The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 20, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Ereeat Sunday That* a»d N«w* Publishfnsr Company W. PHTLli- K. and Treasurer. PHILIP E. BIZLE, Editor as.' GENERAL BLANQUET- (V.exican Minister of War Who Opposes Hueria. HATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. lay Lead Army of Against H8881S, ^ tea cays after Tour money is received at The limes umce. « f 1* "f ^ .. .1....... -- ~~"-~~-- I3mt*r*d Aagost 15, ISO-i, st Gettysburg, Pa... ss second-clssa matter, tasder Congress March 3, 1879. UNITED PHONE fa Northwest ecrser of Ceutr* Sqosre, Gettysoarg, HE Will ·t is Renorted !n Mexico City Dictator ·_ | Has Let United States Know of Hie-' Intention. { a Mexico City, ilex., Xov. 20.--While ] ? GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CH!CAGC- -One cent per word esch Insertion, Two cents a wore" if . first pags pcsMoa. Sesolutios* of respect, poetry scd rcemonama oas c*nt s?«r word. , · 2 " TO OUR HEADERS I Caked States, it is believed in govern-! meat circles that -when tiie congress; meets and the report of the commit- j ICG on credentials is read the provis-j :ena! president's resignation will be; jeered. Tliere is nobody to wio:nf H-eris. can res'sr. excepting to eon-j Many persons express the belief that * Huerta, if he intessis to re-sign, has Chsr sjK-ertisdnsr eolumiis are open t? all caadicates^ of all parties. Where to m fte fMip so «_3.- -T - ~ *·** .SAGLS HOTEL WILOA3I E. ZIEGLES Sooma Tfith b»th ex aralt* McGoacmy, Prop's. I Expert Electrical work. . IZepairs and supplies. · * 12 Carlisle St ! Phone 94 Y. .Ue · «e nev.- tc-i^rc-ss after it has ratified; O f she d : eta:or."it is e-xoectec! thai Gc-n^ - » - ^ j . . . . « - _ . i~»_·....·..» -i«r r»^ l » i t f c ? f £!·*·· «1* ·JM c: his ·covw.ies.'s since the disso-j errn ^ureuaa^,^ s u^mlafew^oi iuucs o: the congress. j ^{t,g n y e '£ refused so obey absolutely This is taken in seine Quarters as an; tjje commands of t':e Mexican -'-ia-tios of f--c- failure oi the -UniE-S %nd his days of activity nov.-.seem to : ' ee Stores'to"tak'e prompt and drastic =.|| numbered action following the organization of| the ne*.v congress. | It is ran-ored persistently that Fcr-j e:gr. Minister Mcbeno will resign from; Huerra's cabinet this v. - eek. It is alsof asserted that Senor ITrrutia \viil again j head the department of the interior. | Some officials declare that the pos'j ha? already been offered to him, b u t j has uot been accepted. j It is regarded as possible that con-j eress ma:- name son-.e one else Cor; provisional president for a period en-1 suir.K until the election and inangu-j ration of a permanent chie" executive,! CBNVIGT IS LEGaLLY OEA! Coari Rules Wife QiiifaTerffisr Say Rsjaan]! Without Di?ore OPEN DEBATE ANNIVERSARY OF ON cwftENCY 1 LINCOLN ORATION J AT BETTYSBiG Senate to Draft ihs Floor, vf I {Continued from first page) ', iag the burdens of an orphaned brood I alone, telling her sorrows to none but ; God., we feel like gathering- the" golden -»-·*- of Xew England and"the'roses of Yine of j Maryland and the magnolia of the humbled into silence- To me this oc-' casion is big with memory, pregnant with raeaning.This morning I stood out yonder near where Lincoln stood, on soil thrice sanctified, on soil consecrated by their lifeless forms, on soil immortalized by Lincoln's deathless words. In all the world there is no other spot so-consecrated and so hallowed". Governor Hanly made a most eloquent plea for* reverence for our institutions of liberty and for the Federal Constitution? After telling'that, as a boy of thirteen years, he Lincoln's" eoafc-t {^managed to touch ''"O.the day of his arrival in "Gettysbo?|r" Judge Syvope rc- Committee Oe- the afternoon sad the orange blossoms of Florida closed'with the thrilling': rendition of and weaving them into- one great i blanket of color and fragrance anu America" by the large audience and the benediction by Dr. Wagner. _ ; Carclinas and the cotton of Alabama cited the address and Opposing t' Agree to Drafts of BHls--The bste Will Se Lengthy. ( , "throwing it over the graves of al! the Washingtoa Xov. 20.-Currency *£= warriors or the fireside, form legislation is to be draitea in s , , ' the open senate, with the opportunity j« »o without fee or arum, band or for and uehey. j their country's cause. When we think President Wilson, losing his figfct w j o f t [ le harvest of this seed time of force legislation as he desires, will be j ^jo^d O r the imnetus this eonnice gave unable to dictate money legislation as 1 eyery hase * of our -j ationa i iif e . of he did tariS legislation. Tbe new tariff out a. T . the present to forecast the . v«jv dui. jj-.- ·.··i*i^.i» ·· · «.*-» ·» -- %, -** ir sp " '-- 8 » f · « » » every senator to express fcis views ( bugle, gave that wnich was dearer u 1 submit tie views of his coastit-, them than life to their country and ·* I !·** I -M-* BITS FOR BOOSTERS. v * turn into tbe national treasury, but j gave the reformer and ths missionary, * protests agalust Its enforcement are j \ve are impressed with the sense of comiag In from every seciioa of Uie i vastness that nresssd upon our fore- couasry. Derails of the ir.come tax are causing trouble, both for men upon [fathers, when they entered the forest ^ primeval and saw in the giant oaks lar^e and small incomes, in tbe mat ' t e r o f , f laying bare to the govemmenc countless ages. nd evergreens theharvest of lonsand just what they are receiving from In- j "Lincoln will forever remain the vestments or as to the value of their j center of that great gathering- fifty labor. The treasury department has' rejected some features of the lavr as inconsistent ,and contradictory. President Wilson forced his tariff New York, Nov. f!=\--A man servln? *· \\ Trimmer's : and 10 cent Store. While thev last: Verv special lot . . { of-Ladies* collars.- - i iUGE PRODUCE COMPANY j i Highest Csah Pried* Paid for all j ---FARM PRODUCS-- | i OSes, Gettysburg. | CHAS. 3. MUMPSE -- ^Fir« Proof Storage -- "Warehonss for Fnraitare and Household Goods ttored any- length of H. TEPTON r Tiijiea Gettysburg So-iTeairs i a HARVEST 'ESI at the head 01 ariairs. Asked aaout the relations United States. Huena said: years ago. "When our cities shall have fallen to dust and our lowers anI domes and spires and parapets shall fallen to the earth, if that dismal day shall ever dawn, he will stand OUL along the shores of time, like the jagged peaks, once parts of prosperous Scottish a wierd legislation through i-ongress before that body was ready to pass if. He tried the same course with currency legislation, but "the senate, hearing from the tariSf lav.-, has decided that !il-ljgestea legislation is net good far the country or for the Democratic party and has deserted the president. About March 1 some reform currency bill -will pass the senate. It will not be the house bill or the present senate bill. ·' What form the new law will takej barg was jriven that rare tlistinctlon. no one in legislative circles can tell. Many Xev t England towns boast of The senate may hold its drait of tne ^^ entertained Washington over --------- ro xvrite into Jt some pro- ~ islands, stand ou't along- the and Irish coasts, pronouncing and solemn requiem over the dead. "It is not given to many towns to entertain the immortals, fewer yet have the privilege of seeing: them making 'themselves immortal. To Gettys- rlisirjn/Tii While you are inviting capital to your tovwn don't forget that it takes workingmen t? build a city. The pride of town is the respect of self, for 2 good man's home should be beyond ro- proach. Above al! things, maintain your self respect. The commercial traveler is a business evangelist. See that he has reason to speak well of your city. A pessimist in a town building organization causes as much destruction as a monkey wrench in the eogwneels of a mill. The more outlets you have for the products of your farms and 4" the products of your factories * the more inlets you have for ^ prosperity.--Town Development. 4" ~I~»J«Z«I-"i"I"I"^*-^*J M J"i~I-*?**^*I'^ fr^% v -I- ·fr * ·5- -t- ·5- ·5- 4 BOYS IN BOARD OF TRADE. _ . j husband -s-as sent to Sins Sing for lions between the united States and | seccn j G 3g ree murder ^:th a inaxi- .Me-c:co must crigicate in Washington. nlum senr _ence or life. She now will not here." j It :s reported that Huerta will takej ;he field against the rebels, who arej sweeping all northern Mexico, captur- i :ng mp.ny towns and opening the way | for an advance i:non the capital. He; intends to lead snto battle the greatest j ilexican army that was ever gathered, j This expiaantion was given of his ac-j ^ don murder of life, marry William Welsheimer. The court ruled that even Garsac. were pardoned his marital rights would noz be restored. ~31r3. Gargan toiu Justice iracdox that her husband had killed ner father 5""; acco'-tlins: to an ouinion handed . t A ~ . ; 3 -- - **v,«_v^. ...-i^y ^v ,, * V i i i i t i i * i . I t » I l J O ^* - l^C l l i C W -*. ~*J*L1'~ )j L \S , . f ^. . -- -V-- -. - 1 the i down by Supreme Court Justice llaa- ,..;.^ a .,,,, fa _ m cretliJe; it fa2V ;^ 5 be en nl ^ nt -- a few " or the tov '" ns or ^ e ' v ^ ork ! cox in Brooklyn. I ^V^-ninPrt I-v Democratic caucus that and Pennsylvania are pro-ad of the there is as big- a diff- entertaining a great when the divinity to all -the world, as YO::e - ,. . there is between the sun in ecliose and President Wilson has given his m- _. meridian s lcndor . when LLn _ dorsement to the idea of lann creaits r \ privileges as part of the work of na- co3n arose here - he ^ as transngured j hougn [ -; ona ] fcanlts. but his spokesmen in the A.n'-- action v.-bleh v.-iil alter the rela- - h OU3e an g se aaie have insisted tnsz ggaence o don in calling upon the govemoia of t{} , |fe s - Qe d j d riQI . fee , ^3 the various s:ates of Slexico to put in-j rcrn " a r a ~v,-=rh o -.: the care o j s ovv . lr jjj-ojjjej- during a iarrP , ; aE(I t - aa - siy.ce he had been ggatenced to serve from twemy years , E ae e of a. hasbancL fe - t ^. he ,. £S lesallr aead . i! You will Bad on our Bargain Tables shoes of ll known lines -wiiidb \ve have dis-cos-inued. W. H. Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at S1.98. Others reduced toSS cents and $1.4S. Ladies LaFrance S3.00 Shoes. Now $1.98, Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1. and .48. R - - !l -sv 19 cfcs C. to the field aii their available men, as he desired to raise an anny of 150.000 i soldiers. j Huerta has little hope of stopping j the campaign of the Constitutionalists! in the north, but with this great army. lie expects to deal a crashing blow to; Carranza when the revolutionary j leader brings his forces within strik-j ing distance. ! , ,,, , All trains for Vera Cruz are crowd-! ia axing a cap TO a tooth. Alfred SUES DENT?£T_FQR ILL-NESS Shock to System en Work of Scranton Doctor. Scrantoa. Pa.. Xor. 20.--Deciariag this aew feature of the financial system of the UniteC States should not be permittee! to complicate tfce atlalt- comple- plan for ""currency re- tedij form prcr-osed in the aatninistration bill which passed the house and later caused the Democratic split in senate. Se-aaic- Democrats and Republicans agreed on tentative drafts cf currency reform legislation which are to fee presented to the senate. With the :ntro- ·iuctimi of these rival financial plans Winston-Salem (N. C.) Experiment Brings Youth Into Civic Work. Training boys for the responsibilities of citizenship has been undertaken in \Vinston-Saiem. X. C.. along broad lines. The characteristics of the plan are co-operation between the public schools aad the local board of trade, establishment of a department of government in the high school and formation o£ A boys" department or a juvenile c!ub. as it is called, of the board o£ trade. .At tiie beginning of the last school year School Superintendent R- H. Ln- th:uri hegnn a course in government nnd economies, open to tbe senior students, aarl put the new department under the direction of the secretary of the Ixian! of trade. The students learned tiie elements of government, special -ittenLi-' 1 :! being: given to analysis oi and if the multitude did nob see Moses! the c-irr. county, state n»cl federal gov- and Elias hoverine near, thev felt at! erni-.u-nts- During the first term mock least that thev were near another- s were held .-ma tbe clnss was world- If Lincoln would have lived s. thousand years"~ago~ lie "would have been worshiped as a god. temples xrould hava been built to his name, his jfte sayings tittered by oracles and his Gettysburg- speech inscribed on temple .valls. "·Worship him we may not, and we would not bat revere .him ,as the foremost of oivr race. Would it-jnot be ao- the senate will settle to private consideration oi the subjact and for sev- has'been physically ruined} eral weeks there will be consideration. that he thrctish the carelessness of a dentist- are investing Orizaba, a town mid-j R^ert F. .aylor. of this ciry. va^ between the canitai and the coast. Marsdpn maintains that n:s spine - - =--*-- ----· general Repeated rumors that General Blari- nuet is plouing to overthrow Huena have served to increase the danger, according to the opinion of the forelgn- nervcas srsr beaiih have itience of ;h :tr.r^'s:ghT -ana aeen. aSected in conse- dentisi's treatment. JTarsaen -as nassing through Scran- En^iand Sends Scuadrcn to Vera Cruz orlflgetown. Barbauce?. Xov. 2". -The British cruiser siusdron in TTest Ir : -a:r.ri -vators received peremptory or- to pr?ce'l to Vera Cruz. .avier Hal CARBANZA BEEAKS WITH HALE of the bills before either can be tasea ~p in the senate. TVhea the debate on the bills opens it is the belief of those familiar with :he currency ideas now prevailing in the senate that good features of each cf the "DfTis will be iuccrporated thrcagh amendment adopted on the Soor of the senate. rle alleges that the doctor inserted a pin to 5:es? the cap in place and iSat the -;in -.vorlica downward into the jaw. Ulceratfon developed, which af- :ertetl tho patient's ncrvc--:s system. The strain has injured his spine arid ais sight has become defective. NOVEMBER 2z to 29 The Ear?ar f-r jet ~»*ne:i: of ST FRANCIS XAViER CHUKm l ---^n ?: Xat^r Hal', SATT'IDAY. X' »V. 2_ni!. Attracthe r-ciij].- Lav- t i t'-jy L-vI'IF «.-\«-r\ ,.;:i-ni:o3i ^i :.:'. ·=·.·!,» attend. iiN^Tl; :·"(- v. ;" J.. to c:;aii in :!:iin-j: v. it:. Got en H:ch Hcrse and -^emancJed T'rat Envoy Present Credentials. X^^a!***-. S-'noi-s. r.'.f-x.. Xov, 20. -- f'cn. ? : '!?ring i-im their r.ogoiiationf v.-;-h v v":l:n? Hr.jcr-1 Hale are at an -nd. G-en-ra 1 Vcn«stiano Carranza. l-'Ad-. r of ve Mexican Ccnsiitntional- s.-st^. "iifl h'~ ca'-un^t ordered a spe r:-:l " 'o tnko uhcrn to Iiermos:I:o © ! l " S i ® On Thanksgiving a Turkey Dinner will be served s that the nit confer Coasii furthe: BOY SCQUTFATALLY SHOT i at a cost of 35c A POPULAR LADY'S CONTEST I I . P. e v. *. s the cL".'. TH-i £.-=· tfi ba!;t for tl -c^r.:---t EACH- V.y.e: r - · . ) . =r.Its of ·»t'j-xot;j.-_' « 2 i Lurch of Boat Caused Gun toJ3o Off on Return From Shooting Trip. CsmtSen. X. J.. Xov, -0.--Caiverf Wilkin?. Fix;c-"-n years old. of Weed :n3ry, i;e'i at the Cooper hospital in this city. W!".kir.=: r.ail received a full charge from a sn'.r^i-n in his lungs. WilUins. ·cvith ihrcr* · -'i^panions. was in a beat on Wood:;" : c-rcek gtinnlr." for wild saicks. Rc'si-r-^ng home "." · ; :e2d cf ·he boat str'--k the whar.'.' =:t : r.g the he 5^ad presented ere-i ^3H rr.u7.z3e a-d it fanned a-a!nst Wii- j \;ns" s« on:a"h as the charge esp'odcd. { He was a W.*^«bnry high school sui- PinV Lunchecr." Given Jessie-Wilson i deut and a riV-niber of Uie Woodbnry Wash:nstoa. Xov. 2«''.--Miss -Je^si" j Troop of Boy Scouts. "-· f- Beautiful It- -·'." ""3 ;:- Gold SIGNET ?y ',n !(..-· C\.r.- RING. Th*. -; n; ' CTINT v£ f Wilson. i2:e \Vnite House "oritle-to-i.e · w : was the wv-st cf h'»nor at a "rJar © 1 '' ncheon" given at tac Congressional § ] c*'«b by ?!5ss Gencvieve Clark. O :·: I Ie")utaT3te daiigh:fr of Si'eaker C-^rk. function for r\Ki» \V:isor!. win ~:?.~- \ the cor.?rrcE£:oTsl ofr.cia' set. ?-; Don't fail tc visit tKe "Catacombs" or the Mysterious Chamber : : : e P S You viJ! «: on forget. Xaviur Ha.j ir :a-: ;= t-r.!^t.n...-.= : r.-- -a \eritable COUNTY FAIR where f-verrr-oty. \n ·-,.' an 1 ·}}. joy themselves. op: 'irtunsty to en- £ Refreshments and! Lunch served In the Hall every evening. ADMISSION FREE EVERYBODY WELCOME Her Ashes Across Sea by Parcel Fcsl Paterr^n. X. J.. Xov. 2".~M;ss lien rie»*a Tininnin?. of th:s cHy. for fifteen years a teacher in an institutf here*, died on Sept. 13 at the general hospital. Her body was cremated on Xov. !". An undertaking firm obtained from Registrar Charles S. Gali a per- Wedding Clothes Stolen. Treatin. X. J., Xov. 20.--Charles Hoasner is ronpeiled to postpone his marriage w:t:; Miss Margaret Hilde- brer-nt b^cas'?* 1 a feHovs- boarder stole all hS? "vc s.«:n5 apparel and has not cv^n left ii:m any clothes tx go to work in. T-T bride-to-be will ha\-e to ;r,til Tp.r-ir? are able to fit and wake s!:K'-;t-ri-. cloUies for her intended husband :o appear o'n the streets. pISS WILSONS 'FAIRY STONE' Good Luck Talisman Sent the President's Daughter as Wedding Gift. \Vashinsica, Xov. 2",--Arsons i- cdd ·nreddtns: presents received by 3I!=s Jessjc V.'ilson is a little brown silicate crystal, known as a "fairj" stone." and sent to Miss Wilson by a coterie of Virginia women. IP. Patrick county. Virginia, especially, it is thought mat no bride will propriate-for as of Gettysburg, on this sacred cay. to show our reverence by resolving to place -npon the exterior wall of the building that entertained him a" simple plate of bronze, witH the record of his visit and the words of his immortal speech. "Sut great as Lincoln was upon thar memorable day, he was no pobier than those whose sacred dost Ms feet.--The tombs of raany of them are marked unknown but they- are only unknown to us. Somewhere in the bright annals of heaven the names of all are written in letters that glow. "They were not all saints who came here to do and dare but if a Catholic priest could pronounce absolution upon an Irish regiment I am sure the great High Priest above, in response to the quick pecitions-for mercy that came from those -who were rushing to their succpsslvciy organized as a city council, a i:c-r i .er:i!_jiysetabiy_and_the con- ^ress of the United States. Af. a result of this work the^boys developed an active interest in public .-iHnirs. To hold this interest it wa.= s=::e^L-sted tliat tbere be o^nnizefl a ;i:rcni:e cli;! of the board of trnde. i5c':ubfrsh:p ID the fiu* is not limited t: iii^h r-'!oo! ijors. for it was thought best to open to nil interested boys ot ii::- city :) way to become identified with constructive civic- work. The boys have the privilege of at- tenfl'ns rec^^iar nieetiasrs of the bosrd of trade. r.-irb the ri^ut to t::i;c part in clebntes. bat wit!:or.t votinc: iower. Comaiitcee work is assismed them, and "-T'CCinl meetii:^r are he'd for them trrire :i month or more frojuently if ihe work dei^ands. The Srst employment of nsembcrs of the juvenile club w:is in tl:e recent ;n«In =triar"scfvey of V/inston-Paleni conducted by the board of trade. In this work the boys visited local manufacturing establishments and filled out have luck who does not number one death ' prononnced absolution upon of these "fairy crosses" an-oag her those who sleep on Our "sacred hill. It was not granted to them to march in that grand triumphal procession chat bridal gifts. The intrinsic value is almost nothing- It 33 only endowed with bensfi- j made its way up Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, at the end of the Trar bat when old "Westminster shall have set Chaucer and Herschel and Pitt and ciai qualities when received in the spirit in which it fs given. That good hick shall go to Miss "Wilson vrith the gift, of conrse, is assured, but i; wii! be necessary tor her to observe great care in protecting this talisman, for tradition has it that only the owner's touch brings forth the magic qualities of the stone, and that any other touch ^viil deprive for a time the wearer of its hicky properties. Football Claims Another Victim. Cleveland. O., Xov. 20. -- llorty Marx. Fixtcfr: years old, died here of injuries received in a football game last Friday. Playing with an amateur mit for the shipment of the ashes out: team, he plunged head-first into a tel- i the state. They will go by parcel ephone pole. 'A i post to Bremen, Cermany. The Prssident at Army-Navy \Vashington. Xov. 20. -- President Wilson lias decided to attend tne Arsny and Xavy football gatne at tfao Polo Grounds in Xew York city en Xov. 29. it was stated at the Wnite House. He will cancel the trip only in the event of an emergency requiring his presence in ^Tashington. 24 KiHed by Alabama .Mine Explosion. a detailed schedule ia the snsne manner os Io special njrents of the statistical bureaus of the federal soverp- ment. They were held responsible for Uie accuracy of thoir reports, and sta- iistlcnl tables o£ much local value were directly from their reports. Xewton and Livingston free rrom their j ^ thraldom of stone and ~hen the seas i shall have given back their toll from the Titanic and the LaBargoyne and the Spanish Armada and the conntless other vesse's that went down, another procession will be formed a.ncf march ap the streets of gold to the great white throne and these heroes will be there, free from the stain of blood and 11 Slosson and Kopps. 'Wilson I*. Foss as his backer. George F- Siosson Tras preparing to challense Hoppe when Deaiarest's deS ·was announced- Slosson. -who is in fine physical condition and piayinir great biiiiards. saiti: "I -(vas waiting to learn whether Hoppe was zroinc to France to play Gissijrnol and refrained from challenging- because T did not want to interfere with an international match." ADaONISTRATOR'S SALE OF~ VALUABLE REAL ESTATE On Wednesdav the 17th day of December. 191S, 'the undersigned, oy virtae of an order of sale to him directed bv the Orphans Court of Adams eoantv, will offer at public sale or on the premises, the following Yhe smell of smoke and what they i ~*jyj that certain Tract of Land situ- missed here they will gain they go triumphantly after v-hom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess. ;here, as late in Tvrone Township. Adams Coun- him to * v - Penna.. known as the "Peter Giss " ^ "Lntil the dawning: of that splendid day that lies somewhere behind the Birmingham. Ala..-Xov. 20. -- Coaj- cpa!escenV splendor of setting: suns, plete exploration of the Alabama Fuel and Iron company's -mine Xo. 2, at Acton, showed'that,.twenty-four men were killed and six hurt by Tuesday's psplosioa. 209,076 Entered U. S. In September. TTashin^ton. Xov. 20.--Immigration to tie United States in September totaled 209,076 persons, according to the figures issued "by the department of labor. LOST gold watch fob, on Tuesday I Jet us who remain take up with courage the work they left behind for us to do and if in future days our children and our children's children not be able to commemorate our deeds en famous fields of battle, as we commemorate the deeds of our sires today, le'c us at least make it possible for them to rise up and call us blessed as we rise up to call them blessed now." Ex-Governor J. Frank Hanly Parlette, the speaker of the Gocd Good Citizenship! government is good citizen- Daily Thought. [afternoon. Finder please return to night before, introduced ex-Governor Who ever knew truth put to tiie i Times Office and receive reward.--ad-'j. Frank Hanly, of Indiana, who said: ·worse in a free and open encounter? vertisement "In 'chis presence I* am awed and - .. Farm", Iving along^ the road which leads from the New Oxford road to Bowlder, two miles Northeast ct Heiclersburg and abont three and one- half miles from York Springs, adjom- IV ® usr lands of "W. S- Honck, Jacob ^epn, William Shull, "William Arthur. -I-. f Houck farm, ai^d · others, con'caming 103 acres and 42 perches of land more cr less, Improved with a two-story brick dwelling house and outkitchen, bank barn and necessary out-buildings: also apple orchard _ and Ovher fruit, several good wells or never-Bailing- water. . This property is- in a fair state o* repair and' cultivation r and is convenient to Church, School and Markets. , · , 25 per cent, of the purchase money to be paid or secured on day of sale and the balance April 1st, 1914. Sale to begin at 1:30 P. M. sharp. WILLIAM HERSH. Administrator of estate of B. Frank Gise, deceased. Nov. 19, 1913. !· W SFAPEIl

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