The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 20, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, November 20, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. V»L XL Xo. 509. Gettysburg, Pa-, Thursday, November 20tt, li)13. Price IVo O*t* -SWEATERS- FOR MEN--WOMEN and C H I L D R E N 50 cts To $7.00. Ecfcerts Store " ON THE SQUARE." ANNIVERSARY OF LINCOLN ORATION AT GETTYSBURG TO SAVE CHILD f heimer said that Lincoln was not ln~ |v;ted here for the origii.i! date as the 5 commission felt be would not be able ·to^nake a speech that v.uuld measure jap to the occasion. The ^'feotincc to the invitation for Xoven.ber 19th m .vas i J dated after October 23d. verifying this j -! s"iaierae-it- Dr. Billheimer related *lw! Two MgW OxfDrd t incident of Lincoln and John BL.rn? go- j 5 ing together to church and in clossn^ j 2nd Successful Attempt to Little ChHd from Injury in away. Dangerous Rescue. BOYS AND GIRLS LETTERS FROM GET PREMIUMS, COUNTY TOWNS Matte Brave: Corn, Potato and Domestic Science I Correspondents send in Many Items Celebrates Fiftieth Anni- his story of the incidents at the ceme-! ~ r n . . ,. I terv said "There will never be ano'hc-'.- * versary of Consecration of thej occas5oR in ^ history of lhe wt . rld j Soldiers Nations! Cemetery with Run- such as that. There \v"H r.oier be nn- Show in the Court House Arouses \ Interest, Prizes Awarded to Many i Successful Contestants- I of^Interesting Kews from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Jlrief 'terns. through New \ m i j Four who Heard Lincoln. The official lisr of prizes in the boys' i ind girls' exhibit held in the Court: WALTER'S THEATRE One Xi^ht Only Tuesday, November 25 The Big Success WHITE CHURCH White Church--There will be Sun- was announced t «ay School and preaching at this place that.!'his morning by Prof. II. Milton Roth Ion Sunday afternoon, Xov. 23d. hundred as follows: 1 The teachers from the schools Elaborate Program. Memories by , speech, such a cause! it ,'as « o«a-' Oxf ^ ^ a bu ^ u in ^^ was , anc . sion of a man's lifetime. I have seen it., se?ted a lope chu £' horse be! ; | House on Tuesday n f j 13 -" 11 - 0 TM"/ 01 '^-; ,, 0 , | to Mrs. Peter Fleshman. of near Oratons. | Dr. Phihp M. Bikie ] tc . va draggsd Dr. Bikle was also a student 1.1 Get- j yards A P \Vagaer and J. C. BierlyJ For the best ten ears of corn raised ' through this section are attending in- lives!by a boy or girl: First prixe $10.00, stitute at Gettysburg this week. ~ey con-1 Martha Tv.-i.iing; second $6.00. Meda Miss Er'nel Wolfort has resigned her anv Hayberger: third $3.00, Paul Hoffman; scnool at Long Branch. Xew Jersey, ! fouiVh $1.00, Elmer Warren; fifth and is spending some time a'c her home small, SI-CO. Martin Walter; sixth, $1.00, at this place. '..he kind j "*""'."' ^" tv "- -- '-- ® veni ^ | children had gone to Xew Oxford and. Chester Mumper. : L- U. Collins is engaged in sawing . For' , 1 - m c o . n went to the meeting » » j at t }, e o fg ce o f j r . j_ L. Sheetz. she! For the best ten ears of corn the ! out the tract of timber of James Stair, ^ , . inmost suceessiul events 01 " . . , . , . which the town has ever en jovea , , . " i almost three hours , _ . . :tne Presbvtenan cnurcn W H E R E 15 W A N D E R 1 K C M Y B O Y a:i auaience 01: , . , , ., ed to leave earlv tnat erowaeu , , .'teachers and citizens, ^^,.*.^^. . , · i snook' ! Walter's Theatre to the doors, listened · J. " ; those , s as ne. . ' , sitting along MOTHER Kemetr.'oer the ^raiid old livum '' Where is Mr Wandering Bov To-night"' · ^mf- -- t?*J-!L4. f^ti~i. ***··«»£. ^* t * « * V V.i l . * « iJIW^l. ' * . . . . , » · » I t»*t · - j i- j - r- · ! tae dedication ne saw Lincoln mount! j ! orations delivered irom a GeEivsourg;, . , . . , 'and « * · r^tc; hfir«; arir? rnpm Tmln-A-ar? -*i-i!-» rV»*a Praised by PRE=S PUBLIC PULPIT stage for many months. With the j his horse and then fo!io-.ved. with the "A play for every :nother, father and child" -- Rev. jfyha Burton Seat-on =a!e no-.v. PEOPLE'S DKl'G STORE. PRICES. 35, :. Wand 75. " N e w G a r d e n A u d i t o r i u m Skating afternoon and evening purchased, this section , _ . ^^ I -JLL.ll^ ^\rll r C W U b ~ _ ^££. O V^U. tV £ ^££S«^£» " " " " ~ ""-» · -*.-.--- ·-»., ^,_.v ^- ^ fcj s ^ 1 *--4 tV. ftl ** , - - - . . . · . -- « . ; - j.ttn^ci d.*v.»* tne aisle. Dr. 1 - t 'to che interesting experiences or tnose- ,,., . , 5" . ;n tne oaggv. [who heard Mr. Lincoln on November i r!riie nappened-to be one 01 tne lor- I Tfce ^.^ n ^^ maRKer broke J For the best pop corn: Cloyd She'c-i Miss Lizzie Appier and Claude Sny| IS, 1863, and heard two of the best i ^^f^ 6 ^? ftfL- * ^ *"* Q *~' TM \ " he britile -- stripping it from us head,. ter was awarded the first prize of 75 · *er, of Two Taverns, were married on n ^ ,^,,-,-,,,, . , .,, , . free, made a short, cents and Edith Warren the second 1 Sunday, Nov. 9th by Rev- T. J. ' prize 50 cents. ! Berkley after whch they left for Har- Martha Twining won the 510.00 j risbur S where Mr. Snyder has employ_ ed in the buggv, screaming at the too' prize for the best exhibit of tsotatoes ; menc - presi- of his vQice . - , ^^ endre , y by £he exhibito ;. In the j Miss Laura Wolfort is spending sev- At the office of W. H. Kohler. A. P.' contest for the best potatoes, in the i era! weeks at her home ' ^ cer bein S' Wagner, a merchant, who was passing J raising of which the contestants did ! engaged in seu " in ^ for some time itt wav. made a daring at- not do all the work. Paul Hoffman | and aboat Bl S lervii!e stop the ranawav, and sue- j won the first prize of S3.00, and Mar- I The ^ of Charies Worley which · speakers were fifty or more i who were in Gettysburg nf , , i stuaents. to tne cemeterv and hea^d of tnose!., .. · , · , . ' tne address made. Arterwara in the itv vears i - n T u v. j ago. [presence of Dr. Baugher. then f * '.",. , . , ,dent of the college. Dr. Everett said to Atcer several songs bv tne teacners ,· , _ . , , , i \l V I · (r»r*/^I r» " i c-r^rf%L-«x frfi- r-*»-*-» !-! ji.^ *m j which occupied the period v.-hile the; i Mr. Lincoln. "I spoke for two hours. turn ap({ break-neck speed, with the child seat-1 H O T O PL A KALE it EDISOX MZ\RY SERFES Yl- A (present day. Hon. Wiilisni McSherry VITAGRAPH PLAYING THE PIPERS Vitaprai-n It's a tc~t of wind. IICGIIJE MACK has plenty, bat not enougt- to corn- pet' 1 ' w:th Mc^a*-. v.ho has an unlimited suf-piy- An expZosion r-roves it- Rev. J. B. Baker The principal oration of the dav was '-. Joseph B. Baker who inspiring address. He FOOLI.UCK Th'.- T»nns Ii!-..-,r v.a^t-- h inj; n: « t - rue. 'l.ii'*' Kaleni f :,% In tire sszue i!ar. "coil: promise to brinj: their -fi- r.ji their viav lioa.e and luy ifct bagsagt bt- He told now Governor Curtin cams j aeilv e rea °y -· to Gettysburg a few days after the | m f de a mosr ! battle to Superintend the work of car-| sai " : iingrfor the wounded and burying the I ~ Tbe occasion that has called us to- ideld. how he appointed DavidVills to Isetber to-day is unique in the annals i represent the State in this work and!; of lnan - Wars ~ ehere * nave been innu ! how ilr. Wills on Julv 24. 1863 su^-- 3ierafale;trenches to hoid the dead. Kalein Comeilr j gested that a property be purchased ro j-.~.-t£ upas TJ'L- wife in orrkr to get uncle" »= jbe used as the final resting place for enough to girdle /the globe: {-«; I ivviiv ati; trav Hn«r :n !:· r at i5:t.- !iip Tt!Ks:"i: · »: :( -»-:»-- BON" 10 V. ii! Merrv Th" i these who died on the f.eid "of valor. |a nd: memorial services AKY SroItYiwi-chinamonth seventeen acres o f; hal!sand pnbuc squares T.»:i!..rr,;c. X-Jit "THF. \VfiI:.. SheTM starts 6.15 P. M. (land were purchased for this purpose j and in another month the commission- jers from the loyal northern states :-S dEF.IEb KASEBALL---lu Movin- 1'k'^KS j gathered for their 5-sc meeting. Mr. Admission 5 cents to ail ! -'IcSherry told of the work of Wiliiam ,-^c to see !i -.1 K starcf.1 back- With MAlIY : her .--r FL"iJ-.i: THANKSGTVIXG DAY Cr-C! T IIXGS ETS net vll limiteti to th".,.~- to eat. feowever enjoyable tiisy r.^y be- There are a!sD good to -=vear. especially these included in those es- Kentials like crava'ts. gloves, hand- 'ssrchiefs. fancy vests and hoslerj- Thich all go to make"up the line of rtoods as sold as furnishings. Saiig- tan's have an exceptionally -fine line. The Quality Shop WILL M. SELIGM.VX The Cash Tauor ments to the fallen patriots in in public the Trorld around, bat to as is reserved the unique distinction and the sacred privilege of commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the dedication of aarth's most fatnous necropolis, in the panders, of Germantown, the lana-| ver " si » ht of the ground in which the I scape architect who planned the pre- f sleeping hsrces die and in the presence yards, to the home of J. C. Biiely. beyond the railroad- Ac "chis point Mr. Birely too made a desperate attempt to Candy. First prize, 50 cents, Mildred Wilson. Jelly, First prize, §1.00. Ruth Hart- NEW OXFORD Xew Oxford--Dr. Irvin I- Ruff, of ;. visi'ced his parents, assist Mr. Wag- man; second. 50 cents. E. Hope Han- ww^mvm, ^uea nis ner to conquer the animal, whien was "man; third. 25 cents. Edith Warren. | Pror ' and ilrs - Damel EufL recend '- sdll running at full speed, and the two ! Dresses: First prize, Sl.OO. May i Dr ' Ekon Rutp " men finally did get him under control Roberts: second prize. 75 cents. Helen ! TM slted hjs morher - ilr£ - w.,h difficultv. A bridle was secured Feeser. } several days recently. or pi "Jadelpma, D - and the harness, whicii was somewhat! Embroidery: First prize, broken, was repaired, and by this Gladys Mertz: second, 75 1.00. cents, i | Mrs. M- M- Bowser and son, Her- '.- rime Mrs. Fleshman and her other Blanche Heiges; third. 50 cents. Dor- chiia arrived upon the scene and went^othy Zercher: fourth. 50 cents. Madylon their homeward way. At one point in Roth; fifth, 25 cents. Loretta RafF- the buggy, while the horse was run- ensperger. ning at full speed, missed a telephone ! Hemming: First Sl.OO. Xettie Eaff- ssnr arrangement of the cemeterv. I 3I ^ a( se. who. as children, witnessed | making it. he declared, -'the most ' he original ceremony fifry- years ago. " beautiful national cemetery in all the ! " H * s ^ee.rt indeed would be as hard civilized world". On May 18. 1S72 it is flint who would r.ot be steeped in :was turned over to the Xationai Government s:nce -.vhich time it has been ; still fai'i.her beautined and cared for. pole by only a few inches. XEXT ATTRACTION Where Is 3Iy V\"anderins Boy Xext Plav Here. i eusperger: second, 50 cencs. Lorene ' Roth. | Fancy Work: First prize. Sl.OO, Velma Bream; second. 75 cents. Mav Stover; third. 50 cents. Mav Henrv:! bert, of Manheim. Lancaster county, visited at the home of her sister, Mrs. H- I. Smith, on Saturday and Sunday. Paul Lenhart. wife and daughter,* of Abilene. Kansas, are spending some days at the same place. Miss Clara Feiser on Saturday completed her course as a trained nurse at the City Hospital, Harrisburg, and re-* turned to the home of her mo'eher, Mrs- =· t-i. -n T TT ~c · ^- ! Saturdav. Xov. 29, Miss iourth. oO cents. May Henry; nfth. 2 ' " Theatregoers of i.his city will have an opportunity of witnessing one of reveries and moved with great thought j the cleanest and most delightful plays ever presented on a stage when jTha five superintendents of the cerne- and I tery have been -John McAllister. Mr. and it this solemn hour. -'Here Sftv 3-ears were Lincoln "Where Is My Wandering Boy"' is of- p^j-^rj,^ Everett and Seward and Seymour , ered on next iuesday night at Walter's CHI un and Doubleday; here were \ Theacre - Tke P la 3" is founded on ;he ! Stambaugh. Xicholas G. Yv'ilson. Wii- | the new gra%-es of over five thousand j ? rand oid hymn. "Where Is My Wan- j Ham D. Hokzworth and Calvin Ham- | fallen soldiers, soms in blue and some! derin S B °i" Tonight", and the comedy Feiser will cents. Edith Hilcerbrkk: sixth. ^ M^'e for Pittsburgh where she will cents. Beatrice Bender. ' UfKe a three montns special course in Dressed Doll: First prize. 50 cents. ^ ^J ^T Ma ^. e Hospital. E. Hope Hartman. I ^ an ° IrS I LlpP% OI . Ham P stead ' t i i, TS- i -C- · - ~-i n- TT-, - \ -~~Q- are snending some "cune at tha Patch-\\ ork: First pnze.Sl.OO Hilda , , . - , * . . '; home of the lormers sister, Mrs. Guy Manual Trailing: First prize. Sl.OO ojj( " er Ray Snyder. 1 iltc-n. I n gray: here were still the blood ! stains upon the floors and porches; The first to tell memories of Lin-! lere "" ere the riddled fences and brok- Prof. Calvin Hamilton Prof ! ~ Ti v -"indows; here were : knapsacks tlie battered ^ pond Corres- 5 =fc TO TEACHERS: To our already large line of ence Paper and Cards we have added the very best numbers from the leading shops of the country and have them on display for you this week. Your inspection is invited whetner you bay or not. Peoples' * coin's visi'c to Gettysburg was rroi. j , j Calvin Hamilton who related how he j Ra?sacks ana rust ^ tincups: herei^V^; ! had stood in the presence of 4000 dead, I " lVsre su!I tne shreds of biae afl d shreds j ] and pathos it contains change with the ICE CREAM RECEPTION 1 rapidity of the glasses in a kaleidoscope. It is a play for the old and young, and the presenting coniDar.y is Mrs. Emsauel Reed spent Saturday and Sunday with friends at Mt. Rock and Hanover. J. W. Winand and wife attended the , public sale of the personal property O^cr One Hundred Gallons of Ice j of the former - s i at her, Frederick Cream Given A 1 Winand, near York Springs, on Sat- -- . manv ot them killed by his "side and" 1 ; f , = ra - i ' u ? on the Iea ^ess bashes: here j ment the mosc evenly balanced or-, on the road---advertise- i The reception given by the Get"cys- burg Ice and Storage Company on CIVIC NURSE PLAY = lone of their: a school mate: that he = I him self was suffering from an open = · woand received in the battle of Gettvs- I rent and that iznder such circamsten- j ^ nfrv- years ago were twenty thousand i .n citizens from nineteen din- \ tares, some having come to J with the nation over her losses. I GOOD CONCERT = i i ccs he co-ld scarcely give an unbiased I :thers ^° add I0 the nation's mourning j cning En'erfainmcnt at Teachers' Institute. , {he ! Wednesday afternoon to the public j ; met with great success Over two j -- ,,. . , ~ , ,,. _, ,. . . . . . ' I oung Girls of Town to Give Play for I tnousanti consumers visited the plant - betv.-een the hours of two and four- Over one hundred gallons of ice cream Civic Xurse Fund. .; .account of b\- the Hearons Sitters at -is ne f what occurred here on the f he sorrow- of a personal grief, for j j day of dedication. "I saw Lincoln three ! - hsre " vere here :hat da ? " ft 3" 3'ears j j times", said Mr. Hamilton, "first at the | ig '°- fathers Beeping over the graves j Teachers' Institute was first class in 1 White House in 1S61. then after the i 3I " their sons._ wires weeping ove- the 1 ever y part i ca ] a r and one of the best ·biocdiesl day of the war at Antietam ' ?^ vs of their husbands, sweethearts j attractions Prof. Roth has provided I in 1862. and Snaiiy at Gettysburg in '' v =-?^g over the graves of their sil- 'f c . r the teachers and their friends. j IS6S. I was thrilled each time and at [ 3 n t Draves ^here were here also those" j Gettysburg possibly more by his ore- i ' vho C3me ^" ith a -'" et deeper grief. 1 sence than bv anything he said." - Ilcss who - 3ike 1 Jndw McClean ; rhom chey COui ^ *or graves tney could not identifv; '· ^ e | here fifty years ago was delivered X o ' '.he world the finest classic of the Eng- ! his ' and about twenty five gallons of milk The concert given V.'ednesdav even- v " sre consumed during the afternoon. '. HOP. William McClean said that he i 5: i Srst heard Edward Everett, in- The closing evening e '.viii be the Venetian Serenaders this Evangeline. sought \ evening, an organization ,hat comes not find and looked ! ver;,- highly recomnier.ded. CASE SETTLED ihe employees at the plant did not have to wait until two o'clock to serve their guests, because they began to arrive before time and there were quite a iarTa number there after the closing time of the reception. The plant was open for ail those who wish- j £ ?. e curla]n ed to go through it and see the dlff- i | eren\. departments and the manner o; ' work in eacn and th,3 afternoon -.vat enjoyed by all the visitors. lhe college play "After the Game"' ·vill be presented by the Jenny Wren .Tlub at Walter's Theatre on Saturday -fternoon for the bsseSt of "the Civic Curse Fund. The club is composed of hirteen "little women"' of Town, coached by Miss Frances Fritchey. Mr. Water has given his theatre for the suse. Ticket? are only ten cents, and ! rise snortlv after two. . E. G. HAY YOUR - TURKEY - DINNER Will taste better if you have a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T , , , 4 . - ,- - - . : r-e oate ,or ,.- aedicaaon 01 tne ; a n cemetery was nr.c fixe* xor October Burke, here he gave us a title, as consideration of liter- DeserJion Case is Setiled and Articles of Separation Entered into. KUBER--O'HEARE 1 3Irs. Edgar G. Hay Dies in Litchfield, Illinois. on Thanksgiving Da}-. \Ve have a large var choice fabrics at prices to suit everybody. J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. according to Judge McCiean postponed to the later date that j | he--Mr. Everett--might prepare a _;, i suitable address- "It £tudents f or a The case -of de?ertion against C- Miitori Woif. on oath of Virginia Wolf has bee^ settled and articJes of sep- Thickk- as the saddened faces came ' ^ration entered into between parties, rears to of an occasion" ' an occaswn - Uo _ dav _ tne- grea, orator explainec, "tnat car.- bedis lew common- j rcar _ For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. OLDFASHJOND MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Tafiy. 40 ceraHR)., Bntternnt Taffy, 50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy,*20 i tents lb., Peanut BiittH-10 cent* lb.' L-e Creara TafiTies. 10 ceats lb. -- Fresh L'aily at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN i places." Judge - McCsean related the · ·esperjences of James A. Rebert, of jCsshtowr*. who. as Lincoln's j guard for the day. stood ac the room in ; \ the Wills building and sa~ the Presi-I jdent finish writing on a few slips of! ! paper-^possibly the revision of his ad- j i dress. -Judge McClean was Jbv.«, a few j I feet from Mr. Lincoln at the dedication ! j and said the Great Emancipator "stood ' in the gravity of his mien and manner as a seer with a message, as a prophet with a vision." thoughts come to H= . we think of Lincoln, i hearted, far-visioned. sorrow \ \. coming from his Ge'thsemane ! raver and agony in Washington , . , . going on to his Calvary a few; tOG 5"~ 1 months later, we feel like . ***** ,. ° bllga ~ Mrs. Hav. wife of Sev. Edgar G. 3!elv:I5«. T- Rubcr and Miss Katherine: Hay died * on Wednesday at her home O'Hearc Mamea. : = n L ; tc - nfie 3 d , Illinois. She was a sister- :n-32w of Mrs. John A. Himes, of Gar- lisle street- and a mother of Edgar rom Gettysburg Announcements have beer, received in Gettvsburg of the marriasre of Mel- \" .,. _.- ,, . , , . . % _ , . ! nav who graduated vine iuizs Iiuber and Miss Katnenne , _ · . _..,,, -, . . ,.. , _ .j r»-3LT cr* » i u -i- ^ | College Jn IvOo. irur.erai in Litcaceid O Heare at bt. Albans. \emiont. on ! ,, . ,^ , Tuesday, Xovember " IS. ] who if a son of Mr. and J Hi Mr. Haber, \ -J. H. ! INFANT SON bowing in - n 24--Lecture. Br. J. Ii. Sie ?«"hen ", Brua ChapeL that' Nov. 24-29--Bazaar. Xavier Hali. rook place on these classic hills, as the spirit of patriotism -ook these r.obie thousands as sheep to the slaughter. we feel Ike the Jews of cl'd on the to teachers--advertisement great day of Atonement. When we j think of the disconsolate bsr. of Springs avenue, is engaged .,_,,,,.. " , . . . | Young Son of 3ir..and JMrs. Lewis 3EL, n« i JsPt-OLAL: we nave received a large j , --»C -* .. - v i - · i j- ' - : Kirssm Dead. ; line 01 chiiaren s, ladies ana men s t i winter coats also boys" and men's fall : The j nfant son o f i r . aitd 3 | A fine line cf candy on display z, i the Department Store. Special prices i suits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x | Levis E Kirssin of West iliddl8 12. linoleum and sweaters. G. Knouse. Biglerville.advertisemenr H. j street died this morn ; n - affed 14 Dr. T. C. Billheimer Dr. T. C. BiHheimer was a student in Gettysburg College at the time of Lincoln's visit here and took part in (he parade to rhe cc;netcrv. lr. Bill- WANTED: married man to woik on farm. House furnished. Good wages. Apply Times Office.--advertisement widows who' locked silently at features on the wall.; the living likeness or which they were never to see on earth again, vaguely wondering whether a dying message would ever filter its way back home, fighting the wolf at the door and bear- and comfort, buy the Crawford shoe at j East Middle s'treet. Apply (Continued on second pnge) KirssinV--advertisement | fice.--nilvertisemonf IV IF you are looking for style, quality FOR REiSTT: nine room i i DOLLAR excursion to Baltimore. I November '2'2, account Johns Hopkins- j Gettysburg foot bail game. Leave Get- I tysburg 7:13, Baltimore 11:30. Will stations.--ad- 1 house on Times Of- l ! rnent in the Jewish cemetery. j stop at intf-nnediate vertisement WANTED: first class white cook. Hemler's Restaurant.--advertisement 1 ® USEFUL souvenirs free for every teacher at the Department Store. Ask for it.--;iclverti?ement 1 -IWSPAPKR!

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