The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 18, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, November 18, 1913
Page 3
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CHRISTMAS ICES. PABLETTE O HEBE HffiDflrisUectorgr Will Give His Idea on leofdring. Delicious Desserts With Which to j Round Out the Feast. ! Iced desserts make delicious features of tbe Christinas dinner. They may be la the form of plain ice cream or one "of the ^abonite ices which are served under fancy names. The dessert should come to the table in an attractive form. It may be frozen In a fancy snoJd and decorated with { candied or giace cherries, with not · meats or spngs ef boS!y. The follow-in suggested lora, the zine, and Chestnut Bavarian Cream.--Home- J gf: !us--c«!y a gtni"s cc^Id write an'lj made chestnut preserve. eUi»er whole j izl'A as he "does. ·^or broken nets, is tee best form fwMcfa to use chestnuts for this dish, .^Decorate tbe bottom of the mold with j Parana's idea of Lesiurir-3- '· t:; ° -jiices of candied cr marssr-hlnn *!?s»r- I ries aad che=?tsct cupful of raisins cover osti! tae ral= A Discovery By MARY 1_ ELACKI3TON A Presort to the House. TUllLIC SALE The 5re.-«.'Ut to uiothw oftcu means a gift to the whole household-that is, On SATURDAY, DECEMBER C ,1013 souiethins that I* enjoyed as much by "ft one o clock, on the farm of john the fanuiy « It i, by the «a«r. Such \ a gift is to be found m the new cau-! and Taneyto , vn - roadSj the following: delabru of mahogany that are just toe j One cow will be fresh fay time of : " i One day si inzUi stood iu London be! side one of those boles left for liie i of persons -vvho" dsceiMl to tiie a- .-uar. inserted one - -- !c I IE:;* ^3 he "does. He v,-;«s askeJ Ins] rcuud juetai covt-r of the !.-o2e an-J. hft- j ta | ? s i a OI - Je^urin^ and v.-e give below · i"* ir. dc-sc e^ded, permitting t!:e cover ; lj, f v - -^ he v. ruie us. i llf --'- ^ ck imo its l' Saee - OliCe i:1 - drevr froui tiuCer his He (.-auie it e ·;: Use O DEI.:C3OUS ICES. the water is cear;y evaporated. Cot a dozen cherries :n p:i--i.-s. add tae pieces left from dtcorv.tin:: tbe moid and the raisins. AdJ o::crfoar:b cupful of cbesinuzs in :=:::i,li j/if'ts £ind one- fourth ct:;.:u: of :t;e cuesicuts pressed througt; sieve and enoujjn of the uuIer i sale, carrying second calf; 9 head of j 1 \ hogs; 8 shoats weighing from 40 to 50 j i Ibs.; 1 brood sow \vili farrow In Feb- · ;ruary; 1-one horse vragon, new Studs- j J baker; i Falling top buggy; 1 sleigh; · |1 single row corn planter, Keystone; j Perry harrow; corn fork; 1 plow, Ol- | · iver chilled; shaving horse, wheel bar-; |row; grind stone; maul and wedges;; ; cros cut. saw: crow bar; digging iron; j i scoop shovel; spirit level; brace and] .jbkts; cutting box; hog crate: manure, ·sled; set of one horse harness: buggy i j collar; names and traces; doable tree * · and single tree: butt traces. Also the- .following household goods: 1 bureau:! "corner cupboard; cook stove and pipe; j . chunk stove and pipe; cream senarat-! ,cr (Sharpless Xo/2:) iron kettle;! vhurn and stand; tub; butter bowl; · ·carper and matting by the yard; meat; ! vessel; stone jars; crocks; dishes and ; !grass ware; lamps; 3 yards of linoleum ; too numerous to | i thin? for the- Kvi»«: cr i!»:s room. The base, as you s.-e. Is an lira shaded affair, a:.'3 t!ie branches curve .'Ct , gracefuHy fro^i the iua:a s:c*r- The . eulorlus? of the shades wiil naturally le selected to huniioar-W' with the fi::iiisr · _-f the ro'jsj in -vhit-h they are to be nlactd. otlier articles mention. Conditions and terms v.iil be made known on dav of sale bv ! MRS. JMARY'C. BEXXER William T. Smith, Auctioneer. D. J. Hesson, Clerk. i Effective Xoveniber 1*, 1913. JBE WESTERN MARYLMD RMIVAY i he Western Mar\ - land i^-.y are ·..« ·i*- k:ifc and r_o ;r;an to haag it on'. ..'! v. i E:: trills to a.ake i::y !i:e iu:i-ir.-Juj ana tig i_nd v.-arm aud right. chestnut: isrup to taste ta all a generous cup of ciaierial. !.et ae::c osd in it latea gelatin. os:e-founii package, sof- tescii ia O3e-fot:nh capful of cold water. Set tbe di^b into Ice and water and 5dr til! it bt^nas to thicken, then fold ui oue cupful of cream beaten very hirht. When the mirtore ~iil | "boicJ its j-aape"' put it into tec, r.o!fi by Fpoccfuis. \Vhc3 unmolded snr- ruuasi with pieces of preserved chest- not la sirs;p. If the preserve has not De^n savored add a teaspocnfal of vanilla before foUlioz in the creanx Ice Creaai \Visb £aspberrv Sherbet--Pact vani!!a ice cream into a ring mold, cover secnrely and pack in fosr measures of crushed ice to one of salt. Wbea nnrco'.ded 511 tbe center with canned or preserved peaches. Pocr naif frozen raspberry sherbet over it- : r : n a s v.'cr'd used r o r~jn a'a new :: c *u s*.e is :.t:^ory, ^;.c v. ien :i:y ausli -i I. e for Ireal I 2ave it a to gi'.e u:y audience fcoa, .: t-e wrax«er isn't very '. thev tc^ie back aiid as;. ;. irc:n ms, but i nc. Tbe wcr-a 1 e-iure. ROAST TURKEY DINNER. _ Cream cf n o -- -^to Soap Roast Turkey Q^ior: Dresslngi ilashed Poiatoes. Apple Sance. CauHf.o-s-er. Cranberry Ice. Celery and Nut Satsd. Cheese SticfesL ilsDca Pie. Ficrn THE CHRISTMAS BREAKFAST. It ShouSd Be Merely a Preparation For Dinner. The Christmas breakfast as well as the Christmas iunca or supper sbonld be lisbt. but none the less attractive. In some families it is tae custom to distribute Christmas gifts at the breakfast table, placing tbem at the piates of ihose for whom they are intended before tbey enter the room. A nice sift for the housewife is scrne- thias ornansentai or useful for the tcoie. If an es? dish like tbe one illustrated here is chorea it may be brought on as a surprise containi-ST the Christmas breakfast eg?s. Some persons like to ea: a bci:ed egg from its stseH instead of Having it tarn- DISHES. t;i;d --..a icr trains, an.: grab fcr r:a _; · -r.:2-Ie I !c- orf the i;:nch counters ^.'j.\*~ Icjs; dr!*. »;s c^ic stay cut cf Leo ill I..-*.!. i.iitl "%.L^n i ~t;t ;o iny tov-rn ··o 5-.-t o^ ijc jliticrin and spill cui j . . r tr= L^cic-ace that scnie hard- I .c.\e e 1 .-;ry faui:er:ce. i go to it ^i« 1 ;o --£* - a':d^en.ces--and t-- sy m.vC^ me. Tii6 iiutliencc is just n?y j». n i^.inxr. I sTM!:e ZLL tae audience. _^rl .' civ.ajs sniile-s sack. There's n :/.:re. I love then., an-i pretty soon :-~'l i--- r« i t--e Ii^b3" tliai breaks its --cart and ',:sses u;; fcs ir.o;iier as I o£-.y. and someliovr the vrireiess- be-.:.- LO ~:»rii and r.rczty soon tae Dabv .^ s:.. '~_- ;-rC L-:.d n-Otber nas fcrgct- 1..--1 I -.a I: a fev - moniems and resi ,,-.;· =t.i ."r j.:. ;. e :ca:r cay's v,-crk an-I 1-^-^,1. :^:u ^ : ess rue! just about tie ..i;_ I g=' i'arted on my ie-^ture- i . s. : E.- :· y v. Ltcb and I bave talked * c*' 'G~ ° ci'^cn^"-" So X GOn't sivc 1 i;.^*"" -rc^ ·?£· at :.-!- I hc.ven t given a iec- lure ior a : »KT. I jviHt s;arted to give -·nc. titi tl.e :::ne vvas up: just i:ke I L-v'I a-c sr-ic^'it-dy stale trie nigh;, ,cr t-e r.c-xt rnir.i:te :~ T .\as r.iornlng aza fataer v.SE tcin^T -psialrs w:t": j: ; itclisr of rratjr to n.ike his iast 1.^1; i so a^ray irsci the taH a^ I :re::;- near COO dates i££. r-:£r. Folks -. cmec nae I was ail.Ir.:: in;. se3i. I -«^:.T to go on hill n? ^.ystli trat vay. icr I sot faster .u",:Ic anJ rs - -: a inone" fcr :t. I a ;ove h::u, he iu :l 2 ·* :tirbt a" out him. he ^:nv ;t number .-; :/t-jces. some of wbk-h \~er-- ;««-eIy covered. Esaaii-i£:ir tije coti«-:its s. ·ji.e o: tbeni. he tUrevv bH Si^'it oa ^o'.d V-IJL--. Other bvxes ct-atai::ed '.ike c=ja- t:-:*ts_ In ti:e room vras :t treasure '.-* , ::.ssu:aab:e vaiue- It vras n«jw ni.^hr. M::rphy wished :r euierire 5y a aiaiiiiylt iioar the r-cvera! ptrSuiis FUTV him. but tii-'ju^ilt . :;..;h!u"-; "f tu-i inaityr. As S.-IMIJ as lie- ' ·^ c up on the trc-ot he -=av.- srmizht; be- | ;··..-· Lint ihe Ilar.k of Er-crianc. Til-.':! ' :.o kr.e~ t!':it ue ha-i I.O._-:L iu the A Kovei Receptacfs. Mac-: Tc-a'(-r look-wir iban the wa-^te !a--I;.-: i-^ :he ne'.v su!:tif~t-- f ^ ; it--the scr:i;» i-us v. ith its b:^ I"···.- Of-- iM K\"l:."l:"^ on ribboa :!;·."'-- --::» Lt^ i^ si;cf!e by fv.-.::- the iiiediuai -i~.«-l ;.;:.-1eboara r- . ;.-.- :unin !;;;' v.-. V-:-r ho:s:e an.l ::n':-_- :' S:-56 A. M. Daily Except Sunday for' Baltimore, Hanover, York and j Intermediate Points. 10:28 A. M. Daily for Hagerstown. WaynesborOj Chambersburg. Hancock, Cumberland, Pittsburgh and Chicago also Elkins. | W.Va. 12:25 P. M. for HighSeld and internie-1 diate stations. i 2:55 P. -»I. for York. Baltimore and | Intermediate Points. ne."*^arv Lv_-.:!i:- - match Thr'~-..:; :·-. j 5:36 P. M. Daily except Sunday for a ear. !es PC-:.-«:: a \\asrel.-a--k»-t :-- ; B. and H. Division Poir.'cs to likely to pro", e «!.;:morc::-. Those- v.-;:=;e p-iper !"xes very i^diviuna! irt-«- entj; if the rf«':;- s t'"i"s preference in C-L!- 7 7 7 2 What She Remembered- j girl was assed wist HighfieSd, aiso Hagerstown. Waynesboro. Chambersburg and Shippensburg. 0:13 Xew Oxford, Hanover. York, and intermediate stations. COLORED BROCADE BRIGHTENS DARK FROCKS For Submarine Safety. AU German submarine boats have O:ie :j:urui;!g the ij :,.ialc ret:'.ive«l a note a" Teruor of t ire^e*' to UIEI. she remembered about tie St^day! school lesson, and admitted to her" na~ma she remembered noih-; been equipped with buoys that can be ing but the last song. "Well. Vcc.t · was that?" the mother asked- "Bring' ing is. the Sheets," the daughter sold. Cansas C::y Star. detccfcea from the deck of a sunke: craft at the end of a cable containing a. telephone trire to enabie rescuers to converse irith persons 'witliiii the boat- 1 ji^y- i cus-'i to r:- t.e co...r i ii"*e for i'.~,°. -rl..icc,e C£ renting Delcre their auc.- !" ~y Itci-re S"-S is gcsd for ·Ji-c auiica.e, leccuse it is goc-d for a:e. I f-rct try it en rrTtt-if. ZCeep in torch Tirith t.:e Po~er-Hoi:~« * Tr.-^ra :s cniy o-e subject in tr^: 1 v.'orjd---Gc.: sad 3:^2. Tssrs 5S 3 · dii-erence betweea a and a rul. It. Bell it all GOT.VS into Itac? lr - -ed out into a cup. For these there j-,rcveme~:". coise e=^ scissors that cor evenly l ha-.ea't dene'-rlns J"«- " o;:t - aronnd tbe top of the ecg. Jeaving the bac" -- ." "Stop!" 3 ';e?. "Don t thro"-v .t u- to 2:e: i s.m :ryir,s to f^r=c: it." For I am r.c: yleasc'l cae iecf:ro .et. bi.t tae I is I wj.r;5; ta r:'.,- is al:cid. Hi £:ve it when my orifice iarrre enough to insert a spooa. F!:esp scissors are miaiatare chicfc- ons \vith eyt-s o? ruby and the steel handles jrsided. The linger loops are Jt-ft a::i«ra! color for the sake of the contrast, and the wfccie affair is not ~r more tive inches long. A nandsoine n!aiter fcr te accommodation of esss served on toast may iv presented. A r.u-t: way of serving the Christmas breakfast es^s is to set two small slices i of Dartmouth. *.f :,,:isted bread, ·sveil buttered, on a j P^rtmor.t': -i.:s .-K; fh.-r rw; f-rn-:ar- «!:h: above arrange about eighteen} J er;ack in "I heard vo:5 a : Ac Ilie Teachers' Institute Taesday. Xcvesiber 5 rnokivl H-Npa tips; above tfte ti;s set two poached esgs. I'onr over Jlif whole a scant capful of Madeira in which six or eijrbt peeled caps (Alfred or not) have licen simmered nbont ten minutes cotnt -if of rtC'it'lfUT T s l.of'l Hanging Stories to Hm. Ko matter how high, a man may climb in the councils of the nation, no niSed he may be, there is nothing that i tions." ·will prevent tho irreverent from ty- _ ing wheezy old stories to him. Women -a Congress. The late Jaaies Freeman Clarke, ans-wsring a ican \vho feared that if ·jromea had the ballet they would go lo congress, said: "Perhaps so, bat not «ntil vre want them. And when \ve want them we shall iso longer be shocked a' r-ersf«. The v.'riter ; r:k v.-as in cl^^cer "f j ' -:nir a i:rcat vf m'siiC-y. A let- i n r aadretse.1 to .Toh:: Marpay at a · rh^- s-:id M"rjihy to sta:e his ease to j : e "'·".rii'-r. 'roalil revelvt' attei::i-»a. | "··:;·" i« !'J '-;t=r-5 reach the Hank of j "^^::T.a. ::i- i ^i::rr·:iy·s letter ^vas i ·.-.j.r,".t-«: ·::: t-f the uoveriior's mail be- j f'-re r_-.i'-h::r.r !:i:-:. | A :Vv- day-- :a;tr t-he hack received | " y i-xpr^s t-n -Jovi-reipas v,-r.:rpetl in .-: r:'_- e r»f pa; er. on \vl ; ft-h TTIIS -written ·:; ;.t-i.*-n the ir.niiber of the \jc- in the ; -.-en takt-a. Tlie ^loney i:i the h-is ·. s- coi::.ti-u aud fosad to f-e short bj The incident ezeitwl a cotansotior: ·;mfr.i i h e o5-ia's of The bank. A :;«Hit:ij-r I:: thy pnvcnsor's private roon: · :~^ ealleu to ·· nsi(L;r the loss :i:'.d ~.-v.- it cyulil have occnrrcJ. Xo «jne ';~o!n:e!2 th.^t rhcre TTSS n hule in tlie ·". ·'·r of tae strouTM room, and no one v-Bich t*:e c-jins sent 10 the bant had irtirt-f! before an official at a (sesi :;::(" nor. Havitstr been questioned by tht -:.-.--led o;S«.!ai. he sak! that he w:v :'.·:- n:;;n v.-hn had sent the t*n sivi-r t« '.: bov.- hy c»t tl.eni. Tbe oSicial had j:=-t hi;.!r=I r.f rh:- PC:: " I'-" of tho C"ia?. ffr th:.t hail I'C'C: kept a |-r-'f'_'i3!2!i secret. He t^:ii -T"I:: iliirphy i" m.)ve oa. and John dkl M .·^;.i:i. Jli; \v.:s jnt a!j*=ut r :·_· tako- -::ie-.v the --fr-r^t of the reiarav-d si'"- · r sea roller T .vr,s staij«:i:ia in the ?·*" · ."nor"* rc-^'in confr^nrsag a »iin* o: :^ck l'_»^*I;intr dirc t*»rs. ITe vra? per n;::ted f* speak a:ia toM the assen:')"..- ! ; .TT !se had c«*t ir,f the tronjr r.)o;r frouj the sc--.vcr and !iov.- he or any oni c: -c who knev.- the secret rai^ht go anr If the rcr-.-ipt of the Mvercims iin-' raise'I a TvLiriivisid of esr-iteaicnt. A CAi2j:nittee ~vas sent to examine tiie -""onTM r-Toni and rctnrried coiifirmine Murphy's jr,ffirn3ati*r.. -Tohn Tvas heid for rwv« roaso::?--the nioncy mnst IK- -·njiated t-"« n:nl:e sure that he hn-1 ;so; appropriated any of it. and if Ti» sii^Tild toll the sc-crer tl:e matter Tvould make a raucJi greater sensatioii among tbo firtlilic than even It did among the officials of the bank. The coant reqrired a long vrhile, and flijrlcjr the time ic vras in prepress the sewer was repaired and the room made strong-. TVhen it tvas ali over the discoverer of the break -vas saniinoncd to the crovemor's room. "Hot?" many persons have yon toid ;»f this matter?"' asked the latter. "Xo one except yon in the bank." "On that table are a thousand sovereigns- Take them and make yonr- pclf comfortable. Yon are also appointed one of the strong room -watchers frith a salary of £500 a year." Mine Rescuers' Telephone. A telephone designed for the use o: mine rescuers whose heads are covered -with'helmets while at work is operated by throat vibrations, the transmitter being held at the throat. I have just received a Standard Automatic Milk Separator which can be seen at BIrierville now This machine is guaranteed to separate 750 pounds of rnilk per h..=ur. and as scon as I have sufficient number installed I will buv the Cream at regular J i price for creamery butter. ettis "Whi'e vivid colors are very modish, j s. touch is quite sufficient to brighten! and trim the street cress or ·su!^- For! evening wear, of course, these bright dyes may be indulged in to the heart's content. The r-ch coloring of the brunette is enhanced by a touch of that j new fiame color that so v.-e!I deserves j its name. The t»!ond or she of the "in j between" complexion may select Tur- j kish green or one of the brilliant blues' for the touch of sharp contrast re- i Quired on the new suit or frod:. I A plain blouse and c. plaid skirt are | ·used in 7T13-7S51. The design shows a! novel two-piece skirt. The arrange- j ment of the tucks on the front gives I the effect of a tunic in front and a j slightly draped appearance in back.' The blouse shows a good looking rag- j ian sleeve in a drop-shouider. i To malte 7713 in size 35 it 2ri. yards ol 35 inch material. 7SS1 needs for size 24, 2 yards o£ 35 iacJl nm.rens.l- A clever way to introduce the'viTid bit of colored brocade or embroidery is shown in 7773. The material o£ tlia tiress :s navy blue sHsc poplin. Thera is a. mingling of several soft Turkish tones :n the embroidery. Rose and gold predominating. Aside from, tho inset on the side of the blouse and skirt, the sash may be in a. contrasting: shade also. A high roll collar is an attractive feature of tfcis model. This design may be copied in siza 3fi with 4-4 yards of 42 inch, material. ,Xo- 7713--sizes 32 to 42. Xo. 7SS1--sizes 22 to 20. Xo. 7773--sizes Z~ to 42. Si.- Hach pattern 15 cents. H M cro To obtain either pattern iilustrated lill oat this coupon and enclose 15 ce^ts in j! stamps or coin. Be sure to state number It ot pattern anfi size, measuring over the !' fullest pa.rr o' the bust. Address Pauern 'J Departnient. care o; this paper. Size *.. Aicresa ....... An Honestly Built Stove That Sells On Merit The Penn Esther range does not ha\~e a lot of fancy d--- coration that is hard to keep clean--and at the same time it is excelled by none in appear arsce. It is the most solidly built and best general purpose cooking range we knov.-. One that \ve can conscientiously guarantee. 1. G Bui".il:i:* forrnt-riy rccapie- 1 by Straw Slacker C-x Hearc-f ok: eisrht Dt-pc Gettysburg Auto Tire Repair Shop - 42 W. HIGH STREET TUBES A SPECIALTY "With m--dvrn stf-aai eq e rer»a:reL :-"at:sfacnon crss-anieed. I a'v. j.rr-pare'J to i?o ire:irral rer.ur v.-ori the 5;v'c ii r.'j't :on2t-r than thi;:! it ca; TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE · and Powerful, Trv it. To«r? an : !ia'?V:ieil trl · = a 5,.v"ak5 Local Fhon3l 17 X C. ASTONER, prep jledieal Advertising -^ Breathe Freely! Open Nostrils and Sluffed Head--End Catarrh Instant Relief Wfeen Xose and Head dissolves by the heat of the nostrils: are Clogged from a Cold- Stops Xasty "Catarrhal Discharges. Dull Headache Vanishes. Trv "Elv's Cream Balm." penetrates" ar.d heals the inflamed swollen membrane which lines the nose, head and throat; clears the ai? ·.r-.sscfre?: stops nasty discharges and a feeling: of cleansing, soothing relieJ Get z small bottle anyway, just t« ' comes immediately. y it -- Applv a little in the nostrils! Dor.'t lay awake to-nijrht s'irs,arp:ir.s " ~ * "" * nd instantly your clogged nose and ^-nped-UB air passa^ts of the heafi srill open; you " «rill brcalho freely; -lullness arfd h e a d a c e disappear. By .itarrhal s»ore throat will be gone- End such misenr now! Get the small I :H)ttle of "Elv's Cream F.alm*" at any drug store. This sweet, fragrant balm for !3ea\h* with head stuited: nostril.^ closed, hawking and blowing. Catarrl. cr a cold, with its running nose, fou! mucous dropping into the throat, anc raw dryness'is distressing but truh needless, Pu'i, your faith--just once--in "Ely's Crr-am'Balm'" and your cold or catarrt will surely disappear. Wiiea You Bay a Stief f Piano You -.jet an iu-crjii^nt i n t -.vhtjh is b'i'.ic all th-» skll! and experience tha7! years CJ.a ji:^e you. Thi career of the Stleff Piano is one- of uninterrupted honor. 'loiior Iwsa^e of ex^jellenoe -- and honr v.ith success- Ic is a niaao to our Fathers and Grand-fathers, and from the titst it has been souuht after, honored, and esteemeil. and always i'ecause IT IS THE BEST-- INVESTIGATE. SEE THE STIEFF-- HEAR IT Safcssy VDnrs-I: as to where rear piano money v.i-i bring the utujo^t Stieff Player Planes Thsy arc -Hfierenj; frorn other piayer;. It is the one player-piano that i-an b« played '.vitl a human-like tousrh. V.'rite for beautiful new oatalocwe. fniiv iiUtstranns each piano. V\'e wi!i :na;i if t«iyoa. free, or call and six- tis- instrnmentsr EVERY PIANO FL'LLY (GUARANTEED. V.'HY NOT OWN A GOLD M:-:DAL STIEFF O!'l pianos taken in ex.-iia:s^e. Our price; are right, onr terms \vill suit yen. St VOL T.ONG. i e f P i a n o W a r e r o o m s :;i" \Ves: ?Iarkec Street YOKK, PA. Is perfect health; but to enjoy good health It Is necessary first to get rid of the miner ailments caused by defective or Irregular action of the stomach, liver, kidneys and bov,-els,--ailments "which spoil life, dull pleasure, and make all sufferers feel tired or good for nothing. die Lsrgesi Sale of Any Meoicine i= ti have proved themselves to be the best corrective or preventive of these troubles. They Insure better feelings and those vrho rely upon them soon find themselves so brisk and strong they are better able to work and enjoy life. For that reason aloae, Beechanrs Pills are The Favorite Family Medicine Sc!d everywhere. la boxes. 25c. -rrizh exery box show the Tcay to good FOR SAi Full pullets; Hamburg, Buff Oroinjjtons JL O Bred cockerels and and Coluin- Barred Vhite ian Wyandottes; Rocks. David Knouss A.rcndtsville, Pa. I will be in my room on the Square over "StaUsmiih's Store" on second floor, every Wednesday afternoon from 12.30 to 8 o'clock, \\hcre I will lo fitting, or I will call on you in your home, at your convenience, on any Tm:rsday, upon receipt of po:=t carJ." Piea#e call and see the Spirella vwr-fts- and corset accessories. A N N A C. MYERS, Ntw Oxford, Pa Spirella Co:set:e.rrv. KWSPAPLRl iWSPAPfc.RI

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