The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 20, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1913
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

X :"*··* COCEESPOKDEKCE SOLICITED Sk-^ : ins must sec -- t-.vins \ver in tlie tuysti»r- of ialnce:»-t:.t ^kiiij: audc-r «lirx-t!o:J of tlie Dinah, au fcoo iu a OR SASH GIFT The question us a* tiine sore tfcan aay other -- except one -- is "V,"b.s£ siiali I set icr oer~* A2\d tiie exception is, "\Ykat shall -I get for him?" Every year -The -little fellers you see tie snywao^es flyin' an* the ; winter's come to stav \Vntch out *er the little fellers--mate the Christmas come their .was- j brings in a lot of novelties m dress accessories, house adornments aaa j H. ~ ; je'.vciry CUd ill the tilOU- j Some o' t!ieai in !u-»!y places, ·n.-fcere sand aEd one trices tba; v.eiceii re- ] quire, so thst seleciias 2 pretest fcr v.cmec, or giris Is a iaat:cr of cheesing one from anicas the many fascinating noiel-les Sispliyed^ in the shops. Fasbisa heSiis us out tlus ~ecr; suc-h Watch for Valuable Paper. - Facts About the Bible. Not a scrap of paper is permitted to The middle! verse of the Bible is th» Le rcjried put ia the Uniied .States eighth verse-of-tlie-one-hundred and trea;uiy department unUl it fcas i eighteenth Psalm. .Tie tKfinij'-firBt passed the censorship of the official verse of Ue seventh chapter- oft^Ezra examiners of the waste baskets. For "contains all the letters- of the alpha- years they have been doing this -work,, bet except the letter 3. · Trie longest and have saved the government the j verse is the ninth verse of the eighth ; aaounts of their salaries many times , chapter of Esther. The shortest verse *-] over. Seme time back one of tbcm; is the ninth verse of"" the eleventli a JlO.OfH? | ciia^ter of St. John. i - , . So SOFT SHELLED EGGS. i : --« 1-Ti. v: Soft shelled esiss iiiay t e a curiG«ry- c . ,,,,., but are lio ivke to Biufiy. sh_- oftvis ; ^ : ,. i!)( dies SEralnisjc ~o !ay them, rlie ovMac-1 «_,»--"«''J ls?iii:r made for a ^-:io«ta. !..:rrl. cl.~-;j" v ,-; ; *. . , ;r ;r:s;:i ·lulus shell- ibtf soft SL.C-" his ;i sur-, -; : .' s .,;: :-. :J , S'iK'V like lilicr Sil!:d !i,l-*'?r Ci2:»l is~Il ti .,;· -- t,^ br*""!;' roll lite a !ia»f bk»v..'. fottl»a!l. ' "I've iast MVH Such ejrgrs. at :izue~. st:ek in :hc- ; ,,.,. _. ,~.^.-£*..» -- cloaca until they roE at a side table: b_:sy \vt.v- t!.ey that i!.« stc.ikl; :.luce of. Vt';:,::r was ssot ::otL-o«l KRii! \Vi;:: a st-.-::«a ser^iai she fis-r c5:o;:.vr: ";o sway, you ·v! \YVre t^o ba^y t»» S.^tiiv"- to a;:y SS-nat pae ^Jjo. iisveral. · i you -c:ii prc-bctly sue | ing 2-^ery ene jf- tljc^a · aenfioasly popular acd beautitul dress ! ristaics come ihtir -aay. first application removes CUristreSs cc=ie tfee:r vrajr. Medical Advertising re Throat and Chest Colds CMIs the fc:-i£.tv elements needed to muke the ; ^air soft, vravy and glossy, and 10 : aiakejs g?ov,---ft is dello-teiy p-=r- rr-cd--not sticky cr greasy. , Are Conquered Over Nigh* ceesl irx accessories. Sev-sji ue\v sica$Is in sasliss DAVID' J-fc GRSEB, "P.-cjtestant Episcopsi E:shop of.the Dsocase of Ncv; Yorft. * . fee Oav of The ci:i:d i or ail ice popu!^r nev j-wittees.t and *:oeai2e- it is wlwn tiie cinili? oa lUe t!iro:ie ^seih:!^ Eisat luates- -r- ££ a^ ^-ear In the saslies 'jlciared s ^=;«1 here. la Figure I, a v.iUe, soft, isessa- j ;..- ^ j -;hH!Jy. vcirh t-ur ^iits-au-J prc-s- £he aie^t i ^5-:^. v,-f P:IV fisir trJjUJO TO hiui. !"or « ue s shown v.hich 1 of girdles. ri*' is in a j-tf pay os?r tril , ;hls «:ae t'ay jit Tiie y*rtr at Jeast the e o r e crt he" say :i c-j:res :-"-:! once ^|ffi¥%^J! %li5t§ll ^ TS^ HOUSE ACROSS, THE WAY. LKnni^ Js a ! o"ce across ihe \Vher« last ysrr chlUSsh sheets wtr--. h- ^. !. j? .i-.-e -^re T.;src- in pUyo-1. ·;i:bare. After r^-t-:vt:;- arj-smea the yo-k: rorates ::i:. :i-e uterus, '.v-iere a ttiiek v. - Si:re £u:d. s^-reted by tlii i^aer scrfacx*. !^ Lliruvra ::tutlt it auii this eo:iIe;--es irst't si!«ireous crycrais v.-hlc!! form tlie baril poro;;s Shci:. In her food a Lcn req-.iiros 1^.2 per cent of ti!!i:era! to in.tke tliis stseU auii 3.8 jer ce::E fur her ict.!y. and as corn contain:- b'.:t ..^i for Cent c-f mineral it 2S tSISilV SOt?tl Il^Tv" ^''-ClU^'Ve COI'Il HJft brings soft slio".:ed e:rirs aail weak skeleton. Ilcavy esjr j'roilncttun is another cause. TLc- :I;-_-i! factory cr.n't funiisl! shells i'asc e:.on:rb. and so Hi;e niusr be fo*l. Craceec orster shell is best. The irizzaru grinds it easily, its salty Savor is apj'-eiiziutr anti it oniekly turns t» es^^ue!!. An aunlysls siiovrs tile trtvo ::!io:it 11-f same. An e^sshc-i! cout:':as: 07 per ccr.t curbo^ute of Iiiiic. I icr cei:r plio^pl'are of I:u:e and 0 ^ it:r -ei:; marter. cent i-ari of IiJi;e. I.^ i»er per cent^Iiatc 01" II:ae aiiJ ani^ai matter. C'tlicr of tills tronole are in- aasiaarioa of ov;d::ct vrhen r^enibran 1 .- ceasos t-' elaborari.' ir.r.e: nverfac, fri.rhu inju-.-y. sickness, firod-iss oss The ·-I--onj is ea=s:y dere'.lou as «be luigere ::^-.-;:z tay nc^r aud strains t- lay. : («r. o' ti.c pi^tcrior wi" cause h'T t ^r ·_··"·: '·_.: · rir;.'. --::··"· ·S»(SoSCL Kj. .- velv j act! sev.-ed to the girdle. Kock iiiifi j ~ j gircila is boned s.-. the ccds aiid s:aes- j ' It is s.o be v\'crii \vit:i the fastening at! - ihe back, frost c-r sides, at the pleas-1 ^ urs -or tlie nearer. j ^i^iire -- *5 «? S'zniln" ''·rdlti in s' " put off thus. "How many were there!-" ! narrower and heavier rsbbo^. Is is a S ? srhat -vvas you lolu" in lat closet? Chi!lea ain't goc no call to njeuille in v.-hat Coau" concern "em. nohov.-"" Eut neither of ibo three T.-as to be -.vj- scfii^ to r?*~ sonie t f A Xo o^i-J peers ;-c-i :I-e tiindow ^ ;* rv '·/ To so: tr.e pos:--in come ana pass. - Ti c ·.: ! Jrs lXil :" c jrr.ers "7here arc ; cnr ·?. «;re locked, Get a 50 cent berfe from People's Dreg S lore to-day--everyone ncsds i'-, A De;ie;rat:j:"- ~ «.J^- 4; "', ^ ?:i^-« reduces the swollen joints, s starteti to so. It is . , ,, , ,, , ,, . , and -.-.on't bl : srer. After aH ot.ier resiedles have failed £5i-»vhere '-A-ilf're- thousands have oyercome_tbe njisery Many GctJysijtirg Peop Health Vj'ithout Kn A ^5 cer.t uo\ '·? thL v/ondcrfui tiis- »\ t-ry will do the work of 50 mustard There aro scores ci people who drag: L-lasiers. In tv.-o* minutes Earache, gists. ;i;t a miserable exister.ce i v i t h u t reel- " -- -- -- -- 'z=r.;r ths cause -of iheir s-- 3IL"STA?aXE is for sale and recommended in Gettysburg at all drug- z;r.:- cause o! tiifcjr ss-iieringr. jj-iy : A /^\ ifpr aav they are racked wSVh back- /\f O i-.-hc- and headache; suffer irom :sar- . .oi;=£.e3S. dizziness, vre^kncss isn-' ?uor ard deprasslo 1 :. Perhaps the kid-; isys have fa!Ien Lehlr.d in their ·r.-ork of futeriKsr the b!ocd r.nd that · X T *1 JNOStrilS * Head Colds And Catarrh Van sE Gettysburg. ; try it--Apply a little in the nostrils, i George Reldinger. Hanover St., · ar.d 'nt-ta:it!y your ciojrged nose ''--^ f Don't lay awake to-night struggling "c 'for breath, -.vith head sralfed; nostrils did. I fslt better rig-ht avcay and was' ciru? ?:ore. This sotiji cured. Since then. I huve tiikes i Doan's Kidney Pi-js several tirrses and · they have al'.vcvs done cood -vorl:.'" j For sale bv" aH dealers. Price 50 j cents. FosterO-Iilbum Co.. Buffalo.! New York, sole ager:t for the United j States. I Remember the same--Dean's-- 1 and tnke no ether. '· ^, fragrant ba!m' v.-i'l serelv An Honestly Built Stove J. iht ho-^*? ac~Orrs ths *? i ?i evidently meant to be secrets. I'erbaps Santa Claus is concerned in t^rneil urder. forc:!ng: a three-icea ] ^ .'_?a . ave r.c s tiere totiav -.'! ""·*- in o£ Christ- 11 R oc ks. 1-uII Bred cockerels and 1 pullets: Hamburg, Buff and; White Orpingtons Coluin-j bian Wvandottes: Barred: "But" begaa the boy Uesitatinaly. | rG _ this . c ]_ cut tiree-uucrters ci £ yard -, ^ "it makes me clonbc If Sanra C!aus . really exists to see all these tilings be- j foreLand. Do you tlfink. there is such I a person?" j '-VTe!!. "\Vilbnr Peania-rton. of ail silly questions! Doesn't be alv.-ays gi: cur stockings and brine: us a tree? Doesn't { he aiivays get ilia notes we pur ia the { fireplace for liim a:j-J g:ive us even,"- i thins: w e -.vrite for? H.ivea't \ve been | told loads of times about his reindeer j and slefi and vrorksbop at toe north ! pole and his jolly face and all the rest : of it?'* These questions were fired ar j uira in a volley by both twins. ! "WeH, I doa't care." he answered t 2oggeu-y. "Tiie fellows in suhoo! \ laas^od at me vriiea I srioije of him tn % · otfaer day. and ic d^es seen que-T bo'-v ', he cau do all the thinirs he Soes." j "Go "ivay. ciiilol" cjacu!:;tet! D:::a:t j ·'Dera's lot CD t'inss daL's past our ua- I derstaadiu". Does we know how tie { blessed sun kin shine ober de whole country at onee? IX-es we know h o w fie wind blows an" da ICIs_r in Chicago Hecora- i. : KIIG-OSS That Sells On Merit The Peon Esther range does not have a lot of fancy frs. coration that is hard to keep clean.--and at the same time it is excelled by none. In appear aace. It is the most solidly built and best general purpose cooking rancre \ve know. One *- O "'· that v:e can conscientiously guarantee. L T. MAKING .". iiiijijini: rr-rmcrly cc.'ar:eJ bj Strcvr Slacker Co. Rearof eld. Keaui us t rei-^ht Depct ! ! -: ! rv *lt-» "tV° VC 1 **- f*OCT rt ^5% r^*'3$+!*^' i ^'^ f j*ie^* f j r.;:;; n -"w":do«t frlf^j^ I c e a s i n ' ? \v e L^eS^V-CTAVS ! ceedr.'t care how Santa Ci.ius cets r-i«n" ue wny be do i disreniera- ler de time \vhon. h e forgot n: Ever sir.fe I v. ::s in ce brnnc mo Drifts. OU1 ! oli ::: J tls-Ut; 1.: '-.. :.'..] a:. c:i -1 n. = j shojlc l-e s-nt.v -\\ cived lock s:.t'.» «b iu t!;:s ca?c r ··~:.^ r;:pt~?e of u'ood L: M -y,, ; .. ::2:u,5-;- a nn" l«.-avo dvr u;c '.via ce v.-hite f- ::-:' | Dta:." you try to r ako ] o"-^.'e tit re ::::"t KO ?ni::a C"iai3 i .· fl--re jixsl ;i.u-;.er.-.'.iy h.'.s iu be | -":,:rnc-ti"a. wita- j :..' l~:'s-~ t--e spasuis j ·- t . of ibe :.-! 1 "! 4 'C. cvo: Don't cole-.r. .. ^r---I --f i--- is ce- 5 CSCiC you tan"; su .c-jC %v.;h^. J* , others cr-2. n*::st be »'.« IP .r. [ Dop't sror. I .."^o.:t wn=it ::; i^-.e ",ri; -!i- 5 'it rc-""V --c^n't ninttcr :\v win: j i-- £ ~:.:.i C.r.i.s. wi2y. tho:i. v.e oi.jlir ', i-srt-o ^._^. ^ ' -4-^ a -A « ~ ? s ^ ·^i. ^s=^^ «^2-^3. liize at once wn^ ivorld in moderate and r.ilc-e «".ur..Jer t~-i rr^n.:rv. " a^j 3 .-e p'^rc f ire-..: f- s.-rrrart r.s yov: woi.ii; Slave n:i tr.. i', tr ire..:, yuu. . . ·''· y»-r ." t dv S". I. for o:if. sni n^t "C i!:? ] f^V.ow's ex.sf- "*''- c--'it gives " · C ~'-' o :t a:.-! t-rc'-'ore i--c PI^JW- Don't expert n:er. to .^isjrc yon by. - i . · T*7 t?.o :'«·«!! po'.e." your birth, by yo" vrcjiiih, but by your i A "1 :'.··» ;r:j revo^C'l in the shinir." ·worth. ._··)*··(- · ' · i t': ^l 1 !lifsvs of^nos^ Dor.'t forget O'ir^. .-·'· ' ·-«.··". *' ·' ^-.::.''-5-.r. ir.Kfh as t!.*-:r Use chsrity. begins .it :; j:ne. First -'-.:"-t^ of ;-.»··! C.:.'.:s Jir.d been swiJ- the horse psper. the r»ropcr ccper.; i.~i'3 :r. tLo ileptrs of trisfetin:; IOTC. True. ,-r, ..niiu uu you tliink? Jones ·west a st^el r.bbon that unrolls from wgh- '^ tun ^3-sand feet in his aero- ] in a circular c.ising as a i,er-,n Jo- P'^' " J ^^ lliars tb8 " nel§ht o£ ' scenda ·u hiie seated 5n a sliny ^.t iti i 0 "^ J end. . i · i ! A aew fere escape re Santic tape it a g{- sts of ' more than we ask for shoes, ·--You would understand why It is possible for them to guarantee their shoes the way they do and _ --You would quite likely agree widi us that There' e int Siee it The Selz \Vaukenphasi imziy Women and Children /# 6ii?~ store a/id see he-w easy it is to enthuse over this^ real footwears For Sale by RAYMOND and MYERS Charnbersburg St, Gettysburg. JEWS PA PER I -IWSPAPKR!

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