The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 23, 1931 · Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1931
Page 6
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R A T\ /f A 'T AM A I M A K O N CITY fJLOBK-GA/.'.C i" nn neapolis turer -to Talk at Y rama Department of Woman's Club Sponsors Appearance. "Broadway Plays Today" will be discussed by Dr. LcRoy Arnold, Minneapolis lecturer and d r a m a t i c critic, Tuesday a f t e r n o o n at 3:15 o'clock in the Y. W. C. A., at a meeting; of the drama djKartnicnt of the Woman's club. L i l i n ' a l l other departmental meetings it will be open to the members-hip of the club. Doctor A r n o l d has just returned from New York where he spent a month attending- tho t h e a t e r and lecturing; at Columbia university. He will have a wealth of m a t e r i a l for his talk since most critics and observers agree t h a t this season !;! the best Is T ew York has seen for s«v- era! years, i Some of the plays to be !is-'!i--;s»d j are Hie Theater Guild's "Zlisabcth | the Queen." -n which Philip Foster, a former Mason C i f v a n , i s " p l a y i n g "Grand- Hotel" from tho novel bv Vicld Baurn; the modern revival o; "Lysistrata" by Aristophanes and j the Greek tragedies presenled by | Madame M a r i k a Cotorfoiili. Ke will j also speak of "Five Stir Final," the bitter newspaper play; "Petticoat Influence" with Helen Hayes, and "Once in a Lifetime." a hilarious travesty on Hollywood. Doctor Arnold has written several plays which are listed in the French catalog. The most popular one is "Hurry, Kin-ry, Hurry," a rlu-ee act p'n.v used irconenily by r.mateurs. He has a great intRios't in the theater and considers that despite its occasional f i t s of depression it is still the liveliest of the arts. Iowa Foe's to Get Chance in Anthology of Verse From State 'LEGION, AUXILIARY !| Eccrtiirio Iowa is producing; posU'y a f,Tov/inpr i m p o r t a n c e . H e u i v I - I a r i i f i o n , publisher, announce.;! to- d-'.y the forth-eiming publication an .·!!:tho!ojvy to be called "Iowa Poets" with \ foreword by Jay G. i^mund of Cedar Rapids who" has. contributed to numerous of the best American magazine::. "Of course, every i m p o r t a n t poet will be included in this volume." Mr. Harris:m said, "hut I am s u r e , there .must be many inglorious M i l - j tons whom I have not 'formally in- ' vital to c o n t r i b u t e because t h e i r lanies and work are i-.n f a m i l i a r l o me. If a poet is good, whether he is nown or not, I wan I him in this book. That is whv I hope this item w i l l reach t h e a t t e n t i o n of local -iriL't.-.! whnra I h a v e not written to. · h a t they may write to me for rj^." Mi-. Harrison's offices are at 27 Fiift Seven!h street, Now York City. VE MEETING' headers Will Bi??m;-- Child Welfare Activities Officials of the American Lc-icr and the American Legion r.u:: ; 'iar ;n Iowa will h a v e ' a ' p l a c e on tl'v TO BE .SPEAKER S'A'i.'-'.-'iVTfA'V"-'''^. ;···''·;*'-': Ihnjoy Romance ·Dunnp Advice o Live is f V * -i V ii_v.O THOMAS Bits About 'em of Fowler, Ind., area chairirn^ will preside, assisted by Mrs. Jer- ' oir.e .F. Dujjgan of St. Louis. AT.) area D child welfare chairman "of -he auxiliary. Nationally known child welfare j leaders and national child welfare o f f i c i a l , of the Legion and a u x i l i a r y will be in attendance. One of th'o ' v.tstandinsr features of the confer- once will be a school of instruction to be conducted on Saturday \n- i *othor feature will be reports frcru ! ihe various states showing the pro- ; gress of child w e l f a r e work jn t'n»ir ' A i s aw:-.--: i h - ' L !T:J:;::u-'i i:i i l l ? ;· ;n !, in il;c i'::f, ..-;;! "p.-ev.: · v ; n i':i ;i ; 'lj-:f:h. : -x tf;i.- lh'";r ;·'::-,- hi:';; i;;i i ;-,·.: Jirst to prova ti:at romance is not :rul in {"in world, and t h a t stovy hook E i t u i t i o i i s do o"cur in real life. I have j u s t r?^eiv^:l p. f e t t e r fv;,.,-, Mrs,-. Eclgrar Toinby, 1031 Wast L * str . eet; Mrs - L u l » Richardson. avenue ;in? for Why should \ve aj^ree on the t a r i f f ? No two persons can agree as to how two a u t o m o b i l e s h a p - pened to collide.--.-Mc-hisoii Globe. a man onlv sr .she o - ·c - ff 'N O can add 1 a new relish to old dishes by using Amcizo Golden Syrup in your kitchen. And your table will bring renewed applause from the family as soon as you bsgin. This syrup . . . becauso it i from superior materials' b'y experienced has a rcra combination cf richness and delicacy. Try it.and prove for yoursalf its fresh fascination. Your grocer has Arnaizo Goldan Syrup--and fhe 6th_er Amaizo quality products. Every. V, Ion'.lay Evening at 9 :'.'S o'clock Don last name." It seems the young- man cam.'. actions and her feelip.Ts she f ;s! · t h a t love ha- r.T-m.e to b:i;ii of thorn However, t h e r e is a r u m o r in the town t h a t he is eirjap-ed'to be ma'-Hed. W h a t can the Io ii li"r tion'! SPOHT: I think I T d' let" matt?,-' ride, my dor.r. The rumor t h a t t!i! youn.i;- man you are interested in is en^a.-j-ecl may be merely ffossip. If ho does locate in your town for a lime he will have a chance to lisca.T.- better acquainted v\ith you if he really is attracted, and you will also h ? v i - ··. cl:rnce to see if he really is The man f n r you'- if you can love h i m a f t e r all. The attraction he h.-.s for you may vanish when you know him better, you know. I would say to you, also, enjoy these experiences as they come to you. They may come t o ' n o t b i n c -- oroba'bly will not--but they p r e ' i i t - tle romantic onisodes that malce life worth·livin.p-. Don't be a f r a i d of n.nv- that life in-inrrs you. Face it en.ioy it, and accent it." If it merelv lieconier; a pretty memory, be irlad yon had it. ' DOT: Either .-top R-oin.? with t-ie boy exclusively or marry him. Dni.. You jiri not re = non.;i])lc for his wel'i bein.rr. That i;; his Ir;o!;out. Yo-.i hav" been a. p;oo;l f r i e n d to him when lie needed o-ip. ;in;l now t!\at h". is well physically irt should be able to sl?"ti on hi;-; own feet. _ Your O.iity is to protect yourself, -; : nce b3 vcr,n't s:c"i w i i ' i n ^ - or aH- w i l l bo bst'"i- f n r vru both in the Ion:? run if y-.ri break \vilh him n·J^·.;. Ee stron;'-;, d"-.r. southwest, l e f t Si'inday'ev? DCS Moines to attend the '^^_, ll! . ot ihe presid-nts and secretaries of t h e Air.^rican Lefrion !tu::i!iary. Mrs. i-.ichan!son and Mrs. Mass returned to JU?.2an City Monday eveninr, and MIT. Toinby will visit in Des Moin--s u n t i l "iVe'ine."dnv. . C. W. Hisl:s, n t 5 .lefier-on avenue northwest, d r o v e Mr. to Rochester, Minn., whore Hicks has entered ths clinic. ; '' ::- v Mi.Ti Gretcheu Bickel will r e t u r n i 'ord Tuesday morning after o n t states. I.n\v _ her parents. Mr. and Mrs. M. v\_ Bickel, Cerro Gordo hotel. ohe had a ; i le; . -ruest'over the weel'- tncl, J.Iiss Mary Wheat of Kanav/lin departments since the last confer- once. The states to be' reTjra.-nnted v/ill include Illiiois, Indiana Iov,'a Kansas, K e n t u c k y , Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska. North j Dakota. O h i o , - S o u t h Dakota and j Wisconsin. rai!;uMi)|ii;in to Stic:U. Edwin S. Hollenbaclc of Pl.iL-"!el- phia. Pa., national child v;eifare chairman of the Legion, will speak at the opening session Friday on "Federal Legislation for Veterans and Dependents." Mrs. Louise W. or' Tuckalico, N. Y.. national child welfare chairman for the auxiliary, will =p.^.k on "Special Auxiliary Objectives for :931." Fol- m t : L i n j cf the. " V,'C;:P.T':'.S c - u drama !:·-.;:-i:\u-Dt ' i ' i - - c : v {·'·{'··' nccn at 3":2.3 o'c!c.:k a t " t h e v ' \ C. A. i\ i n i!i:h c-.'.' ci 1:1 v;-;.:.- 1 , a l i t t l e l-i''^i"- ·',·'{. : , '·} ' f ' l c n c -...-':.=· , - n d , :·;..·.· ·.' 1 -u;V r;"; ;:j :· -:. ·; · . ! , ,;,, ·I . b.:v t i c ) ' , i-. ;-,: -.: ii ,-,;· J , ' ·''··"·-!:.· l i I! '· - , . : - i , - : ; \' -, ")" f_'-·',·· :V-:.. ]r.·}':···: , -5E? r:\ir; TH- .! L-- uTM a LI t ^ ^..3 Ii k U IL. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold TUton. 22T Twenty-fourth street .southwest, are his program cit music and :u!vi!i-i'tiii\: over S t a t i o n WAIT. in DBS Moin-s where Mr. Tilton attended the m?etinr of tha Forty ap.d K'.n-ht Sunday evening. Monday Mrs. Tilton attended the a n n u a l con- f r r c m e of prericl?nts and sr;cr?!aric3 of the American Lerrion a u x i l i a r y v hich was held at the Hotel Savory. They will return home Tuesday. lowing an informal luncheon, reports showing progress of chile! wel- i fare work in the past vear will b; made by chairmen from the differ- chairiuen are Maurice P. Cahi'l. Cedar Hapids, and Mrs. Clara H. Hanson. Marian. Two prominent child welfare lenders will speak at a climei- meet- Inpr on Friday evenin". Dr F V/ ,_ [ Schu'.ta, pi-oiersor o£ the department of pediatrics, University of Chicago, will discuss President D-^r OTTFiD: Or course I t h i r k tlip boy fri-nd look your remark as a dare. Tn your h"arf, you knew b" would, .li,l..-j, y o u ? Ba honest w i s h voni-spir. 7 t h i n k you rrsn'ly invited him to kiss v n u . Probably a p-,y- cholo.-yist wouM any that y o u r :-.uh- conscious self p r e v e n t e d you f r o n rum-mi^- away bc.?-uisa vnu r o a l l v '"mr"my of w,"it:vl to bo kissed. A m i as to tho ycmn? man's ro- actions, he p r n l v i b l y dVi.-.-n't t h i n k m u r i t about i h n rv.'J.c-r. It V.MS ji''-it n u i i L h e r kiss f u r h i m n o t a n e v e n t an i t was with von. Fort-el i t - i £ \-,, can. " ' J. Donald Hennessv and George ^ r . Olson, both students at the University of Iowa, visited friends in Mason City over the week-.end. Mr. and Mr.;. Harry Green. l?l' Pennsylvania avenue southeast. s p e n t ^ h e week-end in M i n n e a p o l i s where they visited at the home of Mr. Green's mother. A. M. Martinson, I'M avenue northwest, has Iron Chicago where he week-end. Keith Parks has r e t u r n e d lo Minneapolis after spending the week- en;! w i t h friends in Mason City. I ='. * a I A r t e m a s Brown, student at 'Carl.^- I ton co!le;re, returned M o n r ' - y to j NorthfieM, Minn., after v i ? i t m ; j his ' narcnts, Mr. and Mrs. Artemas I Grown, 223 N i n t h street northwest. ! t, ,, ... Hoover's white house conference on child h ^ a ' t h and protection. C. W. A v c s o n . P?:" en live secretary of tho Cleveland. Ohio. lu!«".r.r-! society and formerly a-rocip.tctl w i t h the Child Wo? Tare Le^.rjue of A m e r i c a , \vill zenship at Work." Mrs/Rolbert L. Koyp.i, nation?.! president of the auxiliary, will attend t h i s meeting and ma':e an address of grestin"-. Miss remrpa C. Puschner of Jn- f disnapolir. Leg-ion national child ! w e l f a r e director, will conduct r.n:l i be one of the teachers in the school I of instruction on Satii-dav. M i l t D. ' Carnpljoll of C i n c i n n a t i , Ohio, vi^:" 1 clinfrm^.n of the Legion's national I T-«·*,,.,. ''hikl welfare commitlce, will a'so i '--Yilrr-ii I ils ra lhe P r °T»'«n- OLhcrs will in- qnnr,'' i'no i n!ude Lmlis W ' Hnnio of Lincoln. ! . I J . I I L LIIL i N ( 5 b r __ Lc , jinn tionartment child welfare-chairman: W i l l i a m C. Glansncr. ) Milwiiukee, Wis:.. rsrylraal a t t o r n e y i for the Veterans' H \ u 2 a u , .-.nci 'E. K. i Cclom of W r r . h i n r t o n , chief of the : cvviardianship d i v i s i o n of Uie csnli-al I office of the Vctsraii-,' Eurcau. I members of the Legion and the auxiliary who are in child \velfaro activitie- are urgently rc- oi'.estcd to attend. Hotel rererva- tiou.s may be marie t h r u A.mericaTi Legion headcMiarters, Depai tj-ient of Wiscon-in. 191 Fourth street, room Robert .lohnson and Miss Fanny !?psf:;an, Sioux Falls. S. Dak., spent the week-end at the home of Mr. ."iobn-'on's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. .lohnson. (342 Carolina- avenue i,-, , : "i-T" , , s o u t h e a s t . Mr. Johnson is connected j r £ V C n t S have i 1'CUule w i t h t h e International Harvester ix Fnlls. Mrs. TOli^abeth Fimst.or.. 310 N i n t h I"t .southeast, spent S u n d a y in Ohov,'k?e where she visited her son and ( i a u g ' h t c r - i u - l a w , Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Fnnston. coRGTfjY s!r-njo.snr.i:(i :i«oTi::-;s AT PAIVCV ' Dorothy Schie.iberg, 1309 N o r t h Federal avenue, entertained M guests at her home Saturday a f t e r noon on lhe occasion of her I w e l f r b birthday. The time was spent inform a l l y and refreshments were -·ieivcd. 1 The guests included Dorothy Hood. Francis M c K n i g l i t . B i l l y F i n c h , W i n i f r e d S t o r e r , D o r n i h y YVilIi::]:r:i:i, Botty C h a p n i a u . Iri'.s r.v.-cet, Rrua!ie Bircli, i l u t i i Ciani, M a r y Catherine Klliotr.. N o n n n r : i : . : : r ' ! - . ; ! a i n and D o u i t h y !.)iinla\H y ·.[\oiiec! Beauty Finds · Dandy ¥/ay to Make Hden Lung Says It's The Bs,:t Wr.y To Stay Young '.ooJiirg Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Infrlccliio, 119 N i n t h street northeast, returned Sunday evening from Marshalltown where they attended the f u n e r a l of Air. Ingledue's brother. Patchen. DOS Pennsylvania northeast, spent the week- Carl avenue , · ond w i t h f r i e n d s in Chicng-o. V ::: S! Mr. and Mrs. P. G. S;:hicsherj; and daughter, Dorothy. i;',ri!) N o r t h Federal avenue, were called to Wav- crly Sundav by the illness of Mrs f'cliicih-:;-^'s sister, Mrs P | 1 M a r i ' i i i I,\mdbnr--:. soa of Mr. nmi i Mrs. D. I-:. LuTKiber-j, 7.1 Boaumnnt : ( i r i v e , vi.«itcc! over Sunday at the ; h:)!:!.- of l i N nai-ont::. Tie had -r- his . caiost. Lowell .Marsiiall, a scr- ol Frail'; jMlin of Ohban-n. i t in cd i o n c l a y o v e n i i i ' j a ' l e r v : f i ' i n t ..ys at H:e C. 'l-I. Ear;;er ho ic l c Vui.h s t r o o t norlfv.vest. Managing Child Who. L:es for Funishmenr Cue k i n j o: lie t:j!l is e::tromc!y ir'.f.T-i..' r n - i i:ie::-iii- cable to the r:ar:nt who is u-:L f a - ·aiiliar w i t h the irnrt! o'-.s.:nre work:n;^s of lhe luima-i m i n d . A boy of er.'ht c:onf^--sed to his- rnollirr tliat he" bad b r o k e n the v.-in- do\vs o" a nearby jj;ir.",7e "jr.."!: for C m . " H i s f a t h e r p r o m p t l y wlii;v-.cJ him, am\ the next day bin mother emntie'I the boy's savings bank and took lhe money lo Hie garage owner. To her amazement, h a w 'as quite unable to un!erstand the purpose of her visit, for no \vindowa h.ic.l be-;n broken. C.'iildrc'i not inrre.nuently tell such lies as HIP a d tn i r n m p o o r : i u 1\ nr 13-11 is PM u ^ 1,-it j - "- to I ! i nn j urn hne t 'ion t h ^ m s e l v e 1 o fu n r ] I,, , cn [ , ]Q ,, Sivoot Potai.or;: Yiv;"inia Ei'rr. ! " BuiTcr Ccbvy ;ri;l Ap-i:.i S: 1 .-1 Penoh Cust:i-.-d C-ci-art ' Cu'i 1 .- Two cu"is c'io"-^c-.i, c:?ok?.-l r i i ' r v ; t c;;p m?,:r'i:yj potal.r^s, '2 1.··.';;.·- spoons fnij'.y c!icj'-.;j.:?,J o r i i u ^ s , 'Jl ta- blespoorir; c[-.op-)c;l c c l e r v , !-. le. 1 spoon sa't, l \ t ~ a ··[),;·.n p::T-.:-:.;r:i. 1-;; CUT f l o u r , 4 tablespoons fal, : . \-nil ;rav.v. l-Ik^naat, pot-itoes, oni.uv:. c;!,;rv J-o inch thick a-'.;l 11:. "in-jh: ; in d: . · meter. Roll in [".-:ur.' I U M ; tv.t :r:.: add end bi-ov,-;i ri'.··.t r.-!':.:.-;. .\:',l pi'.ivy. Caver aat; c;;;;I; f.v.) r.u:;- utss. Fr.ur coo','."U sweet p.-s'lntoes, i', teaspoon s?.lt. .\ t c n s n n j - i pr.r.rik-i", 1 og-g-, I tab!as])3i;n · cold water, 3' "·jo' cracker crumbs. 1 3 tab!ispo:"n.~ Mix sca'^s f" r'i'1 v," 1 '!':Heat v.'ith fork.' Din n:-!:^ --. c-.:t i'-" straps, in t h i s nv::t'iivo. i'.,'.\ e- ' · .-trip- in c'.-amlr-. H':r.L f.'.'j atit! ii,'i;! brown t»)titn:s. C.'ek-ry r.-ii.' ."|"i!i :jr.!-rt One CMp'iik;::.! a-ivk-.' i: \ - i b l . · spnoiv: juice. v ' c u ; dir;-:! ,;·.:. cry, '; t:asp;:on sail.. 2-^ c u - ' i 1 - . ' ; r.ip.:-s'iiTiiHo W s, ':. cu-i :::^!;ui" ilvX;"-,- in;r. '-\ cun |rok:"i nuts. sti'va at once. This "":-.rt can b- Ons-haU' cup suT\y. r,',T- .'lour, |i Ira spoon s-'.!L, ?, oq-t.- von;.: 'i clips m i l k , '.'. c u t ) p-iu'li"ji'^ro '-' tabbspnoiis b u t t ; / . '] c u r l f i:;,,'; "iinnc.-l p = ac', 1 t::a-=:inon va.ii!!-., ',1 Icasuomi leni-i". f : : ' r a c t ' ' , !":·- snoon a!m;.nd exlraoi, Z c-.TMg v::iij-:": s t i f f l y beaten. Hlciid si-.-rar. f i c m r s; -.ul s a l t . A..1. y^ikS, l . - i i ' : (.!V1 p---!! - j i , : o c ,-;,,,,;, imt-l t h i c k and cv.-:--.iv. f.'o;)! i n double !):)][·;··!'. K L i r r:-;^irvilly. A." ; ; '-' ^' i'''o:ii ^'ii'O: 1 -- 1 : :,P!.I .: j '.' r.-:!r - i v ; ; ; i - r \ i v.-'i:teu; · ^ - ^ \ ' 0 ! j : ' ; o i . i , y: 1 '!. \ : .-. · I .'·'· n i i / i i ' - r u i o i V ' i l V 1 w.-'.j.- ,-.-i v ·:· -;-. ,.! : ; V ;. ; , ( . ... · 11 . . . . ,.' · ·. · ;. T " ' - · · ·'- * ; -' . r. n i ' · I iV- 'i^ ·'·i^'^\\'^-: I : 'i'l i.'- ;·:'.!t in ; ;-.i; ; : ' - - . ; - ? " Ho you ::r-..r.v ',.}· - t lo " »r (.-:··: '.h t::",'--.:-.--- in IK ;: b:;^-.-,.· r.:!:-.;; v.-;il i- - ';·: nui"i\ Ic'isei 1 .' 'ihr.t to en tho i;:tc:hc:i f i r o aft:-r it i;; nv.i.le v, ',-f -V; i - i h : ' ! ; · ; : - . · : : : ; , ' i l l . ---'! ·--.'·- ' . ; · · : ' ;:·_-,.- ,·!-. : i :.'--:m::r.i."',.: .::'i "·/;·; ^.', - , . :/, -, . . . - - , . - ; - , . , . · ] a fi-.-.:rd i- M- ,-.,; . . v . .^-!'.-:-.:i ' .- '.' · · ' ; . V v i, by ;·",. : -- / ' : .-" .- : ' ; , - · c i . ' ; ; i . - " . . ; " . y i . . . ' j . . .,· ; :n;;. j /-'['·'· '· t : - . . ; . - , · i- a · Mrs. I-I-!r;!i M u K - n - ' - K . .';!7 [,, ) thi 1" ·vi !o M- Haymond Ec'iker, 1.T2 r:i:i:;j street norlhv/cs!, o n t e r t a i n c i i ;· rrroup of yocm,' pooplo at his h n n - c Surday e v n n i n r r . 53rid:--,' v.vis p!;;'-i',; a n d the !m;h ,:co:c p r i x u wer.t' Lo Leon.-. M a q a t h . 1 W. '.' \ n "'( " ·* ( \1 tl " 1 1 i o t ' l I i r i i i , l h t , r." \ , , U 1 i I ' i l '[ i Cut; C o n i r o l k i d e . and Mrs. nio. M i i v v . h o m r a r t - A. P.. T h o m n s o n . h:\va r n l i i r n c i ! Ui -flJ l i ri'io 1 .'l Look for the Amaizo name anc f gingham back-ground dGslgn. AA1ERICAN MAIZE-PRODUCTS CO " IW '°" : ' P, I '. i" V ' o p . i i e i f i l l oKi r.,-.:ij;j of . i:.-! r ' i : , - l ::i:ip;uir. f t is ef.vy to CJr.':y ( J i ;:ii-jpo-ir.--. ( » v j r i i i f . ; ) i t . n i t e r (wo r.r thr.-" a p p l i c n t i ' i n s is restored t o ; ao exact ::!iai!c ·.v:::il. ,-o cvr-niy, r u n a l u i - a l l y . r r i r l v ' J J r-vi r ):r.:r.:-, Juri \,;-t ·. · l r : i : ~ : ' ; - i Vfi'; :,-,;· ,, j,,,-,^. I,:,":!:': . . and .Mr;-. D.'K. ontij-.iont drive. H. E. MiJl.?Y i.r ; t rip.'uapoi| · li".t over S u n d a y w i i h lii's JI',--s Kll'.c! . M i l l e r , 731) *\i;irtt S01l(l'.V.-0.--t. In r ' - o 'I w h i - h nil I ('rcn I'.l.-u 1 Onii;. v » i c ( . li.-is r;'L(i"ii:\i lo D i - i ' II ' n i d i- 1 il loo r j j i T 1 I [ 1 I \ 1 ' \ i i r , T). ] _ ' n

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