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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, January 2, 1818
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Eiy.TOHX f.n:.La post,: .' . i 1 ' i " ' 1 'i FRUUT, ja: PART i. T S" otutilutional poteen of Congrest (concluded.) ' . Va The argaatent of th nttoTOy - geueral will new properly com under view. . IL first obwmiUaa it that the power of In - corporation it not exprticly give to coograft ' Thi shall b conceded, but ia (bit won only, that it I BotdtdtrM attprtu term, thatcon - , great may erect a corporation, ' But thit cannot mean, that tbere are notcertaia (rarest power, t which necessarily ioelud it; i, ,v - For instance, cocjtmi bare expres power to ' exercise legislation over tuch a dulnct (net x - ceeUio; ten mile square) at ns by cettioa of particular states and the acceptance of congress, ' become the teat of gereromsut of the United Btatte; nd. to exercise like autriontyeyr all places purchased by consent of the legislature, erf the stale in which the tame shall bo, for the sovereign power to elect corporations ; and that, therefore, Congress hate a right, within the tphert, and in relation to th objettt oj their pot . tr. to tree! corporation. It shall, howeter, bo (opposed, that the Attorney - General would cousider the two proposition . 1q the tame tight: and that Ihe objection made to : the one, would be made to the other. To this ohjectioa an aawer bat been already gives. It i tlii ; that the doctrine i . stated with thit cipret eiiaiisafiim. that the right to erect corporations Joe only extend tp eatet aod ebjecti witiiin tlis tphert of - the tpeci - ; fed powers of the government. A general regulative authority, implies a power to erect corporations in all case i a particular legislative now. er implies authority to erect corporaliont in relation to case arising under that power only. Hence the affirming, that, a incident to sovereign power, congret may erect ft corporation ' in relation to the collection of their taxes, it no more to affirm that they may do whatever else they please, than the aying they have a power to regulate trade, would be to ai&rm, that they bare a power to regulate religion , or than the aamotaioing, that they have sovereign povtr at ' ' to taxation, would be to maiotoin, that they have aovereira power at to everv thinir else. The Attorney General undertake in the next place to show, that the power of erecting corporation i oat involved in any of the specified power of legislation coafided to the national go - yenunent. In order to this, he hat attempted an enume - ration of the particular which he sappose to b comprehended andcr the several head of the power to lay and collect taxes, &c. to borrow money on the credit of the United elate ; to regulate commerce with foreign nations, between the state, and with the Indian tribes ; to dispose oi, ana mace ait neeuiu rule and regulations respecting the territory, or other property De those different head of power t and negatively, that the power of erecting corporations it not included. - ' ' - . - . The truth of this inference or conclusi.,e siuit depend on the accuracy of the enumeration. If it canXe thews that the enumeration it de - fective, the inierence i destroyed. To do this wiii oe auenued witn no uuaculty. The head of th power to lay and collect tax, he state to be, . k. . . .. 1. To ascertain th rabjecU ef taxation, &c ' 2. To declare th quantum of taxation, tic ' . 3. To describe the mode of collection. 4. To ordain the manner of accounting for th taxes, tc. .. . The deiectsvenets of this enumeration coatitts , an immense chapter. It will be shown, r( oai among a vasi varMly or particulars, it comprises the very power ia question, namely, to treel carnaraliani. - 5n heads of the power to borrow money, are ttatedtobe, . .... 1 - 1. To stipulate th sum to be lent. . 9. An itii. - Mi ai ;.. . . i . i - . mm Mimim ui ue paid! ai rl - u i . - ' Thuf a!w trericutly ccUlei - il condi'ioAi j hs rrotcxtcd, in the name of hi gifctoument. trhicu t.'i enumeradaa itoe not cootemf'liu - ! against the purchase of Florida by the united l.htj contract wr.ictt nas been maje lor aonis i states. ,, .: . ;. . .' ".' . u . l :. il.n.. I : .: l - i:. .1. - 1 1 . i V" ' . 9 f ;' . Uw turn due shall U frtt from laxet and from s - Spmmk Qwrrmniilu Mr.Tbe Board cfmnloiM Carouna - Ana, from Liverpool, quettration in time of war t and mortgage aui ueaUi at Aigesiras, utwer approved by ine the laud aod property ia the failed 6Ute for I Supreme Board,) have decreed the pain f the reimburse mut It is also known that a lottery is a common expedient for borrowiar sBooev, which ewrtainry duet lot tall under eUher of the. enumerated beads, ... ;' v. : : The heads of the powers to regulate 'cons - merce with foreign nation, are staU - d to be : ? 1. To prohibit them or their oommodiliet from our porta. - f. To impose' dutiet a poo them where none existed before, or to increase existing duties on 3. To subject the to any tpeaie of cusfaw hoot .rnfulatioo. ' ' , 4. To rrant these any exemptions or privilege which policy may suggest. ' i " ' 1 ha oauiaerabon it (ar more txceptioaabl uian eittser of the former " ' 1. Of the power commodities, which e. .it erection efforts, arsenal., dock - yards, and other T""5' 7 I. r..i K,;i,i;rL - that relate le the ahum, vessels or coamiodi - ewlful budding. ...... I,... .1 .v. ii.j.t c... ties of the United Stetet, Her, then, it express power to exercise ex . ' elusive legulalion, in all cote uhaterer, oxer certain place t that it, to do, ia respect to those places, all that aoy government whatever may do. for language does not eJbrd more copi - late designation of sovereign power than in those coeeprehentira ., term. It Is, in other words, power to past all law whattoerert and ontaquently to pas laws for erecting corpora - ; lions, as well as for any olhcr purpose, which b the proper object of law in a free) government - i ... Surely, it can never be believed, that coo greet, wilts oxtlunrt fewer ItgitUilion, in all tttet teh! never, cannot rect ft corporation Within - the district which shall become the Mat of government, for the belter refutation of it police i and yet there it an unqualified denial of the pow - , er to erect corporation?, m ererjr rate, on the part of the tecretary of state and the attorney. general. ' The former, indeed, speaks of the power, ia these - emphntical. termt ; that it it a , ' ihl rtmaitung txelutitfly with tht title. ' A far, then, at there Is an express power to do any particular act of hgUlation, there is an ' express ooe to erect corporation in the oftso k - bT described But accurately tpeaking - , nt particular povtr, it snore than implied in a general eie. That the power to ly a duty on a gallon.tfntvt, it ooly a partindar implied in the . reoeraf power to lay and collect taxes duties. : ' inpott and excite. Thit serves to explain in what tense it may be (aid, that congress have ; sot an txprtu power to make corporations. , Thit may not be an improper place to take no - . tice of an argument which was used in the house el representative. It was then urged that if toe ... . . - ' ' onuiuuon tnieuuej to confer to imporant a Kr u that of erecting corporations, it would te been expressly mentioned. But the case, Which hat been noticed, it clearly one in which ; ' euch power exists, and yet without any tpecifi. : , cation or express grant oi ii, luruier than as ve Tjfartkulmr, implied in a general power, can be said to be so granted. But the argument itatlf it founded epon as exaggerated and erroneous conception of the n - . turn of the Bower. It hat been shown, that it is not oi o tranKendant a kiud a tl.e reasoning appose ; and that viewed in ft Just light, it it a neas which ought to bare been Jell to implication I rather than an cntt which ought to have . been txftelif grunled. Having ootervea. that the power or erecting - corporation it not expreMly (ranted to Con - . Cess, the Attorney - General proceedi thus : If it can be exercised by thorn, it must be, 1. Because the nature of lederal government implie it i , t. JBecaoce H i involved in tome of tli ted power of legislation: . 3. becaae it is nectttary and proper, to carry into execution some of Ihe specified powers. ' To be implied in thenatgre of the lederal government, tay he, would beget a doctrine to to - definite at to grasp at every power. s ni propiMiuon, it ought to be remarked, it notpreciselyyorerea suosUntiaJly, that which fau been relied upon - The broDosition relied poo it, that the tptcifitf puxccri Congress are The fcllowieg palpable, otaiisuon . occur at nature; ooe which in its maturity will be able tiseii to create otnsr corporations. Why, then, does not the came clause authorise the erection of a corporation in respect to the regulation or disposal oi any other oi th property of the Uok the tubsequest illustration will more and more evinco. It is pre! noted to have been satisfactorily shown, in the Cvarse of the preceding observation, i . 1. That th power of Uie government, as to ine o' jects intrusted to it management, it in it nature sovereign. 2. That the right of erecting corporations, it one inherent in, and inseparable, from, the idea oi sovereign power. th United Slate can exercise no power but inch as it delegated to it by its constitution, does not militate against thit principle ' ' 4. That th word neceuarv. ia tha reneral clause, can have no rettrietire operation, derogating from th force of thit principle ; indeed, that Uie degrc in which a measure it. or it not necessary, cannot be a test of cotutituhonai right, but of expediency only. ... 6. That the power to erect corporations, is not to be considered at an independent and tubstan - uv power, but at an incidental ttrtit BSltIll.lM - y r U..UWU, in rat - ului.uten, wnen iney ueny ecoeraliv . .j - - w' - i w ui tuwu j u wwcr vi iuv nauoDui governmeoi to eret fett corporations.'' From the Philadelphia A merican Centinel, Dt - ermoer vj. . . "r of repaying, unless ces wimui tui gilt in the differ - eat tate. In tbeloaa be placed on an irredeemable fund. doing this, he will be guided by the salutary , This enumeratioli it liable to a variety of oh - and republican rule of - rotation tn Jice He jecuoa. it omits, in th Brt place, the s&ar. could not adont tngors - or - ging f a fund for th security of true that there are some persons who Lave len,l7. i;L,8'U1 ia mosl b'm mS retained that they imagine that "V 6 uin iiui lucy inuirine mat death against all person who thAH clanues - to prohtUi. exrtaUoo of TyjX?S Itdwre.4year.cordinern,tint it would be years coniinement m but which in lime of war necessary w umn, (wuisisnT wiu reiauon 10 navai and warlike store. . t. Of the power to prescribe rules concerning the characteristics and privileges of an American bottom how she shall be navigated; as, whether by citixeo or foreigners, or by ft pro - poruoooi eacn. ; 3. Of the power of regulating the manner of compacting wiln eanMn, tbejwliciesofshipion their voyages, Ice. of which the act lor the government and regulation of teamen in the mer - cnani ternct m a specimen. I! . .1 ... nai me preceding article are omissions, will not be doubted. There i along list of item in addition, which admit of little if anv ooestion. of which a few sample shall be given. 1. The jrantinr of bounties to certain kinds of vessel and certain species of merchandise J of this nature is the allowance out dried and pickled ft - 'h, and salted provisions. i. The prescribing of rule cooceraiur the in spection of commodities is to be exported Though the state individually are competent to this regulation, yet there i no reason, in point of authority at least, why a seneral svjtem mirm not oe auopteu oy ine united State. tlnelv land from the Barber coast arainat all who havinir communicated at tea with a vessel infected or provided with a foul bill of health, shall not make it known to the Board when visited by the officer against all captain, proceeding from an infected place, who shall land clandestinely on anv point on the Spanish Coast and against all persons per - fonnincr Quarantine at aea or inn hnr uhn w ithout the knowledge and express order of ine uoara, snail take or send any goods or ef feet out - of the quarantine ground at well as u wno suau awuti in aoing so, or who shall steal or assist in stealing them out of the same. It decrees ten years imprisonment in one of uie opanun seuieraent in Airica, gainst all persons, .performing quarantine, who shall break it and run away, although but one dav should be wanting to complete the same i and against all eaptains who shall land clande. ivoro ue Board or Health, vtteruL It .h..l.t thr k... " EASTO?., f Penn.) Dec. 25, hot pro - the ame settlement against all persons, proceeding from Gibraltar, who shall land clandestinely at uie nnc or on any other point of the Coast and against all who shall attempt to enter the, garrison by ine beach clote to St Philip or sc. uaroara rnin. ... - - And it decreet lets ervere penalties against sucn persons as shall communicate with those in quarantine or who, sailing along Die coast, hall refute to obey the call of the Health Guards, at sea or on shore i or who shall tell new or old cloths without written permission Accomplices to be punitlied as principals - ana inote who are aware ot any of the rules, and are to be punished with PHILADELPHIA. Dec. 31 There it reason to believe that f Km tions pending at Washington between Spain and uie uniiea oiaret nave closed, at least far the present, wunouc any saiisiactory result. There is reason to conjecture that the neoci alio) with the Spanish minister at Washington have unexpectedly closed in consequence of the uiict iciciivc ui uk onusn nimisier ai aiaaria 3. The regulation of policies of insurance 1 of . ben "waon to conjecture that if Amelia ! - salvage upon ngood.lound.toft, ftodlhedispo - 1 - ". guarded by sition of tuch goods. 4. The regulation of pilot.' 5. The regulation of bills of exchange, drawn by a merchant oltnttlalt upon a merchant of onefnrr tate. This last rather belongs to the regulation of trade between the dates, but is e - qually omitted in the tpecincatioa under tluU hesd. The la - t enumcralion relate to the power to uirpore 01. ana mace all needful rule and rem. latiotu respecting, the territory or other property belonging to Hit United States. The head of this power are said to be, - 1. 1 o exert an ownershiD over the ten - it or of the (failed State which may be properly called the property oi the United States, as in the western territory, and to irutitule 4 government therein r or. t To exert an ownership over the other property ol the United Stoles. ' This idea of exerting an ownership over the territory or other property of Ihe United States, is narlicularlv iiutannita ani it A. ... at all satisfy the conception of what must have been intended by a power to make all needful rulet and resnUatiotui nor would there have been any use for a special clause, which authored no this g more s for the right of exerting an ownership, is implied in the very definition of property. , It is admitted, that in regard to the Western Territory something more is intended : even the institution ofa government ; that is, the creation to their nature loveruga that it 1 incident to H body politic, r corporation of the highest are not occnninl anH American troop, tbey will be, or wumu ik. occupiea ana euaraeo nv Kni.h iroopt. F rom ft correspondent of the keeper of Mer. cnant't nail, uoston. GIBRALTAR. Nov. 17. There have no American vessel arrived here ince I wrote you by the Constellation, except me .naccuonianana Balance, irom Trieste. In port, brig Perseverance, Gall wood, for South America, loading j ship Neptune, Place, for N. Orleans, discharging: brig Helen, Frost, from New - York, do. ; schr. Cassar, Grave, for Mar - uteneau, uo. j ong betscy, trwin, Trom Boston, will be out of quarantine tomorrow ; schr. Ves tal, Mix, for New - io. - k, in quarsmtint: brie E - i:. . 1 . L. . nn .1 . . ... . v - nuu, jixiumij, za uay irom AiarteUle, for ew - sora, idz or o aayt. , Price at Gibraltar, Jfim. 18ft. Cocoa, Ca - ra - .uu, twi. jii wonce, oiartinique, best, 10, corn, none; wneac, laneg. (4 1 - 4 bushels) y ; canuies, sperm, ae a 50 ; opium, 3 25, saJes ; cocninesi, 0 au; inuigo, patllsh, I, uull: cod nh, $4 1 flour, sup. 13 50, little demand 1 rai sins, muscaUl, box, 1 15 a i 60 ; bloom, 125a 137; cask,5; pork, $18, wanted in small parcels; beef, 14; rice, 7775; t tares, W. O. pipe, 6, very dull ; tobacco, Kentucky, 12 a 13; Virginia, 9; tor, $3, dull j pitch, $ do.; wines, maiaga, tweet, pipe, ;U dry, qr. CaiK, $17 a 18 1 catalonia, red, $40. Spanish dollars, 3 - 4 per cent premium in ex - cnang ior goiu. A seen novel, interesting and pathetic, occurred a few day since at the court house in baston. Wnen among the several debtor, who naa otett imprisoned u th county of North ampton, and who were about to take the benefit Ibis idea wul be enlarred upon in another of th innnivMt p.nM.k - ..:. , I . . v ...wn.iHtr .pjiru I before the court Jacob Titus, a man ami 00 Hence it appear, that the enumerations which have been attempted by the attorney - general, are to imperfect, as to authorize no conclusion - whatever. They, therefore, have no tendency to disprove, that each and every of th power to which they relate, include that of e - reeling corporations, which they certainly do. as M . . i r years , bit tall, furrowed and worn oil majes ty of form, tottering, reclining o'er an oaken stalT, Ait only lupport, 100th vear of hi ae ; relinquishing by oath ha little all to ft merciless creditor, of another age, and another generation, to free the remnant ofa century from th captivity of a gaol ! ! ! Trembling with years ho arose from hit seaL and repeated the oath of resignation. Th. court liberated him : when he was told " Uiat he might go where he pleased," tear burst in his eye, an involuntary sob audibly trembled on his witncreu up, hut Heart teemed surcharged with griei, corn uown wita tho weight of year. GosHr"r. Dee 20. Owrug. At Salisbury, in this county, on 3. That the position, that the government of 25t,i j,n!,t:,nV. Mr HuKh Colter, hi hi ... buiivuiuic, uiiucnwk 10 serve a war rant Tor a debt of about 20 shilling, upon the body of Thoma Laiton Laiton resisted the ten ice, seized a leaded pnunket, and discharg cd the contents, the muzzle of the run beine .U..& e. - e . . r. i . . . . . . P uw" iuoi irom unr into Ins leir his eg is mcniiiy hhoi ou, DCtng appended by s few temlons. The shattered bones were picked up in handfl'.ls by the attending - His leg will be amputated above the knee. i nere i but little hope, we understand, that Mr. Colter will survive his wound. Laiton is longing to the United Slates i the dosign of which j oho ; end was, therefore, more properly left to afeIy lodged in the Orange county Gaol .enumeration is to show, what it included under implication, Uian enpretsly granted. 6. That the principle in question does not Ihe power of the eevernment bevoud tha prescribed limits, becauvt it only affirms a power to incorporate for purpose trirAtn the tphtre ef th tpecified pmtert. And lastly, that th right to exercise tuch a power, in certain cases, is uoequivocally granted iu uw man posture ana comprehensive terms. To all which it only remain to be added, that uch a power has actually been exercised in two very eminent instance, namely, in tha ercti , CINCINNATI, Dec. 15. ar9iif On Wednesday the lOlh instant, at about 15 minotet before 1 1 o'clock at night, the shock of an earthquake was sensibly felt in this town, and also at Newport, Ky. RUTLXND,fVt.)Drc.24, ffenr of Speculation. A persoa passed "'""f" wm m lew otyi unce, in quest oi commissions and warrants, belonging to sumv - ing officers and non - commissioned oihceri of the ic.u.uuwo. of two government ; oa north - west of th river of an old Mrgeant, for iftich iie gave 40 dols! no actually parenased on' rntrmi , - - - vuiu - rvvsi, uie last roue - rodent of tmy antecedent compact. ' And there results a full aad complete demonstration. thattheraeratarVnrt fit a ami tltum.. in U raenlit tS tk. it;rrl .i:: - . t i . . f" ITHACA, Dec 17. Counterfeit. A person by the nam of Wake - man Bradley, of Danby.Tiega county, wa an - n - k.H.1..1 ! .1.! - 11 - . . - uiciiouueu ia uiisYuiaze. bd - 1 rnmmiita.1 1 ;i on Saturday last, for passing a gold, half dollars anu quaners gut, to a to represent eagle and half eagles, lit had several of these pieces about uuu, sou cenietseu naving (peculated in that Rotation inoflice. It it unrloMtnrwl. . 10 between two and three letter from tlie city of Wash ington) that 'the hTa - - , I - W ""nd.liat i . ,.. r. . . ma"'blv" u'1 ie hitherto sustained a b rrKnrl ..4 l president of .the United State means shortly to make some eonsidcrable changes in the offi - bably been the dupe of a gang of more skilful and hardened villains, of whom, from what hat fitllen Irom Bradley, and the meaf ores taken to detect uwm, we are tu nope of bemg able toon to rive n full ...... CIIARLE5T0.Y, Dec 21. I . f . t. t r r. ... . Uiey pc,, ..perior claim, to their reco pofitely VSZl? tive ittiaiionst Uinse. r . :,i k - '.i:. ?I0,?.w,t rr,,Parer othe 7th No - I'jocs ; those, of will be dnv br.fTt i.', 15 IT" XT. t ".TT" .inia.W r n coure, vember. m too confined. r ' I ..." " "v "?ui py toe satisned . but we do not he.itat - tn nMnnnr. frru. uAr.n.iuv. V.K .'""7 w "J ..,;Ri k... . j. . 10 irom Rochelle. We do bwa. said, to .tirulat. the cU J i.l. .. - I - ,. : j - . v iu n - ji cufcorer. on a ni.tti I ? Jdiw apphcaton of republic - rrasol of them, any new. of much ruhh'c inter .k l.,.? P!ce - not dircover, en , hkiy Z71 lATriT ,"uon.0' e Pllc .nw'M of ruhlt'c inter ban. luOividual, often h - - " ". - w. piurcuiKiny satistactorw in the nav ne latest nanerennfa A. tha rk tioa other than the payment of int erest. So ...i. say govtmraent ; a a - 1 so they often find it ne - coMary to do. Every one recollect the lottery ticket aod other douceur given ia Great Bri - tuoa a cotlatend indncemeoi to Um leu Jin of Koaryto thegoymnient pie in general To those whose lot it it to peecht opening of the chamber i bnt it "resign." we commend aftence ; in the cir - 1 H"" 10 our view nothing of novelty. Toe curovoiunon or the wheel, their turn will come l..yJ - . .l..rT ")al w r - ""kney wat a - gain. niwiucome boottofetiiratotheU.StatithechmateofR - . - Wewe informed - from a f'Ti0. Mr. Gal - of credit, tBriUt 'LaUstfrem Eurnpt.2j the arrival last ey we have received Loodoa paper to the Oth, and Liverrpoolto the 12lh Royember. The ship AOA - Maria, Waite, arrrred ftt Liverpool to the dncommonly brt space of 16 days Crom New York." The Courier, Bowne, also arrived at Liverpool m 17 day fom this port : A Loo doa .paper, observes, "We hare letter from Calcutta by the Courier, of ft later date than a ny received direct The Liverpool paper, are dressed in mourning at the lost of. the Prin cess Charlotte. She died the 6th November, af ter protracted labour and delivery of ft still bora male child. The paper ar occupied 1 most wholly with the detail of the ereat, and preparation ar making for the .Court going into mourning on the occasion. The following, it will be teen, give the UU of the market and the dsws as much in detail as our time will permit Aiotrtitdin Liverpool Papert. I or N York, ship Courier, Bowne i Ann Ma ns, Wallet Hercules. 3. G. Alnevs EmubnM. Chase j Zodiac, Ay mar; brig Uleutnorn, Still - man. For Charleston, shin Aristides. Carter; British brig William, Caitcheon. For Boston, hup r biu. ucwu. i or rnuaaeipma, (nip ui - do, Maxwell t Jane, Ferguson. For Portsmouth, shin Charlotte, Appleton. For Baltimore, ship Belvidera, Hobtont Walter, Wilkinson. For Savannah, brig Langdon Clieeve, Davie j ship hiuiuh, v, roriivriciin. anin niv. itia. Ship Active, Brown, from Liverpool for Savannah, at Milford. Ship Martha, Kennedy, from PhlladelDhia for LivernooL at f .nmlaih. Khir. tiaiatca, Jackson, from Piverpool for Philadelphia, at Holyhead. Ottowa, Auderson, for N. Orleans, tailed on the 99th fVt. nl nut hab The Nymph, Hutchinson, from Charleston, at Li the infraction of I vernodl. Shin l Jim. rn ftt. i'h:i,X.i..k;. . do not trive information. I UeJen. Wilson, from Virm7. . r:r.i,.., V..' great severity. . near, from N York ; Cyienet, Henderson, from do: 1 1 otpmac. Bradlord. from N Vnrlr icaivu, - Tiij', i noma oiioert, iviary - Ann, Parker and Sons, John and Mary. Eliia. Gen KempL Icung Hollidav, and Omnium, all at Li - nr wi rumuwDK. Of HI hmn. ih n 1 . debarron, Borden. For Orleans, brig Ceylon, Ferrier.' Cleared at Liverpool November 1. hip vim.yfuucj, iwr wiiariesiuo. From th U.S. Orleans, AU othsr ports. 181C. LIVERPOOL, Nov. 5 uur col Ion market is in an uncommon dnll state ; last week wry 700 bag found ft market, while the import for the tame period (owing to th wind coming ia from Uie west, after blowing 4 or 6 week from the eattwardt 7 am 1 !. . : wca, wnitn iDCIuae btfUU Dars Irnm tha It. K but such it th firmnett of holders that cannot be said to have given way more than 1 - 2 craais, and lor U. S. cotton scarcely wj uwig, u iacx, so niue business hat b done, that it it difficult to ay whether thele uj giving way in price, it remains to be teen whether quotations at present can - be supported u mer such a tuuueo accumulation : lor our own part we must wnut cvnfcjt our doubts : butoihart equally at wall, peruap much better inlormed, are very sanguine, and even look far a r ha. lore long. - it seem to be admitted that . - .tiers cannot keep out of the market much lonrer. ci 1 . . p wuuuiu prices nve war. It will be leu in Amen. can (U. S.) descriptions than in any other, be - .auaa iiouls are ugnier. There has been imrjortaj intn thi nwt iha ""i iu mmun oi ue present var vk'.a - ii tun of all descriptions, which it an rarest ver the nrtt IU monUu of last year 4849 bags, 119.93C 18,032 137,949 122,636 260,585 1U17. 130,545 25,995 156,540 108,894 265,421 260,585 Excet this vear 4.839 bx?. Yon will observe the excess of American cot ton to be 18,591 bag. The stock on h.ind being comparatively leu than any other kind, it a proof that the consumption ha increased. min respect, we are y'r. ob't. terv'ts. LAWRENCE. WILLI3 t CO. Boweds, 19 1 - 2 a 23 1 Orleans. 82 a : Km isianos, z 4xi a zs 10J ; pot fehe. 60s a C3s : tar, 15 ft 16s; turpentine, 15. a 16s; rice, 37s is, scarce; qur. Darx, IB ft 20s. N. Y.: Philad. 19s a 22 ; flaxseed, 70. nominal : brl. staves, 13 a 15; hhd. 22 a M ; tweet flour, ousaot; wheat, 13 a 14spr701b. 4 wk omoi o preceamgib i5tn current, ha been below 80s for wheat, but even now many person are of opinion that the ensuing 2 week will be tufficiently above 80 to keep the ports open un - tu iua iaiu oi r eeruary. Nov. 7. No alteration in the markets for the better io new. . Litcrpool Corn Exchange, UthJfor. 1817. ' locreasinr orders from ln - lnnl fnr imarirn flour, caused thit to be the leading article throughout the patt week, and the tale of sweet aad sour were eacn Uay numerous, wj,th a progreuive ad - vance in the currency, which, en to Saturday, a. mounted to 4s. per barrel, and this was exceeded, a few parcelt of Philadelphia uuiaiuing Wva. tuinougn oniy part or the Balti more onerea dv auction was aniH nt rr k of delivery from the vessel not being precisely iicai vi mi ntngsiiniuani. moiurn nni iiMhU:...LI I . ' . D . i"i'uiiiuuuiur aearer. was nowever raiacri firf perbutbel. The demand at to - dav's martrat n rkierl. for wheats ot th middling description, which obtained 9d. to Is. per bushel more than on this day (ennight; the holders of th finer analit:M demaudiur a coirejpoodine advance, tha aalM nf sucn were not so numerous. Flour was not so extensive demand, the shipments for Ireland oemg nearly completed, a it cannot be admitted there after the 14tli instant. The supply ofosts was tmalL and they are therefore 3.1. nor hn.h.l .1 L. a . . . . uearer, out mil uoe not apply to old parcels. Bnrlev. old a wall a, w. . .... . brt without an increase to the rate. N w malt is offered to be delivered from the country on V V V. UK, I UA?. I remain, resprttfully, ir. Your obedient servant, JOS. HOPKINSO.V. F rem .Vyer't Liverpool Mercantile Adzertiur and rriee current. Oa reference to the Act of Parliament regula - Ung the Importation of Grain, it appear that we btre not been correct in computing the period when LSe last avenge for Uie quarter ending the lath Instant. 1 to betaken. Tha ! - . .1 r:. ' : r ' r - 4U ai - c. o) flirect in average in ub unae no ana rmnntt ,n .rrnn i. Geo. 3, cap. 30, ec 48, which enact, ? That the receiver of corn - returns thall, and is hereby fMntrr rl war tf Kin .fa .t .... ... ' loth leb. lath May. and 15th lr . ..k cdingyear.tomakeup, compute and dittin guuh, from aod npon the six lait wmiI. by him received. ( pursuant to th rtirwf,. .r "uuieaiaieiy preceaing ncb respective periods, an account of tha nwni ......I. qeantitie. nd prices of each respecUv"ori of ui .uni cum, mat snail tnuir inh.r. K . uu and delivered, in and duruie snrh ' w. each respective district, and therefrom to make up and compute the average nriM . - t. . tpecUvetortofcorn.w te. The averages forth pretent quarter will therefore take date from the i. o ,,u7 ibid, aad loth Oct. urc i.L - um Hon ism ii or. l n.ira air Am J. opandpubli.hedare, J u" 1st week llth Oct 780 l - 4dl id J8th " ta a j ( pr. quarter 3d " S3th . 77 10 a a 4 f wheat Asiitci Pea - M. Octal 3 ea rail. none, old 6 per cento and new 6 per cent, none in market ew Uxa, $ par c tot 10 7 per t?nti none. Louisiana 6 per erntj and bank shares, nothwg done, j New dollars, 3, 3d.;' ;' : : ' 1 ', - Aggregate average price of grain for the quarter ending I5tn Aug. Wheat Vbs. lid. oats so. 4d i barley n. 3d. per quarter. " ' London. Mob. iO. The Russian fleet sold to Spain hat passed the Belt, and, it it (aid, will proceed direct to Cadis, wrthoat (topping si any port in England. ' " A Flanders nftul contradicts the report that Spain is to cede some territory in return for she Russian neet from tievei, ueuverea over to nen i ne payment, it is said, Is to be made in money. 400,000, which she is to receive from us for the abolition of the slave trade. . This is a Holidav at the Stock Exchange. The price of fund are a shade lower than what they left off on Saturday.' Three per cent Consols for sect, are 83 I. Cans KjcrhaMM. We had a food ninol of whral .LT - . . , rr - j iu muruinr iroin uoei. out uie samuies in gene ral bring rough, caused brUk sale of Uiose ot finer quality, at last Monday's B rices. Fareim wheat sells readily at an advauce of full 20s per quarter. Fine Barley, beiue scarce, is full i to 2t Der niiar. ter dearer. - . ? Ltvervool Com Exchange. Aod' 11.'. We liat hnrt on itt.l u t' I !n i i. Jnu(. 1. - L.I - 1. ."JT'J va.u. uua ua nidi aci, itlULII was not a brisk ooe. Old and uew Weal and old Barley were brf per bushel. Oats IA. Mnlt 3A. anH beans it per Quarter drurer. American Kloiu - also ji per IM. higher. Price, Eiighsh new Wheat lis a 13 W per 70 lbs. : Foreign do. 12 tn M ; A. merican Flour per barrel 59 a 61. import for the week ending 10th Nov. 2333 Mil. Am. Flour. J ar, Am. 10 a 17 ; Turpentine 16 a 17s ; Rosin 8 9 t Ashe. Dots. 1st fil a !Oi Ut noarl, fi" a RA' iHra,utisiiiiBioaioi; upiuna u Ma sb 14 New - Orleans It 94 ai Wj Tobacco, Virg. 4i a d; Kentucky 6 aW. s . V' ? 1 Unman, Aotemtera. ' The captain of the Spanish government brig, which attacked the U. States' schooner Firebrand, soma rnnnihi am km luwn tried by a court martial at the Havaiuiah, and broke. The captain of a frirate who assisted in the attack, hat been tent home to old S Dai 11 tirl . ' K.v. I,:. : : . . ' " I " China. Intellirenr Irnm t Ptrali,i. .u... that the Russian Asiatic Company had acquainted the government, that its latest arrivals from China bro"gb' n account of Uie desire of the Emperor Of China to SCe foreum unbasuiriitra at hi n.iirt. lira hiik luoiuis; a ai uie turopean ones, being anxious to maintain constant diplomatic relation with them. Are we tn mirlrttMl this, if rt be authentic, that the head of the Celes - tiul Empire i wiUiug to spare the beads of foreign ambassador from the nine thumps of the Ko - Ton i ' Laxrpoot, November 12. The ahip Ann - Maria, Captain. Waitc. so well known ia this port, arrived here on Tuesday week, Irom New - York, in the uncommonly short suace of tixteen day ; beinr, we believe, the quickest passage ever made. DEATH OF THE PRINCESS CHARLOTTE. From the London Gazette oCA'atembcr Gth. Her Royal Hurhness the Princess Charlotte An - gusto, daughter of His Royal Highness the Prince in - pciu, ruu consort 01 it is serene Highness the J n ARRirtO THIS rdRawnn Shin Pjimllii In. r.. Livemool. with tirv nuut. . . Tboroa Musgrow owner, J & N Heard A M'Greror. W Neilson & Son. iT C6.S XTobia Co. G Wrsgg. Q White, T Wrwht W W k T ffVK i Chance, Sherman. 8treet k. Co ti uZ Webb, B W Rogei - s & Co. J Crawford. j7 ' gee, D Parke, H & G Parke, II & fjfii? Tracy Wright & Co. 8 Brown, J P nacu, u wray, AdCock & Co. A 8 f Dummer k Co. J.fc J Cox, H Sager. LBtZ bie, J VandenheuveL S Haxard, Marx It it1 lev. 3 .Vtnhk. f tvwi,:.. 1 , . , Livingston, Mark Barker, B Marshall, naiiirnr. w rvionira sUai. n m - D"f naemisoa. ivjiu ail ql sDlvOKfL in, Rt Hurtl DHnhnrr.srM r . day from the Lirird, with dry 3" I? Fi fl Grinell, owners, Ellif ffi; D Duff. J M'Call, H Andrew., J A.rSf. Pnuce lipoid of Saxe Cobourr, was dehvered sloop West Point, from R Island for Charleston; Or a fitul.hom maUrhitd .1 nlnan .!. I.t nl.k I , . 1 n . of a still - born male child, at nineo rlork last ni. - ht. and about half past 12, her Royal Highness was seised with great difficulty of breathiuj, restltss - neti, and exhaustion, which alurtuinr ivmntoms eocreased till half past two o'clock tliis ui 'miug, when her Roval Highnetrxpired,totlie inexpressible rricf ofllisRoval Hhrhnoatlie Pjnuelt. gent, of her illustrious consort, the Prince Leopold, and of all the Royal Eamily. 1 Oe Jf ruiccst Chariutm. in tho 991 .r her age; the was born on the 7th of January, 17'Jb, aad married the d of May, 1815. 1,131, Jor. 4nd7. The bri? Twins. Nirhol.. fmin Hmvrm fnr V " . r"1 " ' aimouui on r noay . The Susannah, L Ter, from Waterfordto London, wui "iiu iiaienora on n eduesday, with lust oi ber bowsprit, having been run foul of by the Active, Brown,' from 1 - lVrmooJ to Sarannah. whir - h SJTjyedatAlihordthetameday. . Tut 1 niiilnii rin Ih ni u i wW'TC to Ainiilai, wa spoken Oct. 24th, Scilly bear ing i. n..oy rt. 8 leagues, ov. 7. Off Plymouth. 3.1. SaTlv. Amlev. from Baltimore, for Havre. At Bristol, 6th, Berwickshire Packet, Day, New - York. fo Onmtend. ifcl 31 The Charles. Smrev. Vlr. gmia: Nancy and Mary, Babcnck,ao.; Erin, Hussy, New York. Nov. 3d, arrived, the Washington, i'omian, New York. - man from Petenhstrgh bound lo Boston. At COM. OH Sf Tho Johanna. Mum. frlm vwennagen, lor Baltimore. At iii - mj tii in Th. rL... i - t,.y.. vt . - fj . w a ub . . i uiuu. . , tiai i ... I Ork. 23 llav RolvLHma H.O,u. Rnllinnr. - NymiA, Hutchinson, Charleston. , . ' At Clvde. (a t 7. the 1'hnmac.Wilmn. Tknmn. o Virginia. At the Texel, Oct. 29, the Mary - Ann, RusscD, OStavia : Janson. Hirk. (nfPnuUnr - l Hn An At lldvet, Oct. 28, the Lady - Monroe, Diamond, ' . I r : . c l. t - ' it, . C i. t - f " oeiow, i oris anu a tcr.ooners. The Ohio, t'apt. Carman, hence for msterJ dam, wat spoken on UiebthDe hi long 32 lb at us iu, then lb days out all well. J , Savaxm au, Dec - 22. Arrived, ship Ster, linf. Johnson. Bon ton 2 tv. . - j . . English brig Dykes, 1 liompion, Havana 1: day. Sloop Venus. A lford. Hartford. Con. 11 days Below Ship Alexandria, Hutchim, of Nev York; brig Eliza, Adams, of Boston ; brV Gen Jackson, Pearce, Providence, R L; - f and brig, names or where from unkrw"' Chatxsstoh, Dec 24. Arrived; '"'P Brandt, (of Philadelphia,) ffteinhvi" aya fom Lt Rochclie. Left iavl - oad of La Rochelle, it i t m ii Packet. 28 dav from N Ym bound to Bordeaux. The hri Hannah p - ley, of Portsmouth, 80 dav from hort ef provisions, bound to Bordeaux2 Brandy very scarce, 510f the 27 vclu riceOfj but no sale cotton .dull, expecting the nt crop, r ranee quiet oowever, it waa expect. ed that in the course of the present mtetinr of the Chamber, many contests of great la,, portance would take place. '. Jliip Maria - Theresa, Axiddy.N York 5 dan . run Sf twru fi i n ,.,r. .. Herald Oflice, Norfolk.! Due. 29. I Arrived in Hampton Roads, on Friday eve ing lat, the U. S. frigate Constellation, CsY, in a passage of 44 day tVonjXribfalte'. the American squadron consisting of the Washington, 74, Com. Chauncey, frieate Uni - C - a States, opt. Crane, sloop of war Peacock, rv I . n l i. i . - i ' x' '""','Ar ine r rrcoom, Blunt, New remained at Gibraltar when Uie constellation Z" - ":'. "' .ragon, BMon, Boston. saiied i the sloop of wa New York, in 16 day ; Mary, James, do. At Haore. Mm. 1. the ALr.atuW Km. ork ; Powhattan, T - r V rrfi slius, Gor - den, do. - , Oscar, Potm Petre. - . At MmeilUt, Oct. 36, the Only - Son, Bowles, Rhode - Island. The Lucile. Boulonre. ' Havre for New - from from Orleans, wa oblured to put into Pecanio the 13th ttlt kiM l . . .w i: i. : i : .i . " - " .uuva wiui liguUUIK, III iur ulglH of the 29ih of October, off the Isle f Wight, smm! ine masts muen ctnuageo. , , e rota me iMrerpoot Jtdxertner of JYrr. 8. . Arrived, the Belviilera. llobaou. Kahimarw Nymph, Hutchinson. Charleston. &altd. A'or. 4. the friends, Jeffry, Charleston : Ottoway, Ander son, Ncw - Urlenus : Dawn, Colfer, Savamiali. 9th, arr. John, bmitb, Charleston. Ibe tbtp Zodiac, Ay mar, is advertised to sail from Liverpool for New - York ou the 15th Nov. t rom the Lictrpool Cornier of A m. 12. irrited. the Little - Cherub. M'Kever. Philariol. 5 hit ; Ncator, Slerliug, New - York ; and Mary, aiues, do. baled, Nov. 7, the Lot hair, Foster, Virginia ; Charlotte. Aooleton. Portsmouth. N II r ite; Hart, Savannah. i he ship Fanny , Foremen, has arrived at Green . ock in 18 days from this port. ine iourMT, uowne, I advertised at Liver - i pool, to sad for New. York on the first January. npiic auui urecnoo, eany in November at S guinea per barrel. From (lit Xaiionml Inlclligei.cer of Dec. 30. Appointments by the president, with the content of the senate of the United Mates William Jones, Pierce Butler and John Coo - eUy, of Philadelphia; George Williams, of Baltimore ; and Walter Bowne, of New - Yoik, to be director of the Bank ef the United State, on. ui part oi me united states, for the year ntu - r MED, On Wednesday, the 31st ulL Mrs. Harriot 8. Gosman. axed 33 years, daughter nf Jnrnh Sherred. esq. The friends ana acnuaintanr.e of tbe family and tlioe of George Gosman, are requejted to attend her funeral from her late residence. 35 Broad it. at thi - e o'clock to - morrow afternoon. At Wilkes Barre, (Penn.) December 13. John Bettle, Lq. aged 66 year, Cashier of the Piul - ajciiui a orancn oanK. ErEJflA - Q POST MARINE LIST. . et.' CLEARED. Ship Magnet, Ogdeo, Liverpool Ship Pacific, Holden, Falmouth, Jam. ..." Root. Lenox . Morning - Star, Bishop, . Charleston James Munroe, Watkinson, Liverpool rvt .. IWrightXlSon Columbia, Curtjt, - WUnw0rtoti. NC Chase, Forbe., ftM.ry Brig Tair American, Marshall, 'C Nw - Srteaa Brig Hippom Bourne, Cee, M'Cormick, Schr. JaneDiti, SimoDjon, Louisa. 1 hoc - rT Scbr Louisa, Thiirp, utprey, Venter lc Co; - Curracoa T&P Stag - Benj Havana Hide. Sorfolk Savantinh erfcV.k. sailed for Marseilles a few hour before. Charrtou. I Captain Oreighton, heutenants Watson and At JVartet, Oct. 57, the Ocean, Coffin, New York ; N "Cholson of th e na7, atid captains Hall and t.i ij.ii. j .i ' 'I o. - v, - ,t. in. n..:. the Adelle, do. and do. At Leghorn, Oct. 16, the Maria, Lane, Alexandria. At Liaermool. Jfm. 4. th Ann - Mnria. W aiva.iiiiu, mievi v" - 4 v ;', vamw passengers in the Constellation. 7 be ConsteJ Iation has also brought home a number of dis charged teamen, whose term or service bad expired. Midshipman Abbott, a promising and deserving young man, and highly csteenv c4 by all hi brother officers, died on board the Constellation at sea, on the 13th inst of a pulmony affection, lie wu a native of Massachusetts. ,". . . i ; Arrived, sloop Ann tint rjr. . 15 dr from Philadelphia. Left Cohanry on inw tcjfc inst. in co with the schr Hamlet, Pearson, and Esile, Goldsberry, .both for Richmond Hie former has got in and gone up the river t the latter run ashore about ten mile North of Cape Henry. , On Saturday the 20th inst ia attempting to fetch into the Capes,' the Eliza Ann uavit, experienced a tremendous flora of wind and mow, which drove her off intoth Gulph ftream, and in company with a number of other vessel, wu compelled to lay too W hours. Dec 2 Uh, spoke loojS Henry, from If York for Petersburg, having been blown off if - ter she got 4 miles within the Cape of Vir trinia. , ......... A ; . " Sloop Ploughboy, Watkins, 5 days' from Egg - Harbour. ':.,.' Sloop Aheona, Allen, 4 day from N. York. . Sloop SUter, Weeks, tVom Richmond, bound to N York, put in on account of had weather. Brie Mary. Daman, 7 dav from Nev - York, with paen;ers, bound to Mobile. Brig Despatch, Cibbs, (of Warehant) 8 days from Charleston. 1. ' , Schr Speculator, Silverthorn, from Philaie! phia, (having been blown off.) . r . Sch Ann Rosina. Manchester, 10 days fiom Boston.' Spoke, Wednesday noon, about 10 learue to the Eastward of Cape Henry, asmsll chr 4 weeks from Cape Fear Rivr r, bound to this port s had lost both boats, and been tome time without any thing but herrings tor the crew to subsist on. ' ... . . ' Sloop Driver, Waterman,' from ' Hartford, fConl via N York, lilin from the latter. - - " Sloop Margaret, Bennet, from .phildelpbi, , (having been blown off the coast.) Sloop Mercator, Saunder. 19' iJ froia - Warren, R. L . Sch Jachin, Donning, 3 day "torn Alexan., dria bound to Salem, put in on account of bad. . weather. Schr Virt - Inla. Vshin. t day from Salem.) Capt. F. tates that the gale on Saturday Ui 20th inst. wa one ofthe severest he ever experienced. " , . 8ch Pollv. Easter. 9 day from Boston. ... Sch Gleaner, Bugbee, 20 day from Castine. The achr Tell - Tale, ChuicUvrard, ded hence for N York, on Thwsdxy Ut, aad got outoide the Cape about 10 o'clock the tame evening, when the wind being directly a - bead. with prospect of bad w either, put buck. , ' The British brig Duke of Wellington, ebasi cllor, from Falmouth, (Jam ) bound to UalU - more, anchored on Point - look - out w,s,u.7 last, during a heavy gale from N. N. W. hich, blew to Urmendousty that ice Dng ragBru anchors e0J tha m - makisg a cunttant bfa over ber, tho bccane completely clogged wita ivs. hf brvajht p about Uo'dxis the We w der. Paksengers, Mr. Hamilton and 19 fat : teerage. Nov. 18th, off tl.e Tuscir spoke , hip Pacific. 19 day. from New - Yorit 1! Dec. 6, tot ii I 28, long 35 52. spoke brig OhJ 15 days from New - York. fnr m. .i.." 1 lat 40 42. Ions - 6T S3. Hn r3 Euslatia for Boston, with .fc.'.,..!.l 7 "v" - u,"i sbu ior New - York, m Ship Lorenzo, Lorenzo. I) & 1 11 iirwnrui . VMinaja a. a. r 1 aa ' r. i " .titiij, ri - iuum eL do. kng .w.,ju,,; jv, n. eacn, UUaUleV. 1 Chance, J Bowerbank, W T Russell and otheJ raenger, Mr. EJiiabeth Barker, J, Freer,M Z Maijey, D. Forbes, iienher - and 13 in tU .i.JT sge. Sailed from the Uo win, Nov. 18,inco.wii hip Amason, DtiVies, for Newport and ship Col . ttitution, Seward, for St. Ubes. Epoke in lat. M long 45 30, ship Washington, 67 day from Goi' tenhnrtr. for New York. In latin. Ton f1 .:1jC St. Clair, Nichols, from N York, for tiibraluljl1 Brig Frederick, Hopson, 21 day from BcrmJi' da, with rum, sugar and molasstt, to R Picked R Buckley, Bailey & Uu?el, and G Landon, Jfi board. Passeneer Geo. Leslie 1 also. Cm 1 J , nr. . .'.a.. - j a d ret on, i ion, 110 were paaseoKen of noaru ine onir r - menr. an i nmti. rmm is - . - . . - r ioniiiieo, uouoa 10 r ranrr, wrewKed on Berniit da, 30lh Nov. 5 poke. dec. 1 1, lat 38 a In. 70, British schr Adelia. 10 days from St Jnh.fSJ N. B. for Jamaica. Dec. 24, lat 35, 5, Ion 7iI ioke bng Rising fcun, Gardner, 50 hours fro J Jo rniladelpma lor Port au rruice. uuu. r irgiuia, nnucnw, ouhji irom rniladJU witn nour to Win. Gallagher. . WittloM Pul.... 't 1 .1 r m. minsinn. N. C. with tnttnn ml nival , I n7. ril. .W.W.W , Schr. Alert, from St. vue ovrtt n.r, t ciKWrHnte, Curl !Cttl navanuah lor Cotton. Lat. 38, Ion?. 74.nafc - 1 timr w n ,?a ' I L pr I'P" on pr ui M; t ths rsi nei Pi tin Uv tbt is l B St Uo Lc on Rt th ; r - - , - - - - i . i - ' ""s - ' - f - r - ' i - i' i sia Jthi an ve ill tie tin S ftci fan Ri s Po 6 ths wc JIM I ter ret te cai fat j i iet lc but I10 a aci lea an hoi I abt Aa oa sbo ma

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