The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 19, 1934 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 19, 1934
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 19 1934 Mason City's Calendar ..March 19--Public hearing on city budget. March 19--William Whitfield Wood, president of Institute of American Meat Packers, to address Rotary- Chamber of Commerce dinner. March 20--Y. W. C. A. nationwide business girls' banquet at 6:30 o'clock. March 31--Special monthly meeting of UCT and auxiliary at the P. G. and E. auditorium, including 6:30 o'clock supper. April 1--Easter Sunday. April 3--Senegalese drum and bugle corps cake-walk under sponsorship of Legion auxiliary. April 4, 5, 6 and 7--Boys' annual hobby show at Y. M. C. A., sponsored by Kiwanis club and boys' department of the Y. M. C. A. Here in Mason City Good clean coal at $7.00. Allison · Coal. Ph. 431. Deputy Sheriff John Beach drove to Fort Madison Monday with Leigh Melvin, sentenced to five years on a charge of stealing brass from the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific railroad. Refinoil Motor OU lOc per qt. until April 1st. No limit. Bring your can. DeBruyn Super Service. County Agent Marion E. Olson was at his office for a short time Monday for the first time to several days. He is recovering from a severe cold. Refinoil Motor Oil lOc per qt until April 1st. No limit. Bring your can. DeBruyn Super Service. Christina M. Larson, clerk in the county recorder's office, returned to work Monday after two days' absence due to illness. Walter Hyde, 540 East State street, received word of the death of his sister, Mrs. Clystra Button, for mer Mason City resident, at- Long Beach, Cal., Sunday morning. Funeral services will be held Tuesday at Long Beach with interment in California. Mrs. Button left Mason City 23 years ago. She formerly operated the lunch room at the Milwaukee station. CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank the many persons and firms who donated their services and products for the St. Joseph's Tabernacle society especially the Butternut Coffee company, Mason City Baking company, Pfaff Baking' company, G. M. fep«L-Sssta!rs^.Hei7naDspn is,. Swift and company, Witwer~Company and the Sweet Clover Dairy. TABERNACLE SOCIETY. CITY COUNCIL ADOPTS 1934 BUDGET FOR $455,305 NEARLY $25,000 BELOW AMOUNT OF 1933 FIGURE Library Trustees Plead for Relief From Drastic Reduction. Final adoption of the 1934 budget and consideration of a proposal to nit all ambulance service in the mnds of the city and a request for crushed rock for driveways in the Slmwood cemetery engaged the attention of the city council at an ad- iourned meeting Monday morning. Except for a plea by library trustees for relief from a 55,500 reduction on the amount asked by that institution, there were no objections to .he budget, which provides a total of 5455,305 for the operation of the city's affairs for the fiscal year be- rinning April 1, 1934. This is nearly $25,000 below the 1933 budget, which totaled $430,065. A comparison of the items of the budget for the two years is as fol- FIND CHURCH IN KIDNAP PROBE lows: 1934 1933 Consolidated ..... $139,935 $151,765 Light fund Garbage fund Fire Maintenance Fire Equipment .. Park fund Bridge fund 8,500 36,000 5,100 7,800 1,905 Band fund' 6,000 Comfort station... 2,400 Library 18,500 Water department .128,000 Warter dept. bonds 11,500 Disps'l Plant bonds 13,300 Bridge bonds 5,500 General bonds ... 37,000 Police pension .... 5,185 Firemen's pension 4,980 Storm sewer .... 24,200 10,040 36,380 4,400 11,300 2,355 6,100 2,900 21,160 120,000 ' 10,250 12.850 5,350 40,600 3,615 4,SOO 12,500 Truck Tips Over on 2 Children; Driver' Arrested at Dubuque DUBTJQUE, March 19. (IP)--Whei a soda water truck and a pleasun car collided at an intersection here today, the truck overturned and buried 2 children at play oh the sidewalk under its contents. One, Betty Jane Menadue, 10, was probably fatally injured. The other, George Gantenbein, 7, escaped with minor bruises. Lee Culver, driver of the truck, was arrested by police on a charge of careless and reckless driving. Ask Resignation of County Relief Head WATERLOO, March 19. UB--The Black Hawk county board today, by a 5 to 2 vote, requested the resignation of Miss Jane Thompson, county relief director, effective April 2, on the ground that she had not turned over certain duties of her office to Mrs. Doris Kinion as directed by the board. Total $455,305 $480,065 In the budget the library is allowed a 1 mill levy, which, it is estimated will raise 518,500. This corresponds to a 4 mill levy last year when the assessed valuation was one-fourth of the actual valuation. In 1930 the library had a levy of 5 mills, making the reduction 20 per cent as required under the Beatty- Bennett bill, city officers explained. The library cause -was pleaded chiefly by Mrs. Lee Bailey, chairman of the board of trustees, and Earl Smith, chairman of the finance committee of the institution, with Miss Lydia E. Barrette, librarian, also present at the meeting. Will K«duce Service. "This reduction will, make necessary a large curtailment in the work of the library," said Mrs.. Bailey. "On the other hand the library staff has had more work than ever. The circulation of books is continuing to increase." The library trustees had been assured, Mrs. Bailey stated, that there would be no material reduction in the budget. "At the time the budget was being worked on there was uncertainty in what amount we would be Nebr. a ransom of"?200,"oOo'"vFas"paTdTfor : his release. The "investigators be- Heve it was the angelus of this church that Bremer heard at regular intervals durin°- the period he was held a captive. The time and tone of the chimes of this church are said to coincide with those heurd by Bremer. Oscar Davis Resigns as Superintendent ofLehigh OSCAR DAVIS able to raise,' E. H. Crofoot. said City Manager "We were denied ex- Burglars Get $40 in Vinton Schools VINTON, March 19. tJP--Burg- lars escaped with 535 in cash from the vault of Lincoln high school here, officials discovered when the school opened this morning. The robbers broke a bole through a cement wall into the vault. They also obtained $5 from the principal's office of a grade school building here. emptions we asked for and had to cut all our departments 20 per cent. The library is taking the same reduction as all other departments. Makes Adjustment. City Solicitor Lester Dibble called attention to the fact that judgments are made by the county supervisors after the city submits its figures. "We are glad to see you willing to fight for the things in. which you are interested," said Mayor J- T. Laird, who with J. J. Burns and H. M. Knudson made up the entire council at this meeting. With no other objections raised the budget was adopted on a motion by Mr. Knudson and a second by Mr. Burns. C. A. Parker and Ralph Stanbery appeared before the council in behalf of the Mason City Cemetery association, asking the city for a donation of crushed rock to cover the driveways in the new addition. They pointed out the association was a community non-profit shar- - -- 80 Now You Can Wear False Teeth With Real Comfort Fasteeth, a new pleasant powder, keeps teeth firmly set. Deodorizes. No gummy, gooey taste or feeling. To eat and laugh in comfort sprinkle a little Fasteeth on your plates. Get it today from Michael Drug Store or your druggist. Three sizes. ing organization formed 75 or years ago. The trustees receive no pay and dividends are never paid. Is Community Enterprise. "This is entirely a public enterprise and the only difference between it and the water department is that the cemetery association retains its own management," Mr. Stanbery stated, pointing out that two blocks of the 26 acre addition ig adjacent to Federal avenue and that the contemplated improvements in this section will make a park the city will be proud to have." "We are sold on the idea the only question is the legality," said Mayor Laird, asking several at- would be glad to give up the service on condition the city would purchase the Patterson ambulance, the most modern ambulance vehicle in the city. The mayor's inclination was that the city should not take over "any new business." "If one man had it he could make a profit," said Mr. Meyer. "The city can see no objection to that," said the mayor. That Wouldn't Do. "You can see that such an arrangement would never do," answered Mr. Meyer. "I feel this should be given some consideration," said Mr. Knudson. Mr. Crofoot explained the city already operated an ambulance. A motion by Mr. Knudson and second by Mr. Burns that a committee of two councilman and the city manager go over the matter passed unanimously. The matter of insurance was left to the city manager, both Mr. Knudson and Mr. Bums maintaining thai was properly within functions of that official. Attorney D. H. Fitzpatrick ap peared before the council with i petition for change of classification of several lots on Fourth stree southwest and Tyler avenue. This was referred to the planning com mission. On the motion of Mr. Knudso) and second by Mr. Bums the counci voted to continue its share of th support of the administration of th CWA as long as the city manage deems it advisable. The taxes of Mrs. Charles J. Hass 704 'Massachusetts avenue south east; Ida J. Stilson, 123 First stree southeast, and Mrs. Ida Burke, 11 Fifth street southeast, were sus pended. To Retire Because of III Health; Moving to Ohio. Oscar -Davis, superintendent of the Lehigh Portland Cement company plant here since it was started in 1910, has resigned his position because of ill health, he announced Monday. Mr. Davis, who spent a large part of the winter among relatives in Ohio, is expecting to make his future home in that state. Mrs. Davis is to remain here for the present while Mr. Davis returns to Wellston Ohio, to arrange for the establishment of a home there. Mr. Davis' place at the head of the local plant is to be taken by Obert Patterson, assistant superin tendent and plant engineer, who ob tained his knowledge of cemen' in the local factory. The :'ing superintendent cami o the I ^son City plant from New- astle, Pa., where he superintendec plant for five years. His initia tnerience with cement making ame in Wellston, Ohio, where he ·as for a time electrician for the Wellston Coal company. During his residence here Mr. Javis has been active in a number f organizations including the Lions, lasons and Odd Fellows. torneys present at the meeting Generally fair Monday night and Tuesday, warmer .Monday night and in west .and south portion Tuesday. GLENDORA, COAL, ton W. G. BLOCK CO. PHONE 563 if they "would hand down an opinion. These, however, stated they had not consulted the statutes on that question. "If there is any criticism it will be from a loafer who never put a flower on a grave," said Mr. Burns. The city solicitor was delegated to look up the legal question involved before the next meeting. Appear Before Council. Three funeral directors,. L. W. Patterson, John Meyer and Harvey Major appeared before the council in a joint request to have the city take over the ambulance service of the community. "At the present time the city could take over the ambulance ser- Mr. the vice at a small cost." said Heyer, chief spokesman for lowan Sworn in as Chief Bureau of Biological Survey. WASHINGTON, March 19. .T-J. N. Darling, newspaper cartoon ist of Des Moines, Iowa, was swor in today in the office of Secretar Wallace as the new chief of th bureau of biological survey. He replaces Paul G. RedJington who recently resigned to take u his former work in forest servic and will take over his new duti' immediately. Mr. Darling said he intended t continue his work as a cartoonis as "frequently as time permits. The oldest man on the St. Louis j Cardinals' roster is Miguel Gonzales, j coach, who is 41. Paul Dean, 20- ever, that from the proceeds of the processing tax, producers will receive benefit payments if they agree with the government to reduce their production and that, if the plan to reduce the production of hogs is successful, the price of hogs should be affected accordingly. It is also a fact that the administration has used funds to take surplus products off the market." Meat consumption during 1933, Mr. Woods revealed, was the largest on record; but this situation was accompanied by the largest livestock production on record. However, hog prices have held up and were higher at the close of 1933 than they were at the close of 1932. An extremely low consumer purchasing power made the problem additionally difficult, he added, but there are at present indications that some improvement in purchasing power is being made. Also Are in NRA. Accusations that the packing industry is not co-operating with the government in its recovery program are not only untrue, Mr. Woods continued, but the packers have been in sympathy -with successfully carrying out of the plan. In the NRA, also, the industry has worked for business recovery. The index for packing industry employment is 25 per cent higher, he said, than it was before the act was put into effect. WOODS DECLARES PACKERS JOINING IN PLANS OF AAA Shows Problem of Industry in Moving Production of Record Extent. Asserting that the packing indus- ;ry has co-operated with the administration in its recovery program, William Whitfield Woods of :bicago, president of the American Meat Packers, in an address Monday noon in Hotel Hanford at a joint meeting of the Chamber of ommerce and Rotary club, declared that the packers had passed ie processing tax along to the public. Passing the processing tax along was according to the government n. In view of the enormous production which had to be sold and the fact that the public's buying power was decreased, it was not bossible to pass it entirely along, lowever, or there would have been a large amount of meat unsold and conseauently would have spoiled. Mr." Woods presented a series of charts to show why meat prices had fallen in recent years. He asked his listeners to asree to two premises: These were that the packer must nay the producer from the money he derives from, the sale of products and that meat cannot be kent- for a long tune without losing much or all of its value. 1933 High Record. How meat production had mounted until in 1933 a high record had been reached was shown by Mr. Woods He also sketched how ex- _. ports had declined, leaving an enor- speaker. Music during the meal was mous amount to be sold for domes- furnished by a. high school^ string tic consumption. Coupled with '" this, the ability of th,e consumers to pay had greatly decreased, with the drop in payrolls. "The packers were faced with the problem of moving an enormous supply to a public whose buying power had been lowered," Mr. "I believe there is cause for much optimism in general business conditions," said Mr. Woods in closing. "The physical volume of business is 25 per cent greater now than a year ago and prices are 30 per cent higher. Manufacturing, industries are doing a 25 per cent greater volume and total payrolls are up 40 per cent." Willis G. C. Bagley, president of the Chamber of Commerce, presided at the meeting and introduced the ensemble, directed by Miss Marjorie B. Smith. One hundred sixty attend ed the meeting. REHEARSING FOR PRIZE CAKEWALK HERE ON APRIL 3 Eight Couples Entered in Event Under Auspices of Auxiliary. Eight couples have already entered the grand prize championship Cakewalk to be held at the armory April 3 under the auspices of the local Legion auxiliary unit. Those who will participate in the event include Miss Mabel Brown and Cecil Dounglas of Manly, the 1933 champion, and the following: Tyler Stewart and Buelah Bates, Maynard Ewing and Lucile Ewing, Albert Saunders and Lora Lee Wigginton, James Austin and Eva McFarlane, Clarence McFarlane and Marguerite Stephenson, Robert Williams and Mabel Jacksan. Walter Davis, veteran of the calkwalk development in the country, will lead the event. Rehearse Daily. The contestants are rehearsing daily under the supervision of Mr. Farmers--Attention This Coupon good for 50c on $3 worth of Plow or Disk work VERN SULTEEN BLACKSMITH East State St. York Ave. So. Stewart, who states tfcls program will surpass last year's event, which attracted a large crowd to the armory. The program is to include four vaudeville acts from theater circuits. Replacing- Davis and Davis, Chicago, is the clever little, Cedlia Williams, singer and dancer. She iias just finished "Hot Chocolates" in a Negro review and she will perform hi two acts on -the program. There will also be Jerry Hayes and Floyd Bowman, singers and dancers that have entertained here before. Jen/ Hayes' original Joy Jenerators 11 piece band, radio favorites in the middle west, will a'gain play for the cakewalk. The program also will include juvenile calkwalkers, Dee Ewing and Paulette Kipper, 7 years old, and Howard Tate and Wilma Tate, 6 years old. The grand prize cake will be on display in a local downtown store. Reserve tickets will be on sale in downtown stores, starting Tuesday. The ticket sale is under the super- cision of Mrs. R. C. Patrick. Herbert "Buck" Read has never had a losing basketball team in his 13 years of coaching at Michigan State college. Rowlands Candidate for Agriculture Job DES MOINES, March 19. /P»-- *. H. Rowlands, former professor of economics and commerce at Drake university, today announced lis candidacy for the republican nomination for secretary of agriculture. Rowlands said his cam- Daign would be based mainly upon ie princiDle of equality for agriculture in" relationship to industry. Debtors Plan Sleeting. MANKATO, Minn., March 19. (JP1 --Intensifying the drive to compel or pursuade mortgage holders to lower both principal and interest rates, John H. Bosch of Atwater state chairman of the state Farmer's Holidav association, has called a meeting of all debtors of Blue Earth county here Thursday night. Woods declared. "The only way they could move this production was by selling it at a price the consumer would and could pay. In moving the products, the packers were successful, but they had to do it at deplorably low prices." Talks on Packers' Profits. "In moving the products to channels of consumption, the prices were unsatisfactory to packers and to the farmer. However, it had to be moved or become valueless." Regarding the charges that profits in the packing industry are exorbitant, the speaker compared them with profits in all manufacturing industries as taken from income tax returns and showed that packer profits in the 10 years prior to 1931 averaged less than one cent a dollar of sales, whereas profits in all manufacturing industries averaged early 5 cents a dollar. He carried iis farther by showing that the eturns in profits on the value of lie investment had at times in re- ent years showed a loss and last year was about 4.3 per cent. Com- jaratively, the percentage of prof- ts in some businesses in proportion o investment was 8 per cent. Supplies Were Large. "A determined effort has been made by the packing industry," he said'"to get full full value for pork, 3ut it has been impossible to sell meat at sufficiently higher prices :o offset the processing tax and hereby avert any adverse effect on :he hog market. Large supplies of logs and pork last fall and winter made the problem even more diffi- :ult. "It should be remembered, how- I ADAMS DRUG CO. WATCH OTJR SEVEN WINDOWS TUESDAY'S SPECIALS Coty Face Powder and Perfume Sets 98c- Sing Sing Bird Seed, 17c S S. 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Fourteen carloads of smoked pork, the third shipment allotted to Iowa by the Federal Surplus relief corporation, arrived Monday in Iowa. The shipment totalled 43S,- 000 pounds. Allotments to counties are being made in accord with the need for relief. Other cities to receive shipments included Sioux City, Fort Dodge, Council Bluffs, Marshalltown, Dubuque, Burlington, Cedar Rapids, Keokuk, Davenport, Ottumwa, Des Moines and Creston. gro:\' stating the funeral dfrectors yjar-old pitcher, is the youngest. Stomach Bother You? Mrs, Emma Lyman of 31-1 North 18th St., Lincoln, Nchr,, says: "Dr. P'icrcc's Golden Medical Discovery ' s so°d enough for me. W h e n I was anemic, rundown a n d weak, and v;hcn I stomach complaint such as indigestion and gas. Dr. Picrcc's Golden Medical Discovery soon put .in end to the trouble. It ,ilso helped me when I felt nervous and did not rest well." New size, tablets ?0 cts., liquid 51.00. Large sire, tabs, or liquid, $1.35. "We Do Oar P.rt." 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FUEL COMPANY 132 S. Federal Phone 101 SPECIAL FOR TUESDAY SLICED BACON. | lb.. [ .^. FEEF'VEAL ' ' ' Round Sirloin Beef STEAKSIROASTS VEAL CHOPS'. Ib 6M-c LAMB CHOPS, Ib.. PORK STEAKS, Ib... 14c Sterling Veal Roast, Ib. Sterling Veal Steak, Ib. ... · · Sterling Ring Bologna, Ib. ..: Sterling Minced Ham, Ib. . , Sterling Smoked Sausage, 2 Ibs Sterling Summer Sausage, Ib Sterling Smoke'd Ham, IB. ..".... · · · · '· ·· ·Eggs--Great Big Ones--Strictly Fresh Chickens -- Halibut -- Salmon -- Cod Fish CHEESE DEPARTMENT Fresh Home-Made Primost, Ib 18c New York Limburger, pkg l= c Liederkranz. Very Fine, jar -"C Swedish Cheese, With or Without Caraway, Ib 29c Longhorn Cream Cheese, Ib 1JC FRUIT DEPARTMENT Lettuce, large, solid heads |c Florida Oranges, fancy, 10 Ibs «s«Jc Lemons, larsje Sunkist, dozen 29c Grapefruit, Florida Seedless, 6 for 25c Tomatoes, fancy, ripe, Ib lOc Oranges, good si7.e, 2 dozen ooc Oranges, large, dozen SDC Oranges, extra large, dozen oac PEARS, LARGE NO. 10 CAN ._35c Ginger Bread Mix, large pkg 23c Johnson's Floor Wax, large can 4Sc Oval Sardines, large cans, 3 for 2oc Sardines, 7 cans 25c Shrimp, wet, can · · JOc Monarch Tuna, 2 cans 2oc Libby's Red Salmon, tall can 19c Otoe Spinach, large 2'/2 can, 2 for 2ac Cocoa Malt, book free 45c Clorox, pint botties, 2 for 25c Van Camp's Pork and Beans, 5 cans 25c Dean's Milk, tall cans, 4 for 25c GETTING THINGS DONE The democrats have been in office over a year and the unemployment situation is still very bad. Don't wait until the fall election before putting on the pressure. I understand that the democrats, as well as the republicans, both have some very dear and influential friends, but if we are going to go places and do things, some of these friends must be hurt a little. You must remember that all of the little fellows have been hurt for a long time. If the leaders of both parties will forget parties and friendship, in ninety minutes the Jabor-farm-financial questions can M settled. P. S. Washington, D. C., Call on Me Any Time. Sterling Coal Feed Co. Finish up the winter season with a dash of the Famous Sterling Coal. LUKE B. M1LLEK JACK McCOLE, Mgr. M E Church Epworth League -- Pancake and Sausage Supper, Wednesday, March 21. Rudd, Iowa Jersey Cream Flour. 49-lb. bag $1.59 Occident Flour, 49-lb. bag ; S2.09 Sugar, 100 Ibs. Beet v S4.59 Crystal White Soap Chips, 5-lb. box 29c Monarch Breakfast Coffee, Ib 19c Folger's Coffee, Ib. can 32c 7**% Folger's Coffee, 2-lb. can Sic Bliss Coffee, Ib. can 25c P. and G. 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