Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 22, 1934 · Page 20
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1934
Page 20
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 22 1934' ORDINANCE NO. J8« An Ordinance Proposing the Budget mod Making Appropriations for the ; Expenditures for the City of Mason City for the Fiscal Year Begin ·lag April 1, 198*, and Ending March 31, 1986. BE IT ORDAINED B* THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MASON CITY, IOWA: Section 1. That the Budget is, proposed and estimated revenues in the various funds are hereby appropriated for the payment of such expenditures as are properly chargeable to such funds, during the fiscal year April 1, 1934, to March 31, 1939, as follows: Section 2. Consolidated Fund. Estimated Receipts. Corporation, Grading, Improvements, and Sewer Levies 4.98 mills ? 92,610.(X Police Court fines and forfeitures 5,OOO.U( Licenses 2,500.oc Departmental fees 2,000.u Cigarette licenses ." 6,000.00 Beer licenses 5,000.00 Primary Road Aid 3,325.00 Poll taxes · 5,500.00 Due from General Bond Fund 3,000.00 Due from Water Works Fund 10,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1934 5,000.00 $139,935.00 Appropriations. A--Corporation Fund ? 80,000.00 (1) General Government Salaries of Manager, Clerk, Senographer, Auditor, Attorney, Board of Review, and Building Commissioner $12,000.00 Office Supplies ..' 1,000.00 ?13,000.00 (2) Police Department Salaries, including: Police Judge ?37,600.00 Traffic Controls 1,000.00 Motor Patrols 2,000.00 Police Station and Jail 1,000.00 Telephone, Telegram and Signal System .. 1,000.00 New Equipment 1,500.00 Miscellaneous supplies 1,200.00 ?45,300.00 (3) Health Department Salaries of Director, Technician, Inspector, and Laboratory Ass't $ 4,980.00 Supplies '. 870.00 Isolation Hospital Operation 1,500.00 Maintenance and Repairs 150.00 ? 7,500.00 (4) City Hall and Scale-House S 2,000.00 (5) Engineering Department Salaries ·. ..$ 4,200.00 Supplies 500.00 $ 4,700.00 (6) Welfare Department Employment Office ? 1,200.00 Miscellaneous -. 300.00 $ 1,500.00 (7) Elections, Publications, Insurance, and other Expense Properly chargeable to this Fund t 6,000.00 Total Corporation Fund $80,000.00 B--Grading Fund ' $ 35,000.00 Salaries and Wages $19,000.00 Maintenance and Operating Equipment ...$7,500.00 Maintenance of teams 800.00 Supplies -7,700.00 · $35,000.00 C--Improvement Fund $ 5,000.00 Interest on Bonds $ 600.00 Any other Expenses Properly Chargeable to this Fund 4,400.00 Appropriations Summer Concerts $ 4,500.01 Director's Salary 500.00 Miscellaneous Supplies 100.01 Balance 800.01 Section 10. $ 6,000.00 Comfort Station Fund Receipts From .1 mill levy $ 1,700.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1934 700.00 $ 2,400.00 Appropriations To Comfort Station Commission $ 2,400.00 Section 11. , Library Fund Receipts From 1.0 mill levy ? 18,500.00 Appropriations To Library Board J 18,500.00 Section 12. · Water Department Receipts From 1.25 mill levy f 22,000.00 From Bale of water 83,000.00 From Meters and Services 5,000.00 From Work and Materials for other Departments 6,000.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1934 2,000.00 $ 5,000.00 D--Sewer Fund ............' $ 10,000.00 (1) Disposal Plant Salaries and Wages $ 3,000.00 Power and Light .' 2,000.00 Maintenance and Repair 1,000.00 "" Supplies 500.00 * 6,500.00 (2) ; Maintenance of Sewers $ 2,000.00 (3) · Construction of Sewers $ 1,500.00 $10,000.00 E--To Light Fund $ 2,500.00 J 1 --To Fire Fund $ 500.00 0--To Sewage Disposal Plant Bond Fund $ 3,806.00 I--General . For any legal purpose not falling under the preceding funds or to supplement any . shortage in said funds $ 3,135.00 Total Consolidated $139,935.00 Section 3. Light Fund Receipts From 1.25 mill levy $ 20,000.00- From .4 mill levy 1,200.00 From General Fund ..'...' .. 2,500.00 $ 23,700.00 Appropriations Lighting Streets and Alleys ;.... ? 23,700.00 Section 4. Garbage Fund Receipts From .5 mill levy $ 8,500.00 . Appropriations · Incinerator Plant Fuel, Lighting, etc $ 500.00 Collections Contract ' 5,000.00 City Dumps 2,000.00 Balance 1,000.00 Section 5. $ 8,500.00 Fire Maintenance Fund Receipts From 2 mill levy $ 38,000.00 From Consolidated Fund 500 00 Less estimated O. D. March 31, 1934 ........'. 500.00 Appropriations Salaries and Wages Maintenance of Equipment Maintenance of Station Supplies $ 36,000.00 $ 33,000.00 800.00 1,200.00 1,000.00 section 6. Fire Equipment Fund Receipts . From .138 mill levy s Estimated Balance March 31,1934 .............'.'."..'.'.'.' Appropriations For such Equipment as may .be authorized ... $ Section 7. Park Fund Receipts From .4 mill levy i Estimated Balance March 31, 1934 36,000.00 2,300.00 2,800.00 5,100.00 5,100.00 6,800.00 .1,000.00 Appropriations Salaries and Wages Operation of Equipment Supplies Available for Permanent Improvements Section 8. Bridge Fund Receipts Securities held--Balance Estimated Balance March 31, 1934 ... $ 7,800.00 I 7,000.00 300.00 1,500.00 1,000.00 ? 7,800.00 1,805.00 100.00 Appropriations For Maintenance of Present Bridges or New Construction ? Section 9. Band Fund Receipts From .275 mill levy $ Estimated Balance March 31, 1984 1,905.00 1,905.00 4,500.00 1,500.00 $128,000.00 Appropriations Salaries and Wages '.'.' $ 48,000.00 Power and Fuel 14,000.00 Material and Supplies 25,572.50 Meters and Services and other Supplies 9,000.00 Bonds Payable 10,500.00 Interest Payable 1..,. 10,927.50 Payment to Consolidated Fund 10,000.00 $128,000.00 Water Bond Fund Receipts From ,549 mill levy $ 9,500.00 Appropriations Bonds Payable ,. $ 9,5oo.uo Sewage Disposal Plant Bond Fund Receipts From .549 mill levy $ 9,500.00 From Consolidated Fund 3,800.00 Section 13. Section 14. $ 13,300.00 Appropriations Bonds Payable ; .' $ 12,000.00 Interest Payable 1,300.00 ,, . : $ 13,300.00 Section 15. Bridge Bond Fund Receipts From .275 mill levy $ 475000 Estimated Balance March 31, 1934 '750 00 Appropriations Bonds payable x Interest Payable \. Balance $ 5,500.00 4,000.00 700.00 800.00 Section 16. $ 5,500.00 General Bond Fund Receipts From 2.193 mill levy '.. $ 37,000.00 Appropriations Bonds Payable ? 18,000.00 Interest Payable 1573250 Repay Consolidated Fund Loan 3 000 00 Balance Section 17. 5 6,000.00 Police Pension Fund Receipts From .1 mill levy ../. ·/. /. s Deposits of Policemen .....I.'.... '.' Interest on Securities $ 37,000.00 1,500.00 320.UO 665.00 Estimated Balance March 31, 1934 '.'.,', 2,70000 $ 5,185.00 Ledyard Cagera Honored. '. LEDYARD, March 22.--The Ledyard high school basketball girls honored the basketball boys with a banquet at the school gymnasium Wednesday night. Had Hardly Seen a Well Day in Past Six Years Would Walk All Night, Sleep Impossible, On Strict Diet and Even Then So Distressed With Stomach Trouble; "Gly-Cas Gave Me New Lease on Life," Says Mrs. Garrett. "I had seen the action of many medicines--but never one that can compare with this new Gly-Cas,"' Mrs. A. J. Garrett, 1216 21st Ave., S. W., Cedar Rapids, highly re- espected local lady, an active worker in the United Brethren Church, Passover, Feast of Emancipation to Be Observed March 30 The celebration of Passover, the Jewish feast- of emancipation, will begin at sundown on Friday, March 30. It is ushered in with an elaborate dinner, unsurpassed in beauty of symbolism, known in Hebrew as the "Seder." It is celebrated for seven days by reform Jews and for eight days by orthodox Jews, during which period only unleavened bread is to be eaten. This festival ranks as one of the most significant holidays in Jewish life. The idea of freedom upon which Jt IB founded constitutes one of the fundamental principles in Judiaism MBS. A: J. GARRETT said recently in talking -with'the Gly-Cas Man at Michael's Drug Store, 5 So. Federal Ave.: "For six years before I tried Gly- Cas I had hardly had a well day," continued Mrs. Garrett "It was constant suffering for me, walked all night, night after night, as sleep was impossible. Would perspire until the sweat would run off me. At times I felt as if I could not endure it. I was on a strict diet and even then was distressed almost beyond endurance with gas, bloating and misery over my body. But Gly-Cas was wonderful for me and today I Can eat anything I want, sleep well and feel like my former self once more, even my blood pressure has been reduced. I know that no one except myself can ever know what I suffered. And it was so discouraging trying medicine after medicine without results and it was certainly a hapy day when I begsji to get just the relief I had been wanting from this Gly-Cas. I feel like telling everyon* to try this new remedy for I know from experience--it does the work and aoes It well." Gly-Cas is sold by Michael Drug Co., 5 South Federal Ave., Mason City, Iowa. Appropriations Pensions Available for Investment Balance 720.00 4,000-OC 465.00 Section IS. Firemen's Pension Fuiitl Receipts From .1 mill levy Deposits of Firemen Interest on Securities Estimated Balance March 31, 1934 5,185.00 1,000.00 320.00 860.00 2,300.00 Appropriations Pensions Available for Investment Balance 4,980.00 $ 2,040.00 2,000.00 940.00 ? 4,980.00 Section 19. EFFECT--That the provisions of this ordinance are de- cldrcd to be necessary for the operation of the various City functions and shall be in effect ten days from and after its. passage and publication. Proposed this 5th day of March, 1934. J. T. LAIRD. JOHN J. BURNS, H. M. KUNDSON, Councilmen. Attest: J. H. McEWEN, City Clerk. Adopted as proposed this 19th day. of March, 1934. J. T. LAIRD, JOHN J. BURNS, H. M. KUNDSON, Councilmen. Attest: J. H. McEWEN, City Clerk. and the basic cause for which man- cind fought these many centuries. The feast of Passover has a two- Md background. .It dates back to ie time when the ancestors of the Jewish people dwelt in Palestine and occupied themselves primarily with agriculture. To them the advent of spring marked the most joyous per- od of the year. Then was the barley harvest reaped, and its first fruits were brought to Jerusalem and of- "ered at the temple with great joy and singing. Hence, Passover was nstituted as a nature festival to celebrate the arrival of spring. But with the flight of time this agricultural background of Passover was almost entirely lost. Then there came the emphasis that Passover marks the anniversary of the deliverance of the Jewish people from Egyptian bondage. Reminiscent of this historic epic, he Jewish people recite these hap- Jenings every year to their families. For out of this story of Exodus mankind draws, its strength and in- piration hi its eternal struggle against slavery and tyranny. By celebrating this Feast of Passover, fewry the world over raises its cry against the oppression and spiritual ilavery current in many lands today. J. A. Wiele Rites Held at Central Lutheran Church Guneral services for Julius A. Wiele 29, who died at a local hospi- \ Tuesday afternoon, were held at Jie Central Lutheran church Thursday afternoon. The Rev. Walter dampen was in charge of the services. Burial was in Memorial Park cemetery. Mrs. F. E. Reishus sang "No Shadows Yonder," by Gaul, and a hymn, "In Heaven Above." She was .ccompanJed by Mrs. O. C. Sorlien. Pallbearers were A. Groth, R. L. Goltz, H. I. Quandahl, T. Pajari, F. J. McDonald and S. V. German. Guests From Klmball. NORA SPRINGS--Mr. and Mrs. . H. Huenke, their daughters, Lena Marie and Clarence Johnston of Cimball, S. Dak., were visitors at the Porter R. Senneff home in Falls ownship. Alas! If the rich boy-doesn't work, is a worthless loafer; if he does, is taking some poor man's job. --Davenport Times. 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