The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 17, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, November 17, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XI. No. 506. Gettysburg. I'a_ Monday, November 1 TIL. 2 SIC. Price -SWEATERS- FOR MEX--WOMEN and C H I L D R E N 50 cts To S7.OO. Ecfcerts Store " ON THE SQUARE." 59TH ANNUAL ICOIINTY APPLE I SHOW PRIZES NELL 23 GETTYSBUR Teachers Told at Opening Session of j Substantial Cash Prizes are Offered j Old Rivals from Lewisburg Prove too the importance and Responsibilityj for the Best Apple Exhibits 2t the] Strong for Gettysburg Boys and Win by One Sided Scare. Locals I COUNTY APPLES ENGINE DERAILED T8 ORPHANAGE TWO ARE INJURED Adams County Orehardists Quick to ] Six Hanover Men, wha Brought Big of iherr Work. To Celebrate* Lincoln Anniversary. | Time of the Big!ervi!le Show in \ January. Fought Hard. Contribute their Fine Fruit to the! Hoffman Orphanage Hear Two! Taverns. 1 Coal Train through Gettysburg are in Wreck Later in the Day. Two Kurt, Four Escape. Attractive premiums are announced j After outplaying the Bucknell team j Rev. J. Stewart Hartman, saoerin-' »- t S-»in t? H r»-l £iir-^ ·"·!*» ·*» vkml A ^^1^*1- *··-. S-.^-. ; _ i ' U . _ i ; _ . - - » . * _ - - 1 i * J , ^ _ T 1 " . i ,, · .._ _ t _ . _ . -- - « . T -- r-- *-i * ' to be . in the first half of the ansiua! battle at i tendent of the Koifman Orphanage,. four Tv.-o Hanover men were injured and Others escaped injury about j Over two hundred Adams Co-jniy [ ! teachers were present at the open-as j for the Biglerviile apple s i session of the fifty ninth annual insti- | held in connection with the poultry j Harrlsburg Saturday afternoon, Get- } near Littlestown, reports Vhar he has | noon Sunday when* a roco-nouve of the tute in Waiter's Theatre this after- | and corn show in tfaac town this win- j tysburg was forced into submission in 1 received a bountiful supply of apples \ Wesie-" Maryland Railway was de- 1 noon. The importance of the teaching j tc r. ! the closing quarters by the Lewisburg-1 for present needs, and adds: "" } railed west of the tidewater extension, ;son and the responsibility rest-: A silver "-- ~~" .*.-.-«-:«.:-- »_..-_. i . _ - _ _ i -- .* .TM « * _ . . , ~ , . _ . i ... _ roiessson cup, the Association trophy t nlavers. losing bv a score of 23 were to 0.' WALTER'S THEATRE INSTITUTE , - ,;--.---.- -.- ~--- . "Arthur Roberts, a committee of the " rolling-down a bank for 25 feet and ia-~ | ing upon all tnose who engage sn it. valued at SUO.OO, will be awarded for i Despite the fact that they were out- \ Arendtsville congregation, used his j to Gwy.ins Bun. Baltimore. All had tysburg earlier in Covington coal | course of his remarks: j ribbon will be awarded for first and | Bucknel! scored in each. ! the 15 miies'and returned, bringing | Eugene F. Staub, engineer.--Badly i "Above all, beyond the conception ! second prize hi each class. The classes The storm of rain and sleet which · the amount designated, and five bar-j scalded about back,'chest and arms fav ! of all, let me welcome you ir. the name : and premiums are as follows: fell thro " _ . . . I of the children who sit in your class- j N e w G a r d e n A u d i t o r i u m Skating afternoon and evening Basketball to-day 4.30. · rooms. To a period of inspiration you j anv variety, f | have come that you may them inspire; [ arize. 32.50. Class 1, for the best barrel of apples, first prize, S5: second i to a fresh fountain thst you may ,; Class 2. for the best exhibit of three quench their thirst. It is not for your-'. barrels of apples, any three varieties. | selves that you are here--it is for them j first prize. SI2; second prize. S5. ·oughout the game was not suf- j rels of winter apples in addition. This j steam and heat and hands ncient to dampen the spirit of 'che col- ! congregation has 15 additional bar- j Condition not serious. badly cut. legians or the 2.000 spectators who | reis for us. which will be brought lat- ! Harry W. Wilhelm, brakeman, I Shoulder dislocated and cu'c and bruis- "Last week we went into the Cash- {ed about body. Condition not serious, which Rev. W. 3. j Those who had gathered to witness the game. In : er. the closing minutes of the ba'ctie spirit, j that is college spirit, ran high Oat of even,- vision you here attain f Class 3. for the best single box. any j 1 opens the wistful face of a child; up [ varieVy, nrst prize, S3; second nrize. and ! town charge, of several fights started between the col- | Hauzei is pastor. P H O T O P L A Y rrom every note you here take cures his eager gaze. -'There is an old legend which 1.50. Class ieils i any three varieties, first prize. -?S: · ers featuring in nearly ail of these.; one barrel, contributed by some of the VliAGUAPH E3SAXAY BIOGR\PII T\VO MEN OF THE DESERT - Us.'-sr Off for the «-M lauds the partners let tan coin dmde \«.ho shali first ask ihe io-portant qitariion. j how long, iong ago the city of Is was j second prize. 84. | swallowed by the sea. When a storm j Class 5. for the best piate o: I s-sreeps the surface of the ! lonely sailor sees the tali spi ] sunken city in the hollows of the j Twig, Baldwin.. Ben Davis. I waves, and -when a profound ca THOSE TROUBLESOME TRESSES.... Cu'-l'-d 'ior=e hair arouses the !tak.u-=v "f tw". wives ani thev fllll ask ' : Arv women nio're ieiicu* than HI**:'" "\Vith JO tlMICXXY," FLORA FIXCH LILLIAN" WALKER WILLIE VAX ;n ilt cast. TEE WH IP HAND The husband of three yt-are is k!il"(i by ilie foolish wife toyii'jr with the apparatus controlling a 'iynamite bLisi in a quarry. Vv'itli FRi^CIS X. , X in tht-lea'Hns oart- Vkasraph Comedy j Broods over the waters he hears . j ems of the sea. In this is embodied the j for each variety: second prize, 50 cents j Buck j thought-1 would leave with you. j for each varietv. i near u 3. j Those who escaped injury were: where we knew j Waiter Lewis, brakeman; Charles jians. i there was a generous supply awaiting j Zinn. fireman: Harry Siagle, conduc- Despite the rain and sleet the game; us. We were not disappointed when ! tor; Morris Markel, gagman. ^ was mostly one long series of for- | our wagon returned, as it had 72 bti- j The train left Westport bound for for the best three boxes of | ward passes with the Lewisburg play-. sheis for cider and apple-butter, ar.d ! Hanover shordv before noon. Only the caboose and tender were attached to the locomotive- Staub. Zinn and Wilhelm were in the cab, while the three 3ther men were in the caboose- Just east of the single-track bridge over Gwynns Falls under Brunswick street is a derailer. used to protect the eastbound track. The switch at the end of the track is really for the eastbound Cruickshank's passing was very little ; largest apple growers in the county. apples of our be surpassed anywhere, en declare the apple-! nve j short 01 marvelous, when it is consid- j We do not think the deep, the \ specimens of any variety mentioned in " ered that the ball was nearly alwavs ' apple-belt can ;pires of the [ the following list: Paragon. Black J covered with a layer of mud- With two ' and oar childr Gano.; exceptions his aim | Grimes Golden, Kubberson. Jonathan, j were accurate and the f: ihe j Smokehouse. Summer Eambo. York j were not successful was passes, though low.' butter provided by these gifts "is the ie fault that more t best ever." The contributions from the due the in- j Cashtown charge were made by a few sound of its beils rising from the cav- i Imperial, York Stripe: firs-; prize, SI labihVy of his players to handle them. : individuals: Sheely Brothers, 32 bush- cknell "Within the boscm of every child | lies a fabled dreara city. Yours is the [ privilege of touching Ifee waves with TO5:ORKO\V SIGHT io'-vers of that citv shall rise above -I'ECiVI- THREE KEEL VITAGRAPH: THE TIGER I the nnger of inspiration so that the LILLY". 7'iiesiory pn-r-i-i.- vsrii-t ar.'l intr-rastin^ phases cl sex character in the :iii ·.'.; . !- ..i^u-r ·»: :!;r il.»-.- -r ;·_: :isnjent~ and ut other?, those of her j^al- Class 6. for the best three plates of! Crnickshank kicked a placement goal any three varieties, first prize, §2:' from the thirty-yard sine. In the sec- scored their first points [ els: John Shull, 30 bushels; H. E. the end of the first quarter when j Riddlemoser. 10 bushels, and J. P. But'c, a barrel of choice Winter apples. "Our crop of potatoes was but one- -| the level of the common sslf. Yours is prize. 81.50. second prize. SI. Class 7. for the best five any one variety, firs'c prize. S3: second i scored, later kicking the goal. Buck! other harvest [ ond quarter Sturgis on a v.ide end run \ half of the yield of last; year, and we plates of f eluded "the Gettysburg players and will need many to carry" us to an- Sho-v s'-artc- 6.:"G GOGD TIELN mre not all airshed tc tir-.irrs '.'' · feotvever enioyufcla they mz : ' There tra also sr-"ci ihlr.f-?. i~ ·?-:- rspeciElly ihcsa incr. -ieu ::: -~-~ ^ _ ! ths privilege of hearing Ihe dim voices { Class S. for the largest number of j °f *-" e past break out, like bells, from | correctly named varieties, five speci- Admission -5 cents jrhe depths of being, into full cry: of jmens of each, first prize. S10; second --- | tuning and harmonizing them into a j orize, S-5. ! song to make glad the hearts of men. · Prof. F. X. Fagan. professor of other has like privilege, no o'cher I horticulture at State College, will «tercn:efs, fancy vgsr.s i..d h j'ery whicr. el! JTO to rn~ke i - p i!^ iir.e cf goods as scid zz furnishings. ?.l : g- -·ggn'g have an exceptionally nr.c ; : :ie- The Quality Shop WILL M. SELIGMAX The Cash Tailor neirs other touchdowns came third and fourth periods. in the · '"Our children have been occupying Cruick- some of their time out of the school shank and Platt each getting one. j .-com gathering shelibarks. of which In the last quarter Cruickshar.k '. we have a boun'dful supply--perhaps kicked a Held goal ba'c the Bucknell eight bushels. coach substituted a player without re- ! "We are in the midst of our plans moving the other from his position and for a cattle barn, advised by the State 1 Live-Stock Sanitary Board- Our plans i similar opportunity, ihe kingdoms of j judge the-apples. The premium cata-jit -was not pemiitted- ; che world are yours, not for casting [ logue will be issued by- December 1. Gettysburg kicked off. Ihe bail go- ' provide for the erection of only a por- to exhibit should j ing- to Piatt. -who fumbled and recov- · tion at this lime, and as our needs re- 1 yourself down from the pinnacle of the Persons -wishing- to I temple, but for raising others up to j notify the secretary. ; eatcii tne sv-'eeping visions i iife. a v.-ider s Biglerville. O. C- Pace, a herd groivs, we shall do not have the monev. ! "Ibsen tizs most graphicallv per- j i j *. «. jr j | trayed this in his play. 'The blaster POINTED A GUN _ : Builder'. Old Solness has determined \Viiliam A. Bigham Gives Ball for Ap- j to bs a faunder for the world. Accord- psarar.ce at Court. i ingi_v ne nrst erects a church vast and | beautiful beyond conception, but Vvith- j in it finds hypocrisy and jealousy, A -rrarrant -eras served by Constable Shealer Saturdav afternoon on Wil- t ered the ball. Topham carried it out of quire and our | bounds and it was brought, to the 20-" add to it. We I yard line. Cruickshank then made but we can't afford to again expose our j sight yards Vhrough the line and then herd to tubercular conditions, nor our ! LWO more for a Hrst (isv.-n. Topham cniidren v.-iih contaminated dairv pro- made eight around right and Gdnaic ducts." three more and a first down. i Cruiekshank slipped on the next i p!ay and was thrown for a loss. Alter; HO3IE TALENT SHOW a series of unsuccessful forward pass- '· Gettysburg Players to Produce Show | TO TEACHERS: | To our already large line of Corres| pondence Paper and Cards | we have added the very best num- | bers from the leading shops of the County | i and have them on display for you this j week. | Your inspection is invited whether yon buy ornoL = Peoples' = }es so much discord and envy, so much "2 'Strife and bitterness, "that Solness has ,ng- a gun at Robert CaldxvelL superintendent of the company. Mr. Caid= ] about concluded that to buiid for the I well, with several men drove to the -- | world is impossible. Then he sees that road entering = i his neglected wife is also a builder--a = j builder of "children's souls in perfect = | balance*, that hers is the talent for the Water Compariy property Saturday morning and -bout to unload some ground to ball. Scheffer { gains and got away j gain. Gettys- for Fire Company BeneSt. "The Dust of the Eardr" will be burg ·umbieci and~Bucknel! recovered P r esented by a number of Gettysburg j amateurs in Waiter's Theatre on Drove tneir r-giit-oi-way when appeared., turgis. Topham and Cruickshank Thursday evening, December 4, for the iri | carried the bail to Gertvsbursr-s chirty- beneSt of th e automobile engine fund ere I vard line where Cruiekshank booted it of tne Fire Company. The cast in- IIR -!b-aveen the seal nosts from p i ace . ^-des Ihe following well known per- ·x-- ! ^ -\*r T r T^. ... . -nr* « Xr. \ jthe ai: Ithe i ~ ~ota ] r -, le renia j n( j er O f -,;j- ie quarter former is ] bur(r ourp i ave( j Bucknell. to shoot if} In the opeR i ng: O f t :, e Throughout sons - Miss 3Iiss Anna Ge ttvs _ McCall. Miss Lily Dougherty. Mrs. E. j H. Bushman. Charles E. Swisher. Al- trains, and the derailer is there for use If there should be an eastbound train and a wes'tbound train has not been signaled, the operator could derail it and thus avert a collision. According to a statement issued af- cer the accident fay the oScials of the Western Maryland, it is a rule of the ;onipan\- that-ail westbound trains should stop at this derailer. It was said" by the officials that Staub neglected to s'cop and because of this the accident occurxed. The wheel of the locomotive struck this derailer and the big engine was throv.-n off the track about two inches, ft ran straight along the ties for a distance of about 50 feet until it reached the switch divertng the east- jound traffic from the bridge. There it struck the switch frog and -went back on the track, leaning, however, towarol the falls. The strain was too much for the track, and after the locomotive had proceeded oiily about five feet after getting back on the track the rail broke and the locomotive was torn loose from the caboose and sent rolling down the embankment. Staufa was thrown forward against che boiler head when the locomotive vvas first derailed. Zinn was firing the boiler and Wiihelm was getting from .he engine cab to the tender. Z;nn and Wilheim were preparing to jump -when the track broke and they v.-era thrown down the bank just before the locomotive came tumbling iown also. Botli msn stopped on the .; od ban McSherry, tdgar Miller. Erney idge of Gwynn's Run and neither was - v "-- vi-.,«--.*. ^,^.^-i^^ »;»; --'^,-~~ -- -- - .-- ~,-~~,,^.. *.^ ^...*vw.- *. t ^ tne ODePi i- !£r o* t'le next DS'-'OG *-*^.^.*.,.._», jut^«*t -^.sici. i^iiic^ \ -u^" vi. V7«\n;i s ivun neitner was air, but Solaess knows that she is j any one attempted to shovel off any of j Gettysburg pia'ved hard. Schefier "get- zie g ler .- Eichard Mishler, Ear! Stall- | Zinn was unhurt, but WHhelnTs true Master Builder, 1 ne blaster i-he ground on the wagor. ar.d -John T .- ",,,.,,. '"-,,.,,,,,,."« r a ,.,,.,,"- * smith. ! shoulder had been ininr^ ildar -- what an epitaph for anyone." j Sachs and Alonzo Xagle. accompany- Lincoln Celebration r -S :vlr - Caldwell. fearing Injnr\-, re- t:r:g- away on a twenty-nve yard run. Poftenberger and Hoar gained. Buckrial: recovered a fonvarc pass and on i shoulder had been injured- One of the features of the week will I i u s a d to «° ahead "'" th the work ' M r ''a series of plavs Stunris went around ^^^,- ^^^ 1 -sidwei! mounted tne Tvaeon and h pfr EXAGGERATION BEAR PLENTIFUL be the exercises on Wedne: I noon- -the Sftieth anniversary of a L^j;;; OVeled olF SCVeral : coin's Gettysburg- Address, William j 3ai . . . , . i stood wuh the cun -V O7 * "- spadefuls of h, while Mr. Bigham. it is !McShen T Esc.TrilIteIlthehi S -corvof!r t 0 o d w i a t h t h e pjn ieveled at ! ricsd and not more tnan six feet cant, threatening to .-hoot if he ^n. Mr. Caidwell has a crippled said. his I end for a touchdown and kicked the goal. Score. Bucknell, 10; Gettys- '. burtr. 0. I the Soldiers" ^National Cemetery: four I short addresses will be made bv Prof. NNER YOUR - TURKEY - 1 \ViiI taste better If you have a N E W S U I T O R O V E R C O A T on Thanksgiving Dav. We have a large variety of choice fabrics at prices to suit everybody. J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. jCalxin Hamilton. Hon. Win. ZVIcCieari, [ Dr. T. G. Billheimer and Dr. P. M. i ^? G i Bikle, telling of their memories of ~ T ' a *V* i Lincoln's visit to Gettysburg: Jadgre ?^,j i S-McC. Swope will read the Lincoln ] Z^ 1 "; ; Speech and Vhe oration -will be deliver- I ^. r \' ?ed by Rev. -J. B. Baker Dr. A. E. j · Wagner will make the prayer and i : there will be special music- Cliairs | · -Kill be provided on the stage for ali I j those who -ivers present in Gettysburg j ! on Xovember 19. 1863. I 8 Bucknell started whh a rush and ~ ! threw Gettysburg back on every play. ; After an exchange of punts with the arm . s uc ] ;r , e i} players gaininrr on each. oy several recant operations j Top ham received one of Scheffer's conunued his work until the j pan - lS and ran 65 yards for a touch . jcame cnbearaole. He then re- j down . Gdnaic m5ssed vlle ,, oal . to town,, laid information and j In ths |ast ooartcr ' Getnrsbcnr ler ser-.-efl tne TOrranu Mr. j wcakencd and %vas , jnable to ssaad the came to town and gave bail in |,, aca ser bv B ucknell. Forward passes of ?500 before Squire Hill for j :~, Jrther denlora!ized tfcem and " P3att at t.ourt_ j scored another and 3a=t touchdown, | follovnnjj- this with a ^oal. COMING PLAYS Reports Concerning Horses Grow- in the Teiling- The repon that from eighteen to iv.-er.t3" nve dead horses are taken weekly to the Spangler and Oyier fer- Vilizer plant is an exaggeration according to Mr. Spansrler who savs Old Bear and Cubs Seen 3!ountaiiu on South BL-njariin Beckner, of Roodside. .'.onheast of "Vv'aynesboro. while hunting in the vicinity of Sandy- Ridge, South Moun'cain. came across an old mat. whue sometimes three a day are bear and E ^ 0 c , jbs . Mr . Beckaer did not brougnt there, the average is about ] aKcm p t lo kill the bears and they, in eijrr.ta week. The largest number \ un ,. did not manifest any ir.tennor. of a---.r. s the present year was fifteen in a;;i I3DIERSIOX For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. I HOTEL SOLD : East Berlin Hotel to Get New- Proprietor Soon. Mahame made the longest ran of the day in a play shortly after this, mak- ] Plays Booked for Walter's Theatre | Ir.jr a 55-yard run to Buckr.ell's tweive- during Coming Weeks. jy^rd Hr.e. Here Buckneii held ai:d the :e ended with the ball in their nos- ! at'iacki::^ him, but wandered otr into a vrees, zr.e record being made curing: j :he forest . Ir ,; s reporce d that there " J ' J: -- ire a number of bears in this section this year. During the open season at Pen-Mar Park a large bear entered ihe back porch of the cottage occupied by H. J. Klinetank. of Baltimore, who was s-ammerirg at Pen-Mar, and ate cha contents of a can that had been partially filled with fresh meat ar.d oro visions. Many Witness Ceremony at Rock Creek on Sundav Afternoon. | George L. Baablitz. of York, | of the National Hotel, formerly known {as the Sunday House, East Benin, has Manager John F. Walter has booked tnc i-our PICKCTTS fciock Company for the xveek starting; Monday, December S. The company has appeared session or, Vhe fortv-estrht vard line. BACK TO JAIL i he immersion of four menibers of St. John's Baptist Church at Bender's Bridge on Rock Creek Sunday afternoon was a'uer.ded by a large crowd of interested participants and specta- J tors. The creek was considerably swoi- ! -. UXCLADIED LETTERS here several times in the past and has j Freedom Enjoyed but a Short Isold the property to Walter -J. Kunkle, j ;^V I of York, the consideration being S13,-' aL always drawn iarge houses. On Pe- · ! cerrfoer 2 Paroled Prisoner. , 1,^.0. ^ ..t \.i*.t;v \ -e v-^»^i.i.J: \ »\t?i- | -» T . ? » - * s* ti . T f~ * * -t ', , . . .~ . .". , · .»!au A-u-aniflfir Call at the Gettvsburg _. , ' ien hv tne rains ot Saruraav r.isrnt bat ",, m,. ~ fimc- bv, , . , * . Post Office. · · tne ceremoKv was carriea out in cverv j j'500. The j soon as the license can be transferred. ;The present proprietor is George j Svrartzbaugh, of Hanover. i i:er win appear j and on Deceni- j Otto Mitchell, who came j Court on Saturday for sentence "Where is My Wandering Boy" is S charge of assault and battery. change will take place as ! ber 19 ' " The She?herd ° f thc Hiils ^ on a and . announced for Tuesday evening. Xov- was placed on parole for a year, was · ember 25. ; particular. A number of visiting eld- befor* ers an ^ c^rck members participated *~ - i n ih cents IK, Daily at. OLDFASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, 40 cents ib.. Bnuerr.r.t Taffy, 50 cents lb., Peanut Tafry,^20' THE Ladies' Guild of the Episcopa- Peanut Brittle, 10 cents lb. Ice Cream Taffj 53, 10 cents lb.--Fresh j 15an Church ^H hold a bazaar in GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN ! Mishler's store room, Wednesday and j Thursday afternoons and evenings.-'.advertisement i SPECIAL: we have received a large line of children's, ladies' .jand men's ivin'ter coats also boys' and men's fall suits. Special prices on large rugs 9 x 12, linoleum and sweaters. G. H. Knouse, BiglerviHe.ndvertisemenfr 1 "KAYSER" silk giovcs for ladies re-arrested in the evening by Sheriff from two clasp to six'teen button Thompson who found him drunk and length. SOc to $1.00 per pair. Dough- disorderly at the Western - Maryland erty and Hartley.--advertisement 1 station. WE will have a fine lot of fish on WANTED: first class white cook, sale after this evening at 5 cents per Hemler'r. Restaurant.--advertise-' pound. Buohl and Shultz.--advertisement 1 men'i 1 il for the following remains un- r-aimed in the Gettysburg post oSce. Mrs. Fred Caster. Miss Ciariss 3rise, Miss Ethel Gray, Mr. Wilmer Guise, Mrs. Earnest March, Mr. Joseph Plank. William Pifer. Mr. James B. Pace. P. S. Shenberger, C. H. Smith. M. Treich. Wm. M. Trone. Persons calling for the above should state that it was advertised. NEWSPAPER! Dec. -I--"The Dust of the Earth". Walter's Theatre. NEWSPAPER!

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