The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 3, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 3, 1818
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If. OST. r iV w I - I "A .. - .. . I U4 . . i ui : h i r - Oft, SATURDAY, JANUARY 3, 1818, NO. 42 PINE - STREET. una moaMVii mm Irs.' 'i e ll 1 V. 0 'I t ha r& , (Vfi OF AMERICAN PACKETS, .. TEtcX - K tOHK It LIVERPOOL. OOOU5 wd PASSENGERS, hive widcrtaken to establish line . JwTeiTNEW.YORK and LIVER - j tail from each place on a certain day , mouth throughout the rear. - i - Jr - d , blowing - vetseli, each about fourh M.lhejy bare bee .fitted;, for Pf .. COURIER, Wm. Be; - i,;. " tZ built la New - York, tS'iibrt? twteriili, coppered and cop - rSiSid. Tbey are known to be - remark a - - neert are uncommonly esieun.., .u mi - II - ..m.i nd annr trip ik: r the has been some Tear in - ine wbiw. latbeen recenuy uioroiigniy cux j I BAHnH in evelT KtOeCL . hi commanders el Ibean are all men of great ri?.ence and activity t and they will do all u kiTpowertoreoderfliete Packets eligibte con - iblout for pan5era. ft is alto thought that bJ regularity of then timet ol sailing, and the ex - ,l, ut condition in which they deliver their car - ia will snake tbein very desirable opportuoi - w,llilhecQnveyaicergoods. t J u intended that this establishment ball eora - lre by U departure of the J AM E3 MON - jT C from NEW - YORK on the SUi. and the 'llERfrom WVturuvJL. on inn wmi I ?Vi k ri.mirii anil nna orlhevl - IttJil iiiwHu v"' j - - - - - lrf will ud at the tame penodi from each place isaau wRiGirr&soy, , FRANCIS TliOVIPSON, . BENJAMIN MARSHAL Innpiniir IPUrtlJDtUlPkl Tot4 ' THE UlliF - YAHD Of THE SUBSCMHER. ' A SLOOP, now building of the best ft Material, about 100 tons) timber oflive rcdar: I ot torn nlank .VcjTwIiite oak, built on purpose for the ARa - Irade. A SLOOP or 50 tons calcinated wr any trade where dispatch, burthen, and etay draft of water U retiiired. Aperiagua SCHOONER, of40ton, will draw but little water, with a lee - board through the centre of her keel, it expected to tail very fat t. Also, a bHir ot 30U tons, canuiaieu Air. a Liverpool or Loudon tradelr, (that ran be finished to suit the purchaser.) fir' spars, timber and plank. Alio, timber ieJ to btUs fur boiue I'uilJinj. kv6 U CHARLES CROWNNE. . i"er i;i or C7orfrr, The new tchr PATRIOT. Hill.miu - ter ; low deck and well calculated for West - India trade. . Applv to G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, . lec 3 77 Wahinslnn - t iVASTElTO CHARTER, For a port la Jamaica, a small Brit - 4bh veatel. ' wfpp'T to W I ROBERT LEOX. . Fvt Sale, Freight or Charter, The rtnuneb gotid ship' ANGELICA, CTiy - ft . i i m . .kk and in complete order to receive a cargo ; iwt about WOO bbb, a very fat . - ailing thip, larre accommodations tor passengers, and is 1 calcuhrted for the New - Orleans trade ply to , - N.L. it G. GRISWOLU, dec 17 - - 06 South - st. for Sale, Freight or Charter, The staunch, good, fast tailing brig .NYMPH, 167 torn burthen, one year 11, iu good order to receive a cargo Apply on bard at Stephen t wharf, or to ri..L..U.URl?vvOLlJ, . dec 17 . . iti 86 South - st. For SALK, The very fast sailing sloop PARAGON. Child; master; burthen 66 ions. lidt at Middletown, (Conn J by Mr.Thonas fluids, of the best materials, has made one yage to the West Indies, is one year old, snd an be rent to sea immediately, rortcrnw bply to the master, on board at Burlm - "?" Mo . GK1SWOLUS frfXHrtUA. dec 13 03 oouinireei. . The good, fast sailing ship MIRROR, 5 SLM.1; Inn hlirthon. t t.4wjPnlil. ilmmt lessei, well secured aud. in good order to receive cargo Apply on board, east side Fly - market ip, or to H. L. k U. UKISWOUU, ' dw 17 ; C6 Seoth - st t'nr CIUII Al 'I'AH Vti The fart sailing brig LAURA - ANN, p - F. Coffin, matter; hat fine accommo - fiitiont for patteogert. For freight of 500 bar - els or passage, apply to the captain on board, iven tiuc Duritng - sjip, or to . li. u. k vi. (iKISWOLU, dec 40 (J6 Suth street. For JVA." 1 V. t ) U I . ' Jt V.v The varv .t nilmirnnn A VICT .IS - - - - j 1 r WhllllM. tnrfI. Will millnv until Tuesday next, 23d inst. and canaccommot ptovc ktciiu uorv pwangen, naviog nanxisome Accommodations ; tome more freight also can be n u application is made immediately on poaru, east side Old - tlip, or to UHiStVUIvJS Ic LU4TKS. fill Snnth. 3 or 4 tteera? naneiier m h immimn. '. dec zu fnr It'll VI1IVTJ1VIV w f 81oop THOMAS t ELIZA. Mavo. manp u VI .1.. k. .. Mum , ii i vu iiiiwuaj urn. r ur sauor Da?e. sddiv on bantu Mil ail fWk . " f j, or to DAVENPORTS CO. deeW ' asPeck - tlit r r Wantrd to Charter, $3VV A IT00 vessel, not esreeding 250 tool Hr hi.rthn In lol . vv:i: . . r . tMHBi , 11111111 IUD NIT . : . ' " .1 - . .... 3 ri iu vrremi omam Apply to IMt'ln r. r - m ...... n . ... - vnib DMIIUnt, K lU. dec 10 9iCwffee - House tlip For SALE. The new ml fast ssillnr briir FAME built of the best seasoned timber, and faithfully put together, her rigging and sails we of excellent quality, this vessel is well calculated for a Southern Packet, having hand - tome accommodations. For terms and a view " her inventory, tpplyto uKIaWOLDS li COATE5, - dec 15 . , . , 68 South - street. For Sale. Frticht or Charter. Tha hriv AMmifAV kt,Hh eon Lam' " sails fast, is well found aid can be tent lo sea Immediatelt - . Thil krir u inr oU. watbuiU of tha best material and was em. ployed the last year as a packet between this inuu davanoab, l.ei at Murry's wharf - Ap - W UCVrUlU3tUATr:3, - doc 15 . 68Sonth - si, ' L , BRIaTOIi BltUWX 1 UU J ... . 1 r fkcatlu. BiSftol brown stout, warranted I Oil diu&l to any ever imported, iu caiks of 8 l - t ikui bottlei lor sale by ilea 10 233 PearUtreeL. 'TiTfl - 'tiAL'r OAL3, Sc. lUU loniCoarte Liverpool 8alt inft ln do - dor Coal Onboard the rtup Foster, for talety ' v i .V". H 1 ur mas, - 35 boiet prime white Havana Sugar 10 do 4 - 4 lritb Lineoa . 100 DemijohDt " Sercial and Malauey Madeira Winei 07 1 Cfl WILMS DUCK. loU Diecei lit oualitv Ravem Duck. j art reteived and for tale by decS - ' 5Sonth - t. 50 . ". CALCUTTA GUOD6. bales Calcutta Goods, consisting of AUeanad Luckipore I Jugdea, BAFTAS, and . CaDapatty J ; K".da,,diCHpWDAGA.RY' Alleabad, . j Ozioghur, and MAMOODY. - Joicingpore ) Alleahad, ) , Khoirabad and EMERTY. Lowherpore - Fine Jnllalpore and Muddon Sawn Fine Chauijpore, Cussas Beerbupin Gurraht - Comiuuse . Muliaragungee r BtinJamiH and ) unvris Lungee Auhdy Silki HUW& - Just received and for sale by GOOUHUE At. CO. dec 11 44 South - street. CALCUTTA GOO US, 7 9Enlil!rd to Debenture. Calei luckiuore baftui labaletcbittabully do 1 i da fine do 5 do callipalty do .' 1 do putmth do S do coniany doosooty do 2 do beerboom gurrahs, Blue gurrahs 19 do jallapnre mamoodin, Custcre Chopna rotnals, checkt, Sic. for rale by . Pi REMSEN & CO. novSl 28 South - t. TVTEW HUM. 15 hhUt. lt proof New Rum, il for tale by JACKSON & WOOLLEY, 75 Wall - street dec 6 P,R I Eli. 3 butubetl London draught porter, for tale by WALSH L GALLAGHER, drc 0 C6 irouth - it. HOLLAND I' A PES 2 cases Holland tape assorted, for sale by GOODHUE Si Co. decs ' 41 Son'h - strret. UUpSIA oUEtll.NG 10;ps. laitaiognd and for tale by HURU k SEW ALU dee 0 65 boutb - ttraet. COTl'ON. 66 balet prime New - Orleant Cotton, ree'd ner schooner Only Daughter, fron New - Orleant, and for slo hy WALSH n uAiL.Atrir.ii, decS 66 Sonth - tia.eC 'c,t - ueofetre t'ltCE GOOtJS. .:. A WELL Selected invoii - e, ' consisting of blue vurruht. tlrutla custas. checks, beerboom gqrrahn, blue gilla and putta pa'.ta hdkt. aud bluerustas, entitled to unwoaf ic unuer me new tariff Just received anil for sale by GOODHUE & CO. dec 4 44 fonth - t. BLOOM RAISINS I.5B6 boxes bloom Raisin?, landing from brig Cornelia, for sale by N.L. &G.GRISWOLD, declti . 86 South - st. .iL'bAK. iu Dan i.nirtma wmie cusar O entitled to debenture, now landint. and for sale by UAMBKCLbu t rtAKSUA, nov S9 07 routn ttreei. rriUKACCO and FLOUR 15 bbiis prime X Richmond I ohacco, 150 bbls Virginia Klonr. landinsr from schoon er Ann and Mary, and Elite, forsnl" hy VVAL.6I1 &, rfec4 J M 8 - mth ttreat. JAMAICA RliVI At PIV1S MTtl TIOMORRDW mominr will K. lajA rMn. X the shin Pacific, rant. Hnidnn. fpnm l.mii. ca, at the south side of Um sew A Ibany Bason. iou rum neons or Jamaica num. SO bn of Pimntn. For tale by , ROBERT LENOX, nee . fiALC.VTTA sstrriAfi inn - u:l i r .n . uuiwu, ni iiiprnor quality, lor tale ny , CAMBn.LUtr.NU S rEAKSON, dec 67 South - street STARCH. 130 kest Philadelphia IMarch, landing from schooner Kxnms. for tale bv nv.i.auii " wl.Lt, I, dec 6 75 Wall - street. RUSSIA SEAL SKINS & DUCK. - 500 large skint, and 100 boltt first onnlitv duck, for saie ny JOSEfH OSBOKN, , aec au - 38 South - street. TTURD Si SEVYALL,No.65 6outh - sUtt, M.JL oBar tr tale . 200 tons PSI old table iron - 60 do GAD and CON D do 30 do Swedes sqaare do 25 bundles Sired es steel 100 bolts half duck, or heavy ravens 160 do 1st quality rnvens duck 100 pt. do Rama hetings 25 balos Beerboom gurrahs 16 do Calcutta and Bernagore checks 10 do sooty romalls, and gilla bdkis 2 do blue mamoodiet - 5 cases gum benjamin, 5 do gtrm copal 1000 gunny bag, 6 bales senna leaf 4 cases beads, necklaces, &c. calculated lor the N. West and Span America 3 do English writing and lettei paper 4 do super f. London made hats 6 do douettic stripes, tngfaams and ticks 6 do Bohemian picture gtast 250 kegs cut nails, assorted sixes 400 boxes American window glass, assorted . nans, c. ' dec 27 COTTON. FOR SALE, 52 bales of Upland Cotton, new crop, landinc from (he schooner Maria, from tnariesf on. Enquire 148 reart - street, up stain. oec x IIARPETS. bale Miraapore Carpets, vy just received, and tor sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, dec 29 . 55 Pine - street. TTPLANDCOT TON - ibc Upland Cot - ton, landing irom toe scnoooer ftlilo, Irom savannaii, for sale ny ROBERT GILLESPIE, dec 17 112 Frrmt - itrret, FLAXSEED k FLOUR 23 lierres Flax seed - . 250 barrek soptrfine Southern Floor, jest re ceived, and rorsale by HENDERSON S CAIRNS, dec 27 .61 Puie - ttrctt. PATENT SHOT A few bags of No. 6, 7 Si 9 forealeby . TTCKER & LAURIES, dee 12 .29 South - street FLOUR 61 COTTON 158 bbls buperline Virginia Flonr. 5 bales prime Upland Cotton, of the new Crop, received per sloop Jay, and for tale by dec 13 WALSH k COTION. 48 balet Upland Cotton, w the ) new crop and of a superior quality, landing from the ship Cotton Plant, from Savannaii, for sale by TOWNSEND Ax WHITE, nov Zi vz soiiin - streei. KUM, GIN, Ac 20 hhdt. hrtt proof new Rum, 25 bbls. first proof Country Gio - 20 small boxes Imperial Tea 2 chettt Voung liyton do. 100 boxes . Wait's Chocolate 60 bags Race Ginger, (eotitled to debenture) 100 keel (Peru) ground do . 20 bales Prime Cuba Tobacco'. ' 25 do do St. Domingo do 1 case Bengal Ir.digo ' 5 hhds and 60 bbl Loaf and Lump Sugar For sale by JACKSON k WOOLLEY, dec. 10 : a vvau - sireei. LtrlAM rAIUZV f.. A lew cases still and sparx - t hue Chamnaitme. of cud. anal, iutt receiv ed per iEolus, from Havre, lor tale by - ... . HENDERSON it CAIRN?, dec 11 81 rioe - ttreei. COT 1 ON. SIXTY - FIVE bales prime new crop Upland Cotton, landing from schr. Milo, lor sale in loU to suit purchasers, by . GRISVVOLDS fe COATES, dec 15 - 68 South street. INDIA TWINE. 25 bales India Twme, lor sale, by bale or otherwise, by ' CEBRA & CUMING, dec 1 76 PearUtrtet f.LOUR - 350 bbls. supf. New - Vork Flour, P .25 do. Cue do 18 do Middlings For sale by TOWNSEND & W HIT F, 1 mo JZ aouin street. B 0OT WEBBING. I case Boot VVehbiDg, IVr tale by CEBRA K juii.tu, dec 10 76 Pearl - street. "pEA, 10 boxes Souchong Tea, superior X quality, Canton's cargo, for tale by IlURl & SEWALL, dec 1.5 '65 South - ttreet. CHEESE. sflH boxes Pattegrass Cheese, entitled to drawback, for sale by dec 5 N. Si D. TALCUl T. MUbKETN, INDIGO, Sic. 50 boxes French Si German mukets, entitled to . debenture ' 7 cerooas first quality flotant indigo 13 boxes well assorted tapes No. 1 1 to 25 4 do flaxen linncn 2 bbls white lead 9 do Orchal (or Litmus) - For sale by J. C. ZIMMERMAN, oct 29 - 72 Washington - street. FW. KAKTHAUS, REINICXE At CO. 74 Washington - ttrce. oflVr for tale, 20 boxes Looking U lass nates, assorted sizes 30 dir LooUing Ubuses 10 do Snuff Boxes 5 do Toys 3 do Lead feecilt. Knif ing Needles, Toy W atones, Spanslet, Udver Plated Wire, Hooks arid Eyes, Sic. it do' Slaies and Slate Pencils 2 do Barber Hones 37 cask IrisU Glassware 25 boxes German pint and half pint Tumblers 20 casks Coff.'e Mills 5 do Hoes ; 10 do Shovels I do Straw - Knives '" 5 do (iunblets 1 20 do Cardwirt . 3 do Crucibles - 6 do Carraway Seed ; 5 do Coriander do 12 bales IcelandMois 1 do Sponges 10 do Pomgranates;8 boxes Tapes 9. do Bohhins 5 do black and color'd Galleons and Pound 5 do Velvet Ribbons I Ribbons 2 do Gaure Shawls 2 do black fringed hdkfs 1 do Merino Shawls 2 do Supender Webbings . 7 chestt Cologne Water 5000 white Russia Hare Skint KMX) Grey do do 100 buudt f lasenciever steel 65 do Heart and Club do 90 boxes English Blister'ddo 25 pair Cologne Mill - Stones A quantity of Juniper berries, Pipe Clay, Sic dec 5 piCTUREand V IN DOW Ci LA tS. 5 cases t Swedish ficture Ulass. lit bv 21. 19 bv TZ. ana ny z - t. 300 boxes Window Glass, 6 by 8, to 10 by 12, for sale by ilUKD fi CtiWALL, dec 15 65 South - ttreet. EINE TWINE. 8 casks seine twine, of a sauerior oualitv. received per thip Amitv. Iromelverpool, tor sale by . l .A I rt T". T T 1 1 1 - M 1. IA . t - . UeC l U. DE.lllU ILMV.Ui f VI EA, 35 chests young bysou tea, cargo of JL. ship Nancy 24 chests youn Natchct byson tea, cargo of ship 9 do young hyson, 3 do hyson, cargo of thip Pbcenix, all fresh, and of superior quality, for tale by GEO. W. TALBOT, dec 19 55 Pine - t. DUTCH OOODs, eic A tmall invoice con sitting of Marbles. Slates, Slate Pencils, Souff Boxes, Violins, Violin Sticks, - Tortoise shell work Boxes, Tortoise the II tea Caddies, Cornelian ear ringt, Coral do. Gold Seals, Silver Purses, Lead Pencils, Porcelain Tea and Coffee cups and saucers, Cologne Water, Ac. Received per brig Janus, from Rotterdam, for tale by . ROBERT GILLESPIE, - dec 17 , lizrrenl - streei. SALT Deliverable at Turks Island, for sale by LE ROY, BAYARD fc CO. dec 11 DOMESTIC At OTHER WARES. THE subscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following goods, vis ; Dutch and Eoslish Gunny Bags, Sic. PoDes Heads Brooms Duster, or Counter Crumb Brushes Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Io Hair do Whips - of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baking and ball Twine . Fish lanes' Shoe Ic Sadlen Thread Dearborn's Ballaa - ces Hearth Brushes, fan - y and com mop Head . do do Cloth do do do do Weavers de White Wash do Shoe Scrubbing do 1'aint Brushes and Sash Toots f 'lamps, 4, 7, 8 row Furoitsre Brushes Horse do Bed Cords. Clothes Lines Sash Cords. Trace Rnrw. ' Wrought and Cut Which they w ill sell wholesale or retail on liberal terms f - CEBRA CUMING, rh - r 15 7(1 Pearl - street. O LD COPPER - 4 casks old Copper, just received, and for sale by. dec 13 29 Soutb - stretC SEIVES. An (I'lortmpnt of fine wire and hair Selves, and Wheat Riddles, of superior quality, for sale by CEBRA & CUMINQ, - nov 29 - ' 78 Pearl - street. JAMAICA KUM, Ac 17 puns. Jamaica Rum. 2 do. do. very old, and of superior quality 2 hhdt. Molates 1 do Castor Oil, 2 bags Pimento 4 casks Copper A quantity of Lancewond Spars Landing from schooner Rover, from Port Maria, and for tale by , r POTT & M'KINNE, dec 17 56 South - street. J1LOTANT INDIGO. 15 seroons Flotant Indigo, just received and fur tale by G. G. .& S. HOWLAND, . dec 17 17 Washington - street. CANTON SILKS. AFEW cases Canton Crape Shawls, for sale : CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, dec 19 e 67 South - street. MADEIRA W1E. L.P. Madeira Wine A superior quality, in pipes, qr. casks and hf. qr. casks, for sale in quantities to suit purchasers, by R. Si C. W. DAVENPORT b CO. dec 12 r THIRTY tons St. Domingo Logwood 3 do Red Wood 3 do Nicaragua ; 2 do English Allum 4 do Copperas 3 do Dry White Lead ; 1 do Ground do 2 do Bed Lead Spauith Brown, Venetian Rac Whiting, Paris White, and Litiiarg. 2000 lb African Gum Copal 1000 do E. India do do 2500 do French Verdigrit . 2G0 do Chioete Vermillion For tale by RIPLEY & WELD, 192 Front - street coruer of r'ulloo - ttriet. nov 14 r 'OBACCO H FLOUR. 17 bhdt Irish mar - J. ket Tobacco 5 do prime new crop do 87 bhliiupMf Flour, Landing from schooners Native and Remittance, for sale by D. BETHUNE fc CO. . dec 20 8i Coire - House slip. MARSEILLES quiLTS. ONE case superfine Marseilles quilts, from 5 - 4 lo 14 - 4, for tale bv MARCH LOW, dec 19 210 Broadway. CAMBKELENti fee PEaKsON, oiler for sale at 67 South - street 500 half chests Kampoy Tea 500 do and canisters Souchong Tea 1 10 bags double boiled Culcutta Sugar 250 tons - Russian and Swedish Iron, flat and square, assorted 100 tont plate Stovct, Pig Iron, Iron Wire and sheet Iron 60 pieces heavy bear Ravent Duck 6 pipet and half pints Madeira Wine 14 do Sicily Madeira do 150 boxet Florence Oil 1(H) boxet Goreona Anchovies 200 bags Salt Petre, very superior qualify 8 casks Earthenware An assortment of Glassware, Apothecaries thop Funliture, c. v - A tmall invoice of Drugt Boston BenfNn. 2, and Mett Dutch States. Box Wood. Beads Toilet Glasses, and Toys. dno 22 BOMBAZET3. I case bi.rtk aud coi'd, just (pceived, and for sate bv D. BETHUNE & CO. . dec 20 . - 92 C. H. Slip. L1GNUMVITAE. 10 tons first quality Lig numvitae, for sale by TUCKER & LAURIES, . dec 19 29 South - street. CJPANISH BRANDV. SW pip Spanish tvj Brandy of good quality, for tale by N. L. k O. GR1SWOLD, dec 16 86 South - ttreet CATALONIA WINE. 10 pipes superior quality, Catalonia Wine, entitled to drawback, for tale by GOODHUE SCO. . dec 18 44 South - street. SUGAR, He 10 bhdt, St. Croix Sugar 4 chests Hyson, t TA 12 do Young Hyson, S 14 nan an nyson en, nuuucu iv ucmmuio. Landing at Old Slip, from sloop Nancy, aud chr. Express, lor sale ny G. W. TALBOTT, dec 5 . - 55 Pine - street. UNBLEACH'D SHIRTINGS, GINGHAMS, &c. &c. A FEW cases ofUnbleacb'd Shirtings, just re - : , it i..nA .,... Arrin. 4.. VclVVU. illSU, UOIIUHIUKI iauc - ill. vi vihb' hams, made from Sea island yarn, from No 28 to 32, and a general assortment of cotton and woolen domestic goods. - Alto cotton yarn, par ticularly low numbers, for sale by the COMMISSION COMPANY, dec 23 143 Peail - street. OIL. 95 boxes Florence Oil, 12 bottles each landing at Old - tlip, and for tale by CAMBRELENG Si PEARSON, dec 23 , '" 67 South - ttreet. mOBACCO. FLOUR Si COTTON. 18 JL hhds prime leaf tobacco 300 bbls Viminia flour 20 bales prime upland cotton, received per sloop Cashier, from Petersburg, and for sale by WALSH SI, dec 23 66 South - street. flOLCOTHA 4caskt lint quality Coicotba, w lor side by TUCKER k LAURIES, dec 23 ' 29 South streeL I7L0UR Si COTTON 1200 bbls. Richmond Flour 4 bales prime Upland Cotton, for tale at 106 rmnt - street. bv dec 23 ' I O CANADA'! KAUEKS. 500 kees Hich - X mond Manufactured Tobacco, suitable for the Canada market, will be'sold on reasonable terna, or I artered for Dry Goods. Also A large assortiaent of prime tweet seen ted Tobacco, for sale by . - BOOKMAN & JOHNSTON dec 1 67 South - street. RICHMOND FLOUR. 100 bols superfine Flour, 50 do. nne do - branded Richmond Mills, re ceived per schr. Brilliant, and lor sale by dec 5 WALSH GALLAGHKR. TAMA1CA COFFEE. 5 hhds. very fioe rreeo J Jamaica Coffee, entitled to drawback, fcr sale by . TUCKER U LAURIES, dec 6 29 - looth - street. rjiURKS IsLANl) SALT. 2OOO bushels Turks' Island Salt, on board brig Three Sis ters, at Jones' wnarf, lor sale in sou to tun purchasers, by R. C. W. DAVENPORT CO. dee 1 35 Peck - slip. - 1ALCUTTA PIECE GOODS 150 bales VV Calcutta Muslins, consisting of Reerbooia Gurrahs C baud pore. Johannah, Commocolly, Luckipore, ana Soogaporc Cossahs PaUxa, Callapatty, Cluttabuh'y, do fioe and Luckipore uaitas White, red and blue Gillahs Madras Pattern do ijootee aud Froctsoy Romals JeL - dnore and M ow Sannas Bbaogelpoc, Checks, tic entitled to deben ture, and lor taw rv OG DEN. and ' " ABR. OGDEN, Watbingtoc - ftreet, pOB ACCfi Sz FLOUR. 9 hhds.' prime old L leaf tobacco.' landiiie from Kbr. Sea Lion, from Richmond. is STORK, 1030 bbls. Richmond superfine flour ,. 75 do do fine - do For sale by mnATvsn w - a sf Vnrmv a - s - dec 30 106 Front - ttreet. O i TOBACCO Si FLOUR. Ot: bhut new Richmond tobacco 20 do old - do do , . ' 13 do Petersburg . do , 300 bblt Philadelphia superfine flour Landing from bri? Risiner un. and sdirs In dian Hunter, 6'oa Lion, and Brothers For saleby DOORMAN "& JOHNSTON. Also, in store 500 bbls superfine Richmond flour l 200 do Petersburr do. dec 27 ITLOUR. TOBAt CO. Ate - 1200 bbls HicV r mond, Petersburc and Fredericksburg Flour lo nhdt prime Leal lonacco 38 balet Upland Cotton, of very superior quality, landing from different vessels, and for tale by WALSH St GALLAGHER, dec 26 66 South - street. Turks Islands salt. 2500 buhu salt, direct from Turks Island, will be ready for delivery alongside any vessel on iuon day morning next For tale by 4 UL&EK AS LAI.' K.1L3, dec 27 29 South - st. COG N AC B K A D Y . 35 pipet tuperior cog nac Brandy, for sale by POTT Si M'KfNNE, decS . 56Soutbtreet. C1U I 1 ON tl RICE. - 2 bales new crop Cot J ton. landins from schr UsKbMtned 25 half tierce new rice; leading Crem ship Ruing - States. or tale by GRIS WOLD ft COATES, dec 8 68 South - street. ILOUR. 300 bb.s Richmond Flour, city V brands . 400 do do country do 400 do Petersburg!. Flour 200 Fredericksburg do landing and in store, for Me hy . WALSH it GALLAGHER, 29 66 South - street. HAND and LIME - STONE. ft 7 ANTED, 100 to 200 tont of Demarara VV Sand, and 50 to 100 tont of Gibraltar or West India Lime - stone, if applications made immediately to CAMBRELENG U PEARSON, dec 20 67 South street. (11 ANUFACTUKED TOBACCO. 350 1 vJ. kess. now landinz from schrs. Rote in Bloom and Cyane, from Richmond, of various brands, vis. 86 krgs hr D. R - Ross, 8't. Not. 1, 2 and 4 72 do. P. Holtx, 8's. Not. 1,2 and 3 57 do. J. tr. r ge, 8's, Not. 1 and 2 43 do. R. Cantor, 8't, Not. 1,2 and 3 35 do. B. H. Brady, 8't, No. 3 57 do. J. Franklin. 8's. No. 3 ALSO. 12 bbls. Jones Philadelphia Scotch snuff, warranted, lor sale ny dec 30 1w CORNS. DUBOI3. CO TTON. 35 bales New - Orleans Cotton 20 bales prime Upland do. new crop, jut received and for tnle by WALSH Si uALLAUrlEK, dec 20 66 South - street. DUTCH GOODS, SX' small u voice consist in p of Marbles, slates, slate pencils bntifT boxes, violin, violin sticks '' Tortoise sliell work boxes Tortoise shell tea caddies Cornelian ear rhijrii, roral do gold seals ' Silver purses, lead pencils " Porcelain ten and coffee cups and saucers Cologne water, Sit. received per brig Janus, from Koueraam, tor sale uy ROBT. CILLF.SPIE, dec 30 112 FronLstreet. .FLANNELS, TINS, Sic A lew bales as - M. sorted flannels, white, red and yellow Do fine and superfine white do. very wide Green table covers, front 5 qr. to 8 by 10 ' Men and women's cotton stockings Do do white silk do A few cases London mixt pins, in 1 - 2 Si 3 - 4 lb Do pack pins, 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 7 and 5 1 case mourning pins, 1 do short while do ' White chapel needles, assorted, No. 1 to 10 1 case books and eyet 1 do brass and steel top thimbles ' Brats and card wire For sale by ATKINSONS fc FLEMING, dec 22 lm 167 Pearl - sL 71 LOUR. 259 bbls superfine Flour 65 do M. tine d i 6 do. middlings do. landing from schrs. William, and Munroe, from Rich mond, and for tale by W. & S. CRAIG, nov 21 84 Front - street. tTLOUR. 620 barrels superfine flour (country brands) 100 do do do (Richmond Mills) landing from schooners brilliant, Louisa, and I iiames, Irom Richmond, and for sale by ' TKOKE3, lAVIDSON k CO. 106 Front - street. IN STORE, 150 bbls superfine flour (Haxalls brands) 300 do do do (country brands.) For sale as anove. aec u rpKOK.Es, DAVlDbON Si CO. offer lor sale J. at ILK) r root - street, , 9 pipet fine old Madeira Wine . 10 catkt G lata ware, assorted 60 cratet Earthenware 6 cases low priced Fowb'ng Pieces 3 do Irish Linen ' 1 do dark diced Cotton. dec 23 Kl .IIC.IV4. TV A rTMIIRTY boxet souchong Tea, superior JL quality, luud i careo, ior ime dv HURD ft SEWALL, dec 23 65 South - street. TVTAVAL STORES. 107 bbls Solt Turpen - i.i une, tor saie oy POTT ft M'KINNE, dec 20 56 South - street. I jAliVUNub. I case Flemish Pain tints, re - L ceived per Janus, ('mm Rotterdam, for sale Dy tiuebMiiiL.ut.srib, dec 17 112 Front - street. . ODOR OF ROSES. A FEW pound bottlei of Odor of Roses, Just X V received irom Smyrna, ana ior snie ny dee 22 ROBERT LENOX. - lOTTON, CANDLE WICK and DEER SKINS. 50 bales prime Upland Cotton 9 do - do Sea Island do 5 do do Deer Skins 10 do do Candle wick, landing and for saleby SAUL ALLEY, 9 Pine - street. . IN STORE, 22 bales Sea Island Cotton - 1000 dry Hides for tale, apply at above. - dec H BRANDY, WINE, RAUs, etc. 35 pipet Cette Brandy . .150 qr. caskt Colmenar Wjne, sup. quality 50 do Sweet Malaga, very old . 40 bales Indian Rast 300 chrtu Florence Oil, 30 bet lies each 100 boxes do 12 bottles do 3 bales Kalian Writing Paper 100. do Gasrtte - - do 1 bos French Kid Gloves 1 do Engravings, 9 cases Felt Hals 10,000 Gonny flaes. tot sale W CHA3. L. OGDEN, and ABM. OGDEN, VVashingtoo - st. nov 23 ' ' . BankofAnurie ,Dtt. 1817. ttTTm Notice it berebv eiven to tbe Stockhold ers of the Bank of America, that a dividend of two dollars and filty cents on a share, for six months, ending on the Slat inst.' will be paid at - the Bank, on F riday, the 2d January next. (y order 01 tne Koarrl ot Directors, i ' - GEO', NEWBOLD, Cashier. ' dtc 20 lm - . PUEMX hAiK. . ny A dividend of three per cent, has been this day declared on the stock of this Bank, payable ou the 2d January next. The transfer books will be closed on the 24th instant. By order of the Board of Directors, ' dec 20 ' D. I. GREENE, Cathier. , (K7 " II PATRICK DILLON, wholelt Tra - lee, in the County of Kerry, Ireland, in the year 1803, will transmit Mrs. Fitzherry, of Tralee, hit address, it will be a particular advantage to both parties." Ti alee, October, 1815. 'The above is inserted at the request of Mr. Dillun't friends. Any communication on the subject will be thankfully rereivedend transmitted by . dec Id BENJ'N. W. ROGERS fc CO. OXr ISAAC F. BRAGG," late teacher - of writing in the Adelphi School, retprctlolly announces the opening of a seminary on hit own account, in the upper room of the building lately occupied by Holmes Si Loofborrow, at the corner of Eldridge and Pump streets, where ha purposes instructing pupils in reading, orthogra - . phy, Fjiglith grammar, writing, arithmetic, geography, the drauing and colouring of maps. IxHk - keeping, the mathematics and drawing The success with is hkh he has hitherto taught penmanship in the Adelphi School, and in Mrs. Smith's hoarding School, Sic. emboldens bint to . solicit the patronage of an enlightened and discriminating public, with a confident hope that hie industry will meet an adequate encoun gurnent - . and at the same time that he feels all the niixicty incidentto anew and important undertaking, he looks forward to Uie progress of his establish - sent with a cheerful determination to use hit utmost effort to inhke it satistnetwy to his patrons, ip each branch of a lilieral English Education. N. B. An Evening school is now open at I. F. ' B's residence, ii Haioian - alreet. dec 17 '1m (7 The Ui.iled Insurance Couipauy having been dissolved ngreenbly to an act of the legitU - ture of the state of New - York, all persons having.' I'laimt against the tame are requested to present Ihem to the subscribers, at the office of E. EJ - mendoff. No. 143 Kul ton - street ; and all erton indebted are requested to make payment at tha .ante place. Dated 3i Nov. 1817. V.DM. EtMKNDOar, . ' : . rddoi.phcs bogkht, Truitees r 1 AMES r. TAS H0RI) . nnv 4 .. , , 2m' i . NOTICE. - Public notice is hereby civ. n that tb subscribers intend to apply to the Legislature of Uie state of New - York, at their next session, for an Act of Incorporation, incorporating them anil (heir associates by the name and style of the Franklin Insurance Company with a capital of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for the purpose! ol making all Lindt of insurance nguinst nro, and on a life or lives, and also on tbe inland trans - , portttion 0 goods, wares and merclmmli, .. STEPHEN WHITNEY, BENJ. L. SWAN, ELISHA T1BEITS, dec 4 If JOHN ADAMS. NOTICE.. 0 Tbe undersigned give notice, that they intend lo apply lo Uie Legislature of this state; at their next session, for an act to incorporate: themselves and their aisociates into a coif, puny, iu tbe city of New - York, under tha style of ' The North River Steam - Boat Company," with a capital of six hundred thousand dollars, for the purpose of navigating with Steam Boats . the watert of the North Kiier. Dated the 224 day of December, 1317. i EDWARD P. LIVINGSTON, ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, CHAS. AUG.' DALE, D. LYNCH, Junr. dec?2 d6w' (7 - P. MAVERICK, Engraver, ol Newark, has recommenced l.usiness, in New Yoik, under the Arm of P. MAVERICK Si DUrt AND, corner of Pine - street and Broadway in the reur of Uie Lilerury Koomt of Messrs. J. Eastburu Si Co. v Orders received hy Messrs. Eastliurn Si Co. oct 16 3in . . EUiLtifEAJf SOCIETY. (O" The Anniversary Concert of thjs Socie ty, will be held at Uie City Assembly, on the 15tli of January. The members will receive their Tickets by applying at No. 206 Broadway, or at tha practising room of the Society. dec 15 lm JOS. KNIGHT, Secretary. Deputy Commissary's Office, ) New - York 5Ui December, 1817. ) PROPOSALS in writing will be received nt this office until the 25th insL for 15,000 pairs Shoes, equal iu every respV - the pattern shoe, which may be seen at ihiVuffice, and at Uie military store in the city of Albany i 12,000 pairs of winch are to be delivered into the military store in the city of Albany, aud 3000 pairs are io be delivered into the military store in this city, ou or before the 25tu day uf February next. I). NOON. . Deputy Commissary of PL's Northern - Division dec 8 tf 11. S. Army. - t BOARD. A number of gentlemen can be accommodated with good boarding from Uie 1st of November next, at No. 91 Cherry - street, oct 16 fawtf DOMESTIC COOKERY, BY A LADY. Ti. .. .u:t i ...... ..i::..h . - , lis iiiit niuciiBH vuiumi, miu iuuuj ic - cent Receipts (orCookery)of this valuable work, is just published by i m ur.nmui, nnv19 6w No. 222 Pearl - street. I.OOSTIBG CI.AtS rl.ATr.t AMD lASTUA Oil.. . ONE pair Plates 30 by 40 inches 3 barrels superior Castor Oil, landing and for sale by JOSEPH OaBOltft, dec 9 28 6ooth - street. FOR SALE, a ttrong able bjdied Horse, well calculated for the barnest, particularly a Stage. Enquire at 302 Peari - ttreet. dec 23 , ;VI U S I C. ALL the Pongs, Duetts, as tang by Mr. Phi - lipps at the New - York Theatre, for sals at Wm. DUBOIs' Piano Forte and Music Store. No. ICS Bsoadway. . . Behold in bis soft expressive fact Tho' love is warm awhile . - . Tis but fancy's sketch Is titer a heart that never kvM In vain may that boe4n lost quite deplore My early day what joy t was thine Love's yoong dream. This blooming rose at early dawa . . Robin Adair Beautiful Maid Let tame aoand tbe trumpet Had la heart Kvtlsea's Bower , ' Dear maid I love thee Ah sure a pain was sever seen Said a tmile to a tear Sigh aot for love My heart with love is heating Tbe celebrated serenade of M Lilla come down Bird Duett to ntn . F'lora's wreath. .. ' With a large assortment of new music. die 24" " rUsH MARKET T'ib4CcO. - 50 bhda iin.e Tobseco, an eiire parcel, lsndlnsi Una . l .v from the slooi Mo h - nic. from Ricbtrrosjd. saieby DIVUCBETHUNEUCO. . - flee vx truces anwm - - yf

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