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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, January 3, 1818
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meiit fJV SEJVJTS Dxc.29. . Mr. Campbell nresented the memorial of the Legislature ot iennessee on roe soojeci i tne un - Satisfied claim Tor land in that ataw, derived vo der th authority of the state of North Carolina wiitcb wai read ana oruerea to ne pnniea. Mr. Tait offered the following motion for cooil Iteration t - . - - ' " ' ' - - ' 44 Resolved, That the committee on die Militia be inntrnctcd to enquire Htto the expediency olaug - " mention tlie pay of the militia when called into the ' nervi.n of th Uuhed State!." . j A message wet reroived from the President of , the United State, by hi private Secretary, com - mimk - aling tlie following Report, in compliance with the Senate s resolution ot uie lrtn inn. - ' Drmrtmait of Stale, Da. U, 1817. '. "The Secretary of State, to whom ha been refer - red the resolution of the Senate of the IGtU inst. veqoetting information touching the execution of ao much of tne hrst article ot t e treaty 01 uneni . as relates to the restitution of slaves, which has not heretofore been communicated, has the honor to report to the President, That no answer has oeea received iron) tne eritihn government so tne proposal made by order of the late President, on the 17th of September, 1816, that the question ; ; opon the dincrent construction rriren oy ine re - - spective governments to that article should be re - lerred to the decision oi some incnniy sovereign ; , . that the late Minister of the United States in Eng land, before his departure from London, renewed - : cd tire request for an answer, and that the pre - sent Minister at the same court baa been instructed to invite again the attcntiot of the British govern - ' mcnt to tlie subject. All which Is respectfullv submitted, i JO H.N QUINCY ADAMS." . ' v The Message and Report were ordered to be ' .Printed. ' ,' The bill for continuing the Mint establishment at Philadelphia was readlUe third time, as amend ed, paueo, and sent to tne Mouse ot itcpreseuta' . , tives tor concurrence in the amend im - ut?, and - .The Senate adjourned. HOUSE OF RETRKSENTATIVES. Mondim. Dtc.V). . - A message was received from the President of - ' the United States, by Mr. J. J . Monroe, his private ' secretary, transmitting, in compliance with a reso - ' tution of the House, of the 12th inst. the following report: - - .; ' u Devartment of State. Dee.X. 1817. " - The resolution of the House of Representatives OI the 12th ol this mouth,' requeuing the ("resident to communicate to that House whether any and which of the representatives named in the list there to annexed have hejdomccs since the 4th of March . - last, designating the offices, the time of appoint - incut and acceptance, and whether they were at that time so held, or when they had ben resigned, . having been referred to this department, tlio Sccre - tsury bat the honor respcctluUy to report to Uie president as lullowt : John Holmes, or Massachusetts, commissioner - under the 4tb article of the treaty of Ghent ; ap pointed lotn ebruary, IB lb, resigned zjtli inov. ,817. - ' Samuel Ilerrick, of Ohio, attorney of the United "States ; appointed 19th December, 1810 ; resigned X3th IVSvember, 1817. Daniel C nicer, of new York, post master at Bath i appointed 29th June, I'M ; resigned 1st December, Vin. Elia Earle, of South - Carolina, pott - master at v Centreville, appointed in April, 1815 ; resigned 12th June, 1817. . Thomas H. Hubbcll, of New - York, post - master at Hamilton ; appointed 11th March, 1813: resigned Md October, H7. ' Samuel C. Crafts, of Vermont, principal asset - tor for the sixth collection district j appointed 4th January, 131ft; resigned 6th June, 1317. - George Robertson, of Kentucky, principal asses sor for the seventh collection district; appointed , I. ..... ... inliL. J I.L 1... tot ' George Mnmford, of TSorth - Carolina, principal r - i . ... n i . . - t aixit'ir iw uie iruui cuunriiun uu"irit:i. lo resignation hat been received from Mr. Mmnford. , Levi Barber, of Ohio, rece'ver of public moniif at Marietta; appointed 3d March, 1817; resigned 1st Uecemlier, 1817. ... John F. Pnrrott, of New - Hampshire, naval offi cer for the district of Portsmouth ; appointed 2Jd & , 11 C . ' I 1 i I I r 1 1 JUIl.l MUlit - - I AUA313. Referred to the committee of Elections. The Sneaker laid before the 1 louse a resort from in the years 11)1.5, 1310, and as far ai practicable In . Jill f, nisluisuisliing the nations ta Whom tne for - eign tonuaee neiongeo. Also, a statemeni 01 American and British tonnape employed in the trade between the t'uited States and the Brit tail ':inin - . ions in Europe, for each of said years, distiiunush - lng tne amount employed between the v. atutcs m the United Kinirdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and the other British European dominions: .. That the Secretary of the Treanury be also directed to lay before the I louse a statement tlirwine: the amount of British tonuaee in the tradelietween the United States and the British Went Indies, and Oetu - eea tlie Lmted States and the British North American Colonies, in lKl. 1816 and 131?,contain - ine; the amount entered in and cleared from the American ports in each of said years. Resolved, That the Secretary of the Treasury be directed to lay before the House a atnte - snewmg the quantity ol sugar, codec, rom, moinsses, and cocoa iniDortcd into, and ex . 'Juipaper WWi7y Ail tha aontertre shall pn tha Commercial Advertiser k, that w hapa oor lima will (dwarf t better emploed lhaa in disputing with one, who quotas bit authorities tot tha co&stractioa of tha constitution, front (ha newspaper of tha day, mad who, Sa turn, may, with tha same propriety, quota bins. St. Thomas, a Danish bland in tha West - Indie. What this letter had to do with marching colonel Barkheai against Amelia, with a military (ore, to aipel tha South - Americans from a territory that doe not belooe to US. is bevond one nnwar tn d scorer the panimIes of Pantagruel, the bland oi iODutn were as deeply concerned, and as much Within our JUrisrfirumi this ilrh fnrov. tending juritdielum and enlarging executive power, u becoming; a serious disease, and may uwu io soma severe scrajctunj. . n oat naa it to uo witb Ualretton or Amelia f AftercroismstbeSt Marv's to be sura th m. cedent is set, aad if the executive, inth midst of peace, is authorised to make war npon Amelia, the letter from St. TWaas may bo used as a circumstance for evidence of extension ; and after that the storr ol Lam nodosa, or tha Car. P Cruditie, will be no lunger marvellous Madagascar, or Cyprus, the isle of Wight, or the isle of MulL may all bo embraced within our junsuicuon." . . . i i .i . r :.. i. . i i . .i I places from whence the same were imported, anil quintitv imported I rom eacn country aud place. Tlie House resumed the consideration of th mo - tioo submitted by Mr. We.idover, of New York, for so amending the rules and orders of the House, that not more than three bills shall be referred to the same committee of the whole. Arrcedto Mr. Taylor, of New York, submitted lor consiae - swuoa ine louowirur resolution : Resolved by the Senate and House of Representative of the United State of America in Con - (Tress assembled, That the Commissioner of the General Land Otuce cause to be eiHrravcd a plate of the surveyor General's official map of tlie military bounty lands in the Territory of Illinois, and cause to be printed six hundred copies thereof, sub - " ject to the future disposition of Coacn - s. After dripatrhirur some other business, not of a puunc nature, the House adjourned. 1 ft K EKEMXa POST. SATURDAY, JANUARY 3. ' 'I 1 1 Owing to the late hoar which our English pa" pert by tha Carolina - Ann reached Us, we were I much credit on the officers and soldier who were engaged in tlie arduous undertaking. Department of War, ) December 29, 1817. 1 ORDERS. As a general rule, all order will issue in the first instance to tlie commanders of division. In cases where the nature of the duty to be performed and the public interest may require it, orders will issue directly to officers commanding department, post, or detachment, and to any officer attached to a division ; but in such cases a copy of the orders will be transmitted to the general of division, for hi information. By the President, J. C. CALHOUN. BOSTO.V,Dec.31. By a reu'lrman who arrived in town last eve ning from Newport, we learn tbat the ship Ami - ton. Cant. Ueven. arrived there on Monrtnv last, in 40 days from the Downs, bringing London papers to the 7lh Nov. From the JVathington City Oatetlt. iiM. .... l . .. " c anuersianu mac Loa imit is " . - J"' vwgiv. nor ua oiru s - eye M.rgp pamphlet. Cui6eno. Let hi m look to it. Z JT ; v. - ,.:."?. view ot ineir contents ; and In manner in which they did reach us after all, was purely acci , T ?' t0 The navigaUon of our riveAhxh had been " - "cagen - icniauacaucntauyuw closed since the cold Sunday, again opened on them, and was so good as to call and inform a iL By what authority letters and aewrpapen ar arrested and detained, when on their way to the post - offic, by th collector of th customs, w ar yet to learn. TV trust the government who commission there officers will look to it Long and food has been the complaint of the vexations, accompanied with insolence, thrown in the way of the merchant, by tbes servants of th people, without having yet met with tht proper correction ia the quarter where wt should xpct a, 1 Sunday last, so tbat all our vessels have trot ud from New - Tork. Some of them have discharg ed their cargoes, taken in a freight of Pork tc. and are again off for New - York. Great q' itirs of Pork and grain, destined for the New - York market, were stopped her here by the freeiug of the river The prospect now is, that it wH all get down, and ensure to the owners all tlie advantages of the press ent sUte of the market Richard Bachc, Esq ha issued proposals for establishing a daily newspaper in Philadelphia, to b entitled tha M Fraokiisi GacUe.n ' 'vitOXDOS,lCo.i..;' Dtath the Printm Charlotte. Wt have this day tha melancholy task c4 anuooocia; tha death of ber royal bishoes tha princes Char lotte AAer a protracted laboor suad the delive ry ol a still - born bmI chad, hsr royal highness opiradon Thnndaj nttinmr at iWiMa: , '.' 'I. ... - T r k o'clock. m7 - LaI in ioi lowing; ui the detail of th occorm - Cutweflnd that of the throe mentioned, two doettoding tha progress of this awful event. not even preUod ta touch tha point in question. ; However, to shew that wa am not batiind him m newrpaper authority, taka ha tallowing aatract from th A urora of this morning. ' Tkt Wmr DoeumaUt, JVo. 2 Tha mora we xamins thosa documents, ' th mora futile do we And them ; and It appears upon a perusal very extraordinary that such a compilation of contra diction hould bar bean aver presented to con gress on such an occasion. We shall giva them a thorough learehmg, such a shall ssrve as a mementa for official commuuicationt for some time. ' N. 3. Is a letter from th American consul at " Clermont, 6 o'clock, Thursday monitor,, . rtoveaiDer o. 44 1 had hoped to bar sent you very, very ferent tidinrs : and veaterdav. when I dianntnk. ed my last letter to you, 1 felt confident that m next would have announced the consummation of our wishes, in tha birth of a future heir or heiress. On Monday in tha night, or about 3 on Tuesday morning, her royal bighnet was taken ill. During th whole of Tuesdav th labour aavancsa siowi, .but without th least appearance of danger. Nothing could be going on better, though too slowly ; and th excellent constitution of th princess gave every assur ance that she would not be too much exhausted by th delay. , M About six o'clock yesterday (Wednesday) the laboor advanced oior rapidly, and no ap - prencnsions wera entertained ot any fatal resultand the child was ascertained to be still living.' At nine o'clock ber royal highness vwas delivered of a male child, but still - born. Throgh - out the whole of this long and painful labour, her royal highness evinced tha greatest firmness, and received the communication of the child being dead born with much resignation. Prince Leopold exclaimed to the medical attendants, as soon as the intelligence was communicated to ,T.m k: nL..LnJi ... extreme. anxiety to learn the result of 'the princess's pregnancy, and having experienced a first dis appointment in the loss of her offspring, his royal hi;hnes must have received the shock of her dtath. In thi tad picture we mutt draw a veil over the countenance of the royal parent. We are, however, nappy to tatel that aaiklit the depth of the most acute sorrow, his royal highness was able to maintain a degree of self - com mand, which was well suited to the melancholy uuun oi mi oiaiion. ne gave a tong audience to viscount Sidmoulh on the subject of the arrangement requisite for tlie sad occasion ; and he wrote with his own hand, a letter of the most consolatory kindness to his afflicted son - in - law And while we com mi tse rata the feelings of the ainer, we must not lorgel uie atilictioo that a - wails ao affectionate mother, on hearing of the death of a beloved daughter. Th theatre and all the places of public a - musement are closed ontil the funeral, and the drawing of Ibe lottery, which was to have taken place on Friday, is postponed. The influence of the event was felt even at the stock exchange, where it was considered as likely to affect national prosperity and the Shoos (uous nuucreu a sensible deptession a sensible deptession. wer voluntarily shut up, and all business wa suspended. Tha princess was in her twenly - tecond year. She was born on tha 7th of Jan. 1798, and mar ried Zd Mar. I81d. The interment nf tha la. Rerri'. daughter. Would to heaven that wa had onlv mm calamity to uepiore in our royal bouse The treaty with the holy see. and the unnrnni tiou harvest of last year, are next alluded loin speaking of th latter, bis majesty expresses his deep affliction for the sufferings of his people, and communicates to Uie chambers the pecuniary aid which be had ordered to be expended for ineir renei. i nese oisDursemenis, be naturally anticipates, will receive tlisir sanction. The public expenditure bll continued such as to prevent the possibility of diminishing, at present, uie uxes imposed during tha former session ; M but," adds bis majesty, " I have th saUsfac - tion of thiuking thatth economy I have prescribed will preclude th necesaitv of aurmenlatinn. and that a vote of credit iufcrior to that of the lat budget will wince for all tha want of the year." . Our reader am aware, that for torn time past negociatioo have been carrying on between France and the allied powers, relative to some fresh reclamation to a very large amount nese negociauons are alluded to in th speech. They are mentioned as still in progress, and a nope is expressed mat th issue will be favoura ble to th I reach government, by obtaining conditions mere consistent with equity, with moderation, aad the means of th people. One of tne most important facts, however, of this docn - menl, n the declaration, that th epoch is not mented princes will be u th royal cemetery, at far "lnt, when the charge of the army of oo II' - . , . i i r . i . V I .i , : :ii .: , r . tuuMH, ine iioara oi woras, el course, direct - """" euureiy cease courier, ing the ceremony. tVar - VffUt, 8th November In couequenr By the lamented death of lb princess Char - ofcolooel Baron Ebea having been inculpated lotte, bis serene highness thaprinc of Saxe - Co - 'nw treasonable transactions which bar oc - bourg, th melancholy survivor of his better "uTd against the king and government of Por - hope and brilliant prospects, will enjoy an an - tnKa' r which b appear to bar been sen - nuitv nf fftrMtfl m . r.i. tencft lAn.m.fnl tvn;.l.m.nt r .l . marmS eiuement. iry, anu io condign punishment in cas b rhall We do not recollect any event that has excited I ver appear in any of th Portuguet territo - more sincere feeling of regret throaeh all ; his royal hirtoes the nrinre rrrml. m th. HAiiannMi. iim. khiim of kkigiv inuuiiDvn. inin mi m. un uiu n ui nnui dm su mi s,.. t.... dentaL W e had made application early in the Skating. A lad, about eleven years old, son have just announced, in the lis of this amiable I pled to command, that as the said colonel ha rdoruing to the post - office, the source minted of Mr - Cook of this village, was skating on the anu bld princess. The expression of torrow P"rd binulf by his share in thas disgraceful ... . d I : .1 - . . mnifel hw mwtw - r iVHIi - Llool k I . t I acramnrm In k... : B, sat by law for receiving letters and n.n. ,i .M,.u ronl m V" town " Alonday morning ,.r. t - C,,r .,, ' r. - iaswnm uie ice gave way, and being wuhout - ' oest reason assistance, was drowned, rarento out ht to b. cat earth some of th custoas - hous gentry had cautious how they permit their chddren to laid their paws upon the ehip's letter - bag which wanoer on ana nalu6'e V 0 aangerous I nauv. .IW Ilimi U 1IM - I " www u. H mUlIIPr 11.11.1. melancholy news, most strikingly evinced, that biry thhoooor and character of a British olS - in the person of the prince's wer concentrated cer b shall be dismissed tba serric of the tha hopes and the aff - rtioos of the nation at large king of Great - Britain, and his nam erased from - ou uii wun ner in nope oi tne nous ofl uw m " la army accardmgly. Brunswick have penned. We look in vain a - 1 monnt th various branches of (his royal bouse o. - r. . "lArlKlfcO, n - x..i . " ". l,. . ii :. r . .1"" i uarsaay evenirg last. h fK R.. M. K: STOTsS te fei. Mlragi'rit lonminr will hm ivnmL and lK. I ' ' tkmal. Th presumptive heir to th throne England now th duk of York. To his royal highness will succeed bia yoauger turrit mr brw - ther ; and on the death of the king's children. and his nephew th duke of Gloucester, supposing thes to tear no issue, a foreign priac mn - t be called to the throne of Fngtand. Accounts from Claren,ont mention that Prinr Leopold continues ia the fleepest dktrea. bat b i somewhat saortcaJm than yesterday atoning. OIKD. V a . 1 . ieieraay moruiag. at Greenwich, ia the 35th year of ha age, WUliam C. Lodlow, esa. His relations and friends ar requested, without furher invitatkm, to meet at th boos of gea. Morton, 215 Duan - . preciwly at 4 a'cfsck . - vi - ninia, to attend bis toner.' Nitreraber 7u. Ii7. i I where w had go, for the benefit of berhe.lth; Mr. Jane Jckoo, aged 36, wife of Wilbai Ja. ksoa. of rhia city. Sbe had arrival hmt ... The Prince Regent bas been blooded (wir davs iki i." ' ' T. '.7 aodcapned. This has relieved his Roval H,rh - !oBh,r ... 11.1,''. ajie, Vt't. ' ther reside aa where she waa horn. nso - X. cpeotd; ami; atwrdirg to one report, W(ru't4tb inat. JoeiuafSdioB, Esq. in the 824year of I qtKrSi tovrH isnplPV HEIT fouod in the.pervstrattiui about two ouncei of,e - 1 hia age. mm at li rti wt m k lia. The funeral will, take placa on Mondaj or Tuesday 'week (ntJ ' ' The great ball of St. Peterh Church was tolled on Saturday and yesterday, and "muffled peals" la which are to be continued eacn day iroot it to I o'clock - , try the directions oi uie cnurco - wardena, till after the faneral of tha much lamented Princess Charlotte. All tlie vessel in tlie port, of all nations, have their colours boiited half - mast ugh Tor the same lamented came. . The weather during the last week ha been uncommonly warm tor tne season, tne thermometer bavine freauentlT exceeded 61 in the (bade. We are afraid that th't unseasonable warmth will not tend to diminish the contagious ferer which, we are sorry to state, atill prevail n tin town to a great extent. 27ie Contkttfor High Traum. On Tuesday a Warrant was received at the Sheriffs Uttice, orderiner tlie execution Of Brandreth, LUdUm, & Turner, to take place on Friday. That part of the sentence which directs the bodies to be quartered, i remitted ; but their heads were to be "severally severed from their bodies after being hanged till they were dead." Being convicted of Hiffh Treason, they were, of course, ordered to be drawn to the place ofl execution upon a hurdle.. Weightmaii stands respited till Friday next His former life and character, on investigation, are found to be much in his favour for farther mercy. On Tuesday Isaac Ludlam, received a visit . from bis wife and daughter ; the latter about eleven years of age. Mrs. Ludlam is a very respectable - looking' woman and her distrese was Language cannot describe the af - tide. Tn7cd Thepartingmomentwhen nnett uuanU ever brought into th woi Id. The princess was composed after her delivery, and though of course much exhausted, every hope na cuioruuueu oi ner uomtr wen. a tittle al ter twelve, a change wa observed in ber royal Jy anticipate the iu of th French revolution, ,ewneM ao1 convulsion, increased till nature thanispourtrayed , in the .arly apprehension. of .SjSS llumiltan, in the following letter. Letter f rim Alexander Hamilton, Etq. to the Marquu He Ua Fayette., NEW. YORK. fithOcbiber. I7MQ. My Dear Marquit, I have teen with a mixture of pleasure and ap - prciiewiHw uie progress ot tne events which Tve lately taken place in your country. As a friend to mankind and to liberty I rejoice in the efforts which you are malting to establish it. while I fear much for th final success of the attempts, for the fats of those I esteem who are en?a!rd in it .. .. . o o J uiu iui mo uao;er, in case or succes, ol in nova uous greater than will consist with th real feli - city of your nation. If your affairs still go well when this reaches you. vouwill ask whv thL foreboding of ill, when all the appearances hare been so much in tout favour I will tell von ; I dread disagreements among those who are now united (wnicb will likely t be improved by he advene party) about the nature of vour con ttitulion; 1 dread the vehement character of Prince Leopold was with her roval hisrhneas at this ygonisiag moment.1 Another Letter from Clermont. " Clermont, Thursday morning, 0 o'ciock. " Too most melancholy and distressing event ha happened Prince Charlotte i no more. AH is dismay and grief, rejoiciner turned into mourning, in the death of the most lovely and affectionate of princesses. Tha scena' at thi. time exceeds all attempt at description. The awiui event was not known at Esher till eicht - t. i i. i . i . nuti, nuu now mere is scarcely an eye Iree the husband and father gazed on the wife and child for the last time, was terrible ; the latter leaving the prison in all the liorrors of despair. William Turner took a final leave of his brothers and relations on Wednesday. He was highness - her quiet left her - she becam. rest - l?Ati, byleven Pern wh left less, and nneasy - and the medical .tteaau " calm, but were. themselves m tlie greatest felt alarmed. Expresses were seat off. I believe. affliction to the officers of .tat. aiin k. ik.. I Jixectrrrojr or , .3? """6" The spirit of prophesy could not more clear - had taken place. From half Dast twelve rest. tic Statb Prisokirs. DERBY, Friday, Two o'clock, P. M. Sir, J have just witnessed the execution of the sentence on Uiandreth, Turner and Ludlam. The preparations were similar to tiiose for all ordinary execution. A great concourse of people assembled, but not more numerous than I observed at the late execution of four men for Arson. At five minutes before twelve, eighty special constables with white wands, ten javelin men, and the under Sheriff, cutne m front of the prison, aud were ranged around me drop. At twenty - nve minutes pust twelve, Urandreth wu brought out, trode the scaffold very hrmly, looked about him, and exclaimed, " God bless you all. and health to Lord Cas - tlereigh." He was then tied up. Turner from tear. The amiable and affectionate nrinr.lcame next, lookiner dreadfully nalo and ema - Leoivold is distracted and inconsolable, and the I ciated, he called out, This is Oliver and Go - whole of the royal stablvhment is in a similar I vemment," the haltarw state. The approach ef th departure of the conveyance, compel us to be brief in relating urn 1.0511; particulars, ner royal nighneis, after ber delivery, had expressed herself resign! 10 tne cnaa lying dead, most piously observing ik.l ... 1L - II m .. . 9 that as then Dlaced round his neck. Ludlam followed, looking very ill, ana instantly negan to pray alound tins he continued to do all the time the executioner was fastening him to the fatal beam. The Chaplain of the prison then prayed with them it was tho will of God. She continued re - 1 Turner seemed to join most fervently in this tnarkably well from nine o'clock fthe lima nf I exercise, lirandreth'a tins moved W your people, whom 1 fear you may find it more Der Uevery) till past twelve o'clock, probably a I The caps were then drawn over their faces easy to bring on, than to keep within propir 1u""r past, wncn the medical gentlemen, Drs. I the dmp fell from under them S5 minutes liAnn.t. .A .. I . .v . " . I Knitlin CniA An. I C;. : I .... I k.T .' . . . r. . . . .... iuuiu, uicrjuu nave pui mem ta mouoa ; i :"" "u,u .wiNucnng mat sne I ucurc uue. ai iv minutes past ore their legs u.cauui - lumrau i reiiactonness 01 your no - p"""" uuul5 ucner, unuer tne circum - 1 crc raiseii up ana tne platform replaced. mta, wuo cannot aii oa grauneu, and who mayr""" - " "u 10 rB1 - ner royal nighness I irauaretn was taken down, laid on the block, uo uu wiiuur 10 suomit to tne requisite sacrifices ; I u, 5' u'i " eapresseu nerseu inclined I ana 111s neaa was severed from his body by an nd I dread the reverie of your philosophic pa If0 "teP however, on the gruel being given to "te and a kr.ife, at 25 minutes past oie. The iiliniant, who appear in the moment to have great nuueuce, anil wno Deing mere speculatiits, may aim at more refinemaut than suits either witb human nature or the composition of yonr nation. These, my dear Marquis, are my apprehensions. .My withes for your personal success and (hat of the cause of liberty are incessant. Be ttl SfOTretarv f ICar. mati in ni"rcnnr.i rtf m 1,. I rirtiimia m!.l.t li. ....t. .r . t.!.! .nlliHhn .ril Unii.. nl.n.ii..littnl. .Aid. I ... . . ' ....... v .1 . ... , .IUK, you can naruiy many event be unhappy. You .h.eJi!rLin. r.:.'. combined With a rreat and rood man You inS the brevet; and a list of oflVers of Uie present W,,J n,c'Pat tb uanie of bt kar. I trust armv. who hold brevet rank hither tlian their hue - u' yu auJ bo will never cease to harmonixe. al rank, and the number and grade of such officers ou will I presume have beard before this gets as receive, in virtue of their brevet rank, greater I to band that I hare .been appointed to the head t 1 . - .1 .1 i.i . 1 1 1 . . .... .. pay nuu einuHimenii innn .uiey woiuu ouicrwise oe or me nuances Ol OlIS Country : enuueo to n.v law; wimn report was oiu. - red to ,,,re w: 1 girm vou nl,o,r. lr lis mi the tnUe. ami Im tinnt.Hl I. . .'. .... An nfM, w.ti i. ui 1 iiMru mucn, out 1 tnougnt this event I am 1 undertaking tlie ; an occasion be directed to lav before die House a statement ofj1 n reasonable, axpectab'oo of th public American and toreipi trade ot the United Stales, 'n y ne sacuneu, u 1 am properly supported by he legislature, and irf this respect I stand at present ou the most encouraginc fooling. I wrote you last by Mons. d Varville. I pre - sum you. received my letter. As it touched 'omu delicato points, I should be glad t know its Cite. Yonrs, with unalterable esteem and affection, A. UA.Y11L. IU.. The Marquis de la Fayette. , From t'le Jfalional Intelligencer, Dee. 31. A letter from Detroit, of 28th November last, says, that nearly 50 miles of the military road have been made since August last, by th troops stationed at th it place. This road extend from Detroit U within about 10 - miles of th Black S wamp. Notwithstanding the obstacle which r tt , v v. uEimi w iiuu a uuncuny in 1 ccvuntwicr ueia up tne neaa on eacn side, ana - .il. ir . , . . . . I f n . ... .... uMiu.iuj 11. j no joveiy pnnoess aiterwardr complained of being very chilly, and a pain at her stomtcli. The nurse, Mr. Griffiths, considering her royal highnets's complaint to re - luire the advice of the medical gentlemen in attendance, the doctor were all instantly cabled up. They lost no time in giving their attendance, but human astistance was avail. Her royal highness' attack continued unabated. and she expired about half pM two o'clock, in a severe attack of spasms " Extract of another Utter, dated Aim. 6, 4 i. at. " Her royal highness lay half an hour, from a little before 2 o'clock till near half past, from the time of her being taken,' without (peaking, supposed to have last tlie power of it, but appear ed perfectly sensible and composed : and also as her dissolution wa approaching, ber resignation wa very apparent." In what way Ui prince regent received the dreadful tidings, can only be conceived by those who have known what it is to lose an only daughter and child in th bloom of youth and health. Words Wnilld tut vain tn natnt Ik. U in front of the droit, exclaiming - "This is the neaci 01 jeremian Urandretb, a Traitor." This exhibition excited general expression of horror. An universal hiss arose, mixed with groans anu nooungs, ana instant ly a panic seized tne crowd in every direction, as if they were afraid of the soldiers who were known to be drawu out in another part of the town. Thi subs.ded, and the beads of the others were struck off in a similar manner of Brandretli's. The bodies and heads were pUced in coffins as they were severally decapitated, and tlie disgusting scene closed at half past one. There was no expression of opinion beyond what I hare mentioned. The crowd was not so larre as was expected, anu seemed but little sheeted by the situation of the unfortunate wret ches. I can add no further particulars. I am very respectfully, yours, iic. W are enabled, this day. to present our read nrs, exclusively, with the speech delivered bv bis msjesty the king of France, on Wednesday las, at th; opening of the chambers. It it a wise which, after having hastened on th wiues of jwliciou speech. Th first topic touched . - . . . .. .... . lllwn tm .latt i W . .1 u J - r - upon the death of tha Jt At Lewistownl Mifflin county, (Pen.) Dec. 6, of the hydrophobia, or;, canine madness, William Magary, son of John Magary, Esq. of Thompson - town, atred 11 years. About three I weeks ago the deceased was bit by a small I drophobia. In tliia awful dispensation of Divine Providence a respectable family have been deprived of an amiable and only son, and have the heart rendiner apprehension that two other of their children are now infected with this most dreadful disorder. The greatest exertions however are making by the parents for the preservation of the lives of their children. EYEXim POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. iSchr Milo, Pease, Savannah Mary, Gould, Charleston BELOW 2 ships and'l schooner. The schr Ariadne. Pendleton, bat arrived at Savannah in 16 day from N York, having experienced four severe gales during her passage,' which drove ber iuto the Gulpb stream. ARRIVED LAST E PEKING. Brig Abeona, captGray, from Philadelphia, and 36 hours from the Capes, with Hour, to Wo. Gallagher, Byrne, Trimble & Co. H Jackson, and S Storm. British brig Moston, Sitnonet, 48 days from uemerara, witu moiatses, to mi nam Madeline. Lay 36 hour under Cape May. In the late gale, lost two niainyards, sprung the - foretop mast, maintop gallant - mast, main - gaff, and split most of the sails. Union Line Packet schr Fair Trader, Osborn, from Philadelphia, and 2 day from Reedy Island.' with sugar, flour, butter, flaxseed, com meal, iron, starch, marble, stationary, tic to L'liomniedieu & Brown, owners, T Knox, II Si U Cotheal, Byrnes, Trimble 46 Co. Jack on at Woolley, Geo. Youle, Ferguson It Welsham, J M Lotvrr ft Co. Day. Down & Bactburn. J F Delanfaine, Collin it Co. J Eastburn k co. and other. Schr Columbia. Jocelin. 5dav from Philadel phia, with Hour and tobacco, to Trokes, David, on k Co. Schr Greyhound. Hoadlev. 40 dava from St. Thorn aa, with coffee, ugar and indigo, to Kar - thaut, Keinicke & Co. aod J W Schmidt & Co. Ift, ship Blooming Rose, Trowbridge, of New s one, just arrived ; ting water witch, of rhilad. to sail next dav for Porto Uico: schr St Help. oa, of Pliiladilfihia, for do in 6 dvt. Sailed in CO. with srhr Alert, fur Sf Pmiv " In ln 'Kl "in nan lurmea a conacxioa la bttaiaeta V Pearl - street, Boder the firm of , ... s Jan 3 Iw . It a. SHELDON & fjn THE LADY doe kept in the family, as weU as tw more of . "a wno so receotiy advertised in this dA . .r . . ... .i Ifnr nnnils fnr thm mnnn fnrta r.t . fs Mr. Marary s cruiuren. me aoir aiea tne if - 7'i;Liijr7i r ner bm. night afterwards, and no apprehenkion was entertained that he bad been mad. ; However, on Saturday last the deceased was seized with convulsions, and notwithstanding Uie exer tions of the medical gentlemen, ne died on gratelul ackoowleds:emenU to those amiabhTi males who first nMrniiMMl K.r tuhl . support ber infant family. iv White - street, Wo. J.' NOTICE. Inrur ?. rnnnh x hr P.n........ 1 1 .1 t ! I NOTICE. l 3aii 3 St JOHN ABM. WILLINK hs Cr ' . - " iiiinuuvri II U.T1 HUIU 1 rr n . . , . , , Nanni fnrRmilnn f.ttM ,.1A .i I ' I 'XJt. CO - partnersblD heretofore eiinlinu We.t Po from Rhode l.lnd for'charieto., he firui ofLOO.I13 & LEARNED ew 31t, 35 mile oulh of Uie Highlands, spoke schr ' " Jesierouy, oy its own limitation. AU c. South Carolina, Allen, from N York f Charles - cern o( ,h , - ud Cr,n wi" be w'Mi bT 1 a STk rm ...... .1 L'DDL'IFJ fl AsUlfl 1 ion l asseueers. J. . lie vnoldi. f. C. r anian and Mrs. Schivtlv. Markets lor American nrn. duce dull West India produce high and scarce. Sch Leander, Neale. 10 days f om Washing ton, VC witli naval stores. toR&CW Daven - portfe Co. Left sch Fish Hawk, of JV Bed - tora tor uermuda in 2 days. Sch Ocean. Kent. 5 davs from Wilmington. Del. with flour, to Buckle - & Abbatt, and W P Van Amringe. A Br. brig from tlie West. Indies, touched at Cane Mav. and sailed from thence in co. with the Ocean she had Inst hop tore - top mast and maui - top - gailantsail in the late gale. Schr. Washineton. Murohr. 1A .4bv from Frederick bunry - wrtn flour and tobacco, to Vasquea.Meuron Si Cleemens. E Si H Averill. Divie Bethune Si Co. and Wilson St Thompson. In the late gaie off Hatteras, lost both anchors, had I er sails split, ht. Passengers, Messrs. Harrison and Lippinrott Sch Polly ami Sally. Hotrers. S dava fmm Philadelphia, with flour, to Robertson. Hick. son Si Gray, and George Carter. Sailed in co about 40 sa l, for different parts of th world, including the VolUire. and iS'aunders. flip Tn. dia. Sch Lydia and Marv. n rid lev. 1 Av r Philadelphia, with sugar, to C Dubois. Sch Native. Mavhew. 3 davs from Pbitaitel. phia, with flour, whiskey, tobacco. Sic to Binney It Ludlow, of Boston. Sch Mayflower, Freeman, 12 davs from Plymouth, A" C with turpentine and shingles, to S Jackson. The Dispatch Line sloop Rover, Parks, 2 days from Philadelphia, with flour, flaxseed, tc. to Philip Grim, owner, Robertson, Dickson tz Gray, and J F DelapUine, . Sloop Eliza. Ferris, of Xeiv.Hav.n tt from Charleston, in ballast, to the master. CHARLESTON, rw. 4 im.. r lisabeth, Todd, Cape Henry, (Hayli) 10 days Ohio Rebecca Coffin. WWUm .ma rWAssaKiaaa port, li a,,, on the 201h inst. lat Si 51, long in 2.1 'S?ke fWadisan, - tsanJS York, bound to St. Marys, aid. spoke a ship from LismmoI iio Din oui, ooand to Charleston, appera. notll JUU tons, and varnished iiW Ukl U . Ml . UIIIU .riitrv - Ann. tRIT.nier. fnrflanrl IT H.v. Spoke Dec. 16th, lat 32 50, long 7730, chr. Lively, of Cchatset 17 day from Provincetowo bound to Savannah : same dav. snnlio hri s.ll of Boston, S day out from Savannah. 17th, spoke brig Vantrossa, of Boston, Atwell, master, t day from Savannah, bound to Antwerp. i British brig Hibernia, Fitxsimon, Belfast via isonoia, it days rrom th latter. On Sunday, 14th mat. noke brie: Rnrferi. - k. tn ti Vl .., o . P. .. u.u . ... K .v. oavannaa same night, experienced a tremendous gale of wind, wa hove down on the beam ends, and httd to cat awav the luintnnm i.t ting and tails, when she riM.H r reach brie iManrarrt. Rnhin. DnnklrW Tc day. " ' - Brig Martha. Vincent, Havana J J days. I - c ,JI' Raa,v venae, & lork i nj A hip bound to the southward, nitmri th hr i aatasvi;. ' r Boston, Dec. 30 Arrived, ship Sally - Anne, Edes, Smyrna, 69 days. Left, Oct 21, , brigs Levant. Skinner, far Iirhnrn unt p..inn m i - - , n - - wwiw, .v uavi , uocca - Tigress, tenant, for do do 10 do , ship Augustus, Rea, of Salem, destination unknown. Spoke. Dec 25. lat 40. lonr 6.1. ahin Resolution, of Bath. 4 davs out fiie W InttiM Dec 28, Cape Ann W. bv N. 40 le brio - X,,'. sannab, from Kennebunk for W Indies. no mis' Hoix. Dee as An - ;! . - n - , - u, roie, o days trom Halt for Salem. I 26th Arrived, brigs Emily, Dole, Alexan - I " " ".wraewDuryportj Fame. Davis, do 12,fordo. THEATRE. Oa SATURDAY EVENING, Jan. 3. Will be presented, THE HONEY MOON. DnkaAmnxa, Mr. Cooper o wnicn win oe added, the melodrama of ELLA ROSENBERG. Ella Rosenberg, . Mrs. Barnes THE NEW METHODIST CHURCd, IN JUtUV'WKKKi, fD W31 b onenod next LORD'S DAT. Cv di vina sarvic. 1 he exercises will commeix at half past ten o'clock, by th Revd. Nathan uaags ; at nau pan two. by tna Rvd. Saaio! Merwia ; an4 at six in th eveoiEP. bv tha K.vH Joshua Soule. At the conclusion a f rat h disconrsa a enlW. tioo will be nude, winch will be exclusively ap - yivy umcu n m expence ot said building. Th seats of which wdl he at all time f., Aa Aattm. conruMl tnrtY i. .m Vf . 3. P. Ty lor, will be iang b y tkn tboir. MEDICAL SOCIETY. ety ol the County of New - York, will be held Washington - Hall, on Jtfouday the 6th JairtrJ ai 4 o'ciot it, r. ivi. , Jan 3 2t C. W. EDDY, M. D. Sec'ry, CONCERT MR. and Mr. MELINE respectfully In for the ladie and irentlemen of NmhYn LEBBKls LOOM 13. At No. 47 South - street. wno has in store, for sale, 24 cbetts Imperial Tea 8 do Hyson dof of first qualities, si 86 do young hyson dor entitled to dbal oo do iiyson ekia do J 1 1 cask Palm Oil S6 ream Fool Cap VtUum Paper 6 do Copper Plate do A small quantity Cayenne Pepper. . jan 1, 1818. HORACE LEARNED, late of the final ioomt jt iearneovM opened an otbee at I ourii. - ij - siipwr u.e purpose oi transacting cat 3 1.1 " freight or Charter, 1 he staunch, substantl&l Ai. Tb rrv'i MOND, capt. R. Quarles. will k. J V - . - a" ' "w uavs ror terms u lllv on lmanl . PI.. IV. ,1 - . " j , - w ..v. i , vr to WALSH Si GALLAGirER, J8"3 66 South - st lionttdto Charter. A jrood SLOOP nr Wnnnvr1 that will carry about 500 barrels, mi I . 10 Bermda t immediate wuioe given. Applvto jn3 dispau TUCKER L LAURIE3. 29 iioatjt - atree niCKLE.NBUHtiHS, DUCk,&c. - i3 blk JL ot Ticklenbur - hs. or brnm - n r..rn. of an excelleut quality, suitable for comail sucvungs, etc. - i9 b .lts Russia Duck 30 pieces tke Frenc h Cambric 5 cases brown f la'illas 50 casks drr White Irt , 2O0 boxes Cheese, entitled to debmttW JM3' 64 South - rtreet 623 INDIGO. SUGARS. Ac. bags Benares and RH tha I.M.r : i 7" . " 7 worthy lb attention of retailers 17 case Bengal Indigo 4300 Goat Skin, lane site nA fin itrec'd per ship India, for sale hj t,. . v' 'EM SEN ft CO. 'I 4 bales Company blue Bafta.oo 1 1 do India Calicoes, sup. qual and new paSf tarn, na Lir - 1 . A r...'...l.l t . I I . : j 1 .ini paimman; iw UJ1S Djsrxei. iwi ree'd per ship India, for sale by , - . P..REMSEN ft CO, jan 3 S6 South - street HILADELPHlA FLOUR. 500 barrels perfine, laading from the schooner Colst bia. IN STORE, 160 barrel Richmond inperfitM flour, (City and Country brands.) For sale at No. W I ront - itreet, by Jan 3 TROKES. DAVIDSON. A CO. 273 COFFEE, SUGAR aodlNDIGa bbls. and (0 bars fin rrvan Coflea 3 J hhds, 1 tierce and 4 bbls Mutcora Sugar . . , Al ceroonsCaraccaa Indigo Landing fiore the schr. .Greyhound, from St t nomas, lorsaie ny F. W. KARTHAUS, REISICKE & CO, 74 Washington street LOST OR MISLAID. T) ICH'D 8. HALLET'S Check oa the Bask America, for twelve hundred dollars, da 11 ofAme ted S7th Dec. 1817s oavment beirur a.ii. ican dc oi no dm iouic nn. - ier. ahn win r.vuer ea, senrs TraveUer. for EHentnA trn. v - tavor ny leaving it at 30 Wil Uam streeL York. ' ' j3 If sore CAPITAL STORE FOR RENT. TO LET. That elerant Store, well aifnated ft , No. 194 Green wich - street one door sosta I of Vesey - street ; poesion nay be bad iasa - ainieiy h required. . .jan i 2t Enquire on the premises. OTO LET, For a term of vears. the house and k No. 5 Broadway, at present occupied ny tt Miss Kinsey's, as a boarding bouse. For particular!; enquire of ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, Clermont jaaStFl F.t KJtLXQ TUITION. iTR - UFFORD rives notice that be h If I penad an evening school, at bis acadeayi No. 53 John - street, for tha instruction of yoaaf. gentlemen, more especially in English pramaat and Geography. - k c'.st ia each of these branches isaow cot - mencing. Hi improved mode of laetroction wt .nable th untaught as well as those who have partial knowledge of these subjects, in a shor pace of time, to perfect themselves in tbes lid HirH - a nf r4ii - ktin - - ! Infractions will also be given ta Bttk - Kf'P ing, Penmutship and Arithswtta. Bewt M' tenfan.erroalsana'c)xk, 1 - TWrlov l In lh Iht of hw. ' .up u, O. UntWoU li , J. . " . ; r ri: o. is dissolved by mutual consent. Th. ..... - . . uuij ness will be hereafter conducted by A. 8. GhJ wwsm tvuv xuivvituiu a vwuavuuy UQUCr try KtgM A. 8. GRISWOLD. . . . jv.ncrjjAiUTUWiSEKr Jan 3 Sw NOTICE, 1.V11U11CIV1111 csiauiiHiiueui in mil CUT. Will tMKi .... .... . . . .. J WIH j.a, wiLiLlrtli, of Live pool, under the firm of JOHN ABM. WIL Afi CO. ianS! . (Kr The subscribers hue formed a connexl in tbepriirtingbusiness, undtt the firm of OR A w mui i. . sue ouiioess winv conducted them, with accuracy and despatch, on the m reasonable terms, at No. 68 William - street. JAMES ORAM. v : GABRIEL F.M0TT.' jaa 3 eod3t NUTICE. UZJ - 1 or sunsenbers have formed a co nersuip in iraua unaer me nrm or vllis i Futcxaxa. JOHN T. ELLIS, WM. FLECKNER. jan 3 3t No. SO Fulton - street CO A meeting of the New - York Irish Es 8 grunt Associatinn, will be held at Harmony fjul un iMunaay tne am insi. at 7 0'elocK, r. M. JOHN W. MULLIGAN, 8ecij Jan 3 St . XT' A quarterly meeting of the MediCal &vl that their concert will positively take Sw - ii Tuesday the loth inst. at the city nswj. J2 uuui, yuy noiei, oi vocai ana instrumentala sic, anuiea dj most oi the professors and teur of thi city. Particular in due time. J an 3 4l P 2 P a si a b o T o CI a tt oi fu S ti b i ft A oi si DC n SJ XI tl SJ 1 P ei Jf 1 t s 3 C ft

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