The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 15, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1913
Page 4
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\!.i f.-Jsi- 2 " ~ THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Dailv Except Sunday Time* mud New* PoklMfainr C° m P"£ ~ W. LA VERB HAFEB, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP R.-BHXB. ' Medical Advertising Rich Long, thick, heavy hair. Want this kind? Ayer's Hair Vigor promotes growth, Does sot color the hair. Ast Your Doctor. I*WH. ? SUBSCRIPTION 5erved bv carrier in Gettysburg: for 25 cemts per rnoath. MaOed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cent« per momth. BATES * Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. . tea days alter your money is received at The Tune* Ufflce. E*t«red Aagurt 15, 1904. at Gettysburg, Pa., as Beccnd-cisM matter, amdtr Congress March 3, T 1SIS. __ t ~~ BELL PHONE UNITED PHONE fx Northwest ccrmer of Genir* Square, Gettysburg, 'HIS PAPER REPRESENTED FCK ADV'ERTJSlrtG BY THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO MEXICAN REBELS. General Carranza and Followers During Election "Time. FULL COMMITTEE PERSONAL NOTES GETS MONEY BILL AND BRIEF ITEMS l-ms Supporters Bis jMAOERO'S FSTE UPi Wamt milifc jpne ceniper word each insertion; Two cents a word if «oir**te6 «rmt page "posiiio*. -Resolutions of respect, poetry *nd memonanu o»« c*n' per word. _ --. '- -' - TO OUR READERS The Gettv«fl55r£ Times takes'a'bsbruteiyTio part in pdBncai'being-ueatral oa at- such niattersrlnvthin'g that appears in our general news columns, ecncerninf state or nationaTnolitisc J .is famished us by The American Press Association, f concern -which gives the same news to Republican, Democratic. Prohibition, or c---r^j:^._ papej-s and which is strictly non-partisan, cakr-rans are open t-» all candidates "of Elhparti**- if/Built Stove That Sells On Merit The Penn Esther does not have a lot of fancy c 1 · coratioa that is hard to kee^ clean--and at the same time ii is excelled by none in appear aace. It is the most solidh built and best general purpose cooking range'xve know. One that \ve can conscientiously guarantee. H. T. MAKING Bcilding/ormerly occupied by Straw Slacker Co. Bear of old Beading Freight Depo LOUIS DAMMERS, - Philadelphia Eyesight Specialist ~ONE~DAY ONLY Gettysburg Eagle Hotel Parlors Tuesday, Nov. 18th Special Office Hours, 9 A. M- to 8 P. M. « Dictator Expected to #Juit- at An£ Mo- j I ment or Be Thrown Into Prison, i i General Slar-quet Active- j , Mexico City, ilex., Xc*-- 15.--Provis-j ^ional President Hueria is "nourly ex-| * ! yecte* 1 to resign under su mmary orders \ I from the men who hitheiio have beenj his closest advisers and supporters. j - The diciator is said to. have been; ' -,-irtuallv backed to the well by Gen-' .'· e-a! Blanquet, minister of. war; other' I * cabinet members and the bankers of' | tie capita!, who are witnessing the de-i llYiructiou of their business and the: 1' grim chance of invasion. j I- .It is plainly apparent now to al* ob-: 11 servers"of the situation thsE talk or a. I-' «nanc!al blockade of the rsation, wulM __1 I1 all the countries of Europe hacking · \ the United Slates, has convinced ad-s Je -'= Six Democrats Reported Measure Tills Morning. .RESERVES MUST BE 68LD Five Republicans and Democrat of Senate Committee Will Report Next the navy. Including 23-inch offioals mat to projectiles, has received orders to rush Week. Washington, Xov. 15.--In the completed hill -Ahlch the six Democratic members of the senate banking and . It is reported that Huerta .-K-as prac-; ..._ UBIaaquet is saia to nave been i charged to keep in constant touch the government at Washington currency committee submitted to the full committee today, the words "lawful money" have an even more restricted application than had been given them, two days ago when they crep- Lack into tbe currency bilL Under tbe new application money" may not be used for redemption purposes, and the latest draft ot the bill provides that it may be used only as a reserve againsc deposits and oiher liabilities. The biU requires that this reserve must be kept in "gold or lawful money." The reserve against note issue must be of gold. The five Republican members and Senator Hitchcock, who are going forward with the work of preparing a separate biU, say they will not. be able to complete titir work before the middle Paragraphs of News TeH'tof tf tbe Happenings in and about TOWP Peopis Visiting Here ami Tbosr Sojcurninf'Elsewhcre. Miss Lula Slallsmith is spending Sunday at her home in Heidlersburjr- Mrs. Sarah MeCullough'and granddaughter, Miss Sarah, are spending some time in Philadelphia. Ervin Bucher is speeding the weekend in 3lillerstowa. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Neely went by automobile to Harrlsburg this afternoon for the Bucknell-Gettysburg foot My Special Offer $1 Glasses, This Visit Only. DINNER AND SUPPER Noon and Evening *·** ThanKsgivmg Day 5 Nov. 27 ? J 13 will be given in the Odd Fellow's Hal! at Fairf ield Auspicies of St. Mary's Church. Your patronage will he appreciated. I will mike you a tine p.i:r of irlnsses. inclndin? Bamaiers" Eye Examination, clear Crystal i^?n_ ses. a 12 Kt. solid Gold Fi-v Frame, and an elegant case. All For $1. Thircy ilays" trial of glasses al- .v.-etl- Orhers charge as hisrh :xs S to §5 for these ' c iitae r^^^v- -- ^^ainsr th~ wUn tee government at Wasiungton ! that attempts to hold o^fSf ^JJi 1 « *»* sTM s meaas ' * possible, to ter;] United States was m a a n ^ A special , ^ ^ ; train has been oraered bj the govern Fr ^ nce/ S2lvs lbe Ma . an , -5s , ment to be in readiness u go to ^era^ employ|ng ^ mona -^ a fi i ptomallc a u- J.Cruz. _ - ! thority In agreement -'-Eh the united The imminence 01 arrned an -*TM ) -| States to brias aboul a nor=lal sU . ,,' don by the Tinned States, hitherto ^ councrv." L looked unon dispassionately, now as-| ·_ i sumes grave import fa view of En-, c ~ rra ^ ra =r x e -ts Ar-ns - ' I ^.^.^tr^^nTin^ fr\ rnp · oarrarrza, t--X.-eo.fci* /-vr»ns» I-rope's apparent acauitocence LO oie. K ^ ye ^ ^ 15 _ An air Qf United States policy. ; cheerful exnecrafon was noticeable Huerta has not ye, °fTM?-^±l j a^ou TShe headauarters of the Cons.i- ; pressed his relmgrnsmnen ol £^Sance movement led by Venus- I « ^ "^ nited f es " !: Te ^ eoS : TM [ tiano Carranza. It was deemed certain I, it seeias certara he musi. ii- will no., oe i he must it will not oe; -- -- . . surrender to Trmted ^at the embargo against tee smpment ° I *^C »»vwif~- -T»^ o TV* m »in i -»rtT» *f*T~OCC T nc Eye Excuninatioa P ~ '' *" " "5 !· C? I nolle bale Wednesday, Nov.-19th, at 1 o'clock Cy the D-immers S-jIentiHe method. \\Ithout drops, -wkhoa; king questions without test cards or charts. Absolutely Free of Charge. Don'c fail to take advantage of this remarkable offer. Special Notice Monthly visit- to Gettysburg. OFFICES:- 238 Mntaad Life Blag., 1011 Chestnut St., FiilL Fa. FOR SALE I'from personal su r r e n a e r w ^»~ ^ ^ "^^^ |; States demands, but ^_°? .ff^J border ^o"ald soon be Kf |- of revolt on the pan ot ms ^rienas | ^^ ^^ | against him. { : that some sort of coup j to the one -svhich Ma-' I ' dero's Eupporters turned upon him, | may not overthrow Huerta. History j ! may repeal itself TO the extent of land| i ing" Huena in The military prison just as~u did for the slain president I i Coarse O'Shausbnessy expresses : "coafidence that the United States -nrill across the ;ted by the or nest -week. The six Democrats will aot try to crowd matters, TO SETTLE STRIKE SS^SlSlSSS^S^iSends CoraiBissioners to Treat *.««*. ^ B ^^ but will await the outcome or" the labors of their Republican colleagues and Mr. Hitchcock. The Republicans and Senator Hitchcock Insist that xhty are the regular banking and currency committee and tfeat tbe six administration Democratic senators are the insurgents. The most important change in the bill that is being evolved by the Republicans aad Senator Hitchcock was a limitation on tbe privileges of rediscount which a.member bank in the reserve association may claim. "In the house bill there was no limitation. An amendment was written into the bill nroviding that every member bank may claim at a matter of right redis counts on eligible paper up to the limit of its capital stock, but that in no case may it- enjoy discount- to a greater amount than 200 per cent of its capital stock except with the consent of ^e federal reserve board. A disquieting feature introduced into the consideration of the bill was a proposal to guarantee bank deposits. This. ii was sard, was laid aside, however, ball game. Miss Florence Hersh and Miss Elizabeth Hersh entertained at their home in New Oxford this afternoon for their guest, Miss Hazel Everett, of Waterbury, Conn. · Miss Alice Cable, of Smithsburg, Md., is a guest at the home of Miss Aoada Duttera, on Baltimore street. Roy P. Funkhouser has returned from a business trip to Hagerstoivn. Miss Julia Gilbert, of'- Baltimore street, is visiting friends in Harris{burg for several days. The Sigma Chi fraternity of college was entertained at dinner Friday even- at 'the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Butt. Mrs. Banner A. Buehler and Miss Marv Jane Seylar, of East Middle street, are spending several weeks in Foltz and other Franklin County :owns. Rev. and Mrs. B. F. LIglitner left on Friday for Bartow, Florida, where they will spend the winter months. Luther Musselman is spending the day in Hanover on business. Mr. and Mrs- John E. McDonnell are spending the day in Hanover. If this is true, the steps toward , clearing the situation will be. grst, the ' appointment of a man satisfactory to · the Constitutionalists and federals as · interim president, and next, arrange- · ment for an early election. · John TJnd. personal representative ' cE President "Wilson, may ouickly be called back to Mexico City, or ie may tion and conciliation, to proceed at once TO New OrleanS'to aid in settling the strike of the Souraern Pacific railway operating employes. The action by the president was ; .L...-.I,. .«. . ] taken following the appeal of Senators j The storm ejoufi. at all events, has | j^^-jen an( j Thornton, of Louisiana, ! _^-T._rr ,,,..' . ..^ ^. Qe boara take a hand jjx ^Tje se r. zlement of the strike and bring to an end, as soon as possible, the tie-up . ' i '·. i receive a commission representing the { I Knerta administraifon at Tera Cruz- ingtoa. Nov. 15. -- President "Wilson Instructed Assistant Comiaie- sicner Hansal. c£ the board of media- . i apparently passed. England's Support Pleases U. S. Washington. Xov. 15.-- Satisfacuoa over the attitude of Great Britain was the chief basis for a feeling of opti- Good Driving Horse, f carles nisp taar enveloped.the Mexican sit- i nation in official circles, of all objects, Jenny Lmdr^^^JS^S^S; A Car load ot fine West Virginia genera! and Good Hamess bought reasonably. Apply purpose horses. Sale will be held rain or shine at my stables in Abbottstown. F. K. Hafer - The ArendtsvIIle Grange \viil hold a corn, fruit and vegetable ihow. Saturday, November 22nd. Grange rnetibers and others are invitedto bring exhibits not later th~.n 2.00 p. m. Ribbon prizes given. Everyone invited. COMMITTEE. . IJ""Ai- LtiC- l.ifc*svw«*t *ii vwii ·^^-«----cj-- -Can be! between the United Stales and Eng] land, riot only through Ambassador but in "Washington as I Page - abroad, ·welL It is thought also that, the inter- · cnarse of vie^s -srith the TJnited HEMLER'S RESTAURANT, J States has b=er. made known to the British representatives in Mexico City. Vorl- ;*Tv»«i- · Secretary Brjan exchanged mes- lorfc. street. j ^^ ^..^ Charse o - s}iatis bnessy -- ! abont the reporter concessions wli [ -senibers of H:'.^~a"s official fanj j "nave InUroalesi he troald make to the j United Stales. J E:f"rts to rc?'.\ .Tofen Lind from ] Vera C".:z to A!r\ico City to discuss i tbe Aiaerican m"T.ora.ndim demanding i thst lap r°^r :·:- -..--an congress should ! nor conrene. vrerf- taken to indicate I ihat cne sro:;n snrronndlns Huerta ;t;"ces" z Compromise arranse- with other s^s^es in an independent s to ce -embodied bill revising the banking laws, which will be taken trp at the regular session. It was "learned that i:he Democratic members of committee hare agreed oa a 5 per cent dividend on the siock, Ts.-h"ile the Republican members and T.Ir." Hitchcock have fixed -5 per cent as the'"dividenQ- The Repub'licans^agreed tq,-give i3ie federal reserve board po-wer to remove asy director of a regional bank for cause. The Republicans also agreed to strike from the house bill the "provision in regara" TO suggested failures OL , - banks. They also .modi Red the feature that Trill have such a disastrous Snan- J Q . ^ - llo ^g e - ol n 2H to the time allowed cial effect OH the sugar brokers of that Q nat ; osa - 1 banks to accept member- section of the country- through wc;ch gMn = n g, rsser -.- e association. U. S. ARStY FLIER KJLLED Planned to Drop Mimic Bomb on Fleet in Manila Bay. Jlaniia. P. I-, Xov. 15.--Second Lieutenant C- Perry Rich, of the Philippine Scouts, IT- S. A., was kii'.ed in a fall ·situ a hydro-aeroplane into Manila Uie Southern Pacific operates and denesci solely tipoa tiiat company for transportation facilities. Dait^y pood and Cotton Seed; Peal. I i fispe^s ffiillmc and Produce Co ! nor;t \ver--fy 1 cr?«s -KOM'-I m- f '··n^cssioas or axe1 so ron';n Of?c5a3s -.'.»- ticcotiatTo^r. 1, . 5 ." new Mexican COTI. "rat not pass upon measures calcu- i' : - Kuerta in power. l f nt about the inner * ere optimistic. ENGLAND STANDS W!TH U. S. Tc Employ Strike-Breakers. Houston, Tex, Xov. 15.--Xo disorder has been reported atnong the r " 1 '25t'0 skilled employes of the operating department of the Southern PaciScJIaes Detweea El Paso and Xew Orleans, v.-ho ·went on strike. Aside from faro transcontinental trains said to be earoute, the reports indicated a general suspension of all traffic. The company was said xo be preparing to install strike-breakers with the aim of restoring passenger train service at least. Places for housing such employes are said to have been arranged at diSereat points along the Sunset iines.__ The employes" sixty-seven com plpjnts involve demands for reinstatement of many engineers and others declared to have been discharged in violation of contracts: allege excessive imposition cf demerit; assert many reports and other information are re quired o«tsi«e of company time and ask regulations of lay-overs away from home lensinals. j Forms!!/ Anr.ounccs Non-Iinterference | In Mexico. i London. Xov 5---la rcpiy to Presl- ] dent vvi3=or."s «"omTinication announc- j ing his de'orr.'r.rrion to eliminate ' Genera: Hyrtn and his :ico. Great Britain through Ambassa- i from power sn I answered forma! ?. OF DISSOiJ-TIOX OF . Sledkal A5v« dor \VaIf-r I-:. Page that her policy sirkriv or.e '/ non-interference. , is 'jn;-=:' : that the other BIT v ivo s^nt similar re er Look Young! Bring Back Its Natural Color, Gloss ar.d _ Thickness. Common garden sage brewed into a heavy tea with sulphur and alcohol so ft brush with it "an added, will turn gray, streaked and through your hair, takm faded hair beautifully dark and lux- cir^nH if ^ *;,««. u.. ..!.. uriant, remove every bit of dandruff. stop scalp itching and falling hair. Just a few applications will prove a revelation if your hair is fading, gray or d-y. s^rapsiiv ar.d thin. Mixing- the . - _ _.. _ T» . . · · » · - · * · · - . -, outline a^ so how he expected to Negro Slayer Gets Long Sentence. Trenton. X. J-. Xov. 15.--Guilty o: murder in the second «egree was the verdict rendered by a jury in Mercer court against James Johnson, colored an accomplice of \Villiam Diamond who shot and killed Deputy Eii B Stetser, of the Xew Jersey state pris OIL'Johnson was sentenced to serve from fifteen to thirty years in. the state prison. .' ^ T. R. Goes not our While wispy, gray, faded hair is siniul.^we all desire to retain o youthful appearance and attractiveness. By darkening your hair with \\yeth 5 isage and Sulphur, ro on .· ;v-^, o --"0,^^ O.IHI ouisinur. ro one ca tell, because it does it so r.aturaHy, s evenly. You just dampen a sponge c soft brush with it and draw th : and kmcr one can so ;ponge or this one small , strand at a time; by morning all gray hairs have disappeared, and, after another application or u.- o , vour hair becomes beautifully dark, glossy, soft and luxuriant. cor,=enf. affair? rf =aii partnc;r=ljjpare to be toil by Ricliar'i M. Ha:n. Ali (5i hi? ouinir to UK- partlif rs-hip arc" har! M to "'«_· IK:* nut -K'Liy ror jMjnicnt Rush Order For Shells. i Richmon-1. Va. XOT. 55.--The RJch- * i:','" ?'?.\~ I mond Tmlesar Iron workpfi which has I i « ^ f n i % 0 ror.tract for furnlsaing The accident a fatilty cvlinder in the motor. Lieutenant Rica jiscovered the defect before he left the ground, ana at first decided to abandon his uieht. but he afterward repaired the cylinder and ascenaed- He had ascended to a Jieight of 200 feet a.T.6 was making a preparatory trit) around the f.ect before starting on his intended flight over the vessels, during which r.c was to attempt to ·Irop a bomb on one of them, when his motor again broke tlown. Lientenant Rich- who was the only member of the Philippine Scouts attached to the aviation corps. -$as encircling the Asiatic fleet, which was at anchor in the bay, when the accident occurred. ter ex Buenos Ayre% Xoy^..J5.^Accompan ua-ler-, .^ bj _ his son, KsrmiC a' secretary and Rev. John A. Zahm, a noted explorer. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt left here upon a trip into Chile. They will hunt in the Andes. U. S, READY FOR XMAS RUSH PcstofJice Asks Public to Asd Employes 3y Sending 5ifts Early. Washington. NOT. 1-5.--Although deprecating the necessity for overworking its employes, tie postoffice department announced that it would be compelled to close its eyes to the federal eight-hour law daring the Christinas rush mail matter. Postmasters are urged to appeal to their patroas to aid in preventing the usual congestion just before Dec. 2o and during Christmas week. Christmas givers are invited to send thftir packages earlier than - nsaaV- utting CHURCH NOTICES PRESBYTERIAN Rev. F. E. Taylor will preach in the morning on "¥» r hat is Man". His evening subject -will be "The Herald of Christ.'" Sunday School 9:30; Christian Endeavor 6:15. ilETHODIST Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.; preaching and sacrament of tbe Lord's Supper at 10:30 r subject of sermon, ''The All-Seeing Eye of God". Epworth League at 6:30 p. m- A welcome to all services. L- Dow Ott. pastor. GETTYSBURG U- B. Sunday School. 9:30 a. m.; Junior Christian Endeavor, 6:00 p. m. At 7:00 p. m. Woman's Day Missionary Anni- versarv. A snecial programme will be rendered. Select mnsic and addresses. JCo members should miss this service. The public is invited. 3. Chas. Gardner, castor. ^^ ST. -JAMES LUTHERAN Sunday School 9:l-5r preaching 10:30; Christian Endeavor 6:00; Luther Day program by Sunday School, in chapel at 7:00 p. m. EPISCOPAL Sunday School. 9:45: morning service, 10:30: evening service, 7:00. COLLEGE LUTHERAN A. E-"fTagnerD. D. pastor. 9:4-5 a. m-. Bible School, L L. Taylor, Superin- :endent. 10:45 a. m., morning worship with sermon by Prof- Jacob A. Clutz D. D- 6:00 p. m., Christian Endeavor meeting. Ralph Wagner, leader, Topic: "Temperance Facts and Figures". 7:00 n. m. evening worship -with sermon by Prof- Charles F. Sanders. Strangers alwavs welcome- BIGLERvTLLE LUTHERAN Sunday School at 9 a. m.; preaching at 10; Junior Endeavor at 6 p- m.; Senior at 6:45- Monthly missionary meeting aX 7:30. " REFORMED Sunday School 9:15 a- m., church service 10:30 a- m., subject: "The Greatest Attraction'": -church service 7 p. m., subject: "The True End of Love."' SALEM U- B. Sunday School. 9 a. m.; preaching 10:00 a. m. and 7:00 p. m., by Rev. S. N- Snell, of Hagerstown. The Rev. Mr. Snell will preach each evening during the week at 7:00 p. m. Ail are welcome. -J- Chas- Gardner, pastor. CHURCK OF THE BRETHREN Revival services to continue all next week at Marsh Creek. Sunday mom- ing, Sunday School, 9:30; preaching 10:30. No preaching at Mummasbarg: Sunday morning. Straiten Street Church: Sunday School, 9:30 a. TO.; nreaching. 7:00 p. m. ARENDTSVILLE REFORMED Afternoon worship, 2:00 p- m. ST. JOHN BAPTIST Service at 11 a. ra-. 3 :p- Uel\-t\«iii*'" ^O.t llt-i. ti»*»i "- M«--*»"--»y-" .$TM-~""~--ii» VJ^-A. V »V-t «**· Jfc* **- » r f ~ y _ w J^" r on the outside wrappers the hiscrip- j 7.39 p m -._ a t -which Services the fol- tion "Xot to be opened until Christ- j !owin ministers will speak, Elders G{Robinson, Walker, Carter, and Walker Toliver. Baptizing at 2 o'clock. Services to-night at 8 o'clock. All are wel- mas." Shot In Woman's Appendix. Harrisburg. Pa.. Xov. 15.--Surgeons of the Karris'onrg hospital removed from the appendix of Mrs. Reuben -Ulrich. of Selins "Grove, two grains _of the shot with wSich her husband had Sporting Man a Suicide, Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 15.--G. Harry Hodgkins, sporting man and prize rin" official, shot himself dead. He j killed a r ha^ been despondent since his wife ate a part of the rabbit containing died two years ago. ^ ot - Xcal i-lt.ird M. Ilatu J. Mi Couorny llcr u h and .lolin I ) . Kcitli. A t l o r n i j-. OW fn r(iri'n t ':«\ Pa., wore n slit hklrr, man's MH-I..S and no petticoat Fix«; thotis'tnti iMiipluyoo-s of a mill siir FOUND automobile curtain, o\raer may recover same by paying for this WANTED: a man .of good habits j u ] ver tisement V H-^-O \t\J Alicia*- **** »rf -^ -- -- ·· tf come. ^Ider N. D. Shadney, pastor. FOR SALE: at Fuhrman's Stock Yards, one load of fine well bred stock bulls, weighing from 400 to 600 pounds. Farmers making sale in the Spring, it will pay you to have some good stock bulls to sell. C. T. Lower.-- for on farm, good location near j otis-iiKi -nii(loy«(»s of a mm sni' mav rec over same by paying lor tms - '° · T .,,_. qnit work nil rushed to tbe TM4 tiseme nt. F. WeLl.-advertise- town. Apply by letter to P. Times Of- Dec. 2-LeJure j fice.--advertisement JstorK. crua ment _ _ i 1EWSP4PERS nFWSPAPFRI

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