The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 22, 1934 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1934
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

TEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 22 1934 WAKE UP YOUR McKinley Sixth Grade LIVER BILE-- . Class Enters Contest WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Morning Rarin' to Go If you led BOUT mnd Bunk and the world look* punk, don't swallow a lot of Halts, mineral water, oil, laxative candy or chewing gum and eipect them to mak« you suddenly sweet and buoyant and full of sunshine. For they can't do it. They only move tha bowels and a mere movement doesn't get at the cause. The reason for your down-and-out feeling is your liver. It should pour out two pounds of liquid bile into your bowels daily. If this bilo is not flowing freely, your food doesn't digest. It just decays in the bowels. Gas bloats up your stomach. You have a thick, bad taste snd your breath is foul, «kin often breaks out in blemishes. Your head aches and you fee! down and out. Your whole system is poisoned* It takes those eood. old CARTER'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS to get these two pounds of bile flowing freely and make you ' feel "up and up." They contain wonderful, harmless, gentle vegetable extracts, amazing when it comes to making tbo bile flow freely. But don't ask for liver pills. Ask for Carter's Ijttle Liver Pills. Look for the name Carter's Little Liver Pills on the red label. Renent n substitute.2EcatdrucstoreB. O1931C.M.CO. Messages of Good Will to Be Sent to National Headquarters. Three letters were chosen from a group written by the pupils of the sixth grade geography class of Mc- Xinley school to be seat to the committee on World Friendship among children in New York to be entered in a contest for the best message of good will to the children of foreign lands. The winning letters were written by Armando Arroyo, Hurschel O'Brien aod Leland DeVVitt. Miss Kathryn Bailey is the teach- 3r of the class and Miss Marie Kober, principal of the school. Each student . in the class received a friendship postcard to be sent either to France, Holland, England, Japan or the Philippine Islands. The postcards are being sent as a part of this years's project of the commit- It wouldn't beEaster without anew hat. These are smartly styled, serviceable and priced at a saving. A choice of several popular styles including roll and snap brims. Men's Whit* Broadcloth SHIRTS 60C Men's Easter Ties 39c KRESGES to $1 Store 9 South Federal New ACCESSORIES from KRESGE'S New HATS Breton Sailors, Off.Jhe-face, Scoop types, vide and novelty brim hats and Windblowns in Spring straws and .fabrics. ALL NEW ARRIVALS! New BAGS These trim box calf envelopes in black, navy and grey lead in popular favor. Some with zippers and special fittings. Also many new pouch styles. New GLOVG§ ( Four-button length soft capeskins. The flared cuffs ' have novelty trims and pique edges. In black, beige New Neckwear High necks, big bows and P fluffed np ruffles distinguish these Spring-lite collars* Some have matched cuffs. In gleaming white organdy, ' crepe or rayon taffeta. New Shades in HOSIERY Complete your Ea«ter ensemble with this pure silk fall fashioned hose in lh- new light shades, Moitette or Manoa. Or, for a darker cast, choose Biscayne or Mexique. Every pair first quality. KRESGE'S 25c TO $1 S T O R E 3 S. Federal tee on world fellowship amocij, jiildren. Mrs. VV. H. Spence, local chairman of the project, presented the cards to the children. Letters Written. Armando Arroyo's letter follows: "I believe that world peace and prosperity will be ours with all that ,he leaders of the nations are accomplishing. I am sure that if the Jnited States does her part, all the other nations will do theirs because surely there is something besides Chinking of war and hatred in any .nan's heart. This is not a time o£ 'Every Nation for Herself,' but it is a time when we must all work to- jether in order to bring peace and prosperity to everyone in any part of our globe.'' Hurschel O'Brien wrote, "American boys and girls know they hava friends all over the world. People oi all nations come to America for which we are glad. They teach us many tilings and we try to do the same for them. There are good and bad citizens in every land. Good Americans are honest and true with all other nations. "We don't want war with our friends of other lands. War puts nations in debt. War is a terrible thing. Many are killed, others are crippled. War puts the nations reputation in bad. War causes more sorrow than any other thing. Welcome in America. "All true people are welcomed to America no matter from what land they come. "All good American citizens feel they can't get along without the other nations. If all nations will work together, everyone will profit jy it. 'America doesn't want to lose her wonderful friends by making war." Leland DeWitt was inspired to write his good will message in poetry: 'Good Will Day fills hearts with cheer ' In every country far and near. Everybody working together . To all kinds of weather That we may unite \.nd not have to fight. When May 18 comes around, Forget the fig-Sting.ground. Remember those who fell Those we loved so well. Will you do your share To keep from going there?" Headquarters at Memphis. NORA SPRINGS, March 22.-Harry Garman, son of Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Garman. who has been flyinr :rom Dallas, Texas, to Memphis, Tenn., has had his headquarters changed from Dallas to Memphis. He fU»s occasionally to Cleveland. QUALITY Be; Smart and ; Thrifty ! Get .the MOST tolbry Cleaning : . '" for Ydar 'Bf oney ' Suits · .ti 75c Dresses clei " c1 Pressed PHONE 788 OR 789 ROSARIES with gold plat ed Crucifix La pearl anc colors. 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ALEXANDER GEOKGE Company for Luncheon (Serving Six) The Menu. Deviled Crab Buttered Asparagus Biscuits 1 -Grape Jelly Frozen Fruit Salad Cheesed Wafers Spring Dessert: ?: ,,Coffee Deviled Crab 3 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons flour 1% cups milk 1 cup crab meat % cup finely chopped celery 1 tablespoon chopped pimientos 1 tablespoon chopped green peppers Vi teaspon mustard *i teaspoon salt % teaspoon paprika J ,£ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon chopped parsley % cup soft brea'd crumbs 2 tablespoons .butter, melted Melt 3 tablespoons of, butter .and add flour. When blended add milk and cook until creamy sauce forms. Stir constantly. Add crab and all seasonings. Pour into individual shallow baking dishes or crab shells. Sprinkle tops with crumbs which have been mixed with melted butter. Bake 20 minutes In moderate oven. Frozen Fruit Salad. 1 teaspoon granulated gelatin °*~ 3 tablespoons cold water 2-3 cup diced pineapple 2-3 cup diced peaches 2-3 cup diced pears 1-3 cup red cherries ' ' 1 tablespoon lemon juice ; % cup mayonnaise V° cup whipped cream., Soak gelatin in cold water 5 minutes. Dissolve over boiling water. Cool, add to remaining ingredients, pour into tray in mechanical refrigerator and in 4 hours, salad will be frozen. TJnmold and serve on lettuce and surround with more mayonnaise. Spring Dessert. Six pieces sponge cake 1 pint pineapple sherbet 1 quart strawberries -' 2-3 cup sugar Wash and hull berries, add sugar and chill. Arrange cake on serving plates. Top with sherbet and surround with berries. Standard Oil Firm to Supply Gasoline for County's Use The Standard Oil company was low bidder and was given the contract for the gasoline supply of Cerro Gordo county for the year, starting April 1, it was announced at the office of Auditor Arthur Harris Thursday. The Standard bid was the regular quoted price of 1 cent a gallon below tank wagon price for such quantities as the county consumes. ·'Last year the county used about 80,000 gallons. The Simmer Oil corporation of Ottumwa was low bidder on oil and grease. This company will supply o i l a t from 23 to 25 Vi cents a gallon. Ellis of Waverly Is Recovering Following Fall From 3rd Story WAVERLY, March 22. (ff)--Nat P. Ellis, bank official heer, was recovering today from injuries received in a fall from a third story window last night. Ellis became dizzy while standing on a chair and fell, crashing through a window to the street. ' · . - ' " " . ' Skin Discomfort Eczema itching, cbaficg, smarting, etc., yield amazingly to the specially effica- --^ cious ingredients of M Resmol Most Parents Forget Own Youth in Dealing With Child's Problems By BROOKE FETEKS CHURCH Gerald was having an argument with his parents. He was at the very trying age of 16 and inclined to be arrogant and self-opinionated. Finally his mother, in despair, said, "My son, you talk as if all your childhood had besn one vast mistaltc and your father and I encumbrances hampering your development." The boy thought for a moment and then replied. "Sometimes I think I feel that way. Do you know, I don't think that I love anyone." After he had gone to bed his mother lay awake thinking. Somewhere she had heard that remark before. But where? And at last there came to her a memory of herself at the same age saying the identical words. She slipped on a wrapper and went Into Gerald's room. As she suspected, he'was still awake, and his voice had the curiously dull timber of one who had been crying. Sitting on the bed besida him, his mother began to reconstruct the picture of herself as a girl, enduring the same things and suffering the same doubts as her son was now. "We've all been there, old boy, 1 ' she encled, "and there is nothing to worry about. In the end it comes out all right." A happier and less distressed boy settled down to sleep awhile later, puzzled still, it is true, but far less lonely. Too many parents forget their youth. They forget the bleak and terrifying years of the later teens, when children are strangers even to themselves and seem to drift in an uncharted sea with rudder and anchor gone. _, Could we but hear the echoes of our own past and tell them to our children, we could often help them, at least to the extent of lessening the unbearable loneliness in which they so often live. Were In St. Paul. POPEJOY--Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Albers, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ackerman. J. C. Boyington and Orville Fisher motored to St. Paul Sunday. Student Special 35--3x5 Prints and 1--Sxlu Hand Painted in Oil Photograph for only $5.85 RUSSELL PHOTO STUDIO Ph. 2273 Bagley-Beck Bldg. Wife Preservers When doing the ironing, take the jewing basket and place it close to the .ironing board. Then when you ,"ind a small tear in an article, mend it at once. It will save your time. in position to bargain collectively," he said. The old age pensions, workmen's compensation laws, abolition of child labor and a demand for union made goods are the achievements of organized labor, he pointed out. Keefe Named North Iowa U. S. Marshal SIOUX CITY, March 22. UP)-John B. Keefe has succeeded Don Preussner as United States marshal for the northern district of Iowa, his commission from Washington ·having been delivered by Federal Judge George C. Scott. Preussner's plans are indefinite. Butcher Workmen's Campaign Continues; Initiation Is Held Several new members of the or- ganisation were initiated at the Wednesday night meeting of the Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen's union at the Eagle's hall. The final meeting of the March campaign will be held Thursdav. March 29, also to be held at the Eagle's hall. Speakers included William Griebling, secretary of the Labor assembly, and J. P. McCoy, general organizer for the American Federation of Labor and vice president of the Amalgamated Organization of Butcher Workmen. Mr. Griebling urged members to ignore what he termed a "fly by night" organization working in Mason City. Mr. McCoy explained some of the benefits of joining the union. "The next few weeks will determine the future of your organization and the members will receive their money back with interest by being Good News fOF Kidney Sufferers? Hero is relief that joes right into the irritated Iddnev and bladder crKJtns to quickly, you can actually SEE results within n few hours, Fluabcs out poisons, neutralists hurninij adds, brings prompt soothing comfort. No more nchiuj; weak bladder, core painful joints from lade of kidney jietivity. Ask druggist for Folcy Pilk-take no other- Money back cuaxantea. 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Money back if Kruschen doesn't convince you that it is the safest, quickest, easiest way to lose fat. · ··and DON'T FORGET HOSIERY Correct hosiery can do wonders to your costume Gossamer Sheer Chiffon . . . the perfect complement for Easter ensembles! Clear, ev- J f a b i i c r e - ini'orcedtogive excellent servicel Ftih Fashioned, first quality pure silk. SEE Our complete assortment of anklets Colorful! M E N ' S Cool! S O C K S Smart! Snappy! MILLER-JONES Rood Sh:i« tor An the Family IV. F. nuder, Mgr., 19 S. Federal EASTER Leave that '.'down at the heels feeling" behind! This comfortable shoe puts pep into your step and adds snap to your Easter suit. ALL DRESSE UP ... means smart shoes like this dainty little pattern that ' j( makes the j u n i o r s step i . proudly on Easter ' morn! Sketched below are several of tiie season's outstanding shoes to help put you ·'out in front!" Wear Miller- Jones shoes and forget your feet I SWANKY Beige or Grey Cape Seal Tie. 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Msr., 19 S. Federal ,r E

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