The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 17, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1913
Page 6
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f* I r In Honor or ins I We are Going to instfcte a Memorable Sale Exceptionally large purchases provide the remarkable values we are going to offer, and we feel sure the ladies will appreciate the reductions. - Your expectations will not be cSissapolntecT because we have planned everything intelligently "and liberally. A Great Saving in uits You owe it to yourself to see these extremely Stylish am! Serviceable Coats and Suits for they are indeed remarkable values, «*"* $12.98 $14.00 $11.00 7.98 FOi THE CHILDREN Saltpeter Magic. * · Few r tLIu££. will create aiore interest for a "siiaple IIUUM* onrwtaiwiawit in the evening . for. young: people than TV Lair is kiK'wn as saltpeter magic. It ·.viil arouse their curiosity to the liigrb- est i;iiit \vheii tried before boys and juris, v, l:o have never heard of it before aud v/i'.l "keep theia guessing" for a !vii~ time. Dr-svlve iMltiJerer in ivarer until the water vriil take up no- more. Then t~'4 :!;· end of a pesholder or any su:.H sik-ii. dip It in. ike soluriou and ivrirc- -^'Uitr word ia thick letters on a r.i.Kv 1 (·( lijC-ii paper. y.,a n-ssc take pains to see that ·e-.vry I'-if-jr is joined together so thar Uivrt* is K continuous Slue. If you write rcoiv than one word oa the ap- per :!u-y isusr be connected. Xo\v let the i5:::-v»r «lry ami the writing: vrilJ be !iiv:tA'- FoSil du\4:i half an iaeh at ?it!:t-r «.'I-c.'f the paper so tli-ir you «ia siitikfc Ir stainl on oue edge. Xow per it uprlit oil a platter or some- tl.Ii-'-i v.-hk-h -A-ill not catch Hire and ai;;» : y Jhf tip of a bit cz" lighted Jiuak ro v.; i-re t:.c- ivortl bajriits. over which VG-J !·,,-. e previously ssade a tiny aiark. Y-ou will see a tiny glowworm of fev :n:ve! ::!! a»Q«:r tl:e Haas traced. ::«r -:"!rInir until the co:Kp!e«e word Ls Is::r:.=.-,l u"t- Xo other part of the :-:s;vr 'v -= ·*«· destroyed. If you can pro 1 ;, 1 re -·evcral jj'eces of paper iii sd- v:ii.u-. -t:c en the ii'jujes cf your tju; :: . · ehi'-c careful, of course, to rein;-::.' ·-:- '..: iz there :aust be sio break · t i ; * » fT^\ i t ;? i . VS 1 i ; ;i X,-. ?': \ in: iiJL-Jffy J/ i'. ' \ / · I / \*? s^~~^ ~~~S . -! "r- ^ / i)W i v ; - ' - m \ · ; ^ " -· J/ !\ ;j.-t*. -«' . ^:^ ·'· .-,£' 5^ '·^-,-5 -*- *- ·· r iV ^ ^^ *' ^- mm N0TD C.M.BL4EMTZ EIVERSIDE soLxcix£] \ *?% Tbese artie!es and iHusiraticns must be reprinted without s;eciai permissioc TAPEWORMS, A POULTRY PES An internal {iet thar destroys poultry is tiie tajjeworui. Six now k»ovrii species at; Aax-raii poultry besides those ti! c birds. I'Jjjaoas aud turkevs :i Five hundred have been found | jKiceou; i^/a ess^ h.ive bi feouuted in a pigeon's excrement j tweEity-four hoars. They bret-d fa the Uitcstiura are their particu Uroc-dl^g- and frcJIns sroand. a| soEi«.*r : aes htut'el from gizzard ! KCUS with thou~;t;:ds. A tape-.vorm e 7533 THE INCREASING POPULARITY OF THE PEG-TOP A · rick Fcr Boys. t .- of the srnartnws i ro do tricks of mnsric and "s n^hn of h;md."' so here is a Vv-ry I::i!.'.^ tr:c-k tksic any one of you c-;::: '!· aft-r it !:tt : e practice. It is c-a-:c-;: ".xpl:::Jpjr the iisailkerch-ef." Of o'irst yc-u ^-"in-tla'c use yoar OT/B h::"i* :i-rx ···(-:"- Ask SUKJC boy to !end ;.·_·?: 1:'^. t-,ii'I nretsriiu to seiecE one ivitfc irro-:i r:«!f. Miyiiiir. "!c is first of all iir-i :-- ^.=ry to : r ot the ri^ht -iind oJ h:i-..1'.^^-l'.lc-~." After you liar* picked · SUE i.ue fsr^f-.v it I:: the air. catch ic OE tlVs,- t-:.;l "f ;i stick fhar you are txrirl- ins. :·!.?! w-ieu the handkerchief s«r.-.:-::: · UE to its full size spin ir grace 'si i :,na^t;a»y smart si:pKest:on for th!s f !isj) I. net i -;:;-;2 ·; cr^ss. A ir.odtl of Ber~y seen ^ oJi'ed in t::^ i/!rj;-tf i i.I-- rL v.: .ch I at c. rootnt. openmsf of leather colored to a. carrc'v :oo-i."e. injUInj; tJ:«r j .tavetyn intli a. belt cf ETSC suefie in- ct i.Li:i more i,:eJLsi:'-g; j p:rttl the co!or sci-eme. s;i:c:a--y suited tu ti'^so sk!r:s art| To cc-;--y this mode! in size 3S it re- "p:5c"' fabric?. vr-:ours vc:vi_-:s ·:»; | quires 5% ya.r-Js of 42 inch material. " Th t-y arc sek oi 1'Zaiu for the" b:ouse that cleverly rein weight and aiJ greatly :n br:n;c;n?i pv'Js-is " h e color-of the dark skirt -with out la their folds the KKW.C unfitted cf- j whivh-'it is -worn is the combination ·Tceta £cs«r=-O. " j tiled 11 T5SS. " The iov.- shoulder and a 7SL: shows a. peg-top sk.rt r.:.J a.! natty collar, are 'features o* this !e- another smart dviiisl of rnany of th.fc' S:ze 2G in this rao'Jel requires 4=4 aev.- (lesicns. An ins-i vest which rcay; yir«s o' 2a inch material. ! Je of brocade or « is a pret- ! Xn."7SI2--sizes 24 to 42. ly feature of this c-esSrr:. j .'Co. 7^33--sizes £4 ro 43- C* j^cniher colored ve.ours ae Vune is an s Hsch pattern Is 15 cents. ii ALL WOOL SERGE DRESSES 1 $7.50 value 85.50. | These boautlfiil Dresses macle of all woe! i ASTRAKAN COATS omen's Black Astrakan Costs; lined To obtain either pattrm :tprnx»s3i: 1, ;:.FESTS» ixrlj irts -We have them and In 25 distinct styles: at prices less than elsewhere- Special S2.5O Talnes SI.-9S In Blsck or Blue Serges, Shepherd Plaid and Honey-comb Cloth fr.!Ii:..r «-n". The pin shoi:id be pun in f *= sy tl:st the sli.iro noiut extends oils .:!·«-: a h-.tlf inch. . atp ji save a smooth snr-1 If irt · thrt 'c will rotate easily in the j ^ If it is polished or varnished 1; tut better. IE trill require a Hit 1 '- :'". l --ii'*e before you are able to ,.., tt ,.- £ r-_._i handkerchief in the middle -:Ei'i the piii going through one iL 5 ·!-.·- ·« o::iy. If IE sees through two or :I.-r t -(.- thicknesses a folsl results and ye.;:r ; ;:-T;^~c-e Vx-jH notice the pin. Yon s?i-d t- "!· s(T3ie~practicing before at -{·:pi"-"-~~ V» tk tlas trick in pubiie. H e IIU $2.50 SWEATERS SI.S8 I M Shaker ribbed Svreater, fine quaI;Ly- | i - * s KJiiH-iX^i. iz.^k^.ti U f «_c^...t~£... i. I Bo net fail to see inese grear values. If^orsted, very elastic, ruff col- [Aboat tv/o dozes fetching mod- £g f! Iar - sl ^ e pockets, plain sleeves: |els r combing stjle with use- JlOC |(choice of Red. Blue, Oxford, =f thrown and "White [fulness. It's a S1.5G value for 1 per cent* A comslete Iir«e of Muslin. Knit and Flannelette Underwear. $6.00 PATTERN HATS S3 GO SILK PLUSH and BEAVERS Finest quality erccc rjile: Flash and _, 7 r A . . , , Only a . S v-- of iftcse remain; aana made | Eeaver Hats: brand sew shaaes Hats of Silk. Flush and Velvet. OS '« most wonderful Hat ever offered | at this price. Choice You*- choke KnocR=About 49c S A«ents for Warner's Rust I \Ve give S- and H. Green f Sole distributors of Pklei I Trading Stamps | ia! Review Patterns. Honesty In School. "Y'j'.i aiid. T lino's' that there a?e !·;·.-- :tnu girl^. too. tvho crib." ivrlKS V.'.-Iior Priehanl Eaton, taking KD a ·'tit -::te bnc important subject in an .iri-cie on "The Scout In School" in TScvt," Life. "A :rici la niy class had a geography .isuler her feet covered by her skirt In .~.a ex::Eaii:atIo!i aad kept droiipiug: her ! erici!. She got OS. and I never had .:ry use for hor after that. "A go-"tl pcoat ^vill never crib. A C^VMI sco5t oaTMat never to have any .:^-- fcr a bey or yirl who does crib. "i ilou't menu tr.nt yo\i should scjuea! vn a ···riMic-r. There is a better ivav ta. - :i that. "Ttis: Ir-: him know -rrhat you think t ! -t ho i^ JH- better than any ozhet ! ; ::r: thac I:t; h:^ «5tole:i. not money, bus .: ~ v ''2. JjiilElLL ^""i"-* 's jnst as bad ":'-' :-lj5 .5lj-uj:l lead in school in creat I~i-r;; seiitlzHeziE for honesty, for honor, i- ".".u (Jf that by and by nobody -svill "^:.- ti .-rib. :::;u you \vili have brought ih.x ::i"-CC. yourselves v.-ithout raming L--.iv-.-!£-r s : -'J"^ to the teacher." r i' PARLOR MAGIC. Few Hslalive President, is Sreaf OratOL TTnea Dr. Amireir Johnson, foriser- !y ef Tennessee. HOTV 01 Pciladelplila, i appears in our city, o~s ot the Sotitii's ' most siitad" soeakers irill be iieard- i Dr. jchnren has held noted pastorates j ^ha-d bj the action of for the PHEI ten years, dcin and Easy Tricks That Will Mystify Children. To enter:sin children at Christmas time it is a jrcod idea to shovr them magic tricks. The little ones 4. vronder at tisera and enjoy the fafternCK)n -or ·evenins' very greatl:.'. i Toilc'n'iu^ are a fe'w simple tricks 1 trtiieli ary amateur may [erfonn: Take-a--pcisi:y or a. 'litae and p^ace it In the hollow of your hand. Notv. vritJi the other a:senc::!"cd hand take a clothes -smsls or a liar brush and try to dislodge or. move t!ie ?c-ni from:ins it: "c= · Try acd tr.v" d~aln. you wili fiu'l oat it Iectu~ric/each"ve:xr",~buE'ncw~~is devot- | cannot be doue. r.einember yon must i-s all his ti~.e to the Lyceum nlat- i oaly brush the coin in trying to refor: Ke ""III lecture In nearly every ver " move It. state in the ITcic^ this season, his ^rtojecis being cf z. popular nature. Tfce scorv cf hc~ he secured an ed- 1 Take a liaen or cotton iuindkerchief devoid of colo:TLifc or perfume ibe sure of tiiis). Place the cenrer of the hand- fcatioa is i-SDirin-^. He ivas left an ' kerchief over an. onlinary gas jet Pull ,,,, -·,,,, i the handkercliief do\vn tight, making i--jt,. i*!11 · ti'rteen ;-ears cf ·srhiie ;hroT73. entirely trpon. h:s Proof Corssts 10 Carlisle Strett naersel The Ladies' Simp" e i : - ' Gettysburg. Pa. ' The B^rd Ssiiers. A .»·"." :riu:t- for children is ca:le3j' ".h^ :;r t ; 4;I:ers." Armace the players j u a r-'.v. leaving rtvo outside- These! ! ·.--·» aro- ;·· TtT'= £ --s"nt the bird buyers.: »::-.- to ---.---.-li child the name of soiasj Ir-l One- vrHl ^e a ero~, one a crane,! ". " !:cr .i c.iur.ry. etc. One bird dealer j : ^ arrners iiave j;2st received a Standard AutORisiic Milk Separator -.vhldi can be seen at now Modern nine room house i Heat and all conveniences. uy a oira. "·".V".:«t kind?" in on-res the other. "A I '.r-1 tbnt can Cy s^rtftly," says · "ry v.v;I. r.:!-:e v.-'aat you -w-sh." ··T!'cv." says the first bcyer, ''Tiil '. " · .: robin." j A "j"*n as he says this the '"robin" J ·",:';·! :a-:st jump one of the rovr and! . .:. :·-«·':::'!_ :r - ing to escape. If the s DR. ANDHEVV JOHNSON, resources he graduated from h:s state _ _ _ ^ ^S ! i his machine Is guaranteed - j * j to separate 750 pounds of in;lk £ j ot 40x232 t, er.ns to ' doubted if -- o;:»o oeccme so eas the rcac seezas i. i he tieohant 2^d His i rur.k. , .-_ -;_,,,,-9 ^ 0 ~ -x^^-i ,. * *v ts.^%.o*«isse\* « --til A :.T.:r-- ;r;;iz!r t,-,e£iini:r minns ai*Jj _^,, r , J -r,:-:i is I.-K-K-M f-.t the Trail, the:: to j " Q^'t'of Ms e3CT'e~nces he has built 't.'-': vhiM i? siven a r-nper truck and: £ lecture--the only k:r.d that is likely " ' " turn is WindfoUscd. J 4 , ^^= T j sure it lies f ! at and even over the_gas ! jet. Tern on the aa» full up. apply · a lighted match, hak'ing it a feiv inch| es above the jet. end the gas win izn- i mefiiatuly ignite and burn as brightly I ns ib'nisrb there v.-as BO handkerchief ·* In the way. Do not allow It to born i too long, as the Lanslterchief is liable I to bc-coEe s'-creherl. not from the i 2an:c\ Lot from the heated tip The g:*s .-a^:Iy penetrates through the me^hi^ of the handkerchief, and the Game fr-iai the i»s"tip burns above the tip at least a haif to a full inch and cot close to :t. as a person miirht suppose, a:ic that cxpIaL-is th« mystery. A. very deceptive optical illusion is accomplished by ti:e u?e of a large china pl::te Sitti5! one side of the tab:e. yo:: rest the r.inte OR your knee so that about one-third cf it shows cbove the table, Ta'r.e :i knife in both hands ::r.«T'redt it "on the plate. If you no\v :ovrer raise- the knees alternately, quickly and evenly, it gives a motion to the plate ns If it were nctcnl'.y revolving round. In fact, it is so niusive t!«:r to the operator hira- so:f it has that same appearance- It i"* an nwepi°tl tiiet^ry that a solid mctiliic !ft.':T c;i::r!Ot Jsoat. but or.e c:in w.-jter ;)i;u ::'..t s-n-;. T.;ke a needle ;ilid !3ir,?:t.' sure t!"it it is tie'. o:.t of piace it «;ref5:".3y ''i JPC surface of the wa-cr, rou^.ove ;!.c ::;:nl j:»^t as care- fu:Iy. rT!s: if jon :;re f-,rt!;r.;jte t':e :;eft tile vrill be seen 5!o.:t:uz as if it ·were :: ~.,~.t of wood i::s:c;: r ! of steel If tj.e \ '.i-.-."'l i ::''t sfjffty the needie ca^ be [ fovrercd to t!se v.atcr bv tv.-o loops of rhrwyl or on the of a fork. F;!i:in^ in either of these methods, i pnt the needie o:s a piece of cigarette paper, w'-ith you place on the j ·ioes not hatch I,. :"..« fovrl. the egs are ilrooped in excremenc cad th| :n u- by slags, si.a::s. -nrorais, 3 sects aad crnsraceans and iu the| their' intern:''-uirtt'i host, they cliaeS to lar."ae aud are sivailowed witu thif' host by the fowl in which they ttij uevciop to an aduir worm. Tapeworms are tegaientary. are vided with suckers and possess hob| by which they cllaz and harg. hej down, ia the - intestines. I are nore common m vret damp filthy cronnd and foal pools special breeding places. i Symptoms are rather akin to cuiosis, extreme emaciatioK and ules being present. ~ Victnrv tuts -heartily at first, thj- loses appetite. rnlHes plumage. dK; wings. rst£fiaEi.-"soIirary. has int^g thirst for r-o!d "water, straddles lej, voids freiueut scanty. yeHow. feees irntl wastes away to death. The surest way to diagnose is to amine excrement for segments a; eggs with a zuicrosepe and to siic opl the whole digestive tract in, wate where the worms will be found Ing Iieair down. Excrement shonid be destroyed a:f honses anil runs, thoroughly clean-j arid disinfectetL - Affected waterfowl get the pest froj water crustaceans and should be ke| i rom pools tined. jiash fragrant ivitli pentiiie is fine . '. liv; 1, TAH. : 3, noonsl ani nJ! victims qcararj garlic or tn| rerjetly. Towderc; every' forty fowls) is good. To h- spoc"quick and sure treat birds iai!} vidnaily by passing remedy down raJ; ber tube to crop and use one to thr«| teaspoonfuis of turpentine and eqnij part olive o:'.. nc- r ording -to age | fowl. Peas sonkea in wormwood at| fcr pigeons. I ig-»: (.·^^ ;.-:-. en a prize. Spaces auc tfce high school is and Presses ^u s;;;iciunt number installed I \ j ·ca:ii at regr;L:r ^: ^! i Not ANvays s Tv.o-Sisp. OEG £hoi,itl iiay the music cf different moodc--t"iio sc rious, tfce tsndf r, th- E-y, J h'* sorrov.fcl, the tragic. Mu~ ! ?:-, i^ ti»e artistic exprest'on of life, ^ j a.^.d Hf*- is not al 1 .. a;s a tv.o-step. iJ* .Pettb Four Hidden Birds. F».,a"t mark, it excites the baby. The mud was a:ik-.e deep. IIow rents have gone up. \Vhere is Xero, Sinks? Answers.--Kite, emu, wren, robin. Spineless. c:a3iv desired. Adults v-iil fnd zsac that inspires old as weil as jcuag. Medical AGAINST APPENDICITIS Gettysburg: people Trho have storn : At Teachers" Institute Monday even-I ach and bowel trpi;ble should guard 1 - , r i~th ' 1 against apper.dlfiiiis by taking: simple .^--j.^TM,TM* !!,::ckthcrr, bark, glycerine, etc.. as /iVvi \ t i I »^t;ll »*:»«· · , ^ . I T T - - * » i *~* j coniRounoec in Ad!er-i-xa, the Gari They're Called '"Help" fay Courtesy.^ j man reuiedr which became famous! '"Ye«!" said Mrs. Twickerabnry, "you ! "This is a large house you have," |iy curing- appendicitis. .JUST OXS I t1dom'«ee Mr Twickembury Without said Mrs. Pozozzle to :.Irs. Puzuzzins. I DOSE relieves sour stomach, gas on ; a cigar iii his mouth. He's a. most in- -Do you hare to keep much help?" "I j the stomach and constipation IIs. . ,e.leorato smoker.--^ Chnstian ; keep-t^ cooed Mrj Ju^zi.s, "but *TA^i1A be^aase U,,. TMfrTM£: K'-jj=.ter. -I ^ey're not muca neip. amount of old foul matter from thl i i i - . J _ _ T f /"^ T ,,-,,!,,,, ^.Iv..* ^v.^wln*' OONTS. i Don't stand in n:nr3cct and freeze 1| death when an advertisement ia th] peper \rii3 sell your gootJs to privat trade at belter prices ar.d save yo from exposure and incocvenience. Don't arrange yoisr znarkct prod:. in any old vcay or just the same as oL ers. Be orisian:. and remember the first class goods attractively displaye] draw the best trade and coalman highest prices. · ! Don't forget to look into yo'jr wife; parse often to see if you nre givm her the amesfnt of money Vue her ar nead member of jth^ firm. " Lobbyist Made a "Touch." -, "Bid you ever meet lobbyist* "Tes," replied Senator Sorghum. "D] he offer you. money?" "Xo. I was i ready convinced of the merits of h proposition. He borrowed tea "dc lars."--^Washington. Star. -.{··«(·*-:*· s /·, -f v ' -

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