The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 17, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1913
Page 3
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t ^s4 fcv.^ w ·/ - ^-r ^* ^ v^ V^"^~~-~^_ /~ " * f V T***" v * * - -- ^^ -/^ -^ ""\*-v '·' j \LL-/ P^/JK r^fe^s !%"·/ V«£^«Sf-^ ; '\\ ^^ -^^5"*^^ \\ Igjf^ * - l^* l^x :\\ !* -i J 1 , '.-"· i .V . H *" / I · I ; * 1 / · · 1 i / . s "i \ M * / ,' ! 1 !·¥., / | » 1 * l\i ! 2 1 / * / * / _f / / .'J -Ylr,^.V-- /V / '.« ^^^-·-··- r ^ / / - ' 1 - ' ?y^--~l X/.7/ - - · i^v^;v · rW rf "" · * - -.* -"" -· -·"*-"· *- * t~. -·· ,, ' % -- ,, · -.-» ___· * . - (^ -r £-- ' I- ^ / "f-VV-S -?-" : --'/| / I --"- 1". ·-··".". * : " y« t ~^- ^-' -"- '·^'/2l^$- -' . -"- ,,·»".,,, - *· "^ /y\ f: *£*· -j J V^ -(I^^ i · - /t i -- ~' ' \ -C-* t * ^ - VZ , -- if,* 1- -- ·"·- - · ""-"'-* ' - f - * . ·* ,-'" - -'^- · "' ' --' 5'. ·;·- j. -'~'/'. i-i r;*,-^. ^^^-^,^^"~~' "^ -"-"^^ / J S *.. '· '.'·':$ t _ * -/** ^ .- 4_ ' / * * / ,-v i.-. =^^L *S" ^ l-^fclB-ii *E T "*''tjS'!S?»^ ! * i rn © p * §* fl cL i «r _ . - 3 fc-VBK g ,---' · S S - ' £ 1! · - . - - " - » · » -Tr fc iS* - ~ *. r S Q r* ~ · B « 3 M - B 2 ' · · t IT ^ :- « ;· 5 - - - 8 .: - . - -~ J* - * · " K - - -- V ·" 1 . g I-.': 1 · · : - - . . -. 5 1! -. s . a' :.-.-. · I - . - - - . . 0 - . -··:· _, _ .- .j - . - - . . ;: · ·.-·· 3 - - · . . " ? . :.: J .--;::,: ' " " ' . " - . " 7 . " " " - " -"-."-.'' ·""'' TROY AOTOS THAT TAKE LIFE Profsssof's Plan to Decrease Highway Aoeldenis. PBEGEDENTS IN ANTIQUITY. Which Won? Bv EDNA .F.J..US .Mi-o, v.iu YViiiLie v.:ts a \ery li^«". sir! v/iiu mlJl It'.ue eyes. tiirvu;jl which he saw very ii-=t5iiei":y tli! a: ·x-aSi-^t ordered her to \v«ar jjIti-«.-c~ She vv.-u? -.vitli headache, ;,r:-J the jri.t-=se v.x-re intended to corns, I Professor F. H. GidtJings of Colum- j b:a University--Why N'ot ihe Auto? CORRECT FOR EITHER IN-DOOR OR OUT-OF-DOOR WEAR Since, to a ce^ree. s-mplf-t:- is tr.i - a::a th- t:'a^.»na.i c-o='nsr ot tEe blouse tile this season, many ui *h-- -.v-.-!:-cut :i ..r-i. · r ·_-":· :..v toL:i_h. Jesigas, show^ig lon^r. 5-v.-^-ect r.::.--,. - On- r.f ;ho-.,t: ^a.n::y f.sured stuffs ijre eQuzsily as a.pnro^r! -vr aJT'.er- " ' - :a.t 'C.T y · En^.c" a. gown is ustd ooa teas and raaz-n-res as 'or sirc^t :.e-«- TU: ,^. '·oulc a.!=o be fash- wear. .A. 'act ^±.s.t n^-kes for -.Cf,.-:-*:.-;. ioni-tl · :" or.e of -he modish velours or nd a savins of time as w. II. ' rc,:.r-'-s eftef ::·--.--:-. A gsnired cfcar- The lines of the "r.«iW f.s«re-«how a ' r=-ii-'- ir a br--^-i-a sat:n are also nore or less of a slope :o the shou'.u^rF co-^'J ·»: r-;-^-: ; -'-r^ :i th% rrock is intena- d broacl lines in ivaLst 1^ :^ c-c ' ' : --..--"v :-jr arter::oons. .An attractive often at the knees." ~~SS ^r.2 771") is -.-.--' :··'_·--* ^rir-Jic in a br.ght, hs.rnion;oiis ecial!y snited to th--ss .."rrs. shf--.-.rss i ^~?-- ; nd s.n msrrc '··- the sam^ satin as U does, the drop-shoulder s.~d *. '· ~t the vo"om or the skin are Individ- slight fullness a- the waist. A til ,i'. -a.: no; -s ihj.1 Erivt: iii::ncrion. drapery on each side of tie ;.r; :i | X*x 7 7 C--s-zes Su ~o 42. modish and graceful- " ! Xo. 771 ~;--sizes 22 to CO. The frilling or net SHIr.g in -.he r.c'-k ' I To obtain estfcer pattern ill--strati - " .. ,,. out fn-.-g coupon a.rifi er.closi 13 c^r.ts li %o ~.z* --. stamps or co:n. Be sure to s:ate :.urrs=T , ~~,z.~i "of paitem an5 size. nirasur:nsr c\«r -.'..-. fullest pare o* tbe DUEI. .\dZr-ss ?_:.:· -r. Department, care or this ixpecf AHinesfy In Honor of j Canal's Completion. 10 RECENTLY SET FREE lonv-cts In ihs Zone Are Set to V/ork on the Rsads ana Ars Not Badly Treated--Charges cf Cruelty Found to Be Greatiy Exaggerated--Prison "Movies" and Music. The pardoning- of two Americans onfined in the ca^al zone pealten- iary gives rise to the belief that it s the intention of the administration t "vTashinsrion to grant a general am- icsty to cans! zone prisoners in honor f the completion of the Panama canal. The idea of a general amnesty is nor jssed upon oSicisl information, bat ipon the fact that the administration t "Washington has chosen to pardon T7o of tbe most contpicn'.ns prisoners ··* canal tinste- One of these. Prank locston. was sentenced cbouc sis nonths ago to ten years" IsprisoniDent or a crime commJttted sbonc a year igo at Gatun. One day ITor.?tra. on returning crork. startefl to light a Sre in t atchcn stove and for.nd there parts of! letter nddressed to his wife. He tched them together and discover- Uiat it -was s iove letter irrritten a feilow c-innl worker Darned Karry Stern. Wiihcr.i wa!tiri~ to ic-1 restic^ite he tool: Ins shotgun, rented for the ssan snd kii:ed bim. ! Deprived of Tr-aJ by Jury. wine to the irapossiuil'ty of con- "ictan^ nn American of murder In the !fl3 zone nfter n jury trial the prc-se- auc attorney chflrcre;! Houston with nurclw in tT;e second decrree. thns de- ·)rivin2- Krit cf r. jury trial, for only litr.i offense.^ nsay be tried by jfnrr tlic ^5ijai zone. The court found trnriv n;id jrcve him a ten years"} sente;ie«-- v K:s attorneys nppealed o n j the i.ionnd t;nt he had committed Srst d»\srcc inarcer or no crime a n d j that i:e was entitled to R jury trial. i Tbe rproKie court of the canal zone! conSr'ii--;! the judgment of the lower cosr?. one of the three .irstices dLs- scuti;-^. Fonr days after the supreme cocrt handed dovrn its decision word ame from YTashington to panton Houston. The other prisoner pardoned at the same time xras Frank Pilson. "While In a position of trust as money order j clerk it the Cristobal postoffice Tilson ; embozzletl money over n period of two year?, stealing-in each instance a small nmonnr. His victims were men and women "whose isruorance made them e.i^y i«rt; --ssan-eiy. Kuropean ana ne- cro i.-i^Kirers on tbe cana! who bought ir.'!!:e.\ orcl-c-rs to send home and Hiacln p*-l-r":- -vi;i» took thi= means of tran=- ::;.tt:! - -^ :i:o;i.-y for pnynicnt of goocL- to V:T.«'·:. merchants !n Hirdusran- ;'!!· :: vr,-'; convkred n-d '^nrenceo to r-iul-reen :::·' '.-.Ct^' isprisonnient and when ;.r-«»::rd had ser-.-ed half of lilf ter:::. T!:ers*- ::re about 150 prisoners In the per.Itoi tlary of life t-aual zone, rsost of r!]t»m "''iiTi -teu «f -rimes ie^s serfous iLa:t ; :.)-^' '.f Ho':.-:'.-:i and P:!sor:. b,;v to i:nli:c:i'e of friends of Houston ::nfl I'."so:: tlie severe regime «f tiie c-;;s..i! "-lue r^ji-itesti.i" ::-;^ receni-j been i r--u^a: to t':e attenti «:i of the ai;t.':'-r:i!fc-. and a move:nent has been Lcgui: r- al!eviaie the condition of the I -,. Mc'C "asr- are r.o'.v i;e!u every Pt:acl^3- at rhp str-'k::ue. -t v.-lir-b the i:.en isear i a-in;:.-:;;.- so:ne impon^i.t o. £?.! of lau c;;:.-:! for-o de»i'. ers an address. Cruelty Chsr.-es Exaggerated. Ch:.r"es of crue'ty in tli^- «li^ inline of pri^'T.ers ii.sve 1 h. - :i ii!vcstij:;.ttd by the i:-ll:;::!::i: ^-.liri' conimi^^io:). ;ind have !«vtr:i found ^'y e..iz--:er;jted- Tbt- »;7!:s: zone s:yslc--:i i ;:dositte'jlj" »iiC* iuca of con option not eiztcr ton.-i-'lered to be :n Cei't to the c^iamn nity. :i:;u they ::re set at work bnildin? Jii::--:;:ut-h as nsi-st of the felons r.ri- iiesrrot- 1 who liave been laborers: en th-? can.i: woiS. they make -. ery good roao buiice:^. and tbe pleasam highways a'.onc: !!·«» banks o: the cai.a ovei wLith tourists priced in aaioniobHe- 1 are evidence of this. They are imprisoned in n stos.fcul*' n;r t · the work on wbich they are fiiwi-cd r.r.A nt present are nt Gambo::. Vt liere they are consiru-Uiisr " Lisa war nlonj the e:;st L.iak of Cuie IT;J -'!t. They are si\ttn -o.ire f«"*od bnt en-uTMU of it- cots to siocp upon, a hulii'.'v on Sunday fwhi-.-h is s;re»t. howe-. t-r. I:s th« stockade; ai:«l nre r^re to v.i-rk oi! the 'sighways ten hoKTS a day- Soldiers 7 Debt Fcr Jev.-e!s. F.ills assrrecaUns ?;.«fi(.oOG for jew elry cljarged against cnMstcd a;en of the ;irs:iy iusve been forwarded to tht- war dvpaniner.t in WasSiiii^Twn by ;j Inrge in-=t.«I3rnent j v we!ry ct5aij-:s:iy on t5ie rr.trific const, witb :;n :;;-:'c.53 f-r Uric!e Sara's aid in co!3ocii::c lh- in flcbtodjsess. The department !·:; s'.t- tiincd to act as co33eetor. aiul Jhe ere*' itor's on!y resorrce is to proceed acainst the iuilsvMia.iJ MIflKT-. Hov; Much mort* Jewelry tiu* s-»n§!r-; m-i iave paid for is conjoct::r.»5 One day while v. sikin;? oa the .sire-. The Ancient Ax That Killed V/as Ac- ) ^.^ ,,, ct Kob is'hotleid. and at the n.v curbed and Cast a Lalve, Says ! ^ieut of pu»siug tbt- lijrht, strikiiijr vn her ^:.u-^es. ^ot in the v. ay of her t-:· t- si^ht, aiil site cut dL'ad. The ner; tinie tUey were together he asked : «. what he l;ad dvue tu oQVnd her. S_». v.'as \ery much surjirL-cd aud v»'iu» 1 to know '.\hat h? meanr. wliereui'on h** told hv.-r lUat -lie had passtd hi:u s/n the street without s:«sak;is^ to him. "TUii: iuu-^1; have been when I tetrai 1 to v.«.ir glasses." she said. "l''-v ^o: tjuiie s:eti !s» thenj n*w. and you vi'. have no luitiier tuUMJ for conii»S-!-t --:i \Vli-.-u any one is ~ir. cjvcn ar_d kiU- _-d by :in uutijuaobite in any of our i'l^huays. would it IIOL be a for zhe CMGiinuuiiy to M " idea TliLs is the siuc-rttsiini? sujr^t-stioa made by F'rxifc-ssor Kraiiklisi il. Os'l- dlng-s of O^aiubia ua:ver*iir us v::e way -f EO:js»ii:tJ or. at of tcareri- Uiat score." allv I«-sSt-L;ins the u;jn:b»-r of bijjhwav! Xevorthele-ss the nrXE time "':ss \ :=:: accidents th^sc represefct a foa:para-j Wiuklt- n:-,-t Mr. S^hufield she '--ut L:.i. Iv now era in our cosnuiKiiiiy life | a^ain. \Vheiher it was due to her or p.-e-j^-upatlon cr what ir CHOOSING CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR THE MEN MODERN HIDE AND SEEK. By JULIA BOTTOMLEY. TVhen It comes to selecting tilings for men two facts should be borne in mind. Men appreciate whatever adds to their personal CQinfort and they ar^ attracted by things that are convenl- HWe and seek g 303 ^ 5 are splendid to P^y iu a bara or ^s* garden because there are so many fine dark nooks and corners in which a child may hide '"here is a new way of playing hide and seek, just the of|xtite from the Medlcal Advertising STRENGTH FOR OLD PEOPLE Favors A Simple Remedy Which Longevity. You act as though you Just won. . . .. dered bow YOU are going 10 get old famihar game, 'lae player who is f through this trying season and do "it" goes away to hide instead of your work. You may be had a bad cold overworked or have which has left you withou'c strength, ambition or much interest in life; in fact you are all blinding, while al! the other players remain ai the goaL \Vhile one counts 100 they must al! blind their eyes. At the end of the coantin^ the players a!! | hunt for the hider. As soon "as one | Ler U3 wll vou that YInol our de|i . discovers bis h-din- j!ace he must [ cous coti ii ve r"and iron tonic, is just ·squeeze in and hiIe there too. If there | the remedy you need to rebuild wast- isn't roonj he mtist take a seat In plain ing- tissues and replace weakness with sight near the hitlinj: place. The plaj-- er who is unab!e to discover the hid- in s J'Sace is "k" for the next game. strength. A prominent Boston lawyer says: J . " 3i v »*'««·' who is To years of age, heaitG to \ inol as since * V * t-AV- XS^ i«, Jj,iiiiit^ · -- - , - t fl\Vfr*-^ "f a ''" i'"Ofl' n ' * r P Tin, ^anie «:« Jasi an entire ^ |^^- Se^n ^alk farther noon aatiS du^ wnies and the chudren ; aore^haa sh e has for years. I con- lec:Je tl-.ii itse thin-j they most want ! s jd er £ t a wonderful blood making and to tJt is 10 £v to the hos^.e for tea. · strength creating tonic." .n I We have such fahh in Vino! that if it does not quickly build you up, re- s store your strength and make you ;fee! well again, we will return your ; money. People's Drag Store, Gettys- j barg-. Pa. j P. S. If you have Eczema try our ;Saxo Salve*. We guarantee it. GETTYSBURG MABKET3 Prices at the Gettysburg warenoose eoi recied daily by C- Milton Wolf, Jr., Sueto J. Geo. \Vo-fs Son* Co. Per BB s: ·ntr. street j Lhs of thL?| cunijiL- Thc -sK-tnlily iti'--r»-a-?i!»s nun:ber of soch automobile kHiiujrs b«irs witness to the fact ih::t wi- !:jve not jet Jearn w! to cojje »!!Iy w i t h this ti;-.- sjit-tri.s uf Xe'.v Yurk ^ ·-aste u: r!:e nr-=t nine n:o; yeur. .··.(.yrtli::^; t« A r lion n;m!u b;«' the clerk of tiie euroners' court she-re. \Ya_:c the list totals In ether cities and :u i^oior traveled districts throijghout .V.ake Cars That K:I! "Deodands." "Tb-i American cares Httle about his own life and little about the lives of · ··the-.--."' observes I'rofessor Gillings. "but t thiiik the street accident* \vou:tl tend to s-top if the car that killed v.cre a !eo«U:ii(L" Tb.;c lac wore! jjoes back to the early Cusl^b la-^-. A deodand was a tl;:a;r v.-hUh. bemuse k had been the iinin' Olaic- ctrnse f the rteatli of a person, ^ra= ^iven to God or. -nore ac-en- rute!y. f-rfeireI to the -rown. to be :ipr': u to such pious u^e^ as the (lis- tribi.tlon in ::!;n. For Instance, if a ·-art i.-.n o\.-r a inan an'l kilktl hsrn i: tv:t. -yrfeitc'l ns a Ceocland. Deo- i.::::-. are ui:fcnov.-n in American law. sssys ".Ve')tf-r. hut thc-y v.-ere nor aSjoI- ishe;l in Ilu^IanJ until IS-J-".. Anu :-f it tbe f-:ir th:;t kilisr \vas he Old i:-n know. b"t; he sure it ou^tc- few eveiiitjp* after this second cut receivtd -^r~ nus!y. He made r.o i*.-:- trei;' e tu her laving ignored hLs j." · ent and useful rather than by mere prettiaess. ! Here are pictured a few of the many attractive things, made of cretonne. ivl-.ic-Ii \vil! be appreciated by the men folks. The closet bag : Tiown in the picture is mace of cretonne having a white time. but during his i-a!i [ ground with red roses and green fol- now. :.ot f ;ot used to her| "Quite so." sh« replied- "I can tee bttlur than without them, and I i-vw --£· ;.!.·» thiuk if you passed sue on the .--rrett you wo:i!d recognize me." "Of i-'jurse I would."' ·'I uotibt it." "Vv'ii^t ilo yo-u mean": Do you know rnv eyes better thaa I":" iage. White tape serves to bind the edge" and fasten the compartments to the b~ek- A yard of cretonne is re- inircd for .it. It is fourteen inches ·tvitle and the remainder of the yard will :r.ake the compartments with ;a left over to cover a pan cash- "I d-ju't you can see a church In the uiid-ik* of tht: street." "\Vt-n. I never! My eyesight is fis :j«-"'i : s yours." "I'll btt you the nest time I ir.eet you ::i the- street you won't know uie." ~1"I i:::uv.- y«»n from your twin brother. ·: you L: 1 .'! o:;y." rCuv.-. Mr. SchoSeiu ha«l ao twin brother, bat he- hud a cousin. Ernest Dro'vu. fur whi»nj lie ha«J often been sni=iil:ea, \Vhcn M:=s Van \YIuk'e ·=;Kke of a tv,-5n brother ^ob thousbt of hL-. cousin. Ernest Itrowu, t,u(I tra:2htv.ay 5-eir.rn to lay for the yoiurz !a£lv in a very mean, contemptible and ·ii^Ii- :.?.-t m.:nner. "1*11 rel! you v,-h:ir I'll co. You wait dovn Ili'ton avenue toinorro^v after- t 4 o'clock. I'ii meet you wita It :i,iir!ir l.e nn:-re-.l ont that notuinir or,:.: rsv::! ;hr- ineaiorial antinnity o f j u n ^ t h u i - fellow. I'll bet yon a pound f-f c.i^dv you ciin't Tiick me ont froni Uins." "I t.:ke the bet." "I mean I'll bet you a. pound of ear.!'. I don't T\ant any candy myself: :«cn must cover my staLe witi rs:jf: ::r.'I ffHillnss of taboo r.n'J t- ;!i:ir v,-iis7.-i he the source ttnci irlvo. ti,t' ·c.r.-t- solidity to such a ir.vr. Jt« ;:in'.;!f: · ! ir^".'- faw. T !v lie f"U::d in o'ci He- ·t w::i :.. i:j a verv -c taat kiaea in eariy ! :: th;;:;r a'-cursed. ··:it!od with ;arerest ··nt crse in Xev.- York touc' f tl.e tr::!i. S'^oe Last Aids !n Conviction. O=.i- TresiT:.- 'lioi'tlano. a-'-cuseu of the ::.::r-Jer '·£ ii:s v.-jfe. was believed :·} I -·"--i- kilSvfl tier --Uu the Pi'Oe last ·crb; .'s WJ.-H found near her Iwfir. His re--' ·: from th's object when it was protli:- i-tl :n eotir; sad b:s rci:ctance to K i'«-k it ::re said 10 have aduecl coa- ·'V.' hnpadeacer" -V»:-y vre!!: I -withdraw tbe offer." Tin- aramp Lraev.- very -well that she \vo::;«l -.ome tu his rerms in time^rnd she ;;:u. It was not that she covetea the f a n d y : we are ail sensitive to any ^ pb;. =:--il imperfection in ourselves, and " he h:nl n:ffled !:er as to her ej esurht. She a^recu to his terms, anil a conoi- tios was acucd that vrhen about twenty feet di-tant sbe should b'-w to the ma=: ^he believed to be Cob. thev .Dry\l Neiv Ear Corn Kye Oats KETAiL PRICES Badger Dairy f Coarfv Spriue Gran -Hand Packed Bran O-rn Kad Oats Chop... Shoemaker stock Foo-I. Whke Middlings ... . Red M:dd!mgs Tinioii:y Hiy Rye-Chop Daled Stravi, Plaster Cement Per 100 Ml-G-NA STOPS ALL STOMACH DISTRESS 1.4*! Why suner with that uncomfort- 1.4; I able fueling of fullness, headaches, !· · c!sz:ness. sour, gassy, upset stomacn, 1.50; or heartourn ? Get relief at once--de- S? i lays aie dangerous. Buy today--now-i .in | a nfty cent box of Mi-o-na Tablets. (K ' Their action is ;ure, safe and imme- $7.50 per ton. ; diate. ?1.~0 per bbli J There is no more effective stomach Per bbl.; remedy than Mi-o-na. Besides quickly Floor ?4.SO" stopping the distress Mi-o-na soothes Western Flour ii.CC i the irritated walls of the stomach, Fer ba I strengthens and builds up the diges- Wheat ?1.0C i tive organs, thus assisting nature in -'helle«i Corn i?5 ' the prompt digestion of the food-- Xew Ear Corn. 70 ! your entire system is benefited, you XewOats 55 ! ivill enjoy good health. ^"--r- « O.1* 5? | Do not suffer another day--get a ··-·---^--^--·· f box of Mi-o-na Tablets from Peonle's PUBLIC SALE 1 Dmg Score. Take them as directed On Tuesday D«ceiaber 2. 19!:;. | and_see how quickly you get_ The undersigned will sell on the Samu- j el Vauitha s'Ami along thi 1 Emusitsbur; road three miles south oi Gettysburg, rh foiiouiasr livestocs: Eisrhteen head of Cattle. 5 Milk Cows, WHAT'S THE REASON *: of which will be fresh by time of i Many Gettysburg one \va? frcth in Septi-iuLer and one' People in Poor c!.i,:-.,. weight to the accusation in the wa p.: :i:r lV . r CROns: h apart to prcven n i - z i ' - s o L Itsejnrors. , acv r -j ou j. t i n t i e matrer. The terms i l - at-cnr=od ax or hatchet of !on ? 15,.^.; hccn » si:r ned. sealed and de-3-0 r,:,« solemnly comnsa^l to the wa- j ij rert ^_- t j, ev seyarated. Mr. ScboSei't went szr^ii^bt to his con«!n and told hirn of his i;ot and es- iilaine-l the terms, asking Rr-o-wn to heir. Ii:ia o;:t. Bmw:i a^reC'l 10 ilo so. and t ; ie nest irs-'niin^ t!i«-y ;::et at a tailir::ii: est.ib!ishn:eat ai d houirht twin ·-·uiiS. Then they went to n b.;rlf r and had their hair ami "beard* i rimmed esactiy nliko. VTljen they hrtl Slushed thc-i- process of mnkiiijr themselves boo;s w-_-re exactly similar--Cob hoped that ise bad a chance cf winning, tnon^h he feared ihe oo«js "were against him. Ac exactly 4 o'clock the two men started from one end of riilton avenne. "whiiL- Miss Van Winkle was emerging froni her home isfjr the other- She vras \ery conSdenc of beinc' a'.'le to tell H !j from hi* friend, ibouch she took "ve^T precaution, even tieanin" her j;'.is^es v.-ifh :i t-ompound of aleo- ho! :s;-d ani to sc«' ters t f a I.'fce. !:. was forfeit 3setause It P: '\ kilknl, ?o. too. tliat othiTM eariy vsr.« TV of pro: erty. the !ave, was ao- «.ur.-. .1 :.nd fUT-rrfj'cd :f he ki'.ictl a ft-.:-- v ^ ! ;.vo. Later tlsi- ma.-ter stopped in :.-d ro=leesae*I !i:r» w:tli ;. mr-ney pjy: ,-rt. and froui t;Ji^. . say the so- · i»-\- ::.-. ^r^~ lue dot-irint- of the em- :.?o(r"s resp»nsiI.iJ!iy for injuries ·-."u^i-'i by a f'j-Ii"TM employee, :!H* mauer of trt-et act-jdcncs. it i-; :--3";resuil t!wr ^ve ii'izat new a:;cl iciportant and prefiicsis fic'fi vrhorein iiit- taboo fee!:::g coaJc! ('·in' t:on. Sua B'JTT-KILLET MEMORIAL. Fountain to i itsnic Victims to Erected N'ssr White Kcass. Bs Pi «-f tl \V. iettKl in tbe near :on "f :i fosjntr.i:! "\Vh::«- FInnM' ii -s of Major A r t h .T \Vli5re n«u».f J3:" Tit::;i:r (~.':::p : f- ! acii!i«nia. T:\it ^'J tbeni r-:ich flrosscil :n his oivn a;- .-;nd «:! 1101 connt on n similarity of ap"Bird. S!:e 5j:!s so:se but a fe^v blGC^:-. I:eei::iir ber eyes fixed on e~err nppro.ic'ijnz 3cmre. --vhen she S3TV t : ie t^-i 3»en rrmr.K, It did not occur to her either c.f ti:»-rn fr«::i t-io t' t'if l. :T a cn i:i"is f liic -onjni3r- · Bob ?inii- she came witlsiu t«'e distance in- f«sifll for tne on-c- ] that vlie wa to make Il'e i"t-c5.sioE- Xot beinjr ab!e 10 desiimate tl;e trne and only TU'b. she passel them without Ixiwing to either. Then each party turno!. "I don't care." pontcd Iis Van \Vln- f.5,r j ftle: "that wasn't fair at ,j53. Yon hj^i sides of th? i no ricrht to dress nHke." ] "My cousin. Mr. Brown. Miss Van TTinkSe." s.-«:d Bo5i. Ri; doub'e lifted .'·o ic- arc en»!e:i\' :::ir to ^«.p; !..- p .r-j t-::3.i!^ to the cli:!ii~t · '·[ tbe ^.'sinis i:i p:.:c of tbe poor !:;neri.ii u h l t b h::s here tofore boon I:i ti.c:r ricli. A patent !sas been gra::t(\l r,n appa- rat".' for (IcTorniinli:^ the direction of sourcos of sounds by tliri'ling the so^I)'l waves and receiving first one portion and then tbe other. | frnn:zui-'-n o ! !.ir=c «-«p:t:i:s. it-o-58! siuTtraca Ciub Fo-mjrg. \ nis hnt deferentially and a^ked if the 5i.5v«» j':-^i li'f:i inj;n"!:cd : n " !»et was to be pn:«l There and then. At rti-n for fr^ fonn:ii5«»7i cf an j ^Mch Miss Van \Tinklc crlarct! at him. lisKil wonir'n v;:n"r;-i:o c-!ih. to [ and he, leaving her with Bob, with- dp :(v;ii" i') f-n T of vrtos f» r } The bet was paid that same evenins !"r:n ::!! r-ount!i". ?i:uHar"'ir at Miss Van TViiik-e's hfsie. nnd tho kiss tasted so soou tlsat Bob must have another arsd to cot it he rnnst make an out nnd ont prop«*;nl. which he did. After all. the giri won. t in I.«»nd;ip ard Tii.* ar tr.kc dvilnite shape in tbe uenr fu- i i Twin Mysteries. | Among the mysteries unfathomable ' are -why a man wants to wear side whiskers and why a city wants to Compliment. "My wife paid me a fine compliment this morning!" triumphantly skimpy little Mr. Hennypeck. stated ion o~ make one el tiis ouier small pieces. The waste paper basket is made b? pasting cretonne to a heavy paste- hoard foundation and the lining may ce c: cambric or pc.per. Four sices are cut out ~~tfi covered with cretoane. Thc lining :s p-sted ever in one piece, holding the sides together. Or the piece: may be covered separately and afterward tied together -.Tit!ribbon. Tfcs small bo^; for handkerchiefs or ties is made by pasting cretonne over a strong pasteboard bos. The top is paadca with a sheet of cotton wadding. A set of three coses for ties, gloves, handkerchiefs, with a larger one for shoes, makes an elegant present where one wishes to give so much. But cue single bos will be appreciated. The traveling case is cut from rubber cloth first and compartments are Health Without Knowing the \\:!! bt fresh in January, l» Heifers, 2 oi · Cause. them ciose =prin2ers, 4 sine Stock Bulls [ There are scores of people who drag one a line Rei Duriiani. j put a miserable existence without real- Fiftv ht-ari o? Ko-^s y "ooi Che-ter i iz ^ n S ^' r a cause of their suffering. Day Wh-to. eiaht weeks old by "day of saie. i after day they are racked -with back- 7 Berkshire Pi«. G v.-eekJ old'bv dav of] a che and headache; suffer irom ner- saie. 1 Male HOST. The balance Siioau ^"ousness. dizziness, weakness, lan- ·AeishiRg from 40 to i-5 pounds. jguor and depression. Perhaps the kid- tale to commence at 1 o'clock. P. M. · nsys have fallen behind in their cre,:k of «0 months vrlii be siven on ail! v,'ork of filtering: the faiood and that sum? ^\er-5-5.0s.i. Five per cent, oif for | may be the root of the trouble. Look Saie will b- held rain oi shine. I ^ 5"a~ kidneys, assist them in 'their EMORY C. ZFl'P. i\vork--give them the help they neecL ! You can usa no more highly recom- 1 nier.ded remedy than Doan's Kidney ! Pills--endorsed by people all over the | country and fay your neighbors in | Gettysburg. { Georg-e Reidinger. Hanover St., · Gettysburg. Pa- says: ''Dean's Kidney ! Piiis have been beneficial Tvhen I have · taken 'them and I recommend them jfor kidney ccmplaint. My kidneys i bothered ma for years, cansing pain i in my back and sides. A friend advised me to try Doan's Kidney Pills and I ! did. I felt better right away and was j soon cured. Since then. I have taken i Doarfs Kidney Pills several times and they ha\ e ai-.vays done good work." For sale bv all dealers. Price 50 · ceats - Foste'r-Miihnrn Co., Buffalo, · 5Tew York, sole agent for the United i States. | Remember the name--Doan's-| and take no other. G. R. Thompson. Auct. C. C. Bream. Clerk. Western Maryland Lines TRY THE SHORT ROUTE TO iitsborgh Leave Gettysburg 10:28 A. M_ con-i netting with Chicago Limited at Kighfield. Arrive at Pittsburgh S:05 P- 31^ and Chicago S:10 o'clock next morning. . Modern train of through sleepers, j observation and club cars and coaches j attached. I wfll be in Gee t y s b u r g every Tuesday a t P e n r o s e Myers' Jewelry Store. W.H.DESTKLE I Grad-of Optics,29 Pomferc St.,CarlisIe. Wny ims ren Won't Leak Lookat thcfeeci tube cf your Ifjcscurved-iike the Parker-thc per: wen': \zzk or sweat. sewed to it for the wash-rag and soap, tooth and nail brash. \Vhite tape is used to bind the several pieces. The case is then covered with cretonne bound to the rubber cloth with tape machine-stitched over the edges. This convenient case fastens with a snai fastener such as is used on gloves. ' She'il Learn. Clarence--"What do you think? r n a r y cumir. psns ^vs sr eed rcs. ri when rcn :; r-oir.: ;x;. Eypandinj air forces riiis :V-. ou: ono end cf pen as soon as vour bc-cy heas nic pen. The Par' cr Luc.y Ccrv c Feed tanzhcs txsid: sf kcrrel, CapHiary Acracs^i. » Rss draws all in out o ee l u e sx nsaii; yea turn That's v.Tty Parser: v.'cn't icaL PARKERJACKKMFESAFETYPEN in- pos.t«r, -- even pocket, S2 50 cp. "She Helen had the nerve to tell me that | hold a world's patch. fai a cuy wants to ««wi*»t«j in-wt, .^». *.*--m*ji/v_»,«.. ^---- - ,. , ,. _,, _T._» T +«n T.--St. Paul ! Dis- said I was almost as big a fool as her she be.ieves about half of what I tell her." Maud--"Oh! well, she's still first husband."--Judge. I young and credulous. TSc New Parker . ytyjr poclc: 1 i,c a ST^OJTS ranse. bai ds pears taro r.s iScI^ IAACR oc \%-rru Ce; a Par Jeer or: tr,al If -c«*-e: rv*; cnsrey \vc\v:'»rcr ; »jrd i C!«'coK£ju^ ; iy- Sc irV**v c*ii ? Ha*, e a. /·-- c/rsr tourK**n pen in a^r poc\c:;oT:cjT3=r, b ge^inia Parker today, THEBOOK STORE The Parker Fen Stc re $1.50 to $25.00. Chas E,. Sv\ isher. Frop. SPAPFRf SPAPFRf

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