The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 2, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1818
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I X. f v. t I .' ' . rtext. IN C.IANCX.IY. 1 ( ttfar matter in Ubanrarv . r . ...Slat of New - York, it. 5 purtoanre of a decretal order of thit rienora i , rtt.edirw .r,oBoftlntwcriher,,aoiie irfUi of the )o aed damar ttutaiaed, erer n,;.r,ofU,.ito0rt,onuYrf.jf, tb Btbdafr Ufitand - dUeed ' "fnuarxtexUata - o'clkatBooo, - ! , o land and premiam required f by Bceitoa or - - - - a L dtatk or Nbw - Yor:, a. Brooklyn, bounded on the outh by the patent ho between Brooklyn nd Flathuth, wejt by woodland of tha heir of FeUr Leffrrtt, nd John Covenhovea. rtnrth h wnnrilMui nl ' uarreai Lenen, aad eatt by woodland of Jeremiah Vanderbilt. Ako, five acre tituate in the town oi I is tooth, bounded on the nirth and , 1I - MllliyX I1H1U fcj - Tbe ralo of the two lut parcel of pr.v pcrty above detcribed 1 pottpnned until Friday, th teoond of January oe it, to the faotne of Simon Dated New - York, Dee. 12th. 1817. . JAMES A. HAMILTON, nee 13 dJJin3 .. Matter in Chancerr heard thereoa bcr, 1 ;l 1 7. . l. V . i . . : . i twttr, lrjirwnio nay . o juecemner Rett, at twlvc I o'clock at aoon, at Che preoiite, ander the di - j feet. rrv iiou oi io moacnoer, at one ol Uie ntttor oi court, fen acre of Woodland, lying in town of BrooUWa : brraoded nn tha' north eatt by Woodland of Bar rent Lcflerta, oath ' woodland of Abraham Yanilarviwr. ami the i FRAS. WESSELLS, and a bore the own - via own - CUMMINGS & H1LLIARD, are tbe follow' r.r,n. - iii,i omr - tii. ; i umniBn uie uniren Maiet. socn it (he (irmam HTfiTiry 1. k.tekit .11 . . c..:. ak . . 1 - t : . : p . . L " . f 6'"" pc ra - wii luicr - 1 awi iw ruiuona .oi rn uroutand cnpiet . t - ...... wtngmimniirn oi uiiniBir i cniM iot im nnam wiinin tne pretent nnd Amenment. appointed bTtheSupreraeCoort of Judicature of the tatef New - York, ta per - ".im ..cttfiiii uhul - , iciHiiiif iii iik nmn nr.T. 4inr rrt jMttttH.,1.. Al Lt t. . ' .. . and CummMc't Quettion on the liittorical part o i&rta nl theNwTetament. with four man. . V . . .. - ""r - ...t - .i ""train on ine cannatn. - j wo edition oi tendins improving 01 Beekman - ttrret, in tht thi work, in both ten thoutand copiet, hav been ecood ward of ihe en of New York, have com - printed in trrrn mouth., Cummin' Trttameiit, r"ted tneirertimate an'4 aiteiitmnt, a well of with note and map, for the ne ofcbool and k n a nnu uainnB owiaiu( oy tne ownertand pnvaie lamine. " ' partie. interested of and in tU 'andt and premi - Beiile tlw abore, C. it IT. hare ronitantly e reooir - rj for tM1 imprnrrmrnt, fit alto of the band a rrgnlar .upply of Dictionariet, Irfxi - Mnrfitt and advantage received by tl ownor crmt. Grammar, and otherelementary hookt,in and partietintrrested of and in certain landt and Latin, Greek and Engliali, generally uted in aca - premue not required fo taid improvemenl, and dtanie and achooli. . . . that wlhettidrmitaionert, have deootited ' C. to ll. hare alto printed Riirclow'i Plaatt a tma mim. nfi. i. mi;i. j ' .ru... n - .. . .1 n " .k - Iuj - t. r vJ - .Vl t ""rorni in w . - ionj uisnow nienical Uotany with ten in Mtirr - AndBv M the city of New - York, fori elegantly coloured plate. - , Thit it one of Ihe wwriBver n may concern. mw tpienain workt ret pnlmthed in the United , ,,.. mat rr - ii.iin, inr niraiorane. nrrra on . r nnd attrjtment will be yerminou Diteatet ; Dictionary of all Relirioui ' - De Court of Jadicature of Denomipationt, l - y Hannah Adam j a new and ark. at the fopitol in the city improved edition. - , . , .inaT the' .flr, ilav nf J.mi.pv rnrmln it ,hnv. T...i:.k a . .. " 'j ,. nnu itiicrii an in - u, - tiiiiK n me tni - court on tbatiuonary. (.irrirn lor Kn !nifll.h luvtlra nmImJ ' ' riorit' carl be heard fexM - iHed with allpotiihle expedition. . F JTjmiVV' "f December, 1817, . ( Tlij Printer, of tbe Afbany Daily Adver - A fnns WrlV r - :..;:. - Nate, tate. ' WM ! writ ivri i i v " '"luuer.. ..ii.innnr r.rnerai liepuniican, tbe Wahing - - Lift U )ti c - t , tor..Nt,on Intelligencer, the Virginia Rich - V r i I i mond CharleHon, (S. C.) Courier, . ' nirutu.ulUL - j.tii ..v....... 111 ftM Mlli.nm. nrinta.1 i i. . m rt - ti i ittjiivtV I i,'. , u - uavaniinn, (urn.) nno Ul IC. it hereby girx - n to nil perrom inter - V,V,..U' P8peTf "re "verallw, reotiettrd to .atari, thai is - . - . . I iniunm ill aoove. uirm tinM a i" - . 1 ' - . wiuiuitot'.K l CTflllU 11? I . ' - - ' - - - "tl. II 'I I III tr had tttettmr - nt appointed by the fpreme court of judicature or the afat of Nrw - York, to pe - rorm certain dalie relativo to the enlargingex - tendiire and improving of Bancker - atreet, between Clinton ttreet and Grand itreet Mtheaaid city, bate completed their ettunat and aKtv , went, e well of tlx iott and damage (uttained o Ter and abore the benefit and advantage received by the ownert i of the laadt and premiH - t Squired for the aid enlarging, extending and improving of Banckef - itreet a nforeteid, at a!o oPthe be - - m ? aovantaee received by the owner and partiet intcrritf d f and in certain landt aad Die - 1""" mite hot required for the aid imrrorment I Anauiatw Ihe laid ccauiriMionrr, h.'n Hrpa - itmi a true copy of inch ettimate nnd aMuu ment in Ui clerk' ollie of thoctty of Mew - York, for the impaction oi whomtoerer it mavconnrrn. And ttrre it hereby rnrthet given that'tHe report of thttiid ettimaiq and k.wimnt ;n k. .. cnted for confinration tn the mpreroe court of i jam. aturr oi vie iraieoi Jew - yor k, at the capi - tol intheeify of Albany, on Friday, tbe'ixteenth day of Janoary next at the openinr of the laid conrtoe i that .lay, er at toon thereafter ni toml " neneW wreon. fated this - Sfjtli day of IVremoer, 18l7. - . - - .. - . , i.,,v PETr.R JUWES, 1 . ri'.v.i" r. - t commirtionen BENJAMIN A. AKCRLY. . J ' OUAKD at LOUOiftG. 18t A Pth - witn ran be accommodated, i '. J ZlP Jd lodrine, on owtdrraie term.. The tociety . .elect, the 'ito - OtX C3 fodtf Ci, . - .i :. ..V. "'"rretiiacHve paper, and forward uicu i'iuiiuc iiBymprir ro . , 'a ' a. " rUMMlNGS & IIILUARD, ' Sw . ; No. 1 Cornbill, Bottvn. NATIONAL 1NSU RA.vns? rrivr wv - THE.Stockholdera ar hereby notified, fiat the annual election for niaetm I will be beld at the office of the Company, 47 WalLalntot M - .1 . I .a... .. ' y Tk - Jn - '.i i . rV"c aauary next. Y "" m open oi I z ana rote at S o'clock dec 17 JOHNJ.JONE3,Sec'ry. F.W YOKK INSL'RANrrc ryiutinv rr - it r .tw - bti i . 'TL . . "''. - iierriiTnoiinco, tbatthe k k 7, e . Jl0" 'C wy - one Dirrctora. will h held at the o.Bct, of xU Company. 34 VVall - itreeon Monday, the Ih Januiry nixt The poll w.ll open at 10 o'clock ia tbe forenoon. hv - v fa, 4J, w VIVri Bka - . , rOUNM.' " . ".' " ZETl I1 PP,'f wh,co Porported to Wornxfoa - ea - The owiwfm.voh. .rV - V - L Vl ' tWxnF ht n' 5 Harritoa - Jec iw - UAIVILL MEG1E. RndNIr,. MELIN E retpectfully Vorm tft .ftd! and rnt - a ftj r a January, 181 8, at tte city awembly room, rity hotel, ofvoral and inatn.r.nt.i . ', . J. T' r,rticlf duo time. dec 24 tt ' J J i.( ...I.H Jf ' where by girea to all per! in(T - Jk.J .'Awl given! Immediately, a mm at - t, ascot, appointed DV the mrimii court I era li. now accuniari K ili,ikF.kM 1 oitkhcaturof tl) fate of N.w - Yorar: toner. - I far. Haia kl . .... . L. 1 - . I M. oie com, Deantu oki He 7ln day or JUT mnminr Bmlm l - t - Rf,llbe ldtoa fKtiU4hB Too - rLaB. anJ Jront - tlreet, u lb (aid city, have Coh. - e I onto, In tr city of New - York. n - completed (MrwtimatoaiaamMenl , a. well - - eWO'tf 'XLBERT ANDfcRSO.t. No. iSrWoat a.treet TdbaoharXCltailiL'Mt fnrnmnok 1 be tabtcriuer being in a wy low itahtof " .:" - k.. ... . . i u:ii awHiuM auau mt iiiK rr w uiiin nnnM n MrAva a i certain block, or pieca of ground and aoil - iarHna - aaA innL u Lu . . I fieri for tale - hi firm nt Barbados neck, rnuo' - under water, to be made land and ground, out of foreaaid, a alto of the benefit Mid adtaatar r 7 ,f containing a boat one. hundred and the North or Hndtou'i River, eituate, Ivinc andlcaiMi h tha . i . j .lUMrtr 6t arret of arable meadnar .! being betwee Waal,intreet tad a certain widia certain land and premi not requirad hiod. "hw (aria lieaoa the aiain road hetween TVUwtwWt!,V,nJwdth',J'' for tie aaid iainrovement saad tat we (be aaid Nw - Jork arid Newark, a W half a wile thit AoatiogootheaaiJ (North i Rircr, caJW VVeat - coaiaiarioaer. W dioaited a trwieopynf inch Wrlt Badge, lti.teacryhi.hiate itreet, and boonddaa follow aortJinitry eatimata and aaw - nmeot In th clerk' office, of f.u,uT.t,0f wrpewed b any other andeartor! by ly.rtraorth.weUwly tltyofNew.Yofr,tbrtJinrtioofwbnii - m ,f 'r. - York. at a valaahle and and werterfy by Wert - ttreet aterwaidl tooth - aoeterU aaay cooeena. And inbea i. hereby aSf" re,teX rw the farmer or pri - 'ISSf .!, WMJerly iT ed'tJtT"d fu' rn, that report o the .. Id eatimate Stera. lWdwellir re, IhooRh iomhatterly and ewt - flj by Waahingtoo - aiid aa,t will U urewote - l for couArma - rt and weU Sniah - .!, end the' ft nor., Tll (CiW? breth Wathwetoa - wmeaw wirt of judiratoro of the 'K nd other ot - booe., are atreeMd Wett - atreet one houdred and tea feet atateof Mew - Vorlf, at the eapitol, m the city of J? '! der and well planned. Infrxmtol Zi juTi 6. """"J "V V inny,oa r nday , uJ n leealh dar oUaouarr k UB on public road, ia a vniii - nm iwicavnumi ua KTeniT - iwo iwr ' i dor. t u together with the aDPurtenanre. ihirt aerer - fheleta to the rents, covenant, rettrictioo and . areeroeait to winch laid premise re tuhiect, fn faor of the nrporatin of lh city of Ae w ' Vork; a" Impoaed, reaerved d created by them; Dated .Nov. Clh, 1817. , , . v . jam3 A, HAMIfTOT ; ,? ' ' ' Matter ia Chancery. . IfoTK. The ahott property trill be told in parcel. For particalar apply at tlie caatter1 dice, No. 3 Lav Building, Nattau - ttrert. S . t . u i it . .in mAM t tt law4wtdti , Matter in Chancery. opening of the Mid court, too that bww',, Jd well atocked gaitlen, and on tlie xw thereafter at oounarl caa b PT"!"1 .young and tj.riving orchard, roo - m, Dated thi XOih dar of Dwra - 1M,I0 choic (election of the beit graHed Iniit ; , i?uc;Ea stroxu. j ; . joh.x ronBEs, J wNOAU JAttVia Sec ssi . r. . ; .( Cotnialttiober. Ort bALfc, AT AUCTION, OY rn ANKMN atMINTl'RN, at the Ton - I tree. . A more particular HMrrintinonni.. petty it thougbt Bonecwiary, at lirw diioaed to I'niviliw: WliJ fRW UM nrFtlllH - l. . I li l.f l in. upuiame. ror partKurart, apply to the tub' acriber. No. 180 PeaH - .tret, or toilr. Andrew i oidiui, hv ua preoiite. . r. - ""v n ROrlERT STUART. iina Coflia Uooip. al 1 nVlnrb iw U.w! A Farm aitaatrH n ih day, the 6th January nent, a two ttory bricfc f ""uV River, fiv mile aorth of the tillaee'ofi v., (,.i.,u i.v. iW mainerry, near i """ t""7! vwnii. m iuicnett, con - i!l??d",jr 10 ltut repair. ; 1 he lot k 25 J"g handred and t verity acre, having a ie by 100. ( .' . Ifront ol three quarter ol a naiJe on the rher. two ii l na 101 ' fTW"M 16 Spnng, I "ren ni uiiny acre of which ia One plain of 1? . "oupuoo of t'riilip5,': wiuiHTt " reaiauo it arable Ja diuerent J na lot it S3 Itct B iiw - lkM u w. i loualitr. oaiture. nuadni nJ ,.t .:,. feet 6 iocliet in the rear t averse lenirth ' It? here it trrat abundance of the dnt ki.. fnet I ' " . 1 lliera am unnn tti nnin.ia r. tcntUn b - rweea Brooklya and flatbuch. wVtt of .ale way Z, .V .tnioA1 yBl ly"t JAMES VAN tit towa of N : ' - m. . s uuvl o'wnnuw, and jr Pearl - ttreet J each lot it U leet 6 dwelling boute aad a variety of out - buikl - h til Bna ,tB8", "Pwardt - Qf eighty w" every convenience for a tars farminc . ... .... ' - I..J - : '"'J " w it o we tuie, property and term w g" nce, and bat upon it two obtained by applying to theauc - lyung orchard; and die garden it filled TOST CHAISE LLV. fl - w. Alan. ji. .. ': LurT np'KHi oi penonai properly. " 5' SI"? ."('"n w m addition to the capital Stock, which t - ri.o iu iTmimanxu of Hit ctUtotiirn. aoo . ti r . PATtlNT AN! I - A1 TR1TU )N mo HON. nuhlir anHii. manner iiuint.i;, to the hi'lieit bidder or liiddara. at tk. T.;. I itv toother buildiniri. . 6 Coflee - Houte.intheCity ol New - York, on the ..A!eMJre ,DU offered, of ectiriiy, agairnt 1'itti nay of December next. Mono o'clock in tbe ,ht kind of Ion, which frequently, inan unex - ancrmj - jn ui inai oav. ail inut r.rtnm hnia. lot of ground, with'llie npportfnanee, .ituate. J "'5!. ""'"S ln Cedir treet, in the city of ..r - - . wi iinrtiw, nun ir bi preteni Known and dittinenitlied hr lot No. 64 Cadar.... ia ik. : t . . . .. .. . . . .. ' v .nm tnj, i - mp me tame fioute and lot of ground lately occupied nnd potaetted bv William Tur. in - r awtjaieo, ami ii pounded on the north by th lot of ground now occoj'ied hy Jo D 1. Faliner, on the eatt liv lot No. 61 iTpil Hf - .f rmt nn ffk. (uih by Crdsr - tf iett on th wet hy lot no. 66 Cedar - atrerl, containing about nineteen feet in widlh, front and rear, ami lixtv - mne lieet in depth be tha tame more or rati. Xi ih. i. t i. mooe ni at, a Cnmmiltlonen. artina ivule of court a abovementioned, our conveyance w ma 1 - un.nuarnr parcnaier win not contain any rn - enant warrantine; the title, Dated thit urn nnj m iwrrnirwr, Il7. . rt. I KK. KMHUKY 1 . JOHN C. HAMILTON Commitioner FKA.NCH V. MAN Y S mal,nonen not 3 iawllw , AOlicTS ft - J - If John Npilmn.' M.rJn. - J . lj rt.., uw, iteiiion, toroaer, former y of Hit a rtittf aiul U . KT:i l . ' . ..... .... n., ipoute, win call ,!.A.5..V0,,ntlnB' Roon of Meur. POTT A M - A.ia.iu IHO. 58 KontiMlrMt. tk.. k - nf Uttttriliin. I. lk.!..J. . Sliould the hov partie he detd, their heir r iiHira iv nuenu IO uut notice. rtew - iora, I3U. uctober, 1817. - ytM " . Saw t Ow PA TKffT EiASTlC RJt xTur rEORGE SANDERS, Intel from I - ornW oorw mora addrette tha nnhli. ik..u them for part favtn - , and one mor ventare to recommend bit strop, at oo of th mott cnmfnrt. giving contrivance that vef Mt tha chin of man. nm will mMruct anr elf - thTinr .ift. maa in tho on of it. and w'haa nnr. - rl . . " M eompowUon, h may tar With ttU. TWti . - .. Tt - . '. J perchance to dream wha ia the operation and who would bear the tweak and act of ban. hr baa who would groat and .treat under a loaUioaio beard, or a dnll ruor ate, when ba might hi quietut mak with a rimola Xannri.. rcropr'' I tlwo tft hit manufactory at th.J ,, " , ,'' TO roowy, and then yoa wdl find th raUnriher alwan ratwt. t COMPOtl t - TTew uw enect tr frictioa on ha A tpoke, nf rarnt) - . wb - l, (rnJf com of mill whwiU, putoot of Meant cylinder,, 4r, iVj. by appointment nf th patentee, b JOHN V MORRISON, No. 1R8 CriclXi DDR. YEE t POE. No. 206 rH . - .o t , 0 TWO or three gentlemen can be'accommo - . dated with rmirrl rirM j with fire - placet in the room a. in . . - .i of Broad tv. Enrtiiir at tKia .fK. , dec 15 eodow - ' - - . peeled moment, involve! in dr.iirurtion th .am. rOR fHlbADEltPHl A V A POST CHAISE will leate tbe City Hotel X every day (Sunday eiceptid) at SY.VEJi o'clock ia the morning, by way of Newark, and urne the aame'evenine at PhiUdplnhia. k Isui. The Mail Coacb Pilot will leave ine City Ho. tel every day, f Sunday etrepted) at half pat I o'clock, P. M. by way of Newark, hod arrive at MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF TBJw CITT 0" raw - fORK. fLCi'ii.",.B."5er' M Cedar - ttreet. Ut variety ofth, bett fruit. II it in the neigh - PrfUV, - "r?wrt t2f Damagw by Fire, ANTWERF. Junr ... . . . bpurhond oi an Epicopal and a Fretbyterian Df "'"R Hou, Ware Houtet, BuiMingt in E.59E.L,LiS. r ' unnrcn, and arliunt an nrxUi, fn tk. I lenerai, piercnanaite. bhiiw inirnrl and lhir i ci en. n i .nn. CORNELIUS BOGERT i nee id dt J.i rvKttKe:i3 - 4f,roveraH. Ore battineL S - a for Flannel, of wool and cotton, for .hirtt, 1" Voorhee, ienkeeper, is the town of Flalboh, 1 ,.Sanl'k of the above will ba lumithed, on np - I - .' t. : . 1 .a ... . I. - AC 1 . . . jvi.te , cuwnij, ai iz o'ciock, at oonri. ew - 1 """" l" in perton or oy n - iter j al York, December 13th, 117 , ., !WM. VA?t HOOK, dec 19 gawtd Matter in Chancery." IN. CHANCERY. Slain afVMi. Fiwl TN ptmoanea of a decretal order of thit bono - to firthoes leather cam. blanket, thort tnrk ngt, wingt of wonted, epauleU of wonted, and for iron cams kettle and Ftl fatal . nana. Samnloa . - aadalV. - - A V. . - '.' " ranierottrt, branny da(t fht lOthdav of Vo - U'nm rt - - y. n'. r.rt. nmher, in the year 1UI7, will be aold at rublk December 1817 " "N K or linn t lh Vrvntin. f VfT,, tl .. : ,i : I fcwVr0!:r ' t "X . tvhf :Ni:. - rw!rZw - ffi ... CAULKNDCR IRVINE, : , 1 oiJanuarvneiuaMwelveoock "r .ha U - L. .. in I :, i Hrr paicHorgromd, jjte in the Cwrtli l'V'v!iti?fc8 ACADEMIES and SCHOOLS. ItA'TiV - in vie rear by rround now or lute the property ot um.yiiUB at l - CLIARD, bating fre ;, iocior Jotepb Young, andou(hweterly by Do - 1"'n"y re Iniormed, that their publication Ter - jtreet ; and . now known and ditlineuithed canno he oblained by iotructon in vnriout partt oy moute - ana iw numtr tw6 Cberry - ttreet, I lH w country in me markets whence they arel . oho Bo - jtion ofhoy, under the direction of Doctor Allen.l UarB Uoirtehold Furmure, and every de - gert. V" ; ; r;. j ii. .. - .fi. ., . - - . ".v - . up ne taken trom ti nnnh wtr nwMiami ui iiiuirn ft u inmmn. hihi wmi h I Y'J " ui LHimetiia Aianuiacture lor In ." " " ""uh cleared land of the birt of Peter Leffrt. wiif. kg . Crothing for the Army of the United XalTtVTX hu,W,nK. traprrtenar - Ste', theyear 1318. a followv Til : ,,,S?.m hmBM",MUa Jwie apperUininr. New - York. NovrrXr 3d. Crey Cloth, 6 - 4, for great coatt : , c.mmandin beatrttrul and exlentiva view ol J31T. - 1" ' VfJ. rViZ0 23o2 f j Blue' do VdoVorcLtlddinho' ?' jarent country, The above will miiuar in a nnnrorw i xi - var vrwuit iui rtiititTra. n aw i fie I - T - tr - a a r .. rr. purchater. Aliw lor tale, t wo Farm, litunte in the town of tht article, may be teen on pPlicatioor to ih?"!:J - r ,he theCommittary General, at riladelphia, or to f "bov"y remain for aeveral the iVniil - . ai.. i i. - Arontiderablepartofthe (be Deniitr Cornniiniitrir. at Nw.vV.ri. I F or further particular apply to the nhtcriber. ... i. : Johm JOHMbTON. ii rue rara - . ov.Z7lh. B 7. And potsettion immediately given, the l ' ward ofthe city of New - York, on the corner of I t'reek, and Encluh ClonucM nnd ""r" " uroanway, L , . ; V Cherry and Dover - itreeti, bounded northwett J - School Bookt, pihlihedand for tale by jnaraitrret, with coach.hoti ' ' 'riywrontoi tjiicrry.treet,'northeattfrly by t VUMMIAU. U HILLIARU. r r t, thehOuie 849 . poMnaDeiongiagtoftIariaOtgdOd,outhettertv . - ";An" V'1,0D oonntore, No, j, Cornbill. , ; Enquire of . i - 1 .. met of a life of indintrv nnd irinrnlitr. and .....1 ed eeauine tributed, and may be had at the office, No. 59 F.DWARIW. LAIGHT. Pretident JOHN D. MEYERrSecrtiary. , An7 1J LkT. A FIRE PROOFSTi.rtP - .. - - j.I urling - ilin, No. 34, next door to the corner Enquire next dior at tfiecomerofSonfh.rfra.. Of JAMES VN 7tNni dec4 w ' " - V - e nf the often of J tn.e ertrHEN P. LAMOINE, dfClOff a . y0l n WaU - tr7et ( W A K IJ.S VJO filTLlZTf i, r - r. , - w. Toe V .. . '"VMirvii JHCa.II. HE aubaenber ha for talt a larr njtort - loiie a i'rentoo, and utxt morning at 10 o'i: ttiaviui case ' 7CHAJHY W Minora Crrn ' Majora, Valpy't 2 Broad - .trret. whrB . Jly toricdw a Ur'eJS 2"" IntheW GreekGrammar and tirrek Delectut, (at! " or, The dwe.lmg part of LW houtl. i?KaM L.eofC" xl w&izi p:s s$E$$z TiVptr - nme ?rn order of IhUhiiorable ion ofllomer, Pickering'. VoUuZyofAm: M ': ' - dec 6 Im SfS Z J. .Court made in the above matter, bearing fi,0"! nd Hfe'. ' - "Sick s : . A hOUst, oi Lui' H)tt sai or for which their immediate income w Jm h. Nervouiennceforthe cUte the Cth day of December iut notice it 1 7..' ' l!5e "rew isrrnEiriaT cotjRT - i rAttTiTioa - or toothache iirrrl.y give - to all t'.e ranBiToa of the Cor vZZZ2Sif.ZA' Snihe mM." f Benjamin J orner, v.. William Antwer will be riven toapoKcation from an Atoo, a large and potation of 7.i.m Clmrch, to come in and prove try ,Cte,vel I urner, Kn - hard Turrand Tboma. Tamer, Pnof the United tate, which may be made I mer7 fin 0P v. - : - t'. .t . .. r' . !' mieareuimi niineraiOFT ; l.owtn'l Iec - I Jlm I nmrriml Mr..iT.... ; - .. . "I for imaraiw.. itk k:i.i . - .,lai,.. r .iir utau orrore xne uoriber. a one of lure on tha Sacred rVietr of the llrl.raara , h - iv:m. i7 i n. - mt, r. ;; - "'.t r? iiiuin5 or rockm, n !Se marten of the.akl Court, at hi. office I Lrwth' Vr.fl S?VJUft. ' lb.f.PP,,c Companied with a de - Bettdouhledi No. 3 Uw Bn ldmiw N.,i..irM v.w cient and Modern Orrr.T. with iu r I ' F"r'uaD' ol R" order ol the bupreme Cotirt enpuon oi irre mniaingt, ttating their local di - w. x'oir of i. . - TW w,nR i nattau - .treet, New.c'"rii ana nioaern treograpny, with an Atlaaof I of Jadicaiur. nfi i.a.i.i. r M.J.v - .t - meonoa. mAt.nninrhk.k " I, f.. r l.. York, on or befirre the tbibb da of Ja n. "Z moderB and of four ancient Man.. Thi. . i n.i. 1V'.?? ' ".our .n .k.7r.:" " ""7. J 6 lana I ed, in what orrunird. an.1 ogrni)hyitiied in the examination ofarholartfor aomiion into iitrraro i.Tniire, and it recently adopted a elastic in Bowdoin College ; it it altoexteMirel nted in achoola aad LJ 1' L Lf ja . .1 tj .. I 1 Tt I ... . 1 . I .1 ' i i .' . . . . v uw vuaca. " arc K do art. . i t : BWfCU m .. . . . I and within a mile of Hvde Park landme : trom I criJ,tio, f P"ol property, on t whence tlooni taileverv wrrk It to New York, and "21"" In,"ar titution in thit whore pauengert are taken and landed bv the I iMa&tfitv i!Aiiti.hMl. ri.:. . . . . tteam - boatt. "1 TT7ILLhorecif.n .n - :.r.k. ..wlu - ua.n. j ma raci DIBT DO lllvi ,TI hr cloaiH InnH nVwiii;,. iv;ii.. - - .Ckl II miraar Rinrl nrp. u... r V - n, w" convvuient fiinnt 800 acre, mav year oamter - l comer of Leo - 1 ie and .table. and 351 Ilroad - HENRY AtFJRft. At the Citv - Lilirarv. No. Id Vu.......! q jm NEW i ivtiotuK.! HtiUst' TO l.HT. u r.y, term a favo - ritv. Thi Com nan v I incornoratprf for h purpoee of intunnzaa - aintt lotte. h - fir., and h. oircumacrihed iU operation, chietfr witliin thit city and immediate rroiimitv. in addition to the Capital Stock, 500,000, which it aecured bv bond and morhrar on r.) ettateand pulilic ttncki, thit Company powettei a handtome turplut fund, invested in like man - ana route number one Uovertreet contain - "ccuwnmea io receive theiriuppliet, would here - fyL,, THE EAGLE FIRE COMPANY OP NKW net ia kMiJilt 1. - . J - . . i hr inform Ih.rr t. anrl nlh - m....... ai I tank 21 iikl.yy.lll t vr L roneitioo Imrtvdiatfly replete with! - . I rmtpl.inn lmn.,i;.l.lunl.l. I NEW AHRANliV'Mlt'vr r . ' V""'" mav inereiore repow the ful - nanutome coachet, on wring, eoual to anv m the tett cooftrlenee in the tolidity of iU capital, and U. State., now runninoo Uiit hoe. Pasteneert Uiat nn - lotte or damae will h a il.d .iti, ,u. t? q .... 7 T? . t.r.e may 88 PlN'fARD, Secretary. vm feet and (iifoche, trnd in lenglli on each Perintendance of Literary Inttimtiont, that all vV" r'iv'',1iBCc' and i" genteel itile.J - ONnNUF. to inture aeaintt Let or nam Hdethunrydand raven ft. bl the .arne - rtdreMjd to them.hall rtceirl prompt . U . b? rJ? dwemnonVor C - Matetic wath ball. Milk of rote Cotmetic cold cream Vcgotabie rouge . Pearl powder Almond paste AIhioimI powder Corn plainer ' ' ' ' ' Hard and toft tuoi Pomade de gratia poma - general anortment of perfu - luocy ami oiner aniciet, con - 1 ttillod ROSE WALTER. ' ti.tet lor tmeliine bottle 0 iciuvu, lavcuucr aiiu i French and En'Hth etaencet. nnmnliimi. X - r h Lavender, bonev; cologue and Jiungary waten Freeh Toobuia beana ' - v - Tbe celebrated NaHe cbaving toap, warrant - cet the independent and affluent to nos.rtaarwtl Rote, palm, vlotet. tenamlno. naJnii. Ion" dirtret. . - quit, almond, brunt wick, lily, veylon, .platoff, With regard to the different rate of premium cowtlip, orange, trantparent and windtor toapt and condition of intarance, th public are refer - Msrble wath ballt red In the minted nronoaalawhu - h ha h.. a.. Fine and common rnxor. In cate. or in?le nmnnoia meiai, ciatt ana wood tnavuig boxer Bator ttroDt of alVlixet and oualitv Ladie and centlcmen' deeiiinar cate tientlemen'i thaving caiet U travelling pouchet iieeoie cate, complete lumithed ' Morocco pocket book.,tliread cate. and. gilt ruftsa t Ivor and box wood fine comh of South - ttree't from thi; Xta .TmI. .T. , - 7? "e ' ""JJ . no" P0'"" C(b. rtnMn la iflio - 7 J ,0' ' "none men ana nom areinng comb or 10 may lit Mnmrrn ra Jr0..i. .....Tk. Durable ink. French balk, talt of lemon. 1'ongue cra)er, tooth pick, tooth pick caret and tweeter i - - . al'ORAGE. I A tuperioraitortroent of line and common hair Ortgemayrnthadonthafiratllnorftftha nrutne, among whh h are, thelortlt Celebrated itor No. t9 8ou'h - tret, which trill saV theI4ten, Poe,rt'ng hair brathet, far loperior fo expVn of hoiitihg. ' dec 2U ?ny 0ther ""f"!1" f hair brhet - heretofore 1.1.. - . I J - Oll SAI.F . 1 l l.k - . k k - k! - ' - ....A'. , ti'nrntv ,m,LL"" - I - "ttTT. . . "f iwim or . iniiac " , A . ""',11' caa - a; inter - wire ana common tooth A BO.MD nail MORTninv 2.. ijlv j..... T V? " "r riie nntruMe, . ; " - - "xo wi i - a of Lira. to nna . t , 9 - for 750 . do oo and - da ' . acn - I i. .. i . . . ... rw . .. - "" i i. wmi, iran ana vporumen't Kmve. a On valuable property in the city of New - York. compile nt - okment . 'Sity. rl' - J S" common tcittor. and tciMor cate I or pardcnhr imjui n air pint, and curling iront.fine twaq and (ilk pofft, powder hag and powder boxet Photphoric light, portable boot hook. Vititing card anil card cat. - . Pencil cate, and Mack lead pencil. ' - ' n nnrii w tery mm cut giata perfume hot - ,P ! ,7 CMt f"1 JL mentof book, with decant coDner - nlate ti rinttjdU - ected map. and ourrieT JT2rZ ,rilwithtn.tik..alU,l ,. . ' m ' . puroet, of TXnoui .pinu oi nnegar, iic. kc. , ?lh"LK - , ?3P - S iowe,kW.,,r. 'I ment of book, with clmnl print torn and moral Cal game, on can vat, with Utotum andconnte,complot.forpuyior,aq amnting aadii - trocUt game , coloured map and printi j, pock - t tablet, pocket bookt, patent - ' i" - - tirauio iok, ior marknig linen, he. ; - - Turer oi UM Oort black " - tUn ink. ti. all vt. t. .. , - J m ana - iajn rmai't OlllOl - f, , ' JJ 1IOMA3 DARTO.t. !7 1w - . w.ii;. - . - luIKA I'iil7i'. VI LU L L' t n t . . ' r i. "" iAKr.?. ,WT rf MltOCKll tIALt. No. S3 Ann Street. fit ritv rm.'k.. ... - Il rnurn . v nim uian - n, I 'Ht - P"tlr, and mvfrirnda in. I.., ...,tn II um III extra priae t - irekeeDert tanolipd whni.ani. aromatic chant for exportation , ALSO, JUST RECEIVED, w. ..?erl hR"d,rtnJe ortment of 1 jidie M0 - ROCCfJ WORK BCtXES, weH calculated for Chnttma and Nw - Year l?reut, from 0. to $2Qeach. - - - - ... . A variely of elegant cot clat Bottle, filled with the real Pertian OTTO of KOEM. - ir A.;Twcr'' wperior PEN and POCKET KNIVES, perhnpt the flnett in the cilr. - tvondttock GLOVES. k. h.. i i.. ' u V. . ' " Tr " V - . . crc tx aw Pi. U. I h nrrta.i - - kaav .r - . a ill be rer TV!! Jided for the Bader Kr; P 3 OroWa - n i J ,IUWBERT. Junr. fre;ofeirlWl,, P0ClJ' ?. a tV A V I i it o - c I M A SECOND HAND SEXTANT in rood . Pv. . Apply at N 11 1 w J.E - J1 OCCZ7 Iw ... .. - '. ' 3ft LKT, TheSml No. 13a Fr.M.f..fnit cittand for a Grorvr. For further pXTlk. Iar.inqlre,f RIPLEY Ai WELD, ""v II io k' . .Q. . - evrttl nuri'lt 311 Aad . . . " I NNn . p': ' '."1 i'ion eirrn, hm hl - Vadr'n. k i l,.c,:,ht'r ,ln fheiia I ZH? HuUMf 10 ' on BrHle - .t fomiete rerwir and have ;i.Vri kurc.?'T.eM,' he accommo dati n fauiilr. ni a oct!!, - . 4 or pai titular npplv lo " L. BRADISH. O - . I . . t - I . JL tain Lnaeate, mtw uaivtf - aall ackaowletleed iathi.i a 'MirnwaMHt oitrentmeni rwdiout and hit charge I readable. In ! J?"5.. WMU a cur. i wi n return Uk pay if U iIom n. H 1 " . a an 4; m w nm I, Pf rornj tgreeablt tjocostracL ' . i ne .mctett tecrecy alway. obterved. 1 her are many penotu in thi city and iutf - Violetahaving rowder. H cnctl oM iZ,.?" im - - . i wuLiica vonipiaini of a certiun nature, bilino and other oEtruc - tion. rheumatum. Ac. which ih ....,..,. : rable, they can certainly be cured fin aeiwral) hy aoplvinf atDr. EVANS'S MedtUl sffi?2 9, f'eck - tlip, having pracriied in eataijiva notpitali in Europ I. yean, under torn of tb first Sunreon and Phvaician mthanrM ..j made thorn obttinate diieate hit conttant ilud for SO tear. . r ... . , J, Oct If V18, Fancy Chair Manufac turer, ao. 153 r ultotvitrett, ppoit St Fault CburcaT offer for .ale, wholetale and retail, a large and elegant a Mrtment of Curid Maple, Wain painted and ornament, ed in gold It hroote, Bamboo, Plain nod Gilt Ball, Rock, lug,' Sewing, and CoavenaW tioa Chain. Sola. Betfaea. Louueeet, Aiutic Stool, lie . . ' "xOrder from any part ol the continent executed with neatBM and diapaich. r . - oct vi" reP"Ped Pyted orDameoted.' CURE FORCUUCnS, CavaJXrv &C. f r - ?i tt - at dr ' IOSITT. . . ..j i .. " . ' NOTICE The Proprietor of the fiue - iading.. VVOai - af ataatat hnat NAUT1LVO. :aH2xj!. - with a view to th better accommodation of tb public, hav rJeieruiiued biakertlie hourt of departure irom ihe 18th"Uit - 1 ha ' NAtJ ril.lIS. r.nlain Deforatt. WlU of geotlemen'i real leave Staten - Mand every morning, ai 8 o'clock, for Nt w - York - aad Jeate Nw York.for State. Aquantilyot COLOGNE WATER. ai - at. i.i. - j . miiL . tt si.i.a.l - and !?llr - ?i - t,,OCT,t - i1 "JiiriT Urn aidant at halfpatt I o'clock, P, M - for Nw - York, aad" leave New - York fr Staten - Uland, at - half pail . u civ a, preciieiy. . j 03" Evt ry attention Will h giro to reader the paa:w abort and comfortable, dec (5 Sw . ENOUSl Cauuon aad Alutket Powder, tor by . - - ' - i ' T LEROY, BAYARD . dec 9 - ' - - NEW - YORK i ' ' .. PRFXTED AM PUBLISB&D XICITAEL PUJiXHJMic CO.' No. 4f Pnrtn - - r. I - j. .u.titiu icmcuj lur VU1U9, OOSTinai COUgW, if atthmat, son throat, approaching centum pliuM,y and inott ditorJer of the braatt and lung. ' ; - V J he'celebrity acquired hy thi median tbro, . th' U. State, for tpaedily removkig cotipht, - cotdt, hoarsen eti, &c. cxcearJ all JbrtMr example. - - . ; ' . So& at LF.F? MeJidne Stora, 5o. 48 M j den - lane. Dmggitt and country ttora - kfepart i tupplied oo libaral trma. - . I.,, ; Certified cane of car mzj ba mb at place of ; ale. . . .v i. k t . - dec 3 ''. .' A GREAT HAT URAL CUR rTlHE public are infor JL aed that thit mora - ) tag wat landed the long expected FE.V1AL& tL - EPHANT, and n to b teem at No. 9M Broad - ' way, near Watliingtoa Hall. Tha.aiao of Ihw. animal i. about 7 feet high, and about 16 Itet long from the eud of the probotii to th end ofr? the tail. - She i to be teen from 8 o'clock A. M. o in the evening. Price of. admittance 25 cent. . . Bovitf . ' STKAM BdAT JfAUTILUS. - ;. P, 4 - rsralej PaHFc taow U dit'iw A k.. .r jV oo ;L. ; Of MeSS F0BTCOACH LINE ro PHZLADELFilU fito,Tte' "J , .WBOATAftTM AMtt. - .Vi we - feothaaheea' NocoMevUoa with the pott chaiaeiuieor'tbe .arrTMnuX '. A NEW Line r'" - 00"' Ant.., fetirev Thedi.7 JiY:."i?uru oft 1 i. i . r - .""' own i Philadelphia at 4 o'clock .Mt mornin;, by land. . - . " H'Uadthi. . l b Foft - Co tod by a dot ?. i?!"BB"T,H"K For aiiatt ia I ho ahnv. lin.. J. L l.l Line wil tttrtfroiii NeucYork av.r. min. i ;..i.J !taM ra u Pwa oatura aUl . Chaite nod Albany Mail and DIllRence Office, V?k (Su',dft "f ted) in the Steaia toot UeamentS " I1 inro Noi,B.1,.ro,,,wy oiliotiUi the City Hotel. Attuwta, and arm at PbiUdehl.ia the tnme I tWt) row nerfecfiiZf ' 'v t ffT AllzOOdl ftful llMVDrn nlt. n.nim rl JOHN N.CUMMINO. Newark. , JOHN GULICKat SONS, Pnnfelon. STOCKTON & HOWELL, PhilHoVl.i.i; Jr. ?, firpretsct ttni lo any fan if the Vnwn. dec 27 . tr 7 he Steam Boat Line . MUlSTM, will and rWhXLT.lS? " " tlart from Ww - York ovety , Bwniiqjr '(Sw Dr. U hi Sl,;' Z re?f'n'itt day. excepted) t 10 o'clock, tha WeaVDoat wero ckhjui f od hk 2aU W Atalanla. from the. north n.ta n ih. t 7 0, V1. droppiB from ik. it friend. diuVLiT ru'T "WJ - l tVtrr CIVMIMr Ho mwum. - - .4 .t.i 1 a...: . fri it , . "u . i. .. eyery conveoieace lor rmtwntrer nnd Uietrl tution wmi haaak - e. ttnrit from N 1 1 i I. ' . Ji r everj'ony ai I o'clock, and PhilaVfeh3ii; i.l: . . I ' ' " . I Foreattinthet bore named Line, V YW4 I fo. 1 CortlHn(1t - t,ret, the arcood olficr, from I V rjVS5r - ""aw"T f f w - aora, or to ISA AC BKOWN, " r. - r' ' owam oat note:, o. 1 Wewhington - .twt, : '14lWrW corner of MarketlteM.afmeL near tl Rn id arrive at rmladelpl.ia two monlh.leV 1 lb7 look l Kin ll.rnmk 4 l I .u.7 ' ' - ii rxpnm UT; penmeate J ne sutet MAIL COACH, ou ninz. the wnmt r, - r '" j " "rv. era - - i p. "7 . Tli. Doctor', pia? SSrt ' arrive at P..r' "i.'"" 1 """"oow heUfoi0:j : ma; at 6 oVIock. Onlr 6 nm,r. ,mS,,X 7. 1 C:.:." contrvjed - t ,I . OntCoach.. Faa 10 dollar. - :fcT7 Li P - oa.V , Patawger. are .reouo.tcd to bo particlar in tiT comial fZEwS.? t , ' 7. " I I laaioK uiLirieauin Uie foul l.'narh . m tl,r.i...;... ' - xitiJ : .l : reca Coachetbeloneintnfl.l. hi,Tkr.7Vr . remaiu. of aa old c - r , ...tiiri ir I w aiKm limn..:.:... . I - L VX" i " .5 Ol tltt WoOlL at Wll .. I unarm .1... ... . I I u lv , nPM nnili?. ,1. . - .l"!'" .""' I'OpUrillf I ' 1 - "" uw nccommooauoo oi pav I er xoitiplaiuU of a dhcat aatare, m eilU tex. thould remember potterity, and dZ ,t apply to to - their coiiM - ienetfcTy mkir1",,,i taMitlfd fo Dr. .JJ. m hi. oil InA 2L .ffl!? - . - . 'viaviajja piiiiii 1? . . w - reet, four boirt. w;i frt - AII loodi and baamiao .t II.. ri.k 3 :if - .i.T""rT f,."r.w!.. "nJemth owmr. - JOSEPH L ON. feO.Mri (U ih. wTkZ T" hai m u r - . - : - "tyvt.,ta,vi aain wiui rednui.L. u it T. . 1 " . I v.. me. ,1 Ilia ail net. - a....A.u V i i j - , . W . - - as. . - - - f.S. MAlL - COd CHf.S, JHCTiriCEXA'EW. YORK tc PHILADELPHIA . K7" The public are atiured that there if now ...v uuwrauie, muuiated beiara. w.(Wo,lr frity being uaivraly l7K Of 1804, guarantee to uaticut that iJll . f .! practice for veftr paat, etchity to theSr - diteate. of fie blood Ji - tht.SfcgSd culftte on the mot d - .idrf a.i..i. ' T1, . ... .v . iwcCT in cnmM .1 tuning ur. n. - . . Vw ... . ir . . .. .. ' y i i - uictiia erauicarea ID iw. or three Weekii' 3tricture rumoved without hougnn nr ait nti er initrument , and all eb,htf.t .kewu od uUerMtniB. n.ii.l.i. At. ... - 7. A pluralitvofolhcea in nMj - . I ' of VVa,hinifton. in th. . ii. " . .r". prompfitude and liberality. " .".,": f flw.ork - r - r - "J, VPe - totch othe,.,' t went r mifc. from ihl .17 """Hull!"'.""' The different ratet of orrrai.. - . . .ti!r VT7 "f" ?oc - uine at J. iron & Soti't : , ' ho evna. imr Si 1 rY k - m - T." riZZ. Z.. of Intoranceare oniform with hr r,k: 1. n l "owle't Hook, and amv. at FhilaUeh r , rif"0". n"! to beir. at u I - " " . "'.'"f "" "l i "7! . " I llhia navt mt. - Sn. . M v.l l. - i . I - "Bt - "u .iainir wnn UT.U. whirl, ia Im. ni icn are iww m pnmmniii.i. ii.. ........ I ti' iuui mivR vviiH p, in iinnrirv. i ' w..ii.tvvuttuil' njir wx uai . u. a - a k - . .l . - - I h.rn. mid ,. h M'r""'' Tbe Duhlic ar. ra&rrl fa, ri. - s,..l t - .k. en2er admitted in the Mail Coarh. Vara im "T.: 'T.KV Cwuwt d tha rarLCt i w waww vu ai'uiiv. niitrTi hi nn. nz vx' nil rrwirp 1 ura uiu niHiii ffltnT irM. ami nfR. 1.1 r nMBHav - - i aa;K .a v . " . . . pnrchate money for alltS.f.Uo.1iN JOHN old ettabliod coach .nd ttaVe oicZ.i - wd No. 1, tourtlandt - itreet, tccood office from pudiciou public ' , . 3 '1 Broadway, New - York. J N. B. All letter matt be pott paid. - ' fe! AH foodi and bagfage it the risk of the owner. JUSEfU LYON, SONS to Co. W aw ar Alpn V ? S W"T ?!. lh rPrtance. ?"""?" I'P'"? on tr.e mott liberal '"1 - "" n - rMawa - .' r m - ufaclorie. and millt. with their . .achi. - V. H Antiou oil vaieo.erei80erl7W. IBI7. , - - lerrn. lorcatn or pproret credit. tMRLtaMilSld5, sin, b. .kin. , - , T. Tljl. t.rlvTnir! r eharrn.l a, JM A. HA Ml I. TAW.' I Amons the workl rnhUhpd and for ... K - No. 14! Frimt.atn.t. ' I a i.i ' If. ' - him ii p fvtis Wtji'itH'and Surceteor of Mr . jAan SmUkI C H Y 'if I i: A i. P E R F U M E R, ' A .Tbu whoietaleMlar 1 Al iiilpiiw manufac - ...... tory, tign of the eolden roar. No. Ha Broadway, New - V ...t. . iT 11.. I . I - jt . VI WUCI IV HIV IMII1CI Ot j?, - entlemen of tlie city of 'J r ew - York, bit jYV Vegetable Shading Li - ar t.iu Dr. Buchanan. Aug?? In i ttt rrrr - r . n. tprette, coachet, extra ttage, UALXKRY JtOK LVijD. furnished'to go to My part of the United State, . - . 7'0UV. on wetnortertnolicerby Tho. Whitfield, No. TVV 'Tl1 - EVANS' tup - fa, K onrtlandt - tireet. New - York. no 5 It A jL. method of crriar a c. .. 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