Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 3, 1937 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1937
Page 2
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TWO MASON GITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 3 · 1937 live except compliance, and therefore we accede to your request." Wants No Bloodshed. The governor's letter reiterated that "regardless o£ anything or. anybody" there would be no bloodshed in connection witli the strike settlement or the evacuation o£ General Motors plants. "I sent troops into the strike zone at Flint?' the governor said, ' to preserve law and order and not cause bloodshed, and if I can prevent it there will be none." Sheriff Wolcott visited the Fisher body plants No. I and 2 Tuesday -night and read to the strikers Judge Gadola's order that they cease occupying the buildings, vacate them by 2 p. m. (CST) Wednesday and refrain from picketing the factories. To Disregard Order. -After hearing ' the order each group telegraphed Governor Murphy their declarations of intention to disregard it. Governor Murphy, busy in conferences seeking a formula for settling the strike, declined to comment upon the communications, which he said he had nol received. The governor declined to dis cuss a three point plan reported in Washington to be under consideration by the department of laboi for settling the dispute. John Brophy, C. I. O. director said he had been assured by th governor that "under no circumstances will the military be used to eject' 'or assist in the ejection of sit-in employes of General Mo tors at Flint by force or violence. A union sound car seized b; guardsmen Tuesday because the speakers "were talking loo much" was released a few hours later, but six men detained at the same time were turned over to civil authorities and held in jail on charges of inciting to riot. At first the court included in the injunction a n , order restraining General Motors from violence against.U. A. ,W. A. members/but it was stricken from the final draft when union attorneys said th'e wording was "objectionable" and charged that it had been "dictated by General Motors." Immediately after the court's order was read Martin said the union likely would appeal. NEW PLAN TO BRING END TO AUTO STRIKE OFFERED WASHINGTON, OP) -- A new plan to end the General Motors strike 'emerged Wednesday in the considerations of those seeking to bring spokesmen for the manufacturers and the United automobile workers together. Authoritative sources said it Mary Miles Minter Asks Exoneration LOS ANGELES, (fP)--Revived y Mary Miles Minter's tearful ultimatum--"prosecute me or ex- merate me "completely"---the Wiliam Desmond Taylor murder ease ose to a new.climax Wednesday. Taylor, film director, was mys- eriously shot to death 15 years ago when Miss Minter was a golden haired star o£ the screen. Tuesday, on the anniversary ot lis slaying, the macabre puzzle broke into the headlines again. And indignant over what she said was "filthy innuendo" that has jone unchallenged for years, Miss Winter called on District Attorney Huron Fitts to clear her publicly of all connection with the case. Through her attorney, Eugene ·I. Marcus, the comely ex-actress de'clared:" " Her'Reputation Hurt.. "Shadows have. been cast over my reputation in reports o£ reopening of the case. Now I demand that 1 either be prosecuted or exonerated.. If the district attorney has any evidence, he should prosecute. If not, then 1 should be exonerated." Fitls, after her visit, announced his office has no evidence warranting a reopened investigation, nor is it prepared to .accuse and prosecute "anyone." He said he would decide early whether to ssue a special statement in Miss Minter's behalf. The former movie star also demanded that police explain published reports that they possessed a nightgown bearing the initials "M. M. M.," assertedly'found 'in Taylor's apartment after his deatii. Was Her Fiance. "Mr. Taylor was my fiance," she said. "He was the soul' ol Globe-Gazette Radio News and Time-Table KGLO Mason City Globe-Gazette Mason City, low* (1210 Kilocycles) Thursday, Feb. 4 6:00 Sunup Serenade. 7:00 News, ' Mas o n City Fur Shoppe 7:05 Musical Clock 7:45 Merkel's Musical Clock 8:00 Lyons' Musical Clock 8:15 Musical Clock 8:30 Mier Wolf's Melody Time 9:00 Damon's Musical Clock. 9:30 Jack Sprat's Food Stores Time an' Tunes. 9:45 Tyler Ryan's Musical Clock 4.0:00 Opening Markets and News 10:15 Concert Hall of the Air 10:30 Devotional Service. The Rev. C. P. Parker in charge 10:45 Organ Reveries 11:00 North Iowa News, Skelgas 11:15 Sons of the Pioneers 11:30 This and That 12:00 Luncheon Dance 12:30 Globe-Gazette News a n d Markets 12:45 Mid-Day Revue Musical Minia- wcco Columbia Broadcasting System Mtnneapollt-St. Paul Central Standard Time called for: (1) Goy, Frank Murphy o£ Michigan to 'obtain and guarantee a pledge by General .Motors to keep Fisher body plants at Flint, Midi., closed while representatives oE General Motors and the strikers negotiated a wage and hour -- contract. tne _ _ _ _ . , - _ , wages and houis, for all General Motors employes, with General Motors left fice lo deal with groups : putside the union on other matters. (3) General Motors to agree to negotiation again with the -union when the contract expired. This plan, it was said, has been 1 discussed by Secretary Perkins, Edward F. McGrady, assistant secretary, and Governor Murphy. McGrady talked to John L. Lewis about the ulan just before Lewis left Tuesday for Detroit. Lewis' immediate reaction was reported not favorable, but he did not finally reject it. Whether General Motovs thought honor, courtesy, consideration and good breeding. He would never have permitted me to do anything indiscreet. "The only articles of minejthat could have been in. that house were two small handkerchiefs 1 gave him." A search of Taylor case exhibits in the police property room failed to uncover even a shred of feminine lingerie. Valet Still Sought. "I-never owned such a nightgown and if I had it would not have been in Mr. Taylor's apartment," exclaimed Miss Minter. 'This malicious rumor has followed me through the years and I'm glad it is disproved." Only one suspect is now being sought in connection with the shooting, Fitts said. This is Edward F. Sands, Taylor's valet, who vanished upon being accused of forgery a short time before the diiecloi's death. _, -.- , Fitts took..occasion to :.aeny rlil.s; investigators ever h'd suspected Taylor's missing btotheiy- Dennis Gage Deane-Tannervof complicity in the crime. He said a theory Deane-Tanner and Sands were the same man had been disproved by fingerprint records. 12:55 Chapman's ture 1:00 Iowa Farm Flashes 1:10 Mid-Day Revue, Cont. 1:30 Luncheon Dance 2:00 Mailbag 3:00 Afternoon Show 4:00 Reading the Globe-Gazette 4:15 Tea Time Tunes 4:45 Mason City High Schoo Hour n:00 Globe-Gazette News 5:05 New Records From Vance 5:15 Home Folks Frolic 5:30 Results f r o m the Want Ads 5:35 Rosario Bourdon's Oi'ch. 6:00 News, P. G. and E. 6:05 R. B'i-iml Jr.'s Orch. 6:15 Sports Review, Decker Bros. 6:30 Dinner Hour 7:00 News, Currie-Van Ness 7:05 Supper Dance Melodies 7:25 Review of the Markets 7:30 Sons of the Pioneers 7:4ii King's Men . . 8:00 News, Marshall and Swift 8:05 Five Minute Mystery United Home Bank 8:10 Dance and Sing 8:30 Radio Night Club 0:00 News, Highway Oil Co. 9:05 Green Bros. Orel). 9:30 KGLO-State Theater Talent - Quest 10:00 News, First National Bank 10:05 Melodeers 10:15 Slumber Hour 10:30 Swing Time 11:00 News, Abel and Son 11:15 Goodnight T h u r s d a y , Feb. 4 Time Signals 6:45 Commercial Program :(Kl Air Almanac :I5 Junior Broadcasters Cluh r :JO Dayton's Musical Chimes i:3Q Time signals Gene and Glenn Betty and Bob 9:15 Modern Cinderella 9:30 Betty Crocker; Hymns 3:45 Jolm K. Wat kins umo Organ 0:15 Hush A^pinwall 11 Bis Slater 0-.4S Ilomcmaker's Exchange I:IM The Gumps t:U Between the Bookends 1:30 Kilty Keene · 1:45 Ma Perkins £:U» Bcrell and Warno\\* 2:lo One Girl in a Million 0 Hope Aldcn's Komancc , 2:45 Aunt Jenny lillll Calendar Notes 1:15 School or the Air 1:45 Myrt and Marfce 2;M Markets: Police 2:15 News: Stocks 2:30 Dr. W. A. O'Brien 2:45 Do You Remember ;l;[Hl. ladies First K:30 Musical :!:« Pcssy at Switchboard ·l:llii Current Questions Before Congress ·1:1.1 All Hands on Deck 4:30 Schedule; Livestock 4:45 Wilderness Road .·:lin Patti Chapin 5:10 Front Pac.e Parade "):30 Jack Armstrong * 3:-i.i Renfrew of the Mounted fi-.lllt Easy Aces S:l.~) N. W. Univ. Bookshelf fi:SO Alexander Woollcott fi:4! Boake Carter *7:CH Bandwagon Myjor Rowcs Amateur Hour Send Floyd Gibbons 0:30 March' ot Time ln:iw Poetic Melodies 10:15 Newstime , T0:30 Rollie Johnson: Reports 1D;45 Frank Gordon's .Orchestra 11:00 Leonard Keller's Orchestra t ll::io Eenny Meroff's Orchestra | 11:45 Vincent Lopez and Orchestra WMT NBC Blue N e t w o r k Cedar Haplda and Waterloo, Iowa' Central Standard Time (CUD Kilocycles) NBC KctJ Network De* Centr low* Standard Tim* (10UO Kilocycles) Thursday, Fel, 4 ~i:'M Tall Corn Time 6:30 Family Altar 7:10 Green Gable 7:15 Madame Kennedy Program 7:^0 Musical Clock R:Ul Tim Brady and His Hound-Up 3:30 I rank Voelker, organist BrSO Women In the Nc\vs R:r5 Police Blotter »:(»! Morning 9:J3 Louise HnUian'.-iy 9::0 Morniti" Melodies 9:4-i Pilagie Kicclicn 111:110 Lou Webb at t l i R Oman 10:15 Ilomemakcr's Matinee :^.V Stories From Life 0:31) Vice and Sade 0:45 Echvartl MaclUiSili l:((0 Lawrence Salerno ntirl Organ 'i Lou Webb al the Organ 1:30 WMT German Band 1:45 Noonday Newscast 1:55 Cedar Valley Hillbillies -!:10 Question Man 2:20 Voice oE Iowa · Markets Cedar Valley Hillbillies 2:43 Joe Doakcs 3:nO Annt Fanny 2:"i5 Iowa Cnmhuskers 1:0.1 Many Happy Returns 1:10 Iowa Cornhuskers 1:13 WMT German Band 1:30 Bill Brown "The Movie Man" 1:45 Earl May Program ·iiiio Izzy on the A i r 2:(»r« Tea Time Tunes 2:15 Esther Vela's Orchestra 2:4."i Sammy Kayc'.i Oro-hcsU-a 3:15 Reporter of Odd Facts 3:20 Tunes 3:31) West Union on the Air 3:45 Young liickory -1:0(1 Noble Cain find A Capriella Cho -4:30 Freshest ThtnK iti Iowa 4:43 Happy Chappies 5:110 Cozy Corners 3:15 EN Dinant 5:30 Evening Newscast 5:45 Orphan Annie liLiltl Easy Aces fi:15 Original Jesters P:30 Frank Voelker. organist 6:40 Final Editiolt 0:43 Dinner Dance Music 7:00 Bamberrjcr Symphony 7:30 Guy Lombardo Orchestra X:00 WMT Banchvpgon 8:15 tci Paris B:3I America's Town MeetlnR 9:30 Tellers Bohemians 9:45 Musical Revno 10:110 Band Program 10:15 Newstlme 10:30 Ted Wccnis and Orchestra II:I0 F«'nny Goodman 11:30 Veloz and Yolanda's Orchestra |-::00 Sicn Off RADIO RAMBLER MANY HIGHLIGHTS ON TIIUKSDAY'S PROGRAMS The disastrous eruption of the Italian volcano. Mount Pelce, m which only 38 persons survived out of 30,000, will be dramatized on the "Your True Adventure" program featuring Floyd Gibbons Thursday night from 9 to 9:30 o'clock over WCCO. The dramatization w i l l feature the experience of Mrs. Gabriel L. Howe, one of the survivors, who was 8 years of age at the time, and is now a resident of Seattle, Wash. Indianapolis, Ind., will be hon- open spaces and acquire new numbers. Studio pick-uns: Edgrar Bergen, the ventriloquist appearing on the Rudy Vallec variety hour, is a graduate of the Chautauqua circuits . . . Irccne Wicker is in her seventh year as the Singlns Lady. That's a career in radio. Local boys and girls who have been going: places: Jacques Fray, pianist, Paris, France . . . Mario Braggiolti, his partner, Florence, Italy . . . Tcmpleton Fox, actress, Pasadena, C a l . . . . Harvey Hayes veteran acfor, Greencastle, Ind. . . . Orchestra Leader Victor Arden, Wenona, ID. . . . Stuart Churchill, soloist, Long; Island, Kans. . . . Betty Lou Gerson, actress, Chattanooga, Tcnn, Father of Eleven Children Steps in Path of Car; Killed DELMAR, (.P)--Ernest Huling, 50, father of 11 children, was fatally injured Tuesday night, when Mary Livingstone takes great delight in ribbing Kenny Baker about his ringleted. curly, hair. "He-must have , gotten it shorl- waved," cracked Jack Benny's better-half last Sunday at rehearsal. Parker-Fennelly, radio's foremost delineator o£ New England characters, has become a permanent member of the Helen Hayes cast on Monday nights. He will be heard as Ephraim Peck. well of the plan closed. was not dis- Overheated Stove Is Cause of $5,000 Fire SPIRIT LAKE, VP) -- F i r e caused by an overheated cook stove in the Arlie Farmer restaurant destroyed three frame business houses here. The Farmer rcs- turant, Henry Russell restaurant, and Gossert barber shop were destroyed. Damage was estimated at $5,000. ' an on he stepped into the path' of automobile while walking highway No. 61 two miles south o£ Maquoketa. It is believed Huling sought to avoid being struck by one car and was struck by another approaching from the opposite direction. George Schollenberger was driver o£ the deatii car. Huling, a WPA worker, narrowly escaped death two years ago when a truck slipped off the highway and down a steep embankment when the driver became confused by fog. One of his fellow workers was' killed. Huling spent several weeks in. the hospital recovering from his injuries. Sliot Through Head. OMAHA, W)--Rudolph E. Shank, 45, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was in a critical condition Wednesday after he was found shot Don'fc Need County Poor Fund Warrants D U B U Q U E , (IP) -- Dubuquc county officials said that it will be unnecessary to issue warrants on through the head in his hotel the county poor lund. Increased room here Tuesday night. Night tax collections and payment - -- · -· · -delinquent taxes NEWS BROADCASTS News broadcasts begin .over KGLO at 7 o'clock each morning. At 10 o'clock week days the opening markets and the news are heard in a 15 minute broadcast and at 11 o'clock every day except Sunday are brought to you the North Iowa news flashes. A 15 minute broadcast at 12:30 daily except Sunday brings you the markets and news and at 4 o'clock you may hear the feature "Reading the Globe-Gazette." A 5 minute news period comes at 5 o'clock, then again at 6. At 6:15 a 15 minute sports review is given each day by AI M i t c h e l l , Globe-Gazette sports editor. Five minute broadcasts of the news at 7, 8, 9, and 10 o'clock and a 15 minute broadcast at l i p . m., which closes KGLO's program for the day completes the newspaper of the air. The 11 o'clock broadcast is press time for KGLO and the next day's edition comes out at 7 a. nv Thursday, Feb. I. 5:4.i MorhinR Devotion I!:IH1 Sine. NclRhhor, Sine 6:15 iUusical Clock , ll::to Farm News fi:45 Almaiiai: of the Air 7:1)11 Cliore Gaiifc 7:15 News * 7:30 MusLcnl Fa«lilcm Notes H;lll Gene and .Gleim 8:tr» Musical Cinch fl:00 Morning Melodies 9:15 Hymns o£ All Churches 9:.1I Betty and Bob E)S;i Today's Children. NBC 10:0(1 David Harum, NBC 111:15 Backstage Witc, NBC . . 1I):^H Montjrcllo Party Line 10:43 Betty Moore Triangle Club 1 l:(lll Kilty Kcene, Inc. 11:15 Story i[ Mary Martin. NBC 11:30 Nat'l. Farm and Home Hour, NBC 12:30 Commercial.Program ; '. 12:45 News' Broadcast: · 1:1)0 Girl In a Million ' 1:15 Musical Almanac 1:3(1 Market rteport~ 1:45 -Judy and Jane . :J:00 Pepper Young's Family, NBC 2:15 Ma Perkins. NBC 2:;io Vic and Sadc, NBC 2:-t." The O'Neills, NBC 3:ml George llC5sberger'R Orchestra, rBC y:^0 W.iy Down East .i-jr Th= OuUine LisM. NBC 4:CHl Wliile the City Sleeps. NBC 4:15 Houseboat Hannah 4:^11 Irma Glen, Orcnnist. NBC V.4r The Sweet Shop Hcvvlc 4:55 Bulletins .-,-.011 Cabin, in the Cotton. NBC 5:15 Echoes ol the Stage 5:30 Jack Armstrone 5:45 Sunset Corners Onrie «:ftO Amos 'n' Andy, NBC 8:15 Vocal Varieties, NBC G::so News (5:40 Sports News 6:45 Diamond City News 7:011 Rudy Vallee. NBC ' H:ml Showboat, NBC !P:tli Jlusic Hall. NBC 111:0(1 Dance TChylhms 10:15 News 10-30 The Mansion of Dreams 10:J5 Hotel Stevens Orchestra. NBC 11:1111 Park C:nlral Hotel Orchestra. NBC 11:30 Hotel Ambassador Cocoanut Grove ' Orchestra, NBC V Charles Butterworth, comic o the Fred Astaire program, neve smiles. When the studio audienc laughs at one of his sallies, he jus frowns at them. rsd when ., Edward Bowes resents his new troupe ot entertainers d u r i n g the A m a t c u r Hour broadcast at B o'c 1 o c k Thursday night over W C C O . Kate Smith will preside over on- other hour of musical e n t c r- sjltainmcnt during e broadcast o v e r W C C O Thursday night from 7 to 8. WMT presents o r c h Q s t rns of Lombarclo, W e c m s, Benny Goodman Vclc/. and Thurs- Katc Smiib day night." WHO lias Rudy Vallec and his variety show on at 7 o'clock Thursday night, the Sliowboat hour follows and then at !) o'clock comes R'mg Crosby and his ace show of the airwaves. * * * There isn't a drugstore cowboy --or cowpirl--in f l i c group com- prisinrT.lic Westerners heard on the t,off Cabin Dude Ranch pro- pram. Louise lUassey, their Icail- cr; her brothers, Dott and Allen Masscy, anil Milt Mabie all come from the K-Bar ranch in Lincoln county, New Mexico. The f i f t h member, Larry Wellington, is from southern California. The Westerners return to the ranch a mouth each year to renew acquaintance with the wide FOREIGN BROADCASTS IN U. S. CLASS ROOMS International broadcasting enters for the first time the curriculum of thousands of schools i n this country when "The American School of tlic Air" launches over WCCO Thursday f r o m 1:15 to 1:45 p. m., the series, "A Folksong Journey 'Rounti Europe." Edward R. Murrow, CBS direc,- tor o£ talks, explained that the programs will originate in Europe because the lessons they are designed to embrace can be covered more authentically, more colorfully at the source. This transatlantic series, supervised by Cesar Saerchinger, will cover 12 countries on as many cun- seculive Thursdays--the first stop to be London on Thursday; the second, Paris, on Feb. 11. Historical and musical facts w i l l 'be broadcast in English by Saerch- inger, also editor of "The Art of Music." In addition greetings will be sent to American students by chil- LINDBERGH WILL SEE MUSSOLINI Flying Colonel and 'Wife Stay in Rome, Assured of Privacy. ROME, (JP)--A chat between oL Charles A. Lindbergh and Premier Benito Mussolini, an aviator in his own right, is being arranged, informed sources said . Wednesday. The flying colonel and his flying wife paused in Rome Wednesday --assured by II Ducc himself they would have privacy--before resuming the birthday air tour that may take them to Cairo. The American flyer called on Undersecretary for Air Giuseppe Valle and visited the United States embassy. T h e L i n d b c r g n s transferred their baggage froyi the Grand hotel to the home o£ Chester H. Aldrich, dean of the American academy in Rome, on Janiculum hill where they will live in a house which once was the headquarters of the patriot Garibaldi in his campaign to u n i f y Italy. O f f i c i a l police protection \vas extended to the Lindberghs after the flying colonel appealed -lo 'remier Mussolini to prevent a ·epelition of the demonstration Tuesday when they barricaded hemselves in a h a n g a r at the airport to avoid a welcoming crowd of more than 200 persons. The Lindberghs arrived Tuesday afternoon from Pisa. Presum- ibly they are enroute to Egypt. The colonel will be 35 years old Thursday. dren oC the foreign lands visited-Rome, Italy, Feb. 18; Budapest, Hungary, Feb. 25; Prague, Czechoslovakia, March 4; Berlin, Germany, March 11; Warsaw, Poland, March 18; Stockholm, Sweden, March 25; Copenhagen, Denmark, April 1; Amsterdam, Holland, April 8; Glasgow; Scotland, April 15; and Dublin, Ireland, April .22. The first program, to be transmitted f r o m London, Thursday, will present Alexandra orphanage children, directed by Leslie Wood- Bate, chorus master of the British Broadcasting corporation. The numbers include: "The Jolly Miller," "The WraETirlctaggle Gypsies Oh," "Golden Slumbers," "Billy Iowa Gets Invitation. DES MOINES, f/P)--Governor Nelson G. Kraschel has received a personal invitation from Bri«. Gen. W. E. Gillmore of San Fran- , Cisco, Cal.. for Iowa to participate in the Golden Gate international exposition in 1939. . Boy," and "The Lincolnshire Poacher." Parisian public school children', under the leadership of M. Du- haincl, music director, ministry of postcs, telegraphies et telephones, will be heard on the second of the broadcasts, Feb. 11. WOI Iowa State College Station Ames, Iowa (6iO Kilocycles) TtnifMla Feb. I Detective Chief Han-y Green said a note found in Shank's room in- have made the dicated he had shot himself. poor fund solvent, they said. \VWAWA SMOKED ASK YOUR DECKER DEALER fi:l~i Tunine I" 7: oil Matins 7:.1U Nc\v.i Nolc* (frequently q from Globe-Cattle crlilfO 7:00 Tin; Music Shop (Continued) R : l l l News rtt the Hour *:t»3 T h e - Music Shop fConUnufirt) 8:50 Opening Midwest Market News !:0ll News of the Hour 9:03 "The Runaways"-- Ruth Galvln 3:30 Midwest Market News Hi: oft News of the Hour 10:01 The HomemakCLs 10:30 MEclwcst Market News 11:00 Radio Debate: "Should Real Estate Bear the Major Tax Burden?" 11*15 Fisher's Concertina Orchestra 11:30 Rhymo and Rhythm 11-50 State Police Bullclins TJ:IH1 Afield With the Foresters 12:13 Midwest Market News 12:40 Morning News Summary J2:50 Farm Crops Question Box 1:110 Carl Nebbe's Orchestra 1:30 Closlnp Midwest Hour 2:03 Memorial Union fipc Organ 2:14 Club Women's Hour :i:rio Rarfio Child Study Club 2:-ir I. S. C. Dcpl. of Music I!: no Ne\vs of the Hour 3;fl.1 Masterwork Series 3:."n Public A f f a i r s ·l;«0 Junior "Academy of Scirnce 4:Sft I. S. C, Department of English 4:43 ACicrnaon News Summary fV.nn Sicn OI£ KGLO TONIGHT News, P. G. and E. Rudolph Friml Jr.'s. Orch. Sports Review, D e c k e r Bros. Dinner Hour News, Cui-rie-Van Ness 6:30 7:00 _ 7:05 Supper Dance Melodies 7:30 Sons of the Pioneers Kay Kayser's Orch. 8;0tt News, Marshall and Swifts 8:05 Dance and Sing 8:30 Radio Night Club News, Highway Oil Company. Green Bros. Orch. Evening Dance Panide News, First N a t i o n a l Ban! Melodeers Slumber Hnur Swing Time News, Abel and Sou Goodnight -§^^^ SOAP SPECIALI Bouquef Ramee S.LIO JOAr . . I.MT1 LONOUl r 2 1 ° H O R T O N ' S CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES POUND Cleanse sfcin with THEATRICAL COLD CREAM C Defender HOT WATER BOTTIE or FOUNTAIN S Y R I N G E » lo ti!« Milkol MllMiU 6 rite N A I L P O L I S H f Magnes TOOTH PASTE Guaranteed shaves Permedge RAZOR BLADES C STATIONERY CASCADE VELLUM o u n d p a p e r o r SO e n v e l o p e s Castor O i l Halibut Liver Oil 'BufCeteof Boric Acid Powder ASK YOUR DRUGGIST about this 76-piece .ENS1MBLE PARSfON'S T O O T H P A S T E ORDERLIES 39 1 Ch.ny C O U G H S Y R U P Puretest Brewers' Yeast Tablets Ulenzo Polishing^ Cleansing Cloth . Opeko Baking Chocolate Jonteel Cream of Almonds Harmony Bay Rum · ....... Rexal! Corn Pads ·».* Medfurd Toilet Tissue Opeka Cocoa Yiinia Hand Brush lord Baltimore, Firstaid Gerraicidai Soap liggetl's Almond Bar « ' Dressing Comb Junior Curling Iron Old Colony Alarm Clock Cascade Writing Portfolio Tinker Tape iir U. D. Zinc Ointment TREAT A COLD EARLY MEDICINE S P E C I A L Roxbury Household Rubber Gloves ftspirin Tablets Rubbing Alcohol 6... COLD TABLETS V^auwsEsr Halibut Liver Oil Capsule^* "' - · --..on k « Papular Antiseptic Droning We Have the New Protamine Zinc Insulin. Ask Your Doctor About This Product {Iherrosote ,-,_ COUBKSfflOP 69 Rtull Hjgitnic Porter 39' PHONE 291 MASON CITY 335 SOUTH FEDERAL

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