Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 11, 1936 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1936
Page 13
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 11 1936 lowan, 88, Doubts Seriously Smoking Shortens Life Span OELWEIN, OT)--Wilhelm Roepke. S8. .says he "seriously doubts" that smoking shortens lire. Roepke says he started smoking in Germany when he was five years old. For the last 16 years he has smoked only Us own homegrown tobacco. He cuts, strips and cures it himself. FOR SALE--PURE BRED HOLSTEIN BULLS 11 months old from high testing dams, sired by I. C. Hastings great proven sire, King Ornsby of lodak 576357 whose own dam produced 811 Ibs. fat in 1 year, and whose 18 nearest dams averaged 825 Ibs. fat, and whose 2 year old daughters milk 60 Ibs. per day on strictly 1 time milking. ARTHUR G I L D N E R K. R. J, Nora Springs, lawn. E c o n o m y be«n t- s i g n e d to operate with l minrmum amount of fuel -the tfoin, malleable top heats quickly-- the oven heats wvi- formljr and bakes evenly -the duplex draft eonservei fuel by ooirtrol'lmg the fire and preventing waste of heat. Yftrifused, rust-pcoof walls and 9ae Jmmgs. eliminate repairs and r e p l a c e m e n t s . Tightly riveted joints and frames remain permanent -in all, a lifetime investment built to five a lifetime of satisfaction. * Let uf show you the model designed f o r your home. Mason City Harcfr[ware "OVER ON EAST STATE" CHAPTER 37 THORA DAHL always glanced hastily through the house mail if it came into her hands on its way to the library. There was always the hope that she might discover that longed-for letter with the Minnesota postmark, addressed in the familiar fine handwriting of her mother. But it bad not come. This morning 1 , however, she had been amazed to find her name written in a bold flowing hand across a square white envelope. She sensed the writer's identity at once and was not in the least surprised when her guess proved correct. The missive said: Dear Thora Dahl:-IT my legal mind has not lost its keen edge, you will be trying to decipher this on Thursday morning. At 3:30 of that name date, to- wit. I shall be driving up to your door in my car. It is a green roadster, in case there is a traffic rush. You are to be dressed in your best and be ready to ride for the space of one half hour, more or lesa. By way of relieving your conscience, please note that I have made the necessary arrangements with your employer. I'm not sure what reason I gave for wanting to borrow you for so W. J. Murphy AUCTIONEER Phone 1324 Charles City, Iowa Dead Animals OF ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. e Pay Phone Calls Phone 1096 Jack Dorsey AUCTIONEER Call Plymouth, Iowa WANTED HIDES - WOOL Highest Prices Paid CARL STEIN Phone 470 111 Sixth S. W. OLIVER A Good Farmer has good equipment. Oliver Equipment makes every owner a Good Farmer. See the Ron- Crop "70" and "90" EQUIPMENT AN" SUPPLY SEED CORN 11 bushels No. 931 Hybrid by John Mullens. 25 bushels of Golden King. 10 bushels of White Silver King Early Corn. This corn has all been ear tested and has a germination of 90% or better. PHONE 270 MASON CITY, IOWA PUBLIC SALE As we ore moving to a smaller farm, we w i l l sell our surplus property at Public Sale at the farm known as the Fred Enabnit place, 2 miles west and 2 miles north of Swaledale; 4Vi miles north and 1 mile east of Thornton, on Friday March STARTING AT 1 O'CLOCK SHARP 9 HORSES Team of black and blue roan geldings, 7 and 8 years, weight 3000; roan and sorrel team, 6 years, weight 2900; team of mares, 6 years, weight 2900; team black mares, 9 years, weight 2800; 1 boy horse, 12 years, weight 1200. 35 HEAD CATTLE IS spring and fall calves; 8 good cows; 9 yearling heifers. 18FALLSHOATS Some Farm Machinery TERMS: Cash or make arrangements with the clerk. Ora Bayless, Auctioneer Thornton Bank, Clerk | brief a time, but it must have been good. Seriously, I must sec you lor a few minutes. Something has happened that I want to talk to you about. Please And gratefully. SHERM. I shall sit in my car and honk until you appear. So . . . in the interests of peace, etc. Thora pondered over the message as she went aBout her work, half amused and half angry. She would have thought it a hoax o£ some sort, had she not believed she knew Gordon too well. What could be wish to talk about? And why had he gone to Mr. Marsh first, instead of finding out if she were willing to go? Perhaps h e ' hadn't. He might be trying to trick her into the ride, knowing that she would not be likely to check up on w h n t he said. The more she considered it. the more certain she became that she could not speak to Mr. Marsh about it. Slightly exasperated by the puzzle, she finally decided to refer it to Wilma. That young woman smiled as she read the note. "Oh, that's merely Sherm's idea of being: original. There's no deep mystery. I heard him telling dad that he was going out to his farm one afternoon this week an dthat he'd like to take you along and let you see it. He said . . . I remember . . . that you were the only person he could talk 'farm' to. That's what he wints." '\Then you think he will really, be here?" "Don't doubt it. Get ready and go with him." 'I'm nto sure . . . " "Nonsense! It will do you good. Sherm's pretty slow . . , and as safe as he is slow." Wilma laughed. "I wasn't thinking of that." "If you mean the neighbors . . . . why should you worry?" Reassured by this interview, Thora decided to be dressed and ready at the specified time . '. . also to be within easy reach of the front door in case Mr. Gordon carried out the threat mentioned in the postscript to his note. It proved to be a wise precaution for, on the dot of 3:30, there came the strident blast of a motor horn. And Gordon was on the point of sounding a second when Thora came hurrying out and across the porch. "It worked:" was his greeting. "Thank you." "This time," Thora discouraged him. "I'm not in the habit o£ answering signals." She tried to look severe, but the effort was not successful. 'All the more thanks, then." Sherman was assisting her into the car. 'I had to resort to trickery, for fear you would refuse my request. I needed your advice rather badly." "Are the potato bugs getting the best of you?" "It's the beans . . . somebody's spilled them." Gordon started the car. "I am going to run you out and show you my place . . . only a few miles. You won't,call it a farm, but I hope you'll spare my feelings as much as you can." If he had something that he really wished to tell her. Thora decided that he was putting it off. He was strangely silent during most of the brief ride and his companion gave herself up happily to enjoying the countryside. The Gordon farm proved to be a modest estate of some SO acres. There was a small weatherbeaten house and several outbuildings on the place, but no tenant. "I'm not doing anything here but raising a little hay and grain," the owner explained. "The man · who lives on the next place does the work for me." "That's no way to farm." Thora objected. "You should come out here and live . . .do the work yourself. That's what a dirt farmer decs," she reminded him with a smile. "The house could be made very attractive without much expense." They were parked in the shade of a large oak tree that stood near a small barn. "I,may do that some day," Gordon remarked slowly. He took some letters and a pencil from his pocket and started making a sketch on the back of an envelope. "This will give you an idea of the layout and what I'm trying to do now." For a quarter of an hour, they discussed the situation. Thora listened attentively, asked occasional qusetions and offered bits of information regarding crop practices in her native state. "It sure is great to talk to someone like you,'- Gordon sighed happily. "You're a wonder!" "Did you bring me all the way out here to tell me that?" she asked good-naturedly. "I could have told you so before we left " That same little feeling of happiness had stolen over her, just as it had happened that morning when she and Mr. Gorden rode out to the hiiltop together. Again she was with someone to whom she could talk, he her real self. He was the only one who was like that. For some reason there was no harrier here. It was true that Mr. Gordon had very nearly spoiled things for both of them, but that would not happen again. She had misunderstood them. Everything was different now. (TO BE CONTINED). HOG PRICES STEADY TO lOc HIGHER RECEIPTS HELD EVEN TO DEMAND Heavier Swine Than Usual Received Recently at Chicago Yards. CHICAGO. (xPJ--Hog receipts were held more in line with market demand Wednesday and as a result packers paid steady to 10 cents higher prices in order to fill the day's slaughtering requirements. Because of the very favorable feeding situation, with the corn-hoy price ratio the widest in several years, current hog receipts have been running unusually heavy as far as weight is concerned. Market figures showed the live weight is the heaviest in 40 years and trade observers said producers were inclined to fatten their stock on relatively cheap corn in order to take advantage of the price "being paid for hogs. Last week's average weight of all hogs received was 244 pounds, the highest of the season. A year ago the average was 235 pounds and two years ago it was 227. One hundred pounds of live hogs are worth 510 now, practically equivalent to 20 bushels of corn. The day's top was $10.6H, or 5 cents above Tuesday's best price. Receipts were only 11,000. Generally steady to strong prices were paid for cattle although some early sales were strong to 25 cents higher. The sluggish condition of the dressed beef trade was a weakening factor in the shipping; demand for better grade steers. Early top was $11.65 but some choice "beeves were held around $12. Fat lambs were 25 cents higher, top reaching $.10.35. Mason City Livestock MASON cm'--For Wednesday HOGS Five I n 30 cents higher, Oood liRiu lights , MO-IRQ $9.:!0-y.fiO Good lights ,. IfiO-tSII S9.60-9.SJO Good light butchers .... 3St)-^OU $SUiO-9,t)0 Good lisht butchers 20U--20 Sy.liO-9,!)(l Good me!. \vi. butchers aao^flf) $9.fiO-y.9(t Good med. wf. butchers ^.VI-^TQ S'j.-tO-'.i.TQ Goad mod. \vt. butchers 270-290 S9.2ri-9.rjri C'ood heavy hatchers .-. 21IU-325 SO.JO-9.10 Good heavy butchers .. 325-350 sS.9S-i),2ft Cood he;ivy butchers .. :!. r )(MOO sS.70-y.dri Good {inciting sows .... 27. r i-3SO SS.'15-S.7» Hood heavy sows :i5(M2R SS,2S-8.!i!i Good big hy. POWS -I'-I-ViSO SS.IO-S.'H) Good biff Jiy. .sows M(t and up S7.flO-S.20 {The above is a 1U:20 trucli hog mariset lor good and choice hogs. The difference In prico is for short and long haul hogs.) CATTLE. Steers, pood to choice S 7.7.*)- 8.75 Steers, medium to good S B.On- 7.SO Steers, fair to medium S -1.50- 6.0U Heifers, good to choice ...... $ 5.50- 6.50 Heifers, medium to good $4.75- 5.50 Heifers, common to medium .. $ 4.00- 4.75 Cows, good to choice $ 4.25- 5.00 Cows, f a f r to good s 3.75- 4.25 GOIVS. cutters s :i.2s- 3.7.' Cows, canners S 3.00- 3.2ft Bulk*, heavy $ -1.511- 5.5(1 Bull.s, JjfilH 5 X 7 5 - 4 , 5 0 Calves, yd. and choice 130-190 S G.50- i.UO Calves, med. to good I'JO-IUO S 5.00- fi.OU Calves, i n f e r , to torn. 130-190 $ 5,00 down LA.MBS. Lambs, good to choice .. 70-90 $ 7.50- 8.50 Lamfc?, medium to good ...... $ 6.1)0- 7.00 Lambs, f a i r to medium $ 4.SO- 6.50 Common to fair . - S d-SO down yearlings, good to choice 70-90 S 7.00- 9.0C Yearlings, med. to goori 70-90 S 5.00- 7.00 Yearlings, fair to medium S 4.00- 5.00 Culls S 4.00 down Native ewes, sooj to choice ... S 2.75- 4.00 Cull ewes S 1.50- 2.F.O Slicks S 1.00- 2.50 Wethers. 2 years olrJ 5 6-M- 7-00 Wethers, poor to best · · t 4.00- 7-00 BUCK lambs SI less. No dork on lamas, Quotations subject to market fluctuations. Fate of Securities Act Is Consigned to U. S. Supreme Court WASHINGTON, W--The fate of another new deal law--the 1933 securities act--was consigned to the supreme court Wednesday after the statute had been denounce^ fey James M. Beck, former solicitor general, RS an pffort to "coerce A m e r i c a n riti/.cns to wave constitutional rights." C H I C A G O LIVESTOCK (WrdnpHilny 3larlirl CHICAGO. l.Ti---U. S. department of apriculturc-- HOOS 11,000; including 2.SOU d i r e c t ; steady to 30 cent? higher than Tuesday's average; some sales heavies more than 10 cents above previous close; top 510.65 lor short lout] strictly Choice 3SO Ibs.: n.'iO-2.'jO Ihs.^lO-^ri; 230-090 ibs. SS-SOft 1 10.'J5; ^yo-30 Itw. SS-OOrg-S-SS; sows $aif 9.-JO. CAT r n,E--7.000: calves 1.500; fed steprs and yearlings generally steady to strong following active anri slronfr to '2.1 ccnlp higher market early; k i l l i n g q u a l i t y i m p r o v e d ; dressed t r a d e u l u R K J ^ h . t h i s tcndinp to weaken jiosilion of better «radR steers wanlcd on shipper account; supply sue!! kinds f a i r l y liberal; early top. -?ll,fift; some held around Sl^; mostly steers, $7.7;* to $10; fed hcilers strong to 25 cent? hislier; cows slronj:; be.- 1 !, Ted heifers. S9; stock ere and feeders f a i r l y active at S7."- r i down to S6. SHKEP 7,000; Cat lambs s^ncnllly 2. r i rents hiplicr; morning 'op .«30..15 to all Jn- terests with 10j Ib. ColoiiiUos a(. ^1'i.V; ndd lots m r d i u m . lo Koorl lipnt lambs $9,2"! fi·10.1.1: no strictly poocl yearlings olfered; fed Texas yearling? bid around SP; sheep extremely scarce; rully steady; odd native ewes S5.50 down; no feeding lambs offered. SIOi:X CITY LIVESTOCK (WwiiifMlay M a r k r f l STOUX C1TVT. \.V--U. S. department of agriculture-- CATTLK. 2.500; slansliter a leers and yearlings fairly active, .stronK to shade higher than Tuesday's best prices; fat she stock largely unchanged; Mockers and feeders strong; few lon^ yearlincF np to $9. .10; some held h i g h e r ; numerous sales SS^8.60; bulk down to 1 ?"; load lots desirable year- linn neiiers S7.2jif)-".:iO; most beef cnws $-1.50 ·Wfi.fiO; D u l l e r K r a d f a l a r K e t y ^:;.SOJj s "1.2ri: rmnmon and medium ?loi:Ucrs and feeder steer? $7 down. HOOS, 2,»00; vrrr ?Jow; .«caitpred salf5 ISO to 210 in. huichcrs l - i Phippvrs 10?f2('i: lower nt S9.SOf» 9.90; t o p ^10; pnrkrr.i tallT- in- ?9.Sn ''own nn li.-nviPr w r l c W f i : sows m o s t l y $S.S-": lecci-.-r piss 2*ic hichcr at S9.. r .O down. NHKl';i*. 2..10t) : no r a r l y a c l i o n ; u n d e r t o n e jtteady for s!;Hiihi.-.- rla-=s-ps : a ^ k i n c h i c l i r r ; best, fed Iambs h''!l 4.1*0 vr- nntl Tin lamb? s t r o n g tn 2.V hizhT; top SP.S.'i; b u l k 59.-10J7 P.S.V KANSAS (TIT LIVESTOCK mVfJnpMlay M;irUel ?AXSAS CIT1". i,r.'-- L*. S. department of aKricul'atce-- HOGS. "2.000; no direct: fairly active, uneven, steady lo lOc higher t h a n Tuesday's ftvcraRtf; nndenvelphts and heavies up most: top $10.25; desirable 170 to 210 Ibs. ('i"10.25: 250 to 270 Ibs. S l O ^ l O - t T i ; 2SQ to 325 Ibs. J9.70-M1Q; better sracle 110 to 160 Ibs. S3.S.V-710.35: 5nws SS.5038.90: lew S9. CATTT.E, 3.. r )00; calves. 700; lower prices opening f u l l y steady; a-^kinq stronger pricer, on the hrtler grades: hcit'ers and mixed yearlings steady lo strong; other klUinp classes mostly steady: stockcrs nnt! feeders hansel; choice medium weight steers field around S'O; snvrrnl loads jnediu-n short fed steers early S7.2.V'i 7.75; soon to choice rs S7^S.2;i: f(:«- head ?8.fiO; low ait- t*T nn! r i i t i r r rows M.2.V.7 4..SO; few b u t c h - Hog Markets MIUH'KST MO(;S Hoc price;; nt midwest, niFtrkiHs \Vpiltlf-s- day: IV.VMiKUM,)--Hugs unchunprd. OTITMIVA--Huns unctianx'iil. Al'STI.N--Hogs, titi-ady; nuod to chuia- !- 2GU tbs., 5!).00 to $9.90; 2.'»u-29U Itv.. S'J.M to $y.B5: 2WO-350 lba. ( $9.10 to $9.40; pack- log sows, guod. 275-550 Ibs., -118.15 to ?8."" COMBiAKD 1IOO JtKtKU'TS DHS AlOlNJiS, ^Tl--(U. S. department -. agriculture--Combined hog receipts at 2ll concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota lor l he U-l hour period ended al n. ra. Wednesday were 33,200, compared with 1-1.200 a wcrk u^o ami 17.SOO a yt-ar apo.. Fairly active, mostly steady, spots r. lo 10c hinder thjin Tuesday's a v o r a g v ; loading lit! it- chiuua'd. Quotation:, fiitlow: Unlit H p h t s MO to 1(1(1 Ibs. tooil and diuu:u SS.yO'jt H.iU; lljjlit v.-rJKhls IRfl ! I f i l ) Ib.". -Si).."Ml?! 10; ISO lo 20y Ih*. SS.TMi "to.-jo: medium wciphts 2UO 9.70'') lll.l.'); heavy WL-iphl« 1NMI lo 2HO Ilia. Sit.30C'/ 10; 2'.m to .'i.'.O His. .tSJi-.ilt.fir,; [inckini; ."·DWS 27.'» lu ;;.'·(! Ihs. pi»od $S.. r Utuy; :dO HI ·12ft Ibfi. ?S.30crS.S(); I2.'j i' 5."u Ihs. S-S.lO'ii 1 8. r»r.. The »hfiv« quo! n l i o n s ;trn basi-d "n b u l k irnn$Hc.ttunt. Lonz liaij) ,xhipmenls ;lttnv- i n p cxct-KKivt! woiytit s h r i n k M u c inul lio^s excL'pfivcty filli-d u s u a l l y sell rt-.tpt-clivcly soniowhJit above junl bclo\v prices quoted. HUKS bonpht on th« «E s h i p p i n g pulnt wciphl.t nre tso excluded from quotation:-. (\Vitltirsilny iMarkct) OMAHA, s.l'i--(U. S. department nt auri- culture)--HOCS-- 7.000; including 100 direct: moderately active to shippers and some local Iniertists, steady to 10 ct'nts tower than Tuesday'." average; bi^ puckurs tniiciivc: h« trades. 190-2:iO Ih. weights, $10 to SIO.OS. top, SIO.10; few ^:i(l-^SO Ibs.. $9.(iO In Si).'JO; iSO-^'10 ibs.. Sf.1f i n J9.75; built mfidUim Tveiyhls and heavy butchers nnsold, bids unevenly lower; Hcairablc 170-100 litK.. 59.R5 10 S10.0, r »; .140-170 Ibs.. ?9.r0 lo ?10; bulk Rood sows. .-CS.7.' tn $8.9(1; f, !W smooth light- w e i f i h t H to $i; eia^s, ^X tn xfl; sturfc plf-s. 39 down; iivcrnse cost Tuesday, J9.7-I, weight, CATTI.K--:,,000; r a l v w , 400; icil slccrs nnd yearliiifis stc:iriy lo strop);: ht'it'crs s i m n g to 25 cents hiKhtir, iisht Kinds very a c t i v e ; CIJWA Hilly steady; hulls slcady w i t h most bid.- lower; vealerx steady: stucki-rs and iued- or,q scarce, f u l l y steady; led steers anri year- tirips largely -?T.2r» tn *S.7,'i; small fnts, ?it to SIO; heifers, Sfi.liri lo ¥7., p »0; bulk bci;[ fifjws. Sl.7. r j to $ri.7,V few. ?(5 lo Sf!.. r )l): cutter grades, ?y.fiO |o $·!.:0; hulls, ,S. r i lo 5fl.7y; practical top v«iilcr. c , S8. lew. SS.riO. SHirJir--C.OOO; itii-ludini; -161 iiim-.i: sal able supply, 2:i loads 1cd woolrti lambs, I car ewes; n i l k i l t e r s ; o p t n i n t bids on lat strong, held hiplH'r; «wus, 35 cunts nipt feeders undiangcd; bulk fed wo'ilt'rt lmm*)s, S9.SO to SS.S.'t, best held above 510; 1 load choice fed ewes. 117 Ib. averages, ?l»: 1 load "6 Ib. ahc.irinp lambs, $y. POL'TH ST. I*.-\|:L LIVESTOCK (IVfflmsdiiv .Mai'kfO SOUTH ST. P A U L , /p t -- (IJ. K. d c p a r i m r n i or agriculture)--CATTLE--H.3UO; slauwlilcr steers and h e i f e r s more active, f u l l y P l e a d y ; cu\vs slow, f i h o i i t steady; b u l l s s t e a d y to weak; stockers scarce; feu- df'sirablc fed steers, £7.75 to SS-0; common fimj medium short fcrfs. sr».fiO lo 57.nO; m e d i u m l" good red helper." a r o u n d SB lo 57.2. r t; most href cows. S-J.fiO to .*.'5.arj: bept early Sfi.75; It cutters nnd c u t t e r s , S:i.2.*i tn 51.25; rnn beef cow.s S1.T.O tn $5.2:1: ,-jirlv W,7 low cut let's and tnjtiers. $:i.-. r i to $-i.2ri; most sausage hulls, ?. r i t o S5.r»0; Few best, so.' calves 2.200; weal; lo rd cents lower; desirable vcalcrs, 56.50 to $7.50 largely; choice sorts. S8; cull ana common, S4 to 55.50. HOGS -- 5,700; active, mlly steady with Tuesday: all interests buying; better 160-230 Ibs.. 310 to S10.20; some held hiRher; 230- ·-TiO Ibs.. .SI).7.1 In 510.10; 2r,0-niO IhR.. S9.2.1 In $9.7. r j; hi!n\-ier weights down tn S3; MO- 3fiO Ibis., u n e v e n l y S3..If) f o 510.20; sows SS.rri ta SS.SO; fv\v on Jmlclw nnirr up tn §9; piss scarce; averace cost Tuesday. S9.fi6; u-iMjjlil, 2-16 Ibs. SIIBEP--l.riOO; nn r-arly a c i i o n ; buyers t a l k i n g steady on smalt supply hero; sellers askinc sharply h i R h c r on all classes; b u l k t n t lamb? Tncsdty. $9., r if) tn $g.5. E; fat ewes, 5-1.75 tr sri-25. IJVlCS'I'orK VORKCAST niliCACiO. V.-T'-- orrioiai r^timated rpr*ipfs Thursd.-iy: C a t t l B , 7.000; hops, 12,0(1(1- sheep, 10,000- ReprGsenf-aiive Sales (\\Vdncsrtay .Market* H H I C A n o . ·i.T;--(L 1 . S. d.'partmcni of a g r i - c u l t u r e .1-- Representative sales: A v c . Avfr. Lights-X... Wet. Pricu 2S 1R4 Hl.10 li«avy-- :.t is? ](i.r.u ·IS ftffi 59.6(1 ^;» ji.i-2 lO.fiO !!· -llfi · 9.7S ^r, m 10.05 ·ifi 2S7 9.RS Li^hL Liphts-- ,v- 2.-.1 10.25 ir, M7 i n . 2 B i -jns 10. M ift i: ; 21R lO.-1't i 2114 lO.r.O i SOy 3(1.60 CATTLB Str»rs-- Jloirei-e-- llflfi 11.R.T 10.-10 .1 (Ji s,s _ 1R v^f) 11.1.1 32 721 7.T.O 21 HSU 10.Ml 20 S I O fi.S. r » 19 V 1 7 2 9.2.-, 1! 1 R20 B.25 v,] njpn s.:,o V" -,·:- -- ;.fi 1072 T.S.-. T mo 7.00 27 1112 7.00 ' J " ! n fi - 2:i n 02n r.,so ^ R«0 22 fi 222 4 fi( 3-75 R.2S 0.00 Hides and Furs Quotations Fnrnished by Wolf Bros*, Inc., 308 Fifth Strtct'Southwcst IIORSEinilES Horschldes $3.00 ·GREEN BEEF HIDES p to 25 Ihs 6**c 15 to 4"i Ibs ." .....lie Mor« than 60 Ibs. ..,,. Sc Bull hides ....... r 3c Cured hides half cent more a pound. On above prices a cunt higher to wtole- « dealer* In wholesale lots.) rhnir above l.inihs hi'l mi t u r n i -- A n "ccasiona! s m a l l Int ·_./ prcfisy riomcstit: sh^rn won! was pn°vrd, b u t the p n i i r f t volume of these saKa was not enough in conchi.sively establish t n c m a r k e t . Avt-nirc .French comMnft 61 *s and Jintr territory wools sold in orisinal bap« at a r o u n d 90 rents, scoured basis. Si.ric.ily combing IS'y, HO'?, 'i, blood territory wools muved at prices on thp low side of ttie r e c e n t l y quoted ranpe 71 to 77 oenl^, scoured basis. Price.* w e r e easier on woo'fn t y p e piilii'tl wools. GO\'F:r:.V5rr.VT rio.vns flVrdn-sday .Market) N"K\V YORK. i.T'i--U. H. bonds closed: Treasiir- 4 ' i s 17-52 117.13. Treasury 4s -14-55 112-12. Trcapurj- 3 ft* '13-47 10$. 1. Treasury 3i»s -16-49 105.4. TiT.'i^ury 3s 51-ir 103-28- TC»rl of Dartmouth Dies. WOLVERHAMPTON. Kng.. (/P)-The E?rl of Dartmouth, s-i, former ronscrvativT whip in the honsf; of rnnimons a n d virf r h a m h r r i n i n of the .household, died 'Wednesday. ) WHEAT MARKET CLOSES UNEVEN Spreading Operations With May Bought and Others Sold Dominate. CHICAGO, (jp)--Spreading: operations in which new crop deliveries were sold and May was bought dominated wheat prices in later dealings Wednesday. The t'cstilt was fractional downturns of July and September wheat prices but relative firmness of May, Helping to sustain May were estimates (hat upward of 1,000,000 bushels of Canadian wheat had been taken for pxport, mainly to continental countries. Wheat closed uneven, a « off to U up compared with Tuesday's finish. May 99!»@ r :.s, July S O U ^ v s . coru unchanged to v« higher. May eO'.'iCf) \», oats at ls(c/' J ,| decline, and provisions unchanged to a rise of 2 cents. CHICAGO CASH CHAIN (UVdiiCMhiy M i i r k c t ) CHICAGO, i.'iv--Cash -wheat--No. 3 red tough, $1.01 T ,"i. Corn--No. 4 mlxt-d, rfi 1 -?; No. r. mixed. 54 U to r1; No. 3 yellow kiln dried. (W; No. \ yellow, ;»7 to r»S!i; Nt, ·'' yellow, M;; I,. :."; No. 4 w h i t e , itt: No. :, while, 56 Vi t» 67*:*; sample Kraelt'. SO u. MM-. OiiLs--No. 2 while, ao'.i; N*. 3 w h i t e . 2 R 1 , lo 3 0 ' i ; No. 1 w h i t e , 2-1U to 25",; sample ^rade. 22 10 nov Rye--No. U. 6 3 ' i ti fi-l. Sijy tiffins--No. " yellow, si 1 -/ to S3 nom- iniil, :iiii::ipfv sfimplr firartc yrlloU', "", B a r l e y -- A « : U m ! «nlr*. 4!t lo SS, freil, 30 io ·!·!; miiltini:. 40 to KH. T i m o t h y si'isil. $;:.0. p ii t w t . Clover serd. 512..10 I" ?^(» JL cwL. Liu-fl -- Tierces. SlO.ii"; loose, $HM)7; bellies, $11.75. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Wednesday No. 3 yellow corn ., 46c No. 4 yellow corn 4-lc Ear corn 40c White oats, No. 3 , '2'2''ic Feeding barley 25-3Hc No, 2 yellow soybeans ........G5c I V K D M I S D A V ( J K A 1 N fJ.OSK ( . T H I C A G U , I . I ' ' WMI-IAT- M a y C O R N -May July S C J l t . . . . . . . OATS-May Sept RYE-May July . ..... Sept. ...... BAKLKIT-- !\lay LARD-- July Scpl M a r M a y O.HAHA GUAJ.V ( \ \ c H t i c s c I i i y M n r k c l ) OMAHA, i.p---WHeat"-No, 2 h n r r t , . No. ^ h a r d , flftU lo J l - O S ^ ; N«i. »-!=-} lo 95'-j; No. 3 northern F p r i n p smuuy, SI.01. Corn--Nu. .' whit.'. SO'.t; No. J y.'llow, 57U Ui r»S; N". ·'' y p l l n w , 4 9 U to f,7; sample yeHow. W, Nn. o mixutJ, ft-!-. Oat."--Nn. 3 while, 2! V-j; N". -t while, 23',-j to 21'«. KANSAS CITV O l t A I X (\\'^nesdny M u r U e l ) K A N S A S ClTY f U'-- Wheat-- r.L d a r k hu h a n g c f l to Xi cent low num., SI. 03 to Sl.lSVi; No. 3 nom.,; to S i - I T 1 ^ ; No. 2 hard nom., 51.03 to ?l.lS!-j; No. 3, Si. 06; No. 2 red nom., SI. 0-1 lo S l . O f i U ; No. 3. 51-01--, to SI. 0.1. Corn-- 30 cars; unchanged to l cent lower; No, 2 white nom., 6S',~ to "O'/i; No. ;t nom., fifi!« to 68: No. 2 ye/lnw nora., 65!" In fifi'-j; No. S nom.. 6-1 Vi lo H 6 ^ ; No. 2 mixed nom., fi3'~ :o fi't 1 "; No. .1 nom.. 63 to fi-1, Oais^'l wirs; unt;hanj;«(I Lo li cent, l o w e r ; No. 2 white nom., 2G|-i to 26 Vi; No. 3, 26. . M I N N E A r O L I S f i l t A I . V (U'ptliic-sda.v M I N N E A P O U S , (.TP -- Wheat. -- n;t cars: '. cent h i g h e r i n 1 T « r n n t IOWPJ-, N'». 1 heitvy d a r k n O r t h r r n .sprinp. fiO Hi?., SI. 2 - 1 ' . in S l . n 3 U ; No. l d a r k northern, Sfl lys-.. Si.;u' lo S1 fancy PIT or N". i hard .Montana, l.dn. .Sl.^l'.i to ?3.1'.'JU ; Jo ;irrjvf. io S l - ^ K . Gr.'ide of No, 1 dark hanl 1 hard Montana WJDUT. S l . O - l ' i to 1 ; i n arrive, si. 03',; to si. 091;. N-J. l n m h e r dunim, 51-flr^i to Sl-22-li : No. I red ritinim, S2";i ; May, ?1.07",-'. ; J u l y , ;?1.02', l · Sept.. 92. Corn -- No. 3 yellow, fi(P,i to fil'-i, Oats-- No. 3 white, 2. r i ( .i to 27',, Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke ana Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. Kid tind Askoil \\i'tli SZ.'i p/ir. 'reamery Patkag". rnm. ... M.- f l rst ('.^n.= A ·Kf A . HMm-| K pf, .. 'cv A. H"!m"i f-.m ·a Klrctni: Co. 7 ji[. . . . la. Kler, Lt. A Power fi P f . :irc. L!. Tower fi'- pf. IH, ;icc. 1/1. A T'ou-rr r " i'f. la. Power A: Liphl fi i-f. ... in. Powrr ft Li^ht 7 i.f, ... la. Pnblit- Scrv. fi pr*. la. Public Scrv. fiii P r l;i. Public, Sorv. 7 ;·( la. South. U t i l . fi in" ..... l a . South. Hlil. t i ' j p f la. rfoudi. rrtii. 7 pr .nr.".jta I*. I,, fi p i . ... Minnesota P. 1.. 7 pf. ... · t h t - r n S'.. Power r, p f . ... Northern SI, Power 7 PC, ... U'. Sell Tel. su pf · N. \V. St. P o r t l a n r t cement .. h Pai'kin;: R pr h PftckinC 7 pf .... IN C i t y Gas A- i-:i, 7 pr. ,. i r d M. Hy". fi pr I M 1.:. f t - . K ^ f . f i p f . ... i"rt i.'. · n.'-. r, n^ i-f. ... t«vi t . : . * n \ ;. 7 PI A v i n L Corp U A; 0 HeiKt A v l n t Kelli Steel Bordcns can Dry Can Pacific fas.: C · N \\ p t; * n \v c M st r ._ C R I A P flril (,-, Jtr K t'nn^ 'o'it Com l r-;m Cont I Oil .tVl Corn CiifL Wricht Dil Pont Hen Klcnt. Or it MoL cinodycnr 111 Cent. I n t l i a r I n t Nit:k C a n 1 T T Jnhrw M a n r i l i r s Service K v i l m n n Br Kt-UuKf; S i v i t r h I.,ibby M i - N o i l N a i l l.c;ilh'T N a i l Si n ml Stock List A i r Rcduc A l Cu Dyo Am C!iin Am Sm £.-. Rcl Am Sut;ar A T T Am Tob B N K W YORK STOCKS 1fi7N, Lib O K 190',-a J,oe\vH 124 Maytat: Sr.-'i Mill Cont ret 17;i Wont Ward ..__ , 112'^ Morrcll Am U'at U'ks 221; Murray Corp AU'liison 78 u. A u b u r n 1-p 13-t ·l i . P 2' Null Bisn ^^ 49Vi Natl Cash Res "3U "% Ntttl Dairy -·!% 2P,i N a i l Ulst ;i2% 17 N a i l Power A u 10'i. "S'i N Y Cent 37 Mi", Nor Pan ;!2 2S Oliver Karm 4(^i J C Pfnnt'y Tli'i Pcnn n Tl rt'i'S, PliiHi|i« Pfit ·»:i !x i R C A 12 a i H»-i ShTl 2-1 'A Hey To). B ,Vl% Shell U n i o n 3S'N 97'i Snc Yttc i r l a l R i S" P a c i f i c 31-i ^'.i SMn Branrls Ifi'.j :Pl Strt Oil Cnl -JH .1-t ' L SIM Oil I n d :^' t M " i Hid O i l N f J (ilMa 7*»?1 Sti-w Warn 2 1 ' K :!r^ s S l o i i R «C- Wcfo 1rt R 7 ; R w h l , fr i'r -j;t^ 30 Texan Corp ;tR 147'/t ToxiW G u l f SnI SfiU -10'.; Tim Roll Bear 70Vi 3(-\ Union Carb sr'/ t 02·; union paciilc i:i. r iS N'-rthwi-sl QutikCr Onl.t S w i f t nnd On Swirt N u l l I J I i l i i y and Ind ZiMiilli Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by tAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Baffley- Beclc Bldg, Tclepliono No. 7 U D I f l Ki ; .SI . IW\V ,IO.\KS A V K K A O K S inds. JI;ii!x t ' t i t n . W i r \\'ii!giccn Co NK\V YORK emit Ant Ons t KIci: IlS'is Hni! B .\C A S 2fi ! i A m Cyiitiamid B ^(1U Humble Oil Co "·! "t Am Su Pow Co 2vi J.ockhi-nd 9 ! '4 Ark NaU GJIS A fi% NJaR Jliirf Pow 9'i Can I n d A l k I d ' i Ponnrnnd Cp S Hist Corp ScaK ~'i : ;i s 0 K* Cn nnr : : Kisler Klcc 3'A l-'n Gas Co 7*i Kl Btl Kharn I'.M,, L'n Li A: J'ow Co 4':-, Kord Mo of K n R s:;i U t i l P Li Co 2Vi NKW YORK STOCKS AlasUa -TunL-aii 3. r )',^ Hudson Motor 3R^i Ally^hcny ^'i. Hupp JVCotors 2^'t Am ft For Pow ~ : ;i j n t l Carrier.-; S r ;i \ni Pow T.I 9?i Kclvliitttor Co 22H Am Roll's; M i l l s nt) 1 ;- Lambert Co 24 \m Ra S Co a2U LUiuid Ca Corp :tfl'i Aincr Tob Co itaii Lori I lard 23 A r m o u r Co B'.i ATack Truck :il'i A t ) K t .f 32 JMalhitWOn A l l t 34-;i Efl lltfiriingway 15'-- McLcllan Stores 14 Bust . CD G- 1 * Mex Etab'd Oil Baldwin Rrlgcs M f K Co r, 1 :'. Bpncli.x - r '' Build Mifg Co W. B u f r Add 23 CiiliE rackinp ""i" C;ilerpiU;i.r Trac 71 :i CCITO dc Pafco .W, Clu's t Ohio ri5 r Chi Ot \V rfrt l»-l c M s i" 1 r pid h Coca C')la Co 92 0 Com Credit 4 ( .C: Com Solvents 2'J 1 , Cunt Motor IHi Cr of Wheat. :irt Ciidiihy PacKmK :i8r Ciin.-\Vri Co A 19"r Hist Corp Scae ^' Pousias Airc 71 ', Kastman Ifi-t Knton M f g Co ;'.! -l Klcc Auto Li'e ' i - V Klen Pow Etio R R Co 1.V Fire'no First Na Stores Kosttr-Whcclcr 34 I-'r.JL-port Tex 3:i'i ncn Am Trans iiSVj Clidtliin Co -lA'.i Cobel 7 Ci'M Dust W"i Ct N' r-,raluim P:d£e 3^1 ( i t Nor pfrt 4(M.i H"ii Oil i n e w ) 11% M i n n . Molinc lm I I Ii M K T S'/ 3 V.ri 3Vi Motor Products S.'i'.-j No A m p r 27 ',1 NI» Amer A v i 10 O t i n Steel C., 21] Owen 111 r.lasK Ififl Pnrit U t a h C"p ft' Pi^nick ft Ford 67 P l y m o u t h M'-i Pub Snr of N J .r2''. Pure Oil Co 2,'I';g P u r i t y Bakery r: K 0 Rrm Rmirl Motors 7 ' i Simmons Co 271:, So Calif Kdifon ·-."';.. Spcrry Corp 22 Kt G K 7-i; Tifle Wii As Oil 13-X, . P.u 3 l ' i n S 3ml A Hi i; S Stneih'r nil P Li A V a n a d i u m I ' n H.-I.S «(· Imp ' Lam son Brothers Market Letter \ V H K A T - - r . i t t l « action charactfrizrri W f d - iifiMlay'fl win"nL m a r k e t . Buying of May .inci st'llinc of .July by larger traders took part of t h e time. .Inly and May Spread wjrlencd somewhat, Winnipeg action did not attract much riUention. Traders were more or ]PSS inclined lo adopt a, moderately bearish »' - t i t u d e . No rains were reported over th; southwest part and indications are for mostly ( a i r over most of the states. The Kansas weekly report said need of moisture increases steadily near the middle to the l i n e west in Kansas jinrj becoming acii'P in the southwestern counties. B n i o m h a l l ."aid t h e r e wa? a b e t t e r i n q u l r y for nearby options and I n t e r i" !; day ovi'r on« million of" (*ana(i.'in «'itf«f w«s f- imrU'it «n!rt for e x p o r t , p i i n c i p a l l y th-- m n - t i n c n t . \Vln'.'U. prices a p p e a r to be m a r k i n t ; i i m i - for tbr: moment bin. Hit; Reiiflral news of HIP day c n u l d nn| he rtiil.^l nit'tl HS b « ( i l i s h . '"OIvN t'rirn I'ricr.s moved w l t h i t l a l i a r - f r t b t ; ci'dp e x p e r t ! rttion which \VH^ ['t' .-ttes. n i x o n . "111., m i pay d t i - l LATE TONE FIRM IN STOCK MARKET Selected Shares Given Lifl of 1 to 5 While Others Barely Hold Own. NEW YORK, (.-D--Selected stock! were given a lilt of 1 to 5 or mort points in Wednesday's market whil many of the recent leaders wcrf able to do little more than hole their own. Farm implement issues pointer the way with Case, Internationa Harvester and Deere getting up S, to B toward the approach of the Iina| hour. Amerada Oil added K points to its j u m p of yesterday anr Seaboard Oil advanced 2. Others substantially on the upside included Santa Fc. Sears Roebuck, Loewa U. S. Industrial Alcohol. Nations Distillers. American Telephone ant 1 TJnion Pacific. American Refining Sugar droppcc 1 2, and Bethlehem, Chesapeake anc Ohio, N. Y. Central and Consolidated Gas were Jower. The late tone was firm. DuT5 periods succeeded early activity a£c transfers approximated 2,200,OOC shares. The dollar exhibited strength In terms of loading- foreign exchanges. Curb Market j\'K\V YORK', v.Vs -- Curb market atorkt c o n t i n u e d lo make proRrcan VVednfiSday w i l l Rains of ?mn|| f r a c t i o n s to nronnd a poin wpi! d l s i r l b u i c d among utilltlc", oils and lit Alu inu cumpany n n pxtrema rid nC r ' ~ point.-; to ] -ta on «. small tur ShiTWit'. Williams »nd P t t t s b u r K h Plnt« G fiadi advanced more tfuin a point and f t i o n j i ] improvement wan nhown by JVia Ihidpnn Powrr, Pi-nn Rnad, llnltPrt ( American Cyannmld "E," American Creole P e t r o l e u m , and Electric Bond Share, Bond Market NKW YORK, OTV~ DomP-ilic corporntloi bonds ill^iluyod :i steadier ton*; In the Ibtec ni:iriji't Wt'ilncsdity, tun, U. S. j;overnmetib wt-iv ,-L ! r i f l e huckwani (in(I most oC thf a c t i v n f o r e i g n Ls:iues were in moderate supply Ou island (UK f i r m Hpat.i were numerous tr the low priced niy uroun- and a few indim ( r i a l loan.", mtrryint: Moult privileges were bl ii|) 1 lo '2 pointj*. While n l i l i M e n -vtv.rn ]n thi m » l n steady, tnulirtK wits IMS active unt tlier« were a few poet s|iots. Only a l i a n d h i l or U. s. Kovernmenlji -wcp n c t l v c nnd drcllneff MVCT^ oC I h B smftllffl: I r j t c t i i i n s . Treasury 3'.;'s of 131-t yleldtt 2-3^ndfl to lOG.29 and the 2'*'* lost a. aimila- iinvmnt Iti 301.12. Most of the guaranLeed olj llpatinnit were unchanged, Forplcn bnndB lonlng fractionally inp,1ud*s Australia, 5'*, Italian 7'*, and Norway 6'A Produce MASON CITY--For Wednesday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Egg's, current receipts ........14 Springs, heavy breeds .......^ 16c Leghorn springs .............. ,,.l3c Stags, heavy breeds 14* Heavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ...,16c Under 4 Ibs «..v--13« Cocks ,..,....,..-.. lOc Turkeys, No. 1 *:«.20c Geese ,-.10c Ducks -. : .:.12c Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 17-lSe* Egg-s, cash 15-l7c* Butter, Iowa State Brand ......390 Butter Corn Country ..;.. .oc-.;-.38c Butter, Kenyon's «.3Sc Butter, Very Best ............. : .39c Butter, Brookfield ,38c Potatoes, peck 30c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. t i r (IVi'tfncMhiy Mnrkt'1 t C ' i l i r A G O , \.1M -- Butter -- 8,209. M reainer-v' sncrinlfl t!):t score), ^ L In x l r n s ( - M'i. :ifl''i; extra fir?t5 ( f l O - O l t . i l ) ' , : r i r p t f iSS-89). 29 »i io 29-; i; stitndard; Sin ccntrnllzcd sartnts'i. 30 U. I';p!;?~ fl.S-18, s l t a d y ; extra dmtr, ioeaf. Tft n i - K . I'J'i..; fresh tr M iI,-,J M r f i l s , local, IS'^i ai'F 1i); c u r r e n t receipt «, IS, P o u l t r y -- Live, i n (MH-KS. istesriy; hcnx, g n?, and less. 211. rnot't: t h a n S Ibs., 20; 3-ft(?* i'irri hens. 19; s p r i n t s , 21; fryer*, 23; brnlh i * . 2'JI'i: roost "rs. If.; I i i t k e y s , 1-1 to 231 M'fivy whit' 1 rtm:ks, 2-i, arn»'!, 22; hcavj n i n r r d duck.", 23. small, -t: Bees«, 171 fi rums. 7 ihs. up. ~fi. IPSP lha.n 7 Ib?.. 25. Ore=sed t i i r k r y s , s t e a d y , prices unchRne«d, -SKW YORK I'UonrrE -Wcdrirsda.v Market! XKXV Y O R K , f.Ti-- Butter-- 12.10.1, fiRMto f i r m e r ; r.reamory hip: her f h n n axfra, 32 f$ K - ' , : exirn. )92 wore). 3l»i : lirsis (S9-»J srnrcs'i, .11 In 31 U ; f i r s t s i8S dCOre), llltV n i i o i e r i : centralized Ot secret. 31'i to 31^, Clitesc -- -I5-!.19S. eiLiy; prices unchanged. KKKS -- 39.-139, i-.islcr; mixtid colors, special pfic-lt* nr spIe^Unn? from fresh receipts, 21^ i f p -U ' i ! standards and rornmcrr.ial standard*, 1M t i . i l ' i : f f r s t y , 2ll to -^O'-i; eecondB, 19% i n 211; (lini*:* Nc^ I, 42 Ibs., 19; avcrag* i h i'Koni;( i; FUTCKKS (\VcdnrKd!iy Markrf) · 'HirAco, ...v~ Rut for rutiircr efo^p*! "raKP ?;nnrifird5. M a r c h . 2 9 s i j ^«v., 35^0 's h ^ t r i n d a n l s . .!nnc. 21"!. Ksc fsj'urr.'* - R ^ f r i u p r f l t o r filandards, Oc(fc« ', ; s t o r a p r tvickfd nr.«t«, A p H l , STf. Kelsey Herd Highest Rank in North Hardm Cow Test Association lOU'A FALLS-- C. .T. Kelsey and Son's herd of purobmi nnd £rade | Hnlstpins hoadcd tlic North Hardin j C'ov/ Testing association in Fcbru- ! iiry. averaging 37.5 pounds of but! tcrfat. Sixteen cruvs comprise the Kelsey herd ami five of the cowa are lifted in the 10 high producers of t h e as.-roriation. Tlie highest in- i d i v i d u a l cow in Kelsey's herd pro- j duced 611 pounds of tmtterfat, . , _^ I An A t c h i s n n man has lost so j n r i r h of his " i n d i v i d u a l ruggodneF?' 1 i th!M he demands t h a t the federal j g o v e r n m e n t go in his home anri i ' h ^ ' . v out I h e fro'/.en w a t e r pipes. -- ) Alohismi Glo/w. Miscellaneous POTATO MAKKET ( W i l l n r u l u y _ M n r k c t r!IH',v;o. ',]',--a;, s. dcpartmrnt 01 %r r i c u l t u r e l --E'olTtcic^--K6, on track 203, toiA r. s. .«tiipmeu!.i, l.oi;;.- sttd Ftocfc, onerlti very ]i;ht. dernanij Kood, table stock ateadOg cjrmanrt slow; supplies moderate; sacked r \ v t . , Idaho P.tlfsct Riirt;anKa, U. E. No. * SI.70 :n S1.S24: Wisconsin Round Whlte 1'. S. No. I. S I . I S t, $..25: CobWra, 6. JV N". I. Jl.-lO: Colorado McClures. u. E. xjj l. 51.77'i to 51.9": -Nebraska. BlUi TrluSiphr f ' . v . No. i, a n d partly graded, *i.5o * 51.'.n. ' Nf.W 1OAK SUGAR NKIV YOP.K", (/rp--Raw mmr ^^^14^; K u n i r r r . I ro J Perils hlcner. Refine^ cnanc^i to j n point* higher. MINNEAPOLIS FTUTR avrdnndny Mfcrkrt) 1 I I N N K A P O I . I S . (.T--Flour l r n r ' n a r l lots. M m i l y r - a t f f t l * . -57.0S h » r r « l in 5s pound totton «W-!ct 2.1 .«R3, Pur- h r a n . S1.S..W) mlllliniK, {l».«a fej fls.

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