The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 5, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1818
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. rrn v " - Jlmttjjj,M,ss'ts's'ssWs K NUMBER 4856 rfJ .MTRtrAN PACKETS .atrttit f, tone n urtRtoQi, re. T .ir .. - h. mi certain day rrr, month throughout the yew. . ' . fcUowiu vemls each .bout rtontad Save beea fitted out for to P" TbiV AMITY, John Stant W U COURIER. Wb. Bowoe, ; V; ' j PACIFIC, J not. wiiium, ffioTf on the l.t of every lSe .WhVve at been built hi - tork, rfVSnatenali, ami are coppered and cop - cPL.7 Lri The are knowa to be - remark a - Pf3 fkr, 71 Seir accommodations for They ere aU neatly new except the K peea recently thorotghly exaiwned, and fo be perfectly oend u every respect. ThTcoaimaadcr. oflhem are all men of great reyanlet for passengers. Itu alto thought, that IS regularity of their time of tailing, and the ex - lenlcondilion in which they Oliver their car - will make them very desirable opportune ties for the conveyance ofgoods. It it intended that thU llST mince by the departure of the JAME3 MOS. suenccuj A maf IK tIK. mid til KOK.forn nun - iw " .. - COURIER from LIVERPOOL on the 1st, of - . . . K...l i onil AiiA nf mil VPk First mown ijanuarjf j - - - - sell will tail at the tame, period from each place torrgAtj"WuoHT.'9oari : ' - FK4NCI3 THOMPSON, MARSHALL, " JEREMIAU THOMPSON. tOH L& AT TUK StU' - VAHD Of TIlEKUBSChlBER, ., ' A SLOOP, now building of the bt Jtff materials, about 100 tow; timbers of lire V3.1goak. locust and cedar ; bottom plank Jcwywhite oak, built on purpose for the A 4; ny trade. gLo0p 0'f 50 cajentated for 'Zf fany tredo where dispatch, bnrthon, and Siriieasy draft of waterii retired. A periagua SIJHOOAKK, oi in wm, t trill draw but little water, with a lee - .board throafh the centre of her keel. and it expected to tail very fast. Alto, a ftllir oi 30U usns, catcaiaicu (or a liiverpoolor lindon trader, (that .ran h finished to suit the rturchaser.l a Knan. timber and tilank. AUo. timber tawad to Litis for bouse buiMing. . nor 6 U' CHARLES BROWNNE. rMVMPH l7 tmu hllrthf - n. ana vaar old, iu good order to receive a cargo Apply n board at Steuhcn't wharf, or to ' . , N.L. &G.GRISWOLD,. "dee IT' ' '' 80 gmith - tt. :. For SAL K., " il The very fast tailing sloop PARA - j?f;ON. Child, matter burthen 66 tone, buUt at Middletown, (Conn.i by Mr. Thonas Child, of the best materials, has made one voyage W the Wert Indiet, it one year old, tnd can be tent to sea immediately. For terms apply to the master, - on board at Rurling - tlip, .rto ' CRISW'DLUS & COA1 E9. dec 13 68 South - atreet. For Sale, Freight er Charter, Tb8 cood, fatt tailing thip MIRROR, .325 tout burthen, 1 I - S car old, tf rone veuul, well secured and il good order to receive a cargo Apply on board, eat sido Fly - market slip, or to VJ. kG.G R13WOLD, . dec 17 - S6 Suth - t tr For CiUK.AL.TAK, . : The fast toiling brig LAURA - ANN, A&jm P F. Coffio, master; hat fine accommodations lor passengers. Fot. freight of 300 bar relt or passage, apply to the captain on board, west tide liurliog - iliu. or to . L. & G. GR1SWOLD, , dee SO M South - street. ; ....... ... Far SALE, 'iYk Tne new fMt "a'linlr kriff FAME, J5t.built of the best seasoned timber, and faithfully piit.tog - etlier.iier - rsrglntj and taiK aro of excellent. rirtlty, this vessel it well jjcwMrcrmr a Southern Packet, bavin; hand - tvme accommoaations. - for terms and a view or ber inventory, spply to .. ' I GRISWOLD3 k COATES, lee 15 t 63 Aiiutli - strect ' . ... V Sale, Freiekt or Chnrtcr ititoos, sails fast, is wall found and can be sent to tea immediately. This brig is one year old, was built of the best materials and was cm - ployed the last year as a packet between this port and Savannah, lie at Murry's wharf Ap. iHU GR16WOLDS & COATES, 63 Soath - st. r rV - w Salty trttgkt or Charter, $ The excellent brig RISLNG SUN, A ' - 'TWrva IVoniaii mntlAP Li - fKsi na l..iH dred and five tons, will ttow about 900 barrel?, two - yeans old, tailt fast and can ba tent to tea immediatelyApply to the captain on board at ""' namson.tirtei, or to . JOHN BYERS. . Who ha for Sale, ir00 bblt ground plscter of Paris 600 tons Nova Scotia plaster ' 120, do French do in lots to suit pn chasers Apply as above. dec II tf for BORDEAUX, The. ship DRAPER, W. Adams. master : a first rat ahln will with immediate dispatch. For freight or pas - PPy o we master on board at Flv - fn.rV.I t T a - - dee 29 tf B. W. ROGERS & CO. r ...... TO SJl i.F tf .n1?"eaBtP,lot bot bmlt schooner nd copper fastened, rtowi to irrtat adrantagSH it a very firtt rats sailer, and is now in as good condition as when the came off the stocks For terms apply to - , a. WESTON, dec SO Sw ; 39 BnrU - ..i:n. For OVBLIJf. .Mdancirivni,, k. rieia, natter; will fAmmMaa 1 . I r 1 . . """",ul iuun; on nionaay, oaring nearly the whole of her eargo ready toga on bord, will be.disoitched without delay. - For freight of about 250 casks flaxseed, cotton, or cabin and eteerage passage, having excellent ao - wvuiiuuuauuii9 mppiy vO . THOS. 8. WALSH, , aee 13 118 Front - street yPLANUCOTrON 41 bales Unlaad Cot - , lanaiog irom tne tcnoocer Alilo, Irani Savannah, for tale by - , . ROBERT GILLESPIE, df IT . , , - i . m frant - etrtet. ixt: BRISTOL BROWN - STOUT. - v IfXAcaskt Bristol brown stout, warranted ril I u,,ai to anv evtr taiDorti. in cask of 6 1 - 2 dotan botUes (or sale by . - B. yV. JttAxCK9 i VO. dee 10 ." ! ' '' 1,! 835 reaft - street. ()U bales Calcutta Goods, eoasiiticg of Alleabad - 1 Lnckipore f ' j88asS (BArTA. Callapatty ) . . . . : - KSldaD1CB0WD Alleabad, 2 ' " " .' Ozingbur, aod r MAMOODY. . Joicingpore : Alleabad, - 2 - ' . . Khoirahad and EJ1ERTY. Lowherpdre ) '' Fine J all aJ pore and Muddon 8awn . Fine. Chaodpore, Cotsat .,.. '. Beerbooot Gurraba ... ' ' Commute , v: Mobaragungee , Bandanta and ' I'nnrn Lungee Aehdy Silk J tiUKt9' Jott received and for sale by , GOODHUE S CO. dec 11 ' r 44 Sooth - street. BLOOM RAISINS 1,586 boxes bloom Raisins, landing from brig Cornelia, for sale by N.L,&G.GRlSWOLD, dee IS - 86 Souihtt. RUSSIA SEAL SKINS fe DUCK. - 600 large tkins,and 100 bolts first quality duck, for sale by JOSEPH OSBORN, dec ZtU za soum - sireei. H URO & SEWALL, No. 65 South - stieet, offer for sale 200 tons PSI old sable iron 60 do GAD and CONDdo 30 do Swedes square do 25 bundles Swedes steel - - 100 boltt half duck, or heavy ravens 160 do 1st quality ravent duck ; 100 PJ. , do : Russia sheetings 25 bales Bcerboom gurrahs 16 do Calcutta and Beniagore checks 10 do sooty romalls, and gilla hdkis . S do.bluemamoodiei' ' 5 cases gum benjamin, 6 do gum copal 1000 gunny bags, 6 bales senna leaf . . 4 cases beads, necklaces, Lc. calculated for the N. West and Span. America . 3 do Knglirh writing and letter paper 4 do superf. - Indon made hats 6 do domestic stripes, ginghams and ticks 6 do Bohemian picture glass $o0 kegs cut nails, assorted sires 400 boxes American window glass, assorted ' " ixs, arc. doc 27 COTTON. 1?OR SALE, 52 bales of Upland Cotlin, new ' i roD, landint; from the srboerur Maria, from Charleston. Enquire 14U Pearl - street, up stairs - dec 2 CARPETS. 2 bales Mirrapore Carpels, just received, axd frsa!c by . tEO. W. TALBOT, dec 29 55 Pine - ntreeL FLAXSEED fc FLOUR. 28 tiercel Flax - eed ." 1 " ' "'': - " - J 250 barrel superfine Southern Flour, just received, and for sale by 1 ' ' ' Henderson & Cairns, dec 27 81 Pine - street rpROKhS, DAVtDSON t CO. offer tor sale X at 106 Front - street, , 9 pipes fine old AlaJeira Wine - - 10 casks Glassware, assorted - 60 crates Earthenware 5 cases low priced Fowling Tiecet . 3 do Irish Linen 1 do dark diced Cotton. dec 23 - v SOUCHOAG 1 EA. : TIURTY botes bouchong Ten, superior qnality, Caatoo's Chrro, tor sale by HURL) & SEWALL,' dee S3 v . - 65 South - street IVTAVAL S lORtS. 107 bbls Soft Turpeo - Li tine, for sale by ' TOTT fc M'KINNE, . dec 20 " 68 South - street. 1JAI.S TINGS. I case Heimsii Pain tin;, received per JaniH, rrnia Rotterdnm. tor tale by R08KRT GILLESPIE, dec 17 112 Fmnt - ttreet. ODOR OF ROSKS. A FEW pound bottles of Odor of Roses, just reraived from Smyrna, and for tale by aA.LY, WlAt, RAGS, etc. 35 pipes Cette Brandy . . 150 or. caskt Cotmenar Wine. sup. quality 60 do Ewvet Malaga, very old 40 bales Italian Rags 300 cheita Florence Oil, 30 bellies each 100 boxes do 12 bottles do 3 bales Italian Writing Paper 100 do Gatelte do . ' I lx French Kid Gloves 1 do Engravings, 9 cases Felt Hats 10,000 Gunny Baes, for sale by ' CHAS. I. OGDEN, ead ABM. OGDEN, Washington - st. anv 28 SIOI TO.X. 35 bales New - Orleans Cottou Kj SO bales prime l'lund do. new crop, jutt receiveu ana mrsaie ny .v WALSH & GALLAGHER, dec SO 66 Smtb - street. DUTCH GOODS, ice A small invoice consisting of Marbles, slates, slate pencils - nuff boxes, violins, - violin sticks " Tortoise shell work boxes Tortoise shell tea caddiet Cornelian ear rings, coral do gold teals Silver purses, lead pencils :. Porcelain tea and cofi'ee cups and taucers Cologne water, tc received per brig Janus, from Rotterdam, for tale by ROBT. GILLESPIE, dec 30 ' 112 Front - street. ILANNELa, PLNS, tic A few bale assorted flannels, white, red and yellow Do fine and superfine white do. very wide - Green table covert, from 5 qr. to 8 by 10 Men and women cotton stockings Do ' do whit silk do. A few cases London mixt pint, it) 1 - 2 & 3 - 4 lb Do pact: pins, 9 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - X and 5 1 case anourning pin, 1 do thort white do White chapel teedle, assorted, No. 1 to 10 . 1 case hooks and eyes . 1 do brass and steel top timbles ' Brass and card wire For ssle by ATKINSONS fc FLEMING, dec 2 ltn 167 Peari - st' GOLCOTHA. 4 casks bntqu&litr Colcotha, for tale by - TUCKER LAURIE3, - 4 dec 23 - 29 Sosrtb ttreet rpUR&S laLANDa' SALT. 2o00 bushels JL salt, direct from Tarts Island, will be ready for delivery alongside any vestel'oa Monday morning next For sale by TUCKER & LAURIES, dec 27 S9 South - tL - FLOUR, TOBACCO, fcc 1200 bbls Rich - mood, Petersbure and Frederic ktberg Flour 1H hhds prime Leaf Tobacco 33 ba Upland Cottony of very turierior quality, landing from ditiereot vessels, aod for sale by WALcii u&LbAUUiJt, dec 23 66 Soetlt - etreet. PATENT SHOT, A few bags of No. 6, 7 tl 9 forta'.eby TTCKER tt LAURIE 3, dee 12 - . 29 Sotith - streetT" FLOUR & COTTON. 158 bbls ouperun Virginia Flour, t - - - - 5 bales prime Upland Cotton, of the new Crop, received per sloop Jay, and for sale by dec 15 . WALSH tc GALLAGHER. - SkGTTO, - 4ft bales Unland Cotton, of the J new crop and of a superior quality landinr from the ship Cotton Plant, from Savannah, for ale by TOWWSEND ft WHITE, , nov 27 91 South - street. HUM, GIN, tc20 hhds. nrst proof new Rum, . . 2.5 bbls. firtt proof Country Gin . , 20 mall boxe Imperial Tea 2 chests Young Hyson do. ' , 100 boxes J. Wait's Chocolate ' 60 bags Race Ginger, (entitled to debenture) 100 kwgt (Peru) ground do - : , 20. bales Prime Cuba Tobacco , 25 'do do St. Domingo do . I rase Bengal Itdigo 5 hhds and 60 bbls Loaf and Lamp Sueur For tale by JACKSON Jt WOOLLEY, dee 16 ... - 75 Wall - street. (1 H AAi P A IG S fc - A low cases s Mi ami spark - i rhnnniii'iu. of iui). oual. iust receiv ed per Aolut, from Havre, lor tale by - s ' iiLiunpuciAU I. rilDVQ dec 11 81 Pine - ttreet COT I ON. SIXTY - FIVE boln prime new crop Upland Cotton, landing from echr. Milo, for tale in lot .mtpurchMerby . , 'detlS.'"" "' " 68 South - street. FLOUR 350 bbls. supf. New - York Flour, 25 do. fine do 18 do Middlings For sale by TOWN SEN D At W KITE, 1 1 mo S9 92 South street. TEA, 40 hoses Souchong Tea, superior quality, Canton's cargo, for tile by H HURD & SKWALL, dec 15 C5 South - street. MUSKETS, INDIGO, Stc 0 boxes French & German muskets, entitled to debenture 7 ccroons first quality flotant indigo 13 boxe well assorted tape No. 1 1 to 25 . 4 do flaxen linnea .. 2 bbls white lead 9 do Orchal (or Litmus) - For sale by J.C.ZIMMERMAN, , oct 23 72 Washington - street. . PICTURE and WINDOW GLASS. 5 catet r - . ... . . l (Oi..fl1 Iflk.M . oweaisn rrciure uhu, ioujt t, u uj and 20 by 24. . - S00 boxes Window Glass, 6 by 8, to 10 by 12, for sale by dec 15 ' 65 South - street. SEINE TWINE. 8 casks seine twine, of a superior quality, received per thip Amity, from Liverpool, for sale by . dec 19 u. Kf. i iiur. t fllEA. 35 thesti young bysqn tea, cargo ol JL ship Nancy 24 chests young hyson tea, cargo of ship Natcltes hiAn At livann. mrA of shin - . w v. j w ' - J 1 rs - . i Phcunix, all fresh and of superior quality, for sal - by GEO. W. TALBOT, dec 19 . oo rine - st. DUTCH GOODS, iic. A small jovoice coo sistmg of . Marbles, Slates, Slate Pencils, ' Snaff Boxes, Violins, Violin Sticks, Tortoise shell work Boxes, Tortoise shell tea Caddiet. ' Cornelian ear rings. Coral do. Gold Seals, . . Silver Purses, Lead Pencils, Porcelain Tea and Coffee cups ind sincers, . !nlnvn WmtiT. iC. . Received per brig briusfrom Rotterdam, for sals oj iwur.n i hiuli.:iii, dec 17 1 1 r rnl - inei. (LD COPPER. i casks old Coir, just received, aod Tor sale ny. TUCKER & LAUPJES, dec 19 ' 1 29 South - street. SAND and LIME - STONE. WANTED, 100 to 200 tons of Demarara Sand, and . . . . &0 to 100 tons of Gibraltar or West India Lime - stone, if application is made immediately to - CAMBRtLtU : rtJinsuw, dec jo 67 nouin strefli. I TANUFAC1 URED TOBACCO. 3o0 IV J. kegs, now landing from schrs. Rose in Bloom and Cvane, from Richmond, of variou brand, via. , 86 kegs br. D. R. Rose, 8's. No. 1, 2 and 4 72 do. P. Holts, 8's. Nos. 1, 2 and 3 67 do. J. G. ge, 8's No. 1 and 2 43 do. R. Cantor, 8's, Nos. 1, 2 and 3 . 35 do. B. 11. Brady, 8's, No. 3 67 do. J. Franklin. 8's. No. 3 ALSO, 12 bbls. Jones Philadelphia Scotch fcnuff, warranted, lor sale ty decSOlw . CORNS. DUBOI3. 1 TOBACCO tc FLOUR. 9 hhds. crime old X - leaf tobacco, landing trom schr. Sea Lion, rrom Richmond. ' in STORE, 1030 bbls. Richmond superfine flour 75 do do fine do For sale by TR0KE3; DAVIDSON ft CO." dec 30 106 Front - street. TOHACCO U FLOUR. OtL hhds new Richmond tobacco 20 do old do do 13 do Petersburg . do 300 bbls Philadelphia superfine flour - Lao'ling from brig Rising Sun, and tchr Indian Hunter, Sea Lion, and Brothers For sale bv BOORM AN & JOHNSTON. Also, in store 500 bbls superfine Richmond floor t 200 do Petersburg do. dec 27 rpOBACCO, FLOUK ii COTTON. 18 JL hhdt prime leaf tobacco 300 bbls Virginia flour 20 bales prime' upland cotton, received per sloop Cashier, from Petersburg, and for sale by WALSH & GALLAGHF.R, dee 23 . 66 South - street FLOUR H COTTON 1200 bbls. Richmond Flour . 4 bales prime Upland Cotton, for sale at 106 Front - street, by dec 23 TROKE3, DAVIDSON ft CO. SHOT, WHITE LEAD, &c A few tons Patent Shot, from BB to 10 A few casks Dry White Lead 3 tons best do. it oil, in S8 U 561b. kegt . . 85 cask best Red Lead S6 rolls Sheet do. 10 hhds Paris White, of a superior qtality 4 casks Yellow Ochre, dry Red, Yellow and Blttk Paints, in kegs of 1 cwt.eacb A few casks Fig Flee Black Varnish in keg of 4 gallons each Window Glass 7 by 9, 8 by 10, 11 by 9, and 12 by 10 for sale by ATKINSONS Ir FLEMING, dec SI 1m 167 Peri - trt - LOMJON MUss f ArlD. 60 boaes first quality, fresh London Mettard is boxes, containing S dotea tach, tale by TUCKER k LAURIES, dec 2 S9 Sosth - itreeL 17 LOU K and TOBACCO. UK) bsmU tepf t? Flour, and - . . . 28 kegs Manofaetared Tobacco, branded Wells. and Dunn, landing from tchr.. Cashier, tc. from Petersburg, for sale by WVTE BETHONE ft CO. dcctl nV,U. SLp. JAMAICA RUM,. c. 17 ' 'pWamaica J Rum,. 'A s - . 3 do. do. very old, aod of superior quality m LL J. - I.. . . z mini. uiuiHK, - , 1 do Castor Oil; S bags Pimento' : 4 4 casks Copper., t . - - . .i : . A quantity of Lance wood Spars ''. ' . ' Landint from schooner Rover, from. Port Ma' ria, and for sale by, . dec 17 " ' " " 56 South - street. LOTANT INDIGO. 15 seroon Flotant r Indigo, wit received and fur Sale by , n i xr 9 Hnwi ifcn dee 17 ' - ' - : 77. Wahington - treet. : I'.lNTIlM .mi.t'H AFEW cates. Canton. Crape Shawl, for tale CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON, dec 19 - 67 South - street, i M ADElRA VVLE UP. Madeira Wine' A nrussAS mitxlitv in nat - kAsi nf tfialrsi rA t,f Ja, n Mrv;v ij'iuii'j ass afisruoy vshmw bf. qr. casks, for tale in quantities to suit purchasers, by ' w ss ear sra irsttainAnrH a a"S . k. s w . ua v jun run. . dec 12 . . : . , . THIRTY tonsSL Domingo Logwood ' 3 do Red Wood; : 3 do iSIcaragua ; 2 do English Allum 4 do Copperas 3 do Dry White Lead ; 1 do Ground do ' 2 do Red Lend . , . Spanish Brown, Venetian Ri Whiting, Paris White. and Litharg. 2000 lb Afi lean GNiro Copal 1000 do E. India do do ' 2500 do French Verdigri . 260 do Chiuese Vermillion For tale by RIPLEY ft WELD, ' 192 Front - street, corner or r ulton - itrcet. nov 14 . 'pOBACCO ft FLOUR. 17 hhdt Irish mar - J. ket Tobacco 5. do prime new crop do 87 bblt luperf Flour, . , ' Landing from (chooner Native and Remit tance, for sale by dec 20 . . f .' - 92 Coffe - House - lip. jhj4 anit.Ts. ONE case superfine Marseille quills, from 5 - 4 to 14 - 4, for tale by , . MARCH LOW, dec 19 - 210 Broad wav. "lAMHIitLENG it PEaUSONj oiler lor tale at 67 South - street 500 half chest Kampoy Tea 600 do and canister Souchong' Tea 110 hnvi ilnahla boiled Calcutta Suirar 250 tons Russian aod Swedish. Iron, flat and square, assorted 100 tons plate, Stoves, Pig Iron, Iron Wire and sheet Iron - 60 pieces heavy hear Ravent Duck 6 pipe nnd half pipes Madeira Wine .. . 14 do Sicily Madeira do 150 boxes Florence Oil ! 100 boxes. Gorgoaa' Anchovies' 200 bags Salt Petrc, very tuperior quality It ra,li. Earthenware An assortment of Glassware, Apothecaries shop r unuture. tc . " A small invok - e of Drugs Boston Beef No. 2, and Mes Dutch Slate, Box Wood, Bead Toilet Glasses and Tovs. dec 22 B OMbAZETsS. I case black and cul'd, just received, anu lor taie uv .. ' m RPTuiiVr r - .n dec SO J - - - ' 92 C. H - blip. f lUNUMVli'Afc. 10 ton Ut quality Lig - JJ nunivilue, lor sole ny .TUCKER ft LAURIE3, dec 19 - ' - - - '29'South - ttreet. OPANISH 111 A N D V . 2ti pipes Spanish J urandy of good quality, lor taiony - N. L. it G. GRISWOLU, dec 16" 86 South - ttreet piATALONIA WINE. - 10 pipes superior V quaiiiv, vaiaiouia " ine, eiimicu w iuaw back, for sale by GOODHUE ft CO. . dec 18 44 South - street; UxNBLEACH'D SHIRTINGS, GINGHAMS, ftc.&c. A FEW caset of UnWeach'd Shirtingt, fust re - : I a I L... J..M. ..nil. - .. Afr:... hams, mane from Sea Island yam, from No 28 to 'Si, and a general assortment of cotton and wooien oomesuc gooos. aiso couoa yarn, particularly low numbers, for ale by the sVSiU.inaaivsi, nii s, der. 23 148 Peail - street. OIL. 95 boxr Florence Oil, 12 bottle each landing at Old - slip, and for sale by CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON, dec 23 - 67 South - street. IRISH MARKET TOUACCO. - 50 hhds prime Tobacco, an entire parcel, landing this day from the sloop Mechanic, from Richmond, lor sale ny i.ivit, DbiHunr.titu. , dec 6 92 Coffee House - slip. PHILADELPHIA FLOUR 3(H) bbls su I nerfiue Philadelphia flour. Ian din? from brig Rising Son, for salo by - BOOR.YLN ft JOHNSTON. AUo in Store, . BOO bbls Richmond superfine flour . 200 do Petersburg do , do 19 do Richmond fino do dec 26 O LDlMAbUKA WINE. 16 pipes tio old nas oeen in we west innirs ior imiiniTrineDw For tale by. TUCKER LAURIES, dec 3D .59 South - street. ... (IF . . ' r . . . JL bright Turks Island Salt afloat, aod ready for delivery, lor sale by TUCKER ft LAURIES, dec 30 29 South - street. MADEIRA WINE. LONDON Particular Madeira Wine, of the most approved brands, in pipe, hogsheads ana quarter casts, ni ior immeaiaio use, warranted pure as imported, and welt worth the at trntion of private fareilie ; will be old at rea sonable paces, ana in qunnuues io sun purctia ers, by TUCKER k LAURIES, nov 28 , No. 99 South - street. SALT. rYlHRcort - oof brie Atlantic, fvins at Peck X slip, consisting of 4000 bushel Turks - Is land salt, or orst quality, tor sale ny R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO.' dec S3 35 Peck - slip. F'RESH MALAGA FRUIT. "5 casks Sua r Raisins! 160 boxes Bloom do. 100 do. Mus catel do. of the brig Neptanes cargo, for sale ny t.u. as. tiuxiLdiMU, nov 25 77 Wathincton - street. rpOBACCO, FLOUR, Ac 1000 bbl Rich - JL mood, Petersburg and Fredericksburg 18 hhds prime old tear Tobacco 10 hbd new do 43 krxt Labhv'i common Tohacro , ' . 38 bales prime Uplnad Cottna, Jandinr, and rorstieoy nALSucuALUbtitn, dec 30 ' - '66 Sooth - street. FLOUR ft TOBACCO 248 bbls Flour, 16 hd. prime Virginia Tobacco, ' ' - 50 kes wet scented Manufactured Tobac co, branded 1'onJep 60 keys common qtantydolandioc from schrt, FJixa, and Ann sV Mrv. for ss le at 9S C. H . slip, by . . DIVIE BETHUNEfi CO. dee 4 ' ' UUOUXD FLASTt R OF PARIS. f rXfin plaster of pans, arta - X JU U bit for the touthera marktt. For sale by - JOHN BYERS, dec 27 iw ' FootofJlarrisoa - strect. . a NOTICE. ' - ' I ffJ The Subscriber, In bchali of himself and his associates, eives notice, that an application will be made to tne bonnrable the leeulature of this state, at its next sees met, for an Act to iocor - porata a if auk with a capital rtock of Five Hue dred Thousand Dollar, and .with leave to in crease it to. One Mali fan ; to be located north east: of Betkmaa - street, in the city or New. York, and to be called The Frankba Sauk ef the city ot New. York." . 1 - ' Dated New - York, 16th Dec. 1817. ' By order of th Associates, 30 tf ' NOAH BROWN, Sec 30 gee'ry. fCr - P. MAVERICK, tot raver, ol wi.rk has recommenced tutinets, in New - York, under the firm of P. MAVERICK ft DURAND. corner of Pine - street and Broadway in the rear of the Literary Room t of Mettrt. J. Eastburn ft no. - v - . ; . v - Orders received by Mettr. Eaitburn ft Co. oct 16 Sot ' - . - - i DOMESTIC COOKERY. BY A LADY. 1'he third American edition, (with many re cent neceipu Kirc.ooKerv)oi this valuable worir. sis just puouiuea ny Mvociii ui'ur.nmu I, nov 19 6w No. 222 Pearl - street. INESTIMABLE OleCOVERYc - HEALT11 preserved and restored without Jlfedicioe or Quackery, which often destroys the dulicate constitution and debilitate the strong Colds bring on the most alarming disorders, with those tortuno roeumatic pains, lumbago, gout, ftc. which all the faculty have not beeu able to eradicate. 1 o prevent . i better than to cure. - ' ' R. YEO ha prepared (from a receipt of a very eminent .physician) leather (of which he makes shirts) of, the most vital and nutritious quality, which will prevent all Hie . above men tioned complaint. - They produce an animal heat to the body, which cannot be obtained from flannel, patent fleecy hosiery, or lamb' wool tbey absorb all perspiration, and resist all the humidity that injures the human frame they are svft and pleasant to wear and do not produce that irritability that is to unpleasant in flannel. rhose' who have favored him. with their orders have, declared their astonishment at the benefits derived from them - To be had vt RICH'D YEO, breeches maker and leather dresser, 185 Water - street ; where also may be had leather pantaloons, doe skin vests, all kinds of gloves aid mittens of the beet quality, wholesale ana reuii, at the shortest notice. uecji zw isrniavsTiOjY ou sour stomach IS acknowledged by medical ' writcis to be a complaint ol stubborn kind, and at all time verv difficult of cure. This is sufficiently illus trated in the disapiioiiitment of those who unfur - nately sunt - r under it, as Uiey, ior me mou parr, find that after having tried many things to little or no pufiiose, they are at last obliged to use (for perhaps titer remainder of life) such articles as can at best but palliate the disease.' Under such circumstances, any medicine capable of removing 'the cotnplaint, must surely be an article highly deserving the attention of all those who are afflicted with it ; such a combination is to he met with in r. .VKAim .Ijri l VISt.r - TICor STOMACH1 FILLS the ucces of which hat never yet been equalled for tUe cure of dvsne.naia in ill most complicated form, tuch a loss of noDctile. nausea, heart burn, flatulen cy, knawing pain ia the stomach, pain in the stele, great costiveness, paleness ia the counte nance, laneuor. lownes oi inims, unin in xne head, virtigo or, and disturbed sleep vvnoever npiiti uiese piui ui um bijuvc uubum, accordins to the direction, will never be disap pointed, as they have never been once known to tail in producing a radical and permanent curt The use of a single box will convince the most ,. . . . i rr . w. : 1 1 . unoeueving oi utcir cmtacy. , i ney win uwi eficctuatly remove ftM sourness of tlie stomach, not merely by neutralising the acid, but by correcting that morbid state of the secretions which gives rise to it, and at the tame time will restore to thn debilitated orsant of dizestion, that tone and vigour which it absolutely necessary to the well being or the animal economy. To be bad at Brook et Carle's Pearl - street, at J. C. Morrison's, Greenwich - street, tad at Mull llowne's 140 reari - street. where drug gists and country dealers will be served on libe ral term. fXy Price one dollar per box. dec 34 6vr NEIV PUBLICATIONS, FANCY ART1 - CLF.Sy TOY BOOK3, lie. TUST published and for tale by ELI AS VA oj LENTINE, at hi new Book - store, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - street, a Print of Mr. rhilippt, in the character ol Count veiino ; theballance of comfort, or the old maid aud married woman, a novel in 2 vols, by Mrs. Ross ; the itinerant, or memoir of an actor, part zu, bv S. V. Rvlev, 3 volt t letters from the Sooth, by the author of JohnJBull and Brother Jonathan ; grammar of sacred bistorr, together with a general assortment of staudard works Also, a complete assortment (50 different kinds) of toy books for children, with a neat collection of fan cy articles Visiting cards aud cards of address. plates, coats of arms, ftc. engraved and printed at a short notice. decxi una un A number of gentlemen can be accommodated u with p - rtml linunlinir from tha lit ol IVovem bcr next, at No. 91 Cherry - street. ociiozawii CORDIALS. RASPBERRY and Cherry Brandy Martinique and Italian Noyeau - French and American Anoiueed, and Old Metbeslin. ALSO, 1.'.h W.;.b. ..J M P...k Prttntv - Lime Juice, Rose - Water, Ketchup, Spket, Eperoi and Hartford tallow Candles, with a general attorimeoi ot groceries, mr snie ny - MILES Hl'l CHCOCK, 28 Maiden - lare, corner of Nassaa - st. dec 23 10t . . .. . Aivf A7J COCOA. FX! WENTY - FI VE bags of very superior qua - JL uty Island cocoa, for sals by TUCKER LAURIES, JanS 29South - L IIONGEKS. 6 caset tuiterior. colored, Pon IT gees, for hatter's usr, iost received and for sale by . wJlcilt.L.t.urr.Aftsj, dec 23 , 67 South - street. LONDON BROWN STOUT, ALMONDS, Ac. K casks Hibbert's Brown Stout, of very st - J" perior quality, ia fine condition and 1 recommended. JCIT LASTDKO, 25 bale fresh toft shelled Almonds, of fine quality ' . 80 boxes Krone s, assorted ite, froa 4 to 12 lb each, very superior Italian Wax Candlet For tale by . . 1 . v A. BININCER ft SON, . ..It Maidca - Laue, 'ALSO, ' Rarpberry and Cherry Brandy Martinique aod French Cordial Ct ampaeae, Frontignac, , , ' With a large assortment of seasonable goods, dec 26 lOt . . OTTO N ft HIDES 29 balet prime Sea V UiiadUottrm - 8 do do Upland do and. 1009 dry ox hide fur tale by ' - ! SAUL ALLEY, lfC 24 S3 Pine - street NO.42 INK - STREET. : . ... 111 ' '.! - Sank of America, Dot. 2tt, 1817. ffr Notice is herrhv (riven to the Stockbold - ' ers of the Bank of America, that a dividend of iwn ooiiart ana nay cents on a snare, ior months, ending on the 31st inst. wHl be paid at the Bank, on Friday, the Sd January next. bj order oi tne Hoard of Directors. : - GEO. NEW BOLD, Cashier. dec SO 1m PHEMX UANK - r V ; TCP A dividend of three per cent, has been this day declared on the stock Of this Bank, pay - able on the 2d January next. 1 hs master books Will ke closed on the S4th instant - , ( By order1 of the Beard of Directors, " ' " dec 20 - D. L GREENE, Cashier - , ' (fcj - If PATRICK DILLON, who left Trai le, io the County of Kerry, Ireland, ia the year UI03, will transmit Mr. Vitsherry, of 'i ralee, bis address, it will be a particular advantage to both parties." Tralee, October, 1815. The above is inserted at the request of Mr. Dillon' rrieadt. . . Any communication on' the' tubiect will be thankfully received and transmitted by . . . dec 16 BENJ'N. W. ROGERS tt CO. (Kr. ISAAC F. BRAGG, late teacher of writing in tlie - Adelphi School, respectfully an - aeuacet tlie opening of b tcminary on hi own ' , . account, ia the upper room of the building late ' ly occupied by Holme ft Looborrow, at tha' comer of Eldridge and Ftmp - ttreett, where he purposes instructins; pupils in reading, orthogra - ' phy, English grammar, writing, arithmetic, geo graphy, the drawing and colouring of maps, book - keeping, the mathematics and drawing . Tlie success with which be ha hitherto taught penmansliip in the Adelphi School, and in Mrt. Smith's Boarding School, ftc. embolden him to solicit the patronage of an enlightened and discri - 1 ruinating public, with a confident bop that hit industry will meet an adequate encouragement " and at the same time that he feels all the anxiety . incident to anew and important undertaking, lie looks forward to the progress of bis establish - ment with a cLeerful determination to use his at most efforts to make it satisfactory to his patrons, ib each branch of a liberal English Education. - N. B. An Evening school is now open at I. F. B's residence, 122 llarman - ttreet. , , dec 17 . - . lav . y7 The Ui.ited Insurance Company having bteo dissolved agreeably to an act of the legislar ture of the state of New - York, all persons having claims against the tame are requested to" present them to the subscribers, at the office of E. El - ' mendorf. No. 143 Fulton - street ; and all persona indebted are requested to make payment at the same place. Dated 31 Nov. 1817. . . , EDM. ELMMOORF, ) rcdolfbcs BoGKaT, Trustee jAMXtr. van - ho&z,) . . nov 4 .. - .(. . o tm - .i NOTICE. ; , . Public notice it hereby giv a that the . subscribers intend to apply to the Legislature of ' tlie state of New - York, at their next session, for an Act of Incorporation, incorporating them and their associate by the name and style of the Franklin Insurance Company with a capital of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for the purno . si s ot making all kinds of insurance against fire, and on a life or lives, and a lo va the iuKtnd transportation of goods, wares and merchandize. . , , STEPHEN WHITNEY, ' BEiJ L. SWAN,' , . ELI SUA TIBBITS, . dec4tf JOHN ADAMS. : . NOTICE. . Or The nndertigned give notice, that thej' intend to apply to the legislature of this itttej at their next session, for an act to incorporate) themselves and their associate into a comnaoy, in the city of New - York, under the ityle of The' North River Steam - Boat Company,' wiOi a capital ef (it hundrasl tlMMsaee) dollars, for the purpose of navigating with Steam Boat tlie waters of the North River. Dated the 22d day of December, 1817. - - EDWARD P. LIVINGSTON, ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, CH AS. AUG. DALE, , ': D. LYNCH, Junr. ' - , dec 22 ' dw . EAGLE FIRE COMPANY. - . 0r - Notice is hereby given, that an election for thirteen Directors, lor th ensuing year, will he held at the Office of the Company on Tuesday, the thirteenth iost. from 10 A. M. until 2 o'clock, P.M. JNO. D.MEYER, Sec'ry. JanS tJan 13 ' , HUTtRPA SOCilTY. i 03 The Anniversary Concert of tbit 8oeie ty, will be held at the City Assembly, on tlie 15Ui of January. ' The members will receive their Tickets hy applying tt No. 206 Urosdway, or at the prao tisinjr room of tlie Society. . dec 15 lni JOS. KNIGHT, Secretary. NA l lUiAL.lA&UKACECU.Vll A1NV. THE Stockholders are hereby ooti6eH, that the annual election for nineteen Director will be held at the olhce of the Company, 47 . Wall - streetj on Monday the 12th January next The poll will open at IS and close at 2 o'clock', dec 27 JOHN J. JONES, Sec'ry. NEW - York lnbUhance com Pan i. THEstckholihriare hereby notified, that the annual election for twenty - ona Directors, will beheld at the olhce of the Company, 34 Wall - street, on Monday, the 12th January next.. The poll will open at 10 o'clock ia the forenoon, ' and close at 2 o'clock. ' C. G. 8HIPMAN, Sec'ry. " decS33w . , ' PROPOSALS WILL be received at tne office of. the Commissary General of Purchases, for tap - plying materials of Domettie Manufacture tor making Clothing for (ha Army of tlie United States, for the year 1818, as follows, vis t Grey Cloth, 6 - 4, for great coats Blue do ' do forcoatt, dyed in indigo Black CloOi, for Gaitbers, 6 - 4 wide Grey Sattinet, 3 - 4 for jacket ' ' ' Flannel, of wool aod cotton, for shirts, ' Sample of the above will be fumithed, oa ap' ' plication to this office, in person or br letter; tl - , so forshoes, leather caps, blankets, short stuck ings, wing of worsted, epaulet of worsted, and for iron camp kettles ud mess pans. Samples . of these articles may be seen on application la the Commissary General, at Philadelphia, or to the Deputy Commissaries, at New - f ork.'city, and at Newport, Kentucky. Comatisf ary General' Ofiice, PhUatPla, ) tilh December, 1817. CALLENDER IRVINE, deeSSSw Comm'yGea. of ParchAse. M U S 1 G ALL the Songs, Dortta, as tang by Mr. ITJ - Kon at the New - York Theatre, for tale at Wat. DUBOIS' Piano Fort aad Music Store, - Ko. 126 Bteadway. Behold in hi oft expressive race Tbo' love i warm awhile Ti but fancy (ketch ' Is there a heart that never lov'd In vain ma v that bosom lost quit depjjrt My early 1y what joy was thine love' yoeng dream This blooming rose at early dawn Rohia Adair Beautiful Maid Lt rame tooad the trtrnpet ' . Had la heart . : . V , Evfeleen't Bower Dear maid I love thee. '. Ah sere a pain was never teea Said a tenuis to a tear . - Sigh not for lore My heart wittLlove it beating Tin rtlebratca serenade of M Lilla come do BtrdDpett , ttots' Flora's wreath. With a large atrartflrast of new static dea 24 , , - is , li.H. !, - T V I 1 - tii ' i" ; '".:, : ' ''"''! ' '' - - '.' t e . - , V I I ' ' , ' ;. i ; ':''' ;.,r''':; . - . - S - I.iv i.y: ft I: 15 t I. : V I. It - - i. i .. ',r: t' V 1 f ! 'M : - a : . .s i If! ;i r i r r I V:

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