The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 12, 1936 ツキ Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
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Thursday, March 12, 1936
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 12 テつキ 1936 for the Rhineland incident he next will move into Austria and that that would mean war, for the little entente of Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Rumanm would not tolerate such an invasion and France would fight on the side of the little entente. 3. The French are sure they could make Germany submit ? in the end for France today is not only one of the strongest military powers in the world but possesses sufficient financial resources to bring a pressure on Germany which that nation could not survive. At home, Thursday the French figured a potential "paper army" of nearly 40,000,000 men which she believes her alliances with soviet Russia, the little entente, and Poland assure her in case of war. Before the French senate, for final action, was the Franco-Soviet mutual assistance accord, blamed by Hitler for his "necessary" watch on the Rhine. Might Prefer War. There were official hints that France might prefer a "preventive" war now, while she is prepared, rather than "carnage" with powerful "treaty breakers" two years hence. Coincidentally, French authorities claimed "other powers" would back them up, should they carry out their threat' to secede from the league of nations because of lack of support by Britain. Karlsruhe, over the German border in the Rhineland, decked its streets with garlands and swastikas and waited for der fuehrer, due for a night speech to open the March 29 plebiscite campaign. Ready for Invitation. Hitler called the plebiscite, in the shape of new relchstag elections, to get a new vote of approval from his people for his "breaking of the chains" of Locarno and Versailles. Coyly, the reich said it would not be represented at Saturday's league of nations council session, called to deal with the unilateral ...Locarno breach, but it was apparent the iiazis hoped for a last minute, formal, invitation. Then it could make a dramatic entry into the London picture. GERMANY MAY TAKE BACK PEACE OFFERS BERLIN, UP)--The German government declared Thursday that if any attempt should be made to demand of Germany that she renounce any of her sovereign rights, Reichs- fuehrer Hitler's peace offers must be considered withdrawn. In a statement issued publicly, the government said: "Should our conception that the only pacification of Europe is built up upon the voluntary decisions and actions of equal European states and peoples not find acceptance by other governments, the German government will, of course, withdraw its proposals and, resting upon the dependability. and the historic will in appreciation of sacrifice of the German people, from now on rather choose honorable isolation than to live as a nation discriminated against in the community of others." FRENCH SENATE RATIFIES FRANCO-SOVIET TREATY. PARIS, Cff)--The French senate ratified the Franco-Soviet pact oi mutual assistance by an overwhelming majority Thursday night. The treaty already had been ratified by the chamber of deputies. The vote in the senate was 233 to 52. It was upon . this treaty that Reichsfuebrer Hitler based his denunciation of the Locarno pact, saying that by negotiating it France had already violated the provisions of the pact. Eye Specialist Dies BALTIMORE, (/P)--Associates here were informed of the death Thursday of Dr. William H. Wilmer, internationally famous eye specialist, at his home in Washington of coronary thrombosis, a heart ailment. Dr. Wilmer, "3, founded the_ noted eye institute at the Johns Hopkins hospital bearing his name, but some time ago retired as head of the institute. Since then, the elderly scientist had lived in Washington. Frequently he was called upon to examine and treat distinguished diplomats and even rulers of other countries. Among the latter was the King of Siam; who consulted with him here. Former President of Chicago Bank Sought; Claimed to Be in Iowa CHICAGO, W-- William L. Martin, former president of the closec Kenwood State bank, is sought on a bench warrant for failing to appear and explain alleged shortages in the accounts of two buildings -for which he acted as receiver. Martin's attorney said he was at Fort Dodge, Iowa, and could not be reached. Persons at Martin's home said he was in Houston, Tex., on business. Georgia County Votes 40 to 1 for Roosevelt HAMILTON, Ga., UP)--Georgia's 1936 political record Thursday contained a 40 to 1 "write in" of President Roosevelt by voters of Harris county. The county held an unpublicized presidential preference vote_ Wednesday in connection with a regrular county democratic primary and returns from 12 of the 14 precincts gave the president 1,424 votes to 35 for his persistent critic, Gov. Eugene Talmadge. Garden Hides Ring 18 Tears. TORRINGTON Conn., (UP)-Eighteen years ago Walter Stevens of this city lost a gold ring, valued as a family heirloom, while digging in his garden. Recently a tenant dug up the ring. He noted the initials, engraved on it and finally traced it to its rightful owner. CORONER'S JORY PROBES ATTACK Questions Youth Who Killed Brother and Clubbed His Sister. BULLETIN I N D E P E N D E N C E , (XP--A charge of murder will he filed Saturday against Rodney Face, 15, Independence school boy, who has confessed he fatally shot his brother, Ogden, 18, here Tuesday evening, Kay Kremer, Buchanan county attorney, announced Thursday afternoon, following adjournment of a secret coroner's jury session. INDEPENDENCE, (.T)--A coroner's jury, in secret session, Thursday collected the details of the attack officers said Rodney Pace, 15, admitted he made on his sister and brother at their home Tuesday night. The sister, Thurza, 13, lay semiconscious in the hospital here. Funeral arrangements were being made for the brother, Ogden, 18, all state high school football player, who was shot to death. Dr. James W. Barrett, attending the girl, reported her condition is improving and that she "has a fair chance to recover." He said an Xray examination disclosed the girl is suffering from a skull fracture resulting from a heavy blow, rather than a bullet wound as at first believed. Questioned by Jury. Rodney, returned here Wednesday from Dubuque where he was captured in the railroad yards, was questioned by the coroner's jury. Officers said they would decide what to do with him after the coroner's jury reports. They declined to say what action might be taken. Dubuque police Capt. John E. Derrebery, who questioned Rodney after his capture, reported Wednesday the boy admitted shooting both his brother and sister. Buchanan county officers later also said the youth'admitted the attack but refused to explain his motive. Bullet Misses Girl. They said Rodney probably both shot at and struck the girl, the bullet missing her. Mrs. Myrtle Pace, mother of the three, reported she heard three shots. Ogden, however, was wounded only twice. "I think I can stand it if Thurza doesn't die," Mrs. Pace said. She added that she could think of no other motive for Rodney's attack on his brother and sister other than that advanced by Sheriff A. W. Hemmelman, who said, "it apparently was a sex motivated crime." Mrs. Pace, separated from her husband who lives in Chicago, operates a. chicken farm. Ogden was to have been graduated from the Independence high school in June. Germany Calls Home Subjects in Turkey ISTANBUL, Turkey, Iff) -- German consulates in Turkey Thursday ordered German subjects belonging to the classes of 1914 to 1917 to report immediately for military service at the consulates' expense. Funny man! He fights "for freedom and then deliberately assumes the ball and chain of debt.--Wisconsin State Journal. Administration of Frank at Wisconsin Defended in Report MADISON, Wis., WP--The administration of President Glenn Frank of the University of Wisconsin was defended Thursday in a report of the board of visitors. An advisory group, the visitors reported to the university's board of regents that discussion of the university's educational status "brought out the opinion that Wisconsin today has just as effective a teaching staff as it had in the days when it enjoyed the repudiation of being the outstanding state university in the country." SPECULATE ON WIFE FOR KING Host of Possible Queens for Edward Marches Through Mayfair Gossip. LONDON, UP)--A highly speculative host of possible queens for King. Edward VIII, ranging from Princess Catherine of Greece to "any charming American girl," marched through Mayfair gossip Thursday. Always an open subject, the talk of a royal mate for England's first bachelor monarch in 176 years reached a new high with his message to the house of commons, considering- the civil list, which asked that the "contingency" of his marriage be considered to provide, "in that event," for her "future majesty. While many concluded King Edward, by the wording of yesterday's message, desired merely to assure that the "contingency" be not overlooked, others recalled occasional association of his name with that of Princess Catherine, sister of the newly restored Greek king, George n. Four other royal princesses are considered "eligible" though for various reasons it was considered unlikely they would be chosen. And while one close court observer ven- tured the opinion that his majesty might even wed a "charming American girl" if he chose, matchmakers doubted that he would offer his heart to a commoner. WILLIAM COONEY, DOUGHERTY, DIES Sudden Passing of Farmer Apparently Caused by Heart Attack. DOUGHERTY--William Cooney, 62. died suddenly, apparently of a heart attack, late Wednesday afternoon in a blacksmith shop here. Mr. Cooney who lived with his brother on a farm two miles southwest of here was in the shop getting a gate repaired. Mr. Cooney, who was born at New Hampton, is survived by two brothers and three sisters. He was unmarried. The surviving brothers and sisters are Joe Cooney, with whom he made his home here, John Cooney. Chicago; Mrs. Rose Malloy and Miss Ann Cooney of Englewood. Cal., and Mrs. T. B. Condon of Minneapolis. Nebraska Solon Calls White House Firetrap WASHINGTON, (/P)--After looking over the white house with the practiced eye of a volunteer fireman, Representative Karl Stefan warned Thursday that some night the presidential family may have to flee down fireladders. "It's a firetrap,"- he said. "I saw numerous dusty cubbyholes that would burst into flames the first time a match was dropped in them." In his home state of Nebraska, Stefan became a member of an old hand pump crew years ago, and has been a volunteer fireman there ever since. Day in Congress By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Senate-Debates Panama Canal toll revision bill. Banking committee considers extension of privileged of trading in unlisted securities on exchange. House-Continues debate on legislative appropriations bill. Interstate commerce committee meets on rural electrification bill. Ways and means subcommittee meets on tax legislation. WEDNESDAY Senate-Passed .$975,000,000 treasury postoffice department supply bill. Immigration committee considered bill to deport alien criminals. Interstate commerce committee approved bill to expand federal trade commission authority. House-Continued debate on legislative appropriation bill. Ways and means subcommittee continued study of tax legislation. Find lowan's Body Hanging in Garage ONAWA. LVI--A widow and son survive S. E. Robinson, 73, former Onawa streets commissioner, whose body was found hanging in his garage. The coroner said ill health prompted the act. SNOW DRIFTS TO 4 FOOT DEPTH Results in Blockade North of New Hampton; Rites Are Postponed. NEW HAMPTON -- Wednesday night's wind blew a 4 foot snowdrift and blocked highway 63 north of New Hampton, it was reported Thursday. Because the funeral director was unable to get through, it was necessary to postpone the funeral for Modesta Hentges at Alta Vista. Quick clearing of the road was expected. Chester and Mcln- tire teams were unable to get here Thursday morning for the opening of the sectional basketball tournament but were scheduled for the afternoon. Fredericksburg and Ionia arrived all right and Fredericksburg won 27 to 23 in Class B. Rテつォd Cross Offers Road Aid. SAN FRANCISCO. (UP)--The American Red Cross is opening 302 emergency first aid stations on the highways of the Pacific Coast. Each station contains medical first aid kits, stretchers, blankets, splints and compresses. State Reformatory Convict Gets Out of City Jail at Mt. Ayr MT. AYR, UP)--Local officers advised the state bureau of investigation Thursday of the escape of Cleon E. Morrow, 19 year old Anamosa reformatory convict, from the city jail here Wednesday night. Morrow had been brought here to testify in a trial. Officers said he apparently left the city by car after fleeing from the jail during the night. He was serving a five year sentence in the state reformatory on a larceny conviction in Ringgold county- Perfect Police Record Claimed. MARTINEZ, Cal.. (UP)--In 30 years of police service, Chief of Police Charles Palmer claims to have exceeded the motto of the Canadian mounted police to "always get your man." Chief Palmer claims never to have lost a single man through court determination against the arrest. RADIO PROGRAM tt'OI STATION, AMES FRIDAY, MARCH 13 7:1)0 A.M.--.MatInn. 10:1)0 A.M.--Homemnker*---Mrs. Ucttry JVrsa. 1:0(1 P.M.--Moellcr'H Old Timer*. 2:45 P.M.--You and Your Government. 3:00 P.M.--Maatrrwork.. P.M.--March of Science. SCHOOL CHILDREN'S EYES SHOULD BE EXAMINED If they are falling down In their grades. Eye strain is a prolific cause of low grades in school work. WE SPECIALIZE IN SUCH CASES OPTOHETRIST 10 1st St. S. E., Mason City, la. Maybe candidates for public office should be required to pass an examination. But has it kept the dumb out of other professions?-Wisconsin State Journal. 'COWNIE BLUE LABEL FURS (Northern Seal--Dyed Coney) Custom-made or Ready-to-wear 119 Next season's new styles . . . at this season's low prices. If you're planning to buy a new fur coat next season . . . place your order now and effect a worthwhile saving of 15% to 30% over present replacement prices . , . and probably even more than that over next fall's prices. 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