The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 1, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1937
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 1 · "1937 HOG AND CATTLE PRICES ADVANCE RUNS SHARPLY CUT AT CHICAGO Swine Gain 25 Cents and in Some Cases as Much as 50 Over Friday. CHICAGO, (.T)--A sharp reduction in livestock receipts Monday was followed b.y a sweeping advance in hog and cattle prices that practically wiped out, in some cases, the losses sustained during last week. · The hog run fell to 14,000 head, IB,ODD head below advance estimates. This constituted the smallest Monday supply in . many months. The cattle supply dropped almost 5,000 head below expectations to 9,500. The sheep run was olf 3,000 to 12,000. .. Hogs advanced 25 cents and in some case's 50 cents above Friday's average, Top rose 25 cents to $10.25. Aside from the curtailment in producers' marketings, reflecting to some extent farmers' efforts to stem the price decline which has been underway recently largely because -of the ilood and strike situation, the hog market gamed stimulus also Monday from a right-about-face ol the wholesale pork market. Fresh loins advanced ''·, to l'/2 cents a pound to a 16 to 10 cents range wholesale. This was the first upturn since the first oE the year and traders said it reflected an improvement in meat demand. . Most cattle advanced a shade to 25 cents and shippers returned to the market for substntial supplies. No sales were made early m tue da ycomparable .to the $1.4 quotable top for choice steers the bulk moving considerably below that 18 The'lamb trade opened slow but the market had a steady undertone. Sellers refused lower bids, Hog Morkets_ MIDWEST llOfiS. Hog, prices al midwest markets Mon- C E I \ R R \rlDS -- Good hogs 140 to 150 Ibs. 57.3551 7.65; 150 10 ICO IDs. $7.65418,15; ISO to 170 Ibs. SS.33S£8.65; 170 lo 180 Ibs.. 58,95519.25;' ISO lo 200 ibs. 59.255! 9.55; 200 lo 325 Ibs. S9.40S3.70; 325 to 350 Ibs. $0.25 i9 5ii' good packers 275 to 35G IPS. $8.93 ttiS.25; 350 lo 425 Ibs. $8, ; 425 lo 500 Ibs. ?B.6568.95; 500 to 550 Ibs. S8.50S WATERLOO-- Hoss 10-15c higher. Good to choice 140 to 150 Ibs. 57.1567-15; 150 to ItiO Ibs. S7.G54J 1.35; 160 to 170 Ibs. $B.2a 61855- 170 to 180 Ibs. S8.90ff9.20; 180 n 200 Ibs. S9.20Sl!.5°: 200 to 325 Ibs. $9.108' 9.70; 325 to 350 Ibs. S9.20ii9.50; packmK . . . . rows 275 to 350 Ibs. 59 « 9.30; 350 to 425 Ibs. SB.80IT/9.15; 425 to 550 Ibs. $8.70®9. OTTOMWA-- HOES 20C higher: HO to IsO ]bs. S7.40Ji7.70; 150 lo 160 Ibs. $7.SOfi B.iO; lliO to 170 Ibs. S3. 40518.70; 170 lo 180 Ibs. S919.30; 180 to 200 Ihs. S9.25«19.55; 200 lo ,T1 Ibs S9.45fl9.75: 325 lo 350 Ibs. S9.30fJ 0 6 0 ' 3.10 In 400 Ibs. $9.10*1 9.41); packers 275 lo 350 Ibs. 58.956F9.25; 330 lo 425 Ibs. SO B5«|9.15; 42f, to 550 Ibs. 58.7089. A U S T I N -- Hops 2Sc higher; good to choice IfiO lo 200 Ibs. S9.3C19.60; 200 lo 590 Ibs E9.50ri39.fiO; 290 to 325 lb». S9.40ifj9.70; 3 -) 5 lo 350 Ills-. S9.30fTi9.60: packing sows good 275 lo 550 Ibs. SB.BOIS 9.50. fat she stock HitIc changed; cows falny active; slockers and 'feeders uneven; about steady; choice long yearlings held above §12; scattered sales load lots up lo S10.50: quality rather plain; short ;eds mostly $S'.i9.75; load lols good heifers held above $8; most bed cows S4.5USI6; few up to ?7; cutter grades mainly $3.7n« 4.25; fleshy stock steers held around SB; few common and medium lols Sti.25 down. Current sleeker and feed cattle quotations: Steers 550 to BOO Ibs. BOOd and choice SB.25g8.25: common and medium S4TJG.25; £00 to 1.050 Ibs. good.and choice 5fJ,25rii'B.Z5; common and medium S4.25W G 25; heifers good and choice S5.25ig6.50; common and medium S45.25; cows good ; common and medium $3..-0.-_i4; calves (steers) good and choice S6.25iw 8.35; medium ?4.50'3 6.25. H O G S 4,500; weights J70 Ibs. up mostly strong to 15c higher than Friday: lighter weights 15-25c up; good aud choice 190 lo 230 Ib. butchers 59.60fi9.75: heavier butchers held higher: 160 lo 190 Ib. holding best Iambs §10.35 and above. at S10.25 to Local Livestock MASON CITV--For Monday FUieen to 20 cents higher. c n ,,._,,,. Good lijjht lights Good light lighls .. Good lighls Good lights Good light, butchers 140-150 150-150 J60-170 170-1BO 1CD-200 uruuu JiK"» »···»».··--- Good light bulehers 200-220 S 6.85 S 7.4.1- 7.7J S 8.20- 8.50 S 8.70- 9.00 S 9.20- 9.30 S 9.40- 9.70 Good S£"«r buiih 220-250 | 9.40- J.7JJ Good ine. wl. bulch 250-270 Good me. wt. butch 2JO-2SO Good heavy bulchers 290-Ma Good heavy bulehers 32a-J-iO Good Heavy butchers 3oO-400 Good packins sows "'- '-" Good heavy sows .. 5 B.40- 9.70 S 0.40- U.70 S 9.25- 3«5 5 9.0J- 9.35 5 8.00- 9.30 . S 8.80- 9.10 WHOLESALE COMMODITY PRICES FARM PRODUCTS GROUP COMPARED TO ALL COMMODITIES 1926-100 ct 1 BUHEHJ OF LABOR STAIISTIGS 1936 League to Sponsor Bill for Revision of Iowa Beer Law DES MO1NES, (ff)--The legislative committee of Uie League ol Iowa Municipalities reported that its legislative committee Jin's agreed upon submission of a bi2 to the legislature which would revise the state beer law to provide uniform beer sale licenses with a $200 minimum fee. The bill also would set a mandatory limit on the number of licenses issued in a city, allowing ·five for the first 2,500 population and one for each 750 additional residents. In addition, It would provide for issuance to locations only in business districts.. lew S9.r,.i; staRS S9.25 down.' SIIEKP 4.000: iucluuinu: 6C5 through: ti" early fat lamb bids; undertone lower; best ~of/crjnU3 held around SI0.33. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. 4 Monday Market! OMAHA, i/T(--U. S. department ot as- 1IOGS 3 SCO; 15-25C liisher; lop $9.95; 190 lo 300 lb.5. S9.65«9.85: 170 to 130 Ibs. S9401T9BO- 140 to 160 Ibs. S3«9.25; 100 to 130 Ibs. 57®B.25: sows S9.25C9.40 CATTLE 5.500: calves COO; sleady to higher; steers SI3 down; cows S5.7.Tii.: cutters S3.50®4.50; bulls $5.75®6; vcalcr lop S10.30. , SHEEP 8,500; lambs 25-40C lower; asking steady; lambs down from S10. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. ( CHIC'\GO, lift--Official estimated receipts for Tuesday: Cattle 9.000; hoes 23,- OOOf sheep 9.000, EARLY GAINS IN WHEAT ERASED Corn Prices Down Fraction to More Than Cent at Close. CHICAGO, (/P)--Late reactions in Chicago \yheat prices Monday more than wiped out earlier gains. May wheat underwent the most setback, and in some cases dropped to almost a cent under Saturday's finish. World statistics were generally interpreted as bearish, with wheat on ocean passage totaling more than double the quantity a year ago. At the close, wheat was varying from the same as Saturday's finish to =i lower; May, §1.27 J /B to $1.27%; July, $1.11 to $1.H J ,8; corn, r ;s to l'/s down; May, SI.OS 1 ,a to S1.05V4; July, $1.00; oats, Vs to \fi off and provisions unchanged to 10 cents decline. Representative Soles an . . , Sice Is for' short and iqr.s haul Hogs.) ll \\ CJATTL1! Choice to prime steers ... Good to choice steers ... Fair to good steers Low grade steers Choice to prime yearlings ., Good to choice yearlnigs ... Fair to good yearlings · · · · Com:o0ii to fair yearlnigs .. Good to choice heifers Fair to good heifres Common'-lo fair heifers .... Choice to prime cows Good t ochoicc cows , fair lo uobu cows Fair to good cutlers Coinmon to fair cullers Fair lo £ood canners ....... Common to fair canners .... Good to choice bulls Calves r. Q - ot " 'choice 130-190 Calves, mcd. to good 130-190 Calves^ Infer, to Kd. TM '"" SIO.00-11.00 s 7.50- 9.50 : 5.SO- 7.00 S 4.00- 5.00 S 9.00-10.00 S 7.00- 8.00 5 5.00- 7.00 S 4.00- 5.00 S 7.00- B.50 S 5.00- G.50 $ 3.50- 5.00 S 5.00- 5.75 $ 4.",0- 5.DD S 4.I1U- 4.:il S 3.50- 4.«0 S 3.00- 3,50 S 2.75- :i,00 S -'.50- 2.75 . .S 4,SO- 5.50 S 4.00- 4.50 S B.OO- 9.00 S 5.50- B.OO S S.afldown (Monday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. l,l'i--U. S. department o! grlculture--Representative sales: HOGS. ILighls-- 10.00135 19 lO- 20 10.15J32 1H5 10.10 10.101115 H2 10.15 10-0|82 T69 1U.OO ILisUt Lighls-- 10.23 B7 153 9.7.1 10.15J95 1« 9-« ID.IOJ Heavy-13 318 JO 295 31 239 55 264, Mediums-- Stock List Paper Is Presented. KANAWHA--The Alpha Lambda society met Thursday evenin at the home oC Miss Mabel Trettin. A paper on the Life, Customs and Industries of South America was prepared by Miss Louise May and read by Miss Marion Ersland, The next meeting will be held at the home of Miss Jean Gorton, Thursday, Feb. 4. /^/ Ttedsj tkilynt rrnmtrr. itr Jjy tan Ifcryt ' ' ' FORGET /:*^ ''* %*t ISEAD THIS FIRST: Janet I'aynlcr, newly married to a second-rate actor, Joel Faynter, whose show has just closed, obtains a. card from an old friend, Harry Devantc.r, a film scout, rcuucsline; a screen test for "the bearer." Because ot his pride, Joel first refuses to permit Janet to continue working and then conceals the fact he has been playine the role of gigolo at a cocktail bar because he can find nothing else. Joel is elated when Janet tells him of his chance for a screen test. He does not know that the card was intended for her---not for him. Janet proves to be Joel's inspiration during the screen test. Now Go on "With the Story. THE CHAPTER 9 * . TELEPHONE rang im- NEW Y O R K STOCKS. ( M o n d a y Final Quotations) Al Ch Dye 240 Am Can 109 Am Sin Ref 91i3 Am Sugar He 52 IMi A T T Am Tob B Am Wai Wks Anaconda A T S F Auburn Auto Aviation Corp Ball t Ohio Barnsdall B e n d i x Aviat Belh SU BZ'l Bordcn 27 Borg Warner Wi Can D G Ale 29 Canad Pac ISTa Case 102 Chi A: N W 4 Chi Gt West C M St P J C It I P Chrysler Col G E Com Sou 242. 235 223 210 S B.25- H.50 $ 7.25- B,25 S 4.25- 7.25 5 4.25 down $ 5.UU- 6.00 E 1.00- 0.00 £ II.OO- 4.00 J 2.0D. 2.50 $ 2.00- 5 l.UU- 1,5D S 1.00- 2.00 I 5.0U- 6.00 3.00- 5.00 10S4 1278 I'M:! 1077 1219 1200 H4fl 1072 9R1 972 CATTLE. IHolfcrs 14,33130 14.30| 24 H.IO;IB 14.iJ|20 14.25132 13.50;COWS-11.00]7 ]0.40;i! 10.00127 . 7.75123 770 1264 1173 10B2 1140 10.25 10.00 s.oo s.oo G.50 7.50 G.OO 5.5o 5.00 4.25 C H I C A G O CASH GKAI.V. ( M o n d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, (/P;--Cash wheat: No. 1 dark hard S1.37U; sample grade hard Sl^Q'/a. Corn: No. 5 mixed $1.04; No. 2 yuliow S l . l l ' b ; No. 3 yellow Sl.OSVaSi l.lO'.i; No. 4 yclloiv Sl.05'.j«»1.09; No. 5 yellow Sl.O.I'/a «rl.0a; No. 4 white Sl.OS'iO 1.10; No. 5 white Sl.04fH.07. Oats: No. 1 while 53^fi54c: No. 2 while as'.iiSWic; No. .1 white D2V4C: No. 4 Willie 51',ac: sample grade 4B\2fti.ttc. Rye: Illinois No". 1, S1.23. Barley: No. 2 Illinois mailing S1.44: iced BOcfcSl nominal; malting $l(0.l.4ti nominal. Timotliy seed 5G(56.25 cwt.; new S5-75© 6 cwl. Clover seed S271734 cwt. Urd tierces S12.70; loose $11.97; bellies S15.7S. 1B4 26 54? i 34 », 27 la 5',ii on Con Ed Con Oil Coil Can Corn Prod Curliss WriEhl 7'.' Deere Co 111) D'rc Co pfd 30M DtiPont de N 171^ Gen Elec G3 1 Gen Foods Geji lUot Gilletle Good'r T 1 Hudson Mot Illinois Cent Int Harvest ] Int Nick Can Int Tel A: Tel Johns Manv ] KrcsEe Lib O F Gl 46 ' 6.1 4:i T i K^ 20! Maytag McK S; Hob Mid Conl Pet Monts Ward Sll',4 Morrell Co 45 Nash Kelvin 25','« Nat Biscuit M-S Not Cash B 341k - N a t Dairy Pr 23'.b Nat Distill 2B Nat Pow U 12=1 N Y Central 41Ta Northern Pac 2« Oliver Farm 5G Packard Mot I H i Param Pict Penney Peon R R Phillips Pet Hadio Hey Tob B Scars Rocb Shell Union. Soc Vacuum Sou Pac Std Brands Sid Oil Cal Sid Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stewart Warn Studebakcr Swift Co Tevas Corp i^ii Tex Gulf Sul n',\ Timk Roll B 75r« Uii Carbide 107 Un Fac 128i Unit Air Corp 20*.i United Corp 7 Unit Drus H?; U S InU Alco 3311 U S Rubber S5'. t; S Steel 03^i Wanicr Pict 15 5 a V/est Un Tel ~W West El M 1531 = Woolworth G H Wrieley Jr 72"Vi 101 41' ll'ii 5GVi f,S .. 15*: 47',; VI Ifi'/n STOCK MARKET UNEVEN AFFAIR Selected Rubbers, Coppers, Oils and Specialties Tilt Upward. ., NEW YORK, (IP)--Selected oils, rubbers, coppers and specialties tilted upward in Monday's stock market, but many other issues were unable to put on advancing steam. Buying impetus was greatest in the first hour. Thereafter selling cropped up here and there and trading dwindled. Gains were in the majority near the final period. Transfers were around 2,400,000 shares. General Motors was down nearly a point as the company went into court to press its eviction plea against sit-down sinkers. Chrysler and Nash-Kelvinator improved moderately. At 20 he offers his advice; at 30 he is flattered when you ask for it; after 50 he doesn't feel qualified to give it.--Waterloo Courier. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCIIANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City Bid and asked Saturday: Cent St El G pet pfd 1$25 par) 10 Cent St El 7 pel pfd l,$2o par) II Cent Si P L 7 pet pfd 17 ChampHti Ref la 1 pet p£d ... 1011 Creamery Package com .. Hearst Cons A G«o A Hormel A pfd Geo A Hormel com Interstate Power 6 pet pfd Interstate Power T pet pfd 12 13 23 ii 104 22=1 17 Mason City Grain CHICAGO STOCKS (Monday Final Quotations) Cities Service 4'.2]Nau Standard : Hcilmann Brc II INorthwest Bane Katz Drug ln!k|SivHt S: Co Kellosg Sivilch UHijSn'Ut InU : Libby McNeil 13V4lUtiiity Ind Midwest Corp 15 jZcnilh ; Nail Leather 21'af Curb Market . im-lBO L, AM IIS Lambs, gd. to choice 70-50 J.amns, mcd. to good 70-90 Lambs, fair lo mcd... 10-00 Lambs, common ..... ···,,·-···· yearlings, gi lo ch. 70-90 Yearlings, medium to good YearllnBi fair lo medium Yearlings, culls .... ..... . .... Nalivo ewes, good lo choice. Culls, ewes ................. Bucks ---- . ................. Welhers. 2 year olds ........ ·Weiners, old ................ Buck lambs SI lows. No doclc on lamba. Quolalions Guniect to market fluclua- tlona. C H I C A G O LIVESTOCK. ISIonday Blavkel) 1 CHICAGO, (JPj-- U. S .deparlmcnt or 1 HOGS' 14,000, inchidinp; 4,500 direct: , cencrally around 25c bigher; spots SOc . liioher Ihau Friday's average: top »"!·", ' bulk good and choice 170 lo 3i Ibs. Slofc i 10.20; medium slaughter pifis largely 5,1. i * as; bulk good sows S9.23g0.50. J . CATTLE 9.500; calves 1.500; meager supply strictly good and choice slcers and jcarlings strong to 25c Higher on shlppu t flccount; other grades predommaljnE. largely strong: receipts small but sizable a supply fat calllc hcM from late lasl ; -ivcek; largely steer run: well finished , richt yearlings scarce; good and choice yearling heifers 23c higher; mostly ?·) t 10- all other heifers and cows steady to - strong; shippers and order buyers going slow; resisting higher asking prices, cs- { cept on longfcd cattle: bulls 10-15C higher £ and vealers steady; cutter grade cows $4 ^ fti4.75; weighty sausage bulls up lo §6.50; L vcalcrs S10MI. d SHEEP 12,000 including 5.000 direcl: fat \ lambs opening very slow; indications , around steady; low hids generally refused ?! on early rounds; talking about sleady nn f slaughter sheep; good Ip choice n a t i v e t and fed western lambs bid $10, now nsk- ·*. Ing S10.23SllO.3a and above: scattered it native ewes ?5fl5.15; western ewes as ^ yet unsold. 'J SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. -, ( M o n d a y M u r k r l ) SOUTK ST. PAUL, Wi-- U. S. department of agriculture -CATTLE 3.300; slaughter j-icers and }he stock opening strong to sllphtly higher: good fed steers S9,50fi 10,50; medium xradcs do\vn to $1,25; medium fed hci/crn S6.25SJ8; fe\v. beef cows 53C76,:i[: low cutters and cutter.": mostly 53.7r'T?4.50;' bulls about sleady; mosl bids $5.75 down: Rtockers and feeders quoted nbout steady: calves 1.500; vealers wpak to SOc lower; bulk good and choice $9010.50: lew selects $11. R O G S 4,000; market steady to lOc higher: good and choice 200 lo 325 Ibs. 59.65ST- 0.85; top $9.85; ICO to 200 Ibs. $9.4Kt9.C5; 140 lo 160 Ibs. $8.90^9.40 or more; 120 to 140 Ibs. S8.25TrO; good sows $9.33 to mostly 49.40; bidding lower on pigs around 100 Ibs. down; average cost Saturday S9.S4: weisht 207 Ibs. for the week $9.66. weight 200 Ibs.: for the month $9.31. and 204 Ibs. SHEEP .!00: bulk of run slaughter lambs: nothing done early: buyers talking -weak to lower on fat lambs: Indications steady on other classes; bulk good 1o choice lambs at lasl week's close $9.75 ?10; best ewes S5.25 down. Fed Weslcni 200 241 200 nt 160 103 f.G 89 |ll 883 SHEET. INativc Lambs-- m bjj--171 S* IO- 1 " 1 io,io;s2 83 10.00 10.00:78 78 O-TM in.oniB!) 73 3.7j 9.73iSlaughler Ewes,-- Q.75110O 98 5.75 |5JO 105 5.00 MASON CITY--For Monday No. 3 yellow shelled corn ..S1.05 No. 4 yellow shelled com ..$1.03 Ear corn 95c White oats No. 3 ...". 48c Barley. 60-DOc Soybeans, No. 2 yellow ....51.45 Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES. (Monday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. l.TJ--U. S. department ol "pSal'ocTTsj- on track 318; total U. S. shipments Saturday 678; Sunday 01: sleady, f i r m undertone, supplies rattier liberal, early t r a d i n g light account cold weather; very lew sales as most receivers not openinE cars: jacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burlianks very lew sales U. S. No. 1 S3 254? 3 3.-,- Colorado Bed McClutes U. S No 1,' S3.10fi.3.20: Wisconsin round, while U. S. No. 1. S2.30fi2.40; new slock sleady; supplies moderate; praclically no early trading account cold weather; track sates less t h a n carlots Texas Bliss 'Iri- iiinnhi U S No. 1. 50 Ib. sacks few salc.s SI (S a "nek: street sales Florida bushel crate Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1. 52.0,1« 2.15; U. S. No. 2. jl.75iglJO a crate. NEW YORK S U G A R . ( M o n d a y Market) NEW Y O R K , w--Haw susar unchanged nt 3.75C. F u t u r e s March No. 3. 2.73C and Seplembcr 2.72e, or 1 lo 4 points hisher; No. 4 May 1.130 aud July I.17C or 3'.i to 4 points higher. R e f i n e d unchanged at 5.00C for line granulalcd. G O V E R N M E N T BONDS new YORK" W--U. S. bonds closed: Treasury 4'As. 47-52. 120.6. Treasury 4s. 44-54. 114.4. Treasury 3»is, 43-47, 109.2. Treasury 3'.is. 4r,-49. 1083. Treasury 3s. 51-55, 10S.1B. WHEAT-May luly Sept CORN-May new ... May old J u l y new ... .Tuly old Sept OATS-Ulay July Sept SOYBEANS-.May JulV RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-May LARD-Mar May July M O K U A V GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, HI Kb. Low 1.28". 1.271k l.ll'.i I . I I 1.03'i 1.08 l.OBH 1.04 3 ,i ' 1.03 1.00 Close i.rr 1.08 1,03V. 1.03 1.00 .4311 .43', .40! k Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS ANB CO., Masnn City Office In Bagley-Bcck Blflff. Telephone No, 7. NEW YORK, (.Ty--Stocks drifted aim- Icsply in a limited range in Ihe curb market Monday with price fluctuations, for the most part, confined to small fractions. Tlie trend of u t i l i t y shares was lower, with Electric Bond and Share down About '.a. and fractional losses recorded for Northern Stales Power "A." United Light and Power "A," and Arkansas Natural Gas "A." An exception was American Gas and Electric which moved up a hit. Industrial shares were mixed. Shorwiii Williams was off more - than a point. Fractional gainers included United Wall Paper, Great Atlantic and Pacific, Lake Shore Mines find Pantepec Oil. Iowa Electric Co fi\ ; j pet pfd Iowa Electric Co 7 pel pfd .. la Elcc Lt fi: Po'.v B pet pld .. 1,1 Elec U Pow O'.i pet pfd lil Elcc LI i Pow 1 pel pfd .. la Pow Light G pet pfd la Poiv Light 7 pet pfd ... la Public Serv (i pet pfd In Public Scrv B"i pet pfd ... In Public Scrv 1 pet pld la South Ulil B pet pfd la South Ulil G'.i pet pftl la South Ulil 7 pel pfd Minnesota P A: L G pet pCd ... Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd ... 100 91 97 N W Bell Tel G'/j pet pfd 105 N W St Portland Cement com 23 Rath PackinK ( pet pfd 100 Ilalh Packing 7 pet pfd 100 Hath Packinc com 32 3 Sioux City Gas i: El 7 pet pfd 93 United Lt ,t Bys G Pet pfd , 88 United Lt Hys 6.36 pet pfd 89 United Lt Hys 7 pet pfd ... S4 Western Grocer pfd 97 Western Grocer com - 15 25 2.H1 107 23 19 10 21 52'i 54 53 55 73 75 74 7ii 78 SI] 102 ira 99 100 101 7G ^a Bl 104 103 101 102 103 73 Northern St Pow fi pet pfd ... Northern St Pow 7 pet pfd ... 102 M DO 10,1 'A =G',i 102 103 91 SG 100 n D O W J O N G S A V E R A G E S Total Sales 2,360,000 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 14»4 Marsh'l Fields 20',i Cord Corp f !\* Walgreen Co 33 NEW XOHK C U R B Am Gas El 44 Ford M of Eng 71i Bond Market Produce MASON CITY--For Monday Cash Quotations by E. G. Jlorsc Eggs, current receipts 16c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over 13o .85 Sent. BELLIES-July ..13.02 . .13.30 ..13.47 ...13.70 12.85 13.05 13,3(1 13.30" 15.27 Lamson Brothers Market Letter CHICAGO--WHEAT-FnreiKii markets were strong Monday niprninR. Liverpool advancing on heller United Kingdom inquiry, sales ol an ^i 10 ;^J"^",,,/."*," the eflecterl ol wheat to Spain and sales carcocs of Australian wheat XJnilcd Kinsdom. Winnipec M I N N E A P O L I S T.n.VIN ( M o n d a y .Market) MINNEAPOLIS. (,rj--Wheat-- 80 cars: 3 ,\ cents lower: No. 1 Heavy dark northern spring. Sa Ibs.. Sl.^S'iij/ l.S3?«: No. 1 dark northern sprins. 59 ]bs., SMSRi/ji; 1.54'; SB Ibs., $1.44?iU.I.a3',i: fancy No. 1 hard M o n t a n a . 14 per cent protein. .3W*G l.n'.il Eradc of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winler, $1.33?Rfa! I,3i 3 ,ii: hard amber d u r u m . No. 1, $1.4:! l .a fi.l.GO'A: No. 1 red. S1.25!i. Corn--No. 3 yellow, 51.13^1.14; 1 ccnl lower. Oats--No. 3 white. 40(if5I. Am Cyan B Am Su Po Co 2! a Ark Nat Gas A 9% As G El A ir« -ail Marconi 2?k Eisler Elcc 3?i El Brt Sh 24'A Ford M of Ca 27 Hum Oil Co B.V,b Lockheed 1H* Nias Hu Paw I G ^ i Pennroat! Corp f S O Ky Co IS'. Uii Gas Co II! Un Li Po Co S)!'i U t i l P : LI Co n. O M A H A C R A W ( M o n d a y M a r k e t ) OMAHA. (/Ti-- Wheat-- Dark hard No. Sl.36fcl.37. , . . . .Corn-- Yellow. No. 2, i.nib: NO. 4. si.ietb No. No. Oats--White, No. 2, iiBfloG^i; No. 52: No. 4. SI; sample. SOflSO'.i. Rye and barley: No .".ales reported. NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Jim 14^« Hudson Molor Allegheny 3'ii Allied St 17'i Am For Po ll 1 .^ ,\m Cr Su Co .12 Am C F Co lifi'.ii Am Pow : Li 13}« Am Roll Mills 34H Am R S Co 2.1 i , Amcr Tob Co U!^ Armour Co 5% Arm Co PC II!!', i As Dry Gds 21 All Rc£ 34»; Baldwin Loco ]0*b BrijjKK IVIIfi Co 55 Bcndix 27 v; B n d d M f R Co 12Ti Burr Add 333i Bycrs A M Co 30 Cat Traclor 90',! Cer dc Pasco B!) Ches otiio iJ3^i Chi Gt W prd la CMStPP nfd S'i Com Credit G5!.; Com Solvents 1!)% Cont Motor 3% Cudaliy Pack 4Hi Curt-Wr Co A 2] 'i Disl Corp Se 2,V/ 4 Douglas Alrc 7fl"a Eastninn 170 Katon Mfe Co 35 El Auto Lite -1213 F.I Pow : Li 22 Erie R R Co 15 Fire T X: Fill 31% Foster-Wheel 501; Gen Am Tran 7!) Glidden Co 5fP; uniien r^iii;;* 1 * '· * , j - Ihl5 strenRtli but advances holding ler lhan our market. On our advances, which were moderate, selling by commission houses was uncovered and durinK the laller parl of the session, more selling o£ this character, as well as by local traders came into (lie wheat market, causing prices to react below Saturday's close. We look for a backing and filllnK about market for the lime bciilK and continue to advise agalnsl following slronfi up- lurns in Ihe market. CORN--Com prices were quite a bit Jowcr Monday, commission houses were only moderale sellers hut support was lacking and traders were Inclined to be on Ihe selling side of the rnarkcl. Oats prices held tip well early in the session but finally declined in sympathy with lower prices for other commodities. Hides SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. (Monday Mxrkel) S5IOUX CITY. HI--U. s. deparlment of agriculture-- CATTLF. ' cfccrs and If you don't know the meaning ot dumbness, that is ignorance; 3 .im: calves 2nd; slaughter " y n . u ""'J- I'CCORnize ifnorance, icarlincs iieady to sironB; I that is dumbness.--Lincoln Star. Golrl Dll^t l.'i^^ Gt North Ore Ifl'i G r a h a m P a i R e 4 ' « Gt Nor p W 431,1, Houston Oil \fi** H u p p Motors 2 1 ,'* l u l l Carriers Jl I n d n s t Hayoil 37 l .i Nash-Kelvin 23',* Lambert Co 21 Lclliah Pt Ce 5I) 3 ,; Liquid Cb Cp 41, Lorillard 2^:»4 Mack Truck 47V, Mathicson Al 3f)',i Minn, Mol Im 14 HI K T 7 Mo Pac 3'.i Mot Products 30T» No Amor 30'!a No A m o r Avl 15:* Otis Steel Co la;'. Owen III Gl ICO Packard Mot 11!I Park U t a h Cop 4^« Pillsbury Fl 31 Plymouth tiii'.a Proc : Can: G'J'i Pub S o( N J 51",4 Pullman 69Va Pure Oil Co 23','. Purity Bakery 21 R K O «·.'« Rcm Rantl 2',i Reo Motors fiH SI Joe Lead 4 t 3 * Simmons Co 54 3 .i 50 Cal Edison 30 Sperry Corp 22 51 G i.- E 121k Tide W A Oil 21 U S Ind Alcll 3C'l U S Smeller BS','« IJtil P Li A 4 V a n a d i u n v 3l^« Un Gas Tm 15'.* Warren Bros G 3 i Western Un 79 3 -i Worlt Pump 4Ti 3 J, Yellow Truck 27". Youngs S fc T 63?i NEW YORK, l/Ti--Although U., S. government bonds worked a little lower in quiet trading Monday, following Ihe boost id member banks' reserve requirements, dealers said buying interest was developing. Around mid-day limited losses ruled In Treasury 2?is o£ 1051 and 1954 and Ihe 3=is of 1047. The 3'.s or 194G Improved a Htlle. The 2"^s, normally an aclivc issue, did not chanpe hands until shortly before noon--and then al an advance of around 5-32nds. Dealers said the govemrncnl sector took the rise of 33 per cent in bank reserved in stride and reported that some mild Demand was hcginninc lo dribble in from banks .Kid insurance companies which have stood on the side-lines in recent weeks. Low-yield corporale obligallons were a t r i f l e lower in some inslances, but this t r e n d was not uniform. Investment circles iturccl tile opinion a l i t t l e l i q u i d a t i o n may have bpejj prompted by Ihe federal rCFcrvo board's e f f o r t to lighten money and the first repercussions of thai slep-- a slight f i r m i n g of bankers' acceptance rates. Slight losses In American Telephone 3',*s. Bethlehem Steel 4',bs and St. Paul :5s 'contrasted w i t h modest pain.s Jn Great N o r t h e r n 4'is. Missouri Pacific 5s and Southern Railway 4s. Under 5 Ibs : 9c Springs, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Springs, under 5 Ibs lOc Stags Be Leghorn springs 7c Cocks 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 19-20c* Eggs, cash 18-19c s Butter, Iowa Slate Brand 39c Butter, Corn Country 38c Butter, Kenyon's 38c Butter, Very Best 39c Butter, Brookfield 38c Potatoes, russets, peck 75c Potatoes, cobblers, peck 52c "EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. peratively and Janet Paynter teetered on the table where she had been trying to stand quietly the last 15 minutes. "Catch, it please, Mrs. Birnej'," she said to that lady as she let hersell down gingerly. She caught up the velvet lolds o£ her gown as she did so. "Hello, darling," she said to Joel and rolled her, eyes ceiling ward. Her voice was gay enough, "Not a thing yet. Don't be impatient. It's only a week . . . well, have it your way then, it's 10 days but you know how those people are." There was a hint of mischief in her voice as she said demurely, "Couldn't 1 call you at the studio if there were any news? No? All right. Try to be patient." ''My, gaq'ness," Mrs. Birney sifted the pins in her mouth and picked up her chalk. She was shortening Janet's black velvet dinner dress to street length and causing Janet no small compunctions. Janet had loved that dress but she had no smart new frock and she needed this one badly for daytime use, "That husband of yours acts more like a bridegroom than any man I know. -That's the second time he has called you this afternoon." Janet siood very still. "Don'l make it too short," she said ara continued, "Joel isn't calling me just to talk v to me. He's going frantic waiting to hear how bib screen test came put. He telephones me three times every aC- lernoon and trails me around as though I had something up my sleeve." "I can take some of this skir and put little cap sleeves into this dress ynd it'll make it look like new," Mrs. Birney answered, tin train of her thought obvious. "Bu now how do you feel about having a handsome feller like that out there in Hollywood with all the beautiful, wicked movie stars?" "Wicked? I grant that most of them are beautiful but I am not sure that they're' wicked and why shouldn't I feel anything but happy about it?" Janet answered reasonably. Mrs. Birney sat back on her heels. "You can't fool me, Mrs. Paynter. You're a home-body and not one of those fly-by-night brides most o£ my boys bring home. I've known you now for six months and I've heard you singing and cooking and fussing around up here and, mark my words, you'll be happier this way than you'll ever be with Rolls Royces and them other things." "Now, don't you worry about that, Mrs. Birney. I can take my love in a man who would offer her gypsy existence, who would have leaned on her rather than have been the one who should have been the stronger of the two. Felicity Burns would have smiled in that quiet beyond had she known. Felicity, who had the look of the wind on the moors in her eyes, had never seen the great granddaughter who was to heed a call she had heard herself some sixty years before. Felicity had followed that call and the laughing eyds of an Irish lad to Amer-- ica. Felicity's son, Ian, had married a Scotch lass and their daughter, Janet, had married the liery little physician, Angus MacLeod, but the Irish strain and Felicity's answer had persisted and blossomed the day that Janet MacLeod had seen the rangy length f Joel Paynter making his way to er across a Smoke-filled draw- ng room. Felicity, with her little leather runk and her heart filled with ove, had not been afraid to face vhatever the uncertain future had n store for her with Terry O'Brian. And if her laugh was not so reaq"y on her mobile mouth, her spirit vas staunch and her eyes were ever upward with understanding :o where her Terry's head was in .he clouds. And her manner was quiet, anchored to the ground here her small feet served for two. Janet was like Felicity. She could encourage, she could share and she could comfort. Her capacity was deep and for -all her small stature, she was sound. She could weigh her balances and when the storms in her life were imminent, she held the wheel of her emotions with a steady hand. She thought of Felicity, whom she had never known, during those clays when she and Joel were waiting to hear the outcome of the screen test. ".Toel," she said to him on one of those days, "why do you want olalliia* Pornlibed by Wolf liroj,. Inc.. 308 riflh S t r e e t Boalbwciu QORSEIIlnCS llorschldcs .. . ·OICEEN BEEF H I D E S Up to 2.1 Ibs 25 to 45 Ibs More than GQ Ibs. Bull hides 'Cured hides half cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to wholesale dealers In wholesalo Iou.1 ..$4.00 ..WK .. S li'.ic WOOL MAHKET. BOSTON, !t*i--U. S. department of ae- ricullurc--· Very litllc rlcmand was received on domestic wool in Boston Monday. Buyers appeared lo be fairly well covered and were not interested in the remaining unsold lots at the prices asked. With prices s l i g h t l y easier here anrl abroad on the Australian wools suitable for lopmakers, buyers whose needs did not require t h e m to m a k e i m m e d i a t e purchases of domestic wools assumed a waiting attitude. K A N S A S CITV LIVESTOCK. ( M o n d a y M a r k r t ) KANSAS CITY. (,!,--U. .S. department of aRrlculture-- UOtiS 1.000; no directs: fairly nclivc: uneven: I5-25c higher; mostly 2J5c higher Ilian Friday's nvcracc: choice grades above 20f) Ibs. scarce: lop SlfJ.lft snaringlv: Rood to choice ISO Ibs. up mostly $ fiin- 14(1 to 170 Ibs. $083.75; sows 53.25® 0.50; stock pigs 57 down. CATTLE 9.000; calves 1,500; fed steers and yearlings slow; most early bids weal- to lower: . few sales she slock nbou' steady; most bids weak to lower: sizable supply cows offered; bulls steady; fesv early sales vealcrs and calves nbou steady; stockcrs anrl feeders opening steady with last week's slow close: bulk fed steers of quality to sell' from $f!fi 10.50: few Toads held up lo SU and ah good I.lflO Ib. cows 5(5.30: goor! to choice vealcrs S I l ' T j l l : m e d i u m to coorl slocker nnd feeders 55.5037.25; choice steer calve $0 S U K f C r 5.000: very little done: openin bids on sliumlltpr Iamh5 fully 50c lower choice fed lamb* hid S!).7r, down: bo* holrl above J10: sheep weak In 25c higher slaughter ewes JS.25, COJirilNEU 110(i ItF.CF.IPTS. DES MOINES. W--U. S. d c p a r t m e n l of agriculture-Combined hoR receipts al 22 concenlra- lion yards and 9 packing plants located in Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Monay were 25.800 compared with 82.2GI/ week .IITO and 33,300 a year ago. Unevenly ISc to 2.ic lusher, mostly 15c iRher; spots l i g h t weights up more; uii- erlone strong; loading 1 light. Quotations follow: Light light"; 140 to GO Ibs. good and choice S7.G5ltfl.75; light -eights ICO to IBO Ibs. SI).50'S9.50; 180 to 10 Ibs. $0.3:]f?9.85; medium weights 200 o 220 Ibs. S!).5o1ilD; 220 lo 250 Ibs. S9.S3W 0; heavy weiuhls 250 to 230 Ihs. $3.55® 0: 290 to 250 Ibs. SD.4(MilO: packing sows 75 to 330 Ibs. pood SP.ISftO.GO: 350 to 425 bs. $9cij9.40: 42S to S50 Ibs. SB.858£9.2j. K A N S A S CITV G R A I N (Mmulay M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY, (,!·,-- W h e a t . 56 cars: i cent lower to 1 cent h l o h e r ; No. 2 lark bar*, nom.. $I.S9H«1.37'.i: No. 3. 127'i; No. 2 h a r d , £1.36: No. 3 nom.. L24 1 ,*!?/ L33ib: No. 2 red nom., Sl-32'.'i /I.3fi: o. 3 nom.. SI. 30?4ffi 1.34. Corn -- fiR cars: g .« cent lower to Vi cmt ii«her; No. 2 white nom.. S1.20i3fi .23',^: No. 3 nom.. S l . l 7 V i r j i 1121!^: No. 2 -ellow nom.. $t.lfl!2fin.20: No. 3 nom.. I.lTifS 1 .19'a* No. 2 mixed nom., SI-17 tfil.liv. No, 3 nom.. Sl.lfi!a''i.Ll8. Oils -- 4 cars; u n c h a n g e d to \y cent, iigher:'No. - white nom., 55St'57; No. 3 nom.. C H I C A G O PKOnUCE. (.Holiday .llarkcl) CHICAGO, fcVj--Butter 7.71S. sleady: creamery specials 193 score) 32 3 i f; 33-/4C-. eslias (92) 32Sic; extra n'rsls (00-91) 31 ! ,.'ig.12c; lirsls (SS-83) 31«t3]'.lc: standards 130 centralized earlots) 32'/4C. Eggs 14,174. steady: extra firsts locai 22'.*c. cars 22Hc: fresli graded lirsls local 22c; cars 22 l ,ac: currenl receipts 21e. Poultry: Live. 19 trucks, steady; hens over 5 Ibs. 17c; 5 Ibs. and less IT.bc; Leghorn liens 12i:; colored .springs 18c; Ply- moutli and White Rock 20c; colored broilers 21c: Plymouth Rock 2Ie; White Hock 22c; Leghorn cliickens roosters I.1c: Legliorn roosters I2c: turkeys: Hens 18c; younir loins 16c; old 13c: No. 2 UlrUeys hens Iffc: youns loms Ific: old I3c: No. 2 t u r k e y s 13c: ducks 4'.!i Ibs. up w h i t e and colored 1 7 f a c : small white and colored 15^c: RCCSC I4c: capons 7 Ibs. up 21c; less t h a n 7 Ibs. 2lc. Rolls as well as the next girl if I have to. And think how nice it will be not to make over clothes. And think how wonderful it will be for Mr. Paynter. Mrs. Birney sighed dolefully. "I hope you'll be saying the same six years from now." NEW YORK PItODUCB (Monday M a r k c l ) NEW YORK. r,Pi--EBBS--22.465. barely steady: mixed colors, special piicks. 24',-j ^25; standards, 23 [ ,:-'n2-1; firsts. 22 l .sfr 23!i; 7nediums. SO'.jfill; dirties. No. I, 20 I ,?:'tf 21?i: average checks, 13: undcr- itr.ides. 21'.i«22: refrigerator firsts. 19 rff20 ] ;i: seconds. 17".^^ 18Vi. Butter--10,573, steady; creamery higher than extra. 33 I ,4'Ti34: extra (92 score). 33: firsts fflfl-91 scores). 32S/32}!: seconds (B4-87 scores), 30 3 .ifi31=i; centralized (90 score), 32',!,. Cheese-- 424.336. firm; stair, whole milk flals. held f a n c y 1936. 2 l n 2 2 i i . Live poultry, weak. By freight, chickens: Rocks, 18: Leghorn, 12: colored mixed wilh Rocks, untiuotetl: fowls, colored. 17friIEl: Locliorn. 12ft 13: roosters. 10; lurkcys, 15fi23; ducks, HTdS. rrtonuoE FUTURES. J I o n d « y Market! CHICAGO. M 1 ,-- Huller f u t u r e s closed: Storage standards. February 3lSc; March 31'ic: November 30',flC. E*JR future*: Refrigerator standards. October 24^ac; fresh graded firsts. February . Potato f u t u r e s : grade A S3. 67. Idnho Russets, March Meltonville Glut's Program Announced MEL.TONVILLE-- The Meltonville Community club will meet Wednesday in the Thomas hall. The program will consist of a piano solo by Mrs. Allen o£ St. Ansgar, music by Mr. and Mrs. Harlis Anderson of Mona, tricks by Dr. Allen ot St. Ansgar, tap dance by Dale Mueller and music by the Carpenter quartet. The program committee consists of Leonard Larson, Lawrence Hulshizcr and Gaylon Burringrud. INVESTMENT TltL'STS. (Ily Thf A « ^ o c l a t f f l I*re.M) Pid and asked Monday: Corporate Tr Sh . . 3 . 1 2 Corporale Tr Sh AA Mod 3,73 Corporate Tr Sh Ac Ser 2.07 Corooralc Tr Ac Ser Mod 3.79 Dividend 1 Sh 2.05 Maryland Fund '10.44 ' Nationwide Sec 4.R9 Nationwide Sec Vtc 2.18 Nor Amer Tr Sh 2.00 Nor Amcr Tr Sh 1055 ... 3.78 Quarterly Inc Sh 19.05 Selcclcrt-Am Sh Inc 15.92 Super Corp Am Tr A .... 4.33 Tf S Fl L P A ...20.25 TJ S F.I L P B 3.2S U S El I, «.- P Vic 1.21 2.20 11.41 4.09 2.31 20.87 17.33 ( M o n d a y Markr.l) MINNEAPOLIS. IIP:--Flour: Cnrloarl lots, a barrel. In !W pound cotton sacks: Family p a t e n t s unchanged. S7,20C77.4(): s t a n d a r d patenls unchanged, ST.l Shipments. 21.593. Pure hr^n. S33«i 33.50. Standard middlings, 533W33.50. "Oh, I will," Janet said blithely enough. Six years from then! Those yeai's seemed /ar away to Jane! then. She had been a bride bul six months yet she seemed to have been married to Joel all her life The things that had filled her life -- her work, her home, her own circle o£ friends-- all these had been like a dream in these las months. She pondered on it won rlering what alchemy love wrough in a woman that all the thing that had been, all the influences the desires, the work of living ho daily life, coulc* dissolve inl nothingness In the presence of he new love. Long later Janet was to realize j that these things did not dissolve. They receded and remained in the ba'ckgi'ound of her life, but they were to re-enter it again at times diverse, times when she needed them and times when she wouid have put them out of her thinking. Had Janet taken out the things that made up her life and laid them out for herself lo value she would have found herself poor in the things a bride might have called important. She had no horm- that was truly hers. She hadn't even had a new frock since she was married. .She had nil uncertain economic present and a future that might have been filled with riches and glamor ot might as well have been poor. And but a continuance of living as she had been from crisis to crisis, as Joel progressed from one short-lived engagement to another. But she had faith in h i m , rather t h a n in his ability. She did not believe that Joel was a great acloi but she believed that lie knew what he was doing, knew his own capabilities and that the desire to act, to portray the drama coulc not have been so big had it not been justified. You might have thought, hac you known Jane£ those years aftei Dr. MacLeod had closed his office for the last time and come to the end of his life five years before that Janet was to follow in the footsteps of her people. Good !|uiet women, married to responsible, conventional, prudent men Women who might have stretcher. a dollar and darned their hus band's socks and done it with dig nily. But you would never hav thought that Janet was to find he it so much?" "To buy you pretty things with. To put money in the bank. To travel and see the world. Never to have to worry about the next meal. Never to see my Janet cooking another lamb stew." He laughed. Janet was very grave. "That can't be the real reason, Joel." "No, it isn't," he said, blowing s m o k e rings contemplatively. "Only I feel like a fool when I try to talk about the things inside me. Those things have a lot to do ilh it,'There are roles I'd like to lay. Great, inspirational roles! he pictures are doing great hings today, giving great oppor- unities for interpretation, for the xpression of an art, I'd like to do hem, Janet. I'd like to playgreat' arts. Don't laugh at this, darling, 'd like to do Hamlet!" Janet didn't laugh. She was too proud of him. He wanted to ex- ress something he felt; He want- id to create a character out of a nan the same way a painter created a scene out of canvas and paints. Acting had dignity, she .hough, rather incoherently, "And so you will," she said 'aithfully. "And you, my queen, shall have a satin cushion for your feet and i carriage of chromium and steel md never again will your little fingers touch kitchenware. You'll sew a fine seam and eat strawberries and cream." Janet had a sinking feeling that . that was just what she was going io do. And that was the last thing on earth she wanted. (To Be Continued) LAYS RULINGS ON MAJOR CASES Supreme Coui't Reports 23 Decisions After Three Weeks' Recess. WASHINGTON, (/P)--The supreme court returned from a three veeks 1 recess Monday and, in jne t: its busiest sessions, announced , ecisions in 23 cases. It deferred for at least another veek, however, rulings on major ases now before it. These in- r olve the Washington state law stablishing minimum wages for vomen and whether the 1933 con- cessional resolution barring pay- nent of obligations in gold applied o bullion as well as coin. In other actions, the tribunal reused to review a controversy in- ,'olving the constitutionality o£ the federal social security act and the complementary Massachusetts unemployment insurance law. No reason was given. Among the decisions given, the court declared unconstitutional ah effort by Texas lo limit production of natural gas in the panhandle field and to allocate the amount among the various producers. Another decision held unconstitutional a Washington state law imposing a fee on railroads and other public utilities to be used in defraying expenses of their regulation. It was a 5 to 4 decision. Justice Stone, who has been ill since October 13, returned to the bench Monday. $70,708 in Soil Pay Received in Franldin HAMPTON--First payment soil conservation checks amounting to 570,708 were received here Friday. They are for distribution in eight township, Geneva, Ingham, Hamilton, Marion, Grant, Morgan, Mott and Lee.

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