Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 10, 1936 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1936
Page 13
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 10 1936 SWINE PRICES UNEVEN AT CHICAGO MOSTLY STEADY WITH TOP 10 OFF Run of 12,000 Head Fall 7,000 Below Advance Estimates. CHICAGO, (IP)--Hog receipt were curtailed sharply Tuesday bu "because of the unsettled conditto of the dressed meat market deman for live hogs received little stimuloua Prices were very uneven but raos sales were steady with Monday's av .erage-although tie top declined dime to $10.60. "- The 12,000 head run fbll 7,000 be I low Monday's supply and 2,000 be -·Jow advance estimates. A few carl; "sales of medium weight butcher i were strong but later bids were un .'evenly lower. Cattle regained Monday's decline ·with red steers and yearlings ruling 15 to 25 cents higher. There was -little beef in the 6,000 hesui supply : however, and as a result all weighty steers got good action.- The early ' -top was $11.25 but few heeves sold "--above $9.25. £2 Easier conditions 5n the mea !Ztrade have kept the livestock mar ~ket nervous. Packers reported "^tiressed beef moved slowly although prices have been reduced from the ,-ihigh level of the first of the year . --when best steers- were bringing $1 J · ^compard with-the $12 top paid last jweek. Beef · is quoted at wholesale *around lO : /2 to 14 cents compared --with 14 to 17 early in January. ! '"' Fat lambs opened 25 cents high aier, resulting in a return of $10 quotations for best kinds. Mason City Livestock MASON CMTY--For Tucsaay HOGS. Steady. Good liRht lights ,,, 140-160 S8.70-9.00 Good lights . - · 160-180 S9.20-9. Good light tmtchere ..... 380-200 S9.50-9.SO Good JiRht butchers 200-22*J S9.50-K 80 Good mert. wL butchers 220-250 59.50-9.80 'Good mcd. wt. butchers 250-270 S9-35-9-65 "Good mcd, wt. butchers 270-290 J9.1P-9.45 "Good heavy butchers .. 290-325 $9.00-y.3U Good heavy butchers 325-350 S8.85-8.15 Good heavy butchers ...,. 350-400 $S.65-3-95 Good packing sows .... 275-350 $8.4*1-8.70 -Good heavy sows 350-42$ $S.20-#.5G ·Good big by. sows 425-550 §8,05-8.35 Good big hy. sows 550 and up $7-85-8.15 (The above is a 10:20 truck bog market lor good and choice fcogs. The difference ID price is lot short and long haul hogs.) CATTLE. Steers, good to choice 5 7.75- 'Steers, medium to good S 6.00- T.50 "Steers, fair to medium S 4.50- tJ.QQ Heifers, good to choice S 5.1)0- 6.50 "Heifers, medium to good S 4.75- 5.5C -Heifers, common to medium *. S 1.00- 4.7s :Cows, good to cboice S 4.25* 5.0C -Cows, fair to good S 3.75- 4.25 ^-Cows, cutters 5 3.25- 4.75 ~" Cows, canners ....... *«...*·..... $ 3.00- 3.25 Bulls, heavy .-; S -J.5U- 5.50 £ulls, light S 3.75- 4.50 .Calves, gd. and choice 130-190 5 6.50- J.OO Halves, med. to good 130-190 S 5.00- 6.00 'Calves, Infer, to com. 130-190 $ 5.00 down IAMBS. Xarobs, good to choice .. 70-90}£, medium to good ,..... .i«unbs, fair to medium ·Common to fair .Yearlings, .good to choice 70-90 ^earliass, med, to good 70-90 ^carlines, fair to medium .... Culls Dative ewen, .sood to choice .. -· Cull ewes Slicks ..,-· 'Wethers, 2 years old ~ .... Wethers, poor to best ...,,*.... Buck lambs 51 less. No dock on lamtjs. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. S 7.50- 8.50 S 6.00- 7.00 S 4.50- 6.50 S 4,50 down S 7.00- 9,00 5 5.00- 7.00 S 4.00- 5.00 5 4.00 do S 2.75- 4.00 5 1.50- 2.M, $ 1.00- 2.50 S 6.00- 7.00 5 4.00- 7.00 CHICAGO JLIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Jlarket) CHICAGO, uP;--U- S. department of agriculture-- HOGS 12,000; including 1.000 direct; steady with Monday's average but very uneven; top lOc lower; few early sales on medium weight butchers stronger; late bids on butchers unevenly lower; sows steady; lop S1Q.60; balk 140 to 250 Ibs. £10.25^10-60; 250 to 300 Ibs. S9.75@10.40; little done weights over 300 Ibs.; sows $9^9.40* CATTLE 6,000; calves 2,000; fed steers nnd yearlings 15-25c higher; Monday's de- flir,e regained; trade fairly active; IHtle ijeef in crop; consequently all weighty steers getting best action; top 511.25 but little above 59.25; stackers and feeders active; tjieaty feeders ST.SatfBS; thin offerings §6fi7; heifers fully steady, about 25c lower than last, week; best SS with.SS-GO late Monday; rows fully steady; bulls slow, steady; vealers 25-iJOc lower, mostly $7(^8.50. . SHEEP 9,000; fat Jambs opening 25c higher; strictly good to choice corn belt fed western hands-weights 510; some. held higher; sheep extremely scarce: quotable fully steady; few good-fed ewes $5.50. S00XH St. PAUX. LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Market) _ SOUTH ST. PAUL, tiR--U. S. department of agriculture-. CATTLE 2,500; slaughter steers slow; early bids easy but askisg stronger; good led kinds held around SS1S9; common and medium grades bid about $5.50@7.50; she stock slow, mostly steady early; few medium to Rood heifers S5.50^T: best fed lots held higber; beef cows S4.50®5-25; pood grades up to S3.75; low cutter to cutter cows 53.50^4.25; mainly; bulls weak to 25c lower; bulk $5{$5.50; best heavy weights up to 56: calves 2.200; slow mostly steady; bulk desirable vealers 57(^8; choice sorts 5S.50; cull to common 5-15i 5. HOGS J),500: active, fully steady with Monday's average; better 160 to 230 !bs. $10«r. 1/).20; early Jop 510.20 for choice 160 to ISO IhP. srnne held hipher: 230 to 300 lb?. 59-ZIi (3)10.10; heavier weights flown to $9; MO tr. IfiO Ibs. 59.50f5'10.iri; SOWF; pigs scarce; ^vrrase cost Monday £9.65; weight 215 !b5, .SHEEP 1.500; very little done on small t-upply fat lambs here; buyers talking steady* but, sellers askinp 25c or more hiphrr; indications about steady on fat ewes; bulk fat Jambs Monday S9.50: few natives S9.25® 9-Cti; fat ewes Si-75^5.25. KANSAS CTTt LIVESTOCK Tuesday Market) , KANSAS CITY, TJT--U. S. department of agriculture-. HOGS, 2,500. no directs; slow, steady to ."ic higher than Monday's average; top $10.20; Desirable 170 to 240 Ibs. $10.051110.20: 250 to 300 Ibs. $9.75^10; better crade 140 to 360 Ibs. 59.65310.Q5; sows $8.5Q@S.S5; few at S9- CATTLK. 3.500. calves. 800: fed heifers Rnd mixed yearlings stronc; ; otherwise killing classes of cattle openings slow, steady; romc interests bidding lower on both steers and cows; vealers about steady: stockers and feeders unchanged; early top pood year- ItnK steers $9; choice medium weights held hicher; several loads lightweight fhortfed fleers S7.25SS; low cutter and cutter cows 53.25JM.fiO; ftrd heifers up to JS.15; selected Toilers $9. SHKEP. fl.OOO; jauibp mosdy 25fr35c hish- pr; ?hpep s f f R f l y : rarly ton fed (nmhs S9.M: s-Mti* 1 h^ifl hisnrr: 5CKi(fr»d lois rtrwn to S?.2S; fM yearlings .J8.2, 1 !; sirttichtrr cwcs Hog Markets HOGS HOR prices at midwest markets Tuesday: U.IJAK itAl'IOS--Good hoRS 150-1GO Ibs. 58CfrD.2a: 160-170 Ibs. $9.25^9.50; 170OSO JUS. J9.509.75; 180-230 Ibs. 39.75^10: 230250 Ibs. S9.70®9.95; 250-270 Ibs. $9.45® 9.70; 27U-2SO Jbs. 59,25^9.50; 290-325 Ibs. 59.109.35; 325-350 Jba. 58.95 | 9.20; good packers 275-350 Ibs. $8.45@8.70: 350-425 ibs. $8-25©8.5U; 425-500 IbS. J8.058.30; 500-550 Ibs. $7.85[$8.lO. WATERLOO--Hogs steady. Good to choice 140 to 150 Ib3. 58.6568.95; 150 to 160 58--90®9.20; 160 to 180 Ibs. $9.40@9.70; 180 to 250 Ibs. S9.G5('9.95; 250 to 270 Ibs. 58.45 (ft9.75; 270 to 290 Il5. $9.^(9.55r 290 to 325 Ibs. ?9.lOt' 1 9.-10; 325 to 350 Ibs. SS.95fa9.25; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. S8.-I5H'S.75; 350 to 425 Ibs. 58-25^8.55; 125 to 050 Ib3. SS.10 8.40. OTTUMIVA--Steady to .1 C hlfibcr; 140 to l. r .O Ibs. $8.70^.9; J50 to 160 Ibs. $9(ic9.30; 180 His. $9.40('i(9.70; '180 to 220 $9,70filO; 200 to 250 IDs. $9.6051,9.90; 25(1 to 270 Ibs. 59,30^9.00; 270 *« ^90 Ibs. S9.20y 9.50; 290 to 32s ibs. $9tri9.30; 325 to 300 Ibs. S8,90f'i'9.20; 350 to 100 Ibs, 58.70y9; packers to 350 Ais. JS.50t'[:8.SO; 350 l» 125 !bs. 5S.30f.i,S.60; -125 to 450 Ibs, 58.10^8.40. AUSTIN-- Market IQc higher; gowl to choice. ISO to 200 JbH.. $9.60^9.90; 200 to Jbs. 9.-10; packing sows, good, to oOO Ibs. COMBIXK1) HOG KKCKJl'TS. DES M01NKS, LPJ--U. S. department of agriculture-Combined bog receipts at 20 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior owa and southern Minnesota for the 24 jour period ended at 8 a. m. Tuesday were 1,900 compared with 12,600 a week ago and 11,600 a year ago. Generally active, steady to lOc hi~her, spots up I5c on desirable light kinds; load- ng indicated shade heavier. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 to 1GO b.s good and choice $8.90^9.50: light velghts 160 to ISO Ibs. S9.50«P10; ISO to 200 bs.,?9.70r.i.l0.15 : medium weights 200 to 220 bs. $9.75^10.15; 22Q to 250 Ibs. $8.70ft 10.10; heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. $9.30('t 9.95; 290 to 300 ibs. $9^9.60; packing sows 275 tn 350 ibc. fcood $s.00@9; 300 to 425 Ibs. ; 425 to 500 Ibs. ?8.10(Li)8.65. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. (TiictuUiy Market) SIOUX CIT1% \ai--U. S. department or ;pri culture-- CATTLK 2,000; scattered earlji sales beef steers and yearlings steady; sellers asking stronp to higher; butcJier she stock dull r stockers and feeders active, lirm; car good 981 lb- fed yearlings $9.25; few loads salable around S8.25cEi8.50; most offerings digits at 7.75 down; desirable fed heifers held abuvc $7.00; most cow bids 55.50 down; desirable around 700 Ib. feeders $7.25. HOGS 3,000; mostly strong to lOc higher .o shipoers; better 180 to 230 lb. butchers ;10(10.1Q; top 510.10; 1-1U to ISO lb. weights :9.25@10; packers bidding steady on heavier butchers at $9.90 down; sows I0-ir»c higher at SS.S5Cti;9; feeder pigs up to 59.23. SHEEI- 2,000; no early action; fat lamb ndertone steady; asking higher; best led t-esterns held to 59.75 or above; late Monday ambs steady to 20c lower; top 59.70; bulk 9.25@9.69. . OMAHA UVKSTOCK. (Tuesday Market) OMAHA, UP. 1 --U. S. department of agncul- ure-- HOGS 6,000; include? 300 direct; active arly on light v.'c]ghl butchers on outside ac- ount, mostly 10-15c hisfaer than Monday's veragc; later trade dull with bids and few ales of medium weights around steady; othing done on heavies, such weights under ressure; good to choice ISO to 230 lb. butchers S10@10.10, practical top §10.10 to ship- era, small lot at 510.15; few 230 to 270 Ibs. 9.SO@9.90; 270 to 300 Ibs. «9.60f'i9.90; big ackers inactive; 150 to ISO Ibs. $9.65@1Q; ood sows SS.75Ji8.9Q, steady to 5c higher; ,ags 59 down; strong weight stock pigs to 9; average cost Monday 59.71, weight 253. CATTLE 5,500; calves 000; fed steers and earlings moderately active, strong to slight- higher; she stock fully steady; bulls slc teady to weak; vealers steady; stockers and eeders scarce, fuJ3y steady; fed steers and earlings 57fir9, few loads S9.009.75; 1 load 167 lb. weights .$10; heifers mostly $6.25@ .25, few lots 57.50 with some held higher; eef cows 54.75(fr5.75; cutter grades §3.25® .50; bulls $5(5(5.65; practical top vealers 58, dd head SS.50, SHEEP 3,500; salable supply; Increased by 958 head held irom Monday; entire supply ·ooled lambs, practically all killers; opened Ids fully steady, asking higher; fed wooleti ambs ?9.25(5)9-50, bulk held up to $9-75 and bove; no choice ewes here; 1 load good rades shearing Iambs SS.90. . WHEAT HOLDS TO SHARE OF GAINS Revival of Domestic Milling Demand Helps to Keep Values Up. CHICAGO, i/P)-- Despite late reports of moisture at several points southwest and west, wheat at the last Tuesday held on to part of price gains scored earlier. Helping to sustain wheat values was some revival of domestic milling demand. An opposite factor was a more peaceful tone in European political news. Wheat closed firm, % Monday's finish, May above July corn unchanged to \{sc higher, May 6Hl@60%c, cats unchanged to U cent up, and provisions varying. from 5 cents decline to an advance of 2 cents. CHICAGO CASH CHAIN (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. I.} 3 !--Cash wheat. No. 3 red $1.02A tough; No. 3 hard S1.09U. Corn, No. 4 mixed 57c: No. S mixed 55© 56'ic: No. 4 yellow STfiii^tlic; No. 5 yellow jfffiSG^c; No. 4 white 59c; No. S white 54',4ffl57 1 ,! : c: sample crade 42353 1 flC. Oats, No. 2 white 30^c: No. 3 white 25^i K30c; No. 4 white 25!i@irr',ic; sampj grade 22ru25 1 /2C. No rye. Soy teans. No. 2 yellow S2c: No. 3 yellow 7Sc; No. 4 yellow 77!~c. nil trau'it Cliicaso Barley, actual sales 4Sc; reed 30 maltinc 40S!87c. Timothy seed 53.10 cwt. Clover seed $12.50^20 cwt. Lard tierces J10.07; loose J10.07; bcliit- $14.75. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesday No. 3 yellow corn -46c No. 4 yellow corn . Ear corn White oats, No. 3 Feeding barley 40c 22 '/.c 25-35C No. 2 yellow soybeans ........ 65c LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, w--Official estimated receipts ,'edncsday: Cattle S.OOO; hogs 12,000; sheep ,000. Representative Sales (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, l.T;--U. S. department of acri- ulture--Representative sales: HOGS. Lights-9.50 21 IBS - in.40 9.05 12 173 10.50 9.75 IS 192 lOinO 10.00 41 198 eavy-- 354 335 264 252 ediums-- 242 234 . 222 205 10.25 Light Lights-32 S Ifi 14S 102 1.JS cers-- 11E5 1310 12S4 1157 1127 1112 1011 1125 10.35 10.40 10.50 10.60 CATTLE. Heifers-11.25 IB 960 11,25 20 fl25 10.00 24 ' S2I1 700 IS 650 Cows--. ·J.75 9.15 7.SS ,7.70 5 12SO 1306 1130 975 860 mbs--· 0 SHEEP. Fall Shorn 10.60 10.25 10.35 10.40 S.75 -8.00 7.25 6.75 6.25 C.OO 5.50 5.00 4.75 3.75 9S 100 103 10.10 10.10 10.00 10.00 10.00 B'.SS 9.75 210 136 Ewes-35 6 Vearllnps- 92 SS 122 130 92 8.00 7.75 5.50 5.25 1.25 GOVERNMENT BONDS. (Tuesday Market) NEW YORK. .-n--U. S. hond! ctased: Treasury 4';s 47-52 117.1S. Treasury 4s -H-55 112.16. Treasury 3Ss 40-13 J u n e ins.34, Treasury 3-is 43-17 10S.9. Treasury 3 ! .sS 46-49 lO'i..". Treasury 3s 51-53 103.2S. WHEAT-May July Sept. ... CORN-May , July Sept. ....... OATS-May , tity !cpt ,...... RYE-- 'uly !«rt BARLEY-- ·lay LARD-Mar , May luly Sept BKLLJJBS-- Mar May TUESDAY CHAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, U' Hteh .110 .SS-'i Clos .99S .S9V .B0!i .F.0-% ..10.65 ..10.50 10.60 10.40 .40 10.55 10.65 10.62 10.40 14.80 11.10 MJNNEAI'OLIS GRAIN. (Tuesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. I.PI--Wheat 90 cars; lie higher to ;c lower: No. l heavy dark northern spring 60 Ibs. $1.24 I / : "''1.33ii; No. 1 dark northern 59 Ibs. S1.24V'i@1.32',i; 53 Ibs. Sl^O'A^l.SlVi; fancy No. 1 hard luontnna 14 per cent protein S1.22 1 .KtT1.23 l ,'i: to arrive 51.20U £'.1.22i.i: Krade of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter $1.04- l.lO'j; to arrive 51,03U«J1.09V1; No. 1 hard amoer durum Sl.OS 1 -^!^ 1 /-: No. 1 red S3',5c: May 51.07U; July S1.02M; September 92c. Corn, No. 3 yellow 60ra61c. Oata, No. 3 white 25,i®27',ic. O-IAHA GRAIN. (Tuesday Market) OMAHA, (.11--Wheat, No. 2 hard 51,010 1.02;;: No. 3 hard 97c@Sl.01Vi; No. i hard 925I'96'.-ic. Corn. No. 4 white 5SW61C: No. 5 white 53 ftf'filc: No. 4 yellow 54}irii 59C; No. 5 yelkr 49i?57c; sample yellow 50V-C; No. 4 mixed 5SVJC. Oats. No. 3 white 24 1 /.c: No. 4 white 22y. S24!ic; sample white 23',jc. KANSAS C1TV GRAIN. (Tuesday Market) KANSAS CITY, (.PI--wheat 26 cars; lower to Hie hicher; No. 2 dark hard nominally 51,Ol 1 /^. 1.17ii; No. 3 nominally 99VJC rtJ'S1.16 3 ,i: No. 2 hard 51.OiP,4 fi'1.10: No. 3, 51.02^1.04%; No. 2 red 51.04^1.04'^; No. 3, SI.OIKS 1.03. Corn 56 cars: IHc lower tn }ic hicher; No. 2 white nominally GS^^lQ^c: No. 3 lominally 66Uft:68c; No. 2 yellow nominally i6^^67iic: No. 3 nominally 65^(g:G6Uc: No. 2 mixed nominally ei^Qeatec; No. 3 nominally 64«T65c. Oats S cars: unchanged to Me toicher; No. white nominally 27'/-S2S ! Ac; No. 3 nom- in Lamson Brothers Market Letter Hides and Furs notations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. BOBSEHIDES Horsehldes ,, ..53.00 ·GREEN BEEF HIDES Up to 25 Its _ _.6%c 25 to 45 Ibs _ 5c Morn than 60 Ibs. ..,,,., ,.,..,,.....5c Bull nides 3c ·Cured hides half cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to wholesale dealers In wholesale) lots.} WOOL MARKET. (Tuesday Market) BOSTON, v.i-j--U. S. department of agriculture-- Business in bo!h domestic and fortiRn wools in Boston was very quiet. Nominal tiuolniionx were unchanged, but there was not snoush actual trading lo establish market prices. Mcmhcr," of the Boston trade wire p-aitlnc w i t h a Kroal rlral M interest for t h r ( r a r l y rPiwts frrjn Lnnrlon where fl new 'scries of auctions was scheduled to open. MARKET BEVIEW Wheat--Foreisn markets were lower Tuesday morning reflecting no immediate concern ovsr the political confusion in Europe. Our wheat prices aner an easy opening rallied slightly and then field within a narrow range the rest of the session, some of the larger traders were inclined to buy a little July at times and the difference narrowed to U cents at one lime. No precipitation over he southwest, and dust storms were reported at salina. The forecast over this area is for colder and partly cloudy. Winnipeg did l i t t l e Tuesday and export business over niyht was small. We do not think it logical to l a k e a bearish position on the. new crop lipure." at the moment but more outside interest is required to cause much fif a higher trend. The slowness with which Canada is getting rid of their exportable surplus is another factor in our market, Curii--Market little easier Tuesday, cash interests selling and several traders v e r e bullish. One hundred twelve thousand bushels received. A wire from Buenos Aires said a government spokesman had said unofnc^lly that the government had rejected proposals to Increase the minimum price of corn. Traffic Halted 2 Hours on 65 When Truck Gets Stalled in Large Drift HAMPTON--Traffic on highway 65 south of Hampton was halted for two hours Sunday evening when a Merchants' transfer truck driven by Ed Haines of Minneapolis, became stalled in a snowbank two miles south of town on the highway about 9 o'clock. The truck struck ice and swung across the road when Haines drove into the snow to avoid a car driven by R. H. Madsen of Arnes coming toward him in a one- way track Stock List NEW VOKK STOCKS. (Tuesday Final (luutalinna) Air Reduction ISOVi Loews Al Chcm Dye 191 llayUg Amn Can 125 Amn Sm Rer 78 Amn Sugar 54 '^ 1701i S3 21% 49 19 vi 10 !i 19 »i A T T Amn Tob.B Amn Wat Wks Anaconda Atchison Auburn Aviat Corp B O 50% 714 21 I6:a C M S P P C R 1 P Chrysler Col G *. E Com Solv C o m w l t h Sou Cons oil Contl Can Contj oil Del Corn Prod Curt Wright re pfd Du Pont Gen Eiec Gen Food* Gen Mot Gillette Goodyear 111 Cent Int Har Int Nick Can 1 T T Johns Alan ivennccolt Kresgtr Lib 0 F 79 U 14 li 13',i 127 4 2 2 3.-, 73 29 vi 147»i 34 !i 6171 20 S 20 33 » 2S?4 21 % 3114 105i 36% 31 39'. 71" 34 ; 43 McKess Rob Mid Cont Pet Mont Ward Worrell Murray Corp Nash Natl Bis Natl Cash^Rep Natl Dairy Nati Dist Natl Pow Lt N Y Cent Nor Pac Oliver Farm J C Penney Pcnn R R Phillips Pet ft C A Rej Slt-el Key Tub B Sears Ru«* Shell Union Soc Vac . So Pur Stan Brands S O Cal S O inrt S O N J Slew Warn Stone Web Sluuebaker Swift Co Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll Bear Un Carb Un Pac Unit Air Unit Corp Unit Drue U S Gypsum \J S fibber U S Steel Warner Fix II" West El MI£ 117', Woolworth !il« Wrigley 77 37 'i 21',! 16 13% 23^-i 36 69 % S4 133 104 f. 2114 CHICAGO STOCKS (Tuesday Final Quotations. Cities Service Dexter Hcllman Br Co Katz Drug Kellogg Switch T-^S Uibby McNeil 9% N'atl Leather 2',s Natl Standard -10 11'* 11 M. 31 'A Northwest Ban 10 Quaker Oats 134 Rath Packing 2n% Swift Co 23*4 Swift Intl 32 1 :; U t i l i t y Ind Hi Zenith 17 Va Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAIHSON BKOTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7 1IO\V JOKES AVERAGES Total Sales ..2,330,000 CHICAGO STOCKS B'utlcr Bros W,i Keys st Wire s»»i cord Curp G-"^ Marshall Fields 17 Kalamazoo slov "{-· Walgreen Co 32 SEW VORK CURB Am Gas Elcc 3Sii Hud B M S 26U Am Cyanamid B o5!-j Humble Oil Co 7];s Am Su Pow Co 2v.i Ark Natl Gas A 6\' Asoc G El A 1".; Can Ind Alk 10U Dist Corp Scag 26=1 Eisler Elec 3Vi El Bd Share 17% Ford Mo of On 25y s Ford Mo of Kng S^i XEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Juncau la It Gobel Allegheny 3% Bant Note 46 Am For Pow 1\'z Am Cry Suy 2^ J /s Am Pow Iji 9% Am Roll'p Mills 301s A.m Metal Co 33=;* Am Ka . S Co 22 Amer Too Co 03 ir CO ti!.; Armour All Ret Lockheed Niag Hud Pow Niles-Bem-Pond Pennroad Corp S O Ky Co Un Gas Co Un Li Pow Co 4 '/. urn P LI GO n; 9% 4% 2(H» Co p£ SU 'JO"; Bel Hemingway 15 Best Co D2?; Baldwin Loco fi' MfB Co Bendix Budd Mfs Co Burr Add Byers A M Co 22' ; s Calit Packing 35 raterpillar Trac 69U 3erro de Pasco 53 ~hes Ohio 57% Coca Cola Co 92^ Com Credit SO',4 Com Solvents Cont Motor !r of Wheat Cudany Packing Curt-Wri Co A Dist Corp Seap Douglas Airc Eastman Eaton Mis Co Elec Auto Lite Elec Pow Li Erie R R Co Fire'ne Ti fi: Ru Foster-Wheeler 32!^ Freenort Tex 33 ;cn Am Trans ."'R Glidden Co 4S',i fil Is 25 is 14 H 29 "nvi 36 is Gold Oust 20^ Gt North'n Ore 1S-;.L Graham Paige 3;s Gt Nor PId 4011 lioust Oil (new) li-}:, Hudson Motor IS 1 ^ Hupp Motors 2-fi Intl carriers s',i Indust Rayon 2a}-. Kelvinator Co 22U Lambert Co 27% Lehigh Port Ce IS's Liquid Carb Cp 39 Lorillard 1:314 Mack Truck 3-1 li Mathieson Alk 34 McLcllan stores 1314 Mcx Seab'd Oil 3S% Minn, Moiine Im J O M K T SV, Mo Pac 31i Motor Products :15 No Amer 26^ No Amer Avi 9 li Otis Steel Co 19% Owen 111 Glass 156 Packard Motor 3114 Park Utah Cop Proc Gam Pub Ser of N J Pure Oil Co Purity Bakery R K O Rcadins Co Rem Rand 21^ st Joseph Lead 27« So Calif Edison M'i Spcrry Corp 22 li St G E 71-j Tide \Va As Oil 17'i U S Ind Mch 49?; Util P Li A 57i 5 15 lj S Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke and Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. Bid and asked Tuesday: Cent St El 6 pet pfd S25 par) IS Cent St El 7 pet pfd ($25 par) 14 Cent St p L 7 pet pfd .... IGVz Champlin R c f la 7 pet pfd .. 75 Creamery Package com 26 U Hearst Cons A , 24^ leo A Hormei ,A pfd 100 Geo A Hormel B pfd 9S jC-o A Hormel com 11\' toterstate Power fi pet pfd .. i'S Interstate Power 7 pet pfd .. 31 ^owa Electric Co 6 ] ,i pet pld SO iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd .... 52 ;a Eiec Lt Pow 5 pet pfd .. 7?. [a Elec Lt Pow e 1 ^ pet pfd 74 [a Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pfd .. 77 !a Power Light 5 pet pM 3t.fl ta Power . Light 7 prl pfd 30.T - Public S?rv « pet pfrf SO a Public Serv fiii pet pCd ,. 90 'a Public Strv 7 pet pfd .... 9.V.i a South Uti! 6 pet. pfd fio a South U t i l 6M- pet pfrl ,. fifi :,i South Util 7 pet p f d fiS Minnesota P L B pet pfd .. 8^ Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd .. 92 Northern St Power 6 pet pfd Si 1 - '.'orthern St Power 7 pet pfd S6',i s' W Bell Tel 6 J ,i pet pfl ilfiu N W St Portland Cement 23 3 .ath Packing 6 pet pfd ...... its Kath Packing 7 pet pfd 100 Sioux City G El 7 pet pfd .. 89V Jnitcd Lt Rys 6 pet jifd . . 70 Jnited Lt Rys 6.36 pet pfd 71 United Lt Rys 7 pet pfd . .. 77 V'estern Grocer pfd S2 Vest em Grocer gom 8 10(1 ip 1 ;- 102 inr, 119 " 300 102 INVESTMENT TRL'STS Ky The Associated Tre.Hfl. d and asked Tuesday: Corp Tr Sh , 2.7-" Corp Tr Sh A A Mod .T^ Corp Tr Sh Accum scr 2.r»s Ccrp Tr Accum Scr Mod 3.23 Dividend Sh J.65 Maryland Fund is.D-1 ationwide Kec 4.17 ationwide Sec Vtc 1.7,1 s'or Amer Tr Sh s.r.O or Amrr Tr Sh 1955 fi.I'.o Quarterly inc Sh i . r « t sclcclcd Am Sh Inc ....... fi . t.rfi =;i]pcr Corp Am Tr A 3.72 ' R Kl I, A T A IS.2.-. ' S El 1.- fr P R .......... 2.RO U S El L P Vic l.tiS 1.77 20.4 S '1.27 1.57 1.70 1.69 LATE TONE FIRM IN STOCK MARKET Farm Implement, Motor, Oi and Rail Issues Show Strength. NEW YORK, UPt--Farm implement, motor, rail and oil issues developed strength in Tuesday's stock market, gains among the favorites ranging from 1 to around 4 points. Rallies were interspersed with dullness and profit taking periods, but the latter did not get very far in view of the more optimistic trading slant on the European situation. Outstanding advances near the beginning- of the final hour were shown by Case, International Harvester, Deere, Chrysler, General Motors, Auburn, Seaboard Oil, Amerada, N. Y. Central, Southern Pacific, Westinghouse, American Can, Anaconda, American Smelting- and Cerro de Pasco. At the same time American Sugar Refining, American Telephone and Allied Chemical lost from 1 to 3 points. The late tone was firm. Transfers approximated 2,500,000 s h a r e s . Principal foreign currencies edged up against the dollar. Although the concensus in the financial district seemed to be that "the war ig over," some observers noted that explosive materials were still plentiful in the Rhineland. Curb Market NEW YORK, iVh.--Firmness characterized the'curb market Tuesday at the beginning of the second hour or trading with prices rising tractions to more than a point. The only sagging tendencies were displayed in some of the mining issues. Aluminum company or America stood above the rest of the list with a gain of -1 points at one time, and Gulf oil Penn moved up around 2 ] ,~ points early In the day. Transactions were heaviest in the utility group which ranged Irom unchanged to fractions higher in price. Bond Market :s"EW YORK, 1VP)--Medium priced rail 1s- les pushed forward in the bond market Tuesday while U. S. government and corporate low yield obligations bumped into liquidation. The action of foreign loans indicated, observers said, that unrest over European diplomatic differences had abated somewhat. The absence of trading in such issues as French s and 71-jS and German 6s was interpreted n banking circles as evidence of a calmer feeling. In the U. S. government Rector a handful oc loans, such as the Treasury 31is of 1943, the 3-lis of 1946 and the 2^3, suffered losses which ranged from 3-32nds to 10-32nds. The Treasury 2%s and the 4 J ,is resisted the downswing to score moderate fractional gains. The drop In governments, however, brought out sbme selling of corporate low yield liens. Medium priced carriers, like Baltimore and Ohio 4'As, Erie 5s and Illinois Central -His were up a little, aided in some measure by :he demand for equities. Produce MASON CITY--For Tuesday Cash Quotations by R G. Morse Sggs, current receipts .· 14c Springs, heavy breeds 16e leghorn springs ...13c "tags, heavy breeds 14c 3eavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over .... 16c Under 4 Ibs. .13c _ lOc Turkeys, No. 1 ....20c Geese lOc Ducks ...' 12c Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 17-18C* 3ggs, cash 15-17c* Sutler, Iowa State Brand Sutler, Corn Country .... 3utter, Kenyon's Butter, Very Best Sutler. Brookfield Potatoes, peck 30c and 45c 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. .40c .39c .39c .40c .39c CHICAGO PRODUCE (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, (.TV-Butter 11.9LO. «eak; specials (93 score)^c; extras (92) 30'ic: extra firsts (9(i-91) 30@30Uc; firsts S8-S5) 23'.if;29!ic; standards (90 central- ie! cartots) 30c. BESS 22,382. easy; extra firsts locals 19c, cars 20c; rresh sraded firsts local lS ] /ic, :ars 19Vjc; current receipts ISc, Poultry, live, 19 trucks, steady to firm: lens 5 Ibs. and less 21 3 /3C, more than 5 Ibs. 20c: Leghorn hens 19c; springs 24c; broilers c; fryers 23c: roosters I6c; turkeys 18 @23c; heavy white ducks 24c. small 22c; leavy colored ducks 23c. small 21c: geese 17c; capons 7 Ibs. up 26c. less than 7 bs. 25c. Dressed turkeys steady; prices unchanged. NE1V YORK PRODUCE. (Tuesday jUarket) NEW YORK. UP!--Eggs 49.-1S9. unsettled; mixed colors, special packs or selections from resh receipts 22(TL22i^c; standards and commercial .standards 21Vic; firsts 20^@21c: leconds ig'.Ajl^Oc; dirties No. 1, 42 Ibs. .9'~c; average checks IS^c. Butter · is.(ill. weaker; creamery hisher han extra 31 r -i^32'«c; extra (92 score) me; lirstj: (SS-91) S O U ' y S l u c ; central- zed (9f» 31c. Cheese 275.176. quiet; pricep uttchangrd. Live poultry steady; hy rrpicht; Fowls 22 ^ 2 ( r : other price." unchanged. PRODUCE FUTURES. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. .T.'--Butter futures rinsed; Storage standards. March 29 ] ic; November 25 T Jc. EPS futures; Refrigerator standards, October 21'sc; storage packed firsts, April 19vc. Potato futures: Idaho russets. April S1.S5. Norman Bright Top Choice for Olympic Distance Run SAN FRANCISCO, (jB--Red- headed Norman Bright or the San Francisco Olpmpic club emerged Tuesday as an outstanding hope for an American victory in the 5,000 meter event at the Olympic games. He won the feature race of the indoor track and field meet here Monday night, leading Joe ItfcCluskey of the New York Athletic club to the tape by 15 yards. Blight's time was 15 minutes, 2 seconds CHATTKK 36. Wilma. blew a thread of smoke into the air contemplatively as she talked to Thora of her approaching wedding as Pat drove them back from town to Fair Acres. "It's a funny thing, Thora . . but I'm terribly fed up with all this fuss and bother. I wish it were over with. I want to get away. And then . . . . if I don't like it . . Wilma shrugged her slim shoulders and tossed away her cigaret. "You think I'm rather hopeless, don't you?" 'I think I feel sorry for you," Thora answered soberly. "You needn't. Perhaps I am cynical about the whole thing, but I come by that honestly. If I get burnt, it wilj be my own fault . . . and just too bad." "Do you plan to be married soon?" Thora asked hesitatingly. She hoped that Wilma would say no. Something might happen . . . It seemed such a terrible thing for a girl to do. To marry a man, know- ng that she didn't love him. And not caring. Wilma answered the question unhesitatingly. "Yes.-Between you and me, sooner than anyone else thinks. You see" . again that mirthless laugh . . 1 think I'm cooling off. I got a thrill out of it, at first. The excitement it gave the other girls, and all that. I got a kick out of seeing how envious a lot of them were. But I'm :ed up now. I could scream when I iink of Aunt Dorothy's dinner. Some old frumps who had known me ever since I was a kid ·. . . 3ad making a speech and loathing the whole-thing as much as I do. I don't know why I'm worrying you with all this . . . but I've felt these jast few days that I'd blow up, if ' couldn't take it out on somebody." "I think you are afraid . . . of yourself." "Not a chance, my dear. I'm just 'ed up. That's all. Alec feels the same way. We've decided we'll slip away before long and get it over, with. I hate to burden your conscience with the plot, but you'll probably be called in to administer lirst aid to the family. I know that : can trust you." "Yes, you can trust me. I hope hat you'll be happy . . . I hope it 10 much." "Thanks." Wilma leaned forward. ler hand came out and gave ?hora's fingers a little squeeze. 'Don't bother that blond head of rours about rne. I'm not worth it. When your time comes . . . you'll do it better. I can even imagine /our being . . . happy." She said he last word with a quick glance ver her shoulder through the rear window of the machine. "Oh, Pat!" "Yes, Miss Wilma." "That car has been trailing us for he past 20 minutes. Pull away from t, please." "I'll try it." . "We got raore'n they have," Pat ailed back a moment later. "Want me to keep it up?" "Yes." Wilma's voice was sharp. 'Don't look back," she cautioned, miling at Thora's startled expres- ion. "It's nothing. Just nerves. I lappened to remember my valua- iles, that's all." "They're the persistent divils," Pat observed a moment later, after a glance at his rear-vision glass. "They must think it's a race. You 'till want to keep up front, Miss SVilma?" "Okay. I can do that. If you don't want to see their back plates, I'll hog the road if I have to. It's only a few miles now." Nothing more was said as the ma- ihine fled along the smooth pike Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, i-Yj--U. S- department or a?ri- ulturc-- Potatoes 57. on track 207, total U. S. hipments 909; seed stock, demand good, ahJe stock, about steady, deJnand good; upplics moderate; sacked per cwt.: Idaho tusset Burbanks U. S. No, 1. $1.70^1.SO; LJ. S. No. 2, SI.65; Wisconsin Round Whites T. S. No. 1, $1,20; Michigan Russet Rurals a. S. No. 1, $132%; North Dakota Bliss Yiumphs U. S. No. 1, $1.42 1 ,j; Colorado IcClures U. S. No. 1. §1.52Vi5'1.90; U. S. ^*o. 2, $1,02%; Nebraska Bliss Triumphs /, S. No. 2, and partly graded Sl.fiQ®l.fQ: Florida Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1 bushel rates, showing decay $1.25@1.40 per crate; ess than carlots Florida Fliss Triumphs ushel crates lair quality and condition. ome showing decay $i.50@1.65 per crate. NEW YORK SUGAR. (Tuesday Market) NEW YORK, \jpi-~Raw sugar unchanged. Futures 1 to 4 points higber. Refined unchanged. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR. (Tuesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. LR--Flour unchanged, arload lots, family patents S7.051/7.25 a arrej in 9S Ib. cotton sacks. Shipments 29,876., Pure bran S165T16.50. Standard middlings S15.50(?Mfi. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE or THE .\rroi:vTMENT OF EXECUTOR. TATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo county, ss. No. 47SO. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the ndcrpisncd has been riuly appointed and uallficd as Executor of the estate or T. . Proctor. Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo ounty. All persons indebted to said estate re requested to make immediate payment: nd those having claims against the same ill aresent them, duly authenticated, to le undersigned for allowance, and file in he office of the Clerk of the District Court. JOHN WILLIAM PROCTOR, Executor. Dated February 2-Hh. 1936. S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk District Court.. By MARGARET KILEY. Deputy. | under Donahue's skillful handling. He was the first to break the silence with: "I'm goin' to slow sudden for the gates, Miss Wilma. You and Miss Thora want to watch out for your NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATRIX TATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, sp. No. 4SOO NOTICE IS SEREBV GIVEN, that the ndersigncd has been duly appointed and ialilied as Administratrix of the estate of crn S. Cutler, Deceased, late of Cerro ordo county. All persons Indebted to paid ··late arc requested to make immediate r-'-v- ent: and those having claims acntnst the ame w i l l present t h e m , duly authenticated, the undersigned for allowance, and f l i c in he office or the clerk or the District court. GLADYS D. CUTLKR. A d m i n i s t r a t r i x . R. C. Moody. Attorney. fltM March 7lh. 183R. P. H, Miir.Fmk. Clerk D i ' t r i r t court. By--Margaret Rilcy, Dcftity. noses." The Marsh car had scarcely started picking up speed on the driveway than the second machine flashed by and disappeared. "Please don't say anything to dad about that," Wilma urged, as she settled back in her place beside Thora. "I was only imagining things, and he's going to be provoked with rne for bringing that bracelet this way." The two had no sooner entered the house than Wilma caught at Thora's arm. "Come back to the library with me. I want a witness when I turn over my valuables. Dad will let me off easier, if you're with me." Selv/yn was in his 'library, but not alone. Sherman Gordon was seated on the other side of the big table. W K K K STAKTJNG MARCH 11. JililB. XOKXmVJESTER.N- fJJMBNT CO. ,, Bull. G lin 3:15 ;,74 J 7 ( He rose to his feet at once as the ! AWmil - · w... Thirty Rounds of Boxing Draws Fans to First of Armstrong Fight List ARMSTRONG--Thirty rounds of boxing attracted fans here Tuesday, with a 6 round main go topping the bill. Eddie Randolph of Colorado and Bud Rule of Davenport were slated for the main event. Don McDermott of Algona and Capt. Ted Logan of Estherville were listed in the semiwindup, while Franklin Jones of Fort Dodge and Franny Warrington of Esther-vine had the billing for a special 6 rounder. The show is the opening event of the 1936 outdoor season. Three four rounders support the top contests. BOWLING STANDINGS MASON CITY BOWLING ASSOCIATION. Individual AvcniKCK nf (lie Mnstin City Buwllng Lcucilc and CluD. two girls entered. 'Ah, tte travelers have returned. "And how," Wilma answered carelessly, Sherm. "You're another witness With Miss Dahl. Dad, I was in Edmond's today and brought out some of those things." She opened her nag and produced the bracelet in its case and three ring boxes. Marsh caught up the case with an impatient exclamation. "That was anything but smart. Carting this thing out here withoul any protection! What was EXJmonc thinking of?" 'He wasn't much enthused," Wilma admitted easily. "But there was no danger. I had two good caretakers with me ... and I wanted the things out at home. Now you see they're all right. It's up to you to take charge of them and see thai nobody gets away with them." "I'll do that . . . don't worry. I've a notion to lock them up where you can't get at them. Look at this, Sherm. Do you blame me?" Gordon whistled under his breath as he examined the diamond circlet. "Some geegaw, if you ask me. Here, take it back. I hope you have a good combination Selwyn." on your safe, "I guess It would bother an ama- tour, provided he could find it." "All right. Don't tell me which panel it's behind. I don't want to know. Wiat's that other trinket, Wilma?" "Alec's ring." She held out her left hand for the two men to see, "You didn't see this, either, Miss Dacl," she reminded. "Very nifty badge of slavery," was Gordon's compliment. '1 thought the lucky man was supposed to put it on your finger, ill omen . all that sort of thing." "That's hopelessly passe," Wilma returned wearily. "The country is getting you, Sherm. I'm taking this one," she told her father. "You lock up the others." She turned and left the room, followed by Thora. Selwyn sat smoking silently after the girls disappeared, his eyes fixed on tie jewel case. Gordon watched him curiously, wondering what was passing through his mind--if old memories were associated with those :ostly trinkets. He was surprised when Marsh spoke suddenly, in guarded tones. "I had a report today on ... you inow." "Good?" "Perfectly for a start, they said. I suppose they mean the passports anrt that sort of thing were in order. They're back-track- ng through their correspondence in Lxmdon. I guess it's all a waste of time and money." "I imagine so." "I've had several talks with the chap. He seems to have a pretty evel head for business. He's away now on a matter that sounds very attractive to me. I believe he's all right just different from what we're used to." Gordon chuckled. He nodded at the jewelry. "I'll say he's all right. Any man who had that stuff in his fingers and was on his way to the train . . . He's bound to be all right." ( TO BE CONTINUED) New Hampton One of Two Sectional Contests With · Three Referees Working NEW HAMPTON--New Hampton is one of the-two sectional tournaments in the state that will have three officials, according to F. J. Moore, manager. Twenty-two teams will compete here and play 20 games in eight sessions. L. W. Whitford, Cedar Falls, Frank Church, Moriona, and R. G. Gormely, Waterloo, have been named to work here. Clyde M, King and Leonard Schillinglaw. both of New Hampton, have been assigned to the Waterloo West tournament. Iowa Falls High Wins in Final Scheduled Contest IOWA FALLS--In the last scheduled basketball game of the season, the Iowa Falls high school team defeated the Hampton cagers 31 to 18 here. After fighting on even terms during the first half, which ended 8 to 6 in favor of the locals. Iowa Falls pulled away in the final period and steadily"increased its lead up to the final gun. In a preliminary game the Hampton reserve squad defeated the Iowa Falls second team 17 to 14 in a fast game. Rudolphmum Wins Scrap With Elma Prep Hoopers PROTOVIN--Rudolphinum high school's basketball team defeated Immaculate Conception of Elma, 22 to IS. while the local alumnae team beat the high school girls 9 to g. Sltutz, Max I'lrkl, r. , Cullolon, led Bcre, o Godfrey, E. . Stevens, Jl. . Potvell, B. .. Jones, £ddlc mi 211:1 .-,!,· A4 220 87!) 89 246 611 GLOBE-GAZETTE 63 18 21 SI 12 9 218 225 178 187 245 191 201 Adtims, ],. A. Urjant, H. j. OLD TIMERS . . . . . . . KG 2Uli (13 5G8 600 513 511 M7 529 631 Jim 1111! 171. 179 IBS 170 164 157 17 JIB I'M B. A. ... !S7 Hanseti, H. r. .. Mellem, R 192 230 183 II Sehraldl, F. K. Clausen, T. E. ... Sirone, Wm. . . . . . Ryan, J Weber, \Vm -Meade, Dr. L. C. COCA COLA 17:t 155 153 rs 214 :]35 237 201 123 MS ,1fi9 55G Ii02 593 5GS 339 Ilil 1711 3 7 1 Tl'LEB-KYAN FURNITURE 4C .... M Robinson, F. .. Tyler, u'm. ... Sondergaard, A. riisch, H. G. 5!) 236 Johnaon, R. fi;i 26(» STODDARD'S Esllck, C. H 45 22D Clark. B. GilbertsTM, J. 585 G01 .132 S63 (130 G18 59.1 503 ,',()!) 554 504 047 5G5 DECKER'S OFFICE Fall. I. M 242 579 Dull, B. fio 207 SG2 Evenscin, J 47 -jus M5 Undsay. ,1 K, 210 55li MacUonald. J. .. K9 ' 233 598 Kaufman, .M fis 23.1 Ii02 LoriHC, IV. V, -IB 2jy Kncsel, H -JJ ·0 1 Snydcr, C .IS 222 Stoddard, J. C 60 21U Morcland, X. Millcrelke, L. R. ... Kern. \Vm I'asternaek, ,1. A. .. Holland, C. B 1'ayne, II. E Gamble, \Vrn-. STANDARD OIL 54 .14 199 189 201 :19 190 55 211 62 21.1 42 225 51.1 .111 .142 474 DECKER'S PLANT "°l°r G B5 226 604 L 86 214 558 Balduf, C : 57 224 552 Hicks, \Vm 41 233 592 \Volskc, H fit 232 S!!3 Kaufman, C. Squlers, G 63 211 Collins, C. M G9 279 Lyons, C. M. HL'GH DAVEV AND SON Moe, L. A 6!i 243 G16 Holt, H. E 9 179 511 Davey, L. P fill 23D 578 384 IM7 55li 1133 57G .143 5U8 561 597 GALLAGHER'S PONTIACS Shannon MOOSE l.KGIO.V Ed fill 216 Humphrey, ,1 57 Humphrey. H 54 224 Clausen, E .11 218 Berry, .J. J. 57 202 Elstad, I. .Malic Seel. R. C. . . . Bouman, H. . H 57 228 53G fbcr. D.-D (17 187 505 Gunderson. C 49 222 579 Gerard, AI 14 205 549 Easlmiln, A 65 232 589 51 209 602 563 1)11) 568 KG 209 .183 Duncan. \Ym 48 224 625 215 GOG Morevec, G 36 215 534 BLL'MER'S GOLDEN GLOW 182 178 154 168 172 173 J f i l 1.10 187 348 1.13 1.18 156 163 1.17 154 156 169 ISO -182 1.14 155 m 1.17 ir,9 170 174 165 1GQ 166 169 18(1 176 147 172 173 J82 163 J 8 I 167 163 165 163 176 167 150 16G 205 232 209 6 213 KOZ1' KORNER 6B 227 Duncan, J. E. . . . . . . 63 222 18 30 19 28 18 18 Bishop, (; Rudellffe. K. M. Taylor. C. 23G 210 224 219 Krumuhiilz, T. B. Ode". W DeSomery, L V. K. .. Whitney, C. C. . . . Bey. R Bushoens. M. 179 ( K A N E COMPANY 66 . 64 47 42 69 ,181 052 5119 584 54 ! 597 485 ,171 559 J76 168 165 178 171 172 168 171 133 173 162 .174 157 INTERNATIONAL TRLCKS Wall. F. E. Tbclscn, R. E. r. A. . H'alker. R. A. Dlrkltuum. .1. . . O'N'cil, F. E. .. Soblcskc, S. J. 660 576 516 580 480 586 611 RELEASED BOWLERS Tamast, J. Lyons, W. R ritrmire, C Bilpy. M Smith, 1. B Vossbers, U Howard, \Vnl Hanson. H. V [Icrncmaii. U'm. - . . Johnson, Roll Hocan. B. J McColloiiKh, ,1. A. . IVnl. R ilayp«. C 1 finncrrman. B, ». llnce. Rnh Insert. C' r.undb.v, II Bowser. K ·^aefc. II, J Bender. IV 278 214 323 170 131 237 189 143 179 ICS 133 233 147 211 226 236 169 171 596 580 599 480 339 612 496 363 436 2112 391 613 286 575 627 557 461 482 4,11 516 1R3 17B J73 1S7 176 inn 177 I5R 166 J4S 183 170 170 167 184 150 112 ISO 165 121 155 130 162 170 176 168 149 162 137 MS 21 If, 167 464 15.1 3d 231 439 ... IK 12.1 362 121 30 19.1 ,141 ISO .1 173 47.1 1.18 37 308 575 192 .. TEAM STANDINGS. Kor.y Korner 69 J Company Decker's Office Old Timers Nfirthweslem Cement Blnmer's Golden Glow Decker's riant Globe-Gazette Gallagher's Pontlacs . Moose Lesion standard OH Stofldnrrt's International Tracks . Coca Cola Hugh Davey and Son . Tylcr-Rj'an Furniture .638 .609 ,609 ,565 .56.1 ..16.1 .536 .S3S .464 .464 .464 .43.1 .406 -381 .381 .377 . Wall. F. E :. Bey, R :. Sli.innmi, I'.A . . . . . . Olliiu. 0, M ;. Kanrmnn, M . K n i i f m n n . C. . . . . . . rlrkl. F .trhn.on. R , 0. Soblrnkr, S. .1 Oil 2S7 6RO RD 2 f f i 633 fin 27! BI7 BS SIS .MS fi. 23r. fini S3 232 filO r,it (US Gil . fifl 21 . 63 2fi IR7 !K( 1S2 is: tsn 17!) 179 171

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