The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 18, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, November 18, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Hm«* and New* Pnhliohuuc Company Sledical Advertisiai HAFER, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP li. PHILIP "K- BISLE, Editor Ayer's Pills Gently Lzzstive- Sagar-coaled. Dose, oce pffl. only one. · Sold for 60 years. Ask Your Doctor. MEXICO TO BREAK WITHU.S.QUICKLY f WALTER Rear Aci of the C. CGWLES. ·airal In Charge Facinc Fleet. ! $100,000 IN PERSONAL NOTES BRIDAL GIFTS AND BRIEF ITEMS tUBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cests per mornth. | Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per znonta. HATES Single copies to non-subscribers. 2 cents. _ IP yoa receive THE TIMES bv msil VOE can find the date up to -which yon are j paid om tbe pink address label" on your paper. The date will be changed ^nta* , * - - Jen days after yoor money is received at The Times Office. ' E»t«r»d 'Augutt 15, 1SKI4, at Gettysburg. Pa., as second-claw matter, -v v - Congress March 3, 1879. Mexico City Believes American; , Embass? HUERTATORESiBN THURSDAY? i Relieves Rheumatism by Cleansing the! General Blar.quet Said to Be at Odds ! \VhnI Sv«5(pm of all ItnOUTIsieS- «««;»«. r»;_t_i a*-?*^;Afn+ WJI^nr- - -·* BELL PHONE fm Northwest coraer of UNITED Centre Square, Gettysburg, PCBB^ITM!*. j |g*^ · "' ) ooiates With Dictator -- President Wilson Denfes C'Sbaughnessy Is to Leave. -="BlS-?A?ER REPRESENTED FOR A ADV£RTlS:r;G 3Y THE Whole System of all ImpuriiH Do not try to relieve Rheumatism by t^e" system with dangerous ^^oSe/^d^^l Mexico CHy. Me*, Kov. 1S . - An ^ 5 the system in a natural but scientific early severance of diplomatic relations :,,.,,,,To^ Th*. ilano-pra:;.:; "waste" is er- between the Vawed States and :s regarded here as inevitable. GENERAl. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES »K Ati nf 1 *. »':~ i manner. The dangerous "waste" is er jadicated from the kidneys, bowels, Iliver and skin. RHEUMA costs only ! 30 tents at People's Drug Store. 1 "I was a great sufferer from Rneu- nuttism for ten years. 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H- TEPTQH If vour hair 5s anything short of ._ _Dplication removes dandniiT, cools and invigorates the scalp and increases the beauty of the hair. Parisian Sage, a scientific preparation, supplies hair needs. It contains the exact elements needed to make the hair soft, ivavv and glossy, and to make it grow--it is delicately perfumed--not stickv or greasy. Apply Parisian Sage and the effect is immediate. One application stops the head from itching and freshens up "che hair. Use it daily for a week and you will be surmised and delighted. Parisian Sage is one of the quickest acting hair tonics known. Gee a 50 cent bottle from People's Drug Store to-day--everyone needs it. I TEODUCE--- -Times OSce. -Gettysburg Gsttysbnrg Souvemtrs Supp the Fire Hearth er The Ladies of the Fire Hearth Circle of the Reforme^ Church of ARENDTSVILLE will give their annual supper in the WARREN HALL* Saturday evening, NOV. 29th Oysters, Chicken Corn Soup, Home-made Ice Cream and Candy as Usual " ~ ^Supper as early as -Five O'clock, if desired Western Maryland Lines TRY THE SHORT ROUTE TO For this Week Only new to be closed out at Stove pipe guaranteed good the following prices: 10 joints or pieces for 25 cts. 25 *- " " " 50 K With each purchase \ve v.-ili give you all the quart measures you can use FREE. This stove pipe will cost you 20 cents a joint at a tinners. 217 North Stratton Street ARE BUYING MORE GOODS OF THE UNITED STATES, Increass In Exports to l_atin America Shown by Government. ·: r-v ;: · ex-r. :i , !i,!(C P'l ;·-! :' i" tise ''..- -'.--, there 'sas I^ea an enor increase in t3;e siaoaat of go«x!s sblo- pd from the XTnlrl Stotes to Lntia ^jaericnr! countries duri: years, this does, not 'United States Is sappi proportioaate share tlir.n I»e5cre. but j zatcer indicates ibe Increased "-"«""- tae s.i.Tre wl-r pUes «f ih'_-Ir from the ^ilv tries which of 30ii J5' i.ircr.T i'.inn :i Leave Gettysburg 10:28 A. M-, connecting with Chicago Limited at Highfield. Arrive at Pittsburgh 8:0-5 P- 3I_ and Chicago 8:10 o'clock next morning. 3Iodern train of through sleepers, observation and and coaches attached. V.'hether the embassy is to remain j ; or be withdrawn immediate!;.' appears: . to be a question of which Xelson j« O'Shaughnessy, the American charge d'affairt-3, himself is uncertain. t _ The staff is ready to leave at a mo- {,, ment's notice and little surprise would j be felt, although much alarm would.-. becaused, in case O 3ha«ghnessy and | Itis associaies should take the train j to Vera Cruz. j Despite the v.-idespread pessimistic! view the report was revived that Gen- j eral Huerai Intends to resign Use pro- j : visional presidency on the convening \ of congress in regular session Thars-j- day. It was based on the alleged de-s ciaration of a. member of the new; ; Secret SenrlcrMsn Wateli flsei Miss Wiison's Presents, j * ! ONE DOG AMONG THEM- Paragraphs of News Telling of tbc Happenings in ant about Torn People Visiting Here and Thosr SGjournii*Elsewhere. Dr. A. E. Wagner has returned j from a trip of several days to Altoona. ' Mr. and Mrs. William Abell an- Arrangements For White House 'nounce the birth of a son. Fr Dr. and Mrs. Wedding Next Week Are Rapidly Mrs. Henry Hahn, of Frederick, is a i guest at the home of . Nearing Completion. Luther Kuhbnaa on Seminary Pvidge. Washington, Nov. IS. -- A guard olj iirs. \V. H. Tipton, of Chambers- secret service men has been msiaHed_burg street, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. at the White House to keep watch jj_ j| Cannon, in Pittsburgh. over valuable wedding presents for] D p jr e Pherson iliss Jessie Wilson. who is to !*i mar- a--e \ ried to F. B. Sayre oa Nov. 25. Tae jewelry and lour solid silver dinner sess. together with a hundred odd pieces of siiver and gold, valued at more than $100,009. are lock-sd up in a closet under guard day and aigat. ilany of the presents are bulky. One of the members of the "Southern Cousins C!ub" sent a massive set chamber of deputies. Huerta. c:: :he surface at least, re- j ?arc!s his part sa the recent exchange j _ of communications with tbe t'nilcd: States as finished. Ke expects to find j !Jf nnjij Gjyp no difficulty In consusunatiug bis plan; elUUM UilO It UN RMOR PLATE SITE Plat Fres of 10 bring his n_-\v .icorrress to full or-j ganlzation. and he continues planning'_ Jiss military campaigns and carrying t -out his policies o£ pacincauon. The! new house of deputies organized ca; Trasa-Egton. Xnv. IS.--A naval ar- Saturday, bat the new senate lacked i sior plant free oi cost 10 the govern- i Quoruin. ! ment is offered formally by Pousville, Huerta emphasized his defiance of j Pa., through Congressman Robert E., of that tov.-n. The site oSered by !Mr. Lee is lo- -he "United Scares by remc---ing from I his cabinet Manuel GaVza Adalpe, min- j Ister of the interior, who was a leader j catesl on the main lines of the Phila- in the movement to have Kuerta re- 1 delphia Heading and the Peansyiva- sign and to reopen negotiations vrr Jie United S^ies. There was considerable gossip ith! nia railroads ,ia the heart or the aa- i thracite coal regions. in '· There vrill be no charge to the navy and Cotton S Peal. Rspet^s and Produce Go. GETTTSBDKS MAEEETS Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse coj rect«d daily by C. Milton Wolf, -Jr., Sue cessor to J. Geo. "ft oLfs Sons Co. PerBn New.Pry Wheat 5vT Ne»vEar Corn - ............ Go Kye t; Oats -31 RETAIL PRICES Per 10 Dft - F( ^ Spnn:r Bran 1.. a^. | Orn and Oats Chop ...... - ....... 1-4-: it of goods sb^ip-j -^ ^i'/'^'i.Jr'-.-.-r l'.i:,n :i !ocn'1e aTM, j 5rn and^OatsGhop" -"- " States to L a f c n j rj- ECV =_..-:.,,..,» s ;. r - 03:ror j, vs -i t:ie I Shoemaker StfX-k Food... ring tbe fast tea j ^.,,1^ S T: ,J.^ '»- I-.tisi America Isnve j *Vhi:e Middling mean that tiiej ^7? !--TI -«-:o- with the wneral j^ Mldgrogs ?*"* * .^"llSTOTnb -f The tapori^ions of these ^?L * J """"i:: political circles of further changes i n j department if it decided to take tha .be Mexican cabinet. General Aure- j ground offered by the Foitsviile con- ·anio Blanquet. tee minister of war, j gressman. 3 said to have had 2. misunderstand- | Mr. L e e made ills offer through this ag with Huerta. which may cause i letter to Secretary Daniels: i:m to leave the cabinet. | "in view of the fact thai the gov- "General Huerta will fight it out to j ernrcent is considering the erec 1 *":! of he eafi- Negotiations Tilth the United : ij;s own armor plant. I am authorized ?iates. which aims to oust him from j T.J- t - De citizens of SchayikiH county. =eic-e. are at an end. In fact, diplo- j Pennsylvania, the district that L have uaile relations have practically been : j£ e honor to represent, y tender to .roken off." j the government, free of charge, a sa:t- This statement was niade by an, ol- ', a j»i s pj ot C f ground for the erection of iclal o£ the Mexican 'govemment. In J gajjj plant. Tbe ground is located on explaining that part of his statement · jj. e ju^n Hne^ of the Piiiacelniia .£ ^.s to the breaking o2 of diplomatic j Reading: ana ibe Pennsylvania rail .-e-atlons he said: } roads, ia the heart of the anthracite "Charge d'affaires O'Shaughnessy { eoal res : CIJ , .-an approach no member of the cabi- j --The labor marke: is erreeliont 2nd let freely. "When John Liad left Mex.- j t - aG cos - o «- Uvi as j n that section co City only Minister of the Interior j -st- cn !a ^ ot be so high as It is In large vidape showed any cordiality to j O'Shaughaessy. It -^as through AI- \ Jape's efToris that negotiations were ? .-ene^ec and no\ir that Aldape aas! and family speeding several days in Erehm's tailors defeated the town barbers in a bowling contest, Monday evening- by 13 pins. Edgar Hamilton and Charles Hartze! attended a meeting of the Bell Telephone Society in Harrisburg 3Ionday evening. . Ex-Governor J. Frank Hanly, of of antique mahogany furniture. a ^| IndiaRapoHs Indiana, was registered there are a number of other pieces --, inmitiue. to sav nothing of Orlenud at HotelI Gettysburgr on Monday, rugs and lamps. Two of the new] iuss Berr.adette Butt has returned "spare rccois." which were built in · to-her home on Chambersburg street the top story last summer, are being after spending several weeks in Wash- used for the storage of these cumbersome gifts. Packages are arriving every hour. The girts are seat up 10 the family sitting room oa the second Soor, and the family goes Into "executive session" to take a "peek." Even the president, when be goes across from the offices 10 the White House preper for luncheon, is dragged up to have a look at the presents which arrived during the- Riorsing. Almost ail of the "oSclal presents" have been received, but there are still many friends of the family -.vho have not been heard ·rom. ilr. and 5:rs. John Hays Hammond are said to have in contemplation the gift cf a large and perfect single diamond, which may be worn as a pendant or affixe-l to a hair oraasjeni- iliss \Viison will have only one dog for a -.redding present. She has beea ottered a jrreat many peis of all kinds, but the only "live gift" will be Ping Peng, a Pekinese, sent to her from the American embassy in London, as the result of a long cherished wish. Arrant-meats for the wedain ington, D. C. Mr. and Mrs. Gervus Myers, of Gettysburg, who had spent several days with relatives and friends in York, have returned to their home. Charles H. Cobean made a business trio to Pine Grove Furnace to-dav. HAND SHOT OFF Gun Being Cleaned by Hunter Accidentally Discharged. /IAY ISOLATE MEXICO CITY' to Have i hreatensd Dern- .;een forced cut, O'Sha-agnnessy is in ! Hoe ^. a s i peculiar position. He is persona non j ' ol ^ on of Ranroad andVel^raph."" ?raia to Kuerca because lie is the oS- | ^s^^g-^^ XcH -. is.--More than :al representative of the United j I500 jo. srlcans in M e v: co City are de- States, aa-i Senor Moheno. minister | clared to be ,-,, danger of b av!ng - - affairs, Is a creature of . ^^^ of escape caL oS e-gn Charge d'Affp.:res O'Shaaghnessy Is ! repcrte«l to have infonceci Secrelary o£ State Bryan teat Provisional President Hr-erra h?s threatened to destroy railroad communication between Mexico City and Vera Cruz. All the ministers of foreigV conn- i r:cs arc still in Mexico City, and It 5 not anticipated That any of them \-iil isa-.e their posts, even In case of intervention. Admiral Von Hintze, t-Vj German, declared that he believed Tife report adds ^^ o -3hau S hnessy .here was no reason for anxiety. j was insmicred to do , vhst he o -A rlan Is being considered.' ne j ., rcsedve r - ne railroad intact for the ·*·?.. ··:·:-- which armed intervention j ,,,,,, o£ snch ^oTelgRsrs as may wish to .. i:i nc=t surely be avoided." j i^-r^ What furtber move may be taken } "^luerta's a:;-=ed threat also Inclna- -t T/a-s'-'inston JS a question .aica ed the ae-uoijiion ot - t - ae telegraph ".e:r:-r ine Mexicans jior the foreign- j !fneg . Ieafi5ns o;: . of Mcsico C ity. ~rs fir.s- an easy one to answer, but j I.cre »"as noticeable an increasing ex- ros,- -'-n of opinion that the United Saads-ojJ 1 CHUI^S FAILED TO SAVE GIRL vo':!d continue her ii: -j QT!! I S I ILL j Gave Up 3!ood, 3ui Operation Proved \V:thoat Avail. Xew Tnr;c. Vov. i'S,--Miss Edith M. aied of anemia despite the transfusion ·si blood rrom roar Coinmbia students. The glrj'p father tried vainly to n tl^e Salvation Army, but could fin:! \ noae suitable. The sc.-ceiits. friends o£ Dect.-rcs Circumstances of Mexican j s:i« S tlon Have Seen Unchanged. V.-a^.T^on. Xnv. IS. -- President -.x-ison does nos regard the Mexican j . . ___»,_; -,-,-tr CTif^ . . . -^r-tK.r. as na«as reacned aay sucb volunteered their ,m« as stage as ro reanire Ote cto*J»S » -; 3i ;ho Xmerican embassj. Dis^as.-ir.s reports to that effect, he .-aid Charge d'Afcaires O'Shaugh- nossy neither had been given his t~.~.e opcrarion proved without avail. Prison i errn For Bank Defaullsr. . - j Sng power of taese c/ur.tnes. according ! Rye Chop .......................... L/ §7.50 per ton. . ..,,..,,..,_ Jement Sl.-JOperbbl" to tie bureau of fore-sen anu domestic _ ,, "-°^ c "°^- Per bbs. «««!.««» r,«r5n- «h C cn^apr T^r' Personally we oo not pretend to 13 ^^ ^ ge the*e eonstriVwir.! mnch ol " a fcaad at ******* character, Wesieni Flour 6.00 ,,,,;,, . t "c;-o- ' ts *- ~cea we see a young man car- j p er ^ T: cn-.r " J ~"'""" mag a pair of kid gloves in one hand j \yhoat 51.0C _. , . : and a cane in the other we know he ; ?hfl -The sovemment bcreau states t n a t j Is3 ., leoS , ng fo _ ft p , owiag job ._ jGal . j x c ^- Ear Com,. 1913 tbe ex-ports t- 000.000 In It*-'-?- and §S7.0fO.OOO ia 1ST«.; plied Corn tire trend In the esport trade of tle United States has beea In recent years distinctly toward American countries. 1 Illustrative of this fact are the figures j ·which show tbat tbe export* of tne TJalted States to T-atia America increased 1S3 per cent ia the decade cud- ing with the fiscal year 1913. while the exports to all other parts of the world meantime increased but 6-J PT cent. "This growth of IS"! ier cent in onr exports to Laun Arsiciii a." s,i; ^ r- t,uc « veston News. Getting Shallow. 1 i Little "Willie was taking his first trip abroad. About the third day out they passed a freighter. She was not carrying any cargo and about three feet of the bright red below her waterline "was visible. Willie gazed a minute and then exclaimed: "Oh, papa, look how tbe ocean has gone down!" I will be in G e t t y s b u r g every Tuesday a t P e n ro s e Myers' Jewelry Sltre. nor been toid to come back] Poatiac. "Mich.. Nov. IS. -- Ka:ph E. ;o the L-uited States. j J^ssiaan. ^efaulun? cashier of the E. V"mls details as to persons had lossnjan State ban*, ot Clarfcston, near was sentenced to serve from to rreist years in the state at Jackson. He admitted hav- e3 a favorable view -of the situation. ' Eg a e n for his own more thaa The president indicated that while : $IO'-'.OCO of the bank's funds. the personal attitude of General j -Hue--a raight have changed, the cir- 1 "Rubs" WatideU Very !U. i^atnsia-ces upon which the American ! St. Louis, Xcv. IS. -- Rube XVadde:!. governnient bases its conviction that j sue tise premier base bail pitcher, inevitable, j was picked ap wandering about the changed, vet the main, circumstances j here, remained substantially the same as I seven hen The president previously express- i prison at Jackso 3 a favorable view -of the situation. ' iEg taken for his streets, exhausted and suffering from Fwerta's elimination is have not changed at all. It was nlain at the ^Kliite HoHse; consumption. He conld not speak that the peremptory resignation o*. above a whisper. Friends took him in Minister Aidape did not affect mate- j charge and provided him with enough rially the American plan, as it was = money to so to San Antonio. Texas. pointed out that no plan that this gov-: eminent might have could well de- i Posse Chases Wife Slayer. Guy Warner, of Seven Valleys, aged about tv.-enty-five years, had his right hand blov/n off by the accidental discharge of a. gun, \vhich he was preparing- to take hunting. The gnn was an old one that had not been used for years, and the young man's father had warned him against using it. "Warner sat down on the porch of his home to get the gun in condition lor hunting. Ke tried to break the gun in order to withdraw the shells. This he failed to accomplish. He set the gun down, lean- rapidly searing completion. Toe east ing u against the wall. As he did so it loom will be roped OE wi^h wliitej\vas discharged and his hand, which v.-as over the inoath of the gun, was blown off. Dr. G. il. Fickes was summoned and after dressing his wounds ordered Tvamer taken to the York hospital. At that institution the mangled portion of the hand was amputated by the staff surgeons- ropss froni the entrance of the rnain corrii«- :o the opposite window, inclosing the doors of the blue room and the dais on which the bridal parry ?.-:!! s:ar-3. -V.n a:sls will be marked in this ic- c'opurs. town'which the wedding party will proceed. The president's family ana relatives ana the briaegrooin's fairi!" \rill ae grouped about the base cf the cinJs. Directly back.of _ttem-the cabinet Eiembers an'i their wives will stand, v-rlth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ana ?ilrs. "White and the associate justices ..and their wives. Vice Presides! sad "Sirs. Marshall. Speaker end 3Irs. Clark. Miss Genevieve Clark, the cie^n o£ the diplomatic rc-rps auti Ifme. Jusseraad. and the pmbassaCors and miiasters of the "orps a-r.A their iamiiles. Tho intiojate friends of the Wilson fs.mi!v viK s.l3 n be in this fnciosure. The r cs: -.". te g-jccts win oceany tfee reE3ain:ns bpa?u in the long room, There will be no seats. TEACHERS LOST re--vr. Boys Won Basket Ball Game from School Teachers. MONEY FOR INVESTORS Stockholders cf Defunct Builcir.g As- scc:st : on to Be Partl Reimbursed. Maach Cfcuns. Fa.. Xov. IS---The .-'.udiiors' repon c-n the account of J. .7. McCloskcy. receiver of the defunct T.ehishton Bniit-in" an-I Loan assoc:a- ricn sho'srs that there is a to-;al of isorc t^aii S-iO."Ot» for distribution on a Ijasis of 27 per cent. maHJns a total of 5 n per cent lo stockholders and shareholder? in "o- 1 association. Ta Xo. £ association there :s a 10- tal of S2K.OOO for distribution, on a vasis of 01 per cent, nsalcin? a total of G2 per cent to bo psi'l to stockholders of the latter associaticn. Canal Earthquake Proof. Xcv7 York. Xov. 38.--Earthquakes ar^ not lively to oamase the Panama caral. In the opinion of Faraham Bishop, son of Secretary Joseph Enck- 1 5 Q Bishop ,of the isthmian canal co^i- ir:3ssion. v.-ho arrived from th carial zone on ilie steamer Advance. This Is the view cf prominent engineers "who nave Stressed the progress of the ?.-crk, Mr. Bishop said. Siaying Man. ·k. X, .T., Xov. JS.--Say5n S he The Gettysburg High School basket ball team on Monday afternoon defeated a team of Adams County teachers at the Garden Auditqrium 12 'to 4. The High School team was composed cf Blair. Reynolds. Spangler, Troxel and Stahle -with Sachs* Timmtns and Armor as substitutes. The following teachers played, Messrs- Trestle, Palmers. Lischy, llummert and Starry. For Gettysburg- Biair caged one goal, Troxel 'two and Reynolds ttvo, while Reynolds scored two from fouls. On November 22 the Hassett Club of Harrisburg will play the .Gettysburg High School here. ilncb sport may be hafi by the distribution of comical gifts in the following fashion: " From a given center cords of all colors and conditions, no two alike, extend In every direction--upstairs, downstairs and almost into milady's chamber, across each otber. here and there, often being knotted together at these points of intersection. Each searcher winds up bis cord as be proceeds, and many difficulties in the way of knots to be untied and. round and .round windings to be unwound be encounters. YVTien be finally reaches his future it usually proves to be a coin, a toy. a book of nursery tales or some article of absolute absurdity. was troubled bv his coascieace. -Toanj Courtship in Oshima. Stetonaelis told the police that last On the Japaness Island of Osbliaa spring be killed a man living In Har- j in the Sea of Japan the young people rfson bv pushing him from -the Polk] enjoy more freedom In the matter of treet bridse. The mai, he said, bad i courting tian In Central Japan. Taey tracked him. Investigation showed! are left to tnemsel-es to select their that oa April 27 the bJdy of Kazimerj dwn mates, much after the fasaion cf the -west. "When a yosag suiter proposes to the girl of his choice, the girl declines two or three times as a matter of form, and in order that she may enjoy the period of courtship. Kragzdiii of the 5fonii -c Harrison, was found inal. Planter !s Killed In Duel. | LoreaTSvilie. La.. Nov. IS.--In a duel rriih pistols at the old regulation dis-i tance, Henry Sivard was killed by i PUBLIC SALE: of household goods pend on the permanency of any mem-j Harrisburg, Pa.. Xov. IS.--Stephen Louis Guval Both men were wealthy j ~ t -p.-^-^^ ber of the Huerta cabinet. ! Loncar. an Austrian, living at Steal- planters They bad quarreled over a and personal property a^ my resiaen._ The president made It plain that the j ton. cut his wife's throat because she! woman. {two miles from Emmitsburg on oie changes In the situation, though they. would not get up and paelt his ".nnch I appeared kaleidoscopic In detail, bad , basket. The woman died almost in-' not impaired confidence in the nlti-, staatly aud Lonrar fled to the hills mate solution of the problem by peace ' T'S fnl means. i ia: 1 Gettysburg road. Emma E. Shella- Supreme Court Takes Recess to Dae. 1 nian advertisement " " o -,ossc=; in for hi~:. Washington. Xov. IS.--^The supreme 3 cr? scarch-i coart recessed until Dec. 1 to prepare opinions in eighty awaiting cases. Grad.of Optics,29 Pomfert St.,Carlisle. --Tadvertisemcnt WANTED: a middle-aged, honest, sober man as a tenant on a form. Apply by letter lo A. B. 14. Times Office. WANTED: a man of good habits FOR SALE: at Fuhrman's Stock Yards, one load of fine well bred stock bulls, -weighing from .400 to 600 Farmers making sale in the pounds. LOST: pair of skeleton glasses.'for tenant on farm, good location near Spring, it will pay you to have soma Aluminum rirns. Return to Times Of- ' town. Apply by letter to F. Times Of- good stock bulls to sell. C. T. Lower.-i fice.--advertisement ' advertisement I '" ' fice.--advertisement NEWSPAPER!

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