The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 19, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, November 19, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XJL No. 508. Gettysburg,. Pa., Wednesday, November ISth. 1913. Price Two Cent*. -SWEATERS- FOR MEX--WOMEN and C H I L D R E N 50 cts To $7.oo. Ecfeerts Store " ON THE SQUARE," FORMER GOVERNORIBOYS AND OiHLS iOOONTY PEOPLE iFOOR iNJUR! VISITS INSTITUTE! GET PREMIUMS! TAKEN BY DEATH! IN ACCIDENTS LETTERS FROM ,, COUNTYJOWNS * * ; I * ; Ex-Governor Hanly, of Indiana, Ad-; Corn, Potato and Domestic Science '· Miss Dora Kauffman Died at her j Two Lose Portions of their Fingers Correspondents scad in Many Items dressed Teachers of Adams; County at their Tuesday Evening ! Session. Normal School Reunion. Show in the Court House Arouses' Interest. Prizes Awarded to Many, Successful Contestants- Home above Cashtown. MrsJ Philip Hov/e Died Near Hunters Run. Other Deaths. I Ex-Governor J. Frank of 5 At the Boys" and Girls" agricukur- j | Indianapolis, was present at Tuesday j a i a!1( ] domestic science exhibition in MRS. PHILIP HOWE Mrs. Mary Jane Howe, widow in Misfortunes. Child Scalded fay. Boiling Water. Ardendtsvilie Man ! Has Several Bones Bioken. j Misfortunes have befallen old and , of · young in Adams County during the *_ ^ * f ^ t i i~ _ _ . _ , of|Iflteresting News from their Respective TOWJS. Personals and Many Brief Items. ARENDTSVILLE Several days ago we witnessed a 5 evening's session of the Adams County t h e Couie House on Tuesday prizes | Philip Ho\ve, die-d Monday night at the; pas t few days and mangled fingers, j new feature at A. J. Miller's hydraulic Institute a n d gave a brief address be-I v .ere awarded, aggregating more than 1 home o f h e r daughter. "" ' - - - - - - · - - - . - : fore the regularly announced lecture ; $ioO. " Mrs. Harvey " broken bones and other injuries Weigle, at Rocky School House, near ' reported. " of the evening. Governor Hanly was . I R the corn raising contest. the first j Hunters Run, at 11:20. aged 75 years. ; Gun Exploded Tininiins, of M:. WALTER'S THEATRE INSTITUTE land he was warmly welcomed by audience. In the course of N e w G a r d e n A u d i t o r i u m Skating afternoon and evening P H O T O P L A Y ! are · cider press. Lloyd Garretson, of Flora | Dale, brought a large load of apples , to the press in his automobile. ; presented by Prof. H. Milton Roih as p r ; ze of §10 was won by Martha Twin-i 2 months and 29 days. j John Tininiins, of M:. Pleasant Last Friday Myron Knosise, son of ; a man v/hose mission was the cause of ,'i.j^ v.-kh a total of 101 bu.hels shell-i She is survived by these children, : township, had the misfortune to lose. J- A. Knouse, heard a commotion 1 international peace and disarmament' ^ corn per acre. Xed:i Harberger, · Mrs. Harvey Weigle. of near Idaville: | Dart of the thumb of his ieft hand on ; among the sparrows in one of their the Paul Hoffman, Chester Mumper, and ; Mrs. Arnold Mullen, Uriah; James T.; Monday b\ the exalosior. of a shot' shade trees along the street. When he -' 3 ! Elmer Warren won prizes in the first; Howe, near Idaville; Peter A. Howe. · gun. Mr. Timrnins was hunting rab- '' remarks the former chief executive of · c : a ss. | Carlisle: Thomas J. Howe. Uriah:; bits near his home when the accident · the state of Indiana said: \ l a the po'tato contest, Martha Twin-! Calvin E. Howe. Idaville; and by [ occurred. Dr. A. C. Rice rendered the * "-O me Gettysburg ib a snrine--a ; ; n g \\-on first and second in the first j twenty four grandchildren. She also ' necessary surgical attention. : nation's sacrificial akar-and whenever ! class, and Paul Hodman rirst in the | leaves one brother and one sister, j Caught by Meat Knife your town is within my reach I come j second class. In pop corn. Cloyd tf net- i Samuel Rockey. of near IiiaviUe: Mrs. I Bryan McCann. clerk at the H. J. . to this shrine that I may have here a cer won first and Bertha second. ] Rebecca Marsh, of Russel, Kansas. · Bunty grocery store, in McSherrys- ; Warren had a large hen house put up I new baptism of patriotism. My friend. T n Domestic Science, Louisa. Reyn- j Funeral Thursday, meeting at the '_ town" cut off the tip of the first finger;at his propeity in this town. :--Mr. Paristte--d:scovered me and . olds won first prize, and each of the j house at 9:30. Services and interment of his right hand, on Monday. He was : 1 he following residents of Arendts. told on me. That accounts for your I folio-wing- a prize: Ruth Hartman. '· at Goodyear. Rev. S. E- Smith official- ' slicing some meat for a customer j v *He are engaged in the teaching pro- present infliction. I am here to intro- j Hope Hartman, Mildred Wilson. Xtt-j ing. i when the knife slipped. 1 fess-on at the places named: Miss : cuce him and I take profound pleasure j t i e Raffensperger. Dorothy Zercher.! i Child Scalded I Alma Rice, Clarion Normal School; in the privilege." ; Gladys 3Ietz. Lovetta Ranensperger, j REV. GEORGE W. SNYDER j Geraldine Smith, the nine year old ! Miss Mary Rice. Ridgway; Miss Carrie Prof. Roth announced th; - " : - · went to investigate He found a largo grey squirrel in the tree top. He got n:s gun and shot it. Dr. Win. E. Wolff had an ice house and a large hen house put up at his irm in Butler township. Harry H. By request on thi the fifc-rth" of Lincoln"-- Gettysbarj: A wilt run 5n '-omux'ti _n with our regaiar sbo«v the Vica-^ranh pro-iuciioa " L I N C O L N ' S GETTYSBURG ADDRESS LCBIX E.-6AXAY THE RAG BAG I-abia Comedy The tranjp ^ots into the ra^r bsj: an-1 is sold for rag= SMASHING TIME Lubin Corned,- ,·' The color»xl cnri places a watch on her slipper in iniaiaii-.u of mistre-s and · the lime piece pet= sajcshe-!- BLACK BEALTV THE SHERIFF OF CHOCHI3E Essanay He capture? the horse lhi'-ve In ap. atnasifiir manner. Tin- -i»i.-.v to-nis:hr ui'i «!:IFT at UJ0 P. M. in or-.;er to sive all the opportanitj t~ -e Lf-v ' LX .S r v ' V V - i '· ~ t "T A.CO3.F-?-'; KltJr^race 1 ia :u v nr tiic:;ir_:i. A :mi«ioa 5 cts. alL · ! Kanly would speak at the ' Day exercises at the theatre this af- ':ernoon and the announcement ! f, t Governor j Xaralia Roth, Veins Bream. "Xettie i Rev - George W. Snyder. retired min- ! (j auff hter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso ', Lady. Adams County; Miss Edna · Lincoln j Feeser. Hilda Hartman, May .ve i «*"j tne ^iiuwunccmejut .for manual wo : brought forth hearty applause. ; Dr i zes is not vet Ralph Parlette. the lecturer, had as \ .- ; his s Knocks"'. Henry-1 isler OI the JtefoTM 6 * 5 Church, died at · s m kh. of Mount Rock, was very pain- j Hartman. Adams County: Miss Edna y Stover, and Say Snyder a prize ' his " nome in Boonsboro Tuesday after- 'f u u y sca lded one day recently. The j Miller, Adams County; Miss Bessie rk. The fall list of the' noon - a S ed 72 years. Rev. Mr. Snyder £ air fji y were butchering and in some | RafFensperger. Adams County; Miss j was a native of Montgomery county, way £ jj e; ;j e o f boiling water was up- ) ilar y Funt, Adams County; Clyde H. G f i Pennsylvania, and graduated from ' ^.g/ over t he child. ! Lady, Wesc Chester Xormal School; The league has a membershin "The University of Hard ; 142 . and the exhibits v.-ere , He lectured for forty five muc h interest* minutes on his subject and then talked I pec ted that many more will take part. hour more. ', he sessions of the institute, both f i day and evening, continue to be large- ! I t · » - . . » _ _ ! j Frank-in and Marshall College Xext vear it is ex- i 1S69 - anci Ia£er from the Reformed j -^^ BETTER STATION Lu*: ; i ! v attended and the searing caoac'tv J the thearre is usually taxed. Chairs j Western Maryland iave been placed in "che aisles to aid in i Completing Changes at Hillen Station! taking care of the crowds. YIIAXKSCIVIXG DAV GC'OD THINGS o eat. tre not i.11 limited to things fcotvever cn:oy?.b:2 thT : :"=.;-" be- There are £iS3 gccd '"-.'-:\^r3 \: ·'.Tear. 33?ec:aily thoss ic:!rceJ '.'.'· ''-~-~* e es- aer.ti^Is ilks crsva's. f-~.~-.--~. hand- ^erciiiefs. faccy verr- c- : "T s:ary rrhicti sli go to in^ka vp ih: line of s cs sc!d as farnis'itr.--j 3e::g- 's have en exception. l:y f.r.c- line. The Quality Shop WILL M- SELIGMAX The Cagh Tailor -- - . . . . , Embracing everv xeaoire wnicti is suincienr ventilation nas caused much . . . . . - , , . , . : to oe founc in anv modern passenger i Giscomiorc at several or the meetings, i , , . " , - , m. j - . _ . i terminal, the imorovemeijts which . 1 he day instructors are con-inine!, , ' . , , .T - ,, , . .. . '· nave been in rsrogress zor t!ie nast six 'tneir talks almost entirelv to prac-- , ,W, _. ^- , ' -. . - , , - , ., . ', . . = months at HiUen station, have oeen , tica! suojects ana tne actual worse or ', - -, , - - - - ,.». , . . . . , orscticallv ccmoletsa. thus giving the · tse school room is getting almost die '' ' Several Bones Broken Ji on( iay Danial Leister, of i Ira C. Lady. West Chester; H. C. : ady, Adams County; E. Cecil Stover, .theological Seminary at Mercersburg.' Arendtsvil!e,went to his \vagon shsdto ; Adams County; Ro\- D. Knouse, Ad- He was pastor of the Second Reformed f asten a rop ' e an i tackle to pull up his j ans3 County; H. K. Raifensperger, Church. Hagerstown, for 15 years and hogs -R-hen butchering. He stepped on I Adams County; Leslie Orner, Adams of the Boonsboro congregation from ' a bo£rd thaE - cill . ed and he fell ^ dis- ! -ounty. IS91 to 1902. when he retired. His ^ rce . O f 14 feet to the ground where I Messrs. J. G. Witmer, J. F. Bushey - - i- . _ . _ » ! h e Vv-as picked up by several of the wife died several years ago. Ke leaves three sisters. Mrs. Mary neighbors and carried the LIndaman. wife of Rev. Dr. f. S. Lindaman, and Miss Rebecca Snyder. Litdestown, and Miss Lizzie Snyder. Boonsboro. J- Dorsey Lower spent last Sat- house. 1 ar ^ a l v " and Sunday with friends in Dr. Merriman was called and found I Harrisburg. one rib and his breast bone broken. The ! -doctor gave 'the case the necessary McSHERRYSTOWN McSherrystown -- Rev. Fr. Whalen, MISS BORA KAUFFMAN _ . Miss Dora Kacffman died .about | Western Maryland Railway Compaiy j one o - dock Tuesday af te rnoon at her g-ar, I splendid ·facilities for "che T-t ._ . . . . i r.andling of its increasing I ne evening enrertaimnent to-nigut', . c l i-.T*c-tt-»ilcr : attention and at this writing ' getting along well. he is !entire attention of the men on the pro-j , _ _ J ; f _ , ^_ n:..- .=· -.i._ r ·, " ~ ~ proper 1 home in Franklin township from tu- 5 asseaser ; bsrculosis aged IT years. be far the Hearons Sisters. The 1 ba ^ n e ss - . . ,, ] She leaves her mother. Mrs. Wesley L-naer the improvement, plan., aciai- | Kauff pian v . o brothers ar . d a s ; sten has beer. | Guy Howard and Annie Kauffman. all of the COW SELLS FOR S202-5 ! Adams Count3' Cow Brings Fancy Fisure at Xew York Sale. ntericr of the building and a re-Ioca- . , . - . ^ TM- . ,icn of the ticKet ornce. A new«r - , .., ;r=ss also Deen erected to che west or ' ies given by the Hearons Sisters or =«" York, during the last; tivo days and the grand closing concert Fridav , . . , , . - ., ' ,,:,,*,,- TS, i - -i " ^ne otiilcing. vrn:cn gives cetter lacil- · nignt. These lour talented voang-. - , ^. , ,,- - , , » , _ _ ,, . _ - ~ - : '.ues for tr.e hanahr.g 01 parcels and es are most attractive, acpeanns- , ,, . . . , . . :,.n~ ^ j j - ~ · oagsage. etc. Part ci the wing, wme.n uJlj gowned-and in manners - ~~ . ,.- - -,, , -,- , , j ,,, . ; :s r.ventv ov Sitv leet. will oe unhzed and modest. Their ziro-!. " · ,. . . , i tO~ trrrjo--'"'^ ^OOm. nnies fnrnisned more vanetv tharJ " ,, ° . , .- . ^ f _ _ ; Tne old tram sneds. wmch were a oi anv otner comoanv aTpea~m' r i ,, ^.-,. TM ... " -,. * _^-7 -_~ i T'tUre at M"lr-n Stsr are LHIS season. Miss Wimtrea. uer- . u nome. Funeral Thursdav afternoon. assistant atJBt. Mary' left on j Sunday, for Piicsbnrgh, to attend the i funeral of his father. i Harrj- J. Collins has had a concrete pavement laid in front cf his resi- Jence. Dr. V. H. Lilly, is having an addi- registered j r: C n built and a balcony erected at the the "Edge- j re ar of his residence. Daniel Reily left on Sunday for he has secured MORE DEER KILLED ;tauon-' lor vears. '\ H |haps the most versatile i have completely disappeared, and have o f Corres- i Peasant Gathering at Home and Mrs, JefFceat. TO TEACJ To our" already large line pondence Paper and Cards we have adclecf the very best numbers from the leading shops of the country and have them on display for you this week. _,. . - . . - · » , - f ^ ' - - - - -- - " - ^»-^-j-_i-i^j v^. : vc;*i; _ - _ i . tii.U _"lli:. VlCVIge lour inspection J5 lEVltcd whether VOII O'uy orn^L = the Cumberland Valley State Normal I Mr. and Mrs- Jar.-ses Shultz :ore lieazervijle Club Gets Two Big Ones. Mr. Seasc Brings Dov-'n One. The Hcuzerville club had unusual luck Monday. I't killed two deer. No other cltsb. this season, has been able to report such a big: bag 01 game in Day celebration this afternoon 1 and iha theatre ~-as crowded for the ' ' program. It is interestir.jr to know that! ·at 5:30 the 300,000 public school' DO-Tnd?. Mr. Coffelt went to Chami ibersbi.rsr. Saturdav. for his license and I *- · begar: hun'.ing Monday. Before the day ·Kt surprise party was.. V2S over }j e r- ia i brought down a big o: iir. and Mrs. | { : =er .The Rouzer-.-il!e club"? camp is at jcorge JeSeoac in honor of their sin".- ] p-.j^ c :n-in' T " i .wenty first birthday. Those presan; j ~ Hob« Johnston killed a big 8- vare :»Ir. and Mrs. George -Jeircoa;. j -,_,_,,. b -. cki - tVe igbing about ISO Ar a sale of "advanced . Guernsey" cattle held at 'water Farms"'. Canancaigua. X. Y. by ,F. G. Benham and Son. fifty two head i Philadelphia, where | sold for S252I5. an average of S4S4.90 j employment in an automobile factory. ' each. Among these 52 animals." 10 j Emory Jacoby and family movee 1 American bred Guernseys, one a calf. | f rom near town to Yoric on Monday. ( sold for $10.03-5 an average of S1003 · The Fraternal Order of Eagles held each. I tl.eir first annual festival in their Among these 10 was "Rosa of Cher- j rooms, in Union Opera House building ryuale 30110". which was bought by j i a3 r Saturday evening. Refreshments F. M. Warburg, White Plains. X. Y'..! 3 f a i| i. ; i n( 3 s Vv ere ser ved. The Bovs' for S2025. This animal--a matter of j BaRd of McSherrj-stovv-n made their ir.Verest to Adams County farmers-- j fj rst pu bii c appearance and made st four dur- ey purchased s ago anci eeding. The aniaiais weighed about S-50 pounds : ch : Idrer. in Illinois all recced the Liu- · la ;] 21 the home coin Address. : Gcoree Jcffcoat in honor of their =^n".-= · ^ Shippcnsbnrs Seunlon tnan ,tty icrmcr students ol 700. The cattle on Dr. Lady's farm art j all registered Guernseys, some of' them of the strain of "Mary Mar- \ shall", the leading cow in the Pan- i American lucdei Dairy. Mar;.- Mar- | Tar Traveling 01 er Xational Highway sha!l was owned by Vhe late C- J. Ty- . sen of Flora Dale- | COAST TO COAST Visits Gettysburg. and far.i- j pounds. .Monday after YOUR - TURKEY - DINNER Will taste belter if you have a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T DOESN'T WANT WIRES rs.isbur;; Man Makes Complaint to · Public Sen ice Commission. on Day. We have a large variety of choice fabrics at prices lo suit cveryb"-:y. J. D. LIPPY, Tailor, · Gettysburg; Prof. I. C- 'Abbottb-c-wn; Rav. George Ely. of the' ; Gettysburg Seminar;.-, and by Dr. · ; LehrpsR. the new principal of the j , Shipper.sbsrg school who told of the i -; plans to enlarge the course to meet the · ; present day demands. ; There was a. great deal of er.ih;;- ! .b;asr.i during Ihe evening, the normal | : school songs being led by Ralnh i it was reported that the deer killed r. hart, Oarence Sneeringer, John Over- | _ , s tha old J:inc of tte fore=I that has " i: »of" H-irrv "* ' : been in that section for sever, or eight F- Harry Gross, of Emmitsburg. on Monday asked the Public Service j Commission to nrever... an electric j . . f rniinjr company :rom s:retcn:ng ov- i head, ivire^ from Thurmont to Em- i li i i Tucn-ie- -TI-- » DISJil^bED years. o« resets « in:* i wno sav,- tne aeac deer sa:i :i - ·, · ' tSc monarch mat man ------ ! have s-not at wusr-ot resuit5. :sur.tcr Sa:?s are Dropped by Mutual | T hr- o=n r.r^. na:V of it? fui Conscr.t. . ... ...... i.-.e three cases which ivere to be 1 ! Lischy and ihe yells by .Jerrj- Trostle. j isard before Justice V. H. Liiiy on · Prof. Roy D. Knouse. of Arendtsvilie. : Monday were amicably settled before ''. j-.vas slented president of t^e associa-I Rehearing-. W. -J. Wagaman was! i ne o;o cccr. pa:"-, or u.= fur Mack j w:th its ycar^, ha 1 ? been sec" on it3 oi'j {grounds severa' tiines dairng tho pas; liar, days 1ut no one has got atrh to hit it. He =sys the -.vir-2 ;s to c^rry ("-.'Jitf- vc«-..=. ar.d inasmuch ? it v."j:5 cros? j tha Chesapeake and Potomac Te3e- ] phone Company's -wires at two points i .i«»ve l he considers n dangerous- Mr. Gross s:--£T5rcs:s that the Jiyhiing- company. at a slight ad'Hiiona! cost, could put the wire in ar; under-ground conduit, The Spalcing crncial exposition au- on:obiie which is motoring from Saa i'iCgo. passed through town Monday ^vening on its way to Xew York, covering the ocean to ocean highway. Tr.e trip is being made in the interest yf the San Diego Exposition in 1915. Tr.e car was gaily decked with pen- :ini3 and attracted much attention in cwn. The chief interest of the trip lies in he fact that motion pictures are being a ken of all the interesting portions of r.s country through which their route :as. So far twenty six miles of film rs accumulated by the tourists. COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. . Gail Ee-1, cf Kur.terstown. " treasurer. *: i.L: we nave receivsd a large [ lire of children's, ladies' and men's : vrir.'tsr coats also boys" and men's fall suits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x ·'"-, linoleum and s\veaters. G. H. ; Ivnous-j. Bigierville.advertisement I secretary- j Berwick iowr.ship with surety cf V h e ; Mr Griw , T?kes pl?cc ftf {hc Latc F ; i-eace. and tv.-o counter charges were _ j^ Helves ; brought by Wagarnan against Wclf " { Tor shooting and carrying concealed J Frederick E. GreiFt wa? on 'ci.-.y c-lecied a director of the I j vf, : e Bank to succeed 1VAXTED: first class white cook, i n.---r^-,, F. K. c.eceasea. i ^Temlor's Restaurant.--advertise- ' ser.t i ; DOLLAR excursion to Baltimore, c , ^ | Xevembcr 22. account Johns Hopkins'" "*" ! Gc.tysburg foot ball game. Leave Geta n a l b . Ici Cf am TaTi -,, M «cn -: ]' .-Fresh tvsbarg 7:15; Baltimore 11:30. Will GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEV ^1^TM^ ^^~ OLD FAS'-l O N D MOLASSES TAFFY Almond TaTV, -JO c --*., B.ut,ru;it T: f,y. -So cenx, lh., Pea ,,« cents lh. f r.amt B i t X 10 FOR EEXT: nir.8 Zast Middle si.re2t. "ies.--advertisement room hc'ass on i Apply Times Of- 1 GETTYSBURG pennants: 12 x 36 . While they last at K remits each at er.rosa ?.Iyers. Balto. stree'c,--adver- ti.^ement 1 MITRKEX--HORWEDEL i ^o Chaprl S^enc of an Early , Morr«!Ts: Wedding. ' --_TM--^~ i -Tanie? A. M-jrren. f^n cf Mr. and Mr?. Jacoo Marren. and Miss Mary M. i IlerwedeK dsughrer of Mr. and Mrs. '' Pius Rorwc'Jel. were united in mar- ] at a nuptial mass in Conewago ! Chapel, at 7 o'clock Tuesday morning, i !f- Rev. J. J. S:n\ the. Mis? Anna Kor- j tcr of the brHe. v.'as brides- USt-FUL souvenirs Tree for every '.earhsr at the Department Store. Ask frr it, maid, and Joseph Murren. brother the bridegroom, was best man. 1 . THE person who removed the package from Dougherty and Hartley's .Uore is known. Return at once or ar- :vst will follow.-- ndvor1i? n menc I A fine line of candy on display a'^ the- Department Store. Special prices to i ciphers.--advertisement 1 \"ov. 20--St Paul's A. M. E. Zioa fair. Vov. 24--Lecture. Dr. J. H. Sielinfi: Brua Chape!. \ov. 2-4-29--Bazaar. Xavier Hall. Cov. 25--Uccital. David Bisphan* Brua Chapel. \ov. 25--''Where is My Wandering Boy.'' Waiter's Theatre. Jcc. 2. ''Maud Muller". Walters Theatre. Oec. ---Lecture. Dr. Charles W. Stork. Brua Chapel. Dec. 4--"The Djst of the Earth". Walter's Theatre. Die. 8-14--Picket i. Stock Company. Waiter's Theatre. Dec. 19--"The Shepherd of the Hills." Walter's Theatre.

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