The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 3, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 3, 1818
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( i - trr TOWN OF BOSTON hi MINIATURE, THE 1 V. - . i ; M, o - l r. , 1 1 . infarma the. la I aSSSO cy. that be ha. ; ' kifiKr "at tbe above place, a coropieie WtowlrSf o.mnV inlock work, feature of thu view ii a mountain, on the EiKwbkh i. acast.trongly fortified rob - bgri cave in un ui'" " f" ml o'clock in the moraine till in tbe evening. - Jan 3 zw VwJVKS. PUZZLE. V V rnnnRlCH & CO. No. 124 Broad - A way, corner Cedar - street have manufactured and for sale,he above ingenious and a - . t,;k .till continues to be the .ni faahinnahle amusement. Price oi It. to books and the box of mahogany and racewood blocks, $2 25. . . J tr - new ruBucAii" - v r,l,fc.Hll.r, ai "7 - v: Rinelev't a I ale. once, in ooardi ley, Iw'ain Jrd", 3 dollari ; Balance of Com - fnVt or the old maid and mamed woman, a no - - sreL bvMrs. Russ,2 vols; Nancrede's aondge - mwtofOrfila, on poison, 3 dole, in boards, .together with 1 eunl essortment of standard Visiting and address Cards neatly engraved, " jan3 THE White Cottage, a novel, price 1 dollar, just received and lor sate by J W B. GILLEY. 92 Broadway. W. B. GILLEYhas this day received and put to pre" Eltmere and Rota," a novel. ian DISSECTED MAPS OF THE UNITED . STATES. AT. GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Broad - . way, corner Cedar - street, have the pleasure of announcing to their friends and the pub - r. that thev have init completed a new and ele - trnnt man Dissected Map of tha United States, avWIUCn nas long oeeo uewueiaiuui " . . . . . .. j i . : ,.:. - fy io r uomesuc luiirmuva vn j provement A. T. G. & Co. intend to complete a series ol . J . A aaanau ft WVIirtl strict HIBIUI a wi a w - '"'1 ' will respectfully solicit the public attention, jan 3 lw FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. RAN away from the subscriber on the 29th December, a colored mafi named Cssar, 25 years old, about 5 feet 2 inches high ; any person securing him, or leaving information at Mr. George Little's, near the Navy Yard, shall receive the above reward, and all reasonable expenses paid All persons are forbid harboring or trusting said negro, under the penalty of the law WILLIAM BERRY, Jan 3 Wallabout, Long - Island. VALUABLE PROPERTY fob, sale. Q WILL BE SOLD, At public auction, on the premises, on Thursday, the 22d day of January next, atone o'clock, P. M. A SMALL FARM, containing about ten a - crcs of land of the first quality, lying in Brooklyn, about two miles from.' the ferry. On the premises is a handsome new dwehinz house, standing oana eminence, which commands a most beautiful and extensive prospect of New - York Bay, Staten Wand, Sic and tor pleasantness of situation u not exceeded in King's county ; and anew Bam or Carriage House. ALSO. . a FARM, of about 17 acres of upland and 8 1 - 5 of Salt meadow, adjoining the property be fore described, Having a good bouse, uarn, &c, ALSO. A FARM, containing about twelve acres of upland, in a high state of cultivation, and 8 1 - f acres of salt meadow, adjoining the turnpike leading from Brooklyn to Jamaica, on wlurh u an excellent young orchard, a good dwellin, bouse, a first - rate bam, Sic. Sic. - likewise, Four lots of Woodland, of 7 acres each, lying annul a mile irora ine aoove aescnoeo larms. The above property will be sold separately.' Any person wishing to purchase it invited to calt on the subscriber, by whom the premises will be shown, and any farther information given, which may be required. JUita ham. ian 3 tdi Brooklyn. JN CHANCERY. John B. Murray, 1 vs. State of Kew - York, James T. Watson. IN pnrsuanee of a decretal order of tkis tio - VoaraDle eourt, made in the above eause, sold at public auction, at the Tontine CUT Hoate, in the eity of New - York, anderthedi - - etioa of the subteriber, as one ef the Masters fiildi eourt, on Tuesday the d day of 8ep - r neat, at twau allocs at noon, an tnai CiJc' - w,l Sintr of Lewis, in the state aforw - sWne accomra f;rett (ot No. 4 of Maeoab's ofher im - entorVpriKt all the lot known on a I - - s . . . Ghn made by David B ronton and dec 15 ' Var lSuS, from No. US to jjilng together 15,000 acres ' ' ohirtenanees thereto belong - vf ft5 The brig rtaining. Dated June 30, torn. aili fail sent to sea, immediatell A - HMILTO?f, nlrL wa.hniM f iha hi - 'faster in Chaneery, nlored tha la.t lperty is postponed to .Mj 5aw"ni..VsV HAMILTON. 0M' i - ;. Master in Chancery. , - e property ii postponed to ni novemoer, at tbe same 1. 1817. 'AMES A HAMILTON, Master in Chancery. ..Titinsi 0,(V above property is postponed to t. " - '"Jin aayoi luveiuurr, uiuaiii, ai ""uoioi.r and place, ixovb, ihi y. JAMES A. HAMILTON, - 'm MI7 3t Master in Chancery. ISOf f the above property is postpon - rA j 4th day of December next Dated ?er 13, 1817. ' JAMESA.IIXMILTOV, nov 27 dt Master in Chancery. l ne saie oi me anove property it postponed to the second day of January next, at the same hoar and place. Dec. lit, 1817. JAMES A. HAMILTON,' dectlawtds Master ia Chancery. Tbe sale of the above property is postponed to i nursaay, ice zaj insu at Utt sane Dour and place. Jan. 2, 18P. JAMES A. HAMILTON, jaaSdts Matter in Chancery. 1000 DOLLARS IN GOLD ! ! THE fift drawn number in the MEDICAL SCIENCE Lottery, next Tuesday. wiP be enuuea to a pjue oi one uonsasd dollars, wtucn ifaoldat j!n!ni IP. j TRULY LUCKY OFriCE, . No. 122 Broadway, opposite tbe City Hotel, shall be immediately paid in American Gold. Tbe brilliant cheme contains prises 1of of $30,000 10 of $1300 500 00 100 tmuuu . 5,000 3,000 10 of 10 of 0 of s or 2 cX I of 2,000 100 of 60 Most of which are floating in the wheel, and may idrawaMLtha fint dr. N. B. All prizas - wtlich baveAlXEN'S aame eo the back will be paid at their oficta, ianStt ' ' SiT" of a night, r UK K i - - I : rrr n ai ivm, na i rvYi rvnrr.A RSON TUESDAY NET. rAinnuMirM 'drawinsrui this city onTues day evening next, the 4th Medical Science Lot - '7.Tnr' 1M BROADWAY. havinff disposed of an unusual number of than m.m hvi and aharea of tickets) to their nu mMwii futmnt. flatter themselves that the laudable attempt, at weasui u Bri":,vV the many fortunate adventureTa ., a ... a A ..a., nal MlrMa All ft'ill be crownea vim " , Tuesday next, at which mewennx orawn number will be entitled to 1000 dollars, and the following floating prize may c"rwn 10,000 Dollars 1,000 Dollars S.000 ao 3,000 do 2,000 do 1,000 do 6 of 500 . do 10 of 200 do 50 of 100 do 1.060'.. do Tickets adinee to 9on the 1st day's draw - ing. j ne tirstarawn nuniucr iu j" Swgical Lottery, received on Monday morn - j nv. win ne enuueu to uic uiku f u 100,000 dollars, Correct check books kept and tickets ex amirred yratis. jan 3 MRST DRAWN NNMBER vN Tuesday will be entitled to one thoutand v l dollars, whicn may Deontainea lor eigm aoi lart and a haf, if immediately applied for, at Lottery and Exchange Office, 64 Maiden - lane. On Tuesday next Tickets will advance to 9. The folio wine Prizes are floating, and may came out or the wqeel on tbe nrst day, ux 10,000 Dollars 1,000 Dollars 6,utiu J dollars 3,000 Dollars 2,000 Dollars 1,000 Dollars 6 of 500 Dollars 10 of 200 Dollars 1,000 Dollars 60 of 100 Dollrrs STATIONARY PRIZES. 30,000 Dollars 2,000 Dollars 10,000 Dollars 5,000 Dollars 3.000 Dollars 7 or 1,000 Dollars 4 of 500 Dollars. ' Present price of T ickets and Shares w note v tu Hulvcs . 4 25 Quarters 2 12 F.ichths 16 All prizes will be paid at Waite's Office, with their names printed on tbe back of the ticket. jan 3 FOHTU.yE'S MVORS. ON Tuesday oext the G oddest of Fortune will commeuce distributing her favours at the Medical Science Lottery Office of Hall w w mm Mi mmm mmmmm v jam 9 36,Broaiiivay; When her first votary will be presented with a prize of 41000 2 and each of the succeeding fa vourites to the number of niue. the like sum of 1000 : to others more in her favour, the sever al tutni of 2000 Dollars 5000 Dollars 2000 do 5000 do 3000 do 10000 do 3000 do 10000 do TICKETS ADVANCING ! ! And drawing of the lottery on Tuesday. 30,000 DOLLARS. And to those, who have not so faithfully courted her smiles, the smaller prizes of 500 dollars, 200 dollars, &c. &c. fn the third Medical Science Lattery, the first drawn prize was sold by R. WAITF - , Jr. and in the present lottery, not only the first, but all the prizes above enumerated, may be obtained at his office. Tickets will be advanced to nine dollars on Tuesday next. In New - York lotteries the payment of prizes it guaranteed by the state. nd il not demanded within ten years, tbe state is equal ly bound to pay litem. In f ennsylvama Uotte net the prizes are forfeited if not demanded with' in one year. There are generally five manaeert appointed by the executive of the state to superintend the drawing &c. of a New York Lottery, for which they are paid a yearly stipend, and they have no private interest in it whatever. In tlie Pennsylvania Lottery there is only one manager, who is contractor for all the tickets. The third class of this lottery was a whole year in drawing, during whic h time the manager became insol - veot, nna ine prize! remain nnpaia to uus aay, jan 3 It The khip PACIFIC, capt. Holden, val will positively sail for f almouth, Jamai TPffiTTi ca, on Sunday tbe 4th inst. and can still accommodate two passengers, If application be immediately made on board the vessel, lying at Rutgers wharf, or to Jan t ROBERT LENOX. FOR fW - ORLMfS. The substantial coppered ship E - rin, Devoe, master, to sail in a few days. For freight, which will be Uken low, or pas sage, apply to P. REM SEN Sz CO. jan a - 26 South street. FOR S.1LK The fast sailing ship SILBNTJS. 206 tons burthen, built at Rochester, (M.tsa.) lies at Mezm - boat - wharf, Fulton - slip For terms, apply to J. & J. CODDINGTON, dec 31 lw 204 Front - street tor - Mobile and Dlolcelty, The elegant fist sailing new packet schooner THOMAS SHIELDS, capt Tucker, having superior accommodation for cabin passengers i most of her canro being1 en gaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For freight or passage, apply on board, west side Old - slip, or to PETERS & I1ERSICK, dec 30 29 Coenties - slip. FOR XKry.ORLEANS, The ship MARIA CAROLINE, ly ig at Jones' - wharf. will be dispalcn ed in ail Uiis week she is a very fast sailor, nearly new, and has elegant accommodations. For freight or passage, apply to JONES ic MEGRATH, dec 30 83 South - street tor HAVANA, Tbe fine coppered ketch AfARIA, master, to tail on Sunday next with what freight may offer beJbr that time ; lor which, or passage, apply to G.G. cS. HOWL AND, dec 30 77 Wash'mgton - et For CHARLESTON, , 11 at fia anil .( tMoVai fKs Hf A a. m i mi 11. im ssasaasf jveawssv wviu XL - JtlUA. P. Latham, master, having one half ot her cargo engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For freight of the remainder or passage, bavins' excellent accommoda tions, apply on board, east side CofTee - Bousc - tlip, or to JONES It MEGRATIf, dec SO 83 South - street For LISUOJ, Tha substantial coppered ship VERMONT, Mearon, master will sail on the 3d January next For freight of few hun dred barrels, or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board, at pier no. 9, east river, or to P. REMSEN it Co. dec 30 2n Sontb - street Ptuogt for Bordeaux. 2 unavoidably detained, will sail first Cur v a 1.1:1 r.An. iimr nm wmtl i has handsome accost mods Urns for two or iwisnji it. u MBasediaia appneauosi oe aiad to the captain, oa board, at Jones' wharf, Of tO 1VTT !TRUiS t. dec 30 . ' ' 69 MU - tVtI . JVVw - Yerk Arrwum Ituwtna Cmwoiv. Tbe first instalment of tbe second Subscription, to the Stock of this company, will be received at the Office, No. 58 Wall - street, on Monday next, tne 5 to Itutaot, between the noun ot iu and Z o'ciXK. . uy order or ue Doara, , . WM. M'NEAL, Sec'ry. JanS.St v NOTICE. . rnp MELICK ft ROGERS having taken into copartnenbip Samuel D. Rogers, son of David Koe - ers, the business wiU in future be ccoaucteu under the firm of Melick, Rogers ic Son. . B. r. MrJLlCK, DAVID R0GER5, dec 31 lw SAMUEL D. ROGERS. for Wilvnneton. N.C. The schr UNION, lying at Fly - mar ket, is cleared out, and - will positively sail first wind. Freight will be taken low. . ply on beard, or to dec 30 iOXEJltl HtuKAln, Vrtmhtfur BERMUDA. A good vessel bound to Bermuda, may have about 300 barrels on Ireignt, Dy applying to TUCKER & LA u HI to, dec 27 TJ &ouin - st. For FHE1GHT or CHARTER, Tbe ship DRAPER, W. Adams mas ter. a staunch burtheneome vessel of 29 1 tons, but one year ok! : she is now ready to take a cargo on board and is in complete order tor sea I or terms enquire of tbe captain on ooara, at r ly - market wharf, or of dec 22 lw No. 235 Pearl - st. . WANTED, A British brig of about 200 tons, to load for a port in England or Scotland Applv to CAMBERLENU B rEAKSUiV. decs G7douth - st. Ftr bale, Fraekt or Charier, The staunch good tbip ANGELICA, 270 tons burthen, one year old, tbeatn ed and in complete order to receive a cargo, slows about 2800 bbls. a very fast tailing ship, hat large accommodations for passenger, and well calculated for the New - Orleans trade Ap ply to N. L. & ii. UIU8WOLU, dec 4 CO bouth - tt. tVR SALE, IPaiSAMPSON. '.urthen 166 tons, 2 years old, in complete order for a voyage ; together with ber cargo on board, consisting ol 85000 feet of pine boards 15000 do hemlock joist 3GOO0 shingles 3000 R. O. hhd staves Suitable for the West - India market. Apply to STEVENS tc MACTIER, dec 30 4t 157Sonth - st For Sale, Freight or Charier, The excellent brig RISING SUN, Wm. Napier, master, burthen 104 tons, will itow about 900 bbls. two years old, sails fast, and can be sent to sea immediately lying at the foot of Pine - street, pier No. 16. Apply to WALTtlt IfcA3b, 174 Front - street or to JOHN BYERS, dec 27 lw Foot of Harrisoa - ttreet. SPERM CANDLES OIL. "I flfi boxes new Spermaceti Candles, ofap - J Wproved brands 1000 a - alli. Genuine Winter Oil, pressed from head matter, now landing and for tale by 152 South - street, 2d door above Peck - slip. WHO HAVE IIT STORE, 2000 gall's. Whale Oil, in handsome ship - 600 do fall strained do ping order 350 do winter do der.291w 60 WIHE, KAlSlftO, le. pipes and 12 hhds red Catalonia wine 100 quarter casks colnienar do. 20 do. sweet Malaga do. 500 kegs fresh raisins 750 boxes do. muscatel do. J ... . ' 330 do. do. bloom do. ' ' 1 100 bales of Ladys soft shcll'd almonds 100 jars of fresh grapes Now landing from brig Charles, from Malaga, at Dover - street - wharf, and for sale by STEVENS & MACTIEB, and M'CREA & SUDELL. dec 27 7t GROUJVD FLAST6R OF FA HIS. 1 bbls groud plaster of pans, suita 1JUU ble for the southern market. For sale by JOHN BYERS, dec 27 lw Foot of Harrison - street. LO.VDON BROWN STOUT, ALMONDS, 4c fCsTk casks Hibbert's Brown Stout, of very ra JXJ perior quality, in fine condition and is re commended. JUST LANDED. 25 bales fresh soft shelled Almoodi, of fine quality 80 boxes Prunes, assorted sixes, from 4 to 12 lbs each, very superior Italian Wax Candles For sale by A. BIMNGER ft SON, 12 Maiden - Lane. ALSO, Raspberry and Cherry Brandy Martinique twd French Cordials ' ChamDaerne. Frnntitmac With a large assortmoat of seasonable goods. oec xo i in 40 PAPER, OLIVES, HATS, ice. Bales Italian foolscap paper 16 do letter paper 15 cases liquorice pasts 1 box ostrich feathers, 1 do chip bats 1 do pressed sop. straw do from No 32 to 54 3 do manna in flakes , 657 marble mortars 23 cases veined and statuary marble slabs, assoited sizes, for pier tables, Ac. 200 boxes anchovies, 130 do olives 4 jars oil lavender just received per brig Louisa Cecelia, from Leghorn, and for sals by UH A3. L.. UUIJEN, and dec 27 A BR. OGDEN, Wasbington - st 59, COTTON. bales prime Upland cotton, I lading from sen. South - Carolina tor sals by 8. ALLEY, dec 13 ' ' 98Pio - st ptOTTON. 20 bales prims Upland Cotton, VJ lor sate By iv. & U. w. jJAvjxruiw w dec 31 VVNE RAISINS, &c 20 pipes Catalonia If Wins; 80do.Colmenardo. 200 or. casks do. do. 200 qr. casks sweet malaga do. the above entitled to debenture 1300 boxes Bloom Raisins for sale by HUBBARD, GREENE ft CO. dec 22 lw 132 Front - street DH ROiiOMEl EKS, tc 4 superior London Chronometers ia cases, with a small invoice of London Watches, for sale by XI. oZ Is. 1 A1AU 11 , dec 23 64 South - street. CASSIA. A few vasts s perior quality Cassia, for sals by dec 30 St 61 South - street Fi.AU HDKFS. ft CRAPES. "VNE case flag Hdkfs. J 3 cases Canton Crapes, landing and for sals by JOSEPH OSBORN. dec 30 28 South - street COTTON ft HIDES. 89 bales prune. Sea Island Cotton 8 do do Upland do and 1000 dry ox hides for sale by ' SAUL ALLEY. 60 34' '. 9 Pine - street ,v ( OLD MADU&A Wlist." lopi' w - ok, London Particular Madeira Wins, whkb has been in the. Wtr Indies for improvement F.or sale by. . - TUCKER LAUR1ES, t dec 30 ...... 89 Sooth - street rpUEKS - IbLANb SALT. 2400 bushels J. bright Turks Island Salt afloat, and ready for delivery, for sals by ' .. . TUCKER ft LAURIE9, ' dec 30 29 South - street FLOUKand TOBACCO. 300 barrels tupf Flour, and 1 28 kegs Manufactured Tobacco,' branded Wells and Dunn, landing from schra. Cashier, kc. from rctersourg, lor sale by - DIVIE BETHUNE & CO. dec 24 .' 92 C. H. Slip. MADEIRA WINE. T ON DON Particular Madeira Wine, of the 1J mott approved brandt, in pipes, bogtbeads aou quarter cbsks, ut lor liumtaiaie use, war ranted pure as imported, and well worth the at. tentioo of private families ; will be sold at rea - sonaoie pnees, ana in Quantities to suit Durcha era, by . l UCJViK. LiAUKI to, nov 28 No. 29 South - street SALT. 11HE cargo of brig Atlantic, lying at Peck - . slip, contistinc of 4000 bmlielt Turks - Is land Salt, of first quality, lor sale by R. & C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. dec 23 35 Peck - slip. T71RESH MALAGA FRUIT. 75 casks Sun r Raisins; 150 boxes Bloom do. 100 do. Mut catel do. of tbe brig Neptune's cargo, for sale Dy KS. ilUVL,AW, nov 25 77 Washington - street LOADOiX MUSTAKD. - 60 boxes first quality, freth London Mustard in boxes, contain ing 6 dozen each, for sale by TUCKER a: L.AUIUKS, dec 2 29 South - street. PHILADELPHIA FLOUR. - 300 bblt superfine Philadelphia flour, landing from brig Ruing Sun, for sale by BOOKMAN ft JUHINaiVIM. Alio in Store, 500 bbls Richmond superfiue flour 200 do Petersburg do do 19 do Richmond fine do dec 26 TOBACCO, FLOUR, Ac 1000 bbls Richmond, l'etcrsbure and Frederickibure Flour 18 hhds prime old leaf Tobacco 10 hhds new do , 43 kegs Labhy's common Tobacco 38 bales prime Upland Cotton, landing, and for sale by WALSH & GALLAGHER, dec 3U on south - street. FLOUR ft TOBACCO 246 bbls Hour, 16 hhds. prime Virginia Tobacco, 50 kcs tweet scented Manufactured tobac co, branded Dunlop 5U kegs common quality do landing iroroscnrt. Eliza, and Ann & Alarv, lorsnlc at 92 C. il.slip, by DIVIE BETI1UNE ft CO. dec 4 ' FOft SAtK, The Home and Lot No. 101 Liberfy - st. 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth of the lot 107 Those who may with to purchase proper ty of this ditcription, can at any time view the premises, ana terms oi sale may oe agreea on, by application to I U1 I le iI'M.At,, dec 31 66 Souta - ttreet FOR SALE, . i i . w i J i - I n noute ana Hit oi eruuiiu, muoicu m Bowery lane. The lot is upwards of 30 feet front. The house has been occupied as a store upwards of 15 years. Any penon inclined to purchase will please apply at No. 3 Mott - street oec zr iw ASSEM BLY DRESSES, ic MRS. BARBER respectfully informs the ladies of New - York and its vicinity, that the has jutt opened an elegant assortment of Assembly Dresses and Uoat Trimmings, at no. 192 Broadway. dec 31 lw SUFERt'lAECUATS. s AMUEL PAXTON ft CO. have received small consignment of best superfine Dublin made Coats, both straight bodied and turtouts. Tle cloth and the workmanship are ot the first order and the prices low. dec 31 lw 73 Wall - street NOTICE.The Copartne'rsiiip heretofore existing in this city, under the firm of D'fti, Packard k lXWoV, is this Hay dissol red by mutual consent. All persons having un settled accounts with said firm, are requested to can ai o rroni sireer, lor settlement ew York, Dec. 31, 1817. JAMES D' WOLF, ISAAC PACKARD, JAMES D' WOLF, Jun. dec 31 RORBERl. rUHE store No. 218 Front - street was broken JL open on the morning of tha 1st inst and 4 boxes young nyson tea, London Traders cargo, 1 box citron and J box raisins taken therefrom A liberal reward will be given for the recovery of the property and the apprehension of the thieves. BOGERT ft PENFOLD. jan 2 3t LJIJU1, WHITE LEAD, &c. - A lew tons IO Patent Shot A few casks Dry White Lead 3 tons best do. in oil, ia 28 ft 561b. kegt 25 casks best Red Lead 26 rolls Sheet do. 10 hhds Paris White, of a superior quality 4 casks Yellow Ochre, dry . Red. Yellow and Black Paints, in kegs of 1 cwt each . A few casks Fig Bme . Black Varnish in kegt of 4 gallons each Window Glass 7 by 9, 8 by 10, 11 by 9, and 12 by 10 for sale by ' ATKINSONS Ic FLEMING, - dec 22 1m 167 Peurl - street JiEtV PUBLICATIONS, PANCX ARTICLES, TOY BOOKS, be. JUST published and for sals by ELIAS VALENTINE, at his new Book - store, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - street, a Print of j Mr. Philippe, in the character ol Count Velum ; the ballancs of comfort, or tha old maid and married woman, a novel in 2 vols, by Mrs. Ross ; the itinerant, or memoirs of an actor, part 2d, by S. W. Rvley, 3 vols t letters from the South, by tha author of John Bull and Brother Jonathan : rrammar of sacred history, together with a general assortment of standard works Also, a complete assortment (50 dinerent Binds; oi toy books for children, with a neat collection of fan cy articles Visiting cards and cards of address. plates, coats ol arms, cc. engravea ana pnmeu at a short notice. oec zi AMES D'WOLF.Jno. will henceforward con tinue to transact Commission business in his own name. oec 31 NEW WORK. MOSES THOMAS, Philadelphia, hat jutt received, and will immediately put to press, M Narrative of a voyage to the Yellow Sea, of H. M. ship Alceste, and her shipwreck ; by J. M'Leod. Jan 2 4t - ISLAND COCOA. TWENTY - FIVE bags of very superior quality Island coron, for sals by TUCKER ic LAURIES, Jaa2 23 South - st CORDIALS. RASPBERRY and Cherry Brandy Martinique and Italian Noyeaa f rencn sum American Aunuteea, ana Old Metbcghn. ALSO, Irish Whiskey and old Peach Brandy Lime Juice, Rose - Water, ICetcJisp, epices, Rai'ins, Almonds, Citron and Figs. - English and American Cheese Sperm and Hartford tallow Candles, with general assortment of groreriei, for sale by . urf ro niTrunrir 23 Maid en - lane, corner w Naan - ft. drc 2 101 OtT" LaU conductor j of the business of Mr. ath ahixl larir and tbe only regular bred Cnymical Perfumer in New - York, who carries on tbe business, having for tha last 19 years made Chymal Perfumery his study, sixteen of which were under the particular direction of Mr Nathaniel Smith, considers himself entitled to tha name of a teal chyruiral perfumer, and having 'taken ANTHONY VV. TRAPPAN into partnership, will conduct tbe business ander tbe firm of N. S. DAVIES ft CO, At No. 136 Broadway, New - York. Where they offer for sale ns coin pie at nod as general an assortment of perfumery and fancy soaps as were ever before offered to the public ; and thev hone bv attention and punctuality to receive a share of their patronage ; among which are ine louowing : Rose, violet, jestanJa, pink, jonquil, marchalle, and reseda pomatums Jessamin, musk, rote, ahf sinian, orange, napltt and palm soaia , Blue and red marble, carnation, lavender Herb and cosmetic walliballs Essences of lavender, bergamot, Hungary Orange, violet, Ac. Rote, violet, and plain hair - powder Carbonic, chymical, coral and rose tooth - powder Opiate for the teeth , ' Cloth, shaving, hair, nail, comb, hearth and whUker bruthes Rouge and pearl powder, Milk of roses Cold cream, Almond paste Antique and Rut la oil Pomade de grassee for thickening the hair Balsamic lip - salve of roses, Alpiue shaving cakct Transparent shaving liquid. Pads for tha neck; Gentlemen's shaving cases,' complete silver mounted Tooth brushes, Needle rases, Scent boxes Arfttilets, Tooth pick cases, Spar snuff fcoxea Pocket books, Ladies thread r ases Lavender bag", Fresh tnnijuin beam Writing desks, Night tapeis Razor strops, Japan - ware Russia pocket books, shaving boxes Ladies' dressing cases Pen and pocket pen - knives Fine scissors and razors Tortoise - shell and horn dressing combs Pearl, ivory, tortoite and horn pocket combs Smelling bottles, silver pencil cases, tweeters Ivory and box - wood combs, fine durable iuk Salts of lemons, volatile tails Tongue scrapers, tc. The have also just received t Ladies' work boxes, from 10s to $40 Elegant bottles, with odour of ruses Aromatic vinegar (for the head - ache) Cologne water, warranted from Cologne Orange, flower, and rose waters, of excellent qualities Spar smelling - bottles An assortment of hair brushes, equal to uny heretofore offered to the public ; and A great variety of other articles too uuinerous to mention. dec 31 INDIGESTION OR SOUR STOJIIACti. IS acknowledged by medical writers to he n complaint ol stubborn kind, and at all timet very difficult of cure. This is sufficiently illus - traud in the disappointment of those who unfor - nately suffer under it at they, for tlie most pari, find that after havinr. tried many tilings to little or no purpose, they are at last obliged to utc (for perhaps tne remainder of life) such articlet can at best but palliate tbe disease. Under such circumstances, any medicine capable of removing the complaint, must surely be nn article highly deserving the attention of all those who are afflicted wilh it'; such a combination is to he met with in Dr. MEAlfS ANT1 VYSKP - TIC or STOMACH PILLS the snccett of which has never yet been equalled, for tlie cure of dyspepsia in its mott complicated form, such as loss ol ap.'tluc, nausea, heart ourn, naiuicn - cj. knawiug pain in the stomach, pain in the tide, great costiveneis, paleness in tlie countenance, languor, lownest of spirits, pain in the head, virtigo or giddiness, una disturbed sleep Whoever applies these pills in the above direase, according to the directions, will never be ditap - f minted, at they have never been once known to ail in producing a' radical and permanent cure The use of a single box will convince the most unbelieving of their efficacy. They will most effectually remove all sourness of the stomach, not merely by neutralising I he acil, but by correcting that morbid state of the secretions which rives rise to it and at tlie same time will re - stole to the debilitated organs of digestion, that tone and vigour which is absolutely necessary to ai hi ' r .i . uie wen oeing oi uie aoiinni ccunuia j. To be had at Brook St Carle's, Pearl - street, at J. C. Morrison's, Greenwich - street, and al Hull tc Bowne't 146 Pearl - street where drus gists and country dealers win oe served on uoe rai terms. fXT1 Price one dollar per box. dec 24 6w INESTIMABLE DISCOVERY. TTEALTH preserved and restored without 11 .Wedictneor Quackery, which often de stroys the delicate constitution and debilitates the strong Uolds bring on tne most alarming disorders, wilh those torturing rheumatic pains, lumbago, gout, Sic. which all tbe faculty have not been able to eradicate. 1 o prevent u bet ter than to care. R. YEO has prepared (from a receipt of a very eminent physician) leather (of which he makes shirts) of the most vital and nutritious quality, which will prevent all tha above men tioned complaints. They produce an animal heat to tbe body, which cannot be obtained from flannel, patent fleecy hosiery, or lamb's wool they absorb all perspiration, and resist all the humidity that injures the human (rams they are saft and pleasant to wear and do not produce that irritability that is so unpleasant in flannel, Those who have favored htm with their orders have declared their astonishment at the benefits derived from them. To be had of RUCII'l) YEO, breeches maker and leather dresser, 165 Water - street S where also may be bad leather pantaloons, ooe sum vests, an sunns oi gloves ana mitteni of the best quality, wholesale and retail. at tha shortest notice. dec 31 zw fry - ' MR. CMAKKUAUD and UiAHl, re. spectfully informs the ladies and gentlemen, that on Saturday evening next, the 3d inst at their practising ball, in tlie assembly - room, City - Uo - Ul, the Gavots de Vestries win be danced by Madame UachcUer and Jar. unarruaud. . Jan 2 2t (ttf The copartnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, under toe orm of Uncb ton & M'Clave, was dissolved on the 26th ia' ttant. Tbe debts of the firm will be received and paid by James Crichton. JOHN M'CLAVE, JAMES CRICHTON. de3l3t DONGEKS. 6 cases superior, colored, Poo - j. sees, lor naurr - iuii receivea anaior sale by CAMBRELENG PEARSON, dec 23 67 South - street NOTICE. f7 The Subscriber, in behalf of himself and his associates, gives notice, that an application will be made to the honorable the legislature of this stats, at its next sessioq, for as Act to iooor - Dorate a Bank with a capital stock of Fr, Hun dred Thousand Poll its, and with leave to in crease it Is One Million ; to ts tocaied north east of Beekmaa - street m the city of New - York, and to be called " The Franklin Bank of the city of New - York." Dated New - Tort, ltstn uec. 1H17. - By order of the Associates, dec 30 tf NOAH BROVVN, Sec'ry. frr A stated meetinc of tha Trustees of Co lumbia' Colbge, will be held on Monday next, the 5th of January, at to o'clock, A. M. in the College. CLEMENT C.MOORE, clerk. dec 31 St i . H b X: XJ XJJUlV - .MiifMMMr - . - BY P. L. MILLS CO.' - ' ' ' " , Monday, . - - ' t At 9 o'clock, at their suction room," 141 Pearl - street, a sreneral assortment of French - 'ft i. - aun uuiimuc w"... anionic . which are 1 case hahit silk gloves. 2 do'os trich feathers, 1 do ladies white cotton hose, 3 do callicoes. striped ginghams and brown platillas, 1 do 6 - 4 bl'k caubri ks, 1 box elegant thread laces, 2 bales taurtno coat irtg, title umbrellas; sewnir silk, twist and puajrees for hat linings, black forentine vesting, S eases tambored and book muslins, f - ncy' cravats, shawls, 5 - c. 1 do Icvantines. Also, 15 cases domestic goods, on a credit of 90 days, con sisting of sattmi. - tt, bleached and brown shirtings, plaid stripes, checks, tc. Tuesday, . - . . At 10 o'clock, at Messrs. Kirk.ft Mercein's ro .m, Wall - st. a iu st superb collection of statuary in marble and alabaster, selected in Italy by an artist of that country, and considered as some of tbe finest specimens of sculpture : famous them are a Flora in marble, of 6 feet in height j bust of Alexander, Ampemr of Russia t a croupe representing Laconic and his (wo sons ; a Miiu - rvR, Venus, t - 'c. i an eleirant marble piti tabic, and a number ol oil paintings, Vc. BY GAM At E ft COOPER, mi cning, . . At VI o'clock, at U e auction room, a valu able assortment of books and stationary a - mong - which are, an invoice of London editions, worthy tbe attention of book - tellers. Anionjf which arc, uie nmisn eassyr l. in 22 vols, gilt, Sully's memo 6 do. Bea'.tie's works, 10 do. Hume's England, 8 do. Aunes murilneLkw 2 do Milton, 2 do. eleg - ant, Bo - linghnwik's Mikcellany, 4 do Philos De 1na - tnre, 6 do Stewart's Scotland, LeiandN Ireland, Watson's Philip 2d, Robinson's Chai lei 5b, Jo American, do India, Gibbon's, 'ives of British Admirals, History of the wars, folio, eletrt, Henry's Bible, with pUtes do. Brown's Dictionary, and Concordance, Brookahow's art of flower painting, 4c. - 1 . BY FRANKLIN it MIXTURN, Thursday, Jan. 8. XII o'clock, at tlie T.C. II. That very pl - asant situation, on the East Rir er, about 5 miles from the, city, ad joining tha teat of P. Ssdiermerhorn, Jun. Esq. weil known at the property of the lute Ann liardenbrook, deceased, coutaining about 19 acres, . Tuesday, Jan. 20. XII o'clock, at the T. C. 11. by order of Wm. Denning, tutviving executor of Thomas Smith, Esq. deceased ' the House and Lot, 40 Wall - st. neat to Uie City Bank. I'RIVA I F. SALE, On liberal terms, 5 valuable LOTS, situated between Second and Third - streets, on Division - street, making a front of 172 feet nil occupied at retail dry good stores - ground under lease to the present occupants for a term of years. For par tkulars apply at the auction room. DA W. AT AJMT.A fflJUil OA, l U. nc r d. iiii''iriirif . r.n : This evening, To commence precisely at 6 o'clock, the re m iindcr of a valuable collection of books and statiouar', catalogues of which will be deliver ed at the auction room, where the cooks are ready for inspection. i Monday, At 10 o'clock, a ffcneial assortment of dry goods and furniture. PRIVATE SALE. 1 ctarant natent hanzinz lamn. suitable for an assembly room. i ' Alto, about tf miles from tlie City JlaU, oatnt Bloominsdaie Road, a very handsome country - seat, wilh very convenient house and out buildings, commanding a (ine view of tbe north river) would be exchanged lor merchandise t terms ac commodating, For particulars apply at the auc tion room. BLEFCKER ft fllfiRV. Wednesday, Jan. 7th. . Four lots of ground on Walker street, 25 feet fioat and rear and 106 feet deep each Alto a lot of ground on White - street Terms will bs advantageous to purchases At same time thres lots of ground 25 by 91 feet lying on the north side of Leonard - street, bctwten Chapel and Hudion - tlreet;, two of them enclosed, being together, and one in occupation of Benj'n. Odell Terms at tale. jan 3 3t Those two lots of ground, Nos. 18 and 19 Hudson Jauare, in Iludsoa - street and one lot from the corner of Beach - ttreet, containing 28 feet 9 inches front and rear by 175 feet deep, each. The greater part of the pure base money may remain on mortgage. ' . Terms will bs advantageous to purchasers, dec 27 8t 0 - The public is respectfully informed, that the celebrated Female, known in England and on i he Continent of Europe by tbe appellation of the ALBINESS, it now on a tour through tlie United States, and purposes remaining a lew weeks in the city of New - York. Tlie singularity of this interesting Female has attracted the attentioo and ad miration of the Royal Family, Nobility and Gentry of London, Dublin and Ediuburc i she has been hoe ored with the presence and approval of the Prince Regent, tne rnncess tnanoue or Baxe Cobnurg, the Dutchess of Oldenbunrh, the Emperor of Rus sia, King of Prussia, Duke ef Wellington, and 0 - ther illuttriout peieonaget; Sir Joseph Banks, and Uie first characters of the faculty, have universally acknowledged ber to bs the most astonishing Phenomenon ever known. She will receive the visits of Ladies and Gen tlemen from 11 o'clock in the forenooo till 3 in Uie afternoon, at Uie City Hotel, Broadway. nUlMWSlUH VV VXlla. - Tickets to be had at the Bar. Jaa 2 lw GRAND CONCERT A T WASHINGTON HALL. rrp MR. & MRS. M0RA5, (from Dublin.) respectfully beg leave to announce to the ladies and genUemen of New - York, that their concert will taks place on TUESDAY EVENING, Ja nuary 6, 1818. Act 1 int. Overture, full orchestra. Song, " Bruce' address, Mr. Keene, Scotch aif. Echo - duet, Mr. Keene C Mrs. Morao, Braham, Song, " Has she then failed in ber truth," Mr. Walt Bishop. Song, M Exils of Erin," Mn. Morao, Irish Song, He was lam'd tor deeds oi arms," oir. Wall, Corn. Song, M Had I a heart for falsehood framed," Jlfr. Keens, Irish. Air, piano - sone, 1 wuwaa. Act Second. - Overture, full erchestra. - tlnnr. - Fir soft vs XcchvitL Mrs. Iforan. fii - ' ' shop. Duett, M If thou canst live on humble fare,1 Mr. Keene and Mrs. Moran, Virtue. ' . . Concerto, piano - forte, Mr. Moran, Doasek. Duett, " Rest weary traveller," Mr.Kseaeft Mrs. Moran. Braham. ." untie? aontr. Mr. Wall. Dibdin. Scotch song, Mrs. Moran Song, " Home love and liberty, Mr. Keene, Bishop. Finale, full orchestra. Leader, Mr. Genid. nana - forte, Sir. Ale ran Doors to be opened at half past 8, and the per formance to begin precisely o'clock. Tickets to be bad at Waahiiiftas - Mali, at the music - stores, and at Mr. M (van's, Me. 71 Mai . " den - lane. 431 6t EAGLE H Hi. COM P A. Y. . irr Notice is herbv eivra. thai an election KIT UUIKTH 11 ' nitr) 'V riu.iua " held at the Office of tVC ip4iyoo reMdaT,,; - the thirteenth iatt from 10 a. M. trotiJ 2 eAJock, - ., , M. W.CTa.IlJSeevrj.j JaatUMlS . ...

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