The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 18, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1913
Page 2
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ll 1 I G. W. WEAVER SON G. W. WEAVER SON The Leaders For Quick Stock Adjustment Ladies' and Misses suits Entire Balance of Stock at Much Under Value Prices-- . Do not Postpone the Buying of Your Suit any Longer $37.50 and Suits i.OI and 18.50 and i Suits ^1 -? J. suits FURS "Wooltex" Style Book Suits of Broixn Bedford Cord, Mahogany and Xavy Diagonal Worsted,Navy Eponge. Nay Eponge Bolide, and many others --These Suits are the top of the style, beautifully trimmed, not gaudy, richly llnee. .If your size Is among this lot vou can consider yourself lucky--Sizes 16 to 33. A saving of $7.50 to §8.00 on a suit. Of Silk Mixed Suitings in Black While, Diagonal Plain Cheviots in Black. Ccpenhagen ZybaUne,Burgundy Taupe Cheviots and many others. These suits are in several of the newest styles of '·Wool:ex" and other makes. .V very large range of styles lit irric'js fabrics--exceptional values at ;hs:r former prices--Satin guaranteed ·'nines. Several grades of serges in Black and Xa-vy. Chiffon Broad Cloth. KD^nsre. Mattalesse. Silk finished Wor- Piec. Unfinished Worsteds £c.--Col- ors--I5!aek. Xavy, Burgundy. Taupe. Orev. Brown c_, in almost all sizes- Mary in edd sizes trom 37 to 43 for ·stouts, in conservative styles. Others -rith touches of trimming and cut that c--«~n:snds them to the ultra fashion- rb-c. This is an opportunity that seldom at this season. Sesrular £ stout sizes in Black. Xavy. Burgundy Taupe Serges. Bedford" Cores and ethers in a variety of yti !cs. .Sosne in modified Balkin Kassian Blouse styles--all correctly tailored and splendidly lined, with style touches that stamp them as of rreatcr value than -ne gave them. Malnly Xavy. Brown Black Clay nnd Dress Serges--In splendid styles --Just cut into stock in late October. These suits are of Serges and TIan- ·lish Suiting fabrics--the character of rtsteriais that were in the S20.00 Suits Isst season--the ends of manufacturer's cloths cut into the new styles of this seasr. For hard wear and yet gecd style there is nothing better at tvslce the price. About 200_Lajies Misses Coats at Exceptional Values A most complete stock--ranging from High Grade "~\VooItex qualities to as lew as coat quality and style can be bcught anywhere. now $24.75 $30.00 values new $ 71 ^i JL. now $16.75 and $17.75 now $13.75 and $14.75 now $11.75 now S9.95 $25. and $27.50 values $20.00 and $22.50 values $12.50 and $14.50 $16.50 and $18.50 $9.00 and $10.00 is an opportunity of selecting fro.ii a large range of styles in the r:ost co^iilar Persians, Zyfaalines, As- Jrakans." Broad Tail Plashes e--in Black, Taupe, Browns c.--Fancy colon d or black saiiu linings of guaranteed eaaiines. .Large Silk Frog clos- ing--raostJv 3-4 length, cut away comers, =s also full length slightly cut away. Hardly two alike and suitable for a*.v dressy occasion. O" SHk Plushes, "\Vooltex" Zybal- ims in several colors. .Soft Wide \.~aie Diagonals, Fancy Weaves, Cut Valours and uisny others. .\Vhile this large line with hardly two alike are suitable for dressy occasions--many are especially heavy making them t:sc- Ti'l for auloing or driving in extreme weather--3-4 and ftiil length. A larjre range of stylish cloths in various colors--Astrakans, Bpucles, Cat Velours. Chinchillas. Zybalines others. Mr.ny are of the celebrated "\Vooltex" qualities and others of ecj;:?! grades. .Great variety of styles --This line Hke those at $21.50 includes the very best for general dress par- These exceptional values can be had in :· wide ran :e of fabrics, colors and styl'S--in M: ses Ladies" sizes-inching Sport Coals. 3-4 length full J'ngi!;s--Also conservative styles and s:ouis. Ofcchiilas--plain cut--Zybal- ines. r'ain stripe, the warm stylish kinds both as to cut and fabrics. Fancy Coatings and Boucles cf the most desirable kinds for hard service and warmth. .Great variety of styles and cf exceptional values. Wool Coatings of a great variety in both colors and fabrics. In. Ladies/ Misses Junior sizes. .Ladies" Black Cloth Ccats in full lengths and con- conservative cut- ~ Sport Coats at S5.QO SLOG §10. t, §12.50 3£sst cf our Ready-to-Wear Stock, especially the twos, and threes of a kind-have been newly priced for quick moving. at $25.00 now 121.50 cow 116.50 and U8.50 at $9.95 at $15. at 17.00 --Don't Miss the-Dissolution : Sale ==OF=== "T he Home of Fine C It »l h -.· s" The entire stock must gO'=nolhing reserved We added to our last wet ks list our entire stock of LADIES' POCKET BOOKS and HAND BAGS 19cto $1.75 Were 25c to $2.50 Special lot of MEN'S SEPARATE TROUSERS that were $4 to $4.50 Now $2.98 2535 Overcoats W E have some wonderfully attractive styles, in new Fall Overcoats-the smartest models we think that we've seen in many a day. Schloss, Baltimore made to start \vhb.~that establishes their quality of course --* a little better we believe, in style and smartness, than anything their designer has produced heretofore. Seetkem- * O. H. Lestz tCIe Give S. {i-(5pee£i Trading Stamps. Comer Centre Square and Carlisle Street. Gettyibori;, Pa. Real Estate We would like to add a few farms to our list of Real Estate for sale. If you have anylhat yoi:~\yould like to sell and {.lace, in the hands of a Real Estate Ao-ents, we will be glad to handle same for you; no matter whether large or small or where located. Or if you want to buy any Real Estate.cail on or address. Troxell and Swisher Real Estate Agents 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa. BARGAIN HARVEST to SHOES BUYERS You will find on our Bargain Tables shoes of well known lines which we have dis-conlinued. W. H- Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. Others-reduced to-@8 cents and $1.4S._ Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. Kitziniller I! T vr.^ vnii PT-PV K'tt Not onlv is the fur guaranteed T, wear UUL LUCuxuus,*««/- * ^j *«-...~v ^^^^ -^ -·--· Ljnx ana fcrej iv-it. -NOT. om to L = ouarter the price of Lynx-- (besides genuine Fox and ?I eces ana 3iuffs-at half: theprx«^« r ^lack t ox ar.a ^^ of severai of the fasM mab!e skins. r Black r ox ard ouarter tne price UJL JU^M-V-- ^u^.=.i.u^ ^^.^^.^^ *. ^.^ ^*.^ Brown Opppsnm -nd Natural Furs of several of the fashionable skins. Fhibit and. Imitation t ox--and many others. annot be guaranteed to s in W Tn ox ma . , . Bo not be ^sIe?b^?tracSve city advertisements of comparative values-Our prices are in most m- ,-n^ 0 = iA C = than thf so called " cut prices" advertised. Nine Years Experience i * j as taught me that _ ; Buckeye Stock and Poultry hood 1 is the best stock and puultry conditioner on the mar.- et. | Many of ray neighbors will tcli you this.' I have a full supply I on hand at a'l times and will be please to serve- new as well as old customers. J. D. MOOSE For Sale Cheap 38 full bred White Orpings Cockerels bred of stock from famous Owens farms Mass. Send your oders quick, also Eggs in - Season. W. W, Dutter Bendersville, Pa- CIVIC PRiDE \U SCHOOLS, j COURSE FOR STOREKEEPERS. How Cincinnati Worked to Make Its' Youngsters Bacorns Boosters. 1 Tbe Cincinnati clsnial-cr of commerce j recently conducted n contest in the) pnb'ic nn! jarocbi"5 schoo!s for t!:e j best essay on "What I C.TIJ ^ntl \VjIJ Do tt Make Cincinnati n Rigger nn3 Detler City." As !:f3;t? to the yonncrster^ in sbnp- lus tbe:r ospnys thi^ nclvice TTSS j^iven; \Vlien vou i!~ cniidy iissist that it be candy made in Cin^J^nnti- Ur~e your pnrcn's TO make tlseir purchases in Cin^innpt: jrtorcs nnd insist on having ~OH!S inaae in Cincinnati. . By keeping in Blind ibnt every dollar c^;»°ndc-d for n Cincinnati mnde r.rticie helps t- 5ncrea;=e onr factories taai rfve caiplornien; to tbonsnnds of peo p!e nnd make p-o^ 51 '- 0 tnc bnJJdina of i mnre hotn«:. rjnrr f'.i'irclies. . sud ir.ore mosi\v in tnsation for parks, c^ :PJd other improve- ' Yon can !i°!! nwfce C:n"in7iati better rnd more l«*-i«t:f«l l»y not {hroTvin? Utter in t;-e ««tivcts «nd ;t?kin5 yonr to IH sr.ore carefnl in these By alwnjs sa-. ins: :\ soocl vrord for Cincinnati especially to s!rsr.:rers. T.earn as much a? yon can about j yonr home -ity. so that you can talk intellisfpntly aliont it- Mention ile coosl points of the city ·pollen yon write to ont- of to-svn friends or relatives or vrhen tliey come to see von. Bv forming clnbs of other students to visit manufacturing industriss and other places of interest ahont the city. By always being a booster. Kansas College Plans to Teach Would 8e Proprietors. A coarse in the management of a country store Is to be inaugurated in one of the state educational institn- tfons. probably the Kansas State Agricultural college at Manhattan, accord- in" to an announcement from the board of administration of state educational institutions. Among the subjects proposed .or lie et^ course are: Writing advertising for country weeV- Hes. Decorating store -windows. Attractive interior display of goods. HasdUDg customers. Pushing certain lines of goods. Points on buyias- Baked Pickerel. -Cut out the backbone of a good sized pickerel and all the small bones Tvhiea can be removed -without tearing the flesh too much or getting the fish oct of shape. Brush the fish -with lemon juice and olive oil and let it stand about an hour. 13ien put very tl|^i slices of pork across a racfc in a dnppins: pan and place the fish skin side do-svn over the porfe. Brush with pork drippings and bake ia a covered pan for forty minutes. Baste it once or twice while cooking, and serve Trith maitre d'hotel butter prepared thus: Four tablespoonfuls of butter, one of vinegar, one of lemon juice, one-fourth teaspoonful pepper, one teaspoonful chopped parsley. Beat fae butter to a cream, and gradually beat in the seasoning, the parsley last of all. This sauce is nice with all Mnds of fish and also with becfstpalv. .FWSFAPFR!

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