The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 21, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, November 21, 1913
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URG TIMES. VoL XI. No. COO. Gettysburg; Pa., Friday, November 2l-=i. 1 Price Two Cent*. HAVE YOU SEEN THE New Short Stiff Bosom Shirts? We are showino them In the Corner Window;. the new feature about them is that the bosom 5s set underm-ath instead of on the top, thereby making a practicalle suniriier shsrt minus the · ' starch. - -The bosom is small and short and will . not catch on top of the trousers. The newest shades of P ink and Brown, also the staple colors. The cuffs attached or detached. The Price $1.00 and §1.50. TALKING TO HIS RftND ARMY' ANNUAL NT OF 001 LETTERS FROM GOUNTYTOWNS | Dallas BOOSE, of Uttlestown, Ceases j Gettysburg Veterans Hold Reunion; Robert Koxley, Gettysburg Hegro, Story of Big Railroad Plan becomes j Correspondents send in Many Items to Answer Questions cf Fella*/] and Annual Banket Largest At-j Cauchi hy Woman in Piiisburgj Current Following Visit of Ro'cke-1 of^foteresting Kews frara their Workmen snd they Had him Bead-! tendance for Marty Years. Efeb- = after hs Had Frightened Child in | feller to Western Maryland Sys-S Respective Towns. Personals - - - - - - - - - 5 ' I a Confectionery Store. Mrs. KewittDied in Bendersville.: orale Oinasr Served. A few rcinats after he ceased an- { Gettysburg's Grand i men.! A i swering the questions of his friends j members of Corporal SI:c-!:y Post y. jii dispatch in"- said: from Pittsburgh this tern. Came through here. According to advices from Nev/ · York, the recent visit of John D. 1 and Many^ Brief !te,Tis. LIBERTY HALL Liberty Hall--Mrs. James Hoffman ECKERT'S STORE, i Dallas H. Boost, oldest son of Mr.-.: and other veterans 'to the- r.-jmber of | Cox Moxle/. a neijro, cf Gettysburg, j Rockefeller, Jr., when he inspected 'has gone to a Baltimore hosnital where ! Savilla ·Boose, of · L:ulesrowr. v.-as | eighty six attended their :,: j:-.ia! re-; oniered the confectionery store of J.; part, of ihe Western Maryland Rail- j she expects to undergo an operation. ' found dead Wednesday afwnooss as a J unioH ar.d banquet in the P.--t Room ! M. Werner, at Millvale " » - "Q° | result of heart trouble. \VhiIe . Boose's health hau not been the Mr. j on Thur.-Jay afternoon WALTER'S THEATRE y · '* TO-NIGHT AM KRICAX RKLIAXCF. THE MYSTERY OF TUSA-- illvale. a suburb, this | way. ir.duding the line through Get- ; She was accompanied bv her brother, s the [ afternoon and demanded money from . tysburj? may result in the tunneling of ! W. T. S. Site?. Les*. ( Ihrjjfcst attendance acd th? \.-^ Lun-_| Werner's little girt, who was behind , a portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains, j Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eiker scent j for some years, his condition was not · quif f -r many year?. ·; the ) Mr. Rockefeller represents the cor.- i Sunday at the home of Eiker Brothers, j regarded as serious and his death wa? . W. T. Ziegier, the eorr.::.:i» k-r, called j The frightened child run screanr.sig'; troHing this properly and i Miss Grace Plank, a former rest: wholly unexpected. ; the "it-sun? to order at: J t-Tt-.-r a few J to che living apartment, in the rear and : "-he Standard Oil capitalists behind ' den'c of this place, and Robert Weikert ) Mr. Boose, who is a carpenter by \ introductory remarks pra;.«.-.- was off- \ her mother, securing a revolver. -ha«-'. him are credited v.-ith dominating the j of York, soent Sundav with W. C. by Dr. T. C". " ii:!iheinier. : e «i ilosley back into the stixTMc, tiring; Western .Maryland situation. It is j Plank and family. Dabel is spending sev- relauves at Grace- : trade, was assisting workmen in w«r- t-red -AM HP. 1C AX Showing how a band of Outlaws- i= Apprehended by S-'i-r.-t r-rvi-._-. RUNA I'LAYS CL'I'ID - R.-Iian«A !r.-.uja frVaturing the Popular ··hild actrt-s Ru:ia Ilodg.-=. A Cf I I P OF THE OLD BLOCK A One Rf.! Kt-ystoi.e Farce Com Show starts 6:45 Admission 5 cents. COMING. TUESDAY NOVEM1IEU. 2-5. A Pisv of Today '-'WHERE is MY WANDERING BOY" CHART AT PEOPLE'S DKDJ STORE. | who were on the second floor were [ A. Clatz and Theodore McAs:i.--te?. j She promised und with conversing with him during the after- !-America" and ''Tenting on tnt- CM ] still in hand marched him to : noon. About 3.30 they observed that he j Camp Ground"' were sung s.~.i the:, th-r ' station. idid not reply to several of their ques-!-./«; jolliers hud a JJTOUD oi-.tjre takr-rt j j tion?, and fearing that something was j Li front of the building. j EAST BERLIN 1 These New York advices say that j _E. A. Seabrooke has a Holstein calf ! vrrong. William Master crawled j A.I elaborate dinner wa; serve.! by j East Berlin--David Sell ar.d wife | ~'i»ce Mr. Rockefeller returned from j which weighed 112 nounds when two j Vhrongh the hole to the attic and there | the Ladies of the G. A. 1C. consisting-{visited their sons. Wiiiiam ar.d 1 his trip of inspection he has freeiv i davs old. revolver j v.-ith the New York Central a pcssi- j Estori V.'hite. of Willlamsporr, Md., the police | biiity and caved che way for creating ' was an over Sunday visitor at the I a new Ea=t and West trunk line by the ! home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S W. White and family. ! joining 01 t::ese two systems. P H O T O P L SPECIAL TO-NIGHT WORLD'S SERIES BASEBALL The picture op?ns v.-ith ?x.nie of Plunk's pitches: and a!?o ivson and Chief KoU'U-r ;i: ckxeranse. The hiir-OrUiBt :ia. PATKE l?O £}i'iW~ 5falh- d crhii-al i fieri shown in omer in v.-hi«:h ibi-y ewso "··f the o:;n-rerfc jranu-s are Tbf teeth inning of the r^ecoii.i eame is siven. ?.Iany of the- p!ay.-= in di iifth and tins! game are aio ?bo\«s, Ix^idt-s nntt-erons plays «f tic other BRONCHO BILLY'S MISTAKE - ES5ANAY WE5ERN 'Jrfin.-bo Billv fear- hi- \v:f.- it t-lojmsr with a friend of hi?, lint. Is mi-srafefn, and ti::ie- u; with ih * m.iii when lie an-ierstan-Is EUU situation. With '-'. ".M. A YORK SPRINGS Springs--D. A. Gardner and | son, narold, are spending the week ac He was bom in Myers" District, r.ear ji r . 1872 these banquets have 1-een an- | Lancaster County, visited their broth- ' over the Blue Ridge Mountains and j MifSiruowii where the;,- are the guests c - _ - » u . .t. IP.-.. . . , . . . ,.., and family-a few 1 with a single track, the road cannot | of -John Gardner and familv. '· hope to compete successfully v.-ith the j Frank Sellers, wife and daughter. L II. Spangier. Brook- '· Baltimore and Ohio and the Pennsyi- j of New Oxford, and William M. Gard| He is survived by his mother any j have it held al night but lz was fount, j 13'n. N. Y-, visited their brother-ia-!av.- i vania for this through business. i ner. of Pittsburgh, are guests at the j the following sisters and brothers: j more convenient, to liave a banquet at j and sister, Mr. and Mrs. John Bu'tt, j As a result, it is said, the road may ! Sulphur Springs Farm. · Mrs. Joseph Wolf, of Kingsdale: Mrs. mid-':ay so chat all cocltl attend and j recently. _ j build a stretch of track from Smiths-j Henry Stoufrer. of Boyce, Va., is i Wilson Crouse. near Silver Run: Ed- i for several years thisrhas been the ar- j Noah Sell and Mrs. Katie Snvder j burg in Washington county, to Monoc- i the guest of William Fickel and wife, [ward Boose, of Cumberland. Md.: E!i; -angement. visited the former's son-in-law and _ acy Junctiot:. in Frederick county.! W. E. Grove and Rev. ! Boose, of Hampstead: Frank Boose,! "^-- TM- - - ' · -- ' i near St. James" Church, and Milton j I Boose, at home. ] [ The funeral will be held or. L. W. Me- FIRST AID TO THE INJURED BOEFE'S LONG TIlOUSEIiS like- lii ·!;:-\L 1,-n 1 the oiilett; li a.!*- .U«3- a..t ki-p th. til n::V ~va^-r. COMING NEXT TUESDAY. A PRINCE OF EVIL, ^TTAGRAPH in 2 Reels Sh«w smarts 6.15 P. ^M. . Admission 5 cents to all THANKSGIVING D.W COOD T.IIXGS ure not-all limited .to things" -.0 eat, however enjoyabls they M..V be- There are also good thing? to wear, aspeciaily those inc5ude«J in th^se es- ·entials like cravats, gloves, handkerchiefs, fancy vests and hosiery ihich all go to make up the line of Itoods as sold as furnishings. Selig- have an exceptionally line line. The Quality Shop WILL M. SELIGMAN The Cash Tailor ; day morning, sen-ices at house at S:CO · o'clock. Rex-. S. C- Hoover, pastor of EDISON ! t he Reformed church a'c Silver Run, of EDISON COMEDY/ i which he was a member, ofncia'ring. , .., ,. . - 1 Interment in Silver Run eemeterv. l~ w!!; Hut a»iOW Ii 1:5 to · I MRS. DAVID HEWITT I 3Irs. Mary E. Hewitt died at her | I home in Bendersviile this morning l o'clock, aged 70 years. j She is survived by her husband, j David Hewict. and one son, George · Hewitt, of Philadelphia. j Funeral Monday meeting a j house at 1:30. Interment at Benders- j : %-flie. Friends are invited to the ser- ! ( the house. - present--only a few of 5 - \ - J H . \ \ e h l e r . o f tiie Uttlestown ; iiiage lor most or tne way. 'lias pro- Satur- j whom were not numbered in. the active · Savings Institution, and a former pria- · position, it is asserted, met v.-ith the ] y night. Miss 3IabeI Better, of Bendersville, membership--shows, the interest tak- j cipal of our schools, made a flying trip J approval of Mr. Eockeleller. who was | ie the guest of her uncle, J. T. Mvers. en in the arrair. ice foU of the Post is j'to friends here Friday evening and; not in the least appalled by the size _!so larger now then for many years. i number of vererass ^-wlsc allowed their membership TO become inactive renewing it, so -that, lii spite of deaths, "there are now more veterans beloneinsj Saturday. Samuel Kling and Miss Eida Xitch- of the undertaking- or its probable cost which will ran to S40.000.000 or more. man spent last Wednesday evening at [The new line is to follow the course Xev.- Oxford. [ of the Red Ran Valley and will re- The following partook of the wed- · ouire two tunnels, one to be fully two I to and attending: the meetings of Cor-! f 'i-g- dinner at the av poral SksIIy Post than.fbra long- lime. I AlClaud and family the home of Abraham ; miles long-, while, the on Sundav: Cur- { somewhat less. other will be Miss Greta Myers, has returned to her home in Siddonsburg, after a pleasant visit v.-ith Dr. and Mrs. C.,L, Myers. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bolen and daughter, and Mr. Deney. of Philadelphia, are the guests of J. A. Bolen and WHITE HALT, White Hall--Mrs. CL vin Altland and bride. Mrs Mary Ja-} A completion of the workr-wotndgrref--- Charles-Wai-Is--will--relinquish--Ms AIL!/""-- cubs, daughter. Iva. and son, Aaron. | the Western Maryland -a - low-grade j j«.-b as Dillsburg stage driver at the ,,-, la3C?-Six)c-k r.nd | Charles Miller, wife and son. Arthur, ·'Une at its heaviest point- across this j end of the week. Denton Fissel will be' " "' ;h:'Jrei! are spt,-nfi:r.s: some time v.'ith jifisses Gertie and M.'iry Altland. of' mountain range. It will also ehorierfj h-s successor. ", t n e | "actives 1:1 Abboustovrn. jYork. a:n! ?.llss Edna Altland, of Han-' the existing line by many miles. It is- Orpheus LaRue. of Waynesboro. was' Master Wesley Little, of Li riles- · o'-'er. ; believed the engineers of the company j the guest of George LaRue and family · "' own. is spending a few days v.-ith his ! I 3J3BOTTSTGWN · Abbottstown--Postponed j ion sen*ices will be held in the Re! formed church Sunday afternoon. \ Those who could not attend two weeks jago are requested to attend Sunday. i The following were visitors to the I illr.ghoff. ! friends in town the past week. Master Lear Livingston, of New' Harry Shaffer, wife ana son. Oxford, is his grandparents. Mrs. Moses Bowser, Manheim. visit- J have already been at work on this! several days recently. . proposition and that pl i have been worked out. I Trandparents, Xr. ;_:id 31rs. Jlelehozr l e( ' * :er father and sister and other . proposition and that plans for the line ! i. visited at the home of John Mr. and Mrs. -Jo-ias Rebert! .-ui;!er. Sur.uay. Miss Bertha Sen:'t. is spending the: veek ir. York, vlah-nc: friends anii i ': MANY AUTOS KILLS LARGEST DEER 17-Year Old Hunter's Two Deer Two Years. and . William Mai'tin, Roascrville, f --* - i ^ i ,.-- - ? · · » · » --·.«rf'*«^»«*»ii» »^^i._ t. «.,»vi » i*;3.. : nome of Daniel Jjookenbiil and lannlv .· ^ c , , - i , , , - , - -,- ,, " ^race Senit are =r/cncsjng the week in' 9- K _ ~ r\n r**- ^r--n*-, I - - * » » - ^. « r £ *. I «.^. t* - . - . -- _ . _ - ^ - . » - - « . . * - , ; HAMPTON i Hampton--A quiet wedding was j i."!emnized last Wednesdaj- evening ! when Miss Ola Myers, daughter of ln ' Mrs. Margaret Myers, of Hampton. bc-came the bride of Harvey Brinser '· Carver, at the home of the bride's a ' "i»rolher, Robert L. Myers, president of TO TFA^] 1 I_£^TL%^J i the past week: Mr. and iirs. George . · W. Eabenstine. Hanover; Mr. and Mrs. j I Lawrence Byers and son, Raymond, j .'New Oxford. Bakir.-.ore. ?.Id., the guests of friends ind relatives. A. G. Breis-hner. wife and son. Parr. = i Miss Nettie Lookenbill ,f near iwo Taverns, spent Sunday i ,-._! 80.000 Automobile Taijs Issued In thss ! "" = ~ ' · State ; member of the Monterev hunt _iuo. T o i a t t - !...., , ^ _ , , : _ . , , me Lemovne Trust Comoanv. -in ; kiliea a 12o pound bucK, \\ ednesd^y, j f-^ n , D r" ~ ~ ·jtomobile division of the State t'.vo iwiies south of Newmans. The!- ""* ? , -o ,,,, -,,* r* 11 .. . _ , . . i lonned bv Rev. Thomas McCarrell. im-nviav Depai'tment on \veclnesdav vouna: hunter is 17 vears old buz- t . " , . . . , . . _ , . · . · ,: ,. - ^ ^ , ^ . * ,~ . - , " - " . iOustoroi the Miadleto^vn Presbyterian. :sued auto license -\o, fO.Ouu. tne , oeen successiul in getting a deer''.-- ceremony l To our already large line of Corres- = | pondence Paper and Cards | we have added the very best num- j | bers from the leading shops of the country | I and have them on display for you this | J week. I is ^De'idin"- \ r . - · ' = : afternoon at t::e nome Oi J. S. ' highest mark ever attained in the is- . in each of the last two vears. The little folks in the primary school i 5 j gave «. very creditable --ntertainrp.eri 1 1 s-ji"-^ or licenses ana tags in trus Stite. passing last rear's highest ! church. Harrv Hermon _. jind -wife, York, i "~: spent Sunday with Maria Spangier. .iness of training rejects grea-! j . credit or. their teacher. Miss M^ll:^ K. j l _ · LINCOLN HIGHWAY ribaiinz 10 Project a National Duty Says Paper. · Eisenhart. ! cing from his injuries, is chserful z.n'1 _ i we arc pleased to state will soon be Your inspection is invited whether you buy or not. = I ai - le to aUend to business again. "Vre should not forget thai the Lin- E. H. Berkheimer vi-bo is convales- j -0:- H::h\vay was e.-tabHshcd to ini- .iedsatey pronivtc and procure the e.-- abhi-hnient of a continuous iirorove-J to the by almost 20,000. Statisticians v.-h- woik ot-i problems took their pencils in hand and figured U o;:i that estin-.aung the average S-ai: ct $1,000 each, there are SS.OOO,- {·t0 -.vonh of aiAo? in the common- Elmer Sanders, a member of Momerev ciub. shot the larsret'c deer r / - i T - j r - i - -v. , , · ' P. C. rfotiman and familv, 01 Newer Tne season, \\ecnesaav momsng. . ^ _ r x _ , ,_. c ' ·· -w'"; ^~, ^ . . , . , _, , . ° -J-viO-vi. spent, bunaa\ witn n»s Baren-vS, or »,terc 3 t. s-«un 01 ,ne Caamoerfburg ana Get--, I r _ ard Mrs E c Hoffman. ty^urjr p,kfi near Xewinans. The buck , Harj _ Fisse - s ^ Grove a v,e :R n C a£04 pounas ar.a tv.-er.-e ^ vd ; h hig aunt ?Irs Hayden Deat _ tn:s j»rori£rs. Inis niaites nve deer snot, by. ..j ",_ the Monterey club. ; M. P. Stem, near Fairvievr, Quincy '.vea'.li 1 . but of course that is a low es- township, shot a G-prong burk. near Peoples 9 Store YOUR - TURKEY - Will taste better if you have a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T on Thanksgiving Day. We have a large variety of choice fabrics at prices to sint everybody. J, D. LIPPY, Tailor. '-.;gh-.vay from ths Atlantic ] Prof. Koy D. Knouse, Arenatsviile. Pacinc", says che San Francisco Nev.-f- | was a visitor to our to-wn over Sun- Letter. "I;«r,:ed:ate action is necessarv |^ a y- - { o the early completion of this greai ] ____ I jnde; taking. Befriir of national c-on- { MARRIAGE LICENSES jcem, for anyone not to boost the Lir.| jca:r IlighTvav and lend finar!c:c;2 aid. ! Clerk OHn^er Issues V.'edding: Permit : ? j n one se! ; Se . to ; ".ii r l ; ! to Yoan ST Couple. ] -.; s eoi ; ntr ,-. -- Irritate as the great majority of cars cost their ovrners from -;.00d to -?i.- r -CO and some a.-, hitvh a? s to Vineyard hoi:-vvv. It v--ei,?ht;d 14^ p-»-i,ds. Mr. CKm jj, a member of the club th^t has s-hot four deer so far I he sunscription nieihc'd ] The following- mar | have been issued by i Courts Oling-er. { Eug-ene F. Kuhn, of Germany tov.-n- i ship, and Pauline Kathryne Messinger, f of Littlestown. Edv.iard J. Noel, of Hanover, arid j retiysbnr- Child Dtvc-Jops Disease ihe division is prcparincc i' L-sue auto licences and "tajrs for I'.'i I. ar.:l v.-her. the rush comes in n. .shon iij ; c ~f.~i',} fnaeav*»r to sei'i ihem out r-o quickly that very fev.- wi!i hj left un- · supplied en -Tr.Riiary 1. -when the n«w ;:ijr^ w:!; lie use.! for the ilrst tisne. FOR NE\V CHURCH Tru:np"s Concrog li.'iid New Church. Mr?. D. A. Fissel and frrro children. cf her mother. Mrs. Sadie Lee, and other friend?. On Friday -.vhiie Paul Chronister -,vas hur.'uiisr he shot a very odd colored ·.ibbit. bcir:;z: a very lig-ht yelloTv" with ro other color except white ors the J'reast- He sent the rabbit to Dr. Spotz, t f Y-rk. There have beer, a few shot ^r--fo-^ i.-:t ther are considered j he Mariin^b'.ircr. W. Vli.. .ereiore y. "jne a cariosity. H- B. Chronister. '·ute her share of the- nionev needed." DIPHTHERIA CASE -ay.-: "At a "leciinp: of thr Co::r.cil of ihe Lutheran church heU ilonday i::ijht at -he church it was ur.animous- I.ea-ve for ihe:r Homes afler 3 y -Jeci-J^d t* r-el: Ine present 1ai'di; s ir. END OF INSTITUTE Teacher? W'-ek of IrisJruclion. p::rchasre a site and erect ;i y.e-.v home The a^nuai Teachers' institute came i Regina Hocfcensmich, of Mount Pleas- o °- % hool b'.nldi: 1 i condition. ecause and fion , e on ;.[: d dic Street. oung son of T.Ir. For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. i arst township. I *· Chark-s IIotTman. | ARENDTSVILLE Grange com. j ar,d Mrs. C. B. Hoffman, of East IvIIJ- ' fruit and vegetable show Sa'turday. j He street, ha.- contracted diphtheria. The usual preea'jiiir.? to prevent a spread of the eofstajrion will ]e taken. \ November 22. Exhibits will be received i at the town hall Friday evening- from 7 i to S and Saturday until 2 p. m. Oysters iand other refreshments will be served. | Everyone cordially welcome. Commit- j tee.--advertisement l ." p:\iciK3iiy :.ii ;-f the terr.-ners nave ;-ct-4rr.-^-I t-. rJjeir h-::ies, ::frer a \\v-k · ·f inhiriutivn. e:iterta:!:r.-;r,r.: and ^o- . c:ai :'JTr.:r?. The concc-r} in- The Venetian Serenadfrs on Thur.-day was of :,n exceptiO''.aiy hisi'i character ^nd enjo-. til bv ths iarcrest audience of the jrouna to en- ijeconie in 1 .- i:;r:te i:~c- p^rative ;· m:iko t.'ns r.^ove. "The Kev. Hr. Charles S. Trump has bee7i j'-TPtor of t n e church for '25 year. ripv" tiiat pc-riod he h.xs seen it its present spiers*::;! propor- Ile i er.thuslasticallv in favor Johnstown, ·was the .rrJest of his parents recently and ^iid some Jiuntin^r returning hoine iasr . Thursday accompanied by his sister, , Mis? Iva. They made the trip as far as ; A3too«a with Mr. Mrs. Aaron Jacobs 1:1 their touring car. The flr.e house-being- b^iilc by Henry Kiisiertinsc is a'oot:t nnishad and is a great improvement to that part of Ihe town. . OLDFASHJOND MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, 40 cen*r.4b., Butternut Taffy, 50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy,J20 } tents ID., Poanut Brittle, 10 cent=3 lb. Ice Cream Taflics, 10 rents lt.--Prtsh at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN i IF you arc looking for style, quality S and comfort, buy the Crawford shoe ai j Kirssin's.--advertisement STRAYED: small white pig. Notify Win. Ilartzell. United phono.--adver- tisement i MILLINERY fancies greatly reduction; haVs reduced. Tho M ar.d in- ChrStzman, 1^7 Baltimore street, -- advertisement i . WANTED: mairied man to WOJ-K en farr». House furnished. GooJ watres. Apply Times OfTice.-- advertisement FOR SALE: carriage and bugiry. M. K. Eckcrt.--advertisemesit 1 or n new : .v.;ii i\r.-^. and is Jaborinst ce'santly Coward that cm!. ] "1'cfi'iitt- steps will be taken at or.ce, ard i:" present plans are carried I into fctHvessft;! execution the Lutheran l coHixrcjfutioii wiil have the best church 'oiiiidiusr in tho citv.' 1 r(»LLAR excursion to Baltimore, November 22, account Johns Hopkins- Goitysburg foot ball game. Leave Gettysburg 7:15. Baltimore 11:30. Will stop at intermediate stations.--advertisement 1 SPECIAL: -we have received a large Sine of children's, ladies' and men's wiiYter coats also boys' and men's fall suits. Special prices on large rugs 0 x USEFUL souvenirs free for every A f i n e - l i n e of caiuiy on diplay aV i WANTED: first class white cook. BEGINNING today, Clinton Carter , will have charge of the shoe shining 'stand at Sefton's barber shop. The ' patronage of customers will be ap- ; preciated.--advertisement 1 12, linoleum and sweaters, G. H. Knouse, Blglerville.advertisement 1 teacher at the Department Store. Ask Ihe Department Store. Special prices ; Premier's for it.--advertisement 1 ' to teachers.--advertisement 1 ment Restaurant,--advertise- 1

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