The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 22, 1934 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1934
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

^ MARCH 22 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THIRTEEN Mudiill New Manager. AREDALE, March 22.-- Ernest MadlH is the new manager of the Right Way store. Kenneth Thomson, former manager, moved to a farm near Bansell. Goldlield Boy, 10, Dies. GOLDFIELD, March 22.--Merrill Matheson, 10, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Matheson, died Monday morning. He suffered spinal meningitis. The funeral will be Wednesday. MEDICAL ADVICE If you want to ^ """· ... relieve constipation gently and safely ... take the exact dose suited to your need ... avoid danger of bowel'strain --use a liquid laxative Wl 00 out MIT Can constipation be safely relieved? "Yes!" say medical men. "Yesl" declare thousands who have followed their advice and know. You are not apt to cure your constipation with salts, pills and tablets, or any habit-forming cathartic. But -you can safely- telieve this condition just by g entle regulation with a suitable quid laxative. Why Hospitals use a liquid laxative The dose of a liquid laxative can be measured. The action can thus be regulated to suit your individual need. It forms no habit; you need not take a "double dose" a day or two later. Nor will il irritate the kidneys. The right liquid laxative will bring a perfect movement, with no discomfort at the time, or afterward. The unwise use of strong cathartics may often do more harm than good. In buying any laxative, read the label. If it contains a doubtful drug, don't take it. If you don't know what is in it, don't chance it. The contents of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is stated plainly on the label; fresh herbs, pure pepsin, active senna. Ils very taste tells you Syrup Pepsin is wholesome. A delightful taste, and delightful action. Safe for expectant mothers, and children. Drug stores have it, ready for use, In big bottles. THE TESTi This test has proved to many men and women that their trouble was not "weak bowels," but strong cathartics! First: select a properly prepared liquid laxative. Second: take the dose you find suited to your system. Third: gradually reduce the dose until bowels are moving of their own accord Dr. Caldwell's Syrup 'Pepsin has the highest standing among liquid laiatives, and is the one generally used. TEMPERANCE OF IOWANS IS GOAL OF LIQUOR PLAN First Government Stores to Open in May; Many Seek Jobs. NEW HAMPTON, March 22.-"Promotion of temperance--not promotion of hard liquor sales--is the purpose of Iowa's new liquor control act which gives the state a monopoly on sale of all intoxicating beverages." Such is the claim advanced in the current issue of the clipping sheet issued by the Iowa state democratic central tommittee of which E. J. Feuling- of this place is chairman. "Virtually all main points of the act were suggested by a representative group of well known lowans after they had made a thorough study of the liquor problem in this and other states and in Canada," the statement continues. "The new law is now in effect but it is beleived that the preliminary work of the commission will make it impossible to open the first stores before early in May. Big Centers First. "Indications are the commission will open the first stores simultaneously in cities of more than 10,000 population and thereafter establish stores in smaller towns and cities as rapidly as proper investigation warrants. The commission is expected to visit various counties to personally determine local sentiment before making final decision on location of stores in the smaller cities. "As individuals, board members have made it plain they intend to carry out Governor Herring's oft- repeated declaration that state liquor stores will not be opened where it is evident majority opinion is against them. This, the governor has explained, is in line with his own pledges to the public as well as the democratic party's platform. 3 in Each Store. . 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Ask for demonstration. 25c Dr. West's Tooth Paste. 2 tubes for 25c Woodbury's Facial Soap... $1 Nykaline Mouth Wash... 59c 35c Palmolive O 0 *, Shave Cream.. 60C 75c Vaseline Hair 49c SOc Phenolax Wafers for 35c Aspirin Special at $1.00 Nujol Mineral Oil 67* 75c Russian Mineral Oil 42* GALLON §2.19 lOe Size Palmolive Soap Feenamint Laxative Gum $1.20 Sal Hepatica Anacin Tablets MODERN VILLAIN In the early days of the movies, C. Henry Gordon might have been classed as a villain actor. The word villain is quite passe these days so Gordon, although he plays the roles of unscrupulous individuals on the screen (and does a good job of It!), is known as a featured player. sons--a censor to pass on applications for permits to buy liquor, a cashier and a clerk. All of the stores would, if present plans are followed, be open daily except Sundays, legal holidays and election days from about noon until 9 o'clock at night, these hours generally being regard ed as best to provide convenience for every class of patron. In the stores in larger cities, where demand warrants, more employes and longer open hours may be necessary, it is believed. "Commission offices already are receiving many offers of leases but selections of store sites will not be made until the commissioners have fully satisfied themselves in every instance as to need or public demand for a store in each community. It is understood that in any event no store will be opened until after the commission is assured that its patronage will meet or more than meet fixed costs. No Political tavor. "At least 15,000 persons have applied for positions in state liquor stores. Applicants have literally besieged the state house. As only a comparatively few workers will be needed at first, the commissioners have let it be known they will carefully select only those men and women who bear the highest recommendations of their fellow-townsmen as to temperance, business ability, general competency and moral standing. Political favor will not be shown, it has been definitely indicated. "Since stores can be opened at first only in the larger centers, it is probable that permits may be issued to approved applicants regardless of distance from their home county, but eventually they must all be obtained in the individual applicant's home county. The fee, as fixed by the law, is 51 a fiscal year beginning every July 1, but applicants for permits before July 1, 1934, must pay .$2 and their permits will run until July i; 1935. All applicants must be 21 years or older before consideration can be given. "All net profits of the liquor stores will be turned over to the state and used to replace general property tax." GILCHRIST OF IOWA PROVES TO BE MAN OF DETERMINATION By RUBY A. BLACK. Globe-Gazette Washington Bureau. WASHINGTON -- Representative Fred C. Gilchrist, of Laurens, Iowa, has proved that he is a man who will not be thwarted. He wished to insert in the .congressional record, for the ihforma- :ion of house members, a speech by R. 11. Evans before the Iowa Hog Corn committee. The following conversation took place: Mr. Gilchrist: "Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent to extend my remark by inserting in the record an address before the Iowa Corn Hog committee by R. M. Evans." The Speaker: "Is there objection to the request- of the gentleman from Iowa?" Mr. Lambeth, {D., N. Car.): "Mr. Speaker, I shall have to object." Mr. Gilchrist: "All right. I will add this to my remarks tomorrow." He did. Board of Education in Session. AMES, March 22. -- The Iowa State board of education of which George T. Baker of Davenport is president, yesterday concluded a two-day meeting at Iowa State college. No action was taken on selection of a successor to President Walter A. Jessup of the University of Iowa, Mr. Baker said. NOT ALL AGREE WITH GOVERNOR Langer Places Moratorium on Business Debts in North Dakota. BISMARCK, N. Dak., March 22. GT)--Not all businessmen in North Dakota agree that Gov. William Langer's precedent shaking debt moratorium is a good thing for them. The governor, in declaring it unlawful up to next July 15 to levy on the property of businessmen in financial distress, said a moratorium is necessary to save hundreds of business establishments from disaster. Like Similar Orders. The moratorium is along the lines of similar orders designed by Governor Langer to give farmers respite from their creditors. One group of businessmen, those who consider their business to bo in sound condition, criticize the moratorium on the ground that their creditors may adopt a "c. 0. d." attitude until the moratorium order expires. Creditors, under the governor's order, may protect themselves from too widespread application of the moratorium benefits by applying to district courts to force payments in cases where it can be shown the businessmen are able to pay. Under Public Powers. While the governor's proclamation does not state by what authority he takes such a step, Laoger declared he is acting under the police powers vested in the chief executive because an emergency, confronts the state. This view he took in issuing several like orders, chiefly on debts of farmers and foreclosure of farm homes, where he said he acted because "the public health welfare and morals of the citizens" were endangered. At Mason City THEATERS By P.. J. P. LOCAL FILMS BRING LAUGHS FROM AUDIENCE. Although few if any native Hep- burns or Barrymores were uncovered in the several feels of film taken in this vicinity recently, the venture may prove productive of some comedy stars. Somebody in the audience gets a laugh from every scene. The Lyons brothers seem to be the featured players, with Roger in.the leading role. The local film will be shown at the Cecil through Friday with "Three on a Honeymoon," a light comedy starring Sally Eilers and Zasu Pitts. Sally seems to have been getting her "three squares" with regularity lately, appearing about 10 pounds heavier than before. * * * Clever lines, fine acting and a good story make "I've Got Your Number" a highly entertaining picture. Joan Blondell as a hotel switchboard operator, Pat O'Brien and Allen Jenkins as telephone company repair men and Glenda Farrell as a psychic mystic keeps things moving at a fast pace. The second feature on the Palace bill through Friday is "Two Alone," a romance of the mountain country with Jean Parker, Tom Brown and Zasu Pitts heading the cast. * * * WILL JAMES' NOVEL MAKES GOOD PICTURE. "Smoky," a story written by Will James dealing with the career of a remarkable horse has been adopted for the screen and makes a good outdoor picture. Victor Jory and Irene Bentley head the cast. Friday and Saturday at the Strand. * * * 'Ace of Aces," with Richard Dlx as the ace referred to, is billed Friday and Saturday at the Iowa theater. Aerial warfare during the World war is the background for this picture. A good show, but possibly a bit depressing in spots. * * * Directed and supervised in every detail by the producer of the original stage shows, th« picture "George White's Scandals" should be one of the outstanding film musicals of the year. It begins a four SURF BALLROOM Clear Lake EASTER MONDAY April 2 PAMCE AVALON BALL ROOM Sunset Inn, Manly SAT., MARCH 24th TOM GATES And His Oxford Ballroom Orchestra TUBS., MARCH 27th AL MENKE'S ORCHESTRA LADIES 25c GENTS 40c day engagement Saturday at the Cecil. * * * GLORIA STUAItT AND JOHN BOLES Gloria Stuart and John Boles should combine pleasantly and with mutual benefit in "Beloved" which shares the next Palace program with "Search for Beauty." The latter picture co-stars Buster Crabbe and Ida Luplno, with Robert Armstrong', James Gleason and Roscoe Karns in support. * * * 'One Man's Journey," one of Lionel Barrymore's recent successes, returns to Mason City for a two days engagement starting Sunday at the Iowa. May Robson, Dorothy Jordan, Joel McCrea and Frances Dee give fine performances in supporting roles. 1,000 at First Mass Said by Father Qumn BANCROFT, March 22.--The Rev. Robert J. Quinn, son of Mrs. Bridget Quinn of Bancroft, read his first mass in St. John's Catholic church here. A thousand attended the mass which included 35 priests. Officers of the mass were Father Quinn, celebrant; the Rev. J. Schultes, archpriest; the Rev. Edward Fandel, deacon; the Rev. Charles Ernst, subdeacon; the Rev. Henry Pick, first master of ceremonies; the Rev. Dennis Clark, second master of ceremonies; the Rev. S. Grady, thurifer; Urban Kramer, cross bearer, Lawrence Dejteriag and Kenneth Devine. servers, Frank Baker and Maynard Eolsted, censor bearers. The Rt. Rev. Msgr. J. D. Fisch of LeMars, formerly of Bancroft, delivered the sermon. Suffers Broken Hip. FLOYD, March 22.--Fred Uhe, ex-supervisor, fell on the steps at the home of the Rev. Alfred Christensen as he was leaving after a visit and broke his hip. He was taken to the Cedar Valley hospital at Charles City and his condition is reported serious. He lives in Charles Citv. DANCE Clear Lake Country Club Saturday and Sunday Murch 24, 25 Bobby Griggs and his orchestra. A marvelous band, Actually sensational. Played at clubhouse few weeks ago--startling success. Don't miss this weekend at Country club. 40c Per Person IOWA Mat. 15c; Eve. 20c; Children lOc FRI. SAT, ALSO COMEDY, CARTOON MUSICAL AND NEWS Last Time Thursday Double Feature Prograrii "From Headquarters" with Geo. Brent, Margaret Lindsay and "HORSE PLAY" With Slim Summervilie Andy Devine, Leila Hyams Blank Named President. HAYFIELD, March 22.--Thomas T. Blank, for six years a member of the board of education of the Con- solidated scbol here, was elected president of the board at the annual meeting Monday. C. H. Lackore 19 secretary. PALACEi NOW Joan BLONDELL "I've Got Your Number" Pat O'Brien Glcndu Farrell Allen Jenltlns Eugene Pullcttc Belli ved "Beth" uf "Little Women" JEAN "TWO ALONE" Midi ZASU PITTS TOM BROWN ARTHUR BVRON Coming Saturday: "SEARCH for BEAUTY" and "BELOVED" NOW SHOWING m ENDS FRIDAY | BIG DOUBLE PROGRAM!! JTHT?"'/**¥ CECI "MASON CITY'S LOCAL MOVIE" 8 -- REELS -- 8 Picturing local events, organizations and industries. Sec yourself and friends in the movies. Laughter to the Tune of Wedding Bells! "MO, SALLYS EILERS ZASU PITTS JOHN MACK BROWN -* GtO Rtj * A Bigger Show Than Broad- 1 way Paid S10 to Sec--Comes to You at Popular Prices! Ends Thursday "TOO MUCH |HARMONY with 1HSO CKOSHV ONE BIG OUTSTANDING ATTRACTION Showing Fri. and Sat. "SMOKY" . . . A tomnrin of Imrsoflpsh with tin: ilevll In bin heart nut! dynamite In Itls hMifs. with VICTOR JORY, irene BencSey And WILL JAMES Also-Comedy Betty Hoop Cartoon Tuesday, March 27 Special Engagement! DAY ONLY MERRY GO-ROUND That popular program from the PRAIRIE FARMER STATION ON OUR STAGE: IN PERSON All the Favorite Characters of This Famous Program EDDIE ALLEN "The Dixie 'Harmonica King" LULU BELLE The "Hayloft Cut-up" who has made millions laugh "The Comical Swede" Radio's Most Unique Act "The Hoosier Hot Shots" Banjo, Clarinet, Whistle, Washboard and many comical Instruments BOB WHITE Imitations of All Kinds "THREE HIRED MEN" Popular Songs and Hill-Billy Numbers VIC OAKLEY TuienU-d Pianist On the Screen: The Cave Man Turns Cake-Ecater JAMES CAGNEY "Jimmy the Gent" --with-BETTE DAVIS Alice White - Allen Jenkins OLD BILL V1CKLAND From "Tlin BonUshop," "Th" Little Brown Church" of the air and "The Cross Country Sunday School." REMEMBER THE DATE Tuesday, March 27 AFTKUNOOX AND NIGHT Matinee 25c - Evening 35c

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