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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, November 18, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL Xo. 507. Gettysburg, Pa-, Tuesday, Xo-.eaaber ISih, 1913. Price Two Cemt*. \ 1 -SWEATERS- FOR MEN--WOMEN and C H I L D R E N 50 cts To S7.oo. Eckerts Store " ON THE SQUARE." SURPRISES AT COPS AND CASH THE INSTITUTE! FOR THE POULTRY! RKERS Will TOUR COUNTY FARMERS READY LETTERS FROM FOR THE WINTER COUNTY TOWNS : | j i , i Lecturer Asks Unusual Question and | Prizes Aggregating One Thausand j State and County Sunday School · Fall Work is Practically All out of the! Correspondents send in Many items Receives Ready Response. Another j Dollars in Valae Offered for Fancy Instructor Suggests a Little Lsss; Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, and Grammar in Some Public Schools. I Pigeons at Bigfenriile Show.-- Workers will Tour the County and j Hold Meetings. Schedule of their Tour is Announced. Way. Preparing for the Activities! of ^Interesting Mews from their of the Winter Months. Some Corn 1 yet to be Husked. ! Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief 'terns. The fanners of Adams i Teachers and others atter.ding: the ' Prizes of cash, cups and merchaa- j District Sunday School rallies will sessions of the fifty ninth annual in- j dlse, amounting in value to more than ' be held in five districts in the county i preparing themselves for th stitute at Walter's Theatre are given -$IQ0G have been donated as premiums -during the week of December 1st to j and about ail that is left foj county are ? e winter Idaville IDAVILLE -McClellan Howe, of Hum- f or them to j melstown, was a Sunday visitor to the husk- Ireadv com- this place- Miss Ona Keckler, of Middlesex, family of n has been i spent a few days with the | marked the opening session on Mon-' give a S60 cup for the best bird ex-j Monday. December 1st, St. Paul's! placed in the cribs. Some has been! John Humes. j day afternoon. hibited. The Association conducting { Lutheran Church. 2 p. r.:.| roasted and converted into cornmeal. \ The Rev. S. E. Smith and wife were ! With his subject ''Underlying Prin- '· the exhibit will give a $50 cup for tne {and 7 p. m. Third District- j WALTER'S THEATRE INSTITUTE iciples in Teaching", Dr. Charles H. j Albert, of 'the Bloomsburg State Xor- j mal School,, suddenly asked of his au- i dience this remarkable question, "How Many farmers are at present get- ! in Harrisburg a few days taking in N e w G a r d e n A u d i t o r i u m Skating afternoon and evening Basketball to-day 4 30. i . i many of you are Country Jakes?"'" and i terranean, English, Combined Polish. i immediately hands went up all over ' Hamberg and French classes. j the house. "You look it" was the sniil- ! The Times and Xews Publishing Co. j best ten or more birds of any one j Tuesday, Lutheran Church, Xew | tir.g. ready for the butchering season, j the Gettysburg-Bucknell foot ball variety o f highest merit a n d S l O cups - - - - - - - - - . _ . . . . for the best bird in each of the following- classes: American, Asiatic, Medi- Oxford, Fourth District, 2 p. m. and 7 '. which in some sections has been be! P- m - .' g'-n. Farmers, as a rule, butcher sev- Weiinesday, Reformed Church, j era! times, once or twice before the ] month's Cashtown, Sixth District. 2 p. m. and j Christmas holidays and again in Janu-' friends. arame. Miss Ida Groape left Saturday for a stay with Williamsporc j ing observation of the speaker ar.d 840 cap will be i vigorous applause followed from those bronze turkey. Thursday. Reformed Church. Fair- | ary and February- The itinerant butcrs- | Mrs. A. W. Delp is in Harrisburg. I ers are very much in demand, for it is j Reynolds Myers, of Mechanicsburg, awarded for the best i field, Second District, 2 p. m. and 7 p.! evidently a fact that fewer persons j spent Sunday with 3Irs. Leah Groupe j follow this business. i who had held up their hands, where- , The Rice Produce Co. S30 cup for the j Friday, Christ Lutheran Church.! Although the majoritv of 'the croos k . _ _ r~i_ a l l * «_ .? _·» _ T i · * *. ^ ? _ - ? ! j-_ . t --. fc*. - . _ _ ! _ ""_ _ " ~ and family. | upon Dr. Albert declared that he also · best female turkey. j belonged in "the class and was glad · The G. W. Koser S40 cup for the i that he did. ! best Barred Plvmoulh Rock male. Gettysburg, First District. 2 p. m. and , --especially corn--were a little below 7:50 p. m. j the a%-erage. one may see quite a num- \ day. The Fifth District convention was ber of herds -of steers in traveling-1 Mrs. Wilson Heller and daughter, Eila, made a trip to Carlisle Satur- Those interested in education were | The People's Drug Store S30 cup j held in October, so that there v.-iil be through Adams county. Most of them i I given another surprise during the at- ; for the best pen of Barred Plymouth j n o rally held there at this time. | were bought at some stock sales and | P H O T O P L A Y SPECIAL TOXEGHT ix THREE REELS '-THE TIGER LILLY" VJTAGRAP i r j W. D. ReeS. of Philadelphia, will be 'chey will be fattened for the markets i stock and Miss Fohl. of Biglerville, ternon when Dr. Chauncey P. Cc-le- j Rocks. grove, of Cedar Rapids, loiva. statec : The Lnaries A. eiocner ^_ cup lor j present at all these meetings and dis- [ next spring:. When feed is plentiful that he would like to see a less ela- j the best per. of Indian Runner ducks. J cuss the various needs of the Sunday' fattening steers is considered a ^ay- borate course in grammar and geog- : The Penrose Myers S2C cup for the j School and hold conferences on all ing proposition. hy than thai given in some public', best pen of S- C- BKWT. Legr:orr.=. {subjects discussed. j Indications now are that the bulk HEIDLERSBURG Heidiersburg -- Miss Ethel Haver- and the Thinking tlitt her htiibaud c- payiasi more attention to his wor .v. Tha i £0 aLrr,-i! for hi-s i.e^Sta. The v.-ife takes ao v.ith an-j tne i schools- This, in viev.- of the fact that : . i _ .vere the guests of George Haverstcck over Sunday. Edgar Brenizer made a business f :rip to Gettysburg on Monday. than to her. Ck-o Morin runs away. That same day the bizsUn.l is ja ciahn is made that fifty per cent of j the best pen of White Plymouth Socks. " " " " college students to-day cannot! The Gettysburg Compiler -?30 cup ine ^ill M. SeHgman S20 cup for j All persons interested in Sunday , cf poultry raised in Adams county this j Corporal Luther Marks and brother, and is com;nJ!«d ·er graduate · The Brehm. the tailor. S15 cup for Where are ' -^ e best White Leghorn male- Schools are urged to be present at as year will be disposed of «jurin°" the many of the meetings as convenient.' next month because of the attractive prices prevailing. Many ducks and own' geese are being engaged for Thanks' giving dinner, as turkeys are too high t priced for most folks. Farmers who i have large flocks of these birds ·promised nearly all of them to private ·customers. XOE taking the risk o: Private Charles Marks, of Fort Washington, spent a ten day furlough with iheir parents. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Marks, cf this place. William Yohe sold his fine driving horse to William Kennedy, of York A GOOD YEAR have \ borings. Shov.- Starts 6:15 ?. M. Admission 5 cents to all- HIAXKSGIYIXC U \ - T.I1XGS *i:nked 10 ;ot all fcswevzr cnjcyabli i'.iz" ~z\ TEere nre also good ih : «srs '. ijpeciall;.' these i'-ci"dc p i :r '?' kerchiefs, f~r.ey V?S;F cic! .v which all g-o to make up the ff toils as sold as farms--iE-7- t^n's navg a:i excep-icnin" i. The Quality Shop WILL JL SELIGMAX Ths Cash Tailor be. ·rear. :e es- i:n= of Seiig- -.o line. |the "extras"' in his education a more! -^e C. i: I or less secondary consideration, the ! i0r e fest display of Leghorns- speaker calling- attention ro the neces- | The "'-^ Friend" SlO cash prize for sky for the great class of citizens that i ^e best display cf Orpingtons. Musselmaii SlO cash prize ! Dr - T- J - Barkley. Gettysburg: vice i oresfdent. Dr. F. S- Llndaman. Littles- John Shultz Sr.. spent Wednesday ~.n York Springs, the guest of Herman William Weigle is suffering with a rery severe attack of neuralgia. Frank Kemper is slowly recovering. jtown: secretary. J. L. Gerber. York: _ treasurer, Dr. C- S- Slagle. Wescmins- Hardly a day passes en the farm curing this time of the year but that some jockey visits 'the farmer in view o to make up the middle class of the -^- Schlosser SIO cash prize for| ter } country and tvho need to leave the '· ; -" le * est display of R. I. Reds. T -" e report made to the Potomac I public schools with a practical knot-.i- i \ edge of vrhich they may make imme- ! idiate use." j ', Every minute outside of the actual instruction hours of the institute is The Gettysburg Times -?10 cash j synod held at r rederick. Xovernber 1. no _ needed af _ er -i" for the best dlSDiav Of : s««V-t-=: r'h^r r' __ pig-eons. The 0. C. Rice So cash prize for '-.he ssr display of Minorcas. The H. S. Spangler S5 cash isrize growth at the orphanage. Jin electric ,- or purcftasing one or two horses that he inay have for sale. It is customarv to dispose of those horses which are .the field work is of the number of light plant has been installed; at a cost I j of Sl.OOO. of which Tneodore R. Helb. j taken up by the teachers in quest of! Ior tne oest display of Campines- i diversion. Several of the associations | The H - ^- Walter cash prize of S-5 !«« building. conducts tne sale a nnall | of normal school graduates and former ! ~ or tn * best display of Bantams. j anniversary day SioO was contributed fo _ selli the stock thus i hv (mpr-Ss-: f?fi*»rinn«; T#ia\-:no- r* Vi^J^nrt* _ " "^ ^ ~ cf York, the donor of the adminisrra- contributed SSOO. On farm stock sales, in some cases a neighboring farmer may place the one or two ex'cra horses or even cows on SUCCESSFUL YOUTH -- Raymond Harbaugh. Buena Vista, Hunting Alone. Brings Down Deer- A 16-year old boy brought down a big buck on the mountain near the Baena Vista, reservoir Monday about nine o'clock. Raymond Harbaugh, son of William Harbaugh, Buena Vista. was the successful young hunter. He .vas hunting bv himself when he shot -- ^ «.-_- -.-^..^^.j \n v - v s . i t ^.\J vk ^ Ull . . rr*i T · ^ -- ·· ,,.,..,;,, _,, ; 1 1 - 1 . - cne deer. The deer had lour wrongs ana pabl.c xenaue. allowing the man who - , , I0n ,,,,,,,,,,, j pupils will have reunions "during the ! ^ ae Compiler S5 cash prize for the ! °~ SP conducts the sale a small commission putting the j of S59 to be provided. The under- s S TO TEACHERS: To our already large line of Correspondence Paper and Cards we have added the very best numbers from the leading shops of the country and. have them on display for you this week. Your inspection is invited whether you buy or not Peoples' Drug Store , week, and other social events Till be ! ' oesl Brown Leghorn male. _ , A jheld between sessions. ! Tfce Compiler 85 cash prize for the j v ~^ers have examined and certify the tinj . ! On Monday afternoon a basket ball i besz ^linorca male. system. A beginning: has been made on /^ animal up to the highest bidder. weighed 120 pounds. The young hunter was vastly delighted with his prize and ran the en- TK~ u-i i. - , · nre wav home to get a vouth to ac- 1 he automobiles mav probaoiv COP- I · JT » ; »^, inue to run ir. the towns and on big i = .-team composed of teachers met the j and Ser.tinei So cash prize |= · quintet from the local High School at j for ttie Des " L ^ nite Orpington, male. = j the Garden Auditorium and went down · T: "- e Star and Sentinel S-5 cash prize for r'ns !_.pst White Plymouth Rock j to defeat by the score of 12 to 4. | j Monday evening- the lecture bv Dr.! ; Andrew P. Johnson on "Eli and Den- j j Tils ', the successful man and the un- i j successful, entertained a large aud:- : j ence. ] j The Adams County teachers form- ; jerly from the Millersville Xormal) 1 School organized as a branch of the grades. cemenV v/alks and driveways. On accounrof Tinfavorable^xveather conditions the crops were not as large as exTjecEed. but were above the re- T r i, 11 - . , , i iKip iiiiii t;et tile ueei. . hsgnv,-ays ad winter, but the average L - , it , , ·' f , ,. . ' bovs earned it the thn ^arrner who owns_ a machine is al-! , " - ^TT . . . . . ! :ne reservoir to tne Ha ready preparing a place in wmch tc stcre his machine for the winter, for ! Tha Adams County Hardware pan;*- S15 merchandise prise for the 1 isa:ts ot tne larms sunounamsr. ^...^.^ .. i - , - -, , _ _ , , , ,, ' " sectior.s. ., J consisted 01 2.400 bushels 01 ear corn. - , , ... ' - ,,., . ,-, -,,,, , lor automobilinsr. wfteat. 120 oats. loO rre. 100 bar-; tne roads are alreaav. in some rura 5 Iney ^. . . - _ uniavoraole s!gn= male. The H - E - Bender -S7 I Alumni Association of that institution ! ? riz8 for r " re bss " 1 w "r-ite Leghorn ] Monday evening at four o'clock. Pro- { ;Iials - ona acre 150 busheis of beans were ^orn There were only fiO bushels the = j lessor P. M. iiarboid. president of the The G- W. Weaver and Son 8-5 mer-1 merchandise jS^herea- ·,, jof r-otatoes. about half enough for C-- a · -^ ju?e of the orphanage. The boys began iheir actual ·ompany him back to the reservoir and ielp iiim ge'c the deer home. The two ·ee miles from Harbaugh home- One of the largest deer ever killed "n the South Mountain was shot by Dr. John Lessig. from Schuylkill Haven, who is a member of me Arend'csville Hunting Club. The animal proves to the old native deer and a cimen. weighing 22-5 pounds perfect points, seven on each side. This powerful animal was brought down by a perfect shot in the The bazaar for the benefit of St | ~"cht shoulder, penetrating the neck Francis Xavier church will open in i 2n ^ coming out the opposite side. Hall Next Week- = | normal school, was present ar.d the or- j =har.dise prize for the besx Buff Leg~~~ i-,^^-C--^i:^-, ,,,, i t - - , I -nrr- mp!*^ =. ! i~ 1 f^1~: i |ganization numbers between thirty! five and forty members, which includes j some of our town students from col- jlege and seminary, also two high r.crr. The G- W. Koser S-5 cash prize the best pen of Orpingtons. The Houck Brothers S-5 cash" nrize ujra! experience by t of ground. The beans ~,vere their £ or j special care. The sale or "the hears i from one acre amounted to S^O. The familv now consists of "J-"! j school principals of Adams County.! '' cr ^ I Meetings will be held annuallv during \ \ insutute week. The officers elected are; the best ^ best pen of R. I. Reds. , children besides two who are in agri- Xavier Hali Saturday evening. Xov- j The Monterey hunt club got its third cultivating a ember 22. Attractive booths have been ! 3 £Sr on Monday- erected and elaborate preparations i Rov Birely. Blue Ridge Summit. Tnaco. DeTinning- -.virh Mondav even- ! ^roughr down a 4-prong, 13-5-pouna inc. when the ladies" minstrels wih ; ^"-"ck about two miles from Caledonia, hold the boards, there will be free I Daisy Xaugle. Xew Baltimore, shot I. female. YOUR - TURKEY - DINNER Will taste better if you have a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T on Thanksgiving Day. We have a !an;e variety of choice fabrics at prices to suit everybody. J. D. UPPY, Tailor. I as follows: President^ Prof. -J. W. I ^ he ^' H- Knoase S4 raerchandi jBncher, of Easr Berlin; Mce Presi-! P rize for tiie '^st Golden Laced Wy-| i dent, Francis Smith, of Littlestown;! aR £^ te - j Secretary and Treasurer, Miss 3Iaryj . lne . G ' **. i Robinson, of Littiestown. \ " )rize Jor tf 1 ; iotte male. vaudexille every e.-ening at eient ! l sx-pror:g buck, on Snapp\" Ridge, prize-for| va;;e ^ ornes - Many applicauori? had to o'clock. Thanksgiving dinners will be '-^ s summit of which is within sight served Thursday and the afternoon j 3t " Caledonia park. The deer weighed .eriven over to the entertainment of the j -^ pounds. children. ' Samuel Carbaugh. of the same A contest will open Saturday even- j neighborhood, shot a smaller buck near idge on Friday which weigh- ;be iun:ed do-wn because of lack of ac- I commcdations. j ^y ^XT MR- KETTERM W · '. Knoase SS.od nierchandise I *' " " *^_ J ', ' n ? 3 " or l " e most popular lady in tne ; : " ie best Columbia Wyan-| Laiherans of Portage Wan! Mr. Ket- congregation, the prize offered being a ; 3C 3 ierman to Preach to Them. :S° ]d ring-, and the contest! j COMING EVENTS ' -I Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg ] for Coming Weeks- The G- H. Knoase S2.50 merchan- i Postmaster Charles Mahon, of the a nir.e-oronjr j dise prize for the best Indian Rnnne'-' The Rev, Paul H. Kev'cenr.ars. the i . j lormer i Xov. 19--Fiftieth Anniversary. Lir coin's Gettysburg- Address. jauck. male. I former Gettysburg College student. ' ihe G. H. Knouse merchandisa nrize " whose rocer.t unpleasantness with j lor the besr Laken Belden male. j members of h:? congregation at Liny,' mission ' i r.e MuinTx^"^ St.iTnm S^ -«-s^^. contin-jin.c for a -week. The "Cata- j fayetteville club, shot combs" promise to prove interesting to j OUCK Saturday ai' visitors at the haH which vri!! much ( -\- . -rt-o-r \ r"~c- ~ resemble a busy countv fair. Ad-' -"AKKiAWi be free. i Permits to 3!arry Issued by Clerk of 1 the Courts. ASSAULT AND BATTERY For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results wil! please you. OLDFASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY i r.e Mumper's Studio S-5 merchan-! Cambria county, caused him to file a | dsss prize for the best Columbian Wv- ! suit for clamag-es. r'ay bs called to the j Xov. 20--St. Paul's A. M. E. Zion faiz ' andotte, female. j Lutheran church . Portage. Cambria '- The Thomas Brothers S-5 rserchan- |*oanty. A movement has beer, launch- Xew Chest j a;se prize for Jhe besc Ancona male. j*« a ^ -hat piace ariion:; the friends cf = I Tne Harry Wampler S1.50 mercnan- 'the minister which may result ir. ihe prize for the best Brown Leghorn | issuing- of a oai! to hsm. female. j Although vindicating him of Two competent judges have been se- j charges preferred against him by che on information laid by Xrs. iJubb for j township, ar.d Edna May Harner. of cured to judge the poultry and the JTiembe:s of the L:!iy congregation I Xov. 24--Lecture. Dr. J. H- Sielinf. 1 j Brua Chapel, j N'cv. 24-29--Bazaar. Xavier Hall. jXov. 2.5--Recital. David Bispham j Brua Chapel. WAXTED: first class white cook. i Hemler's ] ment Restaurant---advertise- th Clerk of the Courts Olinger has is- cr !an Arrested for Abes- sued : " Re following marriage licenses: S his Wife- I Harvey A. Xoel. of Mount Pieasant {;ownship. ar.d Liilie R. Ford, of Scra- Wijiiarr. B. Bubb. of near Xew Cnes- · -an tovnship- ter -.\-as arrested hy Constable Shealer i Raymond G. Hess, of Germany people of Adams County should be I special committee of preparing- their birds for the greatest! synod of the Lutheran the Allearhcny church, which the asbauk an'i battery. After Mr. Bubb j Mount Joy township. had abused his wife, he is said to have i been srivcn a severe whipping by his j SPECIAL: we have received a large WAXTED: mairied man to work on ' farm. House furnished. Good wages. 1 raid-winter poultry show in Pennsyl- [conducted the investigation, urged that'son. Later he was arrested and gave j line of children's, ladies' and men's Almond Taffy. 40 cents lb.. Butternut Taffy. 50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy.J20 ! Apply Times Office.--advertisement cents I 1 *., Peanut Brittle, 10 cents lb. Ice Crea:n Taffies, 10 cents lb.--Fresh ~ ----_ at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN KODAKS, films, everything in Kodak line always fresh. Stoie.--advcrtisemen'i. Huber's Drug CHRISTMAS sale: also dressed dolls, ice cream, cake, coffee, etc.. at Mishler room, Chambersburg- street, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings.--advertisement I j he sever connections with the Lilly bait for his appearance at court. j charge at once and secure a pastorate j ' at some other place. j YOU are cordially invited to attend Residents of Portage have suggested j he demonstration, and sample the pro- thai the Rev. Mr. Ketterman take up-ducts of the Gettysburg Ice and Stor- the pas'torate there and be given age company. Wednesday afternoon charge of the small church in Portage j between the hours of two and four.-township. 'advertisement 1 ! winter coats also bovs" and men's fall suits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x 12, linoleum and sweaters. G. H. Knonse, Biglerviile-advertisemeni- 1 FOR REXT: nine room house on East Middle street. Apply Times Of* iioe.--advertisement 1

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