,.,. P.K T 1816, whtn the crew ... . . r, r::.:.r: S.f!,?E,or " wu tU3trd - peI on .bore, after the manner Drcribed bv LONDOW. rv oa Another venon bumtdiadMtih m On Mouday night some poor wretched pauper a mm viaoiii. Mir in. rwtnrni nf tha warm ID, ouur destitute of an nthr r.r.,.. ; Stepney - fieldi, where they found the body of a poor young man, apparently 21 rears ol as. Iv. uZ quite dead : the bndv i.k Jan. 1, 1818 arrived and sailed, schr. Mary - a. . P V - aaiss - .vt.exj. a ue riiDtni am anrnn nftha .t . . . " ' In . u . . other article, were fouud hid .k! . "an,D ! W 00 .7 Pro.'on saved were rin.rf, aay. from flew Vork, of and for Hal ...m - J "v "Pines, ana a smau ouauutv of beef andiuax. pork. They found a tree which they planked Your, in haste, Selection. irm i... r.i . . .",UJ anu inerewun lengthened the - nuurtK, jr wiuwutyui received Doat. it honM t amn m nm ik.m r i.... - , ,1 ec .. . - - . . - . I . ' j u.vui vu, uui lur ui uie newiorxcvemngrost Ma k nu n crew were r.r:!:. !"" "d Sohp Pn.n, Johntoo. 17 d.y. from Port ,o " - 'y iiuuiuct, oi wuom Z4 1 rnnee,wun eonee, digar, cocoa etc. to U G Gil. arl.0nZ5fported 10 be "ved - lie, owaer, Palmer (t Hamilton, W Dawson k Mr. Thomas Campbell, the Pnet k.. - i I Co. Lc Rov. Buvard. k Cm. J R M.. a ,.r. , - eiU I - - I " r - - - - - p wsaaa - urcasca a letter to tue Kdltor of a Mnrnino - P.. per, contradicting a report ouoted fmm an A. merican Newspaper, that he had intimated hi willingness to accept ofa Professorship iii an ucjrc. air. uampbell says, and ' TITR.iv rv.. ii An instance of extraordinarv &cur..iii. ko. ' curredat Coassolo: a woman named Madaleine Casana was on the 18th of Auir. deliverad nf sa. I f IB srei Bfllmsa sAaa l 1 . delivered of twins, daughters, who only Uved flv days. The mother has not evnriAnr.t Ik . I :..i...:. ... r From tht Cincinnati Oasclle. Messrs. Mootaudevert. and Mr. Carrie. Il Meaar. Montmilevrt .nH Mr r.. Dee. 18, schr Three Sallys, Cozxeas, for Philsd Jd ( liey, Slade, for Ba timore, uncertain i Bal - a ! . - S fit X a i . w .a. - . we are sure ererv atn.:... - r T . I u"re, i nnau tor St. Jago, sad w ew Uiiesns, wfll bV! Msry. DriverX Norfolk . Klita mtimated ,nv surl. ,;n; - "T "r.l ZlZll'r,""! """S' Atxins.ot k.. . i - 'Butai aim tuai ne I "axuwcii.juii arnveu; wm. at Mary, Keen, do: nai no desire of permanently exchanging Jii. Hetion, wsitingeargoi AttrseUve, just ar. from native country for any Jther. 5 'I If. York i brig Cosmlmolite, Campbell, for Bor - desux, ia 4 days. Lat i, long. 74, in the night, passed the wreck ofa vemel, supposed to be a enr wua acr novsprit out oi water. Schr Frank, Gale. 20 days from St. Eu.t.i; " i aiw vamy as a.siai SJK. EjUIUIM wnn rum, Left brir Chance. w I . m SWT a . utue, oi suzw naven, tor l urks Island next day Sch Oscar, Allen, 11 days from Wilmington, wiui BUll, IO UiDDS. ' The N CW - t.nt land Thariurininir ft ik.lakin. tip - .. iV'.na nim.nn.l .1....:. . AtU - r rv. , . - i - - 0 - - e.""' - "i" kiii ciaaini, wr - Sch 'Almira. Lombard. S rlxva frnm Pi. hllM H - .lli .. . W . , n . ... . . Tha nniia.. k it . . I u,u" - - u nour, to Wilson and j ue company then sat down in n I t .. Pr, where the fcllowme tna.T.V - r - hTi. ' Zi a. ZT'i fJT " A"p clx ? " oda writtn k. H.iu o. r. " "J - " w wiui senrs. tveymouth. and ."J l! ' u ,Tr orcr' for th oc" General Scott, both for New - York - TZ?i".b' Ir - .T,UTBro.wn. Schr Tell - Tale, Churchward. .. . u. seaovai we celebrate Venerable fcr and 3 day from th C.rt e.T e 7 er also to proceed. . i ootiy takea . V . : . - vi isr. insf ftm . , y w apt x aoes not know to what iati - i Ibaced. - r . "ut, loop Vieilaot Cnmitock. A f t. tersmirg, bound to NYork and XJutiES?Jrs on account of head wind. "'Pl UOI - MtS'S HOLE, Dec 27Arrived - k. Fame, Farnngtoo, 10 day. from Balth!,? oaiem. Bpoe Ltec. Md, lat. 38, 33. ,7 a chr. from NYork for Ouayana. e 74 8chr. Messenger, Beatty, (t day from S.York f,r St. Johns, N. B. f.loop days from NYork for Nanturkit. ' w,er5 Dec. 30 - Arrtved ship Cordelia, Magee. lpl day. irom Calcutta, for Boston, with cotton If I ear anil rinnr. Ils ilih I.. u i 1 o c - - D' - - , "u, law o, ion. 61 LpolJe.!cr,ar,Ma' w"inon W day. Tfrm, Worfolk for Martinique. S9th, Block Wand a I Opm rvideoce for flavana. 20th, Slrt J d, lat. 70, experienced a very i - vere eale frZ North to We.trPaed Bt iZlena TSw. , ifi and wa. permitted to anchor for iunnlie. r? napaile wa. mocboutofheftlth - hilegwoled &c. 87th, off Montaug Point spoke a vJrir V and for Nantucket, from a whaling royas - s etl uic vam ue ClUl. rasieager ill tne ier air. cnane. uexter. . THEATRE. .On MONDAY EVENING, Jan. 6, Will be presented, THE APOSTATE. JONATHAN THOMPSOV. Jan 5 - lm C. O. JHIPMAlf, see'ry. Eagle Fire Cvmnanu f Aw. Yml, VTOTICEi. hereby given that a dividend fcr 4.1 the last in mouth, of four nnrt a hirr ford, G S Mumrord, F Varet h Son. J 1 Boyd Z Tr a Pa - Ff' w." H01"""! has Cottrel h Martin, 'and the espt" rsseS aer,on.,ne fwtnst . Japp ire JOHN D. MEYER, See. 1 IOX rRKIGHT OR CHARTER, The schr FAVORITE. H. H. Tl.h. master. Ivirur 1st nhnrf sSnn buttlien 1100 barrel, 11 months old, Philadel - phl built, now reads to receive a rirm innl to the Captain ou board, or at 9t C. H. slip, to Jn5 D1VIE BETHUWE at CO. jan 5 For Freight or Charier, - . Tbe substantial brur EUNICE. nr. (UluiR Malec, - Mr. Cboptr Florinda,. ' ' ' Mrs. Barna iu wiui n win oe aanea, me mmrcai mrce of MY GRANDMOTHER. NOTICE. Refundinc of Internal Duties. ftfr - Aereeably to the act of Conereis. nf rv cerober. tiki. 1817. duties oaid on licence r ?eriod extending beyond the 3 1st of December .817, and for stamp, not used, are to be refund.' ea oj in rerpeciire collectors, provided the . ... ' . . ' . - MS 1IDI. nmuvre by which Talleyrand distanced the W bine, of NYork, "dj from Bavannat Tm.P: Tb.o mUnXQ preV10M W u,eIlrdl S?"7 W Tal,ejra?d ,h French brig L'Eucharis, Dupuytren, 43 day from Wants. Collector of the Revenue, New - York. New. York, Jan. 2, 1818. jn 5 St NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY The President and Directors of the Nation. cognized him. We hope such further" enquiry vea w .WlT' versity. The with SOOO bbl. oil. Spoke, off Sf. Augustine, sch al Insurance Company, have this day declared willmadeaswulleitothelS conviction and foundland, in October lumbia River. " stock, for their last six months, payable to tat stock holders, or their legal representatives, on and after Thursday the 15th inst. jan 3 tFebl JOHN J. J0NE9. Secry NEW - YORK CITY DISPENSARY PUBLIC notice b hereby given that ta next night a frost closed it ud. Taamulnnl BvtheRevd. TW.tnr tyr. sr. s - ik. I Mondav the 12th dav nf Jannsrw ;n.n k. h . .... . - " . - , ... nuwwi J , - - j iiiiipiiM w - - ui buu uirrtiea mem wnere provi - l'!?":," f sown, rrestcoester uoenty, to lw" nour oi twelve and one, there wiQ Miss Julia Durree. sioo mlrht be obtained : and eic - ht nf th.m i Ann dauehter of Charles f)ur on, expecting to return in 3 weeks, but that oe - 1 ' "' '"" C"T copied 1 1 week.. Two men and a boy remained with the wreck, and for eiHit of h. a,..t. bad only four apples each a day for their whole support, i ney were seven months in these dis astrous circumstances, and their only shelter was , . - - T ' a? vidwii aytaaaSBU. hu clothe were reduced to tinder, and his hands rom ""emains of an old foresail. The were nearly burned off. !now WM ro M to 22 feet deep. There was There wa a report yesterday of the death of ""tt cf gam"' DUt thc7nalno means oflakin? ouooaparte. but tha last iH..i. l.u .:. I ,l - ne ooy lost mi reason. Blunts, bead fin Hudson Lowe, state that his health . ni. coagulated. None of these men lost fi neess or jnureu. 1 uiaier was wrecgea about a mile A private letter from France states, that the u. .,rom u,em na ohlj ue Eurluhman sav Prussian, Frederick, was triad forth m.,.1.."'' uiust have suffered still more, for it was I eutia. of Mr. Phillips, at AbbeviUo. on Mnn,l. i,.t necessary to amputate both hi feet and hands : DIED, At Norfolk, on the 28th ult after ao illness ot several days, Mr. Jeremiah King, of Lyme, (Con.) aged SO years. He wa. couvictail It ml lamtenr - Aul t. u .I I and Without feet or kUatli ha hu ben rrtnmi " root. n4 thm Mpcaia. - - Vueli left. . . . . .vHtvuvou W UirB KMJlII I - - .w.a.vwi.Li . a his hand cut off, and these healed, to be after. . . i Z.x.?vl?Z f0 J,eel, " I . ... S P h America ward executed, lie bas confessed two other mtumcM!! Shipwrttk. most distressing murders, and appears to have been one of the oclurrence took place on the coast near Car - most cool, sanguinary villain, that ever existed on Thursday night last From the Bristol mrs. rnuups rtmauis at Urlghtoi n in . .tt - Journal, of Saturday, we extract the following ing intelligence, that Ticket No. .M2n in delirium ; and it is an eitraonlinar frt ik.. " Lo" WtUum ft Maro Backet. At a ber. an Surgical Lottery, came up ou New - Year., Day. 'g S. J)" "a, been BtLml EVENING POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. I be held at the office of the New - York City Dispensary, in Tryoo - row, in the rear of the City Hall, the annual election of thirteen trait. according to the provisions of tbe charter. By order of tbe Board, ?. Jonathan Goodhue, 1 - 4 Francis B. Winthrop, J Committee. Edm'd. 11. Pendleton, S Jan i 6t acnr uwisa, Mcteod. Brazils 1 7V Pacfr liauranet Company oTNewlofk. Levi Culdurelh ' I IW Tl Stlihu.n .k.ui...i.' 11. BELOW 1 brig and 3 schr. j an Elect ion for S ventcen Directors 0 be he SHiUVt.U LAST EVENING. lat the omce No. 48 Wall - street, en Monday the anip vnne, ijumpbrev. 129 dav from cal. I IInn innaoi, 10 commence a iu ana close at Z with tugar, cotton, aioser. sum, iodiro. 1 o'clock. ' By 0"er. 'Jbe Board of Directors. good,fce to R Lenox, fawner,) H Lm. otI ' ' wL.l fcrt K. JONES, Sec'y. I an a tiyin . 1.11 iv, ,bip, which had just arrived, name aot 1 ftj - The Pacific Insurance Company of Nem. ?CL ppTaner 10 ""pnw shin . Xork have thu day declared a Dividend of IXu 17. lat U 7, kg 7 ii. .poke schr lur - twerrs per cent on the capital ttoclf MvlhS. garet fiom Bath for Martinique. Capt Hum - 1 at tlir office, No. 49 Wall - street tK'l9m y.pstscoat. Helena on the ttth of Novem - tnUnt. By order of the Board of Directors uu was Doararu oy nis o. i. nrig Levant, Jn o lm - WALTER R. JONFS. He mi - lanclio - and was Informed by the boarding officer, that a kll. viwts li - ci.i..,,., .'.TjZT.w fil " Bonaparte kept himself confined to bis rooin TnV ,.r - .iH ' .YL"'? Y""' iiw ii uhukb cununru 10 oi room. I Tk...:j . . ,. - , - " - - he pr,dcnt and tli - r . - ..uui iitr, auu ooiy ot aeaui aiinoan - l vl lBC iviuiam ana 1 Uie grand capital prue of ONE HUNDRED Iced, she ha exclaimed that ah. knh. - !J Mary packet, captain Mauler, from thi. nort Capt. H.wa.alM informed that a British kri,7 L.V director, havethisday Jmurdered, and mwaud could dejeribe hU mur - to Wlerf(rd - She sailetl oh night WT " TrkUn de Cunba, "oT IXShZIVJ. C,pi .. fej. - P'ojed by T, and, about eleven on Je Se Z'ZX: Caaway. iiarin hiiii 1 .arfi.TT i ... ...... . . ' . ..v., w i ' r. ir.i. . . - 0 - . ta winina. w - v .f. . . O " master, of 195 tons, li months old, a n - ' J . ' I s - .. TTa:' s co,n,Pny coosutmgorbetweeu wise shell, cocoa nuts, cow skins, old copper BU and 90, prmcma lv nativea nf K...r.. u.i I A - r. tn II I. - n r,i...i o i,.n... . celebrated h. ..!.:." .r Xr. ,! ",."7'. ' 7 T. 77 " Vew - ,7 r uu muvai at tne Cincmnau Hotel. The festivities of the even - fl? Wu.rJ?plby 80 lrsfrom Nathaiiel Wnght, Esq. which called forth rcn11.t;,. o auccun? to tn heart, and h;. ,i: ence with an enthusiasm which eloquence onlv can insni ra. CAMBRELENG h PEARSON. Fnr Hlbiu. The fine coDDered ketch Mini Raine) - , master ; will tail on ThursdaT Schr Price. Dunham. 4.1 dav fmm st An. myrntng next. For paitare or freirht whicl , A ..... ' . J ,:i i . . , . . Kf . 1 areas (Spanish Maine) with cotton, coffee, deer IT j . to the master ners.; uec. 20th, lat 30 58, lone 78. lost overboard William T. Waltham. aeaman r board, at Peir No. 6, North River, or to . , G. G. t S. HOWLAND, Jan 5 .... 77 Washington - street Y3LUE NANKEENS. I7sn ri... w... MJ keens, for sale MairfrnLlan - nHh f V. . Norfolk. - Dec.22d, spoke brig Harrison, John - .ide) by GEORGE PALMER, S son, of Newburyport, 43 days from Belfast bentare. it with 54 paM.engers, for Charleston ' at No. f Ik I - Ln D(T Dftt r. v. .... ed iooe an 6 5t Vjuwyttuiu KAMPOY TEAS, in boxei kv ana cannisters. XI and S4 lb each. .i4M to debentu.e, for sale at 64 South - strret oy v riUDnri VT r. a. Dn.DLlV jan 5 k - . r I" f nd con'eCPatd r the religion of tobacco, sugars, tortoi - e .hell, and old copper, to S.,arch ,an1inS lron cbr. Fair trader,' at Old - ur lathers: mav it alwava h. ..r.i : .t. Pair. Ar Trtnleti. IT. p.... ' um - V. A'. .id. for sale b true spirit f its original simplicity. I ling, A G. Phelps, 8. Our friend in th vc. . - .u .1. I od the Captain. cheerful fire, a social board, a feast of lor, and Hampton Road, in 3 day from this port a happy thahlcsrivinr. ' for, Richmond. ' . . i ne narvett of the ' Srhr Riin. w: . . . . prrent year It has mond, with tUrand t.h xiVir .." .... Ji - ,1 ... ... . u iuu uie lie an nl in. hnh... ... . .l . v Imr. 1. C' D . . . 7 - - ct I . . - . - horn ofplenty ov.rflows. and e 'r . PrLCJ V" Jn.tte" Q naboo are full. ' - - H " .r.T" "wr?. n .P8 Broom. a. Tt,. v.r.T.4 I u "J ' uuul tw sora lor tw. butter, Richmond. rne result of wisdom and beoevoWe : Like the sua of heaven, it throws its btuu um. ik. poor si well a the rich, and enlightens thewhole community with tha ravs of . - , :. ; 5. Tbe state ef Ohio It ho. k,.',i.. ,. . - - vwM.ui uw UUVi m our home, tbe theatre of scene of our hope. Let ii use every exertion to promote iu present and future interest. OUR. Tun ' I' ,v. fi i.:. w Hail to tbe land that n?aV hartK Oar native soil, the Patriot' tomb, To oi the dearest spot oo earth. tvnere love and beauty ever bloom : Our ' towering hill, our verdant plains We'll venerate while life remain. Departed scenes thi. hoar restores, 1 he jors of roath. rh. hi,.. rJ hn. . Andmern'ry hailiUK rorky shores ' auotHBDa snmwd mid Ocean' foam AihI there her wave, shall roll sublime, While natare own. the power of time There Freedom first ber flag enfurPd Tbere Heroes inara'd . i.n.ii. And boldly dar'd to tell the world . no moairc" hu their Gov ; They rest in peace, their name, reprae A tpoilen as tbeirmoautaia snows. Schr Mar. V.n P - ti i - l r 1 STARCH. . , ': XE Hundred and Sixty, kert Philadelphia jan 5 JACKSON WOOLLEY, ' " 75 Wall - street. T DOMESTIC St OTHER WARES. HE subscribers keep constantly oa band an extensive anortraeut of the following goods, viz Dutch and English or Count. r Brusties with oyMerito The aQrmEt Hea,b B"b schr Hamlet, Van PeM. 34 hour, from Norfolk IJH T, ' wit.i oysters, to the captain iHJk late gale, and arrived at snrfnlk m va..,L1T - V""' Brushes and withlim of .ails, spars, kc. ' ' P3?.". l 0oU Slonp Hiram, Evan., 3 day. from Baltimore, Wltn n utr Arw m.Am t. . . r ... . . . . Todd, frnwn f Wk:i. . - .. . . ..... and others; On Frida .W Cords,. Clothe. S. Cords, Trare rd away ber fore vard. ried awav her for. vrA Calcdtta. Int. ui ImTuj .I..... . I tvroRrbt and Cut Calcctta, July 30 - Wrought and Arrived, the ship Glide, Tucker, from Salem. SaiUt I . - ...muwwuci, MICCDt for China. RramL. V ' 30 - Arrived .hip Athen., Bromlry, f - nat New York. Sailed, the ship Al - Conway f( Boston. ' P rRrF0L& Dcc - 19 - Arrived, ship Hope, lounr. from Mrill. t j.' r.r i? - T " . . . .. - i utivs irom lilU - f?,t.,H,ni,l3t,e "K hort P" - tne Him.. n ku. r . setlles to Gibraltar, (in October h Ii. wruV. of and boarded, f reach Galliot, agd penniUed Clamps, 4, 7, 8 rosy Furniture Brushes Horse do Rope Nail, and Brad Gunny Bags, kc . Popes Heads , Crumb Brashes Bellows, fancy od common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mat Pail and Tuba Wbeel - Barrow Fine Wire 8ieve Do Hair do Whips of every de - tcriptioa Seine, sewing, wrap - - ping, baking and b&U a wine . FishLiae Shoe k Sadler Thread Dearborn's - . Beliaa . ccs Which they will sell wholesale or retail oa E beral terms. CEBRA CUMING. J8" 76 Peart - street FLOUR. 120 barrel superfine Richmond (mayo mill?) Flour, landing from ichooner Rising - SUtes, for mle by ' - . GRISWOLDS&COATES, . 86 South - street. IN STORE, , 150 bales prime Upland Cotton 10 Mid;, retailing Alulassei, For sale as a - bove. dec 5 i

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