The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 15, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1913
Page 3
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Public Sale On Thursday, November 2Q. At Willian Spaldipg's stables, Gettysburg. One carload of fresh cows, · springers and some Holstein heifers. Some stock bulls and steers, weighing 800 pounds. Howard Spalding MOTHER BRIBE [NJWHimplE OapifaiWatcbesDr.HofrarsGails! on Miss Margaret Wiisoa. SHOOTS WIFE'S BROTHER Domestic Quarrel In Crisfield, Md. May End In Tragedy. CrisfieM.Oid., Xov. is.--William C. Holland,-a promineat young man of AIs city, in his horae.jsho: and seriously woaaded ais wife's brother, Harry Poleyette. ! Peleyette, it is said, in a rage o\-er ?o:ne financial trouble, went into the home of Ms mother aad began abasing aer, and when his sister, ilrs. Holland, remonstrated with- him. he beat her. As soon as Mrs. Holland couid get to THE SUPREME COURT'S Shell Oysters Large, good flavored Crisfield oysters on the half shell. 25 cent a dozen, 15 cent half dozen. Give me a trail. O. KLENFELTER'S CAFE. IS Carlisle St. 000000 oj NOTICE H a v n g purchased the well known Key Stone Roller Mi" Is, I am prepared to do a general milling business. Highest cash price paid for grain of all kind. The Patronage of the public is solicited. J. I. Hereter ·K- -i- Gettysburg. Pa. and his iaother-in-'avi: weep- Poleyette,. it is said, told hira j Ithat he had just thrashed Holland's \ Justices Select Silver Centerpiece For wife and was waiting to give him the '' *ame dose. i Holland fled pistoL with a Kiss Jessie Wilson--Diplomats Also to Send Silver. for Institute Week In One Minute! Clogged Nostrils Open- Colds And Catarrh Vanish - Stops Xasty Discharge. Clears Stuffed Head, Heals Inflamed Air Passages and You Breathe Freelv. Try "Ely's Cream Balm." Gee a small bottle anyway, try it--Apply a little in. the just to nostrils dissolves by the heat of the nostrils; penetrates and heals the inflamed, swollen membrane wiilch lines' the nose, head and throat; clears the au comes immediately. Don't lay awake to-night straggling · \ L--*"^ dullness and headache disappear. By morning-! tfae'catarrh, cold-in-head oi- eatarrnal sore throat -Kill be gone-End such misery now! Get the small bottle of "Ely's Cream Balm" at any drag- store. This sweet, rragranz balm mucous dropping into the throat, and raw cryness Is distressing but trulv needless. Put your faith -- Jnst once -- in "EIv^s Cream Balm" and your cold or catarrh will surely disappear. The Gettysburg Ice and Storage Co. Will give a demonstration of their products on Wednesday, November 19th * from 2 to 4 p. m. We want to show you how we manufacture Washington. Xov. 15.--Society of the capital is looking forward to another wedding- at the White House, following the marriage o£ Miss Jessie Wil- scn. The names of Dr. Gilbert Horrax and Miss Margaret Wilson, the eldest of the president's daughters, are linked in the reports. " Dr. Horrax is a graduate of Wil-{ ! college, where Mr. Sayre will j become an instructor, and \vhere he v. ill take Miss Jessie as his bride. Dr. Horrax is said to be a frequent visitor at the White. House, and Miss Margsiret is named as the person upon whom he calls. Dr. Hcrrax lives 3.1. Montclair, N. J. He received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins and is house officer of the Peter Bent Brigham hospital. The "united States supreme court aas joined the ranks of government bo-Ties which are clubbing together to purchase gifts for Miss Je-ssie Wilson, the White House bride-to-be. Chief Justice White called the other justices Into solemn conclave, and 2 unanimous decision is understood to have been handed dov,-n !a favor of a centerpiece- The gift, which TV:!! be a silver bont of esqaisite design, trill be inscribed to show that it is from the members of the court and their wives. The later are understood to have decided on the girt and the learned justices, ratified their decision. The senate, which has raised SlOOO for a chest of silver for Miss Wilson, is now worrying about a suitable inscription. The senate is more skilled at tariff and currency than at graceful epitnalimiums. and returned v.-th a j j Poleyeue started for Holland j i rweaiy-isoand pressing iron. H Holland, it is said, warned him 10 J; stand back, aad he shoe PoJeyette J| twice. The first shot did not hale Pole: I yeue. Holland shot the second lime, j j ihe ball piercing Holland's right breast j ] and passing through a laag. His con- j *· dition -is; critical. TfoHand was held JH ) } $1000~b"all for court. * \ \ or the diplomats are sending sifts of silver. The Italian ambassador and Marehesa Cusani will contribute fo:rr massive silver candlesticks of rare design and -workmanship. The minister of Uruguay aad Jlme. de ?ena bsve selected a beautiful jewel box of sliver and tortoise shell. The minister of Bolivia aad Mme Calderon will send a large basket of Bowers, as will the minister of Costa IrLica ana Mme. Calvo, the minister of the Dominican Republic and Mine. De Peysaco and most of the other ministers. Tic Xew Jersey delegation are among the comparatively few members of the senate and house who have received invitations to the wedding. Ameag the hospitalities which are being planned for tne bride-to-be is a luncheon by Miss Geaevieve Ciark. To this, it is understood, all the young women of both the senate and house circles will DC asked. M!=s Clark presented to Miss W'lsoa a small s'cne cross attached to a chain, it carce from Tirgin'a. where the stone is regarded as a lack piece. Congress xnay^aeclsre a holiday over Xov. 25. the wedding- day. out of ccm- piiraent to Miss Wilson. The wedding will not be the official reason given, of courser ~ - - BODIES FLOATING IN ALONG LAKE SHORES Two Oilier Big Staamsrs Added N to Sforfti's Wrecks. II Detroit, Mich., Xov. 15.--There is " sj great apprehension that the 600-foot J ~ steel freighter Henry B. Smith, of · fg~ Cleveland, foundered in Lake Super-1 ?s£ ior with her crew of probably forty j ^ men. She was commanded by Captain ; James Owen. The total number o f ; lives lost in the storm is placed at i 255. | It was learned that the freighter j Major, also of Cleveland, was aban- 1 doned oil WhiteOsh Point. Her crew j | of eighteen men were rescued, how- ! ] ever, by the steamer Byers. The ship ;: vas in a sinking condition when the ·'· crew left her. \'. The body of a. tailor in a lifeboat :J from the steamer Argus, -wrecked dur- · 2 the storm, drifted ashore near j \ Kincardine, Ont- A diary in the cloth- ·} ng bore the name of, Tom Nelson, Buf- j j falo. The Argus carried twentj-threa men. - The Hydrns. also missing, had same number in her crew. The I. M. \ Scott, wit htwenry-eijrht 'men. has not : i been heard from, aad it is feared she ··· is also lost- 11 The bodies of eisht men and one -! Our new Holiday Goods are arriving and we will have everything on display for the teachers and visitors,!nstitute Week. It is a wise plan to buy gifts early and get the choice, as in many of i he finer articles we only have one of a kind. Parisian Ivory Toilet and Manicure Sets, Mirrors, Brushes, Combs, Clocks, Buffers, Knives, Files etc. Also the same articles in Pink and Blue Pyraiinc. Our new Stationer}- is exquisite. We have ic priced from 25c to $4.00 per box. The finest paper, in beautiful ribbon-tied boxes. In useful Household Utensils our Wcartver Aluminum takes the lead. We h?ve a fuli line. All guaranteed. Savory Roasters How about a Savcry Roaster for the Thanksgiving Turkcj ? They come in three sizes and different grades of material. Priced at 9Sc to S3.QB. The turkey actually tastes better served from a Savory than from any other Roaster. Qrocery Department We have a lot of new Fall Goods in here. Mince Meat, New Dates, New Figs, New Nuts. Evaporated Peaches, Prunes, Seeded Raisins, Loose Raisins. New Canned goods in all lines. Don't forget to ask for the %£ Green Trading Stamps, and get some of the beautiful premiums. Gettysburg Department Store our Ice, and Ice Cream and Sanitary Milk Process When the pure food in- spectors were here this past summer our products stood the test when others failed. Join the crowd on Wednesday and sample products. TAFT CALLSJ3N WILSON Former President Visits Executive Offices Thir.«t Time Since Msrch . "Washinstcn, Xov. 15.--Former President Taft visited the White House offices for the Third time s:ace March ·1. He caine to town to lecture before the National Geographic society. "I jnst came to pay my respects," he said to Assistant Secretary Forster. "Please take my card to the j president and tell him so. I know he is ' a busy man. and I don't want to trouble him." President Wilson, however, directed that his predecessor be ushered inrim- ineenately. The two men chatted for a few miautes, greeting each other heartily. I our Gettysburg Ice and Storage Co. Ice, Ice Cream and Milk Governor Fires Train. As*nrv Park. X. J_ Xov. 15.--Governor I-e"n R. Taylor demonstrated his fJemocrcicy when he made the trip from his horse at Avon to Treaton on the e^aine of a Pennsylvania train ratacr than In tie P;iliinan selected by certain state politicians. The governor ciaaged the bell -s-henever necessary thro^ghoct the Sfty-iaiie ride. When not thns engaged he shoveled coal The engineer. Elisba G«Iick, ·sva=: in charge of the train on -srhich Mr. Taylor acted as brakeman before he entered politics. King of Saxony In Wrack. J.-e:ps:c. Germany. Xov. 15.--A special train conveying the king of Saxony ·was --recked by the derailing of a hasssso CST near Kiefltzsch Jnnc- Lake Huron, rwenty-Sve .miles above j i Goderich. Ont. A tenth body bearing a Carruthers life belt was found near ! : Kintal!. j Messages received indicate that: { Lake Huron holds another overturned ; mystery ship besides the one a few i aiiies northeast of Fort Huron--a red- ! bottomed steamer having been, report- ! ed oil Harbor Beach. This has caused ! many to believe that she is the · III- ' fated Carruthers. of Toronto. ! PROBE IVIANUFACTURJWG COST! TFIAPPE,R3 FARMERS A T T E N T I O N ! Rcdneld Orders an Inquiry as to Cloth- j ing, Hosiery and Knit Goods. I Washington. Xov. 15. -- Federal in- vestigaoon of the cost of manufactur- j ing clots ing. hosiery and knit goods I was ordered by Secretary RedfieioT, o f ' the department of commerce. j The investigation will begin at oncfe j and will cover the principal centers j of prodaetion at home, as -well as those | abroad. i Secretary RedSeld recently annotmc- j ed the purpose of h:s department ~~x \ investigate the working of the tariff , as it relates to the principal,disputed · p-olnts to determine whether the re-' ductions were harmful to American Industry. Jockey Killed by Train. New York, Xov. IS.--Tommy Bums, a jockey, was killed by a Brighton Beach elevated train. He fell iron; the platform of the Elsn Place station ia Fulton street anfi was almost decapitated by the front wheels of the first car. The time of year is here for fur bearing skins! I have many satisfied friends who have sold me furs in former years, who will come again this year. But I want You Men that I Have Not Dealt With Before to bring me your catches and learn that I will pay you the highest cash price the market affords. Don.'t let city printed circulars quoting high prices fool you. When you receive your ir-cney for a city shipment it is usually less than you expected, when you deal with me you know what you are getting and you get it CASH without waiting. If you don't often get to town write or telephone to me. No lot too small for me to buy. HARRY VEINER, United Telephone 217 North Stratton Street Leaves $50.000 For Cats and Dogs, j Kew York, Xov. 15.--The wi!l of ' Mrs. Helen D. Winans, just filed here, leaves her entire estate, amounting to $50.000. to the Bzde-a-Wee Home for Cats and Dogs. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE--mmmm^mmm-^ GENERAL MARKETS PHILADELPHIA--FLOUR steadv- I winter clear, S3.65@3.S5; city mills, 5 fancy. ?4.90@5.10. RYE FLOIJ3 per barrel. 'US. qnlet, at S3.50@3-S0 WHEAT firm; No. 2 red, new, 92© Even the slightest cough or cold may prove serious, dangerous, even fatal if not checked in time. Consumption is only the result of neglect It is not hereditary and is positively presentable. la fact, if your lungs are weak and every cough pains you and you feel your strength growing less every day, you can regain perfect health and strength by the regular use of CORX firm: Xo. 2 Tvhite, 81 3 4.5;S2c. OATS steady; Xo. 2 white^ 46® i %c.; lower grades. 45c_ ' POTATOES stead-; per bushel, 70 i tion. a shc.rt dis;ar.ce from ibis city. br ' 39c The king r»as= r.ninjnred aad proceeded on foot -o the station here, waere he boarde.-i another train. POULTRY: Live steady; hens. loc.; old roosters. ll@12c. Dressed firm; choice fowls. 3$*£c.; old roost- i ers . ISc. i BUTTER firm; fancy creamery, 37c. ; EGGS steadr; selected, 42x; near- ; KEELEY TeiMEN? successfully: u :·. for 34 years used L8I2 N.BSOAD ST,PHILADELPHIA PA Parental Effort. "What are "you" working so hard for?"" "I -want to provide for my boy's i future," replied Farmer;"ComfosseL'"!" j want to lay by enough wealth, so that j I can leave'Josti thfs farm for a golf" i course." · | Mothsr of Seven Killed. PottStcwn, Pa^ Xov. 15.--By the es- 5 plosion of stove polish in the kitchen of her borne here, Mrs. William Ber- gcy. the mother of seven children, was so badly burned thai death ensued five hours later. Twenty-seven BTMcs n minnte. clay and night, nro printed in the United States. Live Stock Prices. ! CHICAGO--HOGS weak and 5c, i iower: hulk of sales. S7.SO@S.05: light, j J7.60@8.10; mixed, $7.60©S.20: heaw, · £7.i5@8.20; rough. §7.4o@7.65; pigs, t 15.50^7.50. , CATTLE slow: beeves, §6.70@9.65: S Texas steers, $6.60 @ 7.70: stockers and 1 feeders, $4.90©7.15: cows and heifers. |3.25@S.15: calves, $7«11.25. ] SHEEP weak and l-5@25c. yower: , native sheep. $4@5; yearlings, $5.50@ t J.25; iambs, native, $6@7.58. ; POR SALE: goo4 family mare,' fearless of all road objects. Address C.' Times office.--advertisement . T ' Emulsion FOR COUGHS, COLDS, BROSCHITIS AND WEAK LQR6S BEAR'S EMULSION Is really pleasant to take and is fer superior to any cod liver oil or other emulsions on die market- Hundreds of voluntary. testimonials prove its wonderful value. It may save your life and it is guaranteed to relieve and benefit you, or we refund your money. Write for full information regarding actual results told by thousands of users, free on request. DR. JOHN D. BBAR, Ph.D. EL.KTON, VA- AUCTIONEER Any one desiring the j service of A. W. Slaybaugh j for the Calling of spring^Sale" j should give this notice strict * 1 attention as I have a few vas cant days in March. Z. J. i Peters Guernsey Pa, will ans- |wer all telephone Messages If or me. Bell or United Phone I i Post Office address i Guernsey Pa. BEAR'S EMULSION is recommended and sold by The People's Drug Store and Huber's Drug Store FOR SALE Full Bred cockerels and pullets; Hamburg, Buff and White Orpingtons Columbian Wyandottes; Barred Rocks. David Knouss ^rendtsville, Pa.

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