The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 12, 1936 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1936
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 12 1936 NfNB \\ i\ Iowa U Alumni 1936 Ballots Are Mailed to 25,000 Graduates IOWA CITY--Official ballots for the University of Iowa's 1936 alumni election now are being mailed to some 25,000 graduates. Seventeen new officers, including a president and two vice-presidents will be elected by mail ballot by April 1, to take office June 1, according to Bruce E. Mahan, alumni secretary. Presidential candidates are the same as those of' 1935--Rush C. Butler of Chicago, the present en- STRENGTHEN THE BLADDER MAKE THIS 25c TEST. Drink lots of boiled or distilled water, if irritation causes getting up nights, frequent desire, scanty flow, burning, or backache. You know what hardwater does to a teakettle. Drive out excess acids and deposits with buchu leaves, juniper oil, etc., made into green tablets called Bukets, the bladder lax. Works on the bladder similar to castor oil on the bowels. In four days, if not pleased, any druggist will refund your 25c. Michael Drag- Co., Huxtable Drug Co. cumbent; and Dr. Sumner B. Chase of Vt. Dodge. Vive-presidential candidates are Clyde Charlton of Des Moines; Donald Graham of Waterloo; Clare Hamilton of Winterset, and Virgil Hancher of Chicago. Other officers to be picked include four regional directors from outside of Iowa, five district directors from Iowa, and five members of the norn- inating committee. On the ballot folder is an applica^ tion form for the life membership in the alumni association. Receipts from these life memberships will be used to set up a loan fund for needy students. Federation Asking Money for Art Funrl Contributions to the Penny Art fund of the Iowa Federation of Women's clubs-are being sought by the chairman, Mrs. Julius Tilden of Charles City, according to Mrs. R. B. Irons, local member of the state art committee. The fund is used tc provide for the advancement of art. Visitor From Nebraska. CALMAR--Andrew Olson of Newmans Grove. Nebr., is here spending a few days with his mother. Mrs. Dorthea Hmvasted, who has been in poor health the past winter. I For Up-to-the Minute Smartness: LEAD THE WAY FOR SPRING! Trimmed Suifsf · Novy Swagger Suits! · Tailored Jacket Suit's! 9 3-Piece W pro robe Suits! · Clever Reefer Suits I e o · Jaunty Swagger Coats! Ombre Stripes and Plaids? Coats in Spring Pastels! Tweed Sport Coats! Gorgeous Spring Styles! 0 New Pastels? Spring Violet-Rose--Aqua-- Powder Blue! 9 Jackets Matching or Contrasting! 9 Dainty Floral Frilly Trims! HUGHS ALWAYS HAVE THE NEWEST! 3 South Federal Avenue SOCIETY NEWS Mother Worries About Daughter Who Is Unsocial By GAKRV C. MVEHS, I'H. I. Child Training Authority. Ever so many persons write me about some remote member of the family or some neighbor's child. "Dear Sir: Mrs. , who is unable to write in English, requested I write you in behalf of her 17 year old daughter, in regard to her posture. Her daughter sits and stands in a stooped position, and continues to do it so much that she is becoming hollow-chested. Regardless of her mother's reminding her of her posture, she doesn't care or seem to show any interest in it. "She is an A-student. She studies and reads all the time; even during the summer vacation she reads continually, never taking part in any outdoor sports. She doesn't care for dances and parties, and usually retires at 9:30 p. m. Appetite Is Poor. "Her appetite Is poor. She is becoming thin and complains of fatigue at the least exercise or exertion . . . Her mother wishes to know if there are any special exercises she could follow that would help her posture." My answer was about like this: Advise that you go and have z. talk with her teachers, especially her physical education te3,cher. Since you have good schools in your city, you might expect to get considerable help from them. Perhaps the home-room teacher might be induced to take a personal interest in this child. She in turn might be able to elicit the interest of a few classmates of the girl who could win her to take part in some of the school activities and have more social enoyment. Hundreds of youth are like her. They are good students, don't bother anybody and nobody bothers about them. Is Socially Timid. Being socially timid, she escapes the embarrassment of poor competition with the usual fun of those her age by burying herself in books. Not having won success of mixing, personal appearance does not have great value to her. If she can be made to want to be attractive, she will set out to find ways to gain better posture. But the more the mother talks about that girl's posture, the less she will want to improve it. 1 wish we parents might get the principle through our heads, as applied to hundreds of like problems. Do prevail upon that mother to have this child examined by a competent doctor, at any personal sacrifice. The mother should know that her daughter, without proper medical care, might be an easy victim of tuberculosis. H E L P I N G T H E H O M E M A K E R By MRS. MARY MORTON Menu Hint Ham Bone and Beans Tossed Salad Bowl Buttered Beets Apple Pie Cheese Tea or Coffee When baked or toiled ham is served for Sunday dinner, this ham bone and bean dish helps to finish the ham in a tasty way. Today's Recipes Ham Bone and Beans.-- One and one-half pounds navy beans, ham bone, bits of meat; one small onion, salt, pepper, one cup ham broth, ;ive' servings of ham. Sort and wash beans and soak for several hours. Put into a large kettle with water in which they were soaked, ham bone and the onion. Boil very gently until done, about three hours. The ham broth is added as additional liquid is needed and from time to time it will he necessary to add some water. Put in seasoning when beans are about half done, using salt in proportion to the saltiness of the ham. Shortly before serving place slices of ham cut from bone before boiling with beans on top of beans until heated through. The beans should be moist, but not soupy. Some think these better than baked beans. Tossed Salad Bowl.--Use half a cup each of raw cauliflowerets. shredded cabbage, raw carrots (sliced fine or slivered) and celery, one small minced onion and slivers of yellow cheese. Pour over the vegetables a thin, tart French dressing and toss together until all vegetables are thoroughly covered with dressing. Cooked green vegetables, such as halves of Brussels sprouts, canned green beans or peas, may also be added--in fact, "anything but the kitchen sink!" If you like the flavor of garlic, use only a quarter of onion and rub bowl thoroughly with garlic before mixing. This salad should be served in a large salad bowl and garnished with crisp lettuce leaves, one tomato cut in eighths and slices of hard cooked egg. Grapefruit Sherbet One cup sugar, one cup water, two tall cans irradiated evaporated milk, one No. 2 can grapefruit juice. Bring sugar and water to a boil to dissolve sugar. Cool. Add milk, then grapefruit juice. Freeze with a 1:8 salt- ice mixture. To make a firmer ice cream, add one teaspoon gelatin soaked in one tablespoon cold water to the hot syrup, stirring until completely dissolved. This yields three quarts. Turn into freezer and turn until thick. If you use an electric refrigerator use the cubes from the trays in the Mrs. Marsh Is Speaker at McKinley P. T. A. Meets in Afternoon; Children Appear on Program. McKinley P. T. A. met at the school Wednesday afternoon for a talk on "The Home as a Cultural and Spiritual Center" by Mrs. C. R. Marsh. Musical numbers and a play- let completed the oroErram. Two of Carleton Stewart's pupils, Bob Collen and Jack Weir, entertained with bass and French horn solos. The first grade rhythm band, with Harvey Groh as leader, presented several numbers and Miss Doris Knowlton's fourth grade gave a group of songs. A group of fourth and fifth grade pupils from Miss Mary Helen Prehin's reading classes gave a playlet, "Naughty Mouse." Mrs. Waiter Pickering read the president's message and community singing was led by Mrs. H. S. Marsh. Mrs. C. R. Marsh stressed the point that if we follow the golden rule in human relations, all problems would be solved. She stated that home is a partnership of adjusted personality and that a restricted personality is often the result of too many restrictions placed on the child by the parents. Privacy should be possible for good development and hospitality is essential in the home. She closed by saying that honesty, purity, unselfishness and love are worthwhile attributes to practice in the home. It was decided to send two girls to camp this summer. It was announced that the Drama club would hold a pot luck supper at 6:30 o'clock Thursday evening. The teachers of McKinley school were the hostesses for the afternoon and served refreshments. Revolt Envisioned Against Broad A of Harvard University CHICAGO, UP)--"Revolt" against "Harvard's broad A's" was envisioned Thursday by Estelle B. Hunter, educational director of the Better Speech Institute of America. She professed to see a trend toward the language of the laymen with the possibility the "harsh" accents of the midwestern may soon become the acme of articulation. Losing official favor, she said, are such pronunciations as "secret- 'ry," "cemet'ry" and "necess'ry." She pointed out current editions of a leading" dictionary gave preference to "dic-shon-ary" over "diction'ry." Defer Action on Request. DES MOINES, (JP~ The state committee on retrenchment and reform, meeting here, deferred to its April 22 meeting consideration of a request for $5,480 for installation of an automatic fire alarm system at the Glenwood state school for feeble minded. - freezer and then put tSe finished product in the trays to harden. Washing Chamois Cloth Never put a chamois cloth, which you have washed, on the radiator to dry, for it will make it hard and stiff. It should be pressed on a flat surface and allowed to dry slowly. A chamois cloth should be washed in warm, soapy water that is not too hot. Bird Hour to Be Held at Library by Mrs. Andrick On Saturday morning at 10:30 o'clock there is to be a bird hour in the children's room at the Mason City public library when Mrs. G. S. C. Andrick will tell of personal experiences with a group of children in hunting for birds without a gun and without even a pinch of salt to put on their tails. All the schools have been notified of the occasion and a vote is to be taken of the nature enthusiasts in the various schools. The school that has the largest representation at the bird talk will receive for their school library a beautifully illustrated bird book by R. Boulton, "Traveling With the Birds," given for this occasion by a friend of the library, a friend of the children, and a friend of the birds. The feeding box out of one of the windows in the children's room at the library has been kept supplied with food during the heavy snows this winter. So far no blue birds have come to feed there to bring tidings of the arrival of spring, although word has been received at the library that migrating flocks of blue birds have been going through town. Of course, they are more likely to be seen on the outskirts of town rather than in the heart of the business district. W.C.T.U. Hears Talk on Kagawa Lectures i at Meeting at Y.W. W. C. T. u. met Wednesday at the Y. W. C. A. for a program which included a report on Toyohiko Kagawa by Mrs F. R. Currie. Mrs. Curne attended the lectures given by Kagawa in Des Moines a short time ago and reviewed what he had said aud gave a sketch of his life. He is here from his native country, Japan, touring the country under the auspices of the American Federated Council of Churches. Mrs. August Johnson reviewed "Liquor Advertising" and "Equal Rights for Women at the Bar," articles from the Union Signal. The union voted to indorse the Capper bill. Mrs. W. J. Sopher who presided, stressed the W. C. T. U. five point program The crusade song and hymn were sung. ThU Old Treatment Often Bring* Happy Relief Of Pain Many sufferers relieve nagging fcackache quickly, once they discover Xbat the real cause of their trouble may be tired kidneys. The kidneys are one of N.ature'3 .chief ways of takingr the acids and Vaste oat of the blood. If they don't pass e pints a day and so get rid of more than 3 pounds of waste matter. your 15 miles of kidney tubes may need flushing. f l£ you have trouble with frequent fcC^dder passages with scanty amount ·wK^ih often smart and bum, the 15 miles of kidney tubes may need Hushing out. This danger signal may be the beginning of nagging: backache, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling 1 , puffiness under the eyes and dizziness. Don't wait for serious trouble. Ask your druggist for DOAN'S PILLS-which have been used successfully for over 40 years by millions of people. They give happy relief and will help flush out the 15 miles of kidney tubes. Get DOAN'S PILLS. /i FEEL so MISERABLE!) ( ! 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AMERICA'S BIGGEST-SELLING PACKAGE SOAP Values up to $3°° in famous new "Claire de Lune" SHADES Matched Boudoir and Bedlight Shades Table and Bridge * Glass Bead or Decorative Trims de Luncs" coine in the mellow colors that shed a light like the soft, silvery litjht of the moon--hence their name. "Women who rccocni:e the importance of color in home furnishings have given "Claire dc Luncs" their un qualified acceptance This u-eck, "Claire de Uines" are remarkably low priced nr Krcsgc'* The quantity is limited-and it's not largc-sobcrtcrshop tomorrow. "C/aire de Lune Shades are WASHABLE COLOR FAST MOTH-PROOF SPOT-PROOF NON- RAVELING in a SPECIAL Checks Stripes Polka Dots Floral Prints ALL NEW ' Only 44c! Yet so beautifully made they'll withstand, the most critical examination! They're carefully cut and sewed of fine quality co/or/asr percale, with a smartness of styling that's unusual at this low price. Early shoppers will have the best selection of sizes, styles and colors. Sizes 14-52 in a perfect rainbow of fresh Spring colors Sale Begins Tomorrow s 9 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE

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