The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 19, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1913
Page 6
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'JxE conducting a sorr of style exhibition these cay? for we are de- all our time to showing our rit-nds and Patrons the new ideas in hall and Winter Wearables' ""GAME FOR RAINY DAYS. , ·Tree Tale'' Requires Knowledge of Names of Various Trees. A good game for a very col* or a very rainy day. when indoor amuse-' went is necessary, is a "tree tale.-' Tlie tale is told on slips of paper with, blanks left for the names of. trees^to be inserted. The player setting down ; - - t· tke S rea test number of trees in the t TM *L,*r,,f» , "ale" correctly will Ue entitled to u I poultry after UK, featbers :ire removed We'd Be Fleased to Sfeow YOH! | Str-- in at your convenience and i ·/ take a look at the Be.~t things to Wear for .Men and Bc-vs the Counlrv oro- . Tiris stwuia b* d«=e wii -a soft brush Ojje ^,,^.,5 aav Mehir:lbc3 ^ ur - f ; auu ^:i«a so; ;: »su^ S . with abundance, ^ ^^ ^ officc -^ wllh a ,,..._ ; of c!«r. warm water to rinse. Care ; , m ^.^ ,,- fo _ tfce vrw , ds .,, 1(1 ..^ ! to up a bit and !e:svt- this j mat :s cjst:nci!ve ana one v.-iii ?uy "Buy" and 'i expected to ;isk questions, ro to price everything you care Come to Our Style Exhibition! may ta_ e:'.sISy ojvyri-d by it. Cut tbe bade of the att-k. sa inch ur so joyssfSJ i!ie crop :i«" arou:ni. ilftiit^ it o u t » v.-!*i'.ts:r break:!:-.; Ir ti^d at tse sasiie i . 0 ... Yv . fc are ofr ^^ e:l I j iai . _ j j. OTV l!lrO a.; h a ta , s IIow lliv . TSje tn4l:! wfr ^=,5 a ,j g{lt fre . n t j. e tr ., hl . L E W I S E . K I R S S The Home of Good Clothes. SS3S '*! ^ 9»»/,l)utly either with sKewers; :n«:as or a trussing neeHe ' -i. Riv^i- *.»J *» · »1 », _ ^ O * i i l_-i;'«- s. · ihc.-v v.-Htl birds ... tii ...u.,,1. Vou v.-i-i it if you ivse ao p:ir!icie or r- esenpes and ba^g it; oue of your .^v^ y tl , s v ,. o: ,- t gvc :1 », In liiis wnijVier MM':! tv.-enty cjinates O rjj er _L_ very soou. How Urn you gr-t .; jJiuc c-yw ;-t you i r"VS«*t - Ti*f !-*rii»!.-K !»-»*·«* -1 H*MSl(jf" Q£ ' ... . " I...I..I. _..« . Fc.sta e ~ i_ei_w. w soa;e one Vv -,«; i usc jyi:^ a ia n piece or" sort paper so; ^-; t - a s !j ( or serving tin:e. when the paper :s re- 1 :i:j(J it :» deUerueSy browned, c .jj um j,..^ cccoics t!.-;^- considerable heat for: j.; n! Live C C TO , * -- -»-- -i"- TM - T I-? ^j "-=». "F» ·*« '^ ·'iS*^ **1 V C-;e first half hour :a roasting a fowl, j br.siicg i: very «;;"iea: taeu after this; :nitia' pi'-iriajj 01 tSe surface they eni-j that --T-- iu your bain!: Ilss your reasiug you"' Bou'c ii!:s:0i ;a a high . Nov.- we go aome auil have pudding for L'he key to th-s "ra!" is pine. sj)Kice. Ro~al Baking Powder is indis- +s ·£..* pensafele to finest cookery and to the comf ort and convenience of modern housekeeping. Royal Baking Powder makes liot breads, cakes and pastry wholesome. Perfectly leavens without fermentation. Full Instructions In the "Royal Baker and Pastry Cook" book for making ail kinds of bread, biscuit and cake with Royal Baking Powder. Gratis to any address. ROYAL EASING ~O-.VDE-» CO., KEYS YOB* ! --. steady are for thorough' as jj_ tmisn. gum. firs, elder, S-.-oc-h. as- ^' i v.-enty to twenty-live mia-:, )c:j _ v.-iHow. :.c-:per, rue, ::ear, thorn, ** r.".-^ Jo ts« po;:^d-is tiie ruie tor roast-1 Diane. :lum. .: - larkev. itoinove a'l twine used i n - ; . ; . -, r ... ., T: O . x . ,,; , I :··--, ·-. -_--x- : -~. -.: y-ir ·.«. · ' . I T S * 1 j .v: ; - : i i i » i iv ; i To : ··:.-j*j.-t5«» ! j f -r t -;.:;-: :i:--- t'ie :::-;.-;:nr -vhi.--! ii i ii'.vay »r r o-.-:!n i - X i \ The- v,":itt-r ;;!:iss p"::::-»a -.viuca Is I f ^ ' | UF^i! l\.r :nv-.~v:rTlj:x ^'== s »s:ty I'O i:Sfl \ ^ -^-^ "* eI thii .v":u'.;oi! i!r: a-,-t l-t-eli e:i"jed ; to I he ::ir tiu li.ti'-b. rotftr:or;tt;oil o£ . j tl:e ?f.::;Mn i. i-i' 1 . }" An lii-.-rens- ; r .-.:-:ug !;efore sending the fowl to tt-, ^ CsS *.;. 5 .,^,c v e w s. J sv:.^i.-c.-s,;.; :,* c-s-c-Sv?- :: ; ;-:^. j ^ " " ^ " " - - - - ^ ^ A.'ic-r the tarkcy has been washed j ^ frtlND READING. £ :.r.:S -;-.^.-ti prepare the dressing. If al 4. ^ _ , , . , ^ , ,.- '=·' ·::-,·-;:.:.·: dross-ag is required reniove j -i-r-?-?*?-':-t $-^-?''-*':-'?-t *·- f. ''·--··-.".·i -. '-· ;!;i- ~::--::3 froai ; p'Ht of nuts, cock in! "ilinl re:i;llng" is botUa sanic-aiKlan; -=-!ti:!::y sailed water unti! tender; then! espena:«?uE :t:;d played by ti'-.y uuasbt-p dr.:::!. skin and c-hcp coarsely. Add a j o f n^rsuiss. oue of \viioui 'eaves the :::i!f :=.-af of sra-tr Dre::d pat through thei ;-ocm \viiiie thy others ::groe on some f.:i;l t-Uoppi-r. oce-cusrter of :i pound! si:iin:t- ttuac i\»~ hini to do. The ylay- tf t.niter. s:;;t and repp'-r to taste aadj {.;- \viEhout is then called in. and one OHL- '-;;^. Mix a:! together. :td(!Ing S; of the co:np::»y tuht-s liiu: by l'.:v hr.a'J. lin'.i- v.-;!ruj \vu-er if it seems roo dry. i u t: the s:t:ue tiise thlnl:::!^ intentiy of arisNh xvitb J:nk sausage tried a light' t he thaig agree;! i:yon. lie must not move ::siiess the first j:^yer moves. The {'layer v.-ho v.-eut out axust Keep his ia;::d ·-·u:et. tryiac to think of in;h- · :i:ir ia rjartlcuiar. riioviag iu any dirt-c- I tic-n h^ fee's uayelieci to move and do! Ing \viustever he feels !rr;pc-;!e:l 10 do. i The- i.'ayer v.-IH very often do the very j thlug l.fc v.-as re-iuired by the c-o:upany j to Co. { There is no geneva I agreement as to TVhy tills shouiii te the case- It is nr- n:e'I 5y some th:'.r the p!:;;.'er"s mind is rea'iy inSueiiccil by that of the one \vl;o h-jids his liand. Others maintain ^ : **, -' ; -,i« . ^ «- *r- .^^.'--tj-*- that t!i 7766 A QUAINT APRON EFFECT BROUGHT OUT IN A YOKE Attest:*,:: to the srsai! :'.-»;n:rs: rr.ak.;= «iu:ros 4=^ yaras of 42 inch velveteen j grc-^s intTs-tiiric; ir.:^ ^,-a~;-i:. The cui rinc ihrc'e-elo--ths of a. yard of colvr«cl . cf a. skirt or b;---.S' . in- :·'··- ~ pVcinc silk. · ·jt a lucl; '.-r u : ·I-J. slight ihinss 1:1 Fig-area chamie-sc Is effectively usea ' i:he-ms-" l -v--?. b'j: era! c:r-_ct- An KiCly t-'-c".; th^ crt-},-_-:,.- ii^ i ·io-i ·lii=iI:is""-h--- ! ""-"·'·- c-si: r: of drapiirj- on tiie siuss. ht-Ii Ir. il.e gen- "islih 55". \vh:cii is a. smart one-!;ccs ilr^p? in pc.-.-ant design, closir.g on the !·.'·_· fr-'Rt. The skirc sliov.-s just a s^s- 4, -.^»^ v, O" ST^lti IT^ IlI!t.-S tS.OS_ ^i.12 lUSC'L -. .-s: :·- net InstcaC of tfce --ateris: v.'.--:;ii ccd to the dressin3ss of ihe Ar ^.ftfr-iji.r. -i:v-s after tn:s cesfg" Xi_t. i'J----^J5'.t_·s S4 to 42. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTIO w (.'wmt. Pf-nn:- East EerSin 3!i;iin;r! :e part:iv-rr-i5j' are rcvii veil :. raid Aaron S. SIe-^r;-t. :ir.!; :c-".ar.-is =n t!:-.- ;.arrr.'-r~!i:p :ir»- 10 K- usually the re'""i; of ch:icce- :t !s :'i:i_-gC;1 that the pi::y;r of the experiment is Again, LIO has j bw i=.-nt a;:on tiie act in question inks of it so i:ier.tly that he cannot -^ !:elp f :-o-svl:ig rhe other, by unconscious uiust-fchir nsoveiiieiits. what is to be clone. Ir :- generally found that certain player^ su'-Crrt-.l herrer trhen they are :er^ nucl oiLe-rs ivhen they are 5ed. f--i ruereiy trstsns hands the player v.-h- a--.c? ont often holds the I g Xavier Hall NOVEMBER 22 to 29 i I Tiiv Bsu:sar for the i*ue!:t of 5T. FHAXCiS "XAVIKK .CHL'RCH v.iil -K-» -' Xavser Hal!. SATL'Itf/AY. X«»V. 22n.i. Attractive sloths h.t\e sx-en erectetl for t!:« oct-ssi"«!i ami txcry anesuio:! ^Kvii if iletaii in ord-r to inukr- the eveissna* pi'-a.-az:t forull "-'l-.o aueiwl. U.^iiini:ij with ?.!oi.v!sy C'venlKjr --vhr-a the LAD! MS" MlXsTUKI^ wilJ h.»!d tfca faiiarJs, ::.c-. r '.- will I/c a Frtv Vaa-!v:ile Sh-.\v i-ich t-'-viiinv :- ·· o'clock. -2 On Thanksgiving 3. Turkey Dinner will be served '£ *T . -· - *~" ^^. at a cost of 35c \v:ii i't: rievoteJ to tr.e entertainment · f A POPULAR LADY'S CONTEST ;© iii: other's hand nir-i:nst his 5---iii;t*ti.ues tho-omr ivho goes ro cue's hard at all. OT£ the ::r.:::;y th:ul: very earnestly "* ! ff v.-]::it they have agreed he shaU do. uinj: lor ::it- ?r-=t T'opniar LadyiniLe C«n- =rt«;u:on. The Prize will $w a Beautiful Gold SIGNET RING. The !i:it£.i= for tS.e coittttet will be soi'I ia the Hali at thv «-OH of 1 CKST EACH. V.jte for v/hoiit von please aati as ofa-n as you please. Every ': uilf.i -.%iil CM.-L 3-011 one cc-::t. D-cm^t U» contirsuf; one wet-fc. The re- sifft--- of ihi- voinstr wiil-lx; publishes! in th" hall c::cii r-vejiinz. - Don't fail tc visit the "Catacombs" or the Mysterious Chamber : - : Y'-'i:! i»c- ceiy-.t"! ·rith ibft trip and experiene--- a thrsii yon will not s-4 i.n forget. Xa\ier IlaSi in fact is tr-Hi-forsr.!*! inw:ivfirttabicC'OC"XTY i'Ailt vliere t-vvry!xiy. j-in::;^ an-i o:l. v.-ii Isav."" a:i oj.pArtnnlty to en- j-»y thfcuixcivt,;. Refreshments and Lnnch served in the Hall every evening. ADMISSION FREE EVERYBODY WELCOME o I I ·-^ · 3k I KSVI^SZSSSX^eK^ISI-^S;?^ s ar.-l un-ier !::s .-.v.-ji name :u=s o!c : . XOAlTv»\" SELL.' ! ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE I fcrown For estra nif-e gravy as · i c.-,i:::: r,r.;j jest before taking up accl one j . · oint ur uv.-iers. Sitnniar i:;jti! ihe edgtss I MAGIC MUSSC. that ehiidrea never tire of ;,I.iy:i!g-. j.o jlay "rnagit: · _ j--,-^ ,_^_^ i«.»:-;^»------ -. T""-^^- lt _°--" ;;tor Ir^srfug is preferrec: proceed; loiv-i.-." c-ivefi:lly count a iiuruber and ^Estate^of H. R KeV^os'late of Frank-: thtJ5: Cl:t tf:: siices or 3la ;t urend - re ! s«: tb.iL there is a c.lafr for every play. i-""""_*__-_'.:,, -. - f* ,,*,. T« Si* tnOVf* tij- CTJ1=:~ Soiifc 111 CiK-J vTnter U n - ! ^1- rr:n"c: ^-siifw T s T-T.' i c. rT'f- r-!viTT- fnr-- ...MAXWELL-MOTOR CO... desires "to secure a Ingh grade dealer to handle the ·^ is a TS7"?~ ~t~£~ l ~$ ~5 mAXWJbUL inc in Adams counly, most popular line in country and liberal contract. Apply inimediately H r T* .. i. erer 622 Pbila., Pa. ii 'ana i'-^sa r.aylns dainis wi:l present | Ntv . .. : ,- ,-_ the .5.-^.-. se asou witi I Ofe:-^''J'is the ?!tr-uii f-r tlie^iavera to .. . . . . . . . .-,,..._- ......r., "? . r.^,.^. T" 1 ]- sr i"7 sr'T^TAT'r Tri ' _ - t - . . _ ^. I " _ * *·- i /. S The best lamp for studying is the cs Rayo. Its light Is clear, soft and ^ steady. There Is no straining of the eyes. The Rayo lamp is strong, attractive and durable. Can be lighted without removing chimney or shade--easy to re\vick. The Rayo ^1 costs little, but you can't buy better at any pries. Your dealer keeps the Rayo ask to see it .,.-_; any ii:!tcl-or mny 1-e invited to come : r. U; r (lf -rK-i^-ixs bag." A paper ba S q:nua is to form one of the he ?arty. as it very ic best to make the E.-.-:e tv-ry thirty n-.:nuto.~ aatii the i r ^- e f -, A n f.^i(i R v .-h:ch hns the right to ! roons and back if potsIMe. A steal! re- ] hag of i,rig;it red tissue paper, doubled '. tcrkf-v ;. c-.-oked. \rh*'_-h r;~d: i-o about! j t ,,,,,; -,,. ,..^ s ^ t ' u - 3 :t iwv ortle- the i freshiuer.t table should be arranged j and !VisJe::eu -with glne at the sides. - - . . ' - ' - i - j-a _ jjjjj^. jj e usa j ail j3 :e-vei with red 7"-t f^- J J°i f3- "^* = ** ·°*3 -^OCFSO^ ^^ , : throo :. -:.-.= fur a tes rcsji:d n:rtey. \ payers to ajarcb ngair.. an-1. third, the] where the aoiJies can believe to j , r r^l crape p-'.sr ma; T*^,-^ ^ ^=.-^ £ |^/"v rf=s-3 \Vhik- vx. ' :;,g r:ru frequently that if n n r o ,, v .-ho roa^oved th" chair shall act! part.:tec of gooaies -while the little : the edges of the bag s .L/eiZl.'y r^\J*«?V4. i aisy hr--.v n ever.!?. 1 ; ^ uurrre !-aesw nrc oehi 3 serveil. Each doll | thread _ ,^^ * * · - - *^ M 1 C? . _ * .. » ~ J-,*. . . - _ . ¥ . and To 7"---;::'c gr :iv y remove the tur-j . key fr;:- the pan. pear off tbe iiqujc!.: " from --:::. sLir.i the fat; retnm the' ^ iNEWSPAFER o o n The Atlantic Refbbg Cospasy ?'"-ie» ? ^ Asoers CDiiling * --' -., ice. f.t^Tca Toriiato Ssiad. '-* Uoqoe'ort. , fcA to ::,-_· : ::dc two tnbloTOOTifHls j : ; PASS THE RING. j£ j thin! for !'.er r.cvr list, and so on-so | pers ^v:ih hoW caps a*d of S'.::r .j:.3 .;r ostii v.-e?; browned, j ^ " " i | that isosie are omitte*!. nnii the prizes] ever, some carefully wrnpp "$ · P"-:r on r.-:r.;r,ins which the] S-^S"i^3-v*~-£-« v 5~5'S-S-"«-i-®-i x $'i-S'S.-5-S-s j rv. a r :,-e s:na!l paciages of rcmnnats ! it is sus=pe:sde3 from the c. SshouHi be awflrric-a a prize for sonje^ When this gay Christmas bag is fin- artSf-ular ucr.i5ty--one for the prettiest i jslietl it is f.Iied v^ith bonbons wrapped res~.~finor.ier for her lovely carls, a ! in fringed tissue paper, or French snap- hoW caps nisd mottoes, or v wrapped toys, and cbaiKieiier by ^ ' in a ,sma"!l r.r.d secure kr.ot- Holding ! ?, 'ihe cord In their i:nnd?. the children ,[ V^isore -hI::Iro2 I provided and given to one of the chit interested ia ! drer.. lie is allowed to stand three 01 cr place ia the center, wane ji-ivo t '-f ]-vc;;u.^--i .-· n..^c...^^ --^.-- . · · - , . the one first in the middle takes a ; Tho ln: -^ri.-.;? sI«,,r.Kl he supplied, j es. anothor c-hikl is given tne wana. u place in the circle, and so on till the ' T!: . v .. v .ir, K -.pKc- the dainty o f ; blindfoldwl and niio-.ved to nave a interest in the simple sport shows signs .^;( e: .: 1 s ,r a hapi-y ::frerj-.non. j cfcaKcc. of Sagging. · TlK 1 s.'.;:i-.» \'.nx n:r.y be c.irric;! o u t ] \Yhen some c'asid is successful and i i rue. Pretty Sure Sign. · "xr^at flo you think? Jones went WLcn a. man has time and energ- ! ^p ten thousand feet in his asro-I lVl ' :it - t: ' ."cr.iiiK.5n a whole lot about work- \ p i arie ." "I think that's the neight of , ·'-'- ;: - v " tc bo co-.wideroil. , he usually- isa't.. i joliy." i ! " * or toys, as the case may be. SFAPERl

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