The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 19, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Dally Exceot Sunday Times and Newa Publishing Company w. Secretary and Treasure*. _, PHILIP P. BIKLE, Editor rHILJLi-' H- FQBAFEWOAYSOMLY SUBSCRIPTION SATES iOX Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 23 cest* per jaoatii t T^^gST"?^-""i 1 ,""!".'.,TM Mailed outside cf Gettysburg for 25 ceats per month. j| ^, ^ s . _ 0 i;i .^ , ; , v ^ Single copies to son-subscribers, 2 cents ' |[ *~"~ "' J ~" % I'll Corduroy Paut? - IF -s-oc receive THE TIMES bv mail vou can 2nd the date tip to -which yoa are | s Jress label" on j our paper. The dute will be changrec -s-stiisc U -ivn ox The piiss; addr ten days after your money is received at The Times Augssi 15, 1904, at Gettysburg, Fa., as second-clsss "*/« ^T*O^C ^T'^^'pn ^i 1 \ '3 XrfTj-i^A C f c O »«*j«i«. t-A */j ·.«/ · fc UNITED PHONS )| Cestrs Square, Gettysburg:, Pejmsylraai*.) | BELL PHONE O33* Ik Northwest comer \l make is: all wot 5 A5V£fi7tSJ::G BY TKL it? barsain I ads. 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Uader Times Q5.cs; Gettysburg, j i 5L TDTON "Osttysburg Bargain Store" Mention this a-l\ ortlsx-siserst wh«-n v«i: ! Foreigners In Mexico City Fear Isola-j tion of Capita! and Many Are Flea- j ing to Vera Cruz. j ilexlco Ci£, Mev_. Xov. IS.--later-j co:uy;i' aiioES v. ere ovor-j here L-j tae alleged uiscov-j ery 01" a. plot siaions ProvLsioail Pres-| .·Jeai Hnerta's former lolio-.vers 101 vf«st hint Irosa j'-ower. j la this cuaseciioa there \vere fours startling developments. The dictator! ordesetl the arrest of many of his po-: j !:tlcal foes. I G-eaera! Blas'iset, minister of war. j was said to be in practical possession f of the National Palace. Elaaqaet'sj ova men were ueia;!ed a.s guards, re-i placing those seSeciecl by Haerta when · ae took office. j Tae osncers acti soldiers of the fed- j era! sarrisoa have tbreazened to m u - j iZay because tliey ha\ e nz received! .ht-Ir pay. j Despite the pressure brought upon! j him tiroagh Kuropeaa and Souihi Aniericaa urp'oasats. Huena Is iaain-| ·ainiag his policy of de£aace of t h = j CrsiteJ Stau?=. He summoned Dr. Ur-l riiaa. fora-er iu:ais:er of the iaterior. i Declare Lower Tariffs Would Impair Sendee, CONDITIONS ARE BETTER Facilities For Handling Were Notably improved Years. During the Past Two Philadelphia, Xov. 13. -- The full coa- I :rast between an intricately organized , system of traasBorraiioa and a. loosely · co-crdiaaied system of. railways was I revealed at she second session of the · investigation of raies, practices and "i regulations of ihe'anthracite coal-car- j ryins railroads, now beias ne!d by the ; itirersuue eosimrce commission. at 1 tae ^Jelievue-Strati'orci. Slowly and patiently the attorneys or the commission. delved into the | innermost and detailed ;iarts of the ! railroads" organization. Calling to the witness stand several railroad officials. they compelled them to reveal the -\, 3 :c:2. by American Press Association. ! · j -K-ajs an-d means ot their crsanlza- Paragraphs cf News Telling of the Happenings in and ahcul TOWP People Visitiog Here and Tbosf Seiourniag'Elsewhere. W 18 RE-ARRESTED N SNARL E .-,-_ ,, ^ _.._...-. ,,. -- K ' - . - S . ,. . . in, r, . r» uon. b;u a; any ra-.e it was brough. % ^fe ."" t L s ^vSov?^! Aotion is to Olaar Record ie- ** d B r: w a.« i«t t « years» \V-t,.. V/^or^" "M · -i' "·"-T-"V'-» ?- v ( . t-ondStsoas have improved greatly, ^.^a-.e. ^rj.rza .». u t . c.i t « - . j ffirO PofJOTill flfiiirt coal is beinz handled more adv; ^eeted to accect. Ke has always aat- iatS l u t l u i C f UliUl u . . , " . _ _ _ ,.. .,_.. _ peeted to accept. Ke has always hat- \ ed Aaierieans, and it he goes into j jJs influence asainst the United States.; j "With the assistance of the represen- j :atives of the indepeadeat coal conj cerns, J. J. Hickey, the esaminiag at| toraey for the conimissioa, questioned railroad oGcials. The raHroads n;ay or may not have revealed evidence which will prove (iamagias to them in the coarse of the iavesiiga- b;u a: any ra-.e it was brought oat traSc that handled more advanta- W. 3L Conover left this morning OR a motor-cycle trip "to Washington. Miss Louise Duncan, of Lincoln avenue, left to-day for a visit with friends in Chicago- Mrs- E. J. Wolf has returned to Lakevilie, Conn,, after a visit of several days in Gettysburg. Mrs. Charles H. Huber entertained a number of friends a.c dinner Tuesday evening. Miss Mary Baker, of New Oxford, and Miss Rhea March, of Abbottstown, are visiting Mrs. T. J. Stable at her home on Baltimore street. C. C. Bream and son, Don, have gone to Baltimore, where the latter is being treated in John Hopkins Hospital. Miss Elizabeth Diehl, of New Oxford, is visiting her cousin, Anna M. Bream- Mrs. Harnish and Mrs. Edward Cu!p have returned to their home on Hanover street after a visit with friends in Brooklyn. impor ?oonients in. , . Feueral I ! .ore TQurscay. On taat -aay congress, a Medical Advertising- j Hall's Hair Senewer certainly stops j falling hair. No doubt about It what- r. You ·will sorely be satisfied. .s scheduled to complete its rersna-j geoasly, aad that la that time ao redaction in the freight rate has beea Aldrich.j The attorneys for the commission Harry K. Thaw was arrested oa the; explained that their purpose in sub- estrasiitlon -^-arrant issae-d by Cover-1 :Kirrjn^ rho railroad o31cjais to a care- i aor Fc-llier. j ' 1 J 2Q d detailed examination \vas_to once take the! lay a sound foundation for the solu v 19 , ' judge tion ot the rate problem and tie -sx organization. There !s ao iadica-j matter before the federal court in due. -- - ! course by suing out a petition for a proper internretauoa of tne comraod!- writ of habeas comas. i ^i 83 clause cf the Hepburn interstac 0 -.Ir. Morris, representing; Thaw; \V.{ ccmn-c-rce act. At least a week v.-iil e consumed in esiablishias this loua- rion Aat the plans for this will be j modified in any v. ay as a resii=c or the j demands made by Washinston. Huer:a j is keeping close watch over all the reprt i congressional leaders. This was shown j ^ e ~ York - and J"«Se AUlrich went ! when he detailed an officer ;o act as ;at o conrerence. Jerome nied a mo"bodyguard" for General Francisco Froaces. elected chairman of the sea- suggesting a n^oae of procedure. The following agreeiaeat was reached: ate This officer is, in realitv a spv, j I- Sheriff Ho'.niaa A. 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Vlnol tones up the digestive organs, -urISes and enriches the Wood, ^pro- n:otes healthful sleep and a normal ippetue. Old People, delicate children, rundown, overvrorked and tired women, -hould try a rorrle of Vinol xrith the jnderstandinp: that your money -will os reti:rned if it does r.ot help vou. People's Drug Store. Gettysburg-, Pa. P. S.--For pimples and blotches try ^ur Sa:-;o Salve. We sruarantee it. rerorteci to the dictator. Significance is attached to the troop movements. Part of General 31aa- 1 use's old Tv.-enty-alatb. r^egiraeat v.-as aent to the JCaifonai Palace. This reg:- ·ncnt rook part ;n tiie battle of liesico City when President iladero v.-as over- "inov.-n. and ihe men. through long as- soclation. have been deeply attached - o Gf^eral B : aiT!U»t- * The"a-no"-aee:uent that a diplomatic ti w - - bv ^ ' " i^i^^gZ^gS^a^S^g^gg? afetsiJsagig ^s.SBoSSssasssstSssgessses Sfe£S^^ $#? ! ?^?Z. O ^ Lll For B. i. 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Ovdng to the menacing of the toTrn jf Orizaba by the rebels and the consequent threatening of coircrranicauon between the federal capital ana Vera Cruz. ior--.gners are flocidng to the ··oc-^t ; n large numbers. They see a pcssii-:!::;.- of being: bottlea up In ?.Iex- .co Ci'j. and every train to Vera Cruz ',3 ]oadc'l to its capacity. iipcn Thaw aad arrest hiin under it. 2. Thaw wi:l be allowed to fiie a new petition for a irr-t of habeas corpus. 3. The court will permit this writ to be broad KS to r^i'iir" an answer. 4. Thaw v.-i!! be committed to the joint custody of Crated States Marshal Xi;t«- ansl Sheriff Drew. 5. Xew York state v."iJI be given- seven days to file aa answer to the new periiion for a writ of habeas corpus. The arrest was ordered to clear the record at a hearing before Judge Aldrich on. Thaw's amended petition for a writ 01 habeas corr-us and aiso on the motion of the state of Xew York a:son. The hardest questions are directed at ascertaining the cfpriais o f the r-ompanJes. their largest sio^kholders aad their directors, the physical facilities and characteristics of the road, the oneraiiug expenses for many yesrs and the revenues derived, the of main- companies to their subsidiaries aafl the aid siven Ijy the railroads to coal cornnr-ales in times of d:s tress. Books, acccaats, bl'ie prints and repor t; ; of tiie companies are be Ing sised freely by ihe commission. AbotK ±0" letters a.n'1 telegrams be- longins to tae companies have been named in swbcoenaes. '"it is upon this great mass of technical evidence that the commission expects »o recommend to congress legislation denJ:2§ conditions in the Rcfecis Ask Recognition. Xorrilc^. Sonoi~a. Jie^-, Xov. 19.-- "raTMfisro Elscudero. m!nisier of for- vign 7' 'Ti^'ins in the Carrauza cabi- .-i.=!-e: '.Viiiiaai Bajard Hale. Pres: lent X-'r-son's a^ent. "to present his recent.:-5 before continuing any further v it-- the conferences irliich have ' ccn ::r':er ~ay hore infoTmally for o.c-ai oays. This ^ras interpreted by .-.rUij r? a ^ irzusl demand for recogni- " ~n cf ' -'· '"oastit5:ticnaii?t revolution c-.nrj t ; ." CK^nansres between the *V,rrr =»·· ^~ and the Washington gov- ' ns^c:.! are ecnflvded- :.hat the habeas corpus proceedings bej dismissed. Thaw was in court, accompanied by his raother. ?.irs. Mary Coulcy Thavr, an'1 in custody of United States JJar- shai Xtire and Sheriff Dre»-_ of Coos, coimty. Tie was represented by for- r.ier Governor 1"i'i:aiu A. Stone, of Pennsylvania: George II. Morris and Merrill Shartleff. or Ijincaster. and TTiiiiain X. Chase. Tte^ltt C. Howe and Joseph A. Baaigaa. o: Concord. Ail ^ s ;:nf -r ?o cash. - cr.e coj:.*.ry. Ail k:nc of valuaoie and serviceable articles are included. There : noihir^ among 1 them that ou v-'ouivl i.ol he r)r''«u'a !··· ov»r.. 2.Vir.i · Lr.e ira. ina y»u can nule-ir.arks 1 roni ?elect whatever - r-»-:!!v-iy no 5'i:)il-r to '»o remove' until -;ile != j\tr. Ji. A. MYEKS L 71. (V.-hv-I 1 .' \-n-t. GETTTSBUK-S MASEETS You already xn-v.-trevixlise and econiiry of Babbitt; product?--hov- ~-.'S,rf ,:l ;~iti lal"jr-.-av:nir '-hev ?,"e ab-«'" the hoi;?e-. Jr. ^'idition to giving you your "money's ·worth" i .-oap and elear-er. we are giving you valuable pre- . I! SR! ?·-. Ear Com , ......... .» 5 r^ 0-1 KSTAIL I'Rl'cES 'f, r .(» -;r:r.^ Pran ilan'l 1V.C-;"-,; ,'Ar'i r,:ni ( Ch-^p ·-K't :iiak- j r ;'· k Foo 3 York Cii *Vuu?rn Flour i .,-, ..1J1 AWAITIMG DEVELOPMENTS a!k cf e B'ocksds Revived, 3ut No £ Action Taken. "?"i "-'-"-r,n, Nov. IS. -- President "ii^ r. ;ir. 1 r-Js cab'net met and di'- j^""""''' . "T^'^^t ^^^**^*^es o^ th* 1 "\i^-^.-us «· ' -a- --^. O.-"-,, '. deidoptneats apparently roi:~ v " - · change, but keen interest as .-':" .· ;T the oroanizatloa of the 77«······ an j-oncrress. Sor^c officials '. fre :n" ::e'l to believe that 3:ody ^tai^s talve no act:on on ccsces- TaF.. o" r blockade of Mexican ports vas r«-'-. --a, h':i high officials said =--:cn a s~-n had T5Ot been determined - :cre.aost advisers cf the ad- c-o«nselins patience, Ccnstitutioaalists pursue Per Bn_ j nir.isirar-'on are HANS SCHafifDT OF-! TRIAL Priest. Confessed ?,'i:rderTMr of Anna Atsrr;u"e-. tc Face Jury. TCevr York. Xov. IP.--The trial of the priesz. Kens SchiEidt. fcnfessed mnr- 'lerer of AumnJler. besau today r-e.'ore -Tud^e Fcs'cr in general ses- slontf. AsKisuinf District Attorney Dsle- hanty is fonduct'ncr th? prosecution- Schmidt is nefenOc'l by former Judge W. M. K- O!cc". Terrecce J. ilcilanap end Alphonse Koelble. T^e re?ort of me conamission that has t-a^cen testircsuy 5n Germany re yarding Scnniifit's sanity before h^ came to t^is country, vrili arrive today on the Tuajesiic. Ass:stanz District Attorney itnrphy -a-il! arrive early next -R'ecK -"ith inforaianca ri sardsai; S"Iim:dt v,-tich he has beers co'e^uns abroad. A special rsane! of ^0" tal«c-tnen has Lecn su~rr:':TJcn for ire trial. Agent Sisin. Kassss City. Mo., Xov. 59.--\V. P. Cramer, o' Chicago, representative oi a magazine. t7as shot and kiiiei by Br. X. T. Elaa. of St. .Joseph. Mb^ at the Baltimore hotel, this city. The cause of the shooting is not . .5-7.-50 jer ton .-5-1. -ij per bbl 1 iVr }·!".. '.'.'.'." !."! v .fi!co Per hn i Corn Xc\v Con: \e-,\o.u° W -Js.- n Ti:e report tnat Carranza might not reed to have the embargo CB arais rfteo :o :: ^,ire his success strcr.gthen- rtl th^ .'"rivicJion of i^sny ofacia!- 1 t^at a step should be taken oni,» i ia a rerco'« contingency. Reports '"rora Dr. YTiliiam Tlayrsrd Hale, spe--:?.] investigator for the pres- Hont. v.-ri has been conferring v--ith General Carranza, show that the northern rebels have a complete organization ana are strongly armed. Xow that they have captured Juarez, the chief gstewav from the United States. it Is expe^t.^d thAt before many weeks have passed the rebels -will be hani« laering at the gates of Mexico City. Princess WiH Ask Divorce, Leipsic. Xov. 39.--The I^elpsic Tage- blatt saj's that according to reports Ja military and circles in Oldea- bnrg. Princess Estei FrJedrlch is ai her family home and ^s-ill obtain a divorce from the prince. anthracite coal fields. The invesuga tion. althonja promising to be pro longed, is expected to arrive at a final adjudication of the interests of the °OBsiimerp. the inileendent coal operators and tae coal-carrying roads. . T^e main point the railroaas have at stake is that of rates. It is upon Jiis pO--"t tbat thesr attorneys are prepared to :na!:e a ^ig fight. The railroads rr"'""e~s a wi'Ilngness to coa- Tors to th" co3;:ao'ii;ies clause as interpreted by tae^iniersta^e commerce comm!sr ; on. ls:;t say ~hey wiii make a strong stand 22.gin.-;t any reduction in rates. hcJ-'Iing the position tnat a cu. will necessari'7 impair tee service. TON WANTS GOETHALS Offers a~si Byi.'der City r^snagership Uridir Ccnm'sion Rule. Dayton. O., Xov. 13.--A telegram ·svas sear to Colonel George W. Goa lhaJs. b;i;]-1er --f the Panr.rsa canal, offering nim tho ^5ty managership of Dayton under the new commission, form of src.erninr-iu The city oonunisskmers toi--l Colonel Goethals :n tiseir teiegram that "Djy- ton Tyrants the ^est equipped san :a America," and assured him that the c:ty "aras "^jiling to pay a larger salary than the felevil government pays its 3 nay TROOPS TO FIGHT NAVAJOS Eordcr Fairo! v/.'i 3 S Sent Against Troubicscme Reclskins. V.'ash-rn^on, NOX-. is. -- United States Msr^r-al Hn.-ispeth's ne^ re- 'ji:e?t for cavairymcn to subdue the b°]Hgcrr-ni Navajos fortified ou Beau- tif--:!' 3ro-inra:n. near Shiprock. X. M^ has been referred by the vrar department to Brigadier General Tasker K Bliss. fttnTr.s.-zZ-.r.g tiie border patrol. Anriy oinccrs -who liroTv the Xava- jos do not expect a serious time la tak-ag the fiigiuves. Mr. saft's CoasSn Dies. S:oax Fa!!.=. S. D., Xov. 39. -- Xathan- iel Taft. r :ghty-elgi^t years old, cousfa of former Presifsent William H. Taft, died at the ^o'ae of bis daughter at West S:oux FaH«. Mr, Taft came here a year ago from Port -Tervis. X. Y., Hunters Kill Farmer. Sunbnry, Pa,. Xov. 19-- JcJin Haines,] -jvhcro he I-vod n:ty-seve-i years of Weiss' Mills. Snyder county, a far-j -- 1 _ ~-- mer. -was shot dead ^rhiie moving : around some brush. A party o£ hnnt-j ers mistook him for game. n In Liquor Crusade. | Paris. Xov. if;.--A petition sigi-eJ 1 by more than 2,000,000 French -women iras pree£T5tf»il to t!ie chamber of lcp- Groton, Masl., Nov. 19.--The youns- 1 "ties asking that a limit be placed on Morgan's Son 11!. sst son' of J. P. Morgan is ill with diphtheria here. · number of places at ·tl li--jjrs ar? soM. Misses Margaret and Edna Bream, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Stouffer, on Carlisle street. Rev. Calvin 3IcCamey has returned to his home at Friedens, Somerset County, after visiting: at his home on Carlisle street for the past few days. S. M. Bushman is spending the clav in Harrisbargr. The AHbright foot ball team v.-as in to'.vn ihis morning. They played Mount. St. Mary's at Esrimitsburg this afternoon- OFFERINGS FOR HOUSEKEEPERS Nspery of Hanosotfie Quelity an Appreeiaied Present. Every housekeeper, whether in af- fiue::t or moderate circumstances. wiH :ipi rc-Llaie a gift of napery at Cilrist- ni.ii tla;e. for the linen cioset is sever too fi:'.l to suit the taste of the thrifty :ai!idcd, and jf that receytac-le should overflow she makes space for the surplus. One of the articles which she'll be jrlad to bare is a round tablecloth of tbe new kind. And it's easily rijnde if you are a neat sewer, for the tenter is of heavy linen lace surrouad- cd by a -.ery broad band of English eyc'ec embroidery on batiste, acd that, in tars, is Cntsaed OK with a border of brondt :=.ce pnt on plainly, ns the cloth must lie fiat upon the table's surface. Or you might tanks for her a dinner set composed of a c!ofh of hemstitched £:ie linen and a dozen matching large napkin?. Lackintr lime to ac- cnmplish so much hauciwork. a tea tioth of the same order triii be heartily -welcomed. Give Her a Sewing Sox. Easily constructed is a new model in workbags of the size ti::it :^ Bice to birve about the table in she Iron" room. To make it cover v.',tb. plnia silk, a pair of disks of aixrat shree jncbes diameter asd shirr a! cut the lower half of ench of these tiie opposite ed"cs of a yard long strip of fensh ribbon. This c-.ak--^ a coliarisible receptacle with a wide moatlt. ·which may be drar.n together by ribbon lunngers nttarhed to the top edges of the disks. On tic inner skl«» of tbe I«stelxarrl circles may be affixed Sat round c':«nions for the accommodation of needles and pins, and to the outer side may be suspended scissors and married man to -sroj-k on farm. House furnished. Good wages. Apply Times Office.--advertisement , NOTICE: all parties who have bor- , , , rowed tools from H. F. Hei^es. dec'cl.. LOST: paw of skeleton glasses. v , m p]case ^^ thjm afc once to Aluminum rims. Return to Times Of- ^ Irs jr p n e ja- es .c. A. Heiges Ad- to ' OF SEJGHT COIOEED CEETOXSE. emery. The sninc sort of bng. Int of n different s-luipe, may be rande by shaping tbe ;.?siei)onr,7 foTin«3:itlons into oblongs nntl running the sides t^ «Jie rfl'ien strip to ir.fir upper corners. Wben the squares or oblonss are covered ivitli p'nin siik cr saJin and tho shirrea strir* J.-v of a f.oTs-cred ir.ntcrial the effect is especially pleasing. The sen-ing bo^ scon in the cut may be purchased at .icy shop vriiere fanoy \7ork articles sre sold it is covered insule and out -with l:"ht colonel ere-' tonne. Tbe litthisfs are of course supplied by the purchaser ni:d r.;ay be as elaborate as t'ne poclcct'oook can af- 'ord. IF you are looking for style, quality comfort, buy the Crawford shoe at fice,--advertisement m'r,--advertisement Kirssin's.--advertisement NEWSPAPER!

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