The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 20, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1913
Page 3
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-l.:T:"/ ££·/' ·/-- ' i; ?\'/'i h--i" ' X/' //; THE SMART SEPARATE COAT A FASHION DEMAND Straight, Simple, almost ^V.-T- «·: i..".;:-. v..;:. t t:_.r ai:d c=j:Ts of c line *ire many o£ "he io:is. s^p-r-ui-r !r. .- -.5 ;- TL jj r-j:;.-i-s --'i yi-rd.- CO2.ES. Others nr-,- tt-H-2 ^:.! =r.r. i: ., I -;· :. r.-.,:-r.,. -,. sti: VI yard «f ..-.r to give th effvct of a su.t. '."':;;, ;.-..- .:.^ --^-T. dress a coat of this sftrt ;.- ri'irit -L :_ :: .- :,-·!· rJ.-.-r j-ch«-ol ^:rl is sh«v.-n in neeessuy. The soft velours :.:.-.: r-,:r ^.:_: T!. · -;.:.-; is 2. pes-:--p and the fabrics appeal as eo!«J. orLr-; Vv.- :.;.- i,.ou~^ · · t v- r a nnt;y !.;::.- sur- proach. but the sm.,oth ·?: .·'· .:: ! ;,: .-- v.- i. "~r.:s ir.ny UK £ev-:oped tweeds and sers-is are ^lv.-^j_= ..:.,-.- i o-i · r.V-tlv^y ..i prinie-1 tuff-rios, priate. . L-r:-^:r,r -,:_·; ~ u m- cr U:* «if-«.v r'!or One of rhe smartest ant! r^-i~; ; -;. -- · ,,.:.",,::.-t.^ns--l.'u--s. xr-^-xs snd tical of ihu-= stIe or co.i;:= -·-^.-. -':.- -. -: . -.-. .1=- -.. ;.:,. i r, _·· or :or i. season wiii? of brov.-nl;rh i\v*1 ; --r :.'- :i::-: cti:7^_ cuffed in tobacco SJT...V. n Nr,..v.I, · ·-?-,. o: JO inr h i.-s-u-:-.:!-, This is an ^xceliirnr FU^^":-:.- -. 'n ~-*i, 7±^?~* :-*; !-: 10 ;- and IS. rSS2.(Thls rncdPl -.voJilt: a.s. , -. - ,-.'- :,. h-\;--±.r.-x li" 1.7. J 7 -I::d 12 tractive :n a bricrhi ! ' :- v .- «: · ' i-l. h ;;-i:. --: .- J.-. .-r-n-« ._ l.rick To obtain either ps:i-srn :. · -T:; -.: out th:« courOn : t r«I e:;_"-i-*j :". c*- 't° :: stamps or co'.n B= ^ure v. ^:.itc n - t--- o- pattern ^n-3 s:?^ nitres.i--n_c o \ ' : ;"i. fullest part o* tre : :.~I- ."..:':-. .-^ I-.rl.rr Department. *r?r»- ef :;..= r-:r.--. HELPFUL HINTS FOR Washing Machine I hat Works by Hand or Power. | PUBLIC SALE ! On SATURDAY. DECE3IBEP- 6 .1913 ·s.~~ one o'clock, on the farm cf John , W. Benner. deceased, one half mile _ north of Hamey. along the Gettysburg ,ard Taneytov.Ts roads, the follovring: j One cow ·will be fresh by time of sale, carrying secona calf: 9 head of hogs: 8 shoats Tfeighing from 40 to 50 ,Ibs.: i brood so^v v.~ill farrov.- in Fab'rnary: 1-one horse ·sragon. nev? Studebaker: i Falling TOP baggy: 1 sleigh: 1 single rovv corn planter. Seystone; ; Perry harro\v: corn fork; 1 plow. OI; iver chilled: shaving horse, ·wheel bar- 'row; grind stone: maul and -vve-dges: ' cross cut saw: crovr bar; digging iron: | scoop sho-v-el: spirit level: brace and , bitts; cutting- box; hog crate: manure ' sled: set of one horse harness: buggy ; collar: names and traces: double tree .and s:ngle tree; buit tracss. Also tat 'following household goods: 1 bureau: , comer cupboard: cook stove and nice: , chunk szove and pipe: cream sesarat- ·or (Sharp!ess ZsV.^iT:) "iron kettle: j churn and stand; nib: butier bo^l. r carpet and matting by the yard; mea: land other articles too numerous to ,'mention. ; Conditions and terms Trill be made known on dav of sale IJT '_ J*KS. .31 ARY'C. BEXXER xviiljani I. Smi'ih. Aucdoneer. D. J. iiesson. Clerk. 5 i Medical Adves using- Sage Tea Turns G:av Hair Dark Since tae first vacnum washer was put on the in.irfcez the patent oicee has been flooded with scores of similar inventions- One of the latesr is that of a Missouri man. T h e trouble with _ , , _ , . 7 T ^ . most of these appliances is that they ' l C S Grandr.lOtiier S Recipe -tO ·will do either light work or heavy work. ; but seldom both equally we!l. This \ machine has a pair of air shafts with, i pin valies xit tlie tipper ends and coai- i cal monihs l«e3ATr. They are retnova- \ ble from The tab anfl can le operated K Bring Back Color and Lustre to Hair inat beautiful, even shade of dark, 3Ssy hair can only be had by brevr- a-d Sul- "tvitli or TTjtbont a :siso:Ine heater at-]»hur. Your hair is your chart:-!- It tachmer.v. It is claimed that this de- Iniakes or mars the facs. When it fades, vice v-5!3 yrasii snyihinc from lace cnr- j^rns grzy. screaked and looks dry. tains to carper tiiororeblv without ne- i;T' sp! " a zH ^jjS 1 ?* ^ £* .^?P= 3 ca- , - ~ . , , 3 uon cr trsvo 01 kss ar.u ouiDnur en- cessitatins any ruobiag by band oa a j n ,- f * hu--iradfo-d f I2-C«i»^"o · ICs «3 M*^t-i*iii i ll_C o. ii «JIi,« t OAji'J.tJ. \ Don't bother to prepare xhe tonic: I I you can ^et froin sr.y drug- store a 50 cent bottle of "TVyeYb's Sage and Sul- 3har Hair Semedy." ready to use. This either 5y b;tn'l or fy motor po-rrer :ind | : ng- a mixture of Sag-e iea hoard- SANTA ; A T " T v,-as a Vieek until Christinas. Sauta Claus \v e ii t ai! o v e r his ivork- r.onis. AJ1 the toys v.x-re done aud everything ;n place. "The reindeer are .Jin such Hue ali^s»e untl a^ixivus for eseroise i think I'll take them out for a trial run txT;!y." said be. So sa.viiijr. yiiLita hurried to his stables- TUt-re t!ie reluileer were s:jo-jv- iny iheir iuip.:tk-ntv to be out in the ::iiU S:ti;i:t jcave orders to his e!ves tw Litch up the stec-ds 10 the s!e:j;h. as he- i^eaut to give the yoo«J animals a !irt!e esen-ise. -They need a nice now and ttseii," be said. "Otbenvlse they'd get stiff kneed a«d would feel t-'amsy wbea tryit;^: to jniilop over shiftius cloatJs and rajrijed rreeic-ps :i«2d uneven roofs." After the ride of several hours Santa cried out so bis reSi-deer: "Xoiv to earjb. ray j;ood fellows. And 'lois't !aif. \\V must be there just as the dark is fa3!iii;i ovt-r the !::nd- If v.-e wait till ;hc- moon comes out we'll be seen, aud tliar would uever do." AS the darkness ?fcttied over the land o!d Santa dropped from a Seec-y cloud to the top of a tall church sreeyle. There lie sot out of bis sleigh. toUl his reindeer not to move from that steeple 2nd made bis «le=-cc-ut to the- roof of a conveiiienr hoc«e- And p::st tbe windows of hundreds of homes ue tlarted. peeping iiito them end coaatinjj the aew faces be saw for tbe Srsr time "Lots of nefr little occ-=;." be said to bisse'f. snii'fnir. "God biess them all. "\VeIl. they keep me busy throughout the year. Acd they are Increasing so rapidly that I'll have to lake several hundred assistants next year." Then Santa rc-ruraed to tbe higb church steeple.'and as be ivcs gettLnj; Into his sleigh the aged bell ringer, ac- coajpanled by bis grandson of ten, came out of the church with a lantern In. bis band- The lucie grandson, looked, up and cried oat 10 his grandfather: "Oh. lockee. grandpa, there in the sky! It's i?r.ata Claus and bis reindeer. See tileTM 3ylng: Ob, now they are seme--clean through that white clone! over tbe church. Oh, grandpa, did yon see them'-" "Xo, my son. and neither did you. Tour mind Is so fall of Christmas jusc RECIPES FOB THREE DISHES VERY POPULAR AT CHRISTMAS TIME . HAT is Christmas without a plum pudding aud a oiiuce found oa "the table at every faaaiiv reuuionl at every big function CHRISTMAS GiFTS FOR YOUR BEST CHUM Articles You Can Make From- Odds and Ends of You have soiae pieces of ribbon left; from hat triianiiug. sasb making or other work. Why not use them to' ui our citie^ and tvwus. at tbe lirtle { make dainty little gifts for frieads wbo eottajre on the hill whore t^oili^r anil are renjembered ia t bought; inalaly? The combination father aiic! their two Uttle children are dining aJoiis and. In fact, everj'vhere. The foi!ov.-:i»jj recipes have been tried ami are excellent: P^uii! Pudding.--One i os::;d of butter. 0:10 pound o* iaet. frees: from strings acd chopped Oiit-; cue v"-Jsid o' sugar. UVQ and one-half |xu:;os of Sour, tivo pounds of n.!his. «-edel. of the practical; with the beautiful is possible with a ' piece of ribbon six iuthc-s l»:ig and four inches v.-lCe. Kv-d it !u half. :»ia{;:ag ;» book 3 by 4. P^M In a livus. o::e-fourtb iuc-!i wide s.11 arouad ai:d tnttstltvh it down with colored ^:5k threa-J or bai- toubole twisc. In tb.' cy.v.- x.-w foui or cut i:i regular 00:1::.*. Pl^ce «!! tLeut eUoj«pe*J :md dredged ^itls SoHr; two pounds of currants, ph-ke-d over care-- a row of ueedfe. each o:_" fu"y after they are washed: c:ie jioucd; Tvitli the colors a wvui^u would o: Le of cUroa fshred fiuet. Twelve eggs. 1 most likely to u«e o^ a -hort :ri:. Pia v.-hiie-s and yo-!;5 beaten separately: j 3:1 a rov.- of i,ni:iSI s:ift-iy pius ^ud add one pl^t of aiiSk. one cui.f ·,:! of brandy. I ordinary «iis.-=. b:^ck a::d wLIie ; one-quarter ounre of cloves. OEi'-quar-j ones, ia iie:it ix-v. s across ;i;v Hc:;v ter ounce of iisace. two grated tiut-1 Attach tLe bisjclsig stri:ijc or rib!K;: aiegs. ] ou tbe outside ant! tie around the !i: | Cream the butter and suzar: bt'nt in! tie euierge^vy Look This : a :h-5; ctsst I j tbe yolks when you iuve wh-ppedj that a wouiaa «:a ;ucfc 5u htr liasidbaj. them smooth and liuhr: uett put in j or slip iaty a ro tt t;o.ker. it is a fric-u^ the mi'k. then the S!our. alternately j in need and will be used raauy liise;. with tbe beaten whites: then the bran-! dy aud spice: lastly the fruit well j velvet Sash 2 Pretty Glfr. dredped with Coar. Mix a;i tin rough- J j !y. Wring out your pmldiiig cloth in i n l ^ n o ,,^ « . . ,, ,, ,, , ,, , , ,, . ^ _^^ ;»dsiur- j ing friend. It is very ssuip'.e. Velvet Sash a Tbe Velvet sa^h j hot water, flour well iusiUe. pour in tbe | ^.ij^r^,!"";^ n-v*--- j mixture a::d boil Qve hours 1.-"."^^"'^ ".',"'"".1". Mince Pie.--Two of lean ,,.,,, oa!y ribb^a fur ' fresh beef, boiled, and when cold cbop- | ped fiae: 01:0 pound of btef suet, c-ieai-- | ed of strings and mhK-e-1 to p-.vder;i ! Sve pounds of. app'es. p;!r-.-d a:i r : chop| ped: txvo pounds of raisin?. see«Ii-d and chcfped; oue pound of s::tu£:a raisins. washed and nicked over; two ;«'uads or currants, washed and c:: re: ally picked over: three-quarters of a pound of citron, cut up fine; two tablespoon fuls of cinnucson. one te:ispoo!:f::I of petered nutmeg, two talM-spoonfels of mace, oce tabiespoonfu! of cloves. one tablesnoonful of allspice, one ta- blespoonfu! of Sne salt, two and onth i naif pounds of brown sugar, one quart j of brown sherry and one pint of best i brandy. j Keep in stone jars tied over with I double rovers. Add a little rr:are liquor (if it should dry out) when you isnke a batch of pies. Let tbe mirture stand at ieasr rvrenty-four hours alrer it is made before tr Is used- Lay strips of pastry notched v.-jth ;s jagging irou in crossbar patteru npoa tbe pie instead of a top crust Oyster Pie.--Make a rich r^iST paste: ro!! out twice as thick as for n fruit tce ^^ belt and enOUsh Or pie for the top crust, about tb- ordi- ends ' a Ut " e over a fooc !ons ' ^ hicb KIBBOX EOSES. nary thickness for tbe lorrer. I.i^e a puddins: :ish with the thinner and fii! wit j crusts of dry bread or light racfc- ers. Some use a folded towel to fill the interior of the pie. but tbe above expedient ;s preferable. Bu'.ter the edges of the d:sh. that you may br able to life the upper crest wirhout ireaknig. Cover tbe mock pie wiih the thick erase, ornamented heavily at the edce that it may lie the more c:::etly and bske. Cook tbe ojrsters a.= for a ste~. only be.-.ring into them ;st the last two egirs and taickeninjr with ;: spopafn! of Sne mu-ker cnitabs. They should stew bet five niinntes. and time them so the paste will be !-;k"d just in season to receive them. Lif: the top crust, pour ia the smoking hoi oysters and send up hot. · PJLLADEX. Ja: | '^stre of your hair and remove dan- jdniff. stoD sealn itching and falling "PiHadex- Is a delightful gasce safi hair. ' ran be playjcd by pecsons of every age \ ^ Everybody uses -"R"yeth"s Sage and The players are seated,.on two lines of ! "-Sulphur because it darkens so natar- .Vhairs. facing one-another, and divided | ^h' ar.d evenly tlial r.cbody can tell it 3.y s long pink sntin ribbon, which is I ^°^ t? 1 ^^"-^!^, £ '!?;\1? 1?^'?^ fled to the back of a chair which ' * ·~'""" stands at either end of the row. The person at the ffp of the row then sends off the ln3. which is like an air bnll. only a little thicker, to his opposite neicbbor. who returns it, only tne back of tne hand being used. Jf the ball is dropped a mark is lost by the side which has allowed it to fall The bull passes all down the line of players, coing from left to right. Each gentleman should sit opposite to a lady in this game. _ 3 S P OJ J?? ^ sof S D TP sn , TM* " anc ira-w tn:s througli tne nsir. taking one sr.:all strand ar a tine; by mornir.e' he gray hair has disappeared, and .fter another application i'c becomei, Beautifully dark ar.d appears glossy. ustrous and abundant. In Grnr.t conn-y. TTis., a njimber or farmers whose lands need sweetening have joined hands for the grinding ,-uul Jjslrii'!tsoii of the- lin:esionu used in the work. In this way a division of the expense of the ontfit and also the In hot- necessary is made pos sible. SAXTA PEEPED INTO EOZTS23. now that yon see things mentally- Ton just imagined that Santa and bis reindeer were over tbe church. Why. it ·vaats a whole week before Christmas, sonny, and Santa never cotnes til! Christmas eve Come aloag and don't imagine things like that any more." And the aged bell ringer swung his lantera and led the way along the snow covered path to bis hoiae. bis little grandson. Sammy, following. But in Sammy's heart was a feeling that he had not Imagined seeing Santa. He felt the thing had been reaL "He was just peeping round to see where the good children live and jetting acquainted -with the chjnincys," said Sammy to I:imself- "But grandpa is too o!d to understand. He hasn't cared about Santa for many, many years. But I co. oh. 1 do! And how i should love to slip away up into the church tonfght and visit Santa's realm: Sat thnt would be impossible It Is not Intended for boys to get off the earth, so Santa cotnes to them." -Tust then Sammy's grandmother opened the kitchen door for them, and as Sammy entered fhe good old lady stooped and kissed him. saying: "I just had a letter from your cons- ins. Mabel and Ted. saying they were coining to spend Christmas with ns and that they ha'd written Santa Class of the change of "their address so that' 2e could fetch the*' gifts here--along ·with yonrs. Bless the dears!" And Sammy knew that Santa would do as his cousins asked hjm to, although grandpa laughed at the idea and saidS'That is nonsense, good wife. Children should not believe such sOly things.'" But knew a thing or that grandpa rt'd not knots-. SEASON IN THE SOUTH. ! For many reasons tbe Christum^ =en son is especially enjoyable in the south Xetv Euglaaaers, follo-.vln-r r;:ritr,i initiative, make tnaca of Th:::=k--giv ing, but the resident of Dixieland ceie brates Christmas with all his niigbt and main. Because of the severity of we;::her earth's deep carpet of snow. iron!Kt:nd game laws or other reasons hunting Linore or less restricted in the north a- this time But there are rare JOTS for the game seeker in all that great sweep of country from Virginia to Texas. Fox bunting, quaii and duck shootinc and even the more prosaic rabbit chase are indulged in to tie heart's content It is the most typical of southern win ter sports, towever, that stirs the blood like a draft of w:ne when "Merry Christinas" is in the air. Nights spent In chase of the possum or the coon, snappy days in tbe forests after deer or wild turkey, expeditions in canebrake= after bear--these make life -worth living for the man who hunts for the iove of huntine and ·warms to the local Savor and tradition? of iae sontli. are dec-orated at tbe ends with wreaths made of uny silk rosebuds. The ends are rurned back to form a point. Bag For Milady's Slippers. A handsome quality of white satin ribbon over the surface of which are scattered blurry designs in pinkish lavender is the material from which this stnuniug party bag is constructed. The bag is built on rhe same plan as milady's knitted purse, the kind that has two coaii:irtmenzs drawn through a ring. The two lengths of ribbc-u An Old Christmas Carol. all tic bells on earth shall On Christmas dar. on Christmas day; And all the bells on earth shall rin^ Oa Christmas day in tbe rnorulng. And all the a^scls ;a heaven shall sing Oa Christmas day. on Christmas day: Aua all the ansols JTJ heajven shall sins On Christinas day in tlie And ail ;he so;:3s on earth shaH sins; On Chrisinias day. on Christmas day; Arid all the souls oa earilj shall sins" Oa dir^dnas day !n the iaom:ns. Ht. jGoms, sio.--3^a-5n parties In a cemetery are the newest society diversion here. The yoang folS frolic in the subduefi light of Japanese lanterns and occasionally stroll among the white and ghostly monuments of the let us an rejoice amain Oa Christinas day. oa Christinas day: let iis all rejoice amain Oa Christmas day in ihe zaomlng. Bargains FOR A FEW OATS ONLY Men's J2-50 See Linen Corduroy Pants - - $1.98 3Ien"? ?3.-50 extra fine J/nen Cori!urov Pants $2.48 Men's \Vcol Sweaters. -Si. §3, *5 bargains $2.95, and 95c., $3.95 Mew's !- Suits and Overcoat?, laiest style make In al! woo! aia- teriai. bargain $9.95 -Men's 15*-. Ha'f Hose bargain - - - - - 8c Men's '-'-jc SHfc Half IIo=e bargain 15c Me::"s »; Coats $3.95 n'- ?Li3 \Voo! L":s- r'A\-ar bargain - - 89c Boy'- -?7 O-J, -?v-i.Ci) AH "Wool Blue Ser-f-X fo!k 5u:t? bargain $4.95 Men's gos-i canvas Giov?s baraain - 5c We have more bargains but no space to mention, so come and see for yourself. Lewis E. Kirssin ''Get^sburg Bargain Store" Mention thi~ advertisement when you come to purcLase. PUBLIC SALE --OF Lumber, Slab and Cord \Vood, On Wednesday, November 26, 1913 On the George Osborne Farm, in Stm- ban township, 1 mite southeast of Gulden's Station, along the Vork Pike, the lollowiajr: LOT OF OFFAL LC.MBEE, 100 Cords acres 01 Standing Timber, oak and hickory, in lots to s«it parc2ia*irs, 10,000 | fees of Oiial board? and seantluisr. 30 cords | of chunk wood, tree tops, chips, j Sale begin at 1 o'clock V. 3L. shape. A j credh of cSiree snoutfe will Le given to all | purchasers giving their notes with ap- : proved security. All suns under 50 cash. ] Positively no lumber to be it-moved until I sale is over. H. A. MYERS . P. A. Miller. Ckrk. Effective November 1C, 1913. The Western Maryland Railway | 8:35 A. 31. Daily Except Sunday for Baltimore, Hanover, York and Intermediate Points. 10:28 A. 31. Daily for Hagerstown, "Waynesboro, Chambersburg, Hancock. Cumberland, Pittsburgh and Chicago also Elkins, W. Va. 12:25 P. 31. for Highfield and intermediate stations. 2:55 P. 3L for York, Baltimore and Intermediate Points. 5:36 P. 31. Daily except Sunday for B. and H. Division Poin'cs to Highneld, also Hagerstown. W 2yjiesboro, Chaiabersburg and Shippensburg-. 6:13 Xew Oxford. Hanover, York, and intermediate stations. Rubber Boot Sale Five pairs, size 9 Six " " ic T\vo Dollars TiilrL}- nii e cents 6 Youths size, 2 Pairs $1 One Dollar per Pair $1 Trostel's Store Arendtsville, Pa. ADMIRAL CLARK ACCEPTS. Glad to Take the Old Oregon Through the CanaL The Urst oStinl step rovrard cele- brazinsj the orensns of {Le ran::ra;i canni v.-as Kikcn^ '-he:] Jt-jur Admiral Ch::rles n CI.:rk. U S. X . ivtJre'J. who «-onni::]nce! the Ort-ir-"! when -J ; !-.- c-aine ;!n»:incl tile Il.ini !· ji.j-.j -',;? At'sistic- Rt-ft in 1Sr«S. c.-:i!-» t l or. ?-c;v tary !an;e!s in \V:I::n^;o:; u« -(:ifcr tvi;h h;:s: rv-^:::i:::u: ihe parade thr»ucl the «:n::! i:: 1!»ir. Medical Advertising HARD COLDS When they first coiae, the best time to break them np. Oaestandard remedy-- Ayef's Cherry PectoroL Sold foe- 7O years. Ask Your Doctor, I will be in G e t t y s b e r g every Tuesday a t P e n r o s e 3Iyers : Jewelry Store- Grad.of Optics,29 Pomfert St,CarIisle. Seed trie r,:ir:;.lf- \vitli !.·:-= old shin. :sn. t3:e he prom! ;· the 3!:;ry. T:: · ry is.-i::ii-.'s t::::: :U-.'-;t !!:e .-.- pood and Cotton JVIeal. Aspsrs fDilling and Produce Go. STILL THE GREAT DESTROYER Can Be Prevented if Treated ia Time -- Remedy Described Belo\v Proves Successful -!·::·:! -. '· _ . consTK=pt:o3 is still proving o=e oJ · J be greatest destroyers of i:fe it is 20 In- iht- in sh? ^:f.-u!!i»*i 7n.S»«i niik-s t. renr-b Key \Vof froin S;in Kr:;:ir;s". Jf T!K- -:jn:-i] flu-n been !:i e^:t'RCv the l:s-f;:nc-e -svosilr! b::ve i-cen reduced to 4.-"5iM n;: : -~-. SOilET X SAGS. Wrapping the Present. Use a heavy brotvc paper to vrrap the Christinas bos and a stout, strong cord, taking rare that the ends nre not cat too closely, making it possible for the knot to become unfastened. A Good Old Standby Gift. The good old staiidby--the umbrella --never proves a disappointment as s gift, for people seem to have the lucS of leaving umbrellas wherever they go. used for making the bag are cut long enough to adiiiit of a pair of slippers, a fan and tbe usual vanity articles being concenied in its depth. The ends are rounded, and a handsome white silk fringe and tassel are the finish. The large celluloid ring through which the s«ig is slipped and the smaller ring that holds the contents intact are both covered with tbe ribbon. A] r " :rct sn ' :r ' 1 "'· pocket is cr.t in th'_- center of the ribbon for the stowing of the articles. HURTS SALftlON INDUSTRY. Csnadian Northern L:ne In Frasers Riv-r Canyon SpciJs "Run." Cnnalisn fisheries experts report n loss esJiai.itcd nt $ '.COft.fsilo t« ST-.O'.*?.(XV) nr.n'::j;:.v to rho liriti^h Cols:inM.t .he tenifyiag: disease i: once iras- This is ir^eiy due to the discovery cf a luiiursl "esjedj" -svfcica 2zos beta proved by thousands »i trials 3 reliable snd elective preve^ii-re. Tod liver oil snd other sissiiar preparaJiorj Tere too nasseaiis; to late B^J hiJ very sad e-- cct oa the digestive sisters, tut an I=salsi02 fcas rectniiy been zjarketeJ ·whicii las been Xcotra as dear's Sni^Is-ion. aal yhica is proving: !ij£:"i!y successful -nhe-rever atrodcccd- Th.s Enj^I'i^n sco'.u^s ssii heaJs is irrit-tctl *un~ t:b*dc£. It stre-- ^thsss and ones the entire ?jsct« s^d acta^Hy s:ds ci- ;es*3On ir:d a*I^ii.aiion, Ijctcd Tr::h -cre= -E2;-. cr os»1y ;L:s Tlniul^'on :_ 5 r.Tovcd a iooa cr;i,:tliE:: them to ;uZcX]j rej^iin the t'Jt:iJ :]:=:i: "h:j n;n" "f ns «ne of the constnu-t'on i Xonhern Tmn :r::r.oe of {!:«» iYiir.on* :or; every fo':r yc."r-; rt"ns rcsnlts of th» the rs^ir C:ip.-:ji.'n iitlnentai l:ne:hroBs:i the Fmser river canyon. T'.e l«s=« !·= apparently irreparable. C.ipilaJiicd. H means to the V.^-ir.c --o.;st f:s:-.:;ic industry. Azncrlcnns ar.'i Ca!:.:l:a^s in mi he Frnsor river, hr.!f «· ranch .1*5 the wb-| I »T» _ - _ - · _ . . _ - \ o c^tcii cold 'nrs'cisr.s ^r.a Jm^iists. tse country over. :ave csioVy seized c;xT2 in: 8 : reTMecy ar-J ^re «xn;^:e-J"-^ it to all patients aad snij^rici rith verv bese^cial resells. It ni^v ba par- fe^--,i =i :or^- cr=~ stcrfs =t $1.CO the oot- Js cr a f^"; Jrc^'s-cst o« s:^ l^-ifes for j 0-J a=d Jhe TS2^=i"ici!irer. Dr. Johs I. Bear. Demist cf rl'Von. Vi,, ^arsntee^ beneficial 5s""*' or v-ri rrfnr.d t"-.e pur.ha-i 7 rice. ^ T.^ua;.T-^ : aoX:^t cf :!r.-.3r*s=t i -a." Ur. '.'tla I'. Bc^r. E".»to=. \Vrite Long Lost Auks Discovered, 'A. species of bird hitherto believed to be extinct, the rhinocerous auk, is to be found by thousands on Forrest Island, Alaska, according to an announcement made by Prof. Harold Heath of the zoology department cf Stanford university. The auk, he struction of the line the fish will he Canadian N^-Shem Tr:ji:s^nui,entn. { has co^t to co:istn7ct. ! Tlie fact.* of tlic cn«e anfl the ex- j tent of the damna^c clone are now ho!rc invcstiimt^' by the fislieries donnr:- ment at Ottavra with a view to e.i operatins: with the British ColnnsMa Gsheries department in taking- n!l possible remedial measures. By the con- said, is a nocturna'l bird about the j ^ abl ^ to sct to their usual spawning size of a large pigeon. It burrows as , much as 15 feet in the ground where ( l tt makes its home. Big Surprise to Many in Gettysburg Local people are surprised at the QUICK results received from simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., us mixed ir. Adler-i-ka, the German remedy tvhich became famous by caring appendicitis. H, C. Landau states that this simple remedy draws on? such a surprising amount of old foul matter from the body that A SIXGLE DOSE relieves sour stomach, gas on the stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. For sale by The People's Drug Store*

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