The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 19, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1913
Page 3
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FATE AND A COW By M,QUAD Copyright. 1513. by Associated Literary Press. Professor OCUIB of the college a: Madiiou was Guy years old at a certain dare. lie was ta3i aiid stoop shouUisred a;t! ungainly. He was ret- ieviu a:_d undemonstrative, and soeie- SELECTIONS IN COLLARS-AND JABOTS SULLIVAN BAPS AMATEURISM By JULIA BOTTOMLEY. There are so m_.n designs in neck- y/ear to choose from! Here are lev; cf them which are so faithfully pictured by the camera, that it seems al- rsost uaneceisary to describe them- They set forth scnie of the attractive styles that the season has brought into ] c Ilia: tiot at aSL Miss Deborah vogue. Uay 'it tbe i:ne tov/a hail reached the j The Lsnhas and cellars combined, ;:^« of for!v-Uve- .She was piain of jT__2 e of net aac lace, are among the J'ac-,- aud Siijrid of attitude, and her! charais were uiisslng. ' ti was one Sunday ia cLureh that fa:e bronjibi the o!d bach acd the old jaalsi together in the s:'ii:e ;?e\v, aad they saa^ frc-ui the same hymn book. Ka-e. thryush a niutual actjuaistaace, after the s-errjiioa. A "Ridiculous, 11 Says Famous Athletic Official WOULD RUIN OUR SPORTS, cti. The talk -.vas of pbilo^rby. He caiied a;;a;a. aud they miked of thecso- phy. lit- !uade a ibir'l ea!!. an-I the age of the wcrM v.-as tader discussion for ais hour. After t'jat it was for the co-.v to «! S:t-r ;arc Ousj ev*-::i»:^. jti-^t at Hiss Pay waited forth In a meadow to jjasht-r a ft v. ilaisit^. At the same b i,t»*- *t «*!"»· · t-S,- *»-i---»£.,«*wl *!·**· T^i-n- tiu. .1 ..£_ ..,»r.^» 4iji_f a jcaeii i. · v^ sV»ur S!««-;:::« -oiijjUt the same deacL- O'.v la »'-.::x-!: Ths- truly !: ' Said to Have Caused Death of ths An- · cient Olympic Games--Kirby's Propo- j skion Not a New Idea--A. A. U. Mem| hers Will Not Change Conditions. ! Ja:^e.s E. Sullivan, ^"-.-rtt-ry vf the Amateur AthlejK- L"ui-:; -f i-v Uaite! Siatfc?. Tvio \vas fi/:ii:e.-!y :iv:«le!U of that oi^piaizatio:: :'.:ia i» the ol_,~-t athletic o:5eia! in A:ix-rira, \vhe:» asked his oomioi! of th's JtroiKKjitiosj vr-sej:t- e»I by Gn^tavsis T. KIr~y M* the Iii- r? tw have :;!· a;i«I ;.rufes- ) slosiai :it!irius compete ajra;i=:t each | other, said: ! "The nroiKxltkiu i :wt a ::e\v oae at I I all For ciore tha:i tairty years thuse j who have in l!it_-ir charge- the safe- U PUBLIC SALE Medical Advertising. Ou The uudeii£ii«l will H11 OH the Saiuu- UMIIM ·*·«·«* I I B I H el Vau ^« iann along the YflllR RlruY Hull? i road, three milt's south of Gettrsburjr, th luuiv uiuti lutm following nwstwk; " . Eighteen head of Cattle. ." Milk GV.YS. j three ot which will be fresh by time of j s ^r. o:1 -' "T - £re ; h 5n ^P^'ter ajid ?-·: j , VJ il (x , in^t, n January. !' lleiu-rs. '2 o: i " Use Grandma's Sage Tea * Sulphur Recipe - r Will KnOW. and ! one a m:e K«\l Darhaus. I ! Fifty head ot lio^s. 'J jr.xvi Chester ! j \VLiu-. eiiht \\eek~ -A1 by day of ;a!«r beautifully dark, glossy and sb-jndanr. Is'-uit S-5.O'. Fhv 5*-r vi;t. off f o r ' Whenever her hair fell out or took on ; cash. Sale will be held rain '. shsae. that daiL faded or streaked appear- j . , EMORY C. ZFI'i*. - ance, this simple mixture v.-as app!ied! *;- K. Thonip^jp, Auct. -.vith wor.derlai effect. I C. C. Breaai. Clerk. But brewing- at home is niussy asu ! . o'jt-o-date. Xov.-adays, by asking at j .;ny drugr store for a oO ctnt bot:!e of | '\Vyetb's Sage ar.d Sulphur I-airi Hernedy", you \viil g-et this famous old 1 recine which can be*i upt«n to J restore Katural color and beauty jo the j hair and is splendid for (Ia::druif. dry, * feverish, itchy scalp and faiiir.g hair" j Heat and all conveniences A '.veii-k.iO'.v.i downtown dragsjist; says it darkens the hair - naturally' T or _ ,,, r r 1Vr--»; t anc eveniy that nohocy can '^11 :-, has | LOC 4«-^o2 it, I cn.lS 1C been applied. You simply dampen a i suit purchaser, sponge." or soft brcsh with it and cirav.-; J. B. Hamilton FOR SALE Modern nine room house ^.- : ·*-'f L-iost pop_i"r of styles. Plain or dot- j re! bi-r U:-:~:es. the [ le , ae , aIoEO o _ nji , caa hi Le e -n!:h i ·-= : t-ijbit^ t h e J T J i - _ · - - · ! ·vvured :» to-.v. A j p; a i : ; r . S7 ^-r- aHua:!'-- of net and are j tht or ile may be a oa = .-_- y 0? the vn a:.d h.-r tai! up aad is t!it- ;-i-iiti!fs ::u:: «jaisy gatherers. T!ii-:j t::e :;:;: discovery showed «p. It " as a co-.v hfl t ter elay.t sti«! the ! rea--- rods away, pr Of CC3t. For T ccc.ts tb2 sailor cTMl?ar ".vita Sschu eads v,-kh either dresses or j , is sade :a the Gesiams pictured here, j had seen btt-- p..,;., 5 _ e ,,,,. ,-,, , r ,^ d fo _ ed ^- ag ^e j Tbe -.cailo^r was retirea.. ^j^vg- Iace .~ £^ use d as a Qt I mcing-. Jztle buttons, nearly alffcys cover- 1 ' ( ea 7. ;ih s:lk, are liked on neckwear i e " r ~ i ard th^y appear in sll the designs. | t ,,- ;^^ i - ··" -·--··"-' ···-- s --^ turn-over col-1 uer recia!=:=5 j , £rs a?e ?iasc50=e designs for elder \ Horn, and .vaca she coaid nor effect i , VOE2Ptl The£e ccl!ars are boned at | an entratsee bhe stood onward to keep | [he s|d£s and of[e2 adorEed with £I±all j b»-r v;..-uai= r.-uoi t-oinias out. Dar.-:- j ss;lr v:; 2 g rhinestoi:e buttons or siik- i £i«-, ^;:Udt-:.!y fe'L and then tee per- i - tr:!!:-e a.^ai:sr the cow aad later on to j fnr:h«*r ^rreniriLen it- There \v-as no } dw::tit :ib^i:t the bovine beinjj nt-j-r. Six- ni;ile fraatle efforts to tear cJ«»«rn the she-"! "-"it L«-* -.saca-Lir fe!L aaa tfcen tee por-| cirer2; . ^etching the collar-! t ". r5v :l CO:!l!V SBaaeaJ r rea!12ed ^"i I. aces and nets are used for the jabots j azd "hen very shtei- the piaivings are "Professor Slocum. I must leave here | this iustantr" esclaimed the Iiorrlfied.} iiL-=s Day. "Ant! so Esust I!" v.-as the reply. "H is not proper"' "Certainly aotT" "I siiali Le a !ai:ghinsstoctl" "And I tbe same"' "I caa't ;ro. buz you nmst!" said. Miss Day as tbe co-sv quieted do'tvrL "Pro-! lessor, you tnust see that yon must --yvu cisist see it!" "I do see it." tie replied, "and. -while 1 cannot depart from the shell. I can eilaib on tbe te-f» of it.''' This he accoajpHsUed by making his tv:iy throti^h a jrap in the roof. He v.-as no-.v in a position of propriety. but there TT;:P the cuiv acala. V^'ben she ^cIV^- Lja; ?-ercaed cp there, so near and y-_t -a far. she tried to climb up j felj-Jilg after him. ::t;d :it the end of tvro m:a- \ yjjjjgjifii i:tt~s ?::.--^ l.ty vras shrieking: for pro- I lipjSf^..^., fiTvtr. a::d tbe cov.- look to running ar-ninii the lic-d to find where he i u:'f! disappeared. The interior of tlse j one; the J sponge this through your hair. tiiKing strand at a time. By morning gray hair disappears, and after anoth-; er EDDlitation or 'tivo, i: Lec-o:nes, beautifully dark, glossy, soft and i abundant. · Stop Catarrh DODGE ZUILL'S "EASY" All Steel, and Copper Unless Properly Trealeu With !Iy- omei This Disease May Become Seriots- j If you have ca'carrh, indicated by j sniffling, stoooed wp head. drcpp:ngs ; in the throat;'and morning choking.; , there is an irritated state of the :nu- | 6 cons membrane which afford? an ideal; * condition for the groivth of disease I germs. j -Do not aliov.- these dangerous germs j to begin the destruction of your health, j The easiest, simplest, quickest, sar- j shit! !::;J i;o\v so dark tnar trr.'-k and fieic i-..:J t- battl the j-rv:o-:t!0:!, heretofore advanced hy j»ror«-«-si'ii^ii jn-jinotei's and --rofes- i nsde coaD.e- t is, one falling- over together. nitil: ! ::u cou.a b; secu la tryinc stren^th e -n tue cx»r sonse more the pro- j ailO7her as E i, OTrn i a the t:cture. ft^--.-or fe!! a^.d roiled over. In \ - - "This history of attleilcs ccitalasy Is Caaiii;-.:- to ilnoe -who have :i study of ;itl!leti--s. ProfessioinJi^m the **!.. n:{;ij ra:i:es. so li^s- te^I t:. ::nil tbe terms ·:i--.~e.- : - :onar :inl 'ajaa-eur" coiue to n fuini thti fact tain at one time HI sport HJQ-X- pirife.«-sionals I!tt Ha.: corrnpnon. bcttisg- and crshoa- w ue::fr-:a= n~ay at the doorr O;-; :·. j.erson i f ;i:ieu after K ~ n \ bov.- o: vc-Ivei. or s:-k ribbon. tbe srraw : l:: d cirtr Caa l:e cr she be IC£ _.,,, a ^.j. ^ the ; r rj. a ve-ijT.. ! sfitrt-:v ei-n.T.!o:',io::s \vhen it is i:a-! st ;::h:: nc t« see ea--h The p- it^cES- j sanies vre ever h:i;l 'vi-re ;h:ov,-:: n^u-a ;:::::, H-nr.-. :.nd _cii collars shouic be bcned a: the j niea Hke ·?·".;rL-cr R;;:~ ""n::S. v. ,,· -.T.-IS .-:'·-.,:- ::r.^:«:fs. r a.xmtciir fcs^r trSM!.v C^Xed ffcnt they couid I ~,.^ .^ ^^X; ^ eye . iwl. aucJ i:t» rv.icjed o':t a::c c.Ospea 4 _. : _ 1I3 l1 ^ , r' ll '^' : Vi r " eJ , f"*! Very c"- 6 ^-- 15:t!e cravats of velvet | s .: -:d rhen tis.-.t s;«r ·C'- h:s arn! =:r-.»una jor j r jv,j. G:i £erve 3 a back--ousd :or i^e | i a ijce if the iirr-ze--- ivay. :i::-J .-.:e c:sc. r.ot j Q a ;-.= o -, s o j fcar.a-crocheted lace. These] to'te --vith t:-o :::::. i-o~: ;T ;: hi- h:-.d to I ^'·'-.1'T'~- --""'- ·*-- ^ -.-- tt Use? r.::i f'T !':e nearest ft-r.ce. It | xv:,.-.:i i ;:^:,s!:f;S ; f;ii! dotra three o r j foil- Ii:::«--. l"'-l t!icv fx-H. It TvasJi";:! ;! Tlifc ineaailions are ^..c "^ , In ;he Iri^h lace patiems and very cur- ,'»r *.; :e-1 ,. tft ^ aa ,, g..,-^ ;a_i:c£ri-s iveck in and .·jco-j').^'. e.; ^...^ xhc sanje miix-for.s may bs i -azlred to cravcts cf d::7crent cslcrs Trcra time tc i"me. Er^ht gresn velvet r.icon, black and also vivid red arc- favorite Just r-.o \v. Small r.zi cravat bovrs of silk are i.ked. They serve as a background for tbs nev.- brooches and bar i;-r.s Iu "i lie are ri'.l :.-: j-uv:i:.,-t-" :.;. Mr. *l : -:y r^iis in t!H «-y«-v. of v.-tcr-Jt: of i l^-.-rds. ais-j Use j.r !iT::pe of tin 1 eb^'ear T, ill help oat the Christ_ ag slloppa . and an _ c ., e ^ b KUy ;.-.;..-- who:: the fence was j ,;_ e Jo ^^g Bp thc _ e att tmii. Jfc:.v cow was on tneir rofi-st^r to throw Miss { _ = ,, J e ablc tQ then take a scranatl-s ::ar.« the way It was ^ ss to lhe toile ite at hose laden ,,,,_,, ^g,.-. at C: ^g^^ t!ll3e -th liu i e espendiiure , ' ~°s aooJ th.;:~ f--r y.-;U :.!«! I - - r v : i 3 have :ri'ft^-=:!':^-.i.-- -;iU'^'- --v^tr : anj.Ttt'jr^ 'T if they :'.vr»i-e ( - ·-TIU: nni.-ui-'sr^, 1 for the i«:t--'r f -'n-'C:.-:;- ibe Am:.Ti:!r Ath:-.-:=c I"n;"n r f tin'" ;-),--r:'i. . ny ti!C- 31 Union r.f the r. K5r*.«\- «:o *-«i;::-*)^rv REGISTER'S NOTICE Notice is here!y K:\VB to ail -f-iri 1 rsons c-"neerae-J that the is counts hereinafter en- est and cheapest -way to check catarrh ! and otiier perso: is by breathing 1 Hyoiriie. This \vonder- j aiiicisi.nraiion ; ful medicated, air treatment does nor - tere..! ivili he presented at an Orphans" upser the s'comaeh. but is breathed in J Court of AdauzS Coaaty. Pa.. :or con- through the Evomei Inhaler, directiv : firnisuion an'l ailo-.vance on ?-Ion«:ay. fo'Iovring: and surely destroying ail | December 1st at. lu.3'"» a. si;, o: sasil isay. disease germs that may have beer, in- i Xo. 141- The first sind final :u-co«nt haled--the zissnes of the throat, r.ose i "f M. D. vTiiey an«l Lusher A!ark!e. A!and lungs are ouicklv healed and vital- j of the estate of Teii'!c?i ized. ' " i Sosnfort. Lite or Keaf'.-r.g Townsi.ip. Ad- iloney refunded by People's Dr-ag auis CO'.IKIV. Pa. deceased. Store 'to ani'one ·tvhora Hyoniie fails -E- ^- ^! t-rKl:e i !11 ^r;. -o benefir. A comalete oGrrit costs b u t , Ii-.^:=ter ot u il:s. Sl.OO. " : "Waverly" Prices 76 Gasoline \.73°-76 c ) 20e Special Gasoline (68 0 -7O 0 ^lSc Motor Gasoline (.63°-65°) 16c Auto Gasoline ;.5o°-62°) 14e Family Favorite Oil. 150° 9c Pittsburgh Lan:p Oil 175° J-lc A" f. o. a. P;;t=V:rs"n. Trliii extra oharse for voni OT fc:eel barreis. Ali rednec prc-3-:c^ from aaia Crude O:i. pn bu. PITTSBURGH. PA. j Effective November 16,. 191S- !fHE f ESffiRJ IAP1LAHD RMLWAI The Western" Maryland Railway S:56 A. M. Daily Except Sunday for Baltimore. Hanover. York and I Intermediate Points. ;10:2c A. JL Daily for Hagerstown, Wayr.esboro. Chambersburg. Hancock. Cumberland, Pittsburgh and Chicago also EDnins. "u". Va. 12:25 P. M. for Highfieid and interme- ( diate stations. · 2:55 P. M. for York. Baltimore and Intermediate Points. ; -5:S6 P. 31. Daily except Sunday for B. and H. Division Poln'ts to Highneld. Hagerscovrn. wayr.esboro, Chambersburg and Sbippensburg- G:1S Xev.- Oxford. Hanover, York, and intermediate stations. GAYEST OF PLAIDS AND TARTANS APPROVED BY DAME FASHION THIS FALL The continuous cry !s for "some- i v.-hl:t-. haJ the «Js^s buund with beisa ihing neiv.' - ·'som«;:h:n^ l:::V;c::U" -t · !c^.:her; the other, a caecked s r eea ani tve have plaids this t-«-a=on v-iirsbsnrI r^itwvk. v.-as Swuidcd and tr:^imfel with ·with plJi.n stuffs for frv.o;:s :inl suits. s^fL-n cloth. Of^iimes th*- entire sust is o£ pl-iid [ Blue tind sreen kismet plaid \vith, ·n-ith plain irin.mings. i" ag-ain. t::e bands and ve^i of Russian jacket :s pla;n a.::-'! sk-rt of i-'.u.c or ;- TT»--R cloth -vvouid be charming- for smart ::t:lo p!a:d blouse c-fcompan-^s T9D:-791-J. The blouss shows a Ions, a i--:a:n skirt. Touches of the br:r ! '.:'-r · r-"a::i. set-in s!r-eve_ The pe^-iop skirt of tliest p:a:ds a.':or-J ·_--.:r--n.'i;.i. ^n:^rt .s d_~i::-.-ut-h-d by Che smarc cuff hem irimminss f" r P"^.Ia tlji-': su:is a-.J a:~'J :he yok« effect. drcsstP. | To copy th:s des:s^i ij. size 26 It Typical tart:ins ufc.: c-'.u-j- and ! -. «-''=· -'·- yard.-, 01 U5 inch material t^-.j..^ be:r.^ o:;e of the f.vonrt- corr.- - v.-:*h ~ s ;ard ot conlrastirs material ^!s«» 2.n^i I.:.ere jro nui: '_r ( ia.^ ict^h.n^ j -.arcis of S'J inch mntc-rEal- blacsc iin« white corr.Mr.^:.o:i-; T.v ul i No. 7531--s:zes 34 to -S4. the most s:r.K.r.s or Pjire:'- ui-.v-r.'.-- j Xo. 703---sizes 22 to C2. ^ N'o '· of palfe-n a:vi ^:/.-- -.. \l fu''.c=t r-ir- ·.:" r' - ".:-' OTICE and First Riddle. The first riddle 02 record is that proooxiaced by Samson to the thirty _ companions -srho came to the mar-1 rfage feast of his v-ife--afterv.-anlj burned to death v.iih her father bv the Philistines--and for the ansvver; to -srhjch he promised to give them 3"J sheets and Z changes of garments. "Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth! s~eetness-" For the outcome, see tha i DOSS, of J edges, 14:12-20. I _ _ i The Arendtsviile Grange will hold a corn, fruit and vegetable ihov SaLurdaj^, November 22nd. Grange members and otaers ire invitedto bring exhib- its not later than 2 oo p. m. Ribbon prizes given. Everyone invited. COMMITTEE. ile i.~- :i v-Mntl^rfui halfback. *"' , usnke the *veil advertised stars of the i'.-:i'.-'t-":i cf :ht jur. of Mv.tiaty y:ird ihr.i uefcau-d the Ail American team. VTisconsin 5:i the re-e:'t contest was a . 5l "" - eastern tearr-.s luistlti for a place oa \r«»rk:'i- Tl'-e:: :is. soon as ti:e man in j ""- "-- ------ j Ji -!«· m.-- -c»«:n iret his brfc:tb ibe re-j P.'CTUKE FKA?-iES CF G3ETCNNE. j IT b o t h j ! ' T-K-t ;T ;3-e isay ! have loved yon frotn fbf first!" nnnonnced the professor as ; hi- j«w«k nf r band. i "And l-I~- she replied after gasp-, inc for hreath. ] Of course she bad, too. and of course : that settled it then and there. The old ! i ali their l : vfs " j-':*-^ r,- ?o;:r:. so:; 1 ! m s^ii^r;!":" "This cou't 1 :!«-.--;- ;:.'··· FiC'.-re are cut out of heavy cow looked throngh the raf.s at them, j .-ar-bo^rd ar.d tc---erec v,-jth cretonne. henrd ;be cooing of tbe doves and witLs · The back U covered v^ith a strong, a snort of disgnst turned tail and! p;».:a r??=~- are added by I Union of :!:· ;?::'. other - T dcfin; Success in Lccaiiz^n^ Crop. The little seedless grapes ^- ·walked a\ray- Acd yet she bad msdej .--hi-h to Lrr^- tusr.:. or they nisy be furnish the so-cslled dried "currants over two hnman beinss to fee like the' ri?.de v.jth a suppcrr. hinged to the exported from Greece in large qaaa over two hnman beings average. Gently Defined. j "Father," said tie small boy, "what { is a lobbyist?" "A lobbyist, my son, | is a man who is so afraid there will be ! ",ack hy nieans ci a pasted bit of cloth, an easel. SIIT'JI/^ '·'. j'.'-r.-. » i l \ » t \ - a mistake mada in legislation that lie |Evans' Kcstaurant. United Ph-..-,-Is williag to spend large SUKIS o f f money to prevent it." Advertisement tides and produced Eov;here else ir, the -world are a remarkable instance of localizing of an important crop is a small district. The annual yield of these "currants*' is over 1,200.000,000 pounds of fresh fruit, or about 160,000 tons when dried. «_^j-;-^.'.",.\_--TM*_ni From ih Largest Mansion To the Smallest Cottage There is al- w a y s s o m e cold corner where extra heat is needed The Perfection Oil Heater gives you heat, where you want it, and when you want it The Perfection Heater Solid Comfort in Cold Weather The Atlantic Refining Company Philadelphia PitUbnrgli is always ready--just touch a match, and it is aglow in a minute.; ! No smoke--no smell; burns nine hours on a single gallon of oiL ^ Nickel trimmings; plain steel or enameled turquoise hlue drum, ^ At Dealers Everywhere.

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