The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 15, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1913
Page 2
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WEA 1 SON G.W. ,VER The Leaders For Quick Stock Adjustment ;!©sr Ladies' and Mi *3?.50 ;25.00 127.50 Suits I Entire Balance of Stock at Much " "Wooltex" Style .Book Suits of Brown Bedford Cord, Mahogany and Navy Diagonal AYorsied,Navy Eponge, Navr Eponge Boucle, and many others --These Suits are the top of the style, beautifully trimmed, not gaudy, richly lined. .If your size is among this lot vou can consider yourself lucky--Sizes 16 to 3S- A saving of $7.50 to §8.00 on a suit. i Of Silk Mixed Suitings in Black .Vt'hitc, Diagonal Plain Cheviots in r Black. Copenhagen Zybaline.Burgundy ]' Taupe Cheviois and many others. r '»Thcse suits are in several of the new-est styles of "Wcoltex" and other jpmakes. ;l A very large range of styles in "Various fabrics--exceptional values at ijtheir former prices--Satin guaranteed :|lmin«s. Several grades of serges in [QBiack and Xa\y. Chiffon Broad Cloth, ? Eponge, Mattalesse, Silk finished Worsted. Unfinished Worsteds c.--Col- ors--Black, Navy. Burgundy. Taupe. Grey, Brown c_ In almost all sizes. Many in odd sizes from 37 to 43 for stouts, in conservative styles. Others tiwlih touches of trimming and cut that ^commands them to the ultra fashion- ·Fjable. This is an opportunity that sel- *|doo« comes at this season. '/I Regular stout sizes in Black. fiNavy. Burgundy Taupe Serges, Bed- jflford Cords and ethers in a variety of ^styles. .Some in modified Balkin ^"Russian Blouse styles--all correctly ^tailored and splendidly lined, with ·rjstyle touches that stamp them as of greater value than we gave them. 3Iain!y Navy. Brown Black Clay ;'snd Dress Serges--In splendid styles '--Just put into stock in late October. Under Value Prices--- ',«·"' c ... Do not Postpone the Buying of Your Suit now $30.00 values EOW $21.50 'O|\ end 00 now Sti'ts $16.75 and $17.75 now Suits $15.00 Suits $12.00 and $1250 1 $13.75 and $14.75 now $11.75 now $9.95 Suits values $12.50 and $14.50 $16.50 · and $18.50 $9.00 and $10.00 This is an opportunity of selecting freia a large- range of styles in f He » ^i popular t'ersiaiis. Zybalines- - '- t^akans, Broad Tail Plushes c.-- in Bhuk. Taupe, Browns e.-- Fancy colored or black satin linings of guaran- -ed qualities. .Large Siik Frog closing -- mostlv 3-4 length, cut away corn- «rs, as also full length slightly rut away. Hardly two alike and suitable i'or any dressy occasion- Of Silk Plushes, "Wooltex" Zybal- Ir.-s :n several colors. .Soft Wide \Va!e Diagonals, Fancy V.'eaves. Cat Valours and many others. .While this large line with hard'y two alike arc suitable for dressy occasions -- many :«re especially heavy making them useful for autoing or driving in extreme weather -- 3-4 and full length. A large range of stylish cloths in various colors -- Astrakans, Bpucles, Cat Velours. Chinchillas, Zybalines ethers. Many are ot the c«-ltbratcd "V"co!tex" qualiiies and ethers of tf.-s! jfrades^ .Great \ariety cf styles -- "f h:s lint- like those at S2I.5G includes :ht- verj b;st fcr genera! dress ptrr- pcscs. These c-ceptscnal values can he had ia a IT: Je range of fabrics, colors and stales-- Ir. jlisses Ladies" sizes -:n hrd : ii~ Sport Ccais, 3-4 length suifs f ·£·· any Longer S25.00 nCW S21.50 now $16.50 and 18.50 at FURS These suits are of Serges and Mannish Suiting fabrics--the character of materials that were in the S20.00 Suits last season--the ends of manufacturer's cloths cut into the new styles of this season. For hard wear and yet good style there is nothing better at twice the price. ' About 200 Ladies Misses Coats at Exceptional Values A most complete stock--ranging from High Grade "Wcoltex" qualities to as low as cost quality and style can be bought anywhere- We are showing a remarkable stock of New FURS-incIudin- Aboria guaranteed Black Lvnx and Grey Kitt. Not only Is the fur guaranteed to wear but the lining also. \ ery newest shapes of ]Se pieces and Muffs--at half the price of Black Fox and quarter the price of L;vnx--(besides_ genuine i-ox an Lvnx cannot be guaranteed to wear) Brown Opposumand Natural Furs of several of the rasnioname sKras. Childrens Misses Furs in White Thibit and Imita-tion Fox--and many others. Do not be misled by attractive city advertisements of comparative values--Our prices are in most instances less than the so called " cut prices" advertis-ed. II 1= nrlhs -- Also ccaservatlve styles Chinchillas--plain cut--Zybal- Ints, plain stripe, the warm stylish kintls oath as Jo cut and fabrics. Fancy Coatings and Boucies of the most desirable kinds for hard service and warmth. .Great variety of styles and of exceptional values. Wool Coatings cf a great variety in both colors and fabrics, in Ladies.* Misses Junior sizes. .Ladies" Black Cloth Coats in foil lengths and con- conservative CElt. Sport Coats at S7.OOS10.taS12.5o Most of cur Ready-tc-Wear Stock, especially the twos ar.d threes of a kind-have been newly priced for auick moving. S9.95 at 115.00 $7X)0 WEST VIR31S1A UNITES IS FGHEST PROTECTION. Co-oper3tion Pact \','--f. Secretary of AsrlriiiturE Fcr Firs Precaution. T.c :-e iwry of r.-ri yUure has -.~:i--il -:-j iicti-'-S-'-t--.: v.-itu the state of V.'K.* V;;:r.;.:.i ··'? « « » o;»-rat:ve procec- 5j.,3i f ;«.«· r«.v-t- »"· s'-e state from ''·j*o*~»i "'rvv" r»ii5«i""i i-* »in*lcrr«ilie sucn ,-on^r:;T:':: v. r.'.i s;;-r«-s for tile prO- · 's of nav ' ite bas FOR SALE Modern nine room house Heat and all conveniences. Lot 40x232 ft, Terms tc. suit purchaser. J. B. Hamilton TRAPPE.RS Overcoats W E have some wonderfully attractive styles, in new Fall Overcoats -the smartest models we think that we've seen in many a day. Schloss, Baltimore made to start \vhh,-that establishes their quality of course" -- a litllcrbetter we believe, in style and smartness, than a»yiH»g their designer has produced heretofore. i Seetbem. O. H. Lestz !l tUe Give S. H.Oreen Tpatiirsg Stamps. Comer Cectre Square and Carlisle Street. ' GeUy«bur s , pa. Bazaar and Oyster Supper The Oyster Supper ais-1 Sak- to be 1..-M u: she i':x^ty;i r:. P. Chuj«-L JJunterstowa, Saturday Afternoon arid Evening, KovemHer 15th, bejchminj: at. cue o'clock, is ;ro-.«u«r In interest. The ladies have siiaiiy uteful and beaudiul article-, toother with souse admirable pieces of fancy work, all of which will ix; ---oh!, besides inauy other tiling. Ice Cream, Cake, Candy, Fruit and Other Refreshments will be on Sale. AH friends are asked to bring a companion. ansl the public is er- dially invited. £3* i Real Estate of We would like to add a few farms to our list Real Estate for sale. Ifyou have any that you would like to sell and j.lace, 'in the hands of a Real Estate Agents, we will be giad to handle same for you; no .matter whether large or small or where located. Or if you want x buy any Real on or address. ~ Troxefl and Swisher Real Estate Agents 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa. : Quid Medical Advertising For Ure "/-^".i _ . { iMi- o -na AViH PilT'Yo^ Scar. Gassy, i be ncre--::;.".:. 5; i -. .uc- .o. ..awol o. , Stomach in Order-- t:.-^e i-on...:i- .: i, w Teater.KCda.Ovj :::« roi..::-.-! -. M^.^-Miss'ie!.'.. T.itUe Ka- :---~hn r.r,-*. fj~r:'.t Kanaw '·" Trr One Dose and Prove It. ! rivers! _ , : : If you are s. stomach saiterer, ao · |rot despair. Immediate, safe and sure The time cf yr*r ^ Wre for fur bearing skins! I have many satisfied friends who have sold ine i ^-rs in fcrmer years, who will conie again this year. But I want You Men that I Have Not Dealt With Before to bring me your calchcs and learn that I will pay you the highest cash price the -arket affords. Don't let city printed circulars quoting high prices fool you. ; When you receive your money for a city shipment it is usually less than you expected, when vou deal with me you know what you are getting and you get it CASH without veiling. Ifyou don't often get to town write or telephone to me- No lot too small for me to buy HARRY VEINER, T T . , _ . , , . . - 217NorthStrattonStreet United Telephone - GOjVIE look over oar and Shoes oue knoca the result. C. B. Kitzmiller L will be ir. GETTYSBURG MASKET3 Myers 1 Jewelry j ^«» _ Store. il^Ear^Corn Grad-of Opncs,29 Pomfert St-,Carlisle- j For this v.ork i':o M.--e v.-i".! expend ?IJ-o-na is always sold by People^. SSf'-X) c Te:n fr«"Ji :~^ n--»ropr:ntion of iDr-jjr Store on money back if r.ot sat-| SIO.OOO for f.r--:. :'.::·'- fish pro-'- sfie ^ plan. j egrees to -^ ··*_-?.*. ~.-zi. I Tins protc-^ti-o v.-,.". co \".f.'l in band · bas purv.b--vd ;r. :' t- -:-:«.- fc:- j.aiion?: FOR SALE sd Driving Horse, feii 1 , of all objects, Jenny Lird It has bee:; Ie~ : -tr..:e'L r.eoordin= Good Driving Horse, feir'es to forestry orS'-ia.^. ;:-.::t t'le grcitte^J' orer3tio3 of.--.:: rr :i--;:vt« .-.s:ei»?!es, in j and Good Harness. Can be state, ass"^-;--- "r.- ..f owners. i:r,'.-. s'- :«i:n lions. it-. organlza ·rjbousht reasonablv. 1 * Cleaner Presses Apply Two hundred dollar^ v.a? rpfu'f- the prize -vlnnjnsr Khode I-laml Retl i cock at the American Hoyal show re- j-esitly beld nt Kansas Ciry. This bird !ms \ron first in evory show in "which hi^ lia^ bwn onterttl :»i»l belongs to a Mr. Foster of Kansas City. VE® ;HEMLER ; S RESTAURANT, York street SHLLL ovTe« "ah^Tn hand at much of her c^tuVe But this Ian* ·*·*"»»*·.. D »n T.t«yVit «.ot to t^ic'tiTae niu* Evans' Re-?niirant. United Phonc.- Our Popular Songs. It a young lady informed you In ordinary conversation that she was a yaller Zulu baby, wouldn't think Advcitisf-tnent guage is ell right act to ragtime nm- E!C. "Waveriy" Prices 76 Gasoline (.73 e -76°) . 20c Special Gasoline (^S°-7O c )18c Motor Gasoline (6s°-65 : ; 16c Auto Gasoline (6o°-62°; 14c Family Favorite Oil, 15°° ^C Pittsburgh Lamp Oil 175° '/-C AH f. o. b. Pittsburgh, wi:!l extra charge for vooJ or slecl barrels. All reHced prolr.cts from Pei.n^yl- vanm Oru 5e Oii. WAVEBLY Oil WORKS CO. PITTSBURGH, PA. WALT£.B-'S THEATRE ALL XEXT WEEK "RETAIL PRICES 0 ^ Feed Coarse Sprins Bran Hand Packed Bran. Corn an,! Oats Chop Shoemaker Ptock Food ^.Vhlte 5I5ddl" Red Middiin Timothy Rye CI -1-40 .1.45 *3 ".45 .1.5G '.L70 Monday Night,' November 10 j plater:."....: f7.50 ! Cement «1.-»0 ;,,! Supported ly her excellent company ii he foliowins hinh clas repertoire THE GOOSE "GIRL." : DOROTHY VERNON OF HADDO" HALL." '-THE PRICE 5IIE PAID-'' SPECIALTIES r.KTVvEEX ACTS Prices 10c- 20c, :-Vfc- Fe^" * 50c- Seats en pale Sainrday at People's Dmg Storc. Per " "Western Flour 6.00 "' Per hn WTieat * 1 -J^ Phel!eJ Com '_? New Ear Com, '? VewOats ?2 FISH - - - FISH Effective June lo, 1913. THE f IARILAP RAIL1M1 8iO-5 A. M. Daily Except Sunday for ] Q leaper t h a n meat. 3 pounds , for 250. '-^SoKd rneas .re, 30 Baltiinore. HaTiover, York and in- j tennediate Points. * ! 10:35 A. :.L Daily for Hagerstown, -^^ · -^ * ; atid Cotton Seed JWeal. flspeps fllillmg and Pfoduca Co. Wsvnesboro. Cnamber=bnrjrJHaB-1 cock. Cumberland, ElMns and i Points West- j 12:55 P. M. for York and Intermediate ] Points j 5:50 P. M- Daily for Baltimore, Han-1 6:58 P. M. Daily except Sunday for B. jr.r? H Division Points to FT'S'h field. a!=;o Hagrerstown, "Wayne? horo. Cha"nfcersb-3rff. ShiPTjens!- bnrg and Hancock^Pittsbnrgh aad all points West Sunday Only. 7:13 Xew Oxford, Hanover, York, Baltimore and intermediate stations. ^ or , _ 4 C. per qu Buohl Shult z Just Like Father. "I never saw a boy so nnich like his father--your husband's hair and eyes, even his manner of speech. But why does he 3 amp when you speak to him?" "· "Because he la so much. Ilka his father."--Houston Post. iWSPAPfe-Rl

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